Bad Name For A Toothpaste

Reader Cheryl sent in this photo of a toothpaste she saw at her local supermarket.

Think it’s a toothpaste of a popular brand?
Take a closer look.

Oral Me! Would you like to oral me?

What kinda dumbass came up with the brilliant idea of calling a toothpaste “Oral Me”? What was he thinking?! The guy has only one job coming up with a product name, and he stuffs it up by calling it “Oral Me”!
Bloody hell, I could think of a million different names for a toothpaste, and all of it would sound better than “Oral Me”.
They might as well call it “The Blowjob Toothpaste”, and it would still sound better than “Oral Me”.

Can you imagine the TV advertisement for this product?
“Oral Me… Toothpastes That Suck!”

Whoever was told that I’m earning RM1,000 a week from ads on this blog, that is not true ok!

122 Replies to “Bad Name For A Toothpaste”

  1. sounds really really wrong..
    “oral who? oral me”
    imagine if that was the tagline said by a female in commercials

  2. Hah. That really crack me up. Least we have yet to find a Oral-MEE along with this. *slurp slurp*

  3. hi kenny..
    when do u usually squeeze in ur runs? as in, do u do ur runs in the morning or at nite? im reli inspired to start running..

  4. I’ve seen some T-shirt with this ‘Oral Me’ logo sold along other T-shirts that says ‘pornstar’, ‘good bush [picture of female in bikini], bad bush [picture of George Bush]’, etc…

  5. LMFAO!!! what a great name for a toothpaste!
    the next thing is they’ll come up with a toothbrush called “Poke Me In” and a cleaner liquid called “Clean My Insides”.
    poor camel XD

  6. haha…so funny..
    anyway, this is a malaysia product?
    swt swt swt…imitate oral-b until like least a better name ma…
    lol..really pengsan..*faint*

  7. the rm1000 per week thing came from xiaxue’s blog le… the entry on 25th may. about
    mebbe it’s time to msn ur friend in sg to ask her to stop sprouting nonsense?

  8. Reminds me of a cute malay girl I met during my student exchange to Kuching who asked me after her orals at school “What do you think about my malay oral? Is it suck?”

  9. Kenny, first, i’ve nothing to do with this toothpaste…
    secondly, I do feel angry about u making jokes about other people’s product… who do you think you are? a dick head?
    third, this is the first and the last time for me to visit ur blog…

  10. sigh…malaysia product is not tat bad…but why do they have to imitate other product name? I think they decide on the name in a hurry. It goes like this…
    (ok…we got our new toothpaste product. now we need a name.)
    (someone…give me the names of all well-known toothpaste brand)
    (erm…colgate, darlie, oral-B…)
    (ORAL-B!! i use that one. its the best)
    (think…think…oral-b…oral-bee…oral-dee…oral-pee…oral-fee…oral-hee…oral-mee…!! ORAL-ME!! that’s it!)
    (good…i want ORAL-ME up on the shelf of every store in 48 hours. get moving!)
    tats how it ends up in the market.

  11. dam, you’re good Kenny, not only did you post that requested camel photo, you posted one that gives oral!! Was it good for you?LOL

  12. I ddffinately agree with you Kenny YOu dont earn RM1000 from blog ad’s, you probably earn more then RM1000 =P, haha ok lar just joking dont worry bout it dude, we know the web site is free to read and it needs maintainance, so relax dude, no one will blame you for putting up some ads in your blog, just dont over do it?? or your blod may end up looking like the yellow pages =P
    And boy do they know how to come up with a name for a tooth paste, oh yeah definately catchy, come on who would not remember a guy who says to his girlfriend every morning to give him “Oral Me” lolz hahaha

  13. gosh that’s a good one. sounds terribly satirically crude. only for those who understand english.

  14. Whoever was told that I’m earning RM1,000 a week from ads on this blog, that is not true ok!
    Of course it’s not true. Xiaxue said 1000 bucks. That means Kenny is earning RM2000.
    I want to be your best friend!

  15. Kenny, first, i’ve nothing to do with this toothpaste…
    secondly, I do feel angry about u making jokes about other people’s product… who do you think you are? a dick head?
    third, this is the first and the last time for me to visit ur blog…
    Posted by: steven at 28 May 2007 2:01 AM | Link to comment
    Bye steven… Just pack your ass and go…
    But i doubt that he will see this. Cause he said this is his last time visit here… Hope he will go some place that suit HELL…..!!

  16. this is the kind of post that deserves no comment! yet i’m taking the trouble to tell you that.
    however stupid the name.. by tomorrow 20k people will know about it…
    that’s a good viral name IMO

  17. They have so much money to start a company but doesn’t have enough money to hire somebody to think of a good name for their toothpaste?? Sigh~
    A Pensonic and Panasonic case… at least Pensonic doesn’t not sound as obscene…

  18. Maybe it doubles as lubricant for oral?
    Oral Me! Enjoy a new burning sensation! Try now!
    Cleans both you and your partner, whilst it lubricates!
    Now with fluoride for better protection!

  19. Oh my god..”Oral-Me” ???
    imagine when u visit dentist:-
    Doc : what brand of the toothpaste that u used?
    Patient : Oral-Meeeee~
    Doc : Hey, behave urself!!!

  20. are all those dirty humour the only thing you guys can think of when you see the words oral and me? kinda pitiful and sad…

  21. Hahahaha!! I laughed so hard after only reading the topic and looking at the picture. Good one Kenny. And thanks to Cheryl for sharing.

  22. Maybe it’s like “reverse-publicity” – create a tacky name for a product and then loads of people will pick up on the tacky name and put it on the internet! I know I want to buy Oral-Me toothpaste now!

  23. I read this entry yesterday and it cracked me up real bad, hahahaha! Pleaseeeeee, don’t make me oral the camel!!!

  24. To the No-Namer (ie. I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK!), xiaxue’s blog did not say “1000 bucks”. It stated clearly “RM” – how ignorant can you get? Sure, you entered no name so no one knows you’re an ignorant piece of thrash, yes? Guess what… you know you are.

  25. Hey Kenny,
    The dumbass could at least called it Kolok-mee in honour of Kuching kolok mee. Mmmmmmh…. must have kolok mee…. D’oh! Beware of made in China toothpaste as it could contain toxin!

  26. i’m a dental student and a few weeks back, my lecturer wore a shirt that mimicked the logo of Oral-B but it said Oral-Me. haha. the lecturer’s a dentist too btw.

  27. For those who make a negative commend on the toothpaste, how do you know it’s suck? Have you tried it before? If it doesn’t named “Oral-Me”, does it attract anyone’s attention? 😉

  28. LOL. I can imagine a perfect ad for it.
    Guy holding an ‘Oral-Me’ toothpaste exclaims “I LOVE Oral-Me! Tastes sooooo good!!”

  29. hello kenny, i’ve been reading all your entries for the past few days and i muz say that you did v well in maintaining the blog and the ever-interesting entries. However, i muz say that your entries esp for 2007 has lost the oomph flavour for readers to read on. maybe its my personal opinion, but you might wanna check your 2005/6 entries again and c how you can enhance your blog further.
    you are a great writer, knowing how to whet readers’ appetities with your colourful entries and come back for more. i like the english-benglish translator, what sg blogger personality are you, your travel stories and food awards and others. n your kuching-perth dilemma, long r/s prob w nic, your family n all these personal issues of yours, hope you’ll find the solutions soon =)
    you certainly suit a true-blue sagittarius male, spontanteous, the outdoor type and love travelling etc. haha! im a dec babe, so i understand. n dun worry, you should be able to marry by 2009 ;p pray harder ya!
    i also noticed the amount of comments you received per entry, and i must say that some are really redundant e.g. “I’m first!”, “Second!” and more. The chatterbox you set at the side of the blog, seems like some of your many readers are just plain chatting there, as if this is a msn chatroom. i dun understand what’s the need for this chatterbox then.
    oh, maybe you might wanna peep into my blog or sth, its def not as fanatastic as yours nor having funny pics and animated stuff. Haha! just another sg gal’s blog though ;p
    last but not least, i juz wanna say that both you and xiaxue r great bloggers respectively in msia n sg, and certainly will continue to be your loyal reader =) do take gd care of your health and enjoy doing what you enjoy! cheers ^^v
    Best Regards,
    Julia, SG


  31. O-really hah?O-ic O-k………wh-O uses Oral-me as a name.Is it the same cO-mpany O-f Oral-B hah?if it isnt then it is a ripO-ff fO-r Oral-B’s cO-mpany…

  32. Ok,u don’t earn MYR 1,000 per week fr ads on ur blog. So, exactly how much do you earn per week fr ads on ur blog leh? 😛

  33. I would buy this toothpaste.. don’t blame the guy who create this brand name, blame the guy who allow this name to the public… really damn stupid.. no brain ah?

  34. It’s actually quite an entertaining name haha.
    Oh and why are people discussing how much you do or don’t earn a week by advertising on this site? Is it really their business???

  35. Yesterday I went to Billion (at Semenyih) and I saw Oral-Me actually has mouthwash too…..the brand name FITS PERFECTLY with the mouthwash.
    Please oral me with that Oral-Me mouthwash.
    Too bad I didn’t take any pictures.
    Sorry =(

  36. There’s also a pairing toothbrush with that. You can find it in Carefour. When I saw it I was laughing so hard that my eyes were tearing so bad. Great as gifts!!!

  37. Customer: I really need Oral Me? Mana cari ah?
    Shop Assistant: Wot?
    Customer: Oral Me please!
    Shop Assistant: Cannot use hand ah?
    Customer: Painful. Oral me okay.
    Shop Assistant: aiyaa, gila punya orang.

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