Saturday Night in Kuching

Hmmm… That lasy entry was kinda weird. My apologies. I more or less wrote it under the influence of alcohol last night. It was totally unplanned. Nicole and I happened to be in town, and we decided to check out the Saturday night crowd in Kuching pubs.
This is the Grappa signage I happened to pass by on our way to SoHo:
Grappa sign proper
Once in SoHo, we bumped into Kenneth. Kenneth is a very nice guy from Penang. We met him once before through Averil and friends, and he’s been very friendly to us since, often buying us drinks. He’s a heavy drinker himself. A bottle of Chivas costs RM240 in SoHo, and Kenneth would drink almost a bottle a night, for four nights straight.
It didn’t take long for more people we knew to arrive. Averil and Faith are Nicole’s close pals from her TAR College days, and Anna is a common friend of theirs. David, who is a pilot for MAS, soon joined us. Luckily he didn’t drink too much, or else I wouldn’t be taking another MAS flight ever again. From left to right, that’s Kenneth, Anna, Averil and David.
Kenneth, Anna, Averil, David
We hung around till about 12, and Nicole and I decided to call it a night. By then I had about 8 glasses of Chivas with coke/green tea. We passed by the Grappa signage again, and this is what it looked like to me:
Grappa sign blur
Heh. Anyway, I just sent Nicole off to the airport today. She’s flying back to KL. As for me, I’ll be leaving for Perth in 2 hours time. It won’t be life as usual for me by then, as I would be selling off everything there and return to Kuching for good by March.
Until then, Kuching. Goodbye.

5 Replies to “Saturday Night in Kuching”

  1. Oooooo…so that’s how Averil looks like. I’ve seen her tons of times, thought she looked familiar but couldn’t figure out who she was. Probably last saw her when Nic was in Kch er.. years ago. =P
    By March you’ll be back huh? Yay! In time for my bday *grin*.
    Cheer up hey, Kuching’s small and boring and has no fitness first and all, but there’s always kimmik to go kuehchap hunting loklok purging with you.

  2. Averil looks much better in real life. My digital camera is drunk as well, so it didn’t do a good job capturing her image. heh.
    If I’m in Kuching by March, wouldn’t you still be in KL? So near yet so far.

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