Sarawak Bird

This is the Rhinoceros Hornbill.

It is the state bird of Sarawak.
We love this bird very much. We love it so much that, we call Sarawak the ‘Land of the Hornbills’.
That is why you can see images of this bird everywhere in Kuching.

We are so proud of our bird, we even erected a giant bird right in the middle of the BDC roundabout.
When you come in from the airport to town, the first thing you see is our bird.

You may think that our bird looks normal, but you are wrong.
In the morning, it may look just like any other metal bird.
But at night, our bird transformed into something very different. That’s because we zhng our bird with the same neon lights that Ah Bengs use to zhng their car.


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107 Replies to “Sarawak Bird”

  1. Hear hear, the bird has spoken.
    Our metal bird in BDC looks more like a transformer. As I scrolled down I was expecting another autobot fabrication by KennySia. You may call it Big BDC, short for Big Birds Don’t Cry. Neither do they fly.

  2. OMG! Is that new? I didn’t see it last time I was in Kuching. That terminator bird is awful! What kind of a first impression is that?! They should leave it unlit or just lit with spotlights at the bottom or something!

  3. the horn thingie is actually hollow inside.
    helps to echo its mating calls apparently.
    not working too well eh? it seems to be on the endangered species list.

  4. it could have cost the state council rm50 million to erect that Bird-minator, another rm20 million to maintain it over 5 years, with a rm50 option to erect more bird-minators around kuching town.
    bird-minator looks nothing less than hideous, scares the shit outta little kids, and pound-for-pound cost more than a ferrari. and most importantly, serves no purpose whatsoever. this is how our council wastes our tax money……

  5. I probably shouldn’t say this coz everyone love that bird so much, but I have eaten that breed of horbill, and to be honest, I actually don’t like it’s taste, compared to other birds it size, it’s not so good, had it in soup but wasn’t that great. I like it deep fried with Thai chillie. Kind of reminds me of the times I ate dog, turtle, shark fin, insects and cat, but I don’t think I should continue my comment as everyone gona get grossed out one meh.

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  7. THAT, is an ugly bird. The last time I was in Sarawak it wasn’t there…=.-
    Malaysia and their ‘art’ ain’t something I can understand.

  8. Wow, they moved back the big bird to the roundabout. Before I left kuching beginning of the year, the bird was at the roadside, somewhere near the RH plaza.

  9. Hey, big bird at ur place? I got 1 & 1/2 big betel nuts back at Penang. Erected at a round-about too. Made from silver metal. Funny how people can be so creative!!

  10. well, a terminator bird as an icon is better than a ‘mutated lion with a fish tail that just don’t seem to stop vomitting’…

  11. minister: we are running low on funding, any ideas guys?
    minister’s posse: sir, we need to create a gimmick to attract more funds to come in…
    minister: i know, hows aboout a terminator bird? it can be made out of metal!
    minister’s posse: not strong enough to convince the funding… unless we add some lights…
    minister: good idea, lets add some colorful changing lights!
    minister’s posse: walau eh, chun leh… lets get the job going so our new funding will flow in!!
    minister: what are you waiting for then?
    (and thus terminator bird is born)
    p/s: dun sue me, saya tade duit

  12. Awesome bird.
    I can already see people shuffling around the bird.
    Screw the Melbourne shuffle, people around the world will come for the Sarawak shuffle.
    Do “the bird”, do “the bird”!

  13. I was at an international conference recently and they had a cultural dance show before the dinner. One of the dances was the Iban Ngajat and the emcee was describing Hornbill to us. She had me in stitches when she said this – “Hornbill hunting is now banned because the birds are extinct.” LOL!

  14. Ugly or not, like all things, we’ll grow to love or hate it. Like this lyrics: ” … You’ll have me suicidal, suicidal, suicidal…” (pull the plug!)

  15. They should make the bird higher.. so its like.. looking down on us.. watching us over the fly over.. its inbuilt infra-red camera with super zoom capabilities and speed trap installed CCTV.

  16. just another obvious way for pek mou to generate income for himself and his koncos.
    how else can he charge more money for useless fugly decos ard town using cement and building materials only he has the license to sell?? costs: 10k, charge govt to pay 10k + $XXX consultation fees mah.
    who doesnt know?

  17. Hmmm…. I think our govern is into ultramodern and high-tech kind of things, for them this is creativity, I suppose in order to catch up with the era of technologies, looking towards the ultramodern eras the world is pursuing into, we have to feed people’s mind with everything ultramodern and high-tech so their eyes will be open to see further into futuristic-the futurist arts is one accomplishment. Creative! That bird does not at all looks like God’s given Rhinoceros Hornbills. On the other hand, I wonder how will we tell our children one day, hey look, that’s how rhinoceros hornbill looks like? The child will probably scratches his head, looking at the metal bird and believed. Hehehe!!!

  18. according to sources, the bird costed the state one million when it first came, and 10k to move it around when the flyover was being built

  19. I like the hornbill… when the hornbill fly… the flipping of their wing created a very loud noisy… i heard that during my trip @ Danum Valley… a different experience than you seen it in the Bird park… :-p

  20. Just wait la. When Kuching is invaded by alien robots, that metal hornbill will come to the rescue. It’s just a robot in disguise. Hahahaha.

  21. ey pls la, namewee got lashed for his creativity and we say the government was being biased. Then the government came up with a creative bird, now you wanna lash them up. tsk tsk tsk … we shud appreciate people’s sense of art! We don’t want to be like them. we’re different! we’re civilised!

  22. The bird doesn’t actually look as bad as most of you guys think it is. It’s pretty cool in real life. Cut it some slack…

  23. I am Sibei Tulan with you Kenny, there are so many interesting to talk about in Malaysia instead you go for bird watching and wrestling. How about the lunatic Malaysian politician who try to turn Malaysian into another Taleban state, how about the NEGARAKUKU saga, how about the ………. Never mind, you want to play safe don’t you Kenny and in so doing you would find your FANS are leaving you. MOTTO: PLAYING SAFE AND PLEASING EVERYONE MAKE KENNY A DULL BOY AND A BORING BLOG.

  24. aiya that bird, its nothing, u got waterfront somewhere near the bristo opposite the tokong, can see 1 more bird, silver metal bird, duno wat bird lai de

  25. haha.. i love ur use of e word “zhng”, had mi lol! 🙂 way to go! a “zhng” of humour here n there make ur blog soo good~

  26. Kenny, the neon light on the bird was real or you photoshoped it on? It would look even more cool if, if the birdy can run and drift around Kuching…

  27. Sarawak is known as the Land of the Hornbills not because Sarawakians love the bird very much. But it has got to do with the legends surrounding the bird among the Iban people. Both Kenyalang and Singalang (a Brahmin Kite) Burung are two of sacred birds among the Ibans and there is even festival called Gawai Kenyalang. kenyalang is derived from an iban word and not a Malay words. Sadly, due to deforestation and hunting pressure, oth birds are very rare already and will become just mentioned instories for future generation!!!

  28. Helo,
    i m new here, i m from Penang,
    just back from Sarawak a few day, i saw this bird…hahahhaha…
    the food is ok ok nia la…
    the worst thing is tat stupid damai puri hotel, 1st time in history i been halau twice by the security there….not allowing me to enter the hotel premise…..aiyo…wat so “ho liao” insite…..reali disapoited…

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