Reason Behind The Recent Condemnation Against Bloggers

My mom walked into my room one day and threw a copy of the newspaper onto my table.

“KENNY! Explain to me what this is all about. Why are all these bloggers getting arrested?! Even the Prime Minister also come out and give warning to bloggers! You better be careful what you write on your blog ah!”
Bloggers have been appearing in the newspaper left right and centre lately. Not necessarily for good reasons.

Earlier this year, Jeff Ooi and Rocky were both served a lawsuit, allegedly for defaming the New Starts Times and its editors. (they did not)
Two months ago, Nathaniel Tan was remanded by the police for questioning over a comment on his blog which supposedly had violated the Official Secrets Act. (it did not)
And just a few weeks ago, even relatives of the royal family Raja Petra Kamarudin and his wife were taken in by the police for questioning after a complaint filed by a certain ruling political party, alleging that contents he wrote on his blog were insulting religion and the Agung of Malaysia (they were not).

In the days that followed, countless warnings and name-callings were issued by government officials against Malaysian bloggers.
I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little perturbed.
Reading their statements on newspapers was like witnessing a modern day witch hunt. As if the officials were out to condemn bloggers as scums of the Earth on par with mass murderers and child rapists. They were not holding anything back.

What’s the big idea?
The most obvious thing these four bloggers all have in common is that they are all considered socio-political bloggers. Unlike Kenny Sia, these guys don’t write about how the logo of some bank resemble a penis, or how some metallic bird in Kuching was equipped flashing neon lights.
These guys write the serious stuff.
Which is why as much as there are different theories thrown around about the sudden wave of condemnation against bloggers, the most logical assumption is this simple fact – ELECTIONS ARE COMING.

Let’s face it. By far, a huge majority of socio-political bloggers on the Internet are outspoken and passionate activists. History has also shown that the more well-informed, internet-connected urban voters tend to sway towards the Opposition’s side.
Case in point, the Singapore Elections and the Sarawak Elections in the 2006. In both cases, the ruling political party suffered major loss on an almost unprecedented scale. In both cases, socio-political bloggers were seen as the driving force behind the political climate change.
The ruling party in Malaysia has every reason to be afraid of bloggers in this day and age of new media. For all the actions and intimidation taken against these bloggers, I must say I am not surprised.

Perhaps the officials have another reason to be even MORE afraid when Jeff Ooi announced recently that he is crossing over into politics. He will be contesting in the next General Elections as part of the Opposition.
This is big news. In fact, this is HUGE news.
This is the first time in Malaysian history that a popular blogger will be competing in an election. This is the first time a socio-political blogger might actually end up becoming a member of the Malaysian parliament.
Instead of going to, we might have to go to

Heck, a blogger might even become Prime Minister of Malaysia.
Sure it’s a long shot. But why not, right?
Malaysia is not run by communists. Malaysia is a democratic country and in truly democratic nations, any citizen could theoretically be elected as the head of government. So what if Jeff is Chinese? Race shouldn’t be a limiting factor in democratic nations.

Although it is likely that the Malaysian blogging community will be happy to cast a vote for one of our own, the problem with Jeff is that his blog appeals mostly to blog readers of the older age group, which is unfortunately very small.
Blog readers are predominantly younger. Only a small number of young blog readers of voting age know of Jeff, let alone vote for him in the upcoming elections.
Adding to that is the cold hard truth that most young voters are more interested in the latest hit single by Avril Lavigne than who to vote for in the upcoming elections. A lot of work needs to be done if Jeff wanna attract younger votes.

Now, this is just a suggestion. But if Jeff wants to run a campaign to woo younger voters in the upcoming elections, I think I might have a solution for it.
Behold, my ‘suggested’ campaign video for Jeff Ooi’s upcoming parliamentary election.

Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges. Hey, I’m not Namewee. What matters is that it comes from the heart.
If this doesn’t make Jeff Ooi the next Prime Minister of Malaysia, I don’t know what will.

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271 Replies to “Reason Behind The Recent Condemnation Against Bloggers”

  1. First !!! Woot .. Bloggers get arrested ?? “BE CAREFUL AHH kenny !! ” Hahaha /. How come the video is no longer available ?

  2. Good points you have. It is surprising that people who are well-informed are usually a little anti-government. It’s actually a worrying factor.
    Just like Thaksin, our government is trying to appeal to the worker class in kampungs where their votes are always guaranteed.
    It’s actually really hard for the government. They want everyone to be tech-savvy, yet they know the risk.
    Imagine one day, if all the farmers in the Felda settlement know how to use blogs and are as ‘well-informed’ as their urban counterparts.
    Waliu, that time you can be PM also, Kenny.

  3. no wonder you don’t touch on serious issues. they are boring. sometimes the little things in life are better to talk about. like push up underwears

  4. Read from somewhere these few days, saying that ex-PM Mahathir is hoping the bloggers to speak out the truth.
    Well, just be careful…

  5. kenny, it is surprising to see u take political sides on this matter, and i must say that although i have great respect for your work, i have to disagree with your post this time. I do not know whether you’re sitting on the fence or u have any political allegiance but then i suppose u should show people both sides of the argument.
    sure, these blogs write about what’s gone wrong, but do u not realise its easier to condemn than promote? and do u not realise that much of it is just produced in a wayyy more dramatic kind than it originally is?
    probably you yourself are too taken into what u read online. but i urge all fellow malaysians, please do look at both sides of the story and get a clearer picture on what is going on instead of just following blindly just being able to say “u know, that day i read form jeffooi,…”
    educate yourself!

  6. Are u trying to be as (in)famous as namewee?
    funny vid.. u sing until 走音,破声 wan? haha

  7. the video is working fine adi..Hey hey you you! Lol..good one kenny..can go for malaysian idol adi..first time posting careful lo btw :p

  8. Have you booked your domain,
    You know the risk of paying a lot of money if you don’t book early right

  9. The guy who was attacked for posting up a home made rap video, what was his name again? Namewee or something like that. He recently apologized. Everybody is happy, the ‘naive and young’ kid has made a mistake. End of story? Hold on. Why are the authorities so focused on the fact that he used the song negaraku? Personally I feel it was wrong to use that song as I see no reason he couldnt have just done it without it but the point is, what about the issues he raised in that video of his? What about the rampant corruption in the country? Any comments on that? Do we see anyone doing or saying anything about it? All the hu ha is just about how rude he is and how he should apologize? There are much bigger things at hand that begs to be looked at and yet, we pick on the form rather than substance.
    I love this country but loving a country doesnt equate loving the administration. This country has an abundance of resources and yet we are light years behind even a country which has limited resources and had 2 atom bombs dropped on them.
    50 years of Independence. Yes, our fore fathers were legendary people who worked so hard for us and we respect that. We truly do. We are blessed to have a country as beautiful as ours. But what have we achieved in the past 50 years except independence? Are we anywhere yet? All we do is wave flags as much as possible and shoot firecrackers into the sky. Have we developed in the past years? Are we in any way better than we were? Is the government really doing all it can for the betterment of the people? Is it being accountable to the people whom elected it in the first place? Is the government in any case answerable for the actions it takes? There are so many questions that begs to be answered and yet…
    A friend in UK tells me that people over there are discussing the relevance of the monarchy in their administration. And they do it by literally discussing and debating. Not shouting at each other and calling names.
    Any way my ramblings are strictly of my own opinion. Just in case. Who knows who is watching?

  10. walao eh.. ur singing shud improve lar.. i know i know.. u purposely wan to “zho chio”(make ppl laugh) nia mar.. okok.. =) good post..

  11. First namewee with negarakuku, and now this video clip!!This is really hilarious and it has a point!! :))
    Singing is horrible… yet…must stop rewinding…must…stop… *thump*

  12. Wahlau eh…. damn funny lah, the video. Singing is WAY off tune, but still bloody funny. Made sense. You da man! Just don’t get arrested, can liao.

  13. awsome video!! don’t worry, you won’t be summoned as long as you don’t use negarakuku for the background music.

  14. Yup, I have to agreed with you, Kenny. Young people nowadays are more interested in the latest hit single by Avril Lavigne than the whole country burn in hell.
    “Burn in hell? Got meh? Never read and heard about it also.”

  15. Good job with this post. There is a “gap” in political happenings in our country with the generation gap.
    Hope this reaches out to the younger generation and see reality as it is. Read for more independent news. Educate yourself, get the true picture.
    This post was meant to be an informative post =)

  16. Go kenny~~
    if u ran i’d vote for u!
    still… its a touchy subject this. lucky u dont go into it that often.. or we wont have anything to read online. =p

  17. wahahaha love it!!! although u sing like a ghost..
    this is gold! hope this entry wont be listed as sensitive or threaten u man! keep it up!

  18. bloggers unite!!!
    2 thumbs up to KS latest video… u r the man!!!
    people like us who writes about our beloved Malaysia r called bunch of liars when 2 uncivilised man humiliated the WHOLE WORLD with their bocor story… democracy??? where ar?

  19. FTW said:
    probably you yourself are too taken into what u read online. but i urge all fellow malaysians, please do look at both sides of the story and get a clearer picture on what is going on instead of just following blindly just being able to say “u know, that day i read form jeffooi,…”
    Dear FTW,
    The problem is, the government and officials had been controlling the mainstream media all this while (through various acts and laws). So in a way, what appears in the newspapers like the Star, Straits Times, etc are information that the government WANT you to know… not what you SHOULD know. News blackout and censorship is just normal. For example, Mahathir gave a speech in a recent gathering organized by Primas. Videos here
    TDM basically bashed and spoke about various things that are going wrong in this country. But I doubt that the event and what he said got through to the mainstream newspapers.
    Blogs and alternative news portal like jeffooi’s, malaysia today, malaysia kini, and lim kit siang’s blog are actually the one give us the OTHER SIDE of the story.
    Logically arguement would be… newspaper people get paid. Bloggers usually dont. So i doubt people like Raja Petra, Rocky Bru, Susan Loone and all actually write and hantam the gov for fun lar. I think they’re doing it out of true passion and sincerity… to provide truth and alternative news to the people.
    Yes no doubt, some irresponsible bloggers just simply write and defame just for the sake of sabotaging. So i guess at the end of the day, like you’ve said, we’ll all have to decide on ourselves who’s telling the truth and who’s not. But for me, I think blogs and such are doing us great in providing alternative views of the story.

  20. Kenny, you should be remanded, detained under ISA for putting such terrible, inhumane video on ur blog!
    Oh the horror ~~~
    My life can never be the same again…

  21. oh no, kenny… don’t give up ur day job ok? singing is not for u.
    *Sayang* it’s ok. everyone sucks at at least something. it’s ok! hahaha… 🙂
    anyway i think u did something good here. u increased awareness about jeffooi and what he is doing. gd on you!

  22. Sometimes I do talk about our dear gov in my blog, but hey, if that gets me charged under the OSA, I don’t know what to say. We have our opinions, and sometimes it’s for the betterment for our country, asking them to wake up. But they send us to jail instead.
    Like I believed what that guy with the Negaraku video has to say, is also a slap on the nation asking us to wake up. It’s just that some can’t take it, or get offended by it, by forcing him to apologize. If you didn’t do it, if you don’t feel anything, there’s nothing wrong with the video or any blogs.
    Seriously.. I’m speechless.

  23. HahahaHAHAHA
    I will consume you
    beware… muahahaha !!!!
    *post nonsense everywhere on Kenny’s blog*

  24. TsuChong said:
    “Blogs and alternative news portal like jeffooi’s, malaysia today, malaysia kini, and lim kit siang’s blog are actually the one give us the OTHER SIDE of the story..”
    Indeed, blogs and other news portals you’ve mentioned DO provide the “OTHER SIDE” of the story but they might not always be right. A man for himself, remember? You said all the mainstream media are regulated by the government but do you think that these “alternative” news resources are as pure as an angel? Could they have just done all these news providing work for free? Are you 100% sure they tell the whole nothing but the truth? Not a tiny bit of bias? Good on them. Now, don’t get me wrong as I don’t like the current government to the bits. A typical corrupted third world country setup. However, I just wanna remind all that whether it is the government or the opposition, all of them have their own agendas behind their actions, coz money is just too hard to resist. Yup, good ol’ moolah. Remember. Read with prejudice.
    Congratulations! You’re now TEH officially spokeperson for DAP youth. Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru are social-political bloggers and you are not? what? Jeff Ooi only manage to attract older crowd and you’re only helping him to reel in those younger generations, I hear you say? Talk about double standard. Stay out of politics if you wanna keep your record clean. As simple as that.
    Well, with such bad sense of redtapes that you’ve been crossing recently, I reckon you better join the next Malaysia Idol as you stand a better chance there with your immaculate voice.

  25. One, this is funny post… but ur HK scam is funnier still.
    Two, kudos for raising political awareness to your readers. Ppl need to know this every now and then.
    Three, don’t ever think of becoming a singer. Also, pls issue an advance warning on which karaoke box ur gonna frequent next time… lol.

  26. MALAYSIAs reputation for having one of the Most Repressive Govts is not Bloggers’ heresay but International Think Tanks Opinions based on FACT.
    “AFFIRMATIVE Action Laws” specifically to Benefit the overwhelming Majority MALAY Population has become a source of derison among political insiders,and BEGS the question:- “If the DOMINANT Majority cannot make it on MERIT under Democratic Rule,is it the Govts attempt to LEGISLATE Intelligence??
    TRAGICALLY HILLARIOUS! Whoever thought THAT up should be made to ride that “SARAWAK BIRD” every night.
    TRUE or FALSE,your Govt MALAYS,has advertised to the whole world that you are Intellectually Challenged,Incapable of Competing FAIRLY and Winning.Has to be a first.

  27. what the heck is wrong with this country?
    Keep banning blogger from writing the truth.
    I am getting sick about this country…

  28. According to the Federal constituition,Art. 10,we have our rights of Freedom of Speech…but there’s also Art.149 that provides further exception to the rights granted under art.5,9,10 and 13…

  29. hahaha… I think kenny’s rather off-key singing will be reason enough for the authorities to laugh about the matter than arrest kenny too. LoL but nice one. cute.

  30. Cabinet rejects apology from rapper-Aug 16, 07 4:42pm [Sorry, apology not accepted! De facto law minister Nazri Aziz says the attorney-general will decide whether to prosecute the Negarakuku rapper. The cabinet has not accepted 24-year-old Wee Men Chee’s apology over his Negarakuku rap song, which was described as an insult to the nation….] Geee dear, is this a warning or some kind of threats to all free to speak bloggers? It does scared me to know the stern action our gov is imposing otherwise…. First namewee was asked to come out to apologise, after he did that he was told of ‘apology not accepted’…

  31. AisYnnek,
    “Indeed, blogs and other news portals you’ve mentioned DO provide the “OTHER SIDE” of the story but they might not always be right.” THEY MIGHT NOT ALWAYS BE RIGHT DOESN’T MEAN THERE IS NO TRUTH IN IT.
    “A man for himself, remember?” DOES IT?
    “You said all the mainstream media are regulated by the government but do you think that these “alternative” news resources are as pure as an angel?” WHO SAID THAT?
    “Could they have just done all these news providing work for free?” WHY NOT?
    “Are you 100% sure they tell the whole nothing but the truth? Not a tiny bit of bias?” AT LEAST BETTER THAN NST, STAR, BERITA HARIAN AND UTUSAN.
    “However, I just wanna remind all that whether it is the government or the opposition, all of them have their own agendas behind their actions, coz money is just too hard to resist.” MONEY? YES, IF IT IS THE BN.
    “You’re now TEH officially spokeperson for DAP youth. Jeff Ooi and Rocky Bru are social-political bloggers and you are not? what? Jeff Ooi only manage to attract older crowd and you’re only helping him to reel in those younger generations, I hear you say?” IT’S HIS BLOG. HE CAN BLOG ANYTHING HE WANTS. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?
    “Stay out of politics if you wanna keep your record clean.” YEAH, LET THE COUNTRY TO BURN IN HELL THEN.

  32. Did you sing that? =P
    I wasn’t listening to the audio at first,but after a while I realised what song it could be, so I plugged in my earphones … so funny. I don’t know which is funnier, the song or the pictures XD

  33. U guys have NO idea do you. What democracy ? I’ll just keep the judicial crisis , the corruption , the hostile takeover of projects by High profile ministers sons and relatives, the NEP , the monopolisation. There is no democracy , there is only benevolent despotism. Where there is instability there is opportunity and while we b|tch n moan , to be able to change is to be in a position of power.But seeing as our BOLEH attitude is BOLEH diam diam or BOLEH change and apapa PUN BOLEH. I think its a looong long way to go.
    Most of yous will be in ISA before u can even make a change or significant dent. While the government still think we are a bunch of un-educated fools , the smart ppl will pack up and leave for better prospects and fair treatment to all in other countries. At least out there , we have a fighting chance to achieve and change.
    Dont forget , vote opposition and u have no money.Who will fund the party , projects and development? DAP is too chinese majority oriented. What we need is a new Peoples Party! A party that fights for the people! Unfortunately its gonna be a hella poor party too.
    I said too much already.

  34. Three major weapons for dictators according to history:
    1) military / police
    2) media
    3) education
    Nothing the opposition can do about 1) despite their constant rambling about corruption and inefficiency in the force. Nothing can be done despite protest over rising crimerate.
    Media – our major papers and TVs are all ‘controlled’ media. Reading the papers are not better off than reading fliers from Giant supermarket cos its filled with paid advertisement and the only truth being reported have been filtered so badly that if its in the olden days one would call it pure propoganda.
    Education – controlling schools is controlling minds of younger generations. Most great leaders in history know and practice this. So ‘certain schools’ whereby ‘new teaching’ may crop up MUST be controlled.
    Therefore, the next BIG thing that comes up is the internet whereby millions will get to research about the truth. Freedom of press is finally possible. Hence, the major task for the current governent is to clamp this down. Otherwise their control of 1, 2 and 3 will topple!
    Be afraid people, be very afraid.


  36. omg. BUM 2007! lol.
    anyway, kenny – this post does great service to the so-po (socio-political) blogging community that one doesn’t necessary be politically-inclined to care about issues affecting the nation. all we need is to be informed. from what i gather, DAP is so totally gonna try to recruit you next 😛
    so when is your CM gonna lay his cold dead-like hands off my media company? 🙂

  37. lol kenny, you sure you wont get sued for this? maybe the government will come up with some ruling such as cannot use the minister’s footage for laughs.hehe.

  38. I really hope this country will be more balanced and allow people to express their thoughts freely. I am always against narrow minded thinking and hope that in the future every Malaysian will be more open minded and accept critiscm and work on it to improve. People should be allowed to criticise. Sometimes critics can be harsh but if it’s the truth, we gotta accept it. Even this comment have to be carefully revised so that I dont get into trouble. Sigh..

  39. haha..this funny video..eventually I didn’t see any offense towards any races or religion..then it’s ok laa what..haha..but u kenny..very suck at singing..i think u consciously sing like that make it more happening..ahaha..

  40. the only way to make this nation sane again is for the chinese and indians to make more babies. now malay alr near 60%. soon 99%? please make more babies.
    be like sarawak. no big majority.

  41. gerrymendering sucks. opposition will never beat umno inc cuz they control so many seats. best chance for opposition is urban area. but the urban MPs cant do much to lawan the preponderance of the goblok umno Yang Bodoh YBs in parliament.
    oppositiion’s best chance is if local elections for municipalities are revived. but umno scare la, cuz sure opposition will control these cities. this is proven in other countries. city councils are usualy controlled by oppositions to check n balance the national government. this is wat umno very scare of. they scare losing the big cities (which are malaysia’s economic engines) to the opposition. thats why they keep giving excuses on why local elections shud not be revived.
    it should be revived. cuz even if opposition cant govern the whole federation, at least the cities kl, pg, jb, ipoh, pj, kuching etc have a sane n wise administration.. if our country cant be first world countries, at least our cities will be first world cities..
    nothing can change much here in malaysia if malays are stil majority. their YBs in parliament will do wat they can to block changes which will kick them from power.

  42. AWESOME video…though i cant say much bout the singing..but hey! haha~ great one! 🙂 go jeff ooi!

  43. I dun tink u will get arrestedlah.. gomen takde koje.. keep blogging.. btw, I chance upon tis blog called the kelakau jugak..

  44. dude, i m quite worry if this would get u into trouble, but as smart as u r, i think u have outweight the possible consequences…so sad i have to feel like that even though i have a great time with your video (thanks for the non-existence speaker). we might be dissappointed with our gov’mt now n then, but i think as long as we love our country, our land n our people, we will have our way through! cheers everyone!

  45. dude, i m quite worry if this would get u into trouble, but as smart as u r, i think u have outweight the possible consequences…so sad i have to feel like that even though i have a great time with your video (thanks for the non-existence speaker). we might be dissappointed with our gov’mt now n then, but i think as long as we love our country, our land n our people, we will have our way through! cheers everyone!

  46. wow..they’re cracking down on bloggers now.
    did they run out of murderers, robbers, con-artists, thieves, rapists to crack down on?
    make the roads safe to walk at 3am in the morning, then go after bloggers.
    this is what i think lah. strictly my own opinion. no one share the same one ok! i dun want to be accused of trying to destroy the nation.

  47. Yo dude . . . nice clip but ermm . . . you REALLY need a better voice talent . . . hahahaha no offense yeah . . .

  48. hahaha.. kenny… u so thick-skin la.. lol.. horrible singer.. but great entertainer in other ways.. hehe.
    but hey.. reli la. better be careful on wat u write la.(or video that u did. ) wat if somethin happen n u hav to stop writting in yr blog?

  49. “the problem with Jeff is that his blog appeals mostly to blog readers of the older age group, which is unfortunately very small”
    Maybe not anymore after you writes about him;

  50. Nice one Kenny!
    I’m 21 yrs old. Hahaha at first I thought malas wanna go register for election but now on a second thought, I will go vote for Jeff Ooi!!!
    hmm lol why ur singing out of tune wan but still a nice song =D.

  51. we have to educate malaysian. education was not given to all previously by the british to curb criticism. well all politicians learn from history. history is important. from the romans to the chinese dynasty there are a lot to learn especially in politics. after 50 years our education is worse that before merdeka. why? because history had taught politicians that better education will give rise to more criticism. so our children’s education is base on rote learning. if the politician said “you cannot do this!” the children will quietly follow. just imagine & think malaysian, are we game for it? say no to 2/3 majority is a first step. there is still a long march ahead!

  52. Kudos to you Kenny,
    I’ve always thought you are the blogger who practises safe boundaries. It’s good to see you write about things that matter here.

  53. if your ma can pass you the newspaper about bloggers , do you think your ma’s been reading this post as well? how would she think??
    uh oh, someone’s been messing with the wrong authorities, HIS MOM…

  54. Kudos to you kenny, i always thought you were the “safe” type of blogger, but this has shown you have balls of steel, especially what happend to Namawee..and you still put up this post
    I support you

  55. bravo bravo….
    that’s a very terrible but creative one.
    if i’m 21 and so happen to be in jeff ooi’s area, i’ll vote for him. haha.

  56. wah liao…ur singing really quite unbearable le wei,out of tune 1?
    be careful oh,kenny…later the goverment people will get back at you…

  57. hey AisYnnek, are you one of the 500 bloggers hired to counter any sort of dissent? Your comment on how alternative news resources are not 100% pure is a pathetic attempt to tease out the inference that the sources are not credible at all. Of course no article is truely “pure” as you put it, the idiocyncrasies of the writer inevitably appear in the text despite his/her best intentions.
    And yes, money is needed to support any effort, especially in relation to the dissemination of information. Why, by your fallacious reasoning… with the clear cut profit making intentions of the main news sources, they would be impure to the marrow!
    With that considered, compared to the trash the govt churns out i prefer the alternative.

  58. Video is wicked awesome. My parents watched it, lmao, and although they find it hilarious, they think you’re gonna get into trouble for this.
    I totally agree with Simon.

  59. Very well said Kenny, best post of the year.
    Supporting opposition doesnt mean we are not patriotic, supporting DAP/PKR doesnt mean we are not grateful to our country. Its because we love our country and we know our country is not on the right track, that is why we need a change to bring the country back on track.
    Come on FTW, you should educate yourself. Look at Malaysia now, where are we in the world scale? Our country is going down the drain, you know, I know, everyone knows. Look at our politics, corruption is everywhere, politicians trying to raise racial issues every now and then to gain popularity.And what is MCA, gerakan and MIC doing? Look at our education system, what do we have? Whats our ranking at the moment? Why are we losing so many talented young people? I’m studying in Melbourne at the moment, and there are so many doctors, engineers, PHD holders, scientist decided not to go back home. they know at least they stand a chance in Aus. If they go back to Malaysia, what can they do? do we have sifficient research opportunities for these people? Do we have good research facilities to keep these talents? Unfortunately no, we have the resources but these resources dont belong to us, but to those who are good at political games. Come on FTW, I really need an answer.
    I love Malaysia. I love malaysia even more when I came to Aus 3 years ago. I love the people in Malaysia, I have many friends from different races, different background. The truth is we are living in harmony, but there are always some brainless fools who like to stir up racial issues, bringing up May 13 incident to frighten everyone, come on man, we are sick of this already. The younger generations are highly educated nw, we know what is good and what is bad. The country is ours, we have the rights to build a safer and better future for the next generation.
    Many of my friends are trying to persuade me to stay back in Australia and perhaps drop malaysian citizenship. But I will not do that, Malaysia is my home, nothing will ever change. I will fight for a better Malaysia. I pray to God, I hope one day, we will have good and capable leaders, who will guide us and shape us into a strong nation. I pray….
    A msg from a Hardcore Malaysian.

  60. kenny your blog is ok since when you write the blog that is any gov sad la
    not much to said enjoy your week end
    bye bye just me jeremiah here

  61. Hey Dude, Kysle’s “Three major weapons for dictators according to history:1) military / police 2) media 3) education”
    reason #1 is why the right to bear arm is written in the American constitution. The founding fathers want the people to live under a government that does not eventually turned into dictatorship..if they do, the people can use their guns to turn against the government.

  62. Luckily you have talent in writing, coz your singing sucks! Reminds me of that dude in xiaxue’s blog kaakakaka…

  63. Well said Kenny. Blogs and of all things, bloggers are not controlled by the government. And what bloggers post should not be misinterpreted as a threat. We’re voicing out what we have to say.

  64. ever wonder who the fuck is i am a chicken with no name? hey man, you hate kenny so much fuck off la. why make your life so hard? i pity you man, thats why im giving you this piece of advice. fuck off. simple.

  65. Calling all bloggers, please unit and promote free speech and free thought and don’t let the gov’t becomes the thought police. We all have a stake in this, the blogsphere is a very powerful platform and this is where your genuine voices are heard without having to seek approval or permission. Never before, had you have the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of reader in one click.
    Don’t fear as the gov’t would surely want you to, they actually have much to fear.
    Congratulation to Jeff Ooi for taking part in politics and I sure hope there would be more bloggers following his footsteps. In the similar rationale, we need genuine voices in the parliament and not from those neutered organizations such as SUPP, MCA.

  66. young blogger like me or i should say internet junkie(addict) is right on voting age.
    i did read about top 5 blog in malaysia.
    i read about politic analyst bout it.
    Politic doesnt attract much youngster because most of them think that is non of their business and they cant make a change.
    that is so sad.

  67. i am not from malaysia alright.
    i just thought that maybe the malaysian government should put the funds into good use, hire more EFFICIENT and NON CORRUPTED authories to reduce crime rates in the cities.
    malaysia has the resources but is not prospering as how it should be. everyone knows that good governance is the key. oh wells.
    i hate how the authories like to cencor “the other side” of the truth. what you want people to know, and what they should know. i guess it’s human nature to keep your flaws under wraps. but in the case of malaysia, both sides of the truth seem pretty obvious.
    sighh… can’t write out my full opinion cos i don’t want to get arrested for writing you know… hope you’ll be alright.

  68. Its never easy when talking politics. We bloggers should be careful when we write. There is no such thing in malaysia as “freedom of speech”
    Kenny… good posting! keep it up!

  69. Wah, Hardcore Malaysian, respect to you man. I too have so many friends in Aus and many of them totally ditched Malaysia for a better future. I too lived in Melbourne before, but I never really liked australia much. I just didn’t like the ang moh culture. I loved the weather though. Malaysia is just too hot for me.
    Even if I ever left the country, I know one thing will never change. I would always identify myself as Malaysian to whomever I meet. Even if my citizenship ever changed, I know that I’ll always be Malaysian at heart.
    And Kenny, take singing lessons please.

  70. taken from an article on In his first speech to parliament as the country’s new leader, Abdullah Badawi committed himself to strengthening Malaysia’s democratic culture and its checks and balances on power which critics say his predecessor undermined.
    ^^ Now how is suppressing the people’s voices/concerns and carrying out a witchhunt against socio political bloggers and citizens who speak out on the current issues (corruption, etc) that are plaguing our country?

  71. Just a suggestion – try replacing “I want to be your PM’ with “Let me be your PM.” It’ll flow better with the song 😉

  72. Govt CORRUPTION has gone past nepotism & cronyism,foreign Companies are instructed to Only sign Contracts with MALAYs which caused USA & EU to declare MALAYSIAN Govt as RACIST.As reported in BBC World News.
    Signing a $FORTY Billion Trade deal with USA was Postponed,more likely DEAD cause US Govt is on its way out.
    Years of PROGRESS squandered on GREED of the Few. Fact is,most MALAYs will not benefit from Prefferencial Policy,but will certainly be hurt by it’s consequences.

  73. your singing is a piece of crap.yes,u arent no namewee,but u arent no avril stop makin a fool out of urself by doing dumb stuff like this. the vid is not even remotely funny.with bland tasteless humour like yours, who needs bad local comedians?

  74. I’m a silent reader of ur blog. Enjoyed it all this while until i read this post and the Bank Logo Penis post.
    There’s a fine line between blogging about matters that can bring improvement to the country and taking a political side. I stop visiting once he announce joining DAP. I enjoy his point of views about correcting Malaysia but once he no longer ‘independent blogger’ i lost my trust on his views.
    I hope the same thing will not happen with, it’s ok (in my opinion) to comments on the country but once you ‘announce’ your political side, i guess many visitors will get turned off. Undi itu rahsia remember?
    🙂 on a lighter note, if Jeff Ooi VS BN VS Bebas Calon, i’ll definitely vote for BEBAS. I want changes but not those by idiots with “side-personal-interest” like Jeff ooi.
    My 2 sen…

  75. Kuching, 18 Aug – Popular blogger Kenny Sia has been remanded by local police for the latest post on his blog. A spokesperson said that Kenny Sia, aged 24, will be charged for insulting the Paliar-ment with his latest editted video, which was posted on Youtube. This follows the recent controversy of a Malaysian student in Taiwan, posting up an “insulting” video on his blog.
    However, the situation is a little different for Kenny. According to officials, the 24-year-old will be charged not because of the lyrics he used in the video, because those are facts that we all know, like the NEP crap thingy. Instead, he will be charged for infringing the copyright of the song “Makwe”, with his horrible rendition. The Paliar-ment also felt that Sia had insulted them because of the off-pitch rendition of the song. They are also afraid that the Paliar-ness of Kenny Sia might overtake the current Paliar-ment’s Paliar-ness.

  76. hey pak ooi..
    what do you mean by
    “:) on a lighter note, if Jeff Ooi VS BN VS Bebas Calon, i’ll definitely vote for BEBAS. I want changes but not those by idiots with “side-personal-interest” like Jeff ooi.”
    the personal side interest is making the country better and clearing up all the shit that BN has created into policies that have been running since they are power, this is the time to act to clean the country for a better future, if not all its lost..

  77. for all those ppl insulting kenny on the following
    – he cant sing
    – he isnt funny
    – he is going to get arrested
    – he “announce” his side
    why dun you all fark off? my response
    – he already said he cant sing, but what matters is its from his heart
    – if you dun find his stuff funny, why are you posting and reading his blog? his job isnt to keep you entertained..its his blog
    – The idiots who keep saying he is gonna get arrested, do you not think he realizes the possibility of that? its called taking a stand against injustice. Posting comments like “you gonna get in trouble” isnt remotely helpful at all
    – ” I wont read cos he announce his political affiliation’s” Get off your high horse, he didnt announce anything, its just a parody video. Even the most diehard BN supporter would be able to see some truth in the video.
    “side-personal interest” jeff? name me a politian that DOESNT have personal side interests.

  78. “side-personal interest” jeff? name me a politian that DOESNT have personal side interests.
    Exactly the point. Now Jeff Ooi belongs to this group. 🙂

  79. Pak Ooi Said:
    🙂 on a lighter note, if Jeff Ooi VS BN VS Bebas Calon, i’ll definitely vote for BEBAS. I want changes but not those by idiots with “side-personal-interest” like Jeff ooi.
    Would have to agree that most political people somehow had their own agenda, DSAI for example. But as for Jeff Ooi, I think the reason he joined DAP is because he wants to take a stand and fight for the betterment of the country in future. I would think that he joined DAP because it’s an opposition party, not much because of its ideology and stuff. DAP would serve as an avenue for him to do something in this country.
    Yea many people read and get to know lots of stuff. Most of us would just stop at the awareness level, ie: just watch, listen, hear but not doing something about it. What Jeff has done is take the awareness to another level. He’s taking an action by making a political stand and fight for the country from there.
    Here’s Jeff’s justification for joining politics, or rather DAP in specific.

  80. Bloggers are jst human being. They blog about what they think. Its about expression of the mind in writting or in pictures. So, I think they can write anything except topics related to religions and races which may cause disharmony. But bloggers have to remember that what ever they write/ published may have it’s consequences. And be reminded that bloggers or readers nowadays are smartter people. They are not “goblok”. They know how to differentiate between good and bad, and not just accept what ever is published by the bloggers. We are now talking about cyber era. People become not just internet savy but also learn to become more creative in blogging and writting for free of charge! That’s a good sign to Malaysia. I think the members of parlimen should join the bloggers to express what they feel and communicate with the rakyat in a more personal way instead of using the usual traditional method such as news papers or radio and tv. Me, at 46 trying to join the band wagon of the young by joining them how to blog. Kenny, pls check out and give your comment at: and . I’ll be waiting for your comment

  81. Hey! Hey! you you
    Kenny Sia from Sarawak
    Yes you, Yes you
    Don’t think I tak tau rumah awak
    Hey! Hey! you you
    Blogger from Kuching
    Yes you, Yes you
    Please rap if you cannot sing
    Hey! Hey! you you
    Showing your support to DAP ya?
    Yes you, Yes you
    I’m gonna talk to your mama
    (Possible response from UMNO)

  82. Good to see that you finally voice out. Very brave of you kenny. I truly respect that.
    Hope you dont get detained or anything
    Those who voice out themself gets special treatment. Some of us just got so fed up and decided to migrate instead.
    But people are afraid of change you see. It had been BN all this while and its really hard for them to suddenly change.
    I’m always afraid to post political stuff on my blog and I feel ashamed but maybe its not my time yet. GO KENNY!!

  83. Recently, I have been reading blogs, news and the Wikipedia. And am just so confused. Coz I felt that I have been ignorant about the current situation in our country. Am worried. Just click on the following website as self explanatory:-

  84. i realise these news in the newspaper lately.. It’s a bit worrying me since I am a blogger too. but somehow I feel happy because we, the bloggers are being noticed… *smile cheekily*
    Anyway.. we must be careful with the words we type. Lol.. If not… I can’t imagine if we will be arrested one day…

  85. You say they did not in ( ). Care to explain?
    He who rubbish the national anthem. He’s gonna be banned. Don’t come back. Do you know what happened to the song that our anthem was based on? It’s been banned for 50 years. So no small matter. Very sad.

  86. Hey, almost time to trot out Mr. Brown’s election period tagline:
    “This (audio podcast/blogpost) does not contain “persistent political content” because that is prohibited during the election period under the (something something Malaysia). Remember, prison got no broadband!”
    Just to be pro-active. I have a feeling the local establishment wouldn’t be able to come up with elegant nonsense like their SG conterparts, but as long as the right message gets across, I think we can all be happy!

  87. we can all start to wave goodbye to they are not gonna give him internet connection in jail.
    pak lah and najib name was mentioned. they will sue.

  88. Haih…Malaysia Malaysia. Hopeless…like recently the Namewee case. Speechless I went.
    Lets say if now some one is blogging about corruption In Malaysia and get sued, so does this means that if politic people discuss about corruption may as well get sued? Hilarious…

  89. hoho. My mom just gave me shit again for doing a post about politics. 😛
    Anyway, I know prison got no broadband. But at least there’s always 3G.

  90. Pak Ooi,
    Get real! Who would want to join politics if not for own agenda? The question is where should politician draw a line it comes to personal and rakyat interests.
    I salute your courage. Hope no one will give you a hard time over this video. Like Lim Kit Siang had pointed out that there are so many pressing issues and crisis to be looked into by the govt but instead they are wasting their not much left brain cells on “Negarakuku” video posted by this M’sian Chinese undergraduate in Taiwan. God bless Malaysia!

  91. Kenny… Your MTV kickass!! Yeah…
    But you do need to polish up your singing. Hahahaha…
    Jusk kidding. Admire your guts to put up that MTV after what happening to Namewee.

  92. Hey guys stop commenting and pls VOTE ! i think kenny u shd stress on that the power of a VOTE. SONT BE LAZY GET OUT THERE ITS YOUR COUNTRY TOOOOO

  93. Aiyaaa, its a dangerous time for bloggers. But seriously don’t u think that the video is like an invitation to arrest u?
    Should start printing the FREEKENNYSIA t-shirts now i guess. 😛
    honestly, video was cool… but makes me damn scared 4 u.

  94. Aiyaaa, its a dangerous time for bloggers. But seriously don’t u think that the video is like an invitation to arrest u?
    Should start printing the FREEKENNYSIA t-shirts now i guess. 😛
    honestly, video was cool… but makes me damn scared 4 u.

  95. haha…so many ppl commented on ur singing….guess there is a BIG HUGE AMPLE room for improvement eh…

  96. Wahlao ah hia, pls dun sing la, ur suara pecah pecah siao… haiz, in dewan meeting oways not fair one, the BN can shout, but the DAP members cannot. They say DAP rude, but BN more rude which makes me a BN supporter to fly to DAP supporter…WOULD NVR VOTE FOR PKR, NVR, NVR VOTE FOR THAT GAY GUY WHO FREAKING MOLESTED A GAY!!! XD

  97. I am proud and glad that Kenny has brought awareness towards us and to show the importance of voting. Hopefully all of us will now get up and vote. It doesn’t matter who you vote who, but I just feel that no one can have a majority of 92% There will be no check and balances. We need some strong opposition inside the Parliament to make some noises.

  98. i tink you guys gotta live with it. in every country, even in sg, freedom of thoughts in not widely accepted. so many speakers or renowned writers have been banned in other countries. but yea, i do agree, as much as we love to condemn other ppl’s work, we should also consider giving suggestions to improve. spotting ten mistakes is easier than correctin one.
    but on the other hand, i guess they ran out of murderers, robbers, rapists to nab. haha.

  99. Altho you’re younger than I am, I still look up to you as our no.1 blogger celebrity. Kenny, you really are one funny and intelligent dude.
    This post i reckon was not only to promote JeffOoi or aimed at being a cheap campaign ad. It was also meant to educate and promote awareness among the young, and encourage they’re ability to vote, thru a medium which is your blog, whom reaches out to many, far and wide.
    The video clip however is ingenious. Irrelevant of your singing skills, the details are first class. Your tone deaf singing, the AmericanIdol judges, politicians’ hand signals, the hillarious lyrics, one eye closed, the ‘bocor’ issue, all merge into one effective video clip. *Standing ovation*
    But be careful Kenny, there are many assholes out there whom hate the opposition & other races so much that they’d even resort to unspeakable actions.
    Im also wooried for poor Meng Chee, and wonder if he should even bother returning home for his own safety. The world can be a fu*king cruel place sometimes.
    Take care my friend.

  100. kenny. every single part where u sang off key, i cringed. REALLY hard. haha.
    but i still loved the video anyway.
    just dont ever sing like dat again okay, cuz i duno when only i will recover lor. haha.

  101. Singing aside, the idea of rap video by blogger is a great one and solidarity with NameWee. Let see how many video makers they can sent to jail. They need a lesson in democratic voice over their feudalistic campaigning mode…

  102. Kenny sia, thanks for Making a Statement! Everyone should be free to voice their opinions, and political parties SHOULD NOT be allowed to sue others for defaming them, otherwise where is the democracy? it would be communism and dictatorship.

  103. Great job, Kenny Sia.
    At least now you are telling the new generation to be aware of what is happening in Malaysia…..
    No more Avril Lavigne CDs if the economy and governance collapse because of immense corruption… 🙂

  104. Kenny,
    I must say for the very first time, I am very proud of you. It’s very refreshing to have read something like this in your blog. Not that I come here but someone pointed out this post to me.
    Anyway, as for the point about how Jeff only appeals to older readers, that’s not entirely accurate. A lot of the hip ppl read jeff, as far as i know. but the problem is, a big chunk of this young readers are not registered voters.
    Keep such entries coming Kenny, will certainly attract readers like me if you do.

  105. Haha so funny. I nearly rolled off my bed when the first seconds of the song started. If I die because I didn’t get enough air into my head and brain, it’ll be all your fault.

  106. Kenny, are you going to vote for the upcoming election? We are supporting the same party, and the party always won when I vote in the place I live.

  107. I’m 15 and though politics is supposedly strictly not allowed amongst school students, I quite disagree. If adults actually spent time with certain students, you’d be surprised how much stand and ideas of our own we have. It’s never too early for youngsters to know and understand the political status of their own country. But conventional ways such as reading newspapers won’t work. News are hardly in full. I’d say students should be exposed to political issues going around and are encouraged to have their own stand and opinions on which party would run the country better. I’m not saying they get to vote. We should just be better informed. I mean like, look, I know Kenny Sia better than our Prime Minister!

  108. definitely everybody has to be responsible for what they say against each other and especially against the country.
    so it’s not surprising to see people got arrested for things they put in the blog.
    whether they intentionally or not to defile the name and kutuk our country or leaders that’s not right.
    respect is the best way to follow.

  109. If the government is going to sue you…It must be due to your bad singing…Oh wait…maybe they should thank you instead 😀

  110. song title: kenny, u not listen to mummy a?
    say u better stay on da safe side,
    away from the O-ASS-A
    no bloggin politiks la,
    demokrasi here is demo onli la,
    chorus: kenniee, u not listen to mummy a?
    ok, say u still wanna talk politiks,
    still betta stay safe,
    like speak no BN,
    hear no opposition,
    see no DAP.
    aiya~ kenny why u not listen to mummy?
    in jail O-ASS-A asks u no-sense questions
    like y u put close one eye in ur video clip
    worse still if make stories abt ur sexuality
    aiya~ frame u for sodomy – no joke one la
    aiyoo, my son, my son, listen to mummy
    in this country, best not make noise
    best to make frens in right places,
    say BN boleh
    & may we reach 2020 in one piece

  111. terence, haha! Possible, just possible.
    Dolphyn, that’s why I’m always making excuses when my friends wanna take me go karaoke.
    Sagaladoola, thanks! Very surprised to see a comment from you here!
    zewt, thanks for the encouragement. Actually the reason I don’t write about politics or governance in this country isn’t because I don’t want to, but my family specifically prohibited me to do so. In our line of business, the people we deal with are from all sides of the political spectrum. Publicly showing support for which political party you are supporting is the easiest way to make enemies and lose friends.
    BTUvoter, for sure I’m gonna vote. I do take elections seriously, you know. 🙂
    Ben Liew, let me know if I could sing in your band sometimes.

  112. Kenny,
    Please don’t join the political blogging club. I know you feel left out now because you are losing popularity compared to Jeff Ooi due to his recent political interest

  113. First off, I would say thank you to you, Kenny, for bringing to attention the case of Malaysia ‘Government vs. The Bloggers’. Now at least some of your many readers will be aware of the cases where the government is hard lining us bloggers.
    Second, I’m totally in agreement with you in regards to statement, and it’s a fact, that the majority of my generation of Malaysians (age bracket 20 – 29) are definitely more interested in Avril Lavigne than in the socio-politics of their own country!
    Thirdly, Kenny – I would like you to ask yourself what is your stand on such matters. And if you can commit to your beliefs, then as a very vocal ‘voice’ in the Malaysian blogospehere I ask you the age old question – “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country”!
    At the end of the day, it is we Malaysian that shape the path of our country’s future. And if one day it turns out that we don’t like what we’ve ended up with, well we have only to look into the mirror to see whom to place the blame with!

  114. Even jeff, uncle Kit and the ‘Tiger’ are impressed.
    Do I see rocket in your near future , Kenny?
    And to all young Malaysians,
    No matter where you will be standing, do stand up and be heard.

  115. Kslye
    Education – controlling schools is controlling minds of younger generations. Most great leaders in history know and practice this. So ‘certain schools’ whereby ‘new teaching’ may crop up MUST be controlled.
    This is so true

  116. enigma, eantautjk: have u read the mandela’s long walk to freedom? if not, then do read it. i mean seriously, when JFK utter those adrenaline pumping, emotionally induced words ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country’, HE was the leader, and AS the leader of the country, he ASKED the PEOPLE to proactively take THE initiative to STEP out & DO something for their country.
    unfortunately, WE don’t HAVE that. honestly, as a young adult in this country, if i’m asked this question: Would you voice out your opinions? would you question unfairness? be vocal abt injustice?
    It will take more than just JFK’s quote to give me that passion to want to go that extra mile.
    who in their right mind would be willing to be persecuted/jailed for their convictions? and what if u’ve got a family to feed? to care? sometimes, its not even abt ourselves but abt our loved ones.
    apologies, if this will offend anyone. But, it’s frm the heart. I’m not saying it will never happen. But that if realizing the consequences, and still able to walk over the fear & intimidations, maybe then, i can truly say that i love my country enough.
    Maybe one day when someone can express JFK’s quote in actions, then the gen-Ys will follow suit.
    *kenny, i can emphatize w ur situasi – it’s looking out for the fams la’

  117. Oh gosh, Kenny, i suggest u to take voice coaching classes before putting the video on ur web. It made me roaring in laughter unceasingly…. Good post though!!!

  118. A for effort.
    F for singing. -.-
    That said, political/publicity stun or whatlar.. whetherKenny’s post is unbalanced lar (since when got anything balanced in this world..Hello, picked up TheStar lately or any mainstream newspaper lately?), it was GUTSY and makes a point.

  119. I guess that Zainuddin’s version of patriotism is by flying tons of flags and following the government blindly (as if country=government). And he fails to see people who are fighting for freedom and awareness in the country as people who indeed CARE for the country. And of course awareness among the citizens is a BIG threat to them.

  120. You have a good heart and I can tell you care about the health of the nation.

  121. I am utterly amazed how many subscribers attended Univ or spent time in AUSTRALIA, yet remain oblivious to the Country’s Committment to REAL Democracy & it’s GUARANTEE of FREEDOMS.
    Failure to VOTE in AUSTRALIA is Punishable by Law,mostly a Fine.I Applaud!
    Those who can’t be bothered to Vote:-Loose their right to complain & deserve the SHIT piled on their heads for Totally DISRESPECTING Lives SACRIFICED & Pain Endured in the STRUGGLE for FREEDOM.Check out YOUR History and Surprise yourself by discovering SARAWAK did not Lack for COURAGE when faced with TYRANNY, or did you think YOUR Freedom happened by ACCIDENT?
    It is because of people like Jeff Ooi and others, willing to risk Their ASSES to question INJUSTICE on EVERYONES’ behalf, which reminds the Powers That Be:- MALAYSIA is “SUPPOSED” to be Democratic.
    Obsessed with your OWN Comforts or CARING about Your Country is the diff between Civilian & CITIZEN.
    A Self-Made Multi-Millionare,Founder of Seagrams is quoted: “It only takes THREE generations to SQUANDER Wealth Inherited”.
    First: Toils & Bleeds for it.
    Second: Enjoys it,lavish lifestyle.
    Third: Takes it for granted, Its all they’ve ever known, then Simply LOOSE it for lack of CARING, pre-occupied with having a good time.

  122. flinkus,
    say, u hit the spot and brought up some very good points.
    however, ask a gen-y person the question: Who gave u the education opportunity & perhaps even, exposure overseas?
    i’d bet 90% + would chorus – FMS (Father-Mother-Scholarship)!
    who made us who we are? our parents!
    anyway, my point is, as a gen Y-er, there’s got to be reasons so compelling to me; that when I weigh between, standing up for the country And stooping down for my family; I choose to stand up.
    that, my man, its not abt Obsessed with our OWn comforts. Its a choice of sacrifice – family or country.
    what kenny did, jeff ooi, others, they go beyond mere guts.

  123. To all supporters of Namewee and also supporters of freedom of speech, myself and a few volunteers are planning to hold a silent protest on the National Day. We need your support as there’s only a small amount of us.
    We won’t force any of you to participate but I must ask you this, you can bravely defend Namewee behind your computer screen, but are you brave enough to defend him in public?
    Some detractors say that we are only all talk and no show, how we are all cowards who will run away when it actually comes to taking action. Well, now is our chance to prove them wrong.
    I won’t deny that this will come with some risks. But, if you are serious in joining us and want to know further details, please email us at:

  124. Belle,
    I am a FRIEND. Not attempting to belittle the efforts of those who TRY.I’ve read every post and Too Many have to THINK about Voting.DEMOCRACY has to be PRESERVED & NURTURED.
    Mostly,Democracy is taken away in SLY Bits & Pieces that People don’t notice until it’s GONE. EROSION.
    WHEREVER. Indigenous People are always First Victims:-Enact Laws to Take their Land away,restrict Developement,Force them To Assimilate or get Left Behind.Destroy their Livelihood.Light fines for crimes against them. Sounds familiar? No Indigenous People,No NEED for Kampongs. Always same result: They won’t go away, were there FIRST & will be there LAST, I truely believe GOD has something to do with that.
    NO OBJECTION? FINE! You’re NEXT.Forced Early Retirements,Dismantle National Corps,Rename & hire Preferred Employees,shut you out of Important Govt Jobs, find yourself working for people LESS Qualified. Bring in Out-of-Town Police with no local attachments,WHY CARE they’re just there to do a job not make friends.
    Greatest Tool FOR Democracy is Media.Shutting down SARAWAK Tribune eliminated the Last Local Voice of Protest. Few Objections but NO Public OUTCRY.
    ONE Constant I get overall from SARAWAK is FEAR.
    I am not advocating you Rampage in the streets,but it is NOT too late to LEARN How to recognise & DEFEAT Dictatorship before the Transition is complete. In short order you have been reduced to “VISIBLE MINORITY” in your OWN Country and only realise it After-the-Fact. How many of your SMARTEST do you suppose, believe “Political Science” is worth persuing?? FASCINATING Subject.
    Accusation that MALAYSIA is a RACIST country by USA & EU is Huge, means the Industrial World has recognised Systemic INJUSTICE in Laws aimed directly at particular segments of the population and are Watching.
    Do you realise, without WWW. SARAWAK would be ISOLATED.
    I once watched Three thugs beat the shit out of a guy, late at night no one else around, I kept hoping he would fight back. If he had only thrown just ONE punch I would have joined him. As they tired I said “That’s it he’s had enough” started picking him up & they walked away.If he wouldn’t even TRY to defend himself, could I reasonably expect him to help me??

  125. Dear Kenny,
    I stumbled across your blog and found it to be pretty interesting. I totally agree with you that there are many aspects which can be improved in the government and some which are failing. However, I do think our country has came a long way since independence. You mean to say that if the opposition was ruling there would be no corruption & haze?? i am doubtful! the thing about toll prices, electricity & fuel prices increase occurs whether BN or DAP is ruling. Inflation occurs everywhere around the world.
    since lim kit siang has won the seat in the Ipoh Timor. What has he done for the people? He is nothing more than a barking dog…no action, talk only. It is much easier to critisize than to make changes. We all have ideas but implementing it isn’t as easy. DAP has been very successful in captivating the attention of the young nowadays because we are a generation of rebels. But what makes you think that they will be able to run the government any better?
    fyi, to the many readers out there…i posted comments on limkitsiangs blog before and they were n’t published. So since we talk about the government controlling media and so on, what makes you think DAP wouldn’t be doing the same if they were in power?? he only accepts post siding him..comments with neutral thoughts were also deleted…so..opposition u really know what u r voting for??/
    I think we all still have the freedom of speech and thoughts.but i do not think insulting others is kind and necessary. Well, please do correct me if i am wrong in anyway. Would appreciate it. These are my thoughts. Thanks!

  126. This topic surely garners a lot of attention. Nothing gets people as psyched up as politics. By the way, no matter how good Jeff Ooi is, he can never be the PM of Malaysia. Our Constitution has stated that the executive leader of this country must be a Malay above all things. This is stricly non-negotiable. It’s a social contract that we’ve agreed on upon signing the declaration of independence.

  127. EXCELLENT Historian.
    Officially means ORIGINAL Population of SARAWAK maxed-out as Second Class Citizens at Birth.
    Now someone should take a good look at the Documents which placed SARAWAK under MALAYSIAN Rule/Administration/Annexation.
    It is possible UK included clauses to protect SARAWAK’s Original Population who were predominantly CHRISTIAN & CHINESE(Buddhists?) in response to the MALAY only for PM Law,afterall many older folks were BRITISH by Birth,and,up to Late 60s there were only maybe a few hundred MALAYS in SARAWAK,BORNEO, who lived apart. These things are BARGAINED Paragraph by Paragraph.
    Nothing beats Knowing Your RIGHTS. Saves Embarassment in expecting Too Much or SHAME in settling for Too Little.

  128. Lol people should just leave us bloggers alone. After all, what is life without any free speech? 🙂
    Man, Malaysia should just chill. Really.

  129. hahaha great stuff
    but dude i can’t help but noticing you’re tone deaf leh
    but still you write some wicked stuff peace out

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