Cheated By The Hong Kong Lucky Draw Scam

Got a phone call last Monday from an unknown number.

The lady from the other end of the phone spoke to me with that easily identifiable mainland Chinese accent. Ching chong lady told me from she’s from a Hong Kong company, calling me to conduct a marketing survey in Malaysia.
That’s sounded alright, so I obliged and I was asked some pretty standard questions like how old I am, my monthly income and stuff like that. The phone call lasted for about 20 minutes. As a token of appreciation. ching chong lady gave me a lucky draw number for a publicity event they will be holding in Genting.
Since I couldn’t possibly be attending the event all the way in Genting, I didn’t bother writing that number down and just forget about it.

The next evening around 6pm, Ching Chong lady called again. This time she sounded happy and excited, as if China has just won the World Cup. In the background, the crowd noise typical of a big dinner function can be heard.
Ching Chong Lady: Mr Kenny Sia! Are you Mr Kenny Sia!? Listen, are you in Genting right now?!
Kenny: No, I thought I mentioned yesterday that I couldn’t attend the event because I am in Sarawak?
Ching Chong Lady: Ohhh! No wonder our emcee called your name so many times and you didn’t come up on stage!
Kenny: What is going on?
Ching Chong Lady: Mr Kenny Sia, you just won the second prize of our lucky draw! Congratulations!
Kenny: Oh, cool. *thinking it was probably like a toaster or a fan or something*
Ching Chong Lady: YOU JUST WON YOURSELF $240,000 HK DOLLARS!!!
Kenny: Whoa?!

Honestly, at that point in time I could not believe my luck. I had believed Miss Ching Chonglady completely.
HKD$240,000 is about RM120,000. That is a lot of money.
Ching Chonglady congratulated me further. Before we ended our conversation, she advised me to stay safe and invited me to visit their company when they set up a branch in Malaysia. I agreed. She was so nice and courteous that I didn’t even suspect a single thing.
That night, I went to bed feeling elated. I even dreamt about how to spend my prize money.

Very early next morning, she called again to arrange for the collection of my HKD$240,000 prize. That is when I first thought something fishy was going on.
Everyone knows that in Malaysia, it takes FOREVER for prizes to reach the winner’s hand.
I should know. I took part in Deal or No Deal Malaysia almost three months ago and until now I STILL haven’t even received my meagre prize money!
And these people who called me are handling the prize collection too efficiently. Of course it looked firshy!

The name of the company was a jewellery company called Hong Kong DiFenNi, and the lady who contacted me is Chen Ke.
I was asked how I would like to collect my prize money, so I suggested she deposit the cash into my bank account. She gave me an option to pick up the money in Hong Kong, but I declined saying it was too inconvenient.
Anyway, I gave Chen Ke my real bank account and IC number, placing my full trust in Maybank to protect the whole 20 ringgit I have in my savings account.
As soon as I hung up the phone, Detective Kenny Sia rushed to the computer and decided to do some investigative work.

First thing I did was call up Genting Resorts to check if any foreign company called “Hong Kong DiFenNi” had rented out their ballrooms for an event last night. The nice lady at Genting gave me two company names that had booked their facilities yesterday, and both of them are local.
Fine. Give them benefit of the doubt. Maybe they used a local company to rent out a ballroom on their behalf.
Next, I logged on to the Internet to check out the website address they had given me –

The URL redirected me to another website at
At first glance, their website looked awfully professional. They have a news section and a products section typical of any good company website. The phone number they gave me (+852 6554 6865) matches the one on the website. And eventhough the jewellery they displayed on their website looks butt ugly, I must admit that on the whole their website looked very convincing.
Then I looked up the WHOIS registry of these two websites.

Website is registered on the 20th June 2007. That’s only one month old!
How bloody likely was it for an established international export company to not even have a website until one freaking month ago?
FISHY. So fishy, it’s fishier than a fish market.
Fine. Once again, I give them benefit of the doubt. Finally, I fired up Google and typed in the some search words.
BINGO! I found this.

Apparently, this scam has been going around for a while and a number of people in Malaysia and Singapore had fallen for it. The scammers will convince you that you have won a lucky draw, but in order to take the money out you’d have to pay a certain amount of insurance deposit. The scammers will then run away with the ‘deposit’ and you will never see a single cent of your winnings ever.
I called up DAP Sarawak’s chairman Richard Wong at his office because his name was mentioned in the Borneo Post report and I told him about my predicament. Talking him further convinced me that this was a tried and true scam that has been going around for a while. The name of the company was different, but the method of execution was the same.
Since I hadn’t been asked to send them any money yet, I decided to have a little fun with them.

The next time I received a phone call from the scammers, I was talking to a ching chong man instead. His name is Yang Jun.
Whaddya know? Just as expected, I was told that in order to receive my prize money, I need to send them some money as insurance deposit first.

They said there was a law erected to prevent people taking money above HKD$150,000 out of the country. They claimed its for fear of black market or terrorism financing.
To me, that’s just a whole lotta bull.

If they wanna force me to buy some insurance deposit, they can just deduct some off my prize money.
But fine. I told them if its illegal to transfer so much money overseas, just send me the limit of HKD$150,000.
“Sorry, the cheque has already been written and we can’t write a new one.”

Fine! So I told them I will fly to HK to pick up the money in person. To my surprise, they said they would welcome me with open arms. They even invited me to their “jewellery showroom”.
Immediately I regretted suggesting that. Because if I showed up, those people could very well abduct me.
Maybe even sell me off for gay prostitution or something.
My patience was wearing thin After thirty minutes of international phone call, FINALLY I said to them I “agreed” to pay RM3,000 insurance deposit.
You could almost hear the jubilent cheer in his voice.

Jubilent cheer… anyone still thinks AC Milan’s Brazilian striker Kaka is cute?

I was asked to contact a Chen ZhenRong who, according to ching chong man, is their “most esteemed accountant who took time out of his very busy schedule to handle your transaction, out of the goodness of his heart.
It’s funny how these people make themselves sounded like some patron saint of Jesus Christ, when in fact they are more crooked than Barbra Streisand’s nose.

Of course, I couldn’t give two hoots about who this Chen ZhenRong is. Everytime he called, I purposely fooled around with Mr Gold-Hearted Saint Jesus Accountant Who Took Time Out Of His Very Busy Schedule, dilly-dallying, time-wasting, and just giving them endless supply of lame excuses and empty promises.
They were persistent. Annoyed, angry, impatient, but still very persistent.
I am touched. Never have a stranger been so desperate to give me RM120,000 before.

What I am REALLY impressed with is that these people are so convincing and so organised. There were virtually no holes in their web of lies.
I was even given a number of a Hong Kong bank to contact. When I called, the automated voice prompt confirmed that HKD$240,000 is sitting there waiting in my bank account. All they need is my RM3,000 insurance deposit.
You can try it yourself. The phone number was +852 6635 7011. My bank account number is 2110 1600 0787 80 and my PIN number is 821127.

Of course, I gave them a fake bank account number. They believed me.
I told them to deposit my prize money into my special company bank account that could handle quicker international transaction. They believed me.
I also told them that my company name was Kanina Chee Bye. And they believed me!
The best thing about all of these? I have recorded every single bit of telephone conversations they had with me. And they didn’t even know about it.

Click on it to listen!
Don’t worry if you can’t understand Chinese. There are English subtitles.

Anyway, I was told to put the RM3,000 insurance deposit into their Hong Leong bank account 023-51-06038-8, under the name Eu Sok Eng.
But after playing with them for so long, I decided I have had enough fun. Yesterday, I visited our local Hong Leong Branch and banked in the money for our friendly HK scammer.

When Mr Gold-Hearted Saint Jesus Accountant Who Took Time Out Of His Very Busy Schedule called again, he was clearly furious at my non-cooperation.
Mr Saint Jesus Accountant: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!
Kenny: Listen, I…
Kenny: No wait, I already…
Kenny: Listen, I banked in the money to your account already. I swear to you I did.
Mr Saint Jesus Accountant: BY CHEQUE OR BY CASH!!?
Kenny: Cash! Just like you instructed.
Mr Saint Jesus Accountant: WHAT TIME!?
Kenny: 14 o’clock and 5 minute.
Mr Saint Jesus Accountant: WHICH SECOND!?
Kenny: 3 second. The receipt number is 00748.
Mr Saint Jesus Accountant: Ok. You let me check. I will call you back later.
I wasn’t lying, you know? I did send him the money. But the accountant never me called back. And I don’t think he ever will.
Because as a slap in the face, I sent him a grand total of…


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615 Replies to “Cheated By The Hong Kong Lucky Draw Scam”

  1. this kinda call is very normal nowadays. i also received the call once and
    i answered “sapa you mau carik?” the china gal straight hung up the

  2. Difenni…
    rings any bell?
    chinese version of tiffany ka??…. selling jewelry oso… oh so BS!~

  3. Hello Mr Kenny,
    This is MR Chong from DiFenNi. We have received your RM1 deposit as
    insurance. Thank you very much for your cooperation. You will receive your
    prize money soon.

  4. actually his slang sounds more like a taiwanese.. got hokkien slang..
    p/s: ur chinese handwriting is much more nicer than me.. i studied chinese
    till form 5, ashamed of myself.. haha!

  5. OMG! now i know why so many china chicks called me.. i had a few calls and
    i really wondered why they called as i don’t know anyone from china.. the
    first thing they asked me if i understand mandarin.. well, honestly i do
    understand some mandarin but i can’t speak.. so i just answered them back
    in cantonese that i do not know mandarin.. and then i hung up.. yea i’m
    wondering, where the hell they got our phone numbers??? got it from those
    telco companies?? sigh..

  6. Lol! It would have been kool if you went to Hong Kong on the mission of
    saving people from scammers >:) … well even though, you would be spending
    more cash by travelling =S
    Hey on their website, isn’t that their phone number? Or am I wrong? What if
    people started calling them back, saying they won too ^_^ mwahahaahaa!

  7. LOL! I also got a call from them last month & just recently I received a call again with a different version. This time they are not selling jewellery but handphones =.=” The same conversation & the same lady…..(with a different name from LiLi —> YaPing).

  8. Hi Kenny,
    Been here for quite a while ’cause I love your entertaining posts! Never thought I’d actually post something here.. But this is really good! Who’d have thought of using such an ingenious way to get back at those freaking scammers? (:

  9. Hey Kenny,
    Good that you published this scam. I also got a call from them 2 weeks ago but I told them off immediately.
    One thing struck my mind after receiving the call was how the hell they know my number? Has my telco sold my number to them? They must have local culprits. Since they have opened a bank account with Hong Leong, you should alert the bank and ask them to get the police involved before more victims fall into their trap.

  10. you sound so simun when u speak mandarin kenny!haha! the clip is funny!
    fyi, every transfers of more than RM50K you’ll need to declare. not 5k…

  11. damn!! this is almost similar like kurosagi drama series… everything is so perfect!! even they got the bank confirming the prize money!!!
    but i think that those number are wired into their own “people”, pretending to be the bank people…

  12. I like the way the mr Accountant talking..was like machine gun..
    I got this scam call too, but all my answer was donno, donno, donno until she fed up and hang up the call. 😀

  13. i’m a little disappointed these idiots didn’t spend the rest of their lives in jail. anyway, you could have told him to deposit it into a hong kong bank. the guy is soo irritating. after scamming people, he still dared to raise his voice! i want the guy to call me so i can send him to jail personally!! grrr…

  14. ur post should be entitled ‘The Hong Kong Lucky Draw Scam Cheated by Me’
    instead of ‘Cheated by the HOng Kong Lucky Draw Scam’…

  15. i got this irritating call too, same situation as urs but they say my winning is RM200,000… foolish ridiculous… where got such a huge KAP NGA jumping along the street???

  16. Kenny, I received a very similar call last month (with exactly the same modus operandi and phone conversation like yours) and have an entry on it.
    I managed to get some info on the company that tried to scam me and have sort of reported indirectly to the authority. However, I would like to confirm something with you on the scam, so please e-mail/msn me about this.

  17. We transfered the money to your KANINA CHEE BYE Bank account already.
    thank you for your co-operation and your deposit of 1 rm. And congratuations to you again.

  18. Hey…
    I received at least 3 calls from those buggers this week and due to my “poor” mandarin, I told them that I didn’t understand a word they were saying and hung up on them…Hahaha…

  19. I received one such phone call too last month. I let that Ching Chong man talk and talk and talk until I finished my breakfast… he was still yakking. He still wouldn’t give up (like your case) even though the smell of my caffeine traveled through the phone line. It is only when I told him to call another day that he hung up. I’ve no idea if he ever called again as that call was on the company’s mobile which I was assigned to keep that week.

  20. LOL. HK Difenni ? swt must be a HK Da Fei Nu called instead..haha
    i called that number, well it does sound weird. Telephone banking service with a weird automated voice system =.=”
    I received those calls a few times too.. Usually I just end the call or just pretend i can’t speak chinese… =p
    I bet this Eu Sok Eng guy will be expecting Police at his house anytime

  21. wow wow wow… WOW!! ahahahahha.. WAKAKAKKAKA!! omg. it seriously went to that state ar?!! where the scammers hv to raise their voice orh!!
    ahahhaahha.. nice one.

  22. Wow amazing .. I am workin in KL , actually I have seen the real guy in KLcc area .the old technique these ppl ( yes so far I met 3 of them ) 2 in KLcc area and one near Jln ampang (in a Bank ) used was they act like they had lost wallet and ask for some money .these suckers are well dressed and fat ( I wonder how many thousands of ppl been cheated before ) .there was a fair chinese teenager ( again fat ) which i met in klcc lrt station telling he lost wallet and need bus ticket to go back melaka. Bugger he obviously talk with a china slang and expected me to believe he is from Melaka ??and some more pudu and Klcc is quite far away isnt guys and gals ..stay alert ..they have innocent face and looks well to do livin off mone from victims i supposed in KL !!!!

  23. I’ve been reading your blog for almost 2 years and I must say, this is the first post that really made me want me to comment that badly.
    SO hope you get scammed more :p and then be too smart for it.
    so to churn out more bloggables hahaha

  24. Good one lar…..but i guess that’s more that you could do….play the real real shit out of him mah since you got him on the hook. So that just end like that? Not reported to the police?

  25. You noe wat?
    i like your company name
    “” Kanina Chee Bye “” ,
    and they believed its true ..
    ohh gosh~!

  26. Since they have an account with a local bank, shouldn’t you have alerted the bank so they can nab the local connection?

  27. hahahahah damn funny. good job kenny…was about to post saying ur stuff is getting bland again b4 u came up with this.

  28. I also received phone calls like this, ask me to attend some grand function cos i won like $500 voucher?I also recorded the conversation..

  29. Why don’t you try to cooperate with the police and catch them while playing with them a little so that there there won’t be anymore people becoming their victim? It was funny tho but I still think that if you are able to trick them to the police will be much cooler.

  30. ei…kenny he still earn your 1 ringgit malaysia wat…but one thing nice is even you pay him 1 ringgit he still not enough for him to pay his phone bill…nice work ..kenny ..hahahaa…

  31. This should be posted up in the news or summarized in the newspapers.
    Although common, there are numerous people who fall for it. Stupidity or not, there are a lot of gullible people in this world and I am sick of the police saying that people should not fall for this trick and instead do something about it like explaining their modus operandi like Kenny did.

  32. the case is almost like urs.. they claimed that u need to pay the insurance payment.. n ask u to call the bank whether there’s an account with the money in it waiting for u to claim…
    omg! their tricks almost similar..
    but the best thing to listen is when this guy told them that he knew everything was a scam n ask till they were not able to give any explanation but to keep quiet on the another side of the phone..
    Malaysian be careful! chin people thinks we very easy to get fool by all these scam!

  33. That was a good one! Serve that Mr. Accountant right!!! Hahaha.. if only we can see the look on his face when he received RM 1……… LOL.. 33 cents HK? lol

  34. i did receive those call too about 4 months ago…the same thing they tell me n invite me to the event held in KL..they call me 2nd time said i won n faster come to get the prize….in the end the line cut off cos im in overseas…

  35. now that i listened to the phone conversation, i really cant stand that accountant who shouted like he is so damn right… should have even him rm0.01 instead la…

  36. They need to be caught.
    But lucky you’re pretty sharp.
    The next time that happens I hope someone could cooperate with the cyber police that has been established in various of countries.

  37. -_-” i thought this con/scam through chinamen/women is alrd been around for quite sometimes.. hrmmm…but how can you -.-” hahaha.. anyway, it’s good to share all this news to everybody here 😀

  38. That’s farking funny man.
    I called a call from ms ching chong too but i told her couldn’t speak chinese and she hung up.
    You have to give it to them though, such intricate planning. It’s no wonder people do actually get scammed.

  39. LOL funny shite. i got that too…i almost believed them and almost told them my details but i realised it before i did.
    i played around with them for some time before i cursed the hell out of them and they were like “eh i trying to give u money why u scolding me?” haha after that no more calls from them!!

  40. haha.. I really enjoyed your CSI game. Can’t believe that you actually fool with them till the end. thanx for sharing it with us

  41. Same here. Got the call from ms ching chong too. Told I don’t speak mandarin, n she hung up -.-‘
    The lady speaks awkwardly fast, like a preprogrammed machine for scamming. lol

  42. shld prank them back la.. call them n say.. hey u’ve won sth from kuching.. bla bla bla.. ask them deposit… see what’s their reaction

  43. KNN CCB, so this is the number that is unknown that called me during seminar and got my ass whoop even i didnt answer it…was wondering who called me…

  44. Kenny, I received a similar call on Monday, I just cut her short and said – “no time”.
    The key point I wish to raise with you is, since the scam involves a Malaysian bank account and probably a Malaysian Mr Eu Sok Eng, you should lodge a police report. (you should video your police report experience.. i can imagine that turning out to be a an interesting source for you next great post).

  45. Thanks for sharing Kenny, you are doing a good job to educate people about these scams. Ive been a victim of one such scam and lost 3000 in the process, but it was not via telephone, but in person. If only I wasnt as gullible back then.. 🙁

  46. ha ha … got the same call but was a lady same damn company mtherfkrs … but ur simply the best lor … you pawned the pawner ……..

  47. rofl! omg kenny, you’re like so free!
    it’s better in singapore. such calls are more rare la.
    anyway, those ching chong people really deserve to be slapped. they are like wasting money calling. lol. kenny you rock!

  48. You should have called them up and said that THEY won a prize of HK500,000 😛
    Will be funny if scammers met a scam.

  49. I tried not to be prejudiced but I can’t help distrusting and disliking those mainland people. China. Fuh!

  50. WOW. I knew I didn’t make the wrong choice by lub-ing you deep deep.
    I am all for you to bring this to the police. I don’t think you’ve kicked their asses enough (though this whole entry was amazing still).

  51. thumbs up Kenny!
    good job and serves them right!!!!!!!!
    about time they get the taste of their own medicine!

    especially at the K-A-N-I-N-A second word C-H-E-E B-Y-E~!!!!!
    i can only imagine the accountant’s face when he sees RM 1.
    sure @#$%$^&^&#$@%@#$%^*^&$%@#$! like hell~!!
    ching chong ching chong~
    you are famous for a reason~!!! and that reason is being so free~ kekeke

  53. I got the EXACT same call before.. I was so elated I couldn’t sleep at night.. Eventually I realised it was a scam I became defensive giving a whole lot of excuses after.. thinking back when the lady asked whether I was at genting, I should’ve said I WAS there, just to see how they’d react haha.. ;P

  54. walaueh! really hillarious. Company name KCB…’s worth the RM1. I wonder what will the sucker think when they discover the meaning of KCB

  55. Wah!
    Quite an unexpected situation but it’s a good thing that I don’t understand mandarin nor cantonese. =)
    Hence, I’ll usually end the calls when someone speaks mandarin. lol~

  56. Hii..its my first time comment in ur blog…ur blog always seems so funny and interesting..
    I also got received such similar call before..but the china gal said is from Taiwan..and need Rm5000 insurance deposit to safety transfer USD100,000 amount claim that I funny..I directly told her that I very familiar with banking & finance matter …and no such things as insurance to telegrahic transfer to malaysia..well done..Kenny..but u waste ur RM1 ‘donate’ to them like that lol…better u give beggar roadside than give such person like them……748 with them….

  57. Thank goodness you had your wits intact!
    My friend and I had a listen to the phone conversation, and the guy Yang Jun didn’t sound to Mainland Chinese to us!

  58. Just take a second look and notice something.
    The Hong Leong Acc : Eu Sok Eng.
    sounds like you so “eng”(free).. XD

  59. send the hong leong account to the police or report to the govt official that u spoke to earlier then they can investigate.

  60. Oh …Kenny Baby!! Good job!!!! STUPID ppl, using this kind of scam, my sister got one, similar to this.!!!! SMACK THEM kenny. Should have call the police, and the Celcom, or hotlink, or digi ,..which ever line ur using. Coorperate with them, & get them ended up in jail.

  61. Wow, Kenny… it is shocking how professional the scam ring is. I’m glad you shared this account to create awareness, as well as give us a great time seeing you kick them in their balls!
    Fantastic!!!! You earn my biggest respect!
    This is better than watching a movie! Oh yeah, this is the feel-good kick-ass kinda movies I love!!!!
    I hope everyone will read this and be cautioned.

  62. Wow, Kenny… it is shocking how professional the scam ring is. I’m glad you shared this account to create awareness, as well as give us a great time seeing you kick them in their balls!
    Fantastic!!!! You earn my biggest respect!
    This is better than watching a movie! Oh yeah, this is the feel-good kick-ass kinda movies I love!!!!
    I hope everyone will read this and be cautioned.

  63. i have the same case happening to my friend here, but the difference is that they said that lucky draw prize that need to send out to other country can not be more than certain amount, if its then u need to pay 20% of the prize money. blah blah blah we din trust her instead we are chatting all day long ( sweet girl voice 😀 )

  64. Helo Kenny!
    I got a similar call as well some time ago. It was a ching chong lady. Haha. She told me she was some Hong Kong company thus I requested her to speak in Cantonese instead because I am bad with ching chong mandarin. But she refused and said it’s company requirement. I felt a little weird.
    She told me wanted to do some survey. That’s okay; I agreed because I know they usually would be turned down.
    Firstly she asked my name. That is really weird because for a survey, I don’t think they need a name. But then, I thought maybe they want to address me with that name so fine. It took us about 10 mins just to figure out my Chinese name!
    I can’t remember much we talked about but when she asked about my credit card, I said I don’t have. She laughed and said, why wouldn’t I have one. Then I just bluntly told her the reason is because I am still a student. When asked of my age, I lied that I am just 14.
    Then, she just briefly apologized and cut the line. LOL.

  65. hey!!your voice sounds really nice when you speak mandarin..
    you sound esp cute when you said.. ” bu yao shen qi har..” anyways,did you try to make your mandarin more “biao zhun” since you know you are recording it?or you memang sound like that 1..
    so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. it’s like everybody got calls like this. 3 of us in the office and 3 of us received calls like this on our mobile phone.
    My 2 other colleagues sorta entertained them a bit… but after they keep asking for full name .. my colleagues started to feel irritated. Why need so much of details if it’s just a survey?
    For my case… simple.. cuz’ the lady spoke in Mandarin… and I dunno Mandarin. The first thing the caller asked ‘ni hui jiang hwa yue ma’? (can you speak mandarin?).. I said no… and fui! .. bukan main cepat the fellar hung up.
    My colleagues said they should have just said they dunno mandarin.. senang….
    but Kenny… how much you’ve spent on the international calls ah?

  67. they dun sound anything like hongkies or china chinese, in fact they sound like taiwanese or even malaysians.
    are they malaysian scammers instead?or do they employ locals to pretend to be from other countries so tat it might be harder to track?

  68. oh my god!! kenny. you rocks 10000000000 times!! tip top liao. it was damn funny. screw those cheena ass!! hee. im laughing like mad right now. such a retard. YOU ROCKSSS!!! 😀

  69. absolutely have to comment ‘ere.
    sik tau why o chin chong ppl like to con ppl ho. laz year my fam went to china n the tour guide brought us to this jewellery showroom. again, the stuff was BUTT FUGLY. the self-acclaimed ‘owner’ came and greeted us and balrdy blardy blahh about Kuching stuff (coz we’re from Kuching). and god knows where he got those info from. ==!
    many tour groups have been conned by likewise ‘jewellery showrooms/factories’.
    shit. feel like bashing those bastards. >”

  70. kenny sia
    u just got conned
    they clearly wanted the 1 ringgit from u for tose
    haih i tot u would be a lil smarter than that

  71. Kenny, this is a serious matter, not to be taken lightly, there are cases of scammers getting so upset that they arrange some local gangster to rough up the scambaiter. You should report to the police on the Hong Leong Bank, account name holder. That account is a direct link to the people that knows the scammers first hand.
    Here are useful info on the so famous “Advance Fee Scam”..

  72. Hey dude, this is really cool trick to pull, I do that all of the time to telemarketer and Scientologists.
    But still lot of numb nuts fall into the trap…貪小便宜. Everyone suggest the law enforcement to throw the scammers in jail is like..telling your mom to punish your bullish big brother who tricked you: ” 小弟/妹, 這堆大便很香, 很好吃, 來試試一下”

  73. ha ha.. he was fkin yellling at you… dude, seriously if you dont want the money, give it to me man.. lol good job

  74. Great post kenny, nice way to create awareness among the public and have fun along the way haha… sad is that there are still people who get conned everyday by these bastards… guess we can’t help those who are ignorant of their surrounding or just plain greedy. Nice job probably the best post u created haha!

  75. This cannot be a local guy.. He wouldn’t have received the “KANINA CHEE BYE” so enthusiastically… LOL. Way to go man..

  76. I’m really amazed people actually got cheated.
    These scenarios are pretty common.
    I receive, what I believe, to be the same phone call from a mandarin speaking lady, who asked if I spoke mandarin.
    They called twice! First time, I pretended not to understand her. Second time, I just said no, and hung up.
    Seriously, I don’t get how people fall for traps like these.

  77. I’m really amazed people actually got cheated.
    These scenarios are pretty common.
    I receive, what I believe, to be the same phone call from a mandarin speaking lady, who asked if I spoke mandarin.
    They called twice! First time, I pretended not to understand her. Second time, I just said no, and hung up.
    Seriously, I don’t get how people fall for traps like these.

  78. Next time ask for address and then send them HELL NOTES mah!! Chinese 14th of July coming, so they should expect to be paid in Hell notes.

  79. Next time ask for address and then send them HELL NOTES mah!! Chinese 14th of July coming, so they should expect to be paid in Hell notes.

  80. hahahahahahaha.. good job, Kenny..
    they called me so many times two months ago..
    When they asked me what’s my name ..
    i said:-

  81. kenny you are a super great person you know how to scar them also
    rm one dollar to them wahlau give them ten cent cukup any where
    i got the phone call today also that lady ask me you know how to talk manderin or not
    i said yes i tell her what up what i has win any where
    how the hell there get your phone number kenny better change it la
    just want to said if the scam was real sure if you got the money sure you ask them to cute from the prize money you did any where bless you
    you back to kch i see have a good sunday
    so stupid there belive your account number
    any more tips please email me

  82. OMG kenny! I can’t believe the conversation over the phone. You’re so chunted… and ummm you can speak mandarin? Good job. Scam those scammers back. =P

  83. ZOMG!!! this is like so cool man…..reli…i recieved their calls many times b4 too….but usually i just hangup..i dint think of plying them this far….real cool man….XD

  84. minimal cash bank-in.. RM1.
    getting cheated.. RM3000.
    sweet talking a scammer.. priceless.
    for anything else, use LJ Bank Mastercard!

  85. U rocks ..
    i reciv a phone call too similar too
    but i juz hang up , and give them my friend’s GAY FRIEND phone number

  86. im very impressed with u Kenny. ahhahahah…and just thinking of dat mr. accountant trying on his best angry act to get u to deposit the money infact made him feel the real anger ahhahahah not acting, not RM3000 richer! ahhahah vv clever. ahahha…

  87. HAHAHHAHA!!!
    Good for them, kenny!!!
    if i were the scammers, i’ll stab myself to death when i check my account!

  88. Kenny, i receive their call twice as i have several phone numbers. They are mainly targeting on Digi users as far as i know. As my maxis line belum kena. Their first attempt, i wrote in my blog also. Of course not as interesting as yours. 😛 I didn’t manage to trap them, i directly tell her they are cheaters and they hang up my call.
    After several weeks, they called my other digi number. This time i had a big fight with them. The same accountant as u also, Chen Zhen Rong. I scold him, i said, wat a lame accountant, no manners and not educated, dunno how to speak English. End up, he is totally burnt up and hang up my phone.
    Haha.. You did a great job. Give them some punishment. Somehow, with your power on blogging, i think that’s gonna be a lot of ppl start aware of this. Hope they can stop these scam soon.

  89. a lot of idiots will happily give in to scammers,which is why msia’s a hub for all these dodgy activities.i think you’re doing us all a favour,reminding us to be extra cautious when dealing with things like this.

  90. Maihai, Kenny , your luck really very very good.
    anyway, this incident shows that we, kuchingian is very clever, dont simply play play…

  91. That was a great slam!! Really enjoy your attachments on the conversation where he was boiling mad. Way to go! Cheers!!

  92. Maihai, Kenny , your luck really very very good.
    anyway, this incident shows that we, kuchingian is very clever, dont simply play play…

  93. omg kenny! that’s a bloody good entry i must say (: luckily you have common sense ah.. well good thing you blogged about this, otherwise i wldn’t know such scams actually exist!

  94. hey cool thing you did! i think they were really angry when they see your RM1! haha. you should have reported them to the police and let them suffer for what they have done. they must have cheated a lot of people through this method.

  95. i’m from singapore and i received the call too… when the lady first say she’s from HK and want to do a survey with me, i immediatiely told her i’m not interested… coz i don’t want to pay for international call for that survey!!!!!!!!! lol… so, it looks like singapore is also their target… haa…

  96. I got an unknown call aswell early this week. And the lady caller spoke in mandarin to me… I’m not Chinese, so I told her that and she just hung up. A friend of mine also received similar call this week. It seems these ppl are targetting Sarawak’s number.

  97. good job kenny..i do spread the post about this type of scammers in my blog..especially to all my malay friends..hope all of us get a chance to prank them..wahahaha

  98. it happened in singapore too..same thing..offere $200,000/- worth lucky draw..had 2 cases reported at my post on 10 Aug..IO infd..investigation under progress..

  99. i got the call too about 1 month ago and it was from some ‘supposedly’ multi-international giant electrical company. At first it was kinda believable but when they mentioned the 3k transaction fees i stop picking up the phone. Crazy scams.

  100. The con-game exists in the very early days of civilisation. I had many brushes with con and out-conned the con-artist. All Mr. Sia did was enjoying his grandstanding . remember, only a con can outdo a con. So Mr. Sia is a flim-flam man?
    E-mail me at as I rarely frequent this blog.

  101. Only now after reading through others experience I realised I also received “surveying call” to my fixed line some 2 years ago in Bintulu.
    During that time I have no time to entertain them because I was late for sending kids to tuition. Too bad no show time for me.

  102. ahahahahahaha i kena once and mine was only 50k usd damn convincing, my friend almost want to fly over and get the money ended up i call the hk and china police get scolded by all of them said how stupid i am to fall for these…
    so ended up never go at all

  103. Those girly clothes are ah lien, so ah lien! but the girls are quite pretty. i miss my curly hair dammit. it doesn’t even resemble victoria becham’s by now. might take up japanese starting from the hols. need to pick up new skills. no salsa doesn’t mean no plan! 😉

  104. i agree with some of the comments up there. U’re really free to do all these stuff to entertain the scammer and us readers:) thumbs up, kenny..

  105. You have the name. You have the account number. You have his voice.
    Why wait… just lodge police report and let them suffer for losing RM1

  106. if this go to the local papers, then it will be big news, kenny sia actually fooled the scammers big time!

  107. What’s with the name ching chong?
    Other then that, glad that you realize it’s some stupid lotto trying to suck money out from you.

  108. Hi Kenny,
    so what’s the result of this? did you report to the police and all? i would like to know if such scam cheaters who’s smart [but dumb in a way] will get caught soon. thanks for going through all that. must report to police and post a blog of the aftermath okay!

  109. I’ve never come across a lucky draw scam like this before but I did have an unpleasant experience with some credit card related issues. Those bastards tried damn hard to con 400 bucks out of me but with the help of my mom, we managed to outwit them. Let it be a lesson to them! Not everyone’s as ignorant as they think.

  110. haha after wasting lots of money on their telephone bill, they got rm1 in return. good deal. lolx those scammer, but why i didnt get called?

  111. hahaha… my sis got the same phone call too. the lady asked her to go HK. then only suggested her to bank in RM3000. My sis told me, and i asked her stop dreaming… kekekeke! But i’m so “sum leong” when u bank in RM1 into their bank account. serve them right! even thought of reporting to the police?

  112. OMG! You mean it’s not real? I just banked in RM20,000!!! LMAO! J/k…
    Received such call a few weeks ago. First thing she asked, “Can you speak Mandarin?”
    I hung up without a 2nd thought. Not because I didn’t want to talk further, or I didn’t want to win the RM100,000+, it’s just because I really cannot stand it at that moment, I was on my way to “pang sai”. 😀

  113. I also kena – twice. The first time, she asked for my full name. I asked her what for? I asked where is she from because I know from her voice, her tone, she is not local. Then talk and talk, I don’t want to give my full name, she pissed off and put down on me. What the……..
    Second time, another lady (I think) and she asked if I can speak Chinese? I just replied “Hello? Hello? No, I don’t know Chinese! HELLO?”

  114. I’m actually surprised this scammer called back with a harsh tone of voice. It blew his cover wide open, didn’t it?

  115. ahah! I got the same scam befor! like the rest, everything was convincing until they wanted money from me! Same plot down to the 2nd phonecall from someone else to to confirm their authenticity. I even got to overhear the phone number of this other supposed winner other than me. SCAM! *hates*
    Banzai to kenny!

  116. Kenny dear, thanks for putting up the scam post. I got the same call many times too, before they even say anything I put down the phone lar…u know, it’s good that people were informed about the it.

  117. my friend had experience the same thing, those people made it seems so real that my friend even called me and asked me whether is she that lucky and whether she should go and take the money, i said ” don’t be silly! where got so big “gap la” running aroudn the street for u to catch!”
    only people who are greedy will fall into this…

  118. @Iva
    “Ching Chong” is another racist slur directed to Chinese and Southeast Asian people. It’s also used by those with little familiarity of the Chinese language to mock the language.
    The term is probably up there with “slant eyes” and “chink”.

  119. That guy doesn’t sound like from China. Chinese accent is not like that. Probably just a scammer from Malaysia who has connection in Hong Kong and China. He sounds very much like Taiwanese.

  120. Kenny,
    Those people are not from Hong Kong and China either. I don’t know about Taiwan as suggested by some here but it could well be Malaysians (Singaporeans?) impersonating as Chinese/HKongers.
    Some signs:
    – Eu Sok Eng is NOT a typical Mainland chinese name
    – Getting HK telephone numbers are easy partly due to VOIP and other stuffs
    – You spelt the KANINA CHEE BYE: did you noticed how good their English alphabete prowess was? I have Chinese professors who speak good English who still need to slow down a bit on English spellings.
    – Hong Kongers are not terribly good with English either

  121. First time I have heard people buying traffic to their site using only RM1.00 and whatever phone charges you incurred. 🙂 Bravo. Ho Liau.
    And did you notice from the newspaper articel, these scammers are “with underworld link in HK”? Better get Donnie Yen or Fat kor here to protect your delicate hynie. You are a brave man, Kenny. I salute you.
    Something else about the scam is that some KNNCCB stupid locals renting out their bank account to these scammers. Police had caught a few. I hope they caught them all.

  122. dear mr kenny sia.
    you have wasted our time and money. for your insulting ‘repayment’ of rm1.00, we will kidnap you and sell your a$$ to our gay community for rm1.00 per time… until you ‘repay’ us the entire rm3,000.00.
    thank you.
    Mr. Accountant/Con-artist/Tea-lady/Dispatch-boy

  123. Not need to go far or high tech. In Kuching there are many lucky draw scams too where the salesmen are all trained to act according to scripts. Bet they come from the same school that are churning out these scammers (from Nigerian scams to the latest SMS). However, if they can score on 1% that would still be a lot of money. Cos there are still a lot of gullible people out there who are suckers for easy money.

  124. Hey kenny,
    Thanks for the alert and blog on scams going around town these days. I suggest that u report the incident to the police for their further investigations. We dont want anyone we know to get conned by these wayward con artists. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

  125. Serve them right, deposit RM1 to them. Want to cheat other people’s money still so fierce, what the hell is wrong with them, crazy china man.

  126. oh my goodness! i kena the same scam but i just ignored the persistant woman who called three days in a row.. they use private numbers to call you.

  127. Kenny,
    Your winning only RM120,000 ah? My winning is RM1.3million.
    Mine got an added twist into it. They give me another HP no. of another Malaysian who won it and managed to get his winnings. I called the HP no and ask him a few series of questions. I know it was a fluke cause he don’t speak a Malaysian accent, the HP no was routed back to some other countries. He claims that he is in Penang. Ask him speak Hokkien – he can’t. Which Penang fellow don’t speak Hokkien right?

  128. Hi Kenny,
    I once read the experience of a person who play a trick on one of the scammers. He kept telling them that he has remitted the money. So after a few times, he ask the scammer to remit the same amount of money to him instead to test if there is something wrong with the scammer’s bank account. And the stupid scammer did!!!

  129. You know what kenny… you are rock man!!! hahahaha! I wonder what mr. euk sok eng spend with that RM 1 that you give to him? hahaha.. serve him right.

  130. I sooooo have to thank you for recording this man!!!!!!! Der r so many version of this, i can just DIE laughing my head off !!!!~ your ONE RINGGIT is pricelesss!!!!!
    I got the exact same call once, a lady, when she started talking sounding like she’s from China,i asked where is she calling from, she said Macau (i ask if she speaks cantonese cos im not fluent in mandarin, which was a LIE) she said she is from China and is transferred to Macau to work. and i say if ur base in macau, why in the world are u calling me with a 012-Malaysian number? she said “really?” and regain her ‘foothold’ and said “maybe its YOUR local operator bla bla bla..” i said okay, what u want, she said survey, i said okaylo. after the questions,she invited me to this event in Lake Gardens, and say there’s a phone exhibition from samsung to nokia and i’ll find good phones there, im like, can u email me ur promo leaflet, she’s like, “oh i donno how to use email”, i retort “and ur working in some international company???” she immediately say, “your lucky number is 0057, go there and redeem ur entry pass,” i ask “can i bring my mom, cos she’s sending me,” she said “no, only invited ones only”. i didnt go of cos. lazy.NEXT DAY,she called and i won a grand total of dunno how many HK dollars that sounded like some dream come true.i asked if she has a coverage of the event, she actually said “oh no, we didnt take picture of the winners who won cash, cos they might be robbed” (=_=)lll “RIGHT”. anyway, she didnt want me to pay anything, which was quite a surprise, instead she wants my full name, IC and bank account to bank in the money, within 24 hours. i said okay but told her i forgot where i put my card. she called me the 3rd day, pursuing my details, and i just went “u know what, i dont believe u at all.” and she hangs up. NO SHOCK one, cheehhh… but sometimes its not the money, its identity theft. soooo if u dont speak english, i think ur luckier cos u wont get these calls.

  131. Kennysia… everybody talk about Kennysia, for someone with such reputation, funny coz it took sometimes before you actually realized it was a scam.
    Act of sending RM1 was not so-called a success, indeed you loose RM1 to the scammer.
    Real scam buster will actually turn the table around. Convince them to send you “tranfer fee” or stamp fee or whatever for your RM3000. Make it minima such as RM5.
    Then the victory is yours.

  132. good job…lat time they call me oso…but i say i dun understand chinese n ask them to speak in english (p/s: i can understand chinese)…n they juz hang up my call…haha

  133. Hi Kenny,
    Thanks for your sharing and time. But I advise you to stay anonymous and dun show your face cos you do not want any trouble from these people. Jus some words of advice for the service you done to the public.

  134. is this for real kenny? but i did get a call from a chinese speaking lady once, who sounds chinese or taiwanese. and she asked me if i could speak hua yi, so i said “yi dian” but she started asking survey type questions in mandarin so i gave up and put down the phone…so weird…i wanted to find out more but my mandarin is terok lah…

  135. wah…u contributed RM1 to those idiots.
    their company oledi sound fishy: TIF FA NY. good god! cant they think of something else or trying to be smart. hmm…
    so any call from them re: ur lack of fund.

  136. this actually happened to my friend today. a woman with a somewhat incomprehensible mainland chinese accent asked her lots of questions. my friend went right out and asked her ” are you trying to scam me?” and the woman on the phone acted all offended. she got cut off from the scammer when she(my friend) accidentally pressed the wrong button when i forced her to switch to speakerphone.
    too bad my friend doesn’t read, otherwise i’m sure she’ll probably do the same thing you did.

  137. i received the call to my office on the court case…
    when i want to ‘play’ him by button ‘9’ the phone hang-up and not calling back any more…
    no fun 🙁

  138. LOL
    nice one Kenny! I think I received such call before too.. but maybe becoz I told her I’m only 16, so.. she didn’t call me to bank in any money?
    and btw, you have a.. I dont know.. but u sounded really funny when u’re speaking chinese XD

  139. i got a shock when that ‘accountant’ began to sound so fierce! XDDD and he still believed you at the end of the ruckus…incredibly hilarious…XDDD

  140. Good one…your effort to do all these is truly commendable…that’s the payback for most of us who felt cheated 🙂

  141. Hi Kenny, I want to thank you for posting this.
    Because I got a call of a similar nature right after I read your post and because you have already warned us readers about such a scam, I put down the phone immediately.

  142. Wha! ha! ha! ha!
    The bloody ching chong man,.. I gotta show this conversation to all my seniors at home before they kena.
    Thanks for the taking the time to blog this article.

  143. Dear Mr Kenny THE Sia,
    Marvelous dude!I wish I could have their office adress, so I can send this F#$%kers Hell Bank Money instead! Haha…very good job…my heroooooooo…
    serve them right. Job well done..we salute you!

  144. hahahaha… my uncle got the exact same call also… but the first thing he did was to ask them if they know how to speak cantonese… cos if you’re from HK… it’s quite impossible that you have such fluent mandarin… and sure enuf.. they told him that their company policy dun allow them to speak in cantonese.. that was pretty unprofessional… hahaha..

  145. Good job kenny for fooling them, and i can’t believe they were so rude on the phone, as if you owe him one million ringgit…damn funny lar.

  146. oh man! i loved the whole telephone conversion thing! classic! they even have that “another-person-on-the-other-line” thing going on! classic scamming man! i cant believe that there are some people who are stupid enough to fall for this kind of thing. goes to show that people will do anything for cash.

  147. did u send cash or cheque? coz in the video u said cheque but in the typed-out conversation u said cash….very contradictory…anyway, i still love the video and the whole story…a classic! =)

  148. just moments ago, a company named Yong3 Sheng4 called me. They told me exactly the same thing that u wrote! i hung up straight….toot…toot…toot… =D

  149. A very good one…thanks Kenny for sharing, at least we know what is going on.. I listened to the one posted in Youtube..very long conversation but the funniest is the last part whereby the ‘victim’ told the caller that he had already record the phone conversation and will post in the Youtube in two days time. hahahah…
    Btw, how do we record down the phone conversation from our handphone?

  150. Wahahhaha…. I really loved it :O I did received it once, blah blah after 5 mins, i told them in english, “I dun speak or listen chinese…” They just slammed the phone!!!!

  151. kenny, u r cool mate. my family had a good laugh over the scam. there are some idiots who will still fall into this scam. one quy actually gave his bank account nos. and pin nos. to the similar scam from USA. luckily he did not have any credit card when they requested from him. people out there be smart like kenny!. there is no easy money in this world. take care mate.

  152. it’s not wise to mess with these folks.U may regret 1 day,U add 1 more gang enemy which become future timebomb??just be careful & not churn out blog for the sake of publicity!!they know U & U dont know them!

  153. just realised smth… in ur banking in pic…
    theres Tanpa Prejudis/Without Prejudice ghosted in… hahahahaha
    totally opposite of what u did

  154. ure right kenny…a ching chong chinese girl called me….her name was “ling gui”. She was telling me about hotel stuff at KL..i told her i’m a student then she say “ok thank you bye”. If i tell her im an adult, i bet she sure ask me to invest in the hotel thingy.. lol…nice experience tho. rite after her firz sentence i remembered ur entry.It helped alot.

  155. Kenny! BRO! How can i transfer money to your Kanina Chee Bye company bank account?? HAHA… seriously that was hilarious. The funny thing was, a week back a colleague of mine too had a similar experience but came in the form of a text message instead to which he ignored.
    From start till end i couldn’t stop laughing! Thanks for the good laugh!

  156. aiyah… u think u smarter than them? they got your rm1…
    anyway, i got a similar call 2months ago. this girl started talking non-stop for more than a minute in mandarin… then i told her i don’t understand mandarin… she hung up after that…

  157. wow.. u also kena ? yupe needless to say, i got the call from them too, said from genting, won RM100K nad the stories goes bla bla bla . . . Well since i was too free then, i “played” with them and the final and important part, they asked me to bank in $ rm3K to them from hongkong company. *eh i am working with broadband company which i need to call the hotel (worldwide) and u think i am not familiar with the ascent? lol… that guy claimed he is hongkie but still speaking mandarin… sigh..
    “eh apek… learn more cantonese”
    finally, when they called me again, i had my colleague ans the call and said huh “waX kXoXX ? there is no one by that name” call dropped and thats the end for all the stories.. 😛
    *wished i am maxis users so that i can get more credit from answering calls…

  158. Good one, i also got one call from them Monday. Anyway, I told them I am busy. 🙂 Lol~Should let them talk in the handphone themselves next time. 0-7-4-8 ~_~

  159. way to go man!!
    i also kena the same scam but they told me the event is held in sentosa. it sounded so fishy when they couldn’t tell me the exact venue it was held. so i called up sentosa and apparently, i’m not the first one to enquire abt this.
    the qn now is…who’s paying for the international phone bill? -_-

  160. Yo Bro!
    I tink you have so much tym in ur hand to meddle with such scams.
    U can consider yourself a fool also u noe…wasted so much of phone bills, and that one precious ringgit of yours.
    If it was me. I would have juz scolded him and his mother upside down the first tym they called telling me I’ve won sumting which I never even involved in.

  161. haha, u are a playful dude..
    but then, why make them rm1 richer? yeah, its only rm1, but still..
    just skin them alive!! muahaha..
    anyway, gotta admit that u r really cool.. 🙂

  162. Wow, they actually take the trouble to call you so many times! Guess that boosts their success rate… In France some of my friends and I received letters telling us that we had won a lucky draw (or something like that), asking us to give our bank account details. None of us did. lol
    And yeah, I agree with that someone up there who said that you have too much time on your hands! 😛

  163. Thumbs up, Kenny!! Good for you!! (bad for the scammers)
    I got a phone call couple of months back. She asked “Can you speak Mandarin?” (in mandarin). I said NO, and… SHE HUNG UP!! damn…

  164. What can i describe about KennySia while reading this post? 真无聊?无趣? Oh well, we cant make any assumption about it. It’s part of our life. You cant tear it off and throw it away. Anything that you think its non-sense or rubbish is the best part of your life. Maybe you would not know this.
    Anyway, Kenny had done a great job to increase public awareness all around the world especially the neighourhood country.
    Fun can be used as external description but the strongest point is to serve humanity in a way of increasing awareness. I might not know this incident happening in Singapore and Malaysia and yet I’m in a very close neighbour country, Brunei.

  165. And how Kenny made up the movie? I want to record voice and upload it in my blog. Now I saw your video so I wanna put substitle on it and some graphic if possible. Any recommendation? What file type did YouTube support at the moment?

  166. Oh My God.
    Someone from USA, New York just called me and say that i have a high chance and opportunity to get a US Green Card. He asked me to pay US$119.00 and that green card will be mine for a life time, i can work there, and stay there. He even asked me for my visa card number. when i said i didnt have it with me, he say he’ll cal me back in 2hour’s time to continue our ” conversation ” .
    At first , being very gullible i kinda believe a bit of what he said but then, i tot of Kenny’s blog abt scammers!! cb.. Why do americans wanna cheat money from poor ppl like me from Brunei?
    Only the Sultan in Brunei rich.. not me.. =(
    I think he’ll call in after 2 hours from now..
    And i think i should ignore it..

  167. Oh My God.
    Someone from USA, New York just called me and say that i have a high chance and opportunity to get a US Green Card. He asked me to pay US$119.00 and that green card will be mine for a life time, i can work there, and stay there. He even asked me for my visa card number. when i said i didnt have it with me, he say he’ll cal me back in 2hour’s time to continue our ” conversation ” .
    He even gave me a ” application number ” and a website : which is a pretend website i guess..
    At first , being very gullible i kinda believe a bit of what he said but then, i tot of Kenny’s blog abt scammers!! cb.. Why do americans wanna cheat money from poor ppl like me from Brunei?
    Only the Sultan in Brunei rich.. not me.. =(
    I think he’ll call in after 2 hours from now..
    And i think i should ignore it..

  168. Hey!!
    Good Stuff
    I just been call by the scammer this morning, all the move and act same as yours, in fact i nearly been scam by the until my frens show me your blog. Now they ask me to wait till monday for the money transaction and call me.. see if i can make some move worst then yours.. Thanx for waking me up.. Cheers!!!

  169. lol i also got some phone call not once but many times they use malay speaking .someting bout hotel bla bla bla. until they ask me when im married i say no . then he say nvm bye
    after that they call back do u have any friend that married can take over ur lucky draw ?

  170. Kenny, that was a devastating exposure, leaving a life-long scar on the face of that con man.
    Scammers would need to be more careful now.
    One question: did Jesus wrong you at all?
    Why do you lump Him with a con man?
    I think it is quite unnecessary.

  171. KENNY I kena again wah lau eh
    there miss call me as me to call back booshit la
    here the number if you want to try it out as follow
    i dont know how there get there handphone number

  172. i respect you kenny .. why do u have so much patience to layan them .. summore give them 1 dollar ish ish reessspppeeectt….

  173. Whoa… haha… I finally found someone who got this case as well, I recieved this kind of call last wednesday, same story as urs… It sound so believing and same.. i gave my account and personal particulars for them to transfer an amount of SGD200,000. This time they use the name of South Group, fantastic site but I got curious about the blurred logo they have in the site, a big company who dun even bother about how blur their logo is, its all about branding a big company would do.
    Anywhere… haha… now i would expect a call from them i guess on monday… its not gonna be fun like urs..lolx.. i hate listening to their chinese accent… Cheers and thx!

  174. should you report this to the police? but its was a good laugh at the kanabecheebye part hahaha…and they are rm1 richer =P

  175. The best prank to scammers like that was made by one Finnish guy. The scam in question was the usual Nigeria thing, where a rich member of the royal family or something like that requests the target to take care of his funds.
    Anyway, as these things always proceed you’re required to give a phone number to the scammer, but instead of giving his own number, the Finnish guy decided to give the phone number of a Swedish Tsunami Relief Fund hotline, which incidentally charges 4500 EUROS / call.
    So next time, Mr. Sia, make an excuse that you’re traveling to another country due to work or something alike and give them a similar phone number to contact you 😉

  176. Oh, god… KENNY you are so good at it!
    Keep it up yeah~
    I played them too, but not as good as you tho.. wakakakakakakakak. FUN!!

    i think u really have nothing better to do
    i wouldnt care ifsuch things happen though
    HAHAHAHAHAHA! omg, kenny u rawk =D

  178. funny … after so many ppl kena n have so many prior experiences before kenny …
    the eu sok eng acct still around n active …
    wtf the msian police is doing ? Sleeping as usual ..
    to the ppl that posted tat Kenny shld lodge a police report, I say forget it lahhh … as if they will do anything … Sometimes, wanna record a traffic accident oso they lazy (personal experience) …

  179. yea fking scammers.. i received such calls before.. lame bullshits.. and the scammer has the same name as me !! WTF !! CHEN ZHEN RONG??????? DAMN DAMN DAMN !!

  180. i was told that i won RM160k . starting they say bout surveying and talk lots of crap and said im very lucky to be picked to a lucky drawn prize thingie. Zzz.

  181. One day there was 1 ching chong lady calling me. The conversation between us was like this:-
    The lady: (in Mandarin) Hi! Can you speak in Mandarin?
    Me: (trying to be sarcastic, i answered in Mandarin too) I do not know!
    Then she just hung the call up… =D

  182. I too received a phone call similar to yours but I basically asked them to Fucxxx off before they could proceed. You r right, those bastards are so persistant that I have to use all the bad language I have learnt to ask them to go to hell.
    Good on you mate!!!!!! Well done……. I cannot stop laughing at that angry “akau ten”….. accountant…………… ahaa…haa…haa…
    Well done

  183. Well done Kenny – I mean you managed to share you experience to others. I also within a month been approached twice by these scammer.
    First with a letter address to my second home in Lumut Perak. The lottery Euro 898,000 that I have won to be collected in Spain (my first home now). Secondly 2 days ago – Yahoo lottery congrated me as winner of USD 800,000.
    Lucky I have read through internet about 419-SCAM first last month. These www articles had educate me enough to know about this activities internationally. Adious.

  184. Its the same as the “gores and menang” kind of thingy, the kids sometime a pair would go round your Taman and ask for an interview/marketing survey with you and as a token of gratitude for your cooperation thay would ask you to tear open an evelop and see what prize you have win ……………

  185. Hi Kenny,
    I just couldn’t stop laughing at the phone recording. Well done!!! This is the right way to treat scammers!

  186. Kenny, hahaha, good one, serves them right!!! Maybe you should give police the account # so they can trace and track down this scumbag….

  187. i get a miscall last 2days cuz i din answer d call as i was asleep. When i wake up, i was weird why d tel no is SOOOO long..+8615810156473.. without suspect anything, i call back.. operator answer my call introducing herself as Hong Kong lucky draw company.. as i was shock tat i call so far(afraid my phone credit finish), i hung up.. and they din call back.. one things still playing in my mind.. How they get my No.??

  188. wow u are good.. i been getting such phone calls from unknown calls. goodness how they do that… and i didnt even entertain them like u do… haha
    anyway these pple are really out to cheat.. sigh sad isn’t… thanks for the blog entry. it is haliarous…

  189. RM1 to make u the authorised HERO!!!
    thats worth it man!!!
    at least u paid them, thats good…
    and RM1 is reli an insult to their lousy job!!! LOLx!!!

  190. I received this call 2 days ago (23rd of August), lol, I didn’t answer… just listening to a lady speaking in chinese asking me…
    “Qi wen sien shen wui jiang hua yu ma?”
    “Excuse me sir, do you know how to speak chinese?”
    btw… remember me, Kenny? You went for a talk about blogging in KL, Segi College. Took a picture with you, haha…

  191. I also ‘kena’ last time.
    Mine is also a jewelry shop, but with different name.
    They told me I won a one-month trip to Las Vegas, and it is transferable to cash, which is the same amount as yours.
    I reached the part where I asked them to deduct from my prize money, they explained a lot of bull**** laws.
    At last I told them that I don’t want the money anymore, and they never call back again..
    Your move is better. Haha… RM1…

  192. i got tis phone calls b4 too but i didnt know what she was talking about.i told her to not waste my precious time n hung up on time dont waste time on these con men.not even a minute of ur time.

  193. My fren got the same scam!!!! Luckily she never fall for it. This time, they ask her to go suntec in singapore. Call the police and catch them!

  194. You should deposit hell notes for them. Then they would have the required sum of money. They tried to pull a fast one on my wife just today. Can you believe it? KNNBCCB.

  195. I had the same thing too. keep talking non stop. I am the unluckiest person alive. Never believe i will win anything ha. somemore got scammed.

  196. the accent isn’t mainland chinese, but sounds like Taiwanese actually. Also suspicious if they’re HK-based company they would speak Cantonese especially to malaysians.

  197. im one of the victims while i didnt got scammed cause im too young and dont have any money =p . they’re stupid . way to go . continue writing nice blogs =D .

  198. Hi,
    i am amazed how kenny managed to pull it off man. I just received the call this week too. It was a lady, exactly same tactic. was trying to play along with her for a while but while trying to get my particulars, the line got disconnected.
    anyway mine was just as ridiculous. i’m a singaporean n she told me to travel to KL to get my prize….she said “4 hours only..”
    mine is

  199. wow. I received the call once too, but the woman was too cheena so i didn’t understand. She was asking if she could do a survey, asked for my job, name, etc. I said wait, then i hanged up.
    i wondered how the hell these people got my number!

  200. You are the man Kenny, keep us posted with latest development if they happen to call you again. I personally enjoy reading it and share it with my family members and they too have a good laugh at it.
    You take good care. cheers.

  201. Hi…nice story…i am now mid in the scams….they are waiting for my reply….they willl call me again wednesday
    worst…i gave them my account number and ic number? how? pls advice….

  202. u mentioned that you initially gave them your real bank account and IC number. Is this enough for them to do you any damage? thanks for replying, bcos i also gave them mine

  203. after listening to the tele-conversation in YouTube, you really brightened up the day .. so entertaining !! hahaha
    They should get Oscar award for their acting .. so real ..especially the part when the accountant called in the middle of your conversation … so real !!

  204. Hi hi….I just got a call today from another HK company. My prize is even bigger! S$200000! But I need to put an insurance of S$5180 (not a cent more or less!). Was told to use Western Union to do the transfer 🙂 Even gave me a website and account to login to confirm that I won 2nd prize (3 winners). When I started asking questions, they even gave me other winner’s phone number to call to verify. Anyone interested can help me call this Mr 林文强 to verify 🙂 His Malaysian cellphone number is 0169792527 🙂

  205. dun believe them,they also say i win the 2nd prize ak3268 rite? by the way anyone here noes if they call u from overseas and use a service called “call-back”, izit we pay for the internatioal fone charges?

  206. dun b tricked by dem, say what u win air -ticket but can convert to cash for 80% of the original prize rite. the website is so fake lor

  207. hello…….it happened 2 me today. i tot i was lucky. but come 2 think abt it “where got sure a BIG toad jumping on the road.” by the way i also got the malaysia number 0169792527.

  208. I received a call from China and they said I won a prize too!
    Of coz after reading this entry, I have been cautioned about such thing…
    I told her straight, “Nah..i did not even participate in any competition in china and i hv no idea how u got my contact..n now u tell me i got prize..if i really gt prize..i shall forgo that prize..”
    thanx kenny!!!!

  209. Please get scammers caught!!! I also received calls from them .. already few times ok???
    But I just ignore all the calls.. cos I know I can’t put them into jail.. unless god chop off their head.. :p

  210. It was clearly that the whole thing was done by a group of malaysian.. coz mainland dudes will never use the word cash, ‘ma lai xi a’ (malaysia) and blah blah blah..
    my point here is that, we can’t even put those malaysian asshole to jail, what about running a country!

  211. Hey ur post save me. I near believe and nearly thought of depositing the money but i decided to check about scammig online. Your experience in the post was the same! Thanks for posting this. it really was a big help! They totally dun sound hongkong to me!

  212. dude, you should have spend a little bit of money like RM 7.48 (read it in mandarin). let them figure it why of all amount, it must be SEVEN point FOUR EIGHT …LOL

  213. i recenly also kena this kind of scam call from hong kong company 皇马国际 。
    they say i won SGD 200,000. lol
    They keep calling me dam annoying.

  214. I also received same call from a Chine gal last two days and she said i had won a big prize but she yet to tell me what is the prize i had won coz i told her i was working. So she is going to call me again by today.Thanks for you all informations in order for me to handle this kind of case.

  215. I have played this games 3 times since the beginning of 2007. The last time was on June, I almost “fucked” the lady…! My wife was almost be cheated the first time in Jan. She gave them real name and IC. The second time, I received the phone call again in Apr, I used a false name Lim Boon Thye. The third time I used Lim Boon Hock. The spent 4 or 5 long calls in the last two deals. The last game, I asked her who is your boss behind?
    There are local people involved in this scandals!
    We have to tell our eldest family members to be alert in this type of calls.
    So many people have been suffered…!!!

  216. Hi Kenny,
    You are very smart to have played them like this.
    You also have important information that could catch the scammers. Hope u do something useful with those information.
    Btw I believe they are calling us using some form of VOIP that is why we are getting UNKNOWN as the caller id.
    Skype is the first that comes to mind. So without those information that u have gathered, it will be practically impossible to locate them.
    I think it cost them nothing to make those overseas calls.
    Kudos to you for your brillance in dealing with these people.

  217. received a couple of calls dangerously similar to this one, except that theres but only one condition attached. To provide my account no. I wonder where this will go from here.
    We need more anti scam heros like you… lol.

  218. Good Job. The best blog I have ever read. Superb. Serves them right. I wonder how will they react after they realised that they have been fooled.

  219. Today i jus receive this call, all thing similar as u posted. But he ask me call to 00852 6727 5346 to check my balance in Hong Kong 恒生银行, a permanent account…… the prize activities run on One Utama. I got the feeling happy when hear those money HK 300,000, but suddenly careful for tat it, because too many kind of lie organize in nowaday Malaysia. So i check the 恒生银行 website , don’t found the phone number 00852 6727 5346. I access to their company website which they tell me, a eletrical product company, look so reality. finally i searh again tat website address by GOOGLE, finally see ur situation same as me, thank for ur further remind by post tis news here. 2morrow he will call me to enter the transaction fees about RM4950, I am thinking a way to joke them. lol

  220. Hi all , I received a call two weeks back , it is the same as kenny . they say they are conducting survey. then yesterday they call me from a place , a crowded place and say that i won a prize. Today she called me to ask me to come down to claim the prize. They give me a website. It appear so real.

  221. Hey!!!
    Me just encounter similar scam these 1 week!!!
    All was so PRO until they insist me to pay the 2.64% of Prize money to Insurance deposit, then I started feeling suspicious…
    Really Pro, esp the background setting, don’t you think?

  222. well done,man….. serve them right, the slap must be tough on their faces. anyway, beware of anything from a recruitment in london call central london agency, or something like that, they will try to bluff u that u get the job, but must pay for the agency fee… they are all stupid morons..

  223. Haha.. they called me and ask me whether i know how to speak mandarin i said no … and they quickly hang the phone hehe…

  224. Lol…good one. If I were the busy accountant, I’d sure be damn pissed off.
    You got guts layan these peeps:D
    You heard the Malaysian High Court one? It happened to my family.
    Its pretty dumb how they keep doing it when the papers already highlighted their scams:D
    Maybe next time we all bank in 1 ringgit like Kenny.haha

  225. haiyohh…no wonder i always got calls from malaysia…hong kong… think got one time, from china!!! just not their day as i dun understanf chinese at all. nway, u really had them for nice ride! hahahaha

  226. gosh! i also kena before! the stupid farking cheena woman stil dare to scold me back when i say she’s a scam. crazy inpolite lunatics. i was so angry with them when they called me again and again.
    kenny, u’re my hero! lol..

  227. I was almost scammed as well. I was not well-informed so I didn’t know about this until I kena.
    On the first day a “Lady” said she was from a TV station, and did a survey about Nokia Phones.
    And gave me a number, which I didn’t take down.
    Two Days Later, I hasd a call from the same TV station asking me whether I could attend their Lucky Draw which was in KL, I said I can’t possibly attend. I didn’t suspect anything at first.
    The Next day, a different Lady called representing another electronic company “Zhong Gang Ke Ji” or something like that, and she said that I have won the 3rd grand prize which was S$150,000.
    Okay that’s something new, I had never won anything in my Life and now, I have won big $$. That’s cool, so the lady asked for my English Name and IC no. Being Stupid and Greedy I gave them my name and IC, but I don’t that recorded it probaly cos that keep mistaking J for Z and 6 for S.
    But something in me keeps telling me it’s not right. So I asked a lot of Questions, like where is your company, why are you holding this event… blah… blah… blah…
    So she was able to respond with believeable lies like why their “Hong Kong” company is giving away money, and they doing strictly for publicity, and what are they selling and how during Jan they would officially branch out to Malaysia and Singapore…. All Lies, but still being Stupid and Greedy, I said oh okay.
    The Lady told me that The Company had to process the details and would call me later, I asked for for the name of the caller and she was…
    Name: Jian Shuang Ying (which was totally Fake)
    Tel: 00852-30777989 (which is uncontactable)
    While waiting, I went to the net and found thousands of “Zhong Gang Ke Ji”, so which one was she talking about.
    1/2 Hour later, The Lady called saying that they have processed my information and the company has given the green light, Okay this time I recorded the whole message down via my nokia phone. And so I asked what was their company again.
    She went on saying the same crap she said and it tallied whichwhat she said the first round, okay…
    After she asked me “Have you paid taxes?” Huh? what does that have to do with anything.
    She said ” Because of the large amout of money, our country(hong Kong) will deduct some amount of money from your winnings.” Okay fair enough…
    “But how are we going to do this, we will need S$22,500 from you within a week, to be credited” she said.
    Due to my poor comprehension, cos I almost failed Chinese, I thought she meant “We will transfer the money to you first and credit the tax payment within 7 days upon receiving the money in to our account.” okay, as long as I get my money first…
    Being Stupid and Greedy, I said okay, fine. But not having the habit of remembering my no. actually saved me. I told them the name of my Bank, but not the no. and I said I would called them when I have it.
    And this time, she gave the company’s website.
    Okay, not suspecting anything , I went to check my account no. And I beliefy looked at the site, it was quite desent, so being Stupid and Greedy, I made the overseas called, but no one answered.
    I called again, and I checked the website, and was caught by my Boss, “what are you doing?”
    So I asked “have you ever come across this company, I think I’m conned.”
    “3rd prize? Me too, and I didn’t even take the survey”, my boss laughed.
    Realizing my foolishness, I did some webite research on the star news, on Channelnewsasia, whether such an event really took place, well all I got was “Singaporean women raped in KL” or something like that.
    After further searching I found this.
    Apparently, such scams begin as far back as 2004 in Beijing.
    After I found this I visited again, and found the following errors…
    1. Why is the news in the english version different from the chinese version?
    2. Why didn’t they have any news on the lucky draw?
    3. Why is it when I key in anything I could enter the user ID?
    4. Why is it they sell every product as though it’s like E-bay?
    After Listening to the recording again, it was then I understand what she meant, and how stuppid I am. Damn Con.
    Anyway they can’t do anything, because 1st I didn’t give them the acct no. and 2nd because of some cock-up the bank won’t let use internet transactions.
    What’s worse, Hearing from the background noise I could hear clearly that the whole “Company” is making calls and giving false hopes to unsuspecting people. And I could hear down to the part where they are noting down the bank no and making transction. Scary man.
    The Best Part is the local police can’t be bother… “We can’t really dig into this case because it’s overseas, what we will do is to note down your cause, that no money was taken and no Acct was given.”
    Bloody hell, that’s good as not reporting. “So you no need the evidance ah?” “How to give it’s in your handphone?” “I can bluetooth to you lah.” “Current right now we don’t the equipment. Furthermore it’s in Chinese, I am a Malay, I don’t understand what she is saying. I will inform my OC and if there’s any news we will inform you.”
    What the fuck than what is you Nokia N70 for? Taking pictures ah bloody hell. I can’t even be bothered to shake his hand.
    How like that, So for those of you out there please don’t be Greedy, and like Greed Blind you from the Truth.
    And don’t think the police will protect you. They can’t do sh*t.
    Like my boss said, “It’s all up to you to be careful, and Streetsmart.”

  228. I just received the phone called too 1 hr ago. The girl sounds so sweet.. and she pass to another person, sounds even sweeter… She told me that she is from Ipoh…. Lol.. I told her I live near there too and ask if she wanna to go for a date? I’m still in the midst of the scam, I dun wan to expose them so fast.. havent reach your stage Anyway, next time she called, I will have fun ‘honging’ her… hehe

  229. Yeah dudes, they almost got me…. that number wasn’t true… and I’m from Singapore. That’s a joke lol.
    Should’ve been more shrewd… luckily I didn’t make any transfers when my friend told me about the scam and directed to this website.

  230. They’ve changed the company name they use. It’s now a travel agency called ‘Huan Ya’. The lady asked me to watch Astro last night for a a celebration they were holding in HK with big stars like Andy Lau, etc. This morning another lady called up to tell me I’ve won a lucky draw worth alost HK$337500! She asked me for a bank account numbers saying that since the winners are from all over Asia the company has decided to transmit the money directly into our bank accounts. They even said they are going to set up a branch here later this year!

  231. Ooooh, I just received the exact same phone call these past two weeks. The “lady” just called me earlier asking for my IC number, I dallied with her but still didn’t give it after 30 minutes of her babbering.

  232. Well, I too had received a very similar call from them, telling me that I had won US$50,000.
    Coincidentally, they too had directed me to the same website Currently awaiting to find out more tricks up their sleeves.

  233. Just some updates regarding their trick, and the things they said to me.
    1. Those people called me sometime in June, and claimed that they are doing some market survey as their company is about to launch. (In my case, it was an electronics company that was due to lauch in KL.)
    2. About 5 months later, they told me that they are holding an exhibition somewhere FAR from your place, and tried inviting me over to witness the event. (knowing well that one is unlikely to make it to the event.)
    3. Called me during the event’s day and claim that I had won something, and mentioned that since I was not present at the event, they would get someone else to contact me sometime later. (The call came with some background noise, attempting to convince one that the event really did take place.)
    4. Those guys contacted me the following day, asking for my particulars like IC, Name, Bank Account Number, and also to verify them. (NEVER ever give one’s PIN number away.)
    5. They would say lots of things, trying to assure that they are not lying. (One of the person would constantly pick up phone calls, even answering some of the technical questions for their purported company. In my case, the person was answering calls on how to fix a TV, by simply plugging in the cable.)
    6. One of them did gave me his Handphone number, of which I intend to lodge a police report to see whether it does help in the invistigation.
    However, note these 2 things:
    1. NEVER ever give away your PIN number.
    2. NEVER ever give them any money. (Unless one is taking pity on them like what dear Mr Kenny did.)

  234. Wah Lau Eh.. Thank u Very Much Kenny! I Am In The Midst of COnfusion with these people.. they call me many times a day.. I was doing an online search and I found Your Blog! And You Saved my MONIE!!! Thank U Thank UUUU!! *HUGZ*

  235. Hey Kenny,
    Thanks for a very entertaining post. I especially liked the Kanina Chee Bye. You forgot the “bu” but that’s okay.

  236. walaoyeh….they still none stop cheating ppl leh, i also reciev that kind of call but luckily i wont giv them even 1 sen haha

  237. I just receive the phone call from the same cheater and they told me exact the same thing!
    I’m sure they will tell me to bank-in money into their account tomorrow.
    What should I do? How can I catch them? Any help?
    I don’t want them to get away and cheat others.

  238. finally the sucker got a taste of his own medicine.
    sometime ago i also received a similar scam via
    mail asking me to provide the detail bank info
    via the online form. guess what i filled
    name: xxxxxxxx
    bank acc #: 2272728282822
    pin # : f@#$k u

  239. same case here, a chingchong girl call me:
    1.(from Sabah)ask me do a survey.
    2.Ask me question (name,salary,age..and etc)
    3.Ask me come over their place at Sabah.
    4. 2nd times call me ask me watch their advertise on “hua wei” local tv3 at Malaysia.Maybe Astro i don’t know. but was it really exist?
    5. 3rd times call me asking me whether you got do the above two things or not. and says thanks to me because I help them to completed their survey. as a lucky draw I won a prize worth Rm30,000.00. but you must fly to HongKong to take it. at this time she at Hongkong main compony.
    Compony name:WeiDaLi(威達利)
    Domain: (10-sep-2007)
    Tel: 00852 3078 5595 (HK wancai)
    Whois result:
    fei xiong
    13600900380 fax: 13600900380
    changde hunan china
    changde hunan 361004
    Received a call at:7th-January-2008 11:00am
    Malaysia – Wangsa Maju

  240. Today 8th-January-2008 i revisit their website again( notice the interface totally changed(so real like a ordinary org website). Yesterday their webpage only got few input boxes and few lines.
    Just want all peoples pay attention to this website 26 years old in history but website was 4 months years old.
    Copy from their web site “为庆祝本公司将于2007年底于马来西亚.沙巴州即将成立(分公司)” at previous call she told me to visit their company at Sabah.
    when YOU browse to that website using IE you will get this message:
    “Microsoft data access” “remote data services”
    this is NOT from Microsoft! This
    is the generic warning IE7 throws up when an exploit is trying to enter
    the system.”
    more info
    please don’t run that add-on

  241. I received a similar call but the lame thing is that they called me twice already with two different lucky draw already. Maybe it is two different scams? The website in my case is different and it is only bought in November 2007.

  242. such asses. i dunno how you could have put up with their rudeness and horrible voices. i would have slammed down the phone, even though i don’t understand mandarin to save my life.
    and you’re only 1 yr older than me ar??? lol quite young also ah 😛 thought you were in your late twenties at least (a compliment! based on your wit, experiences and creativity). anyways, you have outdone yourself once again. congrats… i know i’m lagging badly in terms of reading blogs, but it’s a good thing i read your year-end review, so i visited all your famed/fav posts.
    anyway, congrats on being able to record the horrible conversations with them and being able to scam them instead. wonderful, wonderful. you deserve the title my buddies at Gua gave you!

  243. i got a call last mth from some lady apeakin in mandarin.. but i couldnt understand mandarin.. and she couldnt speak english.. so i passed the fone to a friend.. and found out it was abt some kind of “survey” too..
    but my friend jst hung up, and we din tink much of it.. (i thought it was gonna be a “the longer u talk.. the more money we deduct from ur fone credit” like those 1-800 numbers.. )
    .. but after readin ur post… whoahhh.. for once, im glad i didnt understand mandarin 😛

  244. Impressed by your quick wittedness!
    The “accountant” was so rude …I don’t even know what he was mumbling about!
    All these people should get caught !!!

  245. I received a call from waidali and these are the following details given to me:
    Company name:WeiDaLi(威達利)
    Domain: (10-sep-2007)
    Tel: 00852 3078 5595
    It’s exactly the same as wk’s message on 7 jan 2008.
    Please watch out……

  246. Hey Kenny,
    I have receive this scam too. Its the same thing, but i am in Singapore. They said they were having a event in Sentosa New World. But i went to Sentosa that day, no one was there. Then i know is a scam.
    They told me i won second price, a Omega Watch worth US$50,000. Then the rest will be the same as yours.
    For the rest who read this. Please be careful and do not bother such calls.
    Thanks for your blog, i think it is very useful for others who got this call.

  247. Hi,
    I received this exact same scam too, in Singapore as well. It all started the same way with an accountant involved as well. Its a grand prize of HK600,000 and required me to wired $3,600 over. Crazy people! Thanks for your blog. I was also about to record the conversations on my phone but decided now to ignore their calls.
    Hopefully, no one will get cheated by these terrible people.

  248. Hello!
    I’m from Singapore too! Exact situation as the above. They are still calling me actually. Do they really think we are that stupid?
    But they are smart. I asked them how they got hold of my number and they mumbled something about “Temasek”. Hey, about all they know about Singapore, huh?

  249. i’m from singapore. this company name is now called 夏日有限公司. i encountered this scam started this year january and they are still ‘trying’ very hard to convince me that their 夏日有限公司 is a real company. haha.. been wasting lotsa of time of theirs.. making 2 of their operation damm piss off convincing me. haha.
    however, the person i encountered are the following:
    – survey telemarketeer (didn’t knoe her name)
    – boss of survey telemarketeer above (didn’t knoe her name)
    – 陈嘉黎 from hk called .. re-emphasizes that their co. is real and has 25 office all over the world including australia. asked for the english name. they say dun hav. asked for website, they say in-construction. asked for brochure/letters/hard-copy .. they say company policy not to send letter and to use phone only.
    she called quite a few times to let her help me transfer the US$80,000 price.
    – another lady called, 姜惠茹, she said she’s boss
    of the above lady and asked me for personal details and asked me to called this seems very ‘big’ 沈泳诗律师 to confirm my identity.
    – 姜惠茹 called and said my identity has been verified and FINALLY informed about requirement of me transferring a sum of 1) 16% tax of price to hk govern, OR 2) pay 6mth monthly installment to the hk govern OR 3) pay 4.5% to the sponsor company, hk lottery company as a insurance deposit. dragging her time, causing her to repeat a couple of time repeating the above options with her ‘super good’ spoken chinese .. .. she asked me to called the lawyer again and asked for her help for requesting the sponsor company as the guarantor..
    I ignored her request.. and she called and appear very pissed off. haha!
    I believe there’re still 1 or 2 person i haven spoke with before i reveal to them “Malaysian and Singaporean” are not as gullible as they think so!
    Hope to end this scam quick as my work is getting quite busy lately.. and think i’ll just pissed them off again tomorrow should they call again.. by revealing to them the information i’ve given to them are fake. think they’ll be damm pissed off again.. haha..
    Let’s waste their time and give them dialect that only malaysian and singaporean can understand.. like Kenny does.. haha..

  250. Hi Kenny,
    You have great Blog topic here to alert all good souls out there.
    Reporting from S’pore, received a few calls too lately and they claimed that they held a carnival or some sort of event in East Coast inviting around 20,000 people of the Public last Sunday. Their purpose of organising such activity is to publicise the company image, reputation and stronghold in the Entertainment Industry.
    Their Headquarter is in Taiwan of more than 10 years establishment. Now they have offices in many countries, and of course, in HongKong, where the drama started…
    Shall summarised details in short here:
    -Bidding for the rights to Host Entertainment Events in Marina Bay IR, Casino Operations, KTV, Shops, Blarr..Blarr.. Blarr..
    -Confident to win bid and start business in yr 2009
    -Need our support in promoting company reputation and increase popularity
    -Caller from “Marketing Dept” and will come over to S’pore to head Operations once won the bid
    -Won 2nd Prize (prize money of HK$680,000), total of 300 prizes given out on Sunday, top prize is a car. All Sponsored items.
    -Given an account in HongKong, this time Standard Chartered Bank with recorded messages to dial in to confirm prize money under my name.
    -Need to deduct 20% of prize money for tax
    -Need to folk out S$4k as Insurance Protection in case no-payment of tax after receiving prize money
    -Can choose to collect in HongKong and pay tax on the spot as alternative
    -Company name called 金黄宫娱乐国际集团
    -Caller name is 陈依玲
    -Office contact no. 852-31771517
    In all, very similar to those scams all of u have mentioned above, getting excuses like can’t give Company Address, no web-site to see, no company brochures/pamphlets to distribute, no details of East Coast programs activities, etc…
    Tat’s all and hope above information in a way consolidate more facts to keep us on our toes…
    Yes, its a great combine effort from friends at each end of the causeway.

  251. Hey hey~ i just receive the 2nd phone call~ they say i just win the lucky draw that worth HK 30,000 dollar~
    This time they come up with Ms. Yu n Ms Chang they say will send the money to my account number~
    I waiting the 3rd phone call, see they will ask me pay the insurance or not~ lolz~

  252. A new scam site:
    新世紀 科技股份有限公司
    Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2007-11-19 15:42:20
    Registration Date…. 2007-11-19 15:42:20
    Expiry Date………. 2008-11-19 15:42:20
    Organisation Name…. new century
    Organisation Address. new century
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Shantou
    Organisation Address. 360000
    Organisation Address. GD
    Organisation Address. CN
    Admin Name……….. chen sir
    Admin Address…….. new century
    Admin Address……..
    Admin Address…….. Shantou
    Admin Address…….. 360000
    Admin Address…….. GD
    Admin Address…….. CN
    Admin Email……….
    Admin Phone………. +86.15992213210
    Admin Fax………… +86.15992213210

  253. lol.. i’m from singapore and i just kena same thing too.. and gong gongly believe her like u did.. budden i give real bank acct no.. and ic oso.. den i saw ur post den i noe its a all a fake.. thanks for not letting scammed further.. lol tat woman still calling me now.. asking me to call the automated number given to me too.. but i didnt of cause.. made a police report and told my bank.. hope i’m safe..
    the copy she used is..
    Domain Name: SLORGAN.HK
    Contract Version: HKDNR latest version
    Registrant Contact Information:
    Holder English Name (It should be the same as your legal name on your HKID card or other relevant documents): PANBINGZHANG
    Holder Chinese Name:
    Domain Name Commencement Date: 03-03-2008
    Country: CN
    Expiry Date: 03-03-2009
    Re-registration Status: Complete
    Name of Registrar: HKDNR
    Account Name: HK2074396T
    Technical Contact:
    First name: PANBINGZHANG
    Last name: PANBINGZHANG
    Company Name: PANBINGZHANG
    Name Servers Information:
    The Registry contains ONLY,,,,, and .hk domains.
    all beware.. dont be gong gong like me.. budden the woman is really very friendly and kind to me lol..

  254. ahahahaha!
    u noe something funny!
    i also kena d same whole shit!
    the number was unknown]
    it was about a supeermarket lotery wining shit
    i was like uh-huh
    den i told the gal im only 15!
    imediately she hung up!
    u rock kenny!

  255. Hi folk,
    I got the latest scam by one of the casino in Macau.
    First they said they doing a survey and ask me to note a lucky draw no as 08XXXX. Then they said they have a lucky draw on 13 april 2008 in macau and invited me to attend.They even said want to send me some brochures/pamphlets to read(by now I haven’t got anything). By the way the lucky draw was conducted on TV(Phoenix). After getting the call, i conducted a check and find there is no such tv programmes on that day.
    On 16 April 2008, a chinese lady call by the name Ms Su XX XXX, asking me why i didn’t attend the lucky draw. Then I give her some stupid reason!!!! Then she said that I have won 2nd prize a BMW, and ask why i didn’t contact them to claim the prize. I told them, i didn’t have phoneix channel(which i have but actually no such programme)
    And she continue to she, it have being cashed into prize money and will send me a cheque by regeristed mail. Asked me mine english name and mailling address. And she give me a tell no as +853 XXX XXX (which i forget)
    At the present moment, nothing have been communicated thru me to send cash, or check bank account thru telephone….. Maybe later of the week…

  256. Hello fellas,
    I got a call from a lady in HK about a survey last week. Then this week another call from HK telling me I won 3rd prize, 400k HK dollar. Same trick, they are from a company called winhing technology co. ltd ( They also told me the lucky draw would be on one of the HK TV channel etc.
    The lady spoke Mandarin like a Taiwanese or at least can tell she speaks Hokkien. Asked me to treat her dinner when she get the chance to come over.
    They asked me to transfer 3.6k to an account before they can proceed with prize money transfer.
    I didnt give them my account info though. In stead I open a new account with zero balance to play along with them.
    They then gave me an account number and account holder name for me to wire 3.6k to this HSBC bank account. I took down the info and report it to the police. Hopefully no one else got suck in.
    I am an ex-Malaysian living in Australia and they called me on my home number in Australia. The message is this scam is no longer limited to MY and SG. Secondly, thank you for everyone’s input and it seems like these guys have evolved based on how we questioned them, and getting better and more convincing each time.

  257. I’m in Australia. A lot of people fell for it and now the government in Australia is aware of this Telemarketing prank. Very similar. I still remember Mr Accountant’s voice because i am one of the Victim. They have improved. I was scammed US $5800 2 days ago…… 🙁 Their plan was sophisticated and well plan.

  258. Thank kenny for your blog.
    My wife receive a simillar call like your but it is in UK and we won 56,000 pounds = RM333,000.
    We are still playing with it and now waiting for the accountant to call.

  259. hehe nice job 😀 I think the prank you played to them is worth more than RM 1 hehe. Good bargain:)

  260. Domain Name: SLORGAN.HK
    Contract Version: HKDNR latest version
    Registrant Contact Information:
    Holder English Name (It should be the same as your legal name on your HKID card or other relevant documents): PANBINGZHANG
    Holder Chinese Name:
    Domain Name Commencement Date: 03-03-2008
    Country: CN
    Expiry Date: 03-03-2009
    Re-registration Status: Complete
    Name of Registrar: HKDNR
    Account Name: HK2074396T
    Technical Contact:
    First name: PANBINGZHANG
    Last name: PANBINGZHANG
    Company Name: PANBINGZHANG
    Name Servers Information:
    Really??? they also called me too… i saw their website. Any other ways to check the company details?? How is the investigation so far??

  261. hey guys… i was almost cheated too! all the numbers they gave me seemed to be of the same area and when i asked why, they said the numbers are like that. then i wrote in to the hong kong monetary authority to verify the requirement of placing some money with them and there was no such thing….
    i have written in to both the hong kong police and singapore police but sad to say, the number is still active. I have just tried calling them and it is business like usual…
    nonetheless i was thinking… let’s all group these organizations together and whenever we feel like venting our frustration, call them and curse them! just tried it and hell it feels good! let’s reverse the nuisance on the nuisance caller!!!!!!! mine was

  262. Hi there,
    I have simalar experience like yours.
    Mine is call Hong Xiang Internation Travel Agency. I am reporting to the HongKong Police at the moment. They ask to send them AUD $5,880 for insuring the prize money. They are going to send me the bank details later today.
    I did not record any conversations. But I ask their phone number and website. And I did call to confirm the number. I am determine to take them out. Because I know someone personaly loss 5k. I am doing this to prevent some else would fall into the trap.
    Can you help? I might need your recording for the Hong Kong Police.
    My number is 0404 000 868 or reply email to me.
    It is nice that you put this on the net.

  263. Scammer 1 zhang pei ling 85221589276
    Scammer 2 chen jie 85230786189
    Bank contact number 8526729873316
    Domain Name……….
    Creation Date…….. 2008-03-17 17:55:58
    Registration Date…. 2008-03-17 17:55:58
    Expiry Date………. 2009-03-17 17:55:58
    Organisation Name…. zhen bingfei
    Organisation Address. Hong Kong
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Hongkong
    Organisation Address. 999077
    Organisation Address. HK
    Organisation Address. CN
    Admin Name……….. zhen bingfei
    Admin Address…….. Hong Kong
    Admin Address……..
    Admin Address…….. Hongkong
    Admin Address…….. 999077
    Admin Address…….. HK
    Admin Address…….. CN
    Admin Email……….
    Admin Phone………. +86.85221589262
    Admin Fax………… +86.85221589262
    Tech Name………… lehui zheng
    Tech Address……… HuiChuang Building No418 JinShan Fuzhou
    Tech Address………
    Tech Address……… Fuzhou
    Tech Address……… 350000
    Tech Address……… FJ
    Tech Address……… CN
    Tech Email………..
    Tech Phone……….. +86.59187794618
    Tech Fax…………. +86.59187794618
    Bill Name………… lehui zheng
    Bill Address……… HuiChuang Building No418 JinShan Fuzhou
    Bill Address………
    Bill Address……… Fuzhou
    Bill Address……… 350000
    Bill Address……… FJ
    Bill Address……… CN
    Bill Email………..
    Bill Phone……….. +86.59187794618
    Bill Fax…………. +86.59187794618
    Name Server……….
    Name Server……….
    Same scam, same trick, believe to be same gang. They might register those phone number in HK then redirect the call to China so no one can trace them. HK police can’t cross the border to investigate! Only cost them China yen $78 to build a website. Since they sound like taiwanese and the website is written in traditional chinese so they could be hiding in Taiwan as well. Try to confuse the police. 1000s of possibility, one outcome…they ‘ve totally ruin the Chinese reputation. I don’t trust China ppl anymore.
    Lost AUD$5200 on 24 Apr. The money was transfered to Mr Zhang Bo in China by Western Union. They should blacklist those ppl.

  264. Amanda, they might get u to send money with western union which they can pretty much collect the money straight away! One thing we can do is using the same trick to trace them. Send them $1 and contact western union to put an ‘alert’ on that pick up person. Get police to work together with western union. when they pick up the money then we know where exactly they originate.

  265. I’m in Australia now and i received this similar call from a gal called 张秋燕. She told me I’d won US$160000 from their computer generated lucky draw during their promo fair at Sydney. Their company name is 香港远康国际有限公司. I had actually rushed to the bank to withdraw money, planning to send them as deposit which is a condition before getting my prize thru Western Union. But luckily the bank didn’t allow me to withdraw that much money(AUS$5200) and asked me to go back to the bank to get the money on the next day. When I got home, I suddenly thought of this blog entry and sensed something fishy. So i went online to have a check on the company. They did have a nice website though.
    But I also found this news:
    Apparently some people in US also received this kinda call from the exact same company. When the lady called me back, I made up an excuse telling her that I don’t have that much money in my account. She was really mad at this and blamed me for promising her that I would send her the AUS$5200 today. After getting “lecture” from her for about 15minutes, I hung up the call abruptly. And she did make an effort to call me back. Now I have to off my phone just to avoid her call.
    Thank you so much for posting about this…. You had really saved my $5200. Thanks!!!

  266. I believe we should send an email to and get them to take action. I am surprised they have not even tried to shut down the web site or block the telephone lines, but maybe if more people were to report similar incidences, they will start taking action. We have to prevent these SOBs and MFs from preying on innocent parties.
    As for their continual harassing, just curse their whole family for having a good for nothing cheat. I believe they will not even dare to call you after that. HAHA.

  267. My mum just got scammed and lost AUD$2500…similar thing happened and we’re in Sydney Australia.
    A lady called and told mum that she had won some promo draw held at their exhibition on 05/05/08 in Sydney somewhere.
    Their company site is and it looks awfully professional.
    Yesterday the same lady called mum again and told her to quickly go collect her prize and stupidly without asking me beforehand mum agreed and paid them an ‘insurance deposit’ of AUD$2500.
    The lady even gave mum her ID no. which is the number that everyone in China/HK needs to have…but can these numbers be fake too? I guess if the number’s real which i doubt, then we can trace her?

  268. hey, thanks for making this blog, so helpful, my dad got tricked into this same scam also. Someone from a travel agent in Hk phoned saying we won second prize of 56,000pounds (after a prize draw somewhere after saying we cudnt attend). My dad actually gave his real account number and sort code and was really worried afterwards that he took all the money out from account. I mean cud they take money out of the account from knowing ur name, Date of birth, passport number (yes they actually asked for passport details and my dad gave it!) really worried now? what can they do with knowing my dads passport details? However, the person never asked us to send him any insurance deposit money…

  269. Johnny, get ur dad to report the scam to the local police department. With all the details ur dad gave out, they could open a fake account under ur dad name and any illegal activity thru that account will eventually point to ur dad. They can even set up a loan account with fake ID which often happen to scam victim! So report it! Police may not be able to anything, but at least if anything bad does happen…they will know ur dad is innocent! Report to ur local ScamWatch as well! Unfortunately no one can put these Con Artists in jail. We can only prevent sad story from happening ;

  270. Hi, me and my partner were having the same situation last month. But we won $1 Million, haha.
    We played with them for a few days, we enjoyed it.

  271. Great job man ~ and do u guys know the main spoken language in HK is Cantonese, not “Pu tung wa” like this guy using ~ hahaha

  272. I had just experience the same thing as you guys.
    They said that they are a Hong Kong based company and they are doing some handphones survey.I thought OK and so I did the survey. Few days later, this china lady called me again and invited me to a charity event and gave me a number AG9826 to register for the event. I told her I can’t make it and will not be attending.
    A few days later, this lady called me again and asked why I did not attend the event. I explained and she told me that my number AG9826 was flashed and I had won 3rd prize…….US$50K.I thought, WOW…….I was lucky boy!So I questioned her that I did not attend and how did I won the prize. She say it was computerize and so I was one of the lacky ones. I admitted that I was indeed happy then until I found that it gets fishier at a later stage.
    It was the same. They she asked for my account number, NRIC number and things like that. Then till the end, they said they can’t transfer the money to my account cos I will have to transfer S$3,500 to them first cos its the procedure.
    Finally, jus before I transfer the money……I thought I better surf the net and I really have to thank god for helping me…….I didnt fall into their trap and manage to see this. I FELT SOOOOO RELIEVE.
    I think we should really help the others from falling into their trap…….WE SHOULD REPORT TO THE POLICE.

  273. Glad that I found this blog to show my friend. Quite similiar trick.
    First a HK lady called my friend to inform her of their company asia-wide promotion. There will be lucky draw live telecast on 亚洲卫星电视 and my friend one of the lucky one stand a chance to win HK300,000. Since my friend did not subscribed for cable TV, she simply forgot abt it.
    But 2 weeks later this HK lady called again to informed my friend she has won. My friendis one of the 3 lucky prize winners (1 Hk, 1 M’sia and 1 S’pore).
    Initially my friend was quite suspicious about it after tht lady explained abt the prize collecting procedure. My friend need to remit abt SG4K to a HK lawyer for some paper work required for remitting money of more than HK150,000 out of HK. This 4K cannot be deducted from the prize money because of some tax issue but it will be refund back to my friend.
    In order to convinced my friend she even gave my friend the M’sia prize winner hp number to verified. Today my friend actually called this M’sia guy. He sound vy angry that his hp nbr was given out without his consent but he told my friend that it is true, his wife saw the live telecast and he had just remitted RM9K to that lawyer. My friend is now begining to believe it because this guy has that M’sian accent she is familiar with….I have linked this web page to her tonight. Hope this will stop her from going to the bank tomorrow.
    Thanks you all for sharing your experence.

  274. sweet man.. so sweet. mad respect for this!!! knnccb was my absolute favourite. thanks for the post and the laughs man.

  275. Hi, just to share my experience too.
    Also receive a call from a chinese speaking lady. First question she asked me was if I speak chinese. Being friendly, I entertained her and did the survey. Then she asked for my name and address, saying she wants to mail some brochures to me, and to take part in a lucky draw for me and the draw with take place on 27 May 2008 at Macau and will be shown on pheonix cable tv. Also invited me to go to Macau to attend the event. I told my girlfren bout it, and she scolded me up down left right for being soooo foolish to trust in dis kinda con job!!! She even swear she’ll be damn angry if i do this kinda thing again! She sais DIS IS SO SO FAKE

  276. Thanks Kenny for sharing your experience.
    Thanks to Feel_like_a_fool as I almost fall for the same scam.
    They are now at the initial stage with me; they called me in the middle of the night somemore, tell me whether am i am the venue now? I tell them off, then hang the phone. A few day later, that same chinese accent woman called me again that I won a BMW and is able to convert to cash for me.
    Like Kenny mentioned, I already start to dream how to spend my money… but later I think back, where in the hell there is such a good buy… usually if you are not present for a lucky draw, they will disqualify it and redraw again.
    That is when I start to do some research, I browse through all Macau site to find the hotel name 澳门海湾国际度假村. I even browse the TV program website to check whether if there is such a program live on that day. Either of the above can be found.
    I even seek help from macau authorised travel agent. they also said that there is not such hotel in Macau.
    Hell to them for giving me false hope…so stupid of me to believe them…anyway I will stop entertaining them.
    But my concern is that will they do anything to us as they have our personel particular…(shit man)
    Anyway I have decide to lodge a police report to create some public awareness for this type of scam.
    Once again thanks to those who have share their experience here…

  277. Thanks for your website.
    As I’m in huge debts, so when i received a call from this man named Wang Zhong Yi phone no. 85230785595 from WaiDaLi International to inform me that i have won HK 500K, i was elated. Thought that if i really have won the money, i could clear all my debts.
    But how foolish was i!
    Nevertheless, thanks for setting up this website to prevent and warn future victims.
    Take Care.

  278. Wahahaha! Very Funny! The most funny part was you were providing them your fake company name “Kaninia Chee Bye” and they do believe it! Hahahahaha! “真抵死” !
    But it was a bit too late for my best friend to realize this as she already being cheated by them for RM13,000.00.
    Anyway, thanks for the sharing and your good heart. It’s cool to have something like this to warn future victims for being not to “貪小便宜” 因為這個世界是無白吃的午餐! 我從來唔會相信會有咁大隻”甲那” 隨街跳…

  279. Kenny, really thx for setting up this blog. I was nearly cheated. The call was from China (unknown number) saying i have won HK1 million…..haha…still waiting for confirmation. Already mention to me need to pay 15% insurance deposit. Still waiting for them the way of paying them….i will use ur trick again may be…

  280. The Number is: 00852 6634 2212
    Bank number: 00852 6631 2334
    Check number: 312 301 760
    Password: 585 769
    Amount: HK 1 Million
    Anyone want to claim this amount pls pay me the 15% insurance deposit…hahaha…..the prize will be yours…….

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  282. so is this fake as well???? I am going hk these few days, should i drop by and check or am i wasting my time? I just sent the details to my hk relatives to check too…
    852-3077-5400 -> also on
    Wei Da Li Guo Ji Gu Fen You Xian Gong Si
    Miss Cheng Yu
    wan chai, luo ke dao, no168

  283. maybe u can drop by. who knows its true,dan u will be very rich liao.. lolx…
    but scally they kinap u.. so better be careful too ~

  284. think i’ve been very lucky cos i’ve won a total of HKD 3 million from 3 different companies and just received a call this morning from waidali to say i’ve won HKD 500k travel voucher.
    waidali was saying they are opening up a new resort at sentosa in nov. called me last week to inform me of an event at sentosa held on 14 sep08. the lady told me some wierd place at sentosa which i have never heard of. and when i asked for the english name of the place and the new resort, she didn’t even know and asked me to check with sentosa. i called up sentosa and realised there isn’t such event any company called waidali. and the name of the new resort in sentosa wasn’t anything which even sounds like waidali.
    well the travel voucher i’ve won, entitles me to stay i their resort at either japan, cambodia, macau, hong kong, thailand or las vegas. they didn’t ask any money as of now. all food, accommodation and expenses in the resort will be covered by this voucher, on condition that i must fly within 7 days. was told that i jus need to book my own ticket, fly to the country i wan, and they will arrange someone to pick me up from the airport. now they are expecting my call to tell them which country i wan to go.
    let’s just see what’s their next step to make me fly there.

  285. Similar to me,
    First call, they tried to do a market survey about their company, this is a resort company which associated with TVBS!
    Second call, they offered me a small gift (either discount coupons for hotel or Rm50 Carefour Cash Voucher) to appreciate my help on the survey that they did on first call.
    Third call, they told me there is an event held at Mid Valley on 21th Sept 2008.
    Fourth, they told me that i won a prize of Rm 60k during the event. Even though i did not attend the event, they kept the prize for me ! I was kind of surprise and nearly cheated because they used TVBS, Mid Valley, that sound quite familiar for me. With this, i gave my real name and real IC for them. But, when they tried to ask for my bank account, i told them i was having my lunch and would like to call them back later.
    After that, i am trying to investigate and search for their company background as well as Mid Valley Event list. I found nothing. And now, i believe they will call me again tomorrow…But i will stop providing any information for them.
    However, my concern is, do you think by providing them my real name and IC, are they able to do anything by using my particulars ?

  286. they can’t do anything with the info, besides i think it is just to make it more real. they wouldn’t bother if we give fake or real info.

  287. I got cheated this afternoon too, by this Macau company.
    Anyway, my suspicions got bigger and bigger since afternoon, and started surfing the web. AND fount this page. I gave them my English name and Address too. They’re not going to kidnap me or something…right?
    Oh well, if they call me again (I only got to stage 2, whereby they asked for my address again and English name. Not yet the lawyer part), I seriously going to think about playing with them for a bit. So freaking angry and ashamed with myself.

  288. hahahhahaha~ that’s good!!!
    and hey, that Mr Accountant’s attitude just like my that Boss lar..
    same attitude. same way to marah ppl, never treat ppl as ppl LOL~

  289. They’re still going strong, and hitting marks in Singapore. My girlfriend has received several calls from a Chinese woman with the same details, trying to get her to fly (at our expense, of course) to HK to pick up money she’s “won”. I told her to keep notes of every time she got called by this person, and all the details. I intend to file complaints with the Singapore police. with Interpol and with the Chinese embassy here in Singapore. Almost two years is a good run for something like this, but somebody’s got to shut them down…

  290. thanks for the ‘case study’ example. Ur my saviour! In fact, the people called me seconds ago. and guess what, they expanded their network to Australia.

  291. I hope it’s just insurance prize money and not anything else.
    They just called Canada. And I gave them my bank account number. Turns out the number she gave me to call back is a cellular. FFFFFF.

  292. I also kenna…
    Got a call few weeks back from this chinese lady for a survey. Anyway, same story… they had an event at sentosa on 27-oct and according them, they even broadcast to local TV.
    even gave me website
    She has called me for the fourth time to tell me that i need to fly to HK to get the $$$.
    But i in meeting so ask her to call again. Am going to play with her and tell her I have actually recorded her phone and have the police track her to her number next time, if she calls again…

  293. Thanks Kenny for sharing. Googled your site after I have called the caller a fraud and that I dont trust them just 2 hours ago. should have seen your site earlier and save time from talking to these people. Winning HK$300,000 but requires 4.5% insurance etc and need to pay AUD$6k into Western Union to apply on my behalf. Also no website or under construction for this 10 year-old watch company (Pau Li). Beware everyone, this scam is now in Australia as well. I am in Melbourne and the special lucky draw was held in Sydney (another convenient way to make it inconvenient for you and to trick you)
    Thanks to all who stands for truth and rescue others from scums who scams…..:-)

  294. Thank you for your post. Unfortunately, my mother has already sent off 1,200$ CND.
    I have tried very ferociously to convince her that it’s a scam, and I think the youtube recording did the trick.

  295. Well after read the words from u all want to say thank you. Lucky have you guy to scam them.
    They ask me bank in 4.5K to this Lim Beng Chon RHB10712100080105. The person talk to me is Xie Bing Yu +60164731132,0370520910 don’t know what hong kong bank name but u can call and try on this 0085267207342 Acc:017 484 5898 Pin: 8921.
    She still waiting for my call I think…not interested to listen to them after read all of this.
    Who want to continue the game, call back as my husband talk behalf of me and I o ready invest RM500 for them. So…still got 4k to go.
    Oh this Xie Bing Yu was paying 4k for me cos I don’t have enaf money to pay them as I go playing around with the game cos I still not trussing them at all. Then, the rules say no personal or relative who working with this company can play or take part in this game, so been detente by the officer if I don’t pay 4k, they will hold her 4k.
    I ask for the prove well they can’t even’t give me one. Ask me call the bank and see if they will get me a copy of the document.
    One of the winner number 0164986640 Mr.Tan as a reference for transfering the money.
    This is one of the my sad story….

  296. well done dude i kena the call too.. lucky your blog came up on the google.. it was so damn convincing la the call..

  297. The Ching Chong girl called me too a few months ago on my mobile…. saying about some Exhibition and some special promotions and surveys, asking for personal info… in that perfect Mandarin accent with no heavy sounds… and so politely too.

  298. Hey,
    I received the similar one too..
    They said that they are from Macau and said that I won a BMW too…
    But I didnt transfer any money.

  299. Kenny,
    Well done!
    Over the years, I have also received numerous emails from scammers but I never replied. After a few scam mails, I started using an Excel spreadsheets to keep track of the money that I “won”, or supposed to receive or are my shares for doing the scammers a favor such as helping a rich window to distribute money to the poors or collaborate with a Nigeria Bank manager to withdraw some safe deposit boxes belonging to dead African princes, etc. The spreadsheet shows that I now should have a few hundred million US$ uncollected. All I can say to these scammers is that “Don’t insult my intelligence”.