MDG – The Journey So Far

With the shocking elimination of two of Malaysian Dreamgirl‘s favourites, Valerie and Eyna, it’s pretty safe to say the show now is starting to get pretty interesting. 😉

I’m glad as well that a lot people’s initial complaints about the show is being addressed.
We still have a long way to go, but if you’ve been following the episodes of Malaysian Dreamgirl (like you should!), then you’d have noticed that the editing and post-production value of the show have improved tremendously.

Granted, comparison with similar shows in America is inevitable. Then again, those shows have thousands of sponsors and 100 over people working on the production team, whereas I can count the number of people working on Malaysian Dreamgirl with two hands and maybe one foot.
You can’t compare it that way.

Besides, where else can you find a bunch of Malay, Chinese and Indian girls on a model search reality show, speaking in a mix of Malay, English and Manglish?
Malaysian Dreamgirl is a show about ordinary Malaysian girls going through the difficult process to become extraordinary models. It is a show made by Malaysians, for Malaysians, because we want you to be able to relate to these contestants and what they’re are going through.
You can’t say the same for American-based shows now, can you? Those contestants in those shows are like aliens ok.

One question I get asked a lot even until today is why Giselle, the long-legged kindergarten teacher from the auditions, didn’t get through to the Top 12.
I admit, I was a fan of hers during the first-stage auditions. Lim Jimmy was the first to notice her pimples covered under her unusually thick make up, but we didn’t make a big fuss out of it.

Problem is, by the time the second-stage auditions come around, the kindy teacher’s face isn’t just dotted with pimples anymore. It has turned into a full-blown GRAND CANYON. It’s almost like she was infected with some sorta disease.
I know a lot of people love her, but there’s simply no chance in hell we could let her through in that condition. Not when there are other girls more deserving to be in the Top 12.

Anyway, next weekend I’ll be travelling to KL (again) to issue the girls a brand new challenge.
I can’t wait for it. It’s been almost a month since I last met up with Adeline, Cindy, Fiqa, Hanis, Nadia, Jay and Ringo. I’m just anxious to see how far they have progressed now that the end is near.
In less than 4 weeks time, we shall crown our first ever Malaysian Dreamgirl. And here’s what I think each contestant’s chances are.

To vote Cindy, SMS DREAM 03 and send it to 33001

Cindy Tey is exactly the type of girl that a lot of guys will like, but many girls hate.
And many girls also hate the guys who like Cindy.
It’s very sad lah. You really gotta pity her for not being able to get along with the other girls in the house. Even the comments on her blog were laced with vicious attackers calling her names normally reserved for Samy Vellu.

Cindy in Women’Secret – not a lot of secrets there

I’m impartial towards Cindy. One thing I must say is that she’s not as bad as many make her out to be. You gotta admire her also for the lengths she’s willing to go through to succeed in this competition.
Her passion shows, more so than the other girls. The fact that her family drove 5 hours down from Johor to KL for the auditions is just one example of how bad she wants it. And for that I give her credit.

Cindy in Precinct 2 – still not good, but getting better

The problem with Cindy is that she tries too hard.
During the Women’Secret photoshoot, Cindy tries to be sexy, but often times her sex appeal borderlines on being trashy. Instead of taking small steps one at a time, Cindy tends to do things her on way and ends up falling all over the place. Her catwalk at 1Utama was the very definition of the word ‘atrocious’.

Cindy in White Summer – shows how youthful and happy she looks. It’s her best shoot so far

She has a lot to learn lah, but I wish that she goes far in this competition because I can see that she wants it very much.


To vote Jay, SMS DREAM 07 and send it to 33001

Jaishana Loganathan is the most experienced model of the top 12, having done many runway shows and appearing on magazine covers as recently as February.

Jay in Women’Secret – whatever she’s selling here I’m buying

In Malaysian Dreamgirl, Jay sets the standards for all the other girls, and many of them are still struggling to catch up.
But being experienced does not automatically mean that you will win this competition. This show goes for 10 weeks. And viewers will get bored easily if she does not produce something that will blow people pants off with each photoshoot.

Jay in Precinct 2 – one word: WOW.

When I last blogged about Malaysian Dreamgirl, many readers criticised Jay for having a “man face”. Seriously, I don’t see that as being a problem. Jay was great in the Women’Secret photoshoot. But when it comes to Precinct 2 where they all have to dress up like men, Jay’s shoot completely blew all her competition away.
I just could not understand why she came up in the Bottom 3 last week.

Jay in White Summer – not her best, but it shows her versatility in her photoshoots

Vote for her dammit. Jay is Top 3 material.


To vote Adeline, SMS DREAM 01 and send it to 33001

Her name is Adeline Lee and her favourite food is SOO-SEE! 😀
Enough about her lack of fluency in English. 😉 Honestly, she has improved a lot after staying with the girls.

Adeline in Women’Secret – aka “Har? What am I doing here?”

Adeline consistently takes amazing photos, except maybe for the ones where tries to look cool because those ones made her look like a clueless duck instead.

Adeline in Precinct 2 – even the chair looked better than her

Adeline’s favourite Malaysian model is Amber Chia.
In more ways than one, Adeline reminds me of Amber. That’s very good because Amber is a very successful model. But that’s also very bad because like Amber pretty much only appeals to the Chinese market and not the mainstream.
But Adeline is actually one of the better contestants left on the show. Not as good as Jay or Nadia, but good nonetheless.

Adeline in Precinct 2 – nice and sweet, but how come all her smiles look the SAME!?

I thought her photos are the best among all the girls in the White Summer photoshoot.


To vote Fiqa, SMS DREAM 05 and send it to 33001

She’s my favourite at the start of the competition.
Me likey this photo of her.

Fiqa in Women’Secret – seductive. I like.

Very vogue. Very mysterious. Tasteful.
I like her looks, I like her personality. Nur Afiqa Liyana Chong is a tomboy trapped in a woman’s body, and I’ve got a thing for that too.
During the auditions, she playfully played with her tongue piercing and that was enough to win me over. Hehe.

Fiqa in Precinct 2 – looks like an ad for an expensive scotch whiskey

But somehow, while the photos of the other girls keeps getting better and better, Fiqa’s photos seem to get worse and worse.
Since the Women’Secret photoshoot, none of Fiqa’s other photos seem to make an impression. Even on the show, Fiqa was quite forgettable. She seems to have lost the X-factor as the show progresses. Her bitch-hunt against Cindy may have worked, but it earned her a few detractors as well.
Me no likey these photos of her.

Fiqa in White Summer – I really only like the third pic. The others are crap.

Fiqa was on the bottom 3 last week. At this stage of the competition, I gotta say I am not surprised.


To vote Ringo, SMS DREAM 11 and send it to 33001

Now here’s a tough one for me to judge.
It’s no secret that I know Cheesie and that I’m close friends with her. As her friend, obviously I wanted her to go far.

Ringo in Women’Secret – all the curves in all the right places

At the same time, I don’t wanna be accused of biasness and let the show lose credibility. This show cannot afford to lose credibility. Which is why during the auditions, I sat back and let the other two judges decide whether to put her through to the Top 12 or not. They decided against it, so I got nothing to say.
(By chance, one of the original Top 12 pulled out and Ringo was called back in.)
But still, you gotta be impressed with Ringo’s photoshoot after her makeover.

Ringo in Precinct 2 – too cute to be masculine

Ringo is the smallest in size among all the girls, but yet she’s able to deliver results in her photoshoots. With the exception of Precinct 2, all her photos turned out amazing.
No doubt Ringo is gonna stay in the competition for a long time in part due to the huge following of her blog. This competition is based on popular votes, yes, and her fans are gonna vote to keep her in. None of the other contestants have that advantage. Question is, can they win over Ringo’s fan base?

Ringo in White Summer – I think she’s the best among all the girls in this photoshoot

Well, if even an accomplished singer like Dayang can lose out to Suki in One In A Million, surely that’s saying something about the fickle-mindedness of Malaysian fans.


To vote Hanis, SMS DREAM 06 and send it to 33001

“Datin” Hanis, the public’s favourite contestant from Malaysian Dreamgirl.

Hanis in Women’Secret – looking older than she actually is

Almost every single one of my friend who watches the show enjoy watching Hanis.
Whether it’s that little dance she did when Jimmy praised her, or her manja voice everytime she does an on-screen interview, or how cute she looks when she cries everytime a girl leaves the house – Malaysia just could not get enough of Hanis the Manis.

Hanis in Precinct 2 – something looks a bit strange here

I can see why. Hanis is a little girl who comes across like she is everybody’s high school best friend. All my female friends watching the show told me that they can relate to Hanis as a young innocent girl put into a stressful situation.
There is no denying of Hanis’ popularity, but the problem here is – Hanis cannot take good pictures!

Hanis in White Summer – looks like a toothpaste ad for people wearing braces

We have done three photoshoots so far, and all of them came up subpar.
How lah to model with photos like that?


To vote Nadia, SMS DREAM 09 and send it to 33001

Not only does she have the best body (in my opinion) among the top 12, Nadiah Johary is easily the most confident of the lot.
That is a compliment to her because in modelling, confidence equals sexy.

Nadia in Women’Secret – ooh la la.

And Nadia is incredibly sexy.
The only thing working against Nadia is that she comes across being very competitive. Even more so than Cindy.
As much as I think she’s one of the best in the Top 12, Malaysian Dreamgirl is based on popular vote. People might not like her and people might eliminate her although she is good, just like how the people eliminated Eyna.

Nadia in Precinct 2 – oozing confidence like only Nadia can.

When she first came for the auditions, the judges all agree that Nadia comes across a little “fierce”. It’s in her eyes and the way she portrays herself. But in her defence, being “fierce” may not necessarily be a bad thing. Angelina Jolie is “fierce” too, but look at where she is now.
(Personally I’d like to see Nadia in a tight-fitting leather suit carrying a whip, but that’s a different story for another day.)

Nadia in Precinct 2 – smiles are too wide making her look awkward, but oh so feminine

That being said, she gotta tone down the attitude a bit when it comes to photoshoots and it seems like she is listening to the judges’ advice. Because of that, Nadia has produced better and better photos, and that is a testament to how seriously this girl takes this competition. I like that.
At this point of the competition, if Nadia wins I’ll be very, very proud.

This must be longest blog entry I’ve written since the interviews I did for the Elections, so I sure hope people WATCH THE SHOW!
MDG fever is sweeping the country. There’s a Facebook group created here. Read what other bloggers are saying over here. There’s also a multitude of contests to keep people occupied over here.
And with only 4 weeks left till the end, it goes without saying that voting is extremely crucial at this point.

Who will win Malaysian Dreamgirl?

There is no way I’m gonna win the 2008 CLEO Bachelor of the Year, but I’m gonna aim for at least one subsidiary title.
So, vote Kenny Sia for best “Bachelor You’d Have Your Coffee With”. Please? 🙂

446 Replies to “MDG – The Journey So Far”

  1. said both ringo and adeline were the best for the white summer photo which is it?

  2. This show sucks lah. The most deserving ones are voted out already.
    If Ringo wins it won’t make a difference because we all know she is not runway material.

  3. i read you blog often but what i got to say is that, this entry tend to be biased. i have nothing against you, but beased on the comments you gave on the girls, it is not what a professional judge should be doing. i know i am nobody to comment you on this, but i am just voicing out my opinon 😉

  4. I want Ringo out.
    come on… she’s not runway material.
    and she’s not even model material.
    If this competition is based solely on votes… she’ll probably win, undeservingly.
    The show should have an immunity from being voted out each week — what are all those modeling/makeup/photoshoot contests for right?
    Even if the photo sucks like Ringo, her legions of bimbo-blog fanbase can still keep her in. Like Sammy Bellu.

  5. and to quote Elaine Daly on the 2nd screening with Fiqa,
    I have a message for Sazzy
    “She needs to learn how to suck in her tummy!”
    unless she is pregnant.

  6. Aiya just vote for Kenny all the way! (in the Cleo polls I mean). Upset the votes, let Kenny win! Bwahah!
    On the subject of MDG, I think either Hanis or Nadia stands the best chance to win =)

  7. i can’t catch up with this show la. I wish i could. just watched the first two episode only la. it’s a nice show. although it’s a bit like American Next Top Model but what kenny said was right. and I hope there will be a lot of people supporting this show.
    any chances of having another season?

  8. @ ShadowFox, why are those who are out are the most deserving ones? Mind to tell the reason behind your saying? .. hmmm

  9. Hey Kenny. Remember that cafe we had breakfast and coffee at? Just got a new owner, and she’s a mega psycho… rumor has it that shes down for crime, and work place abuse. Ha ha! Went there today and the place is dead-scene. No one around. Raglan is so quiet at the moment, all the tourists gone! I’m planning on leaving here soon…
    My new job won’t be to bad though,
    Anyway, how is everything?
    Take care,

  10. i saw them in One Utama on Friday. But so sad they didn’t let me to take a picture with them. Arghh!! So pissing off D:

  11. I agree that Malaysian Dreamgirl cannot be compared to American reality TV shows, but I still believe that MDG should have learned enough from American reality TV shows to avoid the typical mistakes. Regardless, kudos to the MDG crew for listening to the people’s comments!
    In the end, it’s a popularity contest. And as good as I think Ringo is, I don’t think she’s the best and she could be anything more than a catalogue model so it’d totally suck if she won MDG just because of her fan base.
    Ah well, this will all unfold itself in time eh?

  12. No.1, I agree with Death Note. From the begining (Episode 3 I think) while the 11 girls were waiting for one extra finalist and Ringo showed up I thought it was an awful choice to make.
    Like what Death Note said:
    She is not runway material, or even model material.
    I made a post on MDG on my blog mi-self. I think Ringo will win because she has the largest fan base, by a mile. Her bimbo fans who reads her bimbo blog will be sending in votes after votes to see their ‘idol’ to win it.
    No. 2, I really hoped that Jean will win from the begining. But she pulled out. Since Jean is no longer in the competition, I think Jay is the best choice.
    My other fav are Alison and Valerie.
    My least fav: Adeline, Cindy, Ringo, Fiqa

  13. i think it would be the same if kennysia were to join some model search, most of his fans will vote for him regardless whether he is deserving to win or not…

  14. I’m addicted to MDG! =)
    But I agree with the other people out there that the eliminations shouldn’t be totally based on the public’s votes.
    Look at Eyna! She was one of the best, with consistently fantastic photos. Even the other contestants admitted it. And yet she’s gone home because of her lack of public votes.
    Isn’t MDG supposed to be a model search? Not a popularity contest? Hope you people will do something bout it in the next season (if there is one lah)
    Cheers =)

  15. I personally enjoy the series, even though it’s production cost is lacking (relative to Western ones).
    As for the best candidate, I think that Jay or Nadia will probably make the best models, but my hot chick signal attracts me to Cindy.
    As for the others, I see no model material.
    Hot? Cute? Attractive? Yes.
    Runway figure? No.
    I think the most successful aspect of the series so far is its portrayal of Cindy as t3h b1tch in one of the episodes (forgot which). Like a lot of successful reality TV series, it clearly fueled the emotions of a lot of viewers, signs of a good rhetoric.
    But I hope that viewers can at least think reasonably before voting.
    How sure are you that the other contestants are not being b1@tch3s? The interviews in that episode focused a lot on Hanis and Fiqa only.
    Remember that this is a competition. Hence, competition among contestants exists. If any of them think that they can all get along well all the way till the end of the series, and forge permanent alliances, that is clearly immature.
    Vote for the best MODEL, not the NICEST girl.
    Heck, this comment won’t change even 0.1% of the voters mentality anyway.
    Ignore all the above.

  16. ok, i’m too lz 2 look thru all the other 49 bachelors for other subsidiary titles, instead i voted all 5 titles wif ur name.. haha~!! u owned me a coffee date!

  17. If ringo is a model/runway model material they would not have excluded her from the initial selection.
    The fact that she was later brought in, it shows the judge do not even consider her to be among the top 12 and if she wins it’s definitely because of popularity vote lah. Furthermore the accepted the invitation after she dissed the judges/show, it shows what a hypocrite she is.
    Runway models = Height, period.
    You don’t have the height, you don’t get the runway.
    She needs to work on her facial expressions. Too fake and that same grin is so forced. Then there was an earlier part when Elaine told her to say something under the pretext of her saddest moments and she replied she can’t because she never had any saddest moments in life. Duuuuuhhhhhhhhhh…. How fake can you get ? Everyone has a saddest moments in life.
    She’s not sophisticated enough. Can model little girly clothes lah but that’s probably what she’s been doing prior to joining MDG anyway, so if MDG’s purpose is to find a runway model, height should be the major factor.
    Eyna was the only one I would consider model quality and runway material. Now that she’s out, I guess the next best one with the height and looks/overall package would be adeline and nadia. The rest tak boleh pakai lah, either lacking of height or just doesn’t have that sophisticated oomph factor that would make one a supermodel, or even a runway model.
    Jay sorry, cannot accept. Too tranny looking.
    Cindy cannot, face is like a horse, she has thunderthighs and she’s a total bitch and a slut.
    Fiqa and Hanis are easily forgettable and I won’t be surprised they would get eliminated very soon.
    Since this is a popularity contest, it won’t surprised me one bit the winner isn’t going to go far with her career anyway, because I believe other external model agencies who could see for themselves would probably snap up those ‘unpopular’ ones whom they consider to be model potential.
    The winners won’t be the winners, the losers won’t be the losers.
    I am speaking from commercial point of view, not a ‘fan’ point of view, I won’t vote/spend money on these girls to help them win.
    The girls who’re voted out, if they’re good, they don’t need to worry lah. I am sure some would have been contacted by other agencies already, whether they’re modeling agencies or those from the entertainment circle.

  18. Bullshit ! You are using American shows as a template for your model show yet you are making excuses for the low production quality and bla..bla..bla.. Shows around the world and even in our neighbourhood Thailand has been bought by Hollywood for remakes and even game shows too so stop making sorry ass excuse for our lameass ideas and poor production value. We should get our heads out of our asses and start producing quality shows which will at least appeal and make our own local Malaysians proud before thinking of looking at other countries.

  19. wei…why the 3 judges are not judging, instead it’s the host giving comments on the photoshoot? i stopped watching after the first elimination, even with so many leng luis, the show is so badly produced it’s just not worth the time

  20. I’ve watched all episode 6 and onwards and here’s my vote and personal views; ranking from my favorite to the least.
    1. Nadia- confident and very very sexy. Her Women’s Secret reminds me of Sophia Loren. She’s hot. Just a tart matured for her age.
    2. Jay- glorious features. Just look at that eyes, lips and legs.
    3. Hanis- Young, sweet and traditional at the same time. Wish the braces will come off though.
    4. Fiqa- Love her spunk.
    5. Adeline- Too cina jinjang. (I’m a cina jinjang too. :o) Nice and sweet but don’t see her appeal in mainstream English mag. Maybe Adeline’ll be great for Sister mag. Amber is different. She got the lips.
    6. Cindy- prettier than Adeline but Adeline is sweeter. Cindy does seem bitchy and spoilt.
    7. Ringo- I like reading Ringo’s blog. She’s fun, talented, cute, smart but NOT a model material unfortunately. Sorry Ringo. I like you but I just don’t think you’ve got it for MDG.

  21. Haha.. MSD is going to suck big time now that Eyna is out. Really, she was the only girl that looks halfway like a model. Next time don’t advertise as model search la… just say cute cute mall girl search then everything will be alright. Malaysians just don’t know what a model is…

  22. cindy has really small eyes..she’s so average looking..if she doesnt dress up with those fancy dresses,i’ll prob walk past her at 1utama without noticing her..hahaa.. but adeline is really pretty although abit ‘ah lian’.

  23. I would vote for Fiqa! She is very pretty! Love ha! She has a very likable personality and great body, especially her long neck! wow! Too bad I am not in Malaysia and can’t vote for her…
    By the way, some free professional material to share with you all – go download itunes, and subscribe to “MODTV: Fashion Network” (podcast). Please don’t write down the brands they show, but see how they play with aesthetics.
    One notion to add here for my Malaysian fellows -Don’t get too caught up with just branded stuff, if you don’t have self-confidence, you still look stupid. An expensive product is not to just fix your ego. Just be yourself! 🙂

  24. Hmmm.. after going thru all the photos being posted, none of them can better of than Kenny Sia especially with his cutie n sexy pose infront of the group of girls and I think Kenny Sia should be the winner!!! But sad to say, he decided to be one of the judges and not contestants.

  25. So, I know nobody cares but I’ll just post my views anyway.
    Cindy: I don’t get it. She looks very ordinary to me. That said, she’s prettier than half of the other girls, which says something. I know beauty is subjective but she has no distinctive features and that’s what going to make a model successful. Everyone knows a girl that looked like that in high school.
    Jay:Has the body of a model, face.. okla I guess for modelling, but I don’t see her appealing to a wide scope of people.
    Adeline:Pretty girl, but all her pictures are below par. Might have potential but I don’t care enough.
    Fiqa:Has great personality but no model’s body. Can’t wear clothes well and photos very gag inducing.
    Ringo:”All her photos turned out amazing” WTF? She has among the weakest photos every week. I don’t understand why she is even considered model material.. she looks and has the built of a primary school girl. But then most asian men are boderline pedos so.. Maybe the producers brought her back to cash in on her fan votes. Or for publicity-since this show only applies to internet savvy folks. If Msia votes her to be the top model of choice, I bet all the other countries will be laughing at us.
    Hanis:I like her, face and personality wise but she’ll make a better actress than a model. she always looks beautiful in photos, though not ‘modelly’.
    Nadia:Distinctive look, has presence in photos. But she has a freaky smile, better stick to sultry poses. And something about her personality is just.. wierd.
    P/s: Sigh, this is all we get to choose from?

  26. I really, really tried to watch it…but it’s so bland and boring and same old, same old. Sorry fatty Kenny. Plus, the fact that you are one of the judges might have pulled more viewers, but not more credibility…
    Caramel macchiato

  27. May I suggest some improvements to the show?
    1. Plz.. no 20 minutes of contestants talking shit. If got drama then its fine but most of the time no content at all just blabbering. I skip those parts every time. Wasting my bandwith nia.
    2. Also plz no 30 minutes of picture taking/shopping/frolicking with ONLY corny music playing in the background. Some variety la show them talking or something.
    3. I know Malaysians don’t have the most interesting personality on camera but try to rile them up la or something. Scold them during photoshoot or eat scary food or what la. Bring back the judges la. Why suddenly disappear after audition one? Just showing pretty faces the entire time without content wont keep viewers.
    4. Why can’t we see the results of the photoshoot when watching the show? Even if got also so brief with stupid annoying zooming techniques. Not cool ok no matter what the director might be thinking. How will viewers be able to judge for themselves while taking in the comments from watshernamehost?
    5. Host, give more critical and professional comments la. Not just this one nice that one not nice. Haiyo.

  28. after watching every episode of MDG, i have got something to say!
    1. nadia- pretty, confident but quite scary at times; ’emits’ a kind of dark aura. LOL.
    2. jay- great personality and excellent at man’s pose with her height; but not pretty, on the verge of being a bit..hmm, all in all, will not appeal to teenagers.
    3. hanis- sweet face and voice, girl-next-door, too feminine at times; make a good actress but maybe, not a model? somehow lacks the confidence a model possesses.
    4. fiqa- hmmm, does not leave a long lasting impression. while bitching about cindy, seems to be a bitch herself.
    5. adeline- very quiet, dull facial expression with only one look most of the time.
    6. cindy- pretty than average with make-up, otherwise, kinda normal looking. too spoilt at times; good to reveal your true self at times, but that simply makes you a bitch, or, not that appealing to the masses la..
    7. ringo- the way she tries to be friendly in front of camera while talking can be quite fake, to the extent of being irritating. petite and pretty, but like what others said, not really a model material. reason why she stays in the competition- her fanbase.that makes it unfair for the other contestants..
    and i like valerie! maybe she is not really a model material la, but i still like her bubbly and cheerful personality!! T.T
    eh, judges or production crew etc, why not make it such that for the next season, 80% (or less) depends on public vote, while the remaining percentage goes to the judges’ decision to eliminate? that will make the show more interesting and we got to hear what the judges have to say..
    and kudos to the crew for coming up with clips to entertain harsh viewers like us!! haha! *(^.^)*V

  29. Please la, i seriously thinks that adeline does not even deserve 2 b in d competition, her photos are all ugly. look carefully at her expression, she looks like a duck in every one of them. She’s pretty in person, but not in photos. she’s a bit awkward with her poses in photos.
    Ringo, if u win MDG, i won tink dat u deserve it 2… i noe u have a large fan base in ur blog. i’ve been 2 ur blog. not amazing, crappy post. u look pretty only with thick make up. u r d one who surprised me most when u have no make up on d camera. i noe dat all girls doesn’t look as pretty without any makeup and i’ve seen dat in MDG show. the thing it, you look most different without make up. you totally need to thick black smoky eye shadow to be pretty.
    jay, might look like a man, but i liker her. she has the personality. she’s tall enough. she’s cool.
    hanis, sweetest girl in the competition. i think she has a big malay fan base.
    fiqa, i like her look, exotic. she has something special in her.
    nadia, sexy and confident. doesnt look particularly pretty. but she has the potential for modelling.

  30. ive been following the show and was rooting for eyna to win, but unfortch, im not malaysian and not a resident either so i cant vote. and she’s out now 🙁
    i was just wondering, why do they call Hanis – Datin?

  31. sorry but no offend, i personally think you shouldn’t have said something about Giselle like such. It’s not a nice thing for girl.
    But i like the way you introduce all of them! Keep up the good work!

  32. i agree with kaiba
    even if you really want to tell us why giselle was not chosen, it’s ok… but why zoom in on her face like that? have you ever thought of how she would feel if she happens to come across your blog?
    kenny, i’ve been a loyal reader of your blog because i like the way you write, your quirkiness….. but i’ve noticed that you have somehow become more insensitive in your writings throughout the years. Sometimes i wish you didn’t become famous and arrogant (okla not as bad as Samy Vellu)
    bottom line is… i prefer the original kennysia.

  33. i agree!! that was what i had in mind when i saw the post yesterday. we love your posting and life w/o kennysia is =( but however the way you described her face is mean. imagine if the poor girl is reading you blog.
    as for mdg, i read ringo’s blog too but yah i think some ppl can tell that, she may be a nice person but in mdg, she seems fake in mdg.
    i like fiqa, there’s just something about her.
    btw i was too lazy to go thru all the bachelors so i voted for you all the way. goodluck!
    ps like theothers, i hope you’ll stay humble and funny!

  34. Is Malaysia a conservative country? What the show needs is a scandal! Now…. that is how we generate publicity. It’s a true a tried tactic often used…and best used towards the last few weeks. Thatz show biz 😉

  35. but then again, if u say gisella is not fit to be in top12, i doubt ringo is. look at her body frame. she’s short and without make up is a nobody. the only reason she is in is because of her blog. without her blog she probably is the first person to be eliminated

  36. Adeline: plain and boring.
    Fiqa: Has a soft angelic appeal which contradicts with the bad pr she created for herself when she bitched about Cindy.
    Nadia: seems to be the source of causing up a stir in the house. Keeps reassuring the public she gets along fine with the girls but her criticism says otherwise. Has evil- “devilish” aura.
    Hanis: Has baby cheeks, face is too puffy. Potraying herself as someone who came from a protective environment isn’t going to deillusion the public to vote for her. A Malaysian dreamgirl should be more than just sweet.
    Jay: I quote a commentator, “indeed too horsey!” Being cool is not enough.
    Ringo: Doesn’t come across genuine in her gestures.
    Cindy: I thank the people in her blog who warned her how to behave but she becomes like the rest of the contestants. It’s better to be talked about than not be talked about at all.
    Sazzy: biased, seems to give better comments to the Malay girls during elimination.

  37. I think it’s really unfair for you to post such picture of giselle, even though her acne problems could be serious. sometimes, acne can be so serious it not only leaves scars on the face but it leaves psychological impacts and stress to the person as well. i can totally understand how giselle might have felt, but you gotta applaud her for her courage and confidence to walk into the auditions and present herself well to u guys.
    imagine you having such high readership and on board on MDG as one of the 3 judges making such comments about one of the contestant’s skin conditions, do you think your words will greatly create an impact on others? of course it would. what would giselle feel? or what would her friends and family who loves reading your blog chanced upon such zoomed-in pics of her say to her the next time they see her?
    honestly, judges can practice discretion on the reasons why you are eliminating the person out. you don’t really have to go to the extent to protect yourself/or the other panel of judges or further convince your readers on your level of professionalism to be compared to ANTM on why such decision making. PLUS to actually say that her face looks like it has been infected with some sort of disease? that’s really overboard.
    you might not be understanding enough to understand a girl’s feelings, but i think this is maybe too much.
    just my two cents’ worth.

  38. i wish the votes are not solely based on SMS! 🙁 can we make it online voting. A vote a day based on the IC or something ler. At least everyone can afford to do that… If not the richest will win this MDG! 🙁 Aww…

  39. I agree with Grandma.
    My main issue with MDG is — everyone’s English is terrible!
    You may say this is a Malaysian show, and hence the usage of Manglish is totally acceptable. But…
    Excuse me, isn’t this show catered for everyone in Malaysia (and in the world) since the production crew put it on the internet? Then speak proper English-lah!
    This show is a joke to me. Half of the time, I don’t understand what they are saying in the show!

  40. Kenny, the way you comment on Giselle’s face is totally outrageous. I hope you could make a public apology to her in your blog that you had a slip-tongue on that.
    A judge is a judge, you have the right to comment but not to “that” extent.
    Be responsible in every word you said in your blog.

  41. if Ringo has any conscience or integrity left, even if she wins, she wouldnt feel entirely good about it, why??
    because it is clear that the reason for her victory is a huge bimbotic-fan base, and not because she has the merits for being a successful model. and she pimped her blog way too much WITHOUT GIVING VALID REASONS ON WHY SHE HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE A MODEL AND WHY WE SHOULD VOTE FOR HER. i personally find nothing wrong with self-promoting entries, whether they are written by herself or by her fellow mr bbq (who honestly only knows how to tock cock tock tock), or by her mom, but tolong lah, give us some reasons why we should vote for her (assuming if she is even that great, which she is not – no wonder she cant provide supporting arguments on modeling potential, because they are non-existent), and not stuff like ringo is cheesy cute yadda yadda, ringo sacrifice her long hair yadda yadda and ringo is a nice good humble girl yadda yadda ringo scored 10 As in SPM yadda yadda – OH GAWD, mamma cheesie, if your daughter is even half-that-smart, she woulnt even answer elaine daly’s question (ref: saddest moment q) in the MOST UNAPPEALING WAY. just serves to show the importance of book-smarts vs. street-smarts. naturally the latter is needed in modeling
    Ringo, reflect on yourself:
    1) do you even have the first req for runway? HEIGHT? CLEARLY NOT, then i m sorry. it is not your fault for being born short, many ppl are born short, but u cant be successful on catwalk or modeling in general if u r only 5’2″. no designer with the right mind would want to put his/her clothes on u, when they have other taller girls to work with. modeling is a competitive field, ya know? a $0.02 advice: if u will absolutely die if u dont do modeling, then go find ads that dont require u to stand up or be filmed your whole body, IMHO that’s the best u can attempt to achieve
    2) fashion sense: looking through your pictures, seriously, u have NADA. who the hell wear some frock while gallivanting the streets of paris? or wear some stupid bunny cap while strolling around london? no sophisticated model-wanna-be would want to be caught dead in that. i honestly think u r better off being in a mardi gras or brazillian carnival, or better, halloween parties.
    3) spontaneity in answering questions: YAWN, look at what u say to elaine daly at closed auditions 4) modeling performance at mdg: SOPORIFIC, mediore, and i m saying both to be nice
    5) physical looks: you are so bland that i wont even give u a second glance if i spot u on the street
    BUT LETS return to the most important issue i mentioned in first paragraph: integrity. clearly Ringo is without one. in fact she’s the biggest HYPOCRITE alive. after bashing the quality of decision-making by the judges, she returned to the show upon recall. tell me, ringo, if the quality of judgment in the show is as lousy as u claim, why bother? so are you trying to say that now because you are being asked back, the fungal problem on the contact lenses of the judges have been cured? do me a favor and get out of your i-m-the-prettiest-girl-alive bubble okay? not only because you are not, but because, in all honesty, you are also making a laughing stock of yourself, a laughing stock without any sense of integrity or conscience left. and the way u replied to elaine daly’s question on saddest moment is ATROCIOUS, clearly a BLATANT LIE. who the heck in this world has no saddest moment?? if so, i think i feel sorry for u, even though u r supposedly happy all the time, becos your life is devoid of the emotional ups and downs that makes us grow and mature.
    if ringo wins, she will be the most undeserving winner, based on her personality and physical attributes (or rather, the lack thereof). heck, she doesnt even qualify to be in the mdg contest in the first place. the last thing malaysia needs is to not only be accused of copying ANTM, but also in producing the shortest girl in history, who unsurprisingly has NO model qualities with NO potential to advance far.

  42. “Her passion shows, more so than the other girls. The fact that her family drove 5 hours down from Johor to KL for the auditions is just one example of how bad she wants it. And for that I give her credit.”
    Kenny, has it ever occur to you maybe driving down to KL specially is because maybe she’s the spoilt princess of the family, and not because of her sincerity? anyway, that’s a guess. surely i’d get condemned for making such a mean comment, but oh well. there are options and room for thoughts when things aren’t laid down properly.
    and i perfectly agree with wccoo3 too, their english is terrible. but never mind that, not everyone has the benefit of being in an english educated environment. what i can’t tolerate is the excessive usage of malay in Hanis’s talks. why the hell is she talking in malay? got special privilege because she’s ‘sweet’? please, i know this show is catered for Malaysians but the Internet is GLOBAL, we should not leave out the rest of the world from our show.
    Leremy, i think Kenny doesn’t owe anyone an apology. Giselle was judged by face value from everyone on the Internet, i suppose Kenny’s explanation will put all the rage and abuse towards the MDG crew and judges to rest.
    anyhoo i’ve written a post regarding MDG’s bad choice of using public votes to determine the winner. do have a look and i sincerely hope there will be a change in the future. i really think models should be judged by those who are in the indsutry, not by any tom dick or harry who happens to be Internet savvy.

  43. to make myself clear… i meant Internet savvy and who happened to stumble across the website. i guess these sort of show wouldn’t appeal to certain publics.

  44. Found cindy’s latest tirade against the other girls for talking about her very amusing.
    Espesh when defending her (so very put on) accent. It’s ok if you have a natural one but as Hanis said, it appears and disappears at will o.O
    Also claims Hanis’s comments are biased and whatnot because she speaks good English. Please. I speak perfectly acceptable English without an accent.
    She riles me up so much sometimes.
    That said, my take on the other girls are:
    Adeline – She doesn’t appeal to me, somehow. And her English is atrocious. Half the time I don’t understand what she’s saying, but has admittedly improved somewhat language-wise.
    Cindy – Pretty. Doesn’t translate to pics unfortunately. Obviously believes in the saying “an eye for an eye” as seen when she attacks all the other girls in the latest epi.
    Fiqa – I like her. She has spunk. And a very unique look. Disagree with Kenny bout her performance deteriorating. I think she had the best Wella picture.
    Hanis – She is just too adorable. Says the funniest things. In my opinion more suited for catalogues more than runway though.
    Jay – She has the height and the physique. Love her long legs. She’s not your typical pretty girl and as such perfect model material cause she is able to stand out. And she is able to speak and express herself well.
    Nadia – Stunning looks. Will go far.
    Ringo – Sweet in her petite frame. And seems to be a nice person. However, I don’t think she is model material. Sorry Ringo, I like you but I don’t think modeling is your thing. You’re just too cute. And as Elaine said, you’ve gotta have versatality.
    PS To the person who asked why they call Hanis Datin, it has something to do with her makeover. You’ve gotta watch that epi to really get it =)

    hanis zalikha. i just realized.
    shes my primary school mate!! goshhh!
    she was always a really sweet girl =)

  46. Quote everything by kateyh.
    You got it SPOT ON!
    The only reason Ringo is in is because of her stupid internet popularity. And this show is only available online, not on air.
    If kennysia would to wear skirts and join the competition, I’m sure he’ll win the MDG.
    Now probably he’ll be winning something from CLEO.
    Bahh. This is so messed up!

  47. everyone knows you are not a ‘professional’ judge. But you are the judge for the show, all your comments should only be in the show, not on your commercialised blog. Since you know you are not professional, its better to not mention anything at all, coz you dont know what you should or shouldn’t blog about MDG.
    congrats for succesfully attract so many comments and response, I m sure this entry definitely will draw alot of negative comments, and then followed by more comments from your fans who will back you. And you get the traffic hence your income.
    PS: The fact that you don’t mind people commment about the fat and acids in your belly, that doesn’t mean you can comment on other’s face.

  48. Enjoyed reading your summarised version of audience’s thought on Cindy. So true. Really liked Eyna, both her attitude and photographs. So suprised and disappointed that she’s out.

  49. If MDG was a movie, I’d be fast-forwarding to the end to see who won, then switched it off and go for a nap. Or not bother at all and just nap.
    I.E. MDG is getting slightly monotonous.

  50. guess it’s kinda rude to tell everyone that a girl’s face has turned into a “full-blown GRAND CANYON and it’s almost like she was infected with some sorta disease”, don’t you think? It won’t be surprise that she might be hiding in her bedroom crying her lungs out after she sees this.
    btw, what goes around comes around.

  51. Fiqa’s my former secondary schoolmate! In my opinion she isn’t any less fake than Cindy. Don’t you people realise that she speaks with an “accent” too (albeit a fake one)? She doesn’t speak that way in person. So I think it’s a case of “the pot calling the kettle black” when she bitched about Cindy’s accent,etc. AND bitching about Cindy pulls her down to the same level as her and makes her(Fiqa) a bitch too!

  52. sigh kenny, die die both way hor ?
    (about Giselle lar)
    and yes, i do agree that the voting system shouldn’t be entirely 100% voting based, kept it at least 50%, which also will make the competition more interesting *wink*
    Well, anyway, people give it a break lar, so far it’s the best model search competition in Malaysia. Give support to your own country production ok.
    (I’m not Malaysian =p)
    If you people kept criticizing, there wont be another type of model search, thus eliminating any possibilities for improvement in future.
    Yes, the girls’ qualities are suck (sorry Kenny) but does ANTM production also very good at first season ? Mind you, now is their 10th season, so kept that in mind yea. . .
    Btw, the production crew, you cant be agak-agak, meaning, either make this as a popularity contest (thus sacrificing good model materials along the way until people know how to vote smartly) or else stick to professional modeling contest.
    Well, this first season definitely is a popularity contest tho, maybe that’s why you guys marketed it as “dreamgirls” instead of “Top Models” ??

  53. except for ringo.
    by god, i hope i wont dream of any of them when i’m sleeping.
    they should renamed it “nightmare girls”

  54. ANTM sucks-lah! None of the winners have made it big in the modelling world and do we see them on magazine covers or prestigious runway shows?? No. The only winners who have made a name for themselves are Danielle and Eva. Oh and anyway, I think that Elyse deserved to win instead of Adrianne. Haha omg why am I crapping on about ANTM? This is MDG. But, bottom line is, reality shows are just fake fake fake with capital F’s and MDG is such a fraud. To me, none of the girls in MDG are of model material EXCEPT Eyna. BUT she’s eliminated already. =( Shows how stupid Malaysian viewers are.
    Actually Jay is OK too. In fact, I think she’s the best among the other girls now that Eyna’s left. Jay has a unique face! You don’t have to have a pretty face to be a successful model. What’s important is that you have a unique feature that no other model has. Oh, she looks like a man? Look at supermodels like Agyness Deyn. She doesn’t look all that feminine either but look at where she is now.

  55. Hi Kenny n MDG crew,
    If you want to do reality show, do it properly la. Pick deserving girls. Honestly, I was so damn disappointed you guys re-picked Ringo as one of the finalist. MDG standard dropped since then. There are other gorgeous girls turned up for the audition, you know. Even her photos suck. Beat-up barbie doll can do a better job.
    Why eliminate Gisella for her pimples? In ANTM few girls do have bad skin but they do have the model material. You guys are gonna photoshop the photos anyway.

  56. JO darl, models gotta have good skin. Save the digital airbrushing jobs for them. 😉 And personally I think Giselle looks kinda scary. Don’t know why.

  57. Kenny, you’ve gone too far with your comments on Giselle. You came across as very insensitive and rude and this is a poor example for a blogger with a website reacing out to so many people.

    I understand the value of giving comments, it just irks me that you people who are even less qualified than him are giving comments based on shallow opinions.
    Show respect for his blog space.
    Lastly, I think before you criticize the quality of Malaysian Dreamgirl, ask yourselves what you are doing for Malaysian entertainment — besides sitting back and gossiping about how bad things are. Kenny’s doing a great job, although he knows he’s not professional, he’s doing whatever best he can to help. And definitely likewise for the MDG team.
    Seriously people, unless you have substance, just don’t say anything at all.

  59. Why isn’t ringo model material? I think she has been improving ever since the first epi.
    She is deserving to stay in the competition. Her pictures ooze sexiness, pretty and cute (unlike some contestants who don’t have much expressions in their photoshoot. Pathetic.)
    Yeah, she may be short and petite but she looks good and proportional in the pictures. Can you make yourself look tall when you’re her height? Then shut up.
    There is a reason why it is called “Malaysian Dream Girl” cos the choice will be ultimately lying in the hands of you people so stop the complains about the voting system. Btw, I’m not from Malaysia but Singapore also has such shows. Afterall, it is the choice of the public anyway, isn’t it?
    And it is just so lame that you guys have to blame it on her popularity then attack about her (fake) character? Damn LOL. How to be popular when you’re fake? No one likes fake character. Abeit cindy. Right?
    I hope either ringo or jay win. They are one of the nicest in the show. 🙂

  60. Hey Kenny! I was too lazy to go browse through all the guys. and definitely, I voted you for all categories. LOL!
    and btw, concerning MDG. Chill-lah guys. If there isn’t any drama, most of us won’t keep on watching the show right? at least, for me. lol.
    You guys keep on commenting on Cindy. But actually I do see some bitch-yness in Fiqa and Hanis too. Maybe you guys are guys and not girls. So you don’t notice?
    But i really like this comment and i quote “dreaming girls”. LOL. that is sooo true. Dreaming to be the MDG huh?
    A fun show for me to pass time. Keep up with the good work – Judges & MDG crew. Kudos to you all.

  61. Ringo lacks integrity and backbone. the fact that she returned to mdg after bashing the quality of decision-making by the judges just speaks volume. i mean, speaking one’s mind is fine, even admirable, and standing up for it can be laudable, depending on how strong one’s argument or reasoning is. but what she did is completely hypocritical. it is as if one proclaims a product’s quality as questionable but still purchases or endorses it. if the judgments made in the auditions are as pariah she appears to claim, then why did she bother returning upon recalled? and now her own judgment is made worse by her (belated) apology to other contestants, if she felt remorseful after making that entry, she would have tender the apology whether she did ended up being called back to mdg or not. but i guess we will never know that. in conclusion: she lacks integrity and doesnt appear mature enough to even make up her mind on her own stand. on the physical side, she is not ugly, but she is not stunning either – her looks doesnt warrant a second glance at all. one can find this kind of girl (looks-wise) easily in malaysia. ringo doesnt stand out. period.
    my take is that she probably wrote the original post after suffering from some ego-bruising of not being in the top12 and wished for some empathy/reassurance. elaine daly was right in saying she is overconfident, esp after she refuses to answer the question on the saddest moment. it is not a matter of whether u think the question is too private, it is a matter of how u can contruct an excellent response that not only conveys your so-called saddest moment, but also portrays your strong character in overcoming it. that is what i would call an intelligent answer IMHO.
    sometimes i wonder if her barrage of fans pimping her blog and/or voting for her actually thought through the above. i have nothing against her, but i decided to voice out my throughts because looking through the comments of her mdg-self-promoting blog entries, one would notice that there is almost no discussion there, just (blind?) praises after praises.
    so to malaysian voters out there, please vote wisely, and vote for someone worthy.

  62. Nadia seemed to have toned down in her negative criticism. In the past it was just “Nasty Nadia”. She probably learned that the public see it all. Her current target-victim is Cindy? After Cindy leaves, who’s next to shoot? If Cindy is fake, what about Allison speaking with an accent? Allison is after all Malaysian, Malaysians supposedly speak Manglish. What about Nadia wearing colour contact lenses eventhough she’s not caucasian? And her padded bra which is suppose to make her boobs look bigger? Those are fake too. Her hair colour is fake as well then.

  63. Look, people ABUSED the judges for not letting Giselle the kindergarten teacher through to the Top 12. They called the judges BLIND. They said the show has no credibility.
    Every blogger out there and every person who watched the show DEMANDED an explanation why Giselle wasn’t put through. Even till this day.
    This is the explanation that you demanded, in the clearest possible way. Why are you surprised it’s not a nice comment I have to give?
    And if I have to give nice comments to every audtionee just because I need to be “nice to every girl” and “not hurt their feelings”, then why bother asking me to give you an explanation?
    You want an explanation, you got it.

  64. It is actually sad to know that the MDG will be chosen by popularity instead of quality and those with really good model potential did not even make it, sad! Just my opinion, they should not use voting method. I don’t think ringo can be a runway model, too petite leh,
    btw maybe you can learn more about modeling, fashion or get some tips from pros instead of telling ppl you are not a “professional judge”. just my two cents dude.

  65. Kenny, before you start telling people off for being rude and nasty towards Cindy, take a good look at yourself when you commented on Giselle’s skin. Isn’t that rude and insensitive?? What has Giselle done to you to receive remark like that. Do you have to zoom in close and lable her acne problem as “full blown Grand Canyon”? What a big fat hypocrite. You are no different compared to the commentators out there.
    Of coz you would support poor little cindy, we all saw how you almost cream in your pants with the look on ur face when u saw cindy during the audition.
    I am no saint, neither are you. So stop pretending being one.

  66. Just thinking about the fans of Ringo who leave comments in her blog cracks me up. seriously, at times i thought they belong to a cult group or something, because they act oh-so-paronoid and overdefensive towards the slightest deviant remarks written there about Ringo. if they have strong argument in their comeback, at least that gives us something to take a step back and consider, right? but no, i never find them providing any intelligent comments/responses on why we should be voting for her to be crowned MDG [read: with model qualities] — probably because there are not really any to begin with. Aiyooh, want to defend someone with credibility also defend with strong valid reasons lah, which you brain-washed lot are clearly not doing
    on a somewhat related incident: my friend then decided to leave a feedback one day at her blog. it wasnt a super-flattering comment like the usual ones left by her fans, but it was completely courteous and non-condemning. in fact, it is just an observation of her act in mdg which i guess could somehow be construed as hypocrisy if one probes further (oh well, we know what this refers to by now, don’t we, if not, read comments by kateyh and jennifer). Unsurprisingly, my friend’s post was stripped off by the moderator aka mr bbq not too long after, presumably before more blog visitors could read it. Knowing what happened just somehow provide me an explanation on why feedbacks on Ringo’s blog are almost always devoid of criticism – they just can’t take it well when the facts are blatant and if they dont have a good comeback, they choose to eradicate the negative sentiments. Kinda remind me a certain gov party’s campaigning style in the recent elections… LOL

  67. You guys should see ringo’s face in the initial selection when she was sent home.
    Classic!!! Hahahha.
    Faking the smile all the way and so forced when she found out she’s going home… *LOL*

  68. I think it’s great that you gave out some of the judges’ views here, none of the other judges really have the same privilege eh! 😉
    Nevertheless, it’d be great if MDG can involve the judges more in the show– perhaps even splitting the elimination criterion into part sms-votes based, part judges deliberation? Then the elimination outcome would be more credible, and MDG will be less like a popularity contest. 🙂

  69. honestly, talking about Gisele’s skin problem to the WHOLE GOD DAMN WORLD is wayyy too far kenny. Do u even KNOW how sensitive a girl can be. AND DO U THINK SHE WANTS THIS PIMPLES on her face too? Try to put this situation on ur shoes, ppl were to BLOG about u and your fatness for example. come on. Even though we know ure not one ‘professional’ judge, but pls, whatever reason Gisele is not selected pls keep it to urself. I cant belive u even POST up A PICTURE of her face.
    Ive always salute and respect u, but not this time kenny.

  70. “It’s almost like she was infected with some sorta disease.”
    DO U KNOW HOW HURTFUL THIS SENTENCE COULD BE. I wonder even be4 u post this entry have u ever think about the consequences it could bring to u as a JUDGE and to my poor friend. damn.

  71. shadowfox: i bet after faking her smile for that brief 10 minutes, she went home and spent the whole evening crying her eyes out. and the next day, with puffy eyes, started her draft on bitching abt the mdg outcome and the poor judgment at the closed auditions in order to redeem her ego. then not too long after, she went back to the contest. then next we know, she retracted her words and apologized to the girls at dreamhouse — which i think is safe to conclude that (the apology) was done under duress and to make herself appear as angelic *cough cough*, because as we can clearly see by now that she is NOT a genuine person
    if anything, hypocrisy is the worst label one could ever want to be afflicted with. she is stuck with one.
    as they say, it takes a long time to build integrity and respect, but only take one instance to lose it (or them).


  73. yea… Kenny, it’s a bit too much to joke about Gisele like that, tho it’s good that you pay attention to that detail. Well, Gisele, don’t feel bad, it will be gone after a while. You have great smile and nice legs 🙂

  74. “Every blogger out there and every person who watched the show DEMANDED an explanation why Giselle wasn’t put through.”
    Kenny, you’re not getting the point.
    I understand that you have that huge pressure from many people out there demanding your explanation. Fine with that.
    My point is – you just need explain that Giselle had bad skin. It was so unnecessary to put up a zoomed-in photo of her face and describe her acne that way.
    and by the way, NOT EVERY blogger out there and EVERY person who watched the show demanded an explanation.
    Watch your words………..

  75. sigh, kenny, kasihan gisele also la. u know how sensitive girls can be with their looks and complexion one.
    and eyna shouldnt be out la, so unjustifiable 🙁 she’s probably the only one who has the potential to advance far as a model, besides jay (height and maturity) and nadia (sizzling hotness). eyna looks so very elegant in a quiet way with her hairstyle. her nickname can hereby be “posh rempah”. heh.
    and oh, on the ringo issue: yeah, seriously, if i were her, i will also have no face to rejoin the mdg contest after being called back, not because i was eliminated before, but because of what i said in my blog after the closed auditions, criticising the (poor) decisions made by the judges. how she can even find the ‘face’ to go back to the contest — i never understand. so damn memalukan and downright attention-whoring.

  76. kenny … i thought u were cool ….
    BUT NOT SOO COOL (at all) AFTER POSTING UP a picture of GISELLE’s UP-CLOSED skin problem.
    come on la … u should SERIOUSLY consider other people’s feelings.
    your readers demanded for an EXPLANATION about giselle being excluded from the event .
    u could had simply said that she did not meet the requirements due to her skin complexion etc etc .
    some people have acne problems. its normal .
    but u got ABNORMAL problem which is MOCKING PEOPLE . damn u fatboy.

  77. I don’t understand your readers…
    for a moment demanding explaination, the next critisizing you for giving them one… wtf?
    if people don’t play nice, then just play balls, aye?

  78. no la. i think the readers were mad because he was tooo brutally honest. if he said something like, very bad skin, show something similar (but not her) thn it wouldnt be like that. but the words he used to describe her, seriously would hurt a girl.

  79. An honest answer does not warrant in bashing someone’s shortfall.
    As brutal as Simon Cowell is, at least his remarks are much more constructive. This is more of a personal attack on her in venting out your frustrations.

  80. Haha. Kenny!!
    Here goes everyone banging you about your post again.
    Posing to be the holier-than-thou.
    Sickening no?
    We are certainly a sensitive nation.
    So sad..
    Turn that april fools joke into reality?
    That’ll show em.

  81. What u say abt how most gals feel abt Cindy is rite, Kenny. I hate her too but i hv to admit she ALMOST have the package to be MDG. Jz her attitude oni not good. but then again, most models hv that kind of attitude oso.
    BIG mistake la, Kenny!! Shouldnt have give us the link to her blog. XD lol…. now like got war in her comment zone. like the ones i sometimes c in ur blog =x except, never b4 hv i seen so many ppl say so Many bad things abt a person. Honestly, I hope she doesnt read it la.. Kinda kolien her oso even tho she’s lil miss hateable. :S

  82. Oh btw, i tink the one who has the potential to be MDG is Jean. I would definitely vote for her if she’s still in. Too bad she quit.

  83. Ringo (what a name!) is not suppose to be there at all! wtf?!
    guys, please vote for the right one!
    if not, her blind fans are gonna flood the votes for her!
    btw, seems that Mr.bbq could not delete any bad comments bout his ringo right here in Kenny’s blog huh??

  84. Three things.
    1) Ringo got through to the Top 12 on her own accord. There is absolutely no favoritism in play on my part. Everyone in the house has their equal share of fans and detractors. So you can’t say the reason why Ringo is still in there is because of the fans of her blog.
    2) Giselle’s Friend, if Giselle can’t even handle me telling people exactly the reasons why she was not chosen to be the Top 12, then all the more she does not deserve to be in the Top 12. Everyone of us involved in Malaysian Dreamgirl – the contestants, judges, producers, camera crew, sound crew, post-production crew – ALL of us have to endure negative feedback from the public. It’s just the way it is, and it’s part and parcel of being in the public eye. You can’t say that I am being harsh because the public is even harsher than Kenny Sia. Cindy is being called a bitch, Jay is being called a man-face, Ringo is being called a hypocrite and Adeline is being called a Jinjang Girl. If your friend Giselle cannot even handle my criticism “because she is a girl”, then you’ve just proved my point that we’ve made the right decisions. If you want us to regret, then prove me wrong.
    3) Definitely agree that Fiqa’s Wella photoshoot is the best among the girls, and also her personal best photo yet.

  85. rotfl: I have not sit down to organise the proper analogy one by one..
    but here is the gist of it.
    Ringo = The UMNO of MDG!!!!
    UMNO = controls legions of blind voters by manipulation of mainstream meadia.
    RINGO = controls legions of blind voters by whoring of bimbo-blog.
    UMNO = censorship of dissenting views in mainstream media by Zam
    RINGO = censorship of dissenting views in Cheerserland by mr. bbq
    UMNO = calls bloggers names like monkeys, liars before general election.
    RINGO = calls judges blind, fungus-eye before recalled to the Top 12
    UMNO = Won general election by small margin
    RINGO = Got into top 12 only after 1 girl decide to pull out.
    UMNO = Postal Votes
    RINGO = Blind Bimbo Blog Votes
    UMNO = Khairy, Zam, Nazri and all the people who make noise and complain before general election suddenly become low-profile and quiet after general election
    RINGO = suddenly become quiet and stays away from drama after getting in top 12.

  86. Kenny, never mind about Ringo being on the Top 12. but what about voting time? her fan base would have definitely kicked in, wouldn’t it? plus, like a lot have mentioned, it’s Internet based, not an on air show, that would say something to the results wouldn’t it?

  87. oh my god, Death Note, you are super-hilarious and spot-on.
    btw, kenny, AFAIK, nobody is accusing you of playing favoritism about Ringo because of your personal friendship with her. from what i could deduce based on the comments left about ringo, ppl are writing abt the fact that she shamelessly return to mdg after being recalled AND esp after she wrote the controversial entry on her blog. i dont think these ppl would have raised such accusations on hypocrisy if she has merely written the entry (as we know, free speech rights on blogs, right?) AND chose NOT to return to mdg upon recall. that is the key issue here.
    1) Ringo got through to the Top 12 on her own accord. There is absolutely no favoritism in play on my part. Everyone in the house has their equal share of fans and detractors. So you can’t say the reason why Ringo is still in there is because of the fans of her blog.

  88. and kenny, i am sorry to say this, but i think u may be slightly inaccurate on one of your points: if all the ringo fans who pimped her blog did indeed vote, then it is safe to assume that it does affect the voting outcomes and also helps her to stay in the dreamhouse, though merit-wise, she doesnt qualify. in fact the moderator in her blog there also attempts to garner votes from overseas.
    afterall, all of us know that this contest is based exclusively on sms voting, aint it?

  89. i guess i had to say this on a role of an observer.
    So sorry that ringo got in. i agree that *if* she definitely got in on her own accord… she got in cos she looks like a malnourished young maid… who is also straggly female trying to grow her hair very very long and painting her nails (also trying to grow very long) often…. and putting them up on her blog. many people are not saying that cuz they are jealous of her or feel that she dont deserve it… many people are saying it cuz they feel that as a supposed “Malaysian dream girl” material she is beginning to appear more and more like a malnourished maid trolling her wares on sunday: putting up entertaining, self-promoting posts for legions of people to read (myself included cuz i read “entertainment” and i dont think they have aesthetic beauty- so i comment things like “wow so cool, good job ringo!!” in relation to her self-promoting… im sure many of the fans/commenters do the same– they dont see her as a “person” but a entertaining read to laugh/ disatract ) now that she is trying to put herself into MDG we judge her based on a different context. no longer do we see it as entertainment but we are looking at her as a person and judging her on how she chooses to behave- on camera, pictures…
    many say she looks like a maid who tries too hard to dress up on a sunday… when we think about it. its true… she makes a blog “cheeserland” and plus when she speaks she also has this strange habit of wrong tonals on english words (i thought she is a graduate??) but i have “vorted” ( i recall her exactly saying “voted” with this pronunciation in the precint shot)
    the rest i have no opinion.
    cindy may have the “airs” put on in front of the camera. but it is precisely that which makes her good for showbiz. those who cant accept it, like fiqa, who questions “why are there pple like that who exists??”” in exasperation somemore, shows how she can only be suited for common life.

  90. zomg, fiqa’s wella shot just totally took my breath away – with her chinese eyes and distinctive clavicles and funky hairdo, she’s totally gorgeous
    hanis’ has like some orang asli kind of headband, but her shot is definitely unique in her own way, u go girl!
    as for the rest, =.=

  91. Firstly, the comments and criticism ppl make towards the the contestants, judges, producers, camera crew, sound crew, post-production crew, like u said – its FOR EXTERNAL IMPROVEMENT. It can be improve from time to time i believe.
    Second, after posting a ZOOOM PICTURE of her face to the world, do u think this action could make any improvement to her acne, or just because “Every blogger out there and every person who watched the show DEMANDED an explanation why Giselle wasn’t put through. Even till this day.” U don’t need to be this harsh.
    Look Kenny, I mean no harm but I was just hoping u could use some better idea to explained to those who demanded for an answer. Anyhow, ure definitely on hell no1 blogger in Msia. We respect u, we look up to u. But till the end theres always thin line you see. Honest-to-goodness opinion and answers from u is good but honesty sometimes isn’t the best policy.
    Think about her self-esteem. Everybody knows Cindy is being called a bitch, Jay is being called a man-face, Ringo is being called a hypocrite and Adeline is being called a Jinjang Girl, but nobody knows her acne problem is that serious until u post it out, even more with a picture.
    I truly thank u the taking the time to reply my comment out of the others. I come in peace.

  92. Yeah man, this is Kenny’s blog. If you people don’t like what he blogs about then just buzz off!! And who is Giselle to you losers la? Does it matter to you all whether she’s chosen or not?? Weirrdos.

  93. Yeah man, this is Kenny’s blog. If you people don’t like what he blogs about then just buzz off!! And who is Giselle to you losers la? Does it matter to you all whether she’s chosen or not?? Weirrdos.

  94. Kudos to Death Note!
    I don’t care what Ringo’s bimbotic fans said, I still think she does not deserve the place in the finals.
    I’m still mourning over Jean’s exit.

  95. why all so ugly one?
    would anyone wanna dream of these girls in their sleep? or while they are wanking?
    why is this show even named “dream girls?”
    change the show to “the nightmare girls?”

  96. I have no idea why Felixia changed her name to Giselle. We used to work together a couple of times, and she is not a kindergartens teacher though. Yea, her skin is not too good, but i really think you shouldn’t put such a pic of her on your blog and talk bad about her, right? Everyone deserve a chance =)

  97. nahh…not 1 of them reli pretty 1…i think i saw prettier 1’s in the 1st few auditions….lolz. shaame…

  98. no matter how sweet hanis is, i think she cant make it becoz her photos aren’t nice. Even ringo’s photos are nicer. i really really hope nadia wins. she’s so hot! =)

  99. In my opinion:
    Best Women Secret shoot: Jay (sexy momma)
    Best Precinct 2 shoot: Nadia (she has a cool pose, unlike Jay who looks a little stiff)
    Best White Summer shoot: Cindy (her smile is gorgeous)
    My Top 3 pick: Cindy, Ringo, Nadia (sorry Jay). But then again, this is a popularity contest rather than model searching contest. So it’s everybody’s game at the moment. Cheesie got the advantage at this. It’s not biased. It’s good promoting.

  100. what is someone puts up your GIRLFRIEND’s picture in their BLOG and starts bitching about her flaws,how do u feel about it mister?
    think about that.

  101. Kenny obviously doesn’t know how to draw the line between being a professional blogger and being a judge on a reality tv show.
    kenny, if you weren’t a judge and had made the observation about Giselle’s pimples, then you have the right to blog about it. But seeing that you are a part of the panel of judges of MDG, you should have practiced discretion.
    Kenny, you have just ruined the credibility of MDG.
    Obviously , your main reason for posting it was to bring more heat to MDG and also more traffic to your blog.

  102. I think why Kenny told us the reason Giselle was not choose is due to the public demand. Perhaps there should be no close-up photo of Giselle’s face at such but if he doesn’t put that photo up, others will have something else to say too! In one sentence, “it’s just hard to please everyone” so Kenny just go and do your own thing. Afterall, this is your blog.

  103. Don’t you people get it, Kenny is a judge of MDG. He should draw the line between being a judge and a blogger.
    For example, if, i mean if kenny were a judge for a high profile malaysian petty court case, he should not be blogging about the issue and just let the public rant and demand, because the public will always be a demanding lot. Kenny should stand on one side of the fence and not be two people.
    Example after disgustingly describing Giselle’s pimples, he went to Cindy’s blog and told everyone not to be so harsh on Cindy. Wtf. So fake.

  104. naaaah everyone chooses what to do best and sometimes theres not much time to think about it so kenny i understand how u felt cuz i experienced the same stuff before. jz do ur thing…either way u would still get critisms for this or for that. though that pimple thing was a bit too hard out…but its jz the way I would have said it too heheeee~!!!!!

  105. Omg! It’s even WORSE if she’s in it for the car la! Might as well take part in those lucky draw thingies and give someone else who really wants to model a chance =.=
    PS I have nothing against Ringo as stated before. I just think that that reason for defending her doesn’t really work, “I’m a chicken with no name”
    Just giving my two cents worth. Peace =)

  106. asking everybody not be be harsh to Cindy in Cindy’s blog because she’s a woman and now here u are talking about Giselle.
    Your such a hypocrite, just like Ringo.
    She once called u “BLIND” remember?

  107. Looks like MDG has three targeted bloggers as conversial subjects.
    1. Ringo – irritating child-like voice who came back after insulting the judges’ eyes.
    She should thank god for the fungus in the judges eyes, orelse they wouldn’t have called her back.
    2. Cindy – Apparently faking an accent on camera outraged Malaysians. Malaysians are angry that she is not “ang mo” to speak “ang mo” accent. Puh-lease, who here in Malaysia doesn’t do that. I know so many Malays who are hooked to American drama who come to school speaking with accent. Difference is maybe it comes out naturally. The friends just don’t dare to say but put up with it, or fake an accent also to get in the group.
    3. Kenny Sia – As for kenny, this is a normal day in his life. He dares to post something controversial and dares to take harsh criticism and still dares to defend his post.

  108. TO ALL YOU GUYS/GIRLS OUT THERE, give Kenny a break la. All he is trying to do is to advertise this show and trying to make it more famous and yet some of you guys are hating this show or have some negative feedbacks. I know kenny do want feedbacks but there’s a limit for it la. You readers should faham faham la.
    They are trying their best la. If you are so damn good, try to be Kenny for one day and see la. Or try to be one of the judges and see. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.
    PS – I’m sorry if I offended any of you guys or girls.

  109. Those girls being called names, well some of them do deserved to be called as such (Cindy IS being a bitch and Ringo IS being a hypocrite). But seriously, your description of Giselle is just too sensitive. You could have just said her face took a serious turn and scrap the rest. When you guys eliminated her, did anyone tell that so blatantly to her, like “I’m sorry we can’t take you in because your face looks like a full-blown Grand Canyon, almost like you’re infected with a disease.” I doubt it. I think you guys would just say you don’t have good skin and that’s it.

  110. got bored of the contestants in MDG, so are just so irritating. I dun actually bother who will carry the title of malaysian’s 1st dreamgirl, but i hope it’s not CINDY. she thinks she’s parris hilton or what?
    may the best candidate wins.

  111. I’m totally agree with Kate, seriously if she saw this post, I’m not sure how can she accept it. You might want to consider remove the picture and write in a better way? That’s so hurting.

  112. If you think you have every right to throw harsh criticisms at the contestants, then we have every right to throw harsh criticisms as well. Asking others to cut slack on Cindy in her blog? Why should we when you’re not cutting slack on others as well?

  113. yes, dear simon, all of us know u have a crush on ringo. everyone with eyes can deduce that from reading your posts u made on ringo : write about bumping into her on mall la, posting this brief-but-mouliu gtalk convo with her la, leaving comments or your blog url abt this ‘angelic’ ringo everywhere on ppl’s blog, this la, that la. nothing wrong all u did (free speech rights, right?), just that it has become a tad clear that u r infatuated, ya know?
    birthday wishes post is fine. at least that is somewhat neutral

  114. well, but one has to understand that the finalists (assuming if it is 2) shouldnt be cindy and ringo. becos if that is the case, i can say for sure that ringo will probably win as many ppl who are not pro-ringo initially will end up voting for her (when forced to choose between these 2 options available) because they will more likely than not think that cindy has too much of an attitude problem to be crowned mdg, while on the other hand, ringo appears *cough* angelic *cough*, even though she may not be their first choice initially (and merit-wise, she might as well just go down the drain). so that is definitely cindy’s downfall at this stage.
    thus it is important to have the right person with ringo in the final 2 (or 3 for the matter) to prevent her from winning. this is said under the assumption that ringo will advance due to her bimbotic fans. personally, what i hope to see is someone less controversial (than cindy) but still possess model potential, for eg. ppl like fiqa or jay, or someone stunning like nadia who just knocks the socks off ppl.
    so it is all about strategy, strategy…
    thus, it is crucial to vote for non-controversial girls (ie not cindy, sorry to say this) to continue keeping them in the dreamhouse

  115. I used to follow ANTM on tv (the earlier cycles). I like this kind of show but when it’s online I feel kind of lazy to click and wait and wait, and click and wait some more. So I haven’t been watching but this post is really informative. And am quite awed that Malaysian girls can model this good 🙂 Well done, girls! And Kenny, you don’t sound as dumb a judge that you initially made me think you were. Congrats and well done! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  116. kenny, u r mean. how can u have the heart to publish giselle’s bad facial for the whole world to see. enough with the picture, u dont have to describe in such a mean way ‘full-blown GRAND CANYON some sorta disease’.
    u r too much!

  117. Kenny is a dumbarse who is definitely not ready to judge coz he is damn pariah! Lesson to learn here? Never get a blogger to be a judge as he brings shame to judges in Malaysia.
    Cindy looks like a slut with fake accent. Ringo does not deserve to be in MDG.
    If they get to be finalists i can only say that Malaysians are blind and dumb like Kenny. Duh!

  118. “Those girls being called names, well some of them do deserved to be called as such (Cindy IS being a bitch and Ringo IS being a hypocrite). But seriously, your description of Giselle is just too sensitive. You could have just said her face took a serious turn and scrap the rest. When you guys eliminated her, did anyone tell that so blatantly to her, like “I’m sorry we can’t take you in because your face looks like a full-blown Grand Canyon, almost like you’re infected with a disease.” I doubt it. I think you guys would just say you don’t have good skin and that’s it.”
    you doubt it? well remember, kenny DID tell a girl that her clothes look like a roadside mamak stall tablecloth. well sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind. though i don’t think kenny even had any intentions to be cruel in the first place..he only spoke the truth because SO MANY PEOPLE have been demanding an explanation to why giselle wasn’t chosen. and if he hadn’t explained it (in this post) he’d still get all those criticisms for being a blind judge etc, just because people think giselle is hot.
    come on guys. whatever kenny does (or doesn’t do) you’ll find reasons to criticise him anyway. give him a break. it’s HIS blog.
    now about hurting a giselle’s feelings..yes i agree it’ll hurt. but some things..well..we have to face it. like how the short kid in primary school is NAMED ‘si pendek’. you think he doesn’t want to be tall? you think by being called ‘si pendek’ by his schoolmates..he’ll grow taller? well you’re insulting him too. and that’s life..people hurt you and you (maybe without realising it) hurt others. it’s just..something that happens.
    for giselle..if you’re reading this (i hope you don’t hate’s just my opinion as a girl too) i think you should just ignore what kenny said. people love you for who you are. if they now dislike you merely because of some pimples..well..i’d say screw them. people like them don’t matter. i think that when we get criticisms (in general)..just spend some time to think about it. does it really matter, what they think? and is it true? if you think you can improve yourself then do so and thank them one day for criticising you because it made you a better person. and if you think they’re just being irrational then ignore them and go on being yourself..and be proud of that.

  119. Eyna is my fav. So sad she’s out.
    Too bad I can’t vote because I’m not from Malaysia.
    Will miss Eyna loads. She’s like fine wine, the more you taste it, the more you like it. =(

  120. yea we all know that all you want to do is give us an explanation on why giselle wasnt chosen. BUT dude, you could have just say that she has very bad skin therefore she is not model material. period. i dont see the neccesity to put a fucking close up pic of her face which obviously shows all the flaws and telling everyone abt the grand canyon, disease shit. seriously have u ever thought of her feelings? even the most optimist person in the world would’ve felt slightly hurt by that comment of yours. like hello?! being told that your skin looks like it has been infected with disease ?!! wtf. okay maybe if you really really die die also want to put that pic up. fine but the comment is seriously pure mean. as a judge, yes you should point out her flaws to her so that she can do something abt it. but now you’re just pulling down her self-esteem. i understand her feelings very much cuz i personally have pimples-prone skin. yes we are not the lucky ones who are borned with good skin. yes we are the ones that try all ways to improve our skins but to no avail. yes we are the ones that fakes a smile whenever someone comments abt our skins. seriously we’ve gone through so much shits and now you’re doing free ‘publicity’ for her?! thats very ‘nice’ of you kenny. fuck this shit
    i really like reading your blog though. its just that i cant stand this shit. sorry

  121. Eh Kenny, create another controversial post so that we can have another net-war about who is more righteous.
    Seriously, i don’t think any of commentors are interested in protecting Giselle or whatever, they just have nothing else to do.
    So make another hoo-hah and we can squabble over it again. This Giselle is getting boring already.
    Why not Kenny reveal this time how you manage to bribe MDG producers into bringing Ringo back to Top 12.

  122. HEY PPL

  123. yeah and one more thing..
    im not surprised on how kenny commented on giselle’s skin problem…because …

  124. The very undeserving one to win is Nadia, the one with the attitude problem. Be sharper in your critics, Nadia has been the one causing havoc in the house allthough the production crew didn’t make it as obvious on their video as they did with Cindy.

  125. There you go, more and more blind fools defending those who are not worth defending for. has become a religion to many people, so did (partially because of kennysia). Thus the blind voting and the blind defending.

  126. I agree with “no name chicken”. Nadia is behind all this. I read about it in timothy tiah’s blog and i also read about it in Shaolin tiger’s blog about how Nadia seems to be in every problem.
    Worst, it seems Nadia resorted to derogatory remarks such as “pu ki ma”.

  127. Kudos to Kenny sia, the blogger who started it all.
    When i first read Kenny, i really enjoyed it, and kept it up. It was through Kenny that i found about people like Cheesie, Nicole ,xia xue, dawn yang, and fu rong jie jie.
    These people owe their fame to kenny sia.

  128. Yup, and now Giselle owes her fame to Kenny too.
    I had long forgotten about Gisell thinking she was kicked off because she probably didn’t have the personality the judges wanted. Then came this post, now the whole nation knows Giselle’s skin problem.
    Dumb Kenny should have just she didn’t look appealing without make up.

  129. The decision to announce why Gisele was not selected is important so that everyone will finally understand why the decision was made.
    However, to put up her embarrassing picture is potentially and most probably is harmful to her self-esteem and pride. I would feel hurt if I were here and knew her personally. I actually feel for her already just as a stranger.

  130. hey Kenny, what was your point for putting the link to Cindy’s blog? So that everyone can know what a bigger whore Cindy is?
    Vicious comments may have already been at her blog, but you putting the link, you just wanted to see Hiroshima and Nagasaki explosion in here comment box.

  131. “you doubt it? well remember, kenny DID tell a girl that her clothes look like a roadside mamak stall tablecloth. well sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind.”
    That’s a bad choice she made. One can always improve on one’s fashion sense. It’s hurting, but not as hurting as Giselle’s case. Skin problem is tricky. One may try all sorts of ways to improve their skin, even see a skin specialist, and the problem will still persist. It’s not her fault she has bad genes whatever. She doesn’t deserve such cruel comments, period.

  132. abused? haha wtf kenny. drama queen much?
    be a man.
    do the right thing.
    “Ringo = The UMNO of MDG!!!!” is the best analogy i’ve heard in a long time.
    oh and i changed my mind.
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!
    JAY FTW!

  133. Giselle is her name now?
    I used to know her by the name of Felixia
    Yeap Chin Lee (if im not mistaken)
    she has been in some sort of modelling contest from years ago starting with dewi remaja (malay mag) and didnt win although she did get into the finals.
    she has pimples but her skin is very2 fair

  134. people, just wake up! TRUTH HURTS, sometimes. kenny maybe a tad bit insensitive but hell! giselle still look gorgeous no matter what right? and i dont think such stunningly beautiful people will be so easily defeated by that few pimples and grand-canyon-diseases-like-description.. and kenny is simply being kenny by posting his most honest opinion and clearest explanation to all of us.
    also, why is it ok for people to comment that “MDG sucks”, “MDG no quality” etc while knowing full well that this also hurt the production crew, the girls and the judges who have been putting in lots of efforts to make this first online reality show as entertaining as possible?
    it may not be as good as what we have seen on tv (like the american or aussie shows or whatsoever), but hey, this is our very first malaysian reality show! and i am sure it will keep on getting better and better!!

  135. that is the ugliest pic i’ve seen on your blog.the pimpled face,i mean.thanks to kennysia,a large population would have known about it too.not everyone want their weakness exposed for all the world to putting on heavy makeup,giselle sure do not want that.thanks for taking it away,and showing the whole world her up-close shot of her kenny said,if she cant endure criticisms like this,she dont deserved to be in the top 12.or something to that effect.well,now she isn’ she not only failed to enter the top 12,she ALSO need to have her “a full-blown GRAND CANYON. It’s almost like she was infected with some sorta disease” face shown to the world in all its close-up glory.all thanks to kennysia!

  136. It’s a shame that nobody has invented a machine to turn tears into SMS votes, or your ‘commentators’ could actually do something to change the program instead of whining about it.

  137. I like Giselle. All models have bad skin but her beauty shines through and her skin will get better in time. For me, she was the most beautiful of them all.

  138. i dun like ringo.
    yucks, shes so desperate. who is the one who insult the judges and other contestants in the first place? now she wants to win the competition, which initially she thinks is unfair. shes such a hypocrite.
    yes, u may say its her blog, so its up to her. i didnt say she cant do that. she can do watever she wants. its just that shes hypocrite. shame on u ringo.

  139. Racial Show! Cheering for Cindy! I am not voting for fiqa and hanis! Didnt know malays bitches so much. Its a sin to habour evil thoughts. Pls go and fast yourself and beg for forgiveness.

  140. I’m a little bit surprised that the muslim women are allowed to wear semi naked for the shoot, whereas other times you hear about all the persecutions that they face when they exposed too much skin. Where’s the balance here?

  141. The girls are crappy *after watching their profile vids*, well except for Jay & Nadia. Both of them have the weirdo looks, remember, top models are girls who have weird features, eg: Kate Moss, Tara Banks, Amber Chia, Milla Jovovich… they are the ones who are ‘different’ from the rest.
    Cute chicks are not meant for modelings, they were born to make guys fall in love with them and then crush their heart, LOL… joking joking *too much chick flick in mind* But seriously, you don’t see cute chicks on the front cover or on the billboards. It’s salah, well except for Japanese ads lah.
    Just a thought from me.

  142. I QUOTE: “So, who cares if she wins the competition and will not make it in the modelling industry? The car is the most important thing, isn’t it?”
    Posted by: I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! at 06 April 2008 6:20 PM

  143. MEE pok soh: i think Chicken was being sarcastic in his/her original remark. in other words, he wasn’t at all justifying Ringo’s action for wanting a car, but rather, he/she was actually having the same line of thought as you. in fact, he/she did mentioned earlier that Ringo herself deserved to be called a hypocrite

  144. Cindy look like a cross between Ho Yeow Sun the singing pastor and Chen Diya, the female champ of Project Superstar in sg.
    Why do they all sit in almost the same position for Precinct 2 except Nadia?
    For that, I hope Nadia wins..

  145. Kenny, if you post something bad related to our government like Chua Soi Lek, everybody will support you.
    But don’t simply enlarge the grand-canyon and infection (your definition on pimple) of a normal girl picture and show to the whole world and said “NAH, you want reason, here is the reason, and if she can’t take my comment, she don’t deserve as a MDG”. Bear in mind she is NOT MDG now, so why bother?
    This post shows your immaturity as the No1 Blogger in Malaysia.
    And also as a judge…
    We know that you want to act like Simon Cowell (from American Idol), but Simon… he is steady, he analyze, he is a pro, and you are not, so don’t pretend if you don’t have the quality to be like Simon Cowell.
    Honestly, from the corner of your heart, you want to be as popular as Simon, but sorry man, but you fail dearly this time. You look like a pasar malam judge and act like a pervert.
    Very geli…

  146. i cant stand fiqa actually. she’s like this super bitch queen. followed by hanis…bitch queen 2. the other one i don’t enjoy watching is nadia’s face. really wanna sepak her LC face.

  147. Claudia, wanna know why? coz Giselle Bundchen is a supermodel and if her name tallies with ‘Felixia’s’ own, maybe that’d work to her advantage in the show? anyhoo, just another lame guess. 😛

  148. Kenny should retract his comment on Giselle. That is plain mean, period. Wonder how some people can still find it in themselves to defend such insensitivity.

  149. i do think making a comment like “It has turned into a full-blown GRAND CANYON” is overboard. a well literate person like you could have comment in a more sensitive way.
    yes, i do agree that you’ve made a point by saying that if she’d be able to endure that kind of negative comment, she’d be in the top 12. but hello. since you know this world is harsh, why making it even more harsh? if others can’t be sensitive enough to post a better comment, it doesn’t mean you have to be just like them.
    yes, a judge can’t always be the goody kind. but seriously, that comment was really harsh. it’s reality. girls are sensitive. and we can’t deny the fact they are.
    who is she to deserve such comment from a person like you?
    i seriously don’t see the connection in it, and i truely don’t think she deserves it.
    i’m just voicing out my opinion.
    you gone too far this time.

  150. Tsk Tsk Tsk… Are these the best you all can get, I bet they are lots more better, humble, and hard working girls out there which are better than these bunch of “DREAM” catcher. Especially that Jay, Fiqa and Hanis…. Oh Boy. I bet Kenny had lotsaaaa fun here, I do agree with some of the commenter where you are trying hard to become somebody. Be honest, you guys choose the best 12 based on what??? Don’t tell me with their wisdom or with their good personality, I bet these bunch of girls are “Dreaming” to win the competition so that they can be well known and get things easy around. Btw, don’t try to defense by saying we are inexperience, we are katak bawah tempurung, we are definitely seen and experienced things more than you.

  151. i think a sad thing about the show is that the judge don’t do the judging at all… why are they the judges when they can’t even have some power in deciding whose in and whose out? wouldn’t it be better if popular vote stands for a percentage while the judges vote stands for portion? say popular vote decide on bottom 3, judges decide who gets to go if not it’s pretty lame to see kenny sia just appear on the show to oogle at sex girls and nothing else

  152. I think you guys are just jealous of Ringo. She will win, and you ask why? Well, let me tell you guys why. Coz she is pretty, cute and most of all has her very own fan base. If you think you can vote her out, think again. And if you are not happy that she will win, we don’t care either. Stop watching MDG for all we care.
    And stop bitching about Ringo too. If you are not happy that she will be the 1st Malaysian Dreamgirl, then start your own contest. Like I said, she will definitely win because we are all rooting for her all the way!

  153. I agree with Hosoi on the way the girls should be eliminated also with the immunity card that they use on ANTM. The show is getting better though compared to the first few episodes but could still use more focus on the shoots and what happens in the dreamhouse… My personal opinion is that the only ones left with Model Material is Jay and Fiqa… the rest are just there due to popularity… too bad Allison and Eyna are out… they are the other two i would have bet money on to be in the final 3…

  154. Eyna is out??!! OMG how can…? She so hot like Msia-version of Victoria Beckham and votes pulled her outa MDG. So dissapoiting as I still wanna see more from her >.

  155. ah, people who offend will never know the embarrassment of the opposite party. and such is the attitude of Malaysia’s most famous blogger.

  156. When I read your post, the thought that crossed my mind over & over again was, Poor Giselle. I know you put up the photo & explanation to shut everyone up, hoping that they will see the reason why Giselle didn’t make the cut.
    Maybe you succeeded in doing that. But did the end justify the means? In the process of proving your point you may have just hurt an innocent girl’s feelings. Was she the one who went around bitching about why she wasn’t selected? Was she the one who went around demanding an explanation? You said so yourself that it was other ppl demanding explanations. To me, there is a difference. Cos if it were her going around criticising & “abusing” the judges for not picking her, then I’d say that she had it coming for her. But here it wasn’t the case so I don’t see the need to publicly shame her.
    If you think that you’re just calling a spade a spade, honestly, as a disinterested third party I do feel a hint of malice, what with zooming in on her face, using words like “GRAND CANYON” to describe her face & saying she’s got “some sorta disease”.
    Yes, those who audition should be able to take criticism, i agree. You quoted examples of criticisms towards Jay, Adeline & Cindy. But these criticisms came from viewers. You are one of the judges. You are supposed to be impartial, or at least seen as impartial. You are not just a blogger, you are also wearing the hat of a judge of MDG so that’s why you are expected to behave like one. I don’t dispute a blogger’s freedom of expression, but when a blogger is acting in another capacity, then he/she has to live up to the standards required.
    I think that’s why ppl are pissed off with what you wrote about Giselle. Bcos of who u r. If it were some other blogger, ppl might still be mad, but for different reasons.

  157. Ann: you sound absolutely *ahem* mature *ahem* in what you wrote. but tell me, why would we be jealous of someone who is a model-wannabe at 5’2″, tiny and insignificant, certainly not ugly but with bland looks, and worst of all, who is hereby stuck with the label of being a hypocrite because she dug her own grave?
    because she is smart and pretty and cute and has a fan base? let me tell you,
    1) smart people are articulate – clearly she ain’t one, judging from the way she responded to elaine daly’s question and also from the countless other opportunities when she was speaking, or rather, mumbling. you could be a straight-A student in school but nobody care nuts once you are out in the real world. ever heard of the phrase street smarts? maybe you are too young to realize that, but you will one day when you entered the working force. if she cant even gave a spontaneous answer to a question on your life’s saddest moment, but instead responded in the most incredible way (“i dont have a saddest moment”), she is clearly making a laughing stock of herself. elaine daly probably doesnt even really care what was ringo’s saddest moment, but just asked the question for the sake of wanting to see how she would respond to it.
    2) pretty and cute does not equate modeling qualities and potential, which is what mdg contest is seeking. if what you suggested is the case for Ringo’s justification to be crowned mdg, 7 out of 10 girls around us (potentially including yourself, ann) could probably be as eligible as her and already be on the runway and catalogues by now, if they wish. perhaps you are not aware, but all successful models out there are not necessarily pretty and/or cute, but they garner recognition and wealth because they have a unique look or feature and exudes oomph along with them, and those are what attracts clients. cindy crawford (mole), kate moss (waif-ish look), elle macpherson (‘the body’), to name a few supermodels. and oh, by the way, all of them are at least 5’9″, not 5’2″ (we can cut some slack for asian people to perhaps a minimum of 5’6″ due to genetic disadvantage, but not to 5’2″ – that’s stretching it too far). so, ann, if you are voting for ringo because you think she is pretty and cute, it will be perfectly suitable if it is for a prom queen or miss hello kitty contest, but not so for the mdg-model-search competition, okay?
    3) in Ringo’s case, it definitely boosts the ego to have a fanbase who observe through their rose-tinted lenses. i dont even want to raise the hypocrisy issue again since so many other people have written about it in the above comments. what i mean by a rose-tinted blind fanbase is: you guys cant provide a cogent argument or comback to the accusation raised by these people on ringo’s hypocrisy. instead all you fans could say are along the lines of “i dont care, she is pretty and cute and she will win”, “i believe in her” (believe in what aspect of her, may i ask? pffftt, because i find it hard to seek an attractive personality quality within her, and believe me, i did try hard), “i support her by giving her voting money and thus she gonna win, u guys who dont want to see her win sucks” (financially it makes sense, but not the u guys suck part)”. one tip: if you or any of the other fans could at least act a tad more mature, and provide reasonable, logical answers which portrays sincerity to ringo’s behaviors: a) her refusal to answer a simple question, b) her desire to garner votes in order to be win a contest where she had earlier dissed the quality of judges and contestants, i am sure her dissenting viewers will be willing to consider them.
    it saddens me to actually see the mdg competition being manipulated such that the same group of fans keep voting and voting for the same person without regard to the improvement and performance given by other contestants, really makes me wonder what are all those photoshoot and fashion challenges are for.

  158. Cindy won’t leave the show that soon, her dad already said “Ok, I’ll make sure you’re still in” sort of things, and if you people had read her blog, she’s a rich spoil brat. So I guess this part proves what the girls said are true, that she don’t know how to cook or do any housework at all. – The part whereby her dad purposely made a “princess bed” for her, so you ppl should know how spoiled is she. Also the parents fork out few Ks for her to buy stuffs for MDG.
    Also, she allowed her brother to take those sexy pictures of her inside the room. Imagine a young boy looking at the sister posing like that, won’t he have other imaginations?
    People said vote for the face but not the attitude, but think and see, if someone have such stuck-up attitude, how r they gonna survive in the industry? Ringo may not be the model quality type of girl, but at least she don’t boast about herself in the blog. Not like some claiming the ‘most pictures blog in m’sia’. So who’s the bitch now?
    If you say people mis-judged Cindy through the reality show, then go ahead and read her blog, her real life and so on .. Look at the way she talk about things or how highly she thinks about herself. After reading through I guess you should know who’s the one telling false stuffs. Who’s the one having those princess type of attitude.
    I also don’t understand why Cindy addressed others as “In Du Po” and “Ma Lai Po”. Don’t tell me you use these names to call those friends you know?
    That’s so rude of her ..
    Then while they were at 1utama’s toilet, coincidently Cindy and Adeline’s conversation are being overheard, they were non-stop complaining about other girls in mandarin.. These are not recorded, so who’s true and who’s not?
    Adeline can never make it to a spokesperson.
    Fiqa has the looks but she needs more determination.
    Eyna is the one who had model quality, but she’s out so too bad.

  159. KENNY! i went through all the troubles to vote for u in that bachelor thing and ended up u r not yet in the top 4! sigh…i did my best already hoh! wish u luck!

  160. Of course Cindy’s dad will do whatever it takes to please his daughter la. She’s a spoilt brat what. Even Cindy said so herself in her blog. That she’s very lucky la and her dad loves her more than her mom… like seriously wtf??? That her dad would cancel his meeting just to drive her up to KL several times, that his dad would put down everything after work just to build her princess room.
    I won’t be surprised if she win this shit

  161. sorry to say this….
    i personally feel that malaysian dreamgirl’s is getting more boring… maybe i just put too much of expectation on this show.. Kenny, it’s time for you add on more sparks in the show!

  162. Kenny to add on more sparks? Or to make himself look like a fool again by making mean and rude comments to anyone whether or not in the competition?
    I don’t know, really.

  163. Yea u can have your own opinion and I’m neutral with your comment. But you have to agree that without Kenny, the show will not be having so much publicity and it will be even more boring!!! At least his performance is better than the host!
    I’m not a Kenny’s fan. However everyone understood what is the role of Kenny in this show. If you want to compare the professionalism in modeling of course Kenny can’t be the best judge, or maybe not yet. All he can do now is making the show more interesting by commenting it no matter what shit he wants to comment(it is his right, and same as yours). Local tv shows cant afford to lose audience again.

  164. god, i have to agree, this time round, with many others that the picture and harsh comments on gisele are totally unnecessary and uncalled for.
    yes, i understand that as a blogger, readers expect you to be honest and candid. but to POKE FUN at a girl’s flaws – something that cannot be corrected/controlled within her means? im sorry to say that it is just downright insensitive and ungracious of you.
    to take an extreme example, if it were a handicapped person, you would never, in a million years, have RIDICULED AND MAGNIFIED his/her shortcomings in the same manner.
    like what many have pointed out, all it takes is simply a comment on her less-than-perfect complexion to explain why she was not chosen.

  165. gotta agree with the rest. you are a HYPOCRITE in your own sense. ppl call you fat etc, and knowlingly you dislike it or you’ve gotten used to it. but then you turn around and comment on her skin complexion with a term so crude. why? you could’ve put it in a nicer fashion. unlike weight issues, good skin is not something everybody is blessed with. now looking at it is, your prolly don’t get what they mean. now i see why so many thrashy comments were thrown at you about your blog entries. you didn’t need to diss her to that extent.
    and about being a judge, professional or not, you gotta get what they’re saying. you ARE a judge, meaning that you’re role if you have realised by now, is not to say ‘she’s hot, she’s pretty, she’s shaggable quality’. come on la, what kinda judge does that make you? do you seriously think that you’re role is to play the average pervy malaysian dude? even if it is right, you gotta play it right. and you said you write what you see. well, she didnt get it first place, let her off the hook la. you don’t have to make it known to the entire world that she’s got bad complexion.
    and then right, this malaysian dreamgirl search has thrown people aloof by what they’re searching for. i think it’s a flaw in the title of the show. it’s not a ideal malaysian girl quality show but a model search like ANTM kinda thing… sien. all the good people are voted out. this show aired online has got ppl from overseas watching. i tell you, it’s damn memalukan that our dear nation is voting for below par individuals for modelling.

  166. After reading Rick at 3.32AM, I completely lost all respect for Ringo. I was neutral before although I did not think she has the looks to be a Malaysian ‘Dreamgirl’. I did wonder why all the comments in her blog were so idolizing to the point it was just creepy. Silly me, I thought everybody just loves a cute girl.
    So I then left a comment saying she looks like a scrawny little kid in the sportswear photo but looks great in another photo- not insulting, mind you! Didn’t think about it again until I read the comments here so I went back to check my comments and yea, mind was deleted too. Ngai ti even a little bit of critique also get deleted. It’s like her fans just cannot handle rational views of her flaws. Sure, there are comments critizing her here and there but they are mostly the idiotic type of bashing…the level-headed negative comments are nowhere to be seen. Wanting to appear more clever perhaps. But I think now all negative comments are deleted so you can see only the same people commenting aka singing praises on her blog all the time… So true that someone above says her blog is like a certain political party we all know and ‘love’.

  167. You NEED to have English subtitles for when the contestants are speaking in malay if you want to cater to the international audience!
    I always skip the parts when Hanis is speaking cause I totally catch no ball.

  168. So much request for Giselle? Thank goodness the truth is finally out though I’d say, Kenny, you are a little too harsh on it. Giselle I see, is sort of Xiaxue type. Pretty + fake + too much make up.
    Now back to MDG, the ones I really truly like their model pics like are Nadia, Jay, Eyna and Valerie. I think Eyna is extremely good. What a pity she’s out. Malaysians, do vote for the most deserving.

  169. Hey kenny if there is a title ‘Hypocrite’ or ‘Hearless’ in the cleo’s 50 eligible bachelors competition, i will sure vote you in for those titles. You pervert

  170. Requoting myself.
    My fellow Malaysians, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for only the most deserving.
    As you had done in the last general election.

  171. sigh…. this is what happens when people can’t handle the truth…
    i applaud kenny for being honest. and if the public can’t accept what he says, then don’t read.
    fyi, i know giselle/felixia…(don’t know why she recently changed her name), and what kenny said is true… it’s been like that for years and nothing anyone says is going to change it… by going for the audition, she should have been prepared to let the world know about her skin condition… imagine if the camera had zoomed in during the audition, the effect would have been the same as now (with kenny posting the picture) wouldn’t it?
    and if people say that MDG is purposely portraying Cindy as bitchy, i think that judgement it clearly very obvious to those who reads her blog… after all, her blog shows her true personality…which is bitchy, self centered, spoilt and pampered…
    so… instead of criticising someone who dares to post up what he/she thinks… would the public prefer bloggers to do what everyone of us so frequently do? talk about something/someone behind their backs/face, and then say something else and be a hypocrite?

  172. Episode 9, Eyna, Fiqa and Jay is the bottom 3 and it’s totally absurd.
    If the finalists end up to be the bimbos, lalahs and hypocrites like Cindy, Adeline and Ringo, i will totally ban MDG. That means that this show defeats its purpose to choose a model material.

  173. MDG gives me the feeling that the best girls get eliminated while the not so good ones who blogs get chosen. What a stupid and unfair reality show.

  174. i think many girls in the house wants to win this so badly so that they can use this platform to start in modelling career.
    But as for Ringo..what she said in her blog that she just wants to win the damn car! i dont think shes serious in this competition..its unfair to other girls if they dont win.

  175. Afiqah…? I was really surprised when I first saw her in episode 2. I couldn’t BELIEVE how she managed to be a part of the final 12.
    She is an ex-secondary schoolmate of mine.
    She was popular because she was hated by a lot of girls, and avoided by guys who thought she was very “gatal” and “horny”. (guys get turned off by slutty girls)
    No surprises if she’s a flirt-whore in MDG too. Definitely speaking with an accent (which is not natural).
    People who knows Afiqah personally will know that I’m telling the truth about her. She’s as fake as she seems, I’m sorry but the truth hurts, Fiqa-fans.

    PS: I believe Cindy’s side of the shoe-story.

  176. hi kenny, your new reader here..first comment btw.
    hmm…though i can’t watch the show coz i’m not in malaysia (in in indonesia), but based on the pictures you posted, i like Nadia and Jay the most
    *kinda weird saying the name Jay for a girl..since i’m a Jay Chou hardcore fan ^^;; *
    kinda agree with some people here about Ringo.
    She’s cute.look at her smile, but i think what a model needs is not cuteness but uniqueness. Based on those pictures of her, i think she’s lacking it. her face is too it? o_O
    IMO, one thing that makes someone looks gorgeous as a model is the cheekbone..that’s why i like Nadia and Jay.. ^^
    btw, good luck for the show..may the best win.
    and kenny, judge fairly, okei ^^

  177. i’m not sure whether to applaud or grief for this reality show. call me old-school, but honestly i don’t think we’re really moving forward. so what if we were the first to air a reality show on the internet?? i believe more HARM has been done rather than good.
    sure, the show’s got the whole multi-cultural thing going on. you have definitely given these ‘ordinary’ girls the chance to be ‘extraordinary’. but i watch the episodes and what is everyone really celebrating? SKIN, CLEAVAGE, DRAMA and GOSSIP. is that how we malaysians should be? i think it’s called WESTERNIZATION. so who cares if cindy, or fiqa or anyone else has a western “slang”. we are practically WESTERN WANNABE’S as is.
    i thought it was cool that the show was being aired on the net. but you guys definitely took full advantage of the ‘no censorship’ leeway eh? do you even know how you’ve portrayed malaysian and these malaysian girls?? MALAYS on the show, or ANY of the simply the most SKIMPIEST?? so what if it’s an individual’s choice? i think the show has not only disrespected the muslims and the governments sending out a message that MDG has finally came to the rescue and eliminated the censorship problem. don’t know what you’re doing. being modern, wanting the freedom and wanting to be as good as the world is one. but this is why i don’t think we are ready for that BIG of a freedom. we still do not know how to exercise SELF-CENSORSHIP. MDG just proves that we have a REALLY long way to go.
    but i guess many will disagree with me. since we HAIL the westerners and we HAIL everything about them. i guess THEIR culture and values and entertainment are THE BEST. what does that make our culture?? sad? too conservative and old fashion? well..if you watch the 9th episode where the latest elimination happened, you see some of the girls in traditional attire. but i guess that’s NOT sexy enough right? the girls literally had to have their photoshoots in underwear to be SEX-Y. what i think is worse, is that ANYBODY have access to THESE pictures on their mobile as wallpapers. i can only say…it’s a great idea..but you definitely know how to promote l-u-s-t. it’s freaking scary and you DON’T know whose freaking obsessed with these girls and have their intimate pictures on their PHONES!!
    i have other positive comments about the show. but i for one viewer, have analyzed the show in terms of a young, female, malaysian citize and i am just too disappointed and upset with how the girls have been portrayed and have had to go thru..the whole drama-makes-a-good-reality-show bull and so many other crap that not only malaysians get to watch, but the whole world.
    and WHY oh WHY do we NEED to just COPY everything and every show by the westerners?? from game shows to reality shows to whatever shows. we are creative as malaysians and you could’ve proved it. but sigh…
    so maybe someone from milan will try find the girls. modeling agencies would want to get them sign a contract. undeniably, they aren’t just beautiful, but are really talented. but THINK about it. put ANYONE through a make-over..including nice make-up, nice hair, nice walk..basically pure GROOMING lessons, and of course nice clothes and blings (we all just need MONEY)…and ta-daaaa!! you’re a MODEL.
    so point after all that yack yack yack, is..we are losing our culture and identity. instead of benefiting the contestants and audiences, what have we really succeeded?? bitching about people we DONT KNOW. and this is NOT about CONFIDENCE anymore. it plays with these girl’s MENTAL BEING. it’s not about STRENGTH and SPIRIT. you don’t PROVIDE THAT MOTIVATION in the show. you only provide CRITICSM. some, are good..and you learn from it. but look at the girls…they begin to be SO self-absorbed and thinking they are NOT GOOD ENOUGH. challenge is challenge. but we forget to give SUPPORT in a HEALTHY way. why do we really need to BE SO INTO THE WESTERN culture??
    just one suggestion, mr kenny sia. bring in someone who can talk ABOUT confidence. about LOVING YOURSELF as who you are and EMBRACING the differences of ONE person to the OTHER and about RESPECT. do some good for these girls, for the show, for the audiences. we asians are special in our own ways. you have the power so use it wisely. help instill some moral support. it’s a damn competition. but you don’t have to be mean, nasty and heartless. you can educate, realise dreams, and inspire others in positive ways rather than negatively.
    i rest my case.

  178. why is allison out? i think shes one of the best apart from Jay, the rest are just… this show made malaysian girls look horrible, they made us look like donkeys, most of them cant even speak proper basic english, Its Malaysian Dream Girls, isnt it supposed to be someone who public look up to? smart, with good spoken english, proper education and good career? not some horrible looking girls who has no quality in them.

  179. I dun like Ringo… she deleted my post when i criticized her on her cheezie website..
    face it, she is no model material..
    the only reason she is still in the compeitition is bcoz of the wide fan base..
    seriously, if she wins this season of MDG.. tell me who is going to watch the next season? her own fans wont watch it anymore coz she isnt in it anymore, and others probably wont watch it anymore bcoz they will be pissed off for the fact that the real model material girls got voted off just because they lost in terms of popularity.. whats the point of having a modeling reality tv show when the person who wins it is not the best model but instead the most popular BLoGGer?!!? might as well make a Malaysian dream blogger and let kenny sia win it… LOLZ!

  180. Cheesesmells, I second you !
    “seriously, if she wins this season of MDG.. tell me who is going to watch the next season? her own fans wont watch it anymore coz she isnt in it anymore, and others probably wont watch it anymore bcoz they will be pissed off for the fact that the real model material girls got voted off just because they lost in terms of popularity.. whats the point of having a modeling reality tv show when the person who wins it is not the best model but instead the most popular BLoGGer?!!?”
    so people, SUPPORT ! aka vote !
    instead of bitching or complaining, vote for the one you like the most. That’s how it goes anyway, at least until the next season or something
    You dont vote, you dont get your opinion delivered. As for me, I dont vote because I seriously couldnt care less who will win. =)

  181. MDG is just like an America’s Next Top Model or something. Though I don’t watch any of it I’m thinking M’sians are gonna start all these kinda programs since we already had Malaysian Idol too. Seems interesting yet, causes disruption among people voting and like in Cindy’s blog. =)

  182. Hello? You guys, are you plain stupid or what? How’s Ringo gonna online when she’s in the dreamhouse? There’s no access to anything at all, do you really read or what. Those who deleted your comments are the moderator of the blog so don’t simply say things.

  183. yes,kenny i realy think that you are terrible and mean.Being the number 1 blogger doesnt give you this authority to be such an asshole.

  184. [Rick] and [What’s up with Ringo’s totally creepy fans?]: hey, i totally hear you guys, because i suffered the same fate.
    mr bbq claimed he does published posts that are of critique nature, “all there for you to see in their glory” as quoted. but he is a sly fox in this manner, choosing to showcase the ones that are written in an idiotic bashing manner rather than the ones that conveys a strong, sound argument or slight critique in a very courteous and rational manner. why, you ask me? because he is 1) a coward who could not provide a logically-sound comeback to the latter feedback without making himself sound like a complete bimbo, fool or hypocrite or 2) someone not mature enough to let his darling cheesie read those comments “because she might be hurt”. And the idolizing fans, who seemed intellectually-challenged to me, produce comments that are clearly the only ones allowed, thereby making appears like some happy heaven filled with love, praises and all the nice and dandy stuff. oh well, nevermind la, it’s her blog afterall so let her be. and let ringo continue living in her i-m-the-most-blessed-cinderella-alive self-protective bubble because i m perfet in every other way. she can grow up one day, she’s only 23 right? not too late yet.
    on the other hand, there’s honestly only 2 (to be generous) simple questions as inquiry, and i believe they have been raised again and again in the numerous comments here in and are in fact listed explicitly in the paragraph written by [grow up, ann]. and you know what? till now, these allegations go unresponded by mr bbq and her idolizing fans (yes, i can imagine what they are saying now – why do we owe you an answer anyway? who the heck do you think you are?). well, if you want to shut people like us up and make us eat our own words, then provide a cogent argument for it. but alas, no, instead they chose to be in denial, in blatant ignorance or provide answers like what was given by [ann]. very mature indeed.
    tell me, [ann], who envy ringo’s position now? her self-respect is as good as dead once she ate the backward grass called hypocrisy in the public eye. first dissed the judges and contestants in mdg and now campaigning in desperation to win votes for the mdg crown. aiyoyo, at least do yourself a favor and have some semblance of dignity for yourself lah.

  185. Cheesesmells: currently it wasnt ringo who censors your comment, but mr. bbq, who is someone *close* to her and is managing her blog and promoting her kau-kau because she has no net access. i personally know who he is and what is his relations to ringo and why he was entrusted with the blog by ringo, but let’s have some personal discretion and respect and not divulge here. at least i have some semblance of maturity, unlike some people we know.

  186. sigh, i really hope jay or fiqa wins this mdg contest la… at least they have some form of potential to go further. eyna is probably one of the good ones too, just very sad that she actually had to leave.
    thanks to the bimbo blog and a barrage of blind fans, mdg has been twisted in a way such that the winner, assuming if she is as pretty and cute as her fans claimed (which i disagree IMHO), could be viewed as
    miss mdg = miss prom queen = miss hello kitty = miss most popular blogger contest
    (as quoted from comments left by grow up, ann, and Cheesesmells)
    mdg is supposed to be a model search contest.
    what’s the point of choosing someone with no model merits and no future when that is the goal of the contest?
    mdg producers: a suggestion for future betterment, please have a minimum height requirement of 5’6″ to ensure the winner can at least be competitive in the modeling arena once out of mdg. we do not need to see any more midgets in 2nd season of the contest, assuming if there gonna be a 2nd season aired

  187. The only gal that looks like a model in MDG is actually Jay and she deserves to win. The others are just average looking girls. If girls like Ringo or Cindy wins, i can only say that this show is very unfair. It should be called Malaysian Dream Blogger and not Dream Girl. May the best blogger wins. Duh!!!

  188. have you heard of for the american idols????
    if you guys think it’s that bad then go do it la… stop complaining like crazy… the thing it’s you all fucking talk bullshit all the time, and yet ASKED if you guys haD voted or not… the big answer is NO!
    Personally i believed that Ringo has by far one of the more wholesome images of the girls in the house. She is neither bitchy, and yes, she does help around. She’s pretty to boot, and isn’t that what ppl are looking in a dreamgirl anyway? You guys call her a hypocrite… she’s merely voicing out her opinions in terms of the judging. And and and she took the effort to actually go to the auditions to go and participate, neither knowing if she’s getting through or not. There is still something as in freedom of speech and opinion isn’t it??
    And to those calling her hypocrites, ain’t the pot calling the kettle black? Have you all voted?
    I’m convieniently one of those overseas who is watching attentively of the episodes posted online… and to say cheesie’s moderates are recruiting us to vote for her as our currency are much stronger… far-fetched indeed.. i personally know mr.bbq and ringo herself…. and i believe i’m doing the right thing in getting her the crown.
    to all her disserters… do what you must, but i think she’s way stronger and take this a a mere chink on her armour….

  189. All the talk about Ringo not deleting the comments is pure crap…. so maybe she didn’t do it herself but she did entrust mr.bbq to moderate the blog… looks like her judgement is off…. and i disagree with everyone who says if you don’t like it don’t read it…. so the blogger can say what he/she wants but the people reading it cant make a negative comment??? Is that what you all are saying??? talk about double standards… if you’re going to be in the public eye… expect criticism as well as praises…

  190. megan:
    “And to those calling her hypocrites, ain’t the pot calling the kettle black? Have you all voted”
    >> go find out what this expressing actually means before tossing it around and making a complete fool of yourself. your analogy on hypocrisy is so off and you are so-not-making any sense. go read why ppl called ringo hypocrite, it is not becos she wrote the entry (free speech rights, aint it?), but it is becos she denigrate something then go back against her own word and further pursue the glamor of it
    malaysian dreamgirl is not a prettiness or who-is-not-bitchy or who-helps-around-household contest. i believe those are called miss high school prom queen, miss congeniality, and miss best homemaker contest. mdg are in search for a model, so your justification is off. but if you are overseas and have money to vote and vote because u know ringo and mr bbq personally, go ahead, becos it is nice to see one supporting a friend. just dont shout around to prove your point when u dont even know what malaysian dreamgirl is looking for.
    and oh, using profanities in your response doesnt help matters. it doesnt make your response more credible but rather reflects on your yourself, ya know?

  191. Smokin’ Aces: aiyah, leave them alone in cheeserland, let them continue be cheesy-peesy in their cheeserland. some ppl just like to think that everybody loves them and kisses their ass all the time, ego-boosting to them i guess. so just let them be and let them have a rude awakening themselves one day. since the moderator there keep removing negative comments, that just reflects their cowardice in facing them and of leaving them in the open which then allows other blog visitors to read about the blatant truth

  192. Dear Kenny,
    Since you are one of the judge, could you voice your opinion to the producer of MDG,on the matter of votes are not so much a proper and fair way to choose from. Maybe until the top 6, elimination will be based on judges. You and me know very well that these votes are so wrong.
    C’mon MALAYSIANS!! Vote intellectually would ya?! Take for instance, choose and vote for someone who can represent MALAYSIA internationally, a model quality/material, who can carry oneself well, and most of all haver the MODEL LOOK AND QUALITY. You don’t want any firl next door, or someone who hasn’t much potential and ‘all it takes’ attitude to walk the run way?? What impression are we giving the rest of the world out there?? That our MALAYSIANS fashion model are standing in the shadow because of having the a not-presentable-model.
    Wake up people. Think wise, Act wise! You don’t want to see your country being laughed at by other countries. Don’t ruin their image of MALAYSIANS formed earlier before!!
    I am in absolute no state of trying to denigrate any of the girls but seriously, if you don’t act now, and vote for so and so just because you read her blog or because she is cute, pretty, or just because she is so sweeeeet. I admit, all of them are pretty sweet etc etc..;but model quality?? I shall leave it to y’all here.

  193. Sheesh: You know what… you’re right… why bother…. but the sec part of my earlier post is for Blogger fans in general… they get pretty defensive when someone insults their idol…
    Roz: excellent point… i fear MDG is going to be a massive failure in the sense that someone who is not model material is going to win it…

  194. fiqa sucksss!! tis kind of gal also can get into 7th finalist. the show sucks!! i’m looking forward to see FIQA goin home. haha

  195. if the vote is for “To vote the worse and send them home”. Then i’ll top-up my HQ prepaid & vote for FIQA. kakaka

  196. hey guys, i actually hv one q: so there only left 4 weeks till the end of this whole messed-up mdg contest thingy. i understand there are 7 girls left now, so which means, in the final week, there gonna be 3 girls left. are the 3 judges (lim jimmy, kenny sia, elaine daly) gonna play any role in judging and determining the winner in the remaining 3 girls? or is it still purely sms votes?
    if it is the latter, then mdg is doomed for good.

  197. Smokin’ Aces: indeed, not only the moderator is being Zam-like, the blogger fans get all paranoid and overdefensive themselves. it is just plain ridiculous and amusing the way the they frame their argument.
    rick at 06 April 2008 3:32 AM definitely described them spot-on

  198. Judging from the photos in your blog, I love Nadia! So beautiful! I wish I had her smile. 2nd is Hanis the Manis! Jay’s rap was cool too…

  199. “Problem is, by the time the second-stage auditions come around, the kindy teacher’s face isn’t just dotted with pimples anymore. It has turned into a full-blown GRAND CANYON. It’s almost like she was infected with some sorta disease.”
    you probably think your choice of words is funny, but the only thing it shows is how incredibly insensitive and mean you are. you think people enjoy having to cope and live with pimples ah.
    how would you like it if someone took a photo of your damn fat tummy and enlarged it and posted it on their damn famous blog and said WALAU LOOK AT THIS CAN FEED THE WHOLE OF AFRICA FOR ONE MONTH!
    unlike pimples, weight can be lost easily okay. pimples you think so easy can cure ah. i can’t believe you went this far to diss a poor girl who did absolutely NOTHING to offend you.
    and for a JUDGE on a reality tv show to do something like this… i wonder who the hell actually thought you were good enough for this job lah you damn unprofessional ok

  200. seriously, MDG sux… the girls are horrible, the one that’s qualified has been kicked out. the rest are just useless.
    Cindy is a total slut and she’s bitch too. her pics come out slutty most of the time.
    Hanis… wtf.. can’t even speak english.. can u imagine if she become our malaysian’s model and go attend international runaway… and cakap melayu with tyra banks.. tat’s so hilarious..
    ringo – ok.. she’s cute but it’s sad to say that she’s not the material for international model as well.
    Nadia – she has great pictures and nice body but too garang at times and sometimes can be a bitch too
    fiqa – for God sake, tuck in your f**king stomach!!
    Jay – she’s ok.. no comment for her though at first she does look like man but now she’s ok.. got more model material than the rest
    Adeline – she mumbles.. she looks blur.. not a model quality too…

  201. and ppl who wanna write.. F**K…
    for goodness sake, you mean it, write only la.. why go ********** shift+8 all the time only, and plue it’s a waste of effort.

  202. from my observations on your comments and judgements, it is clear that you know nothing about modelling. some of the girls selected by you does not even qualify to be a stewardess, especially your ‘bestfriend’. what a pity.

  203. i hate fiqa more than cindy now. she’s so bitchy. all she does is complain complain and bitch. i read from somewhere that she flirted with one of the crew member, that’s why she’s getting more camera time compared to other girls. hanis and nadia also has quite alot of camera time because they are close to fiqa.
    i just hope nadia and fiqa will be out soon. fiqa is too perasan, she thinks she is very pretty. and apparently people say that she has the whole fitness thing going on. i dont see it. she has a flabby tummy for god’s sake! she doesnt have any sense of style. she wore a red cheong sam on the latest elimination. omg… i bet that piece of clothe must be a hand down from her ancestors… lol. it’s not fitting on her… i think ringo’s cheong sam is nice tho!
    so anyways… i am not a ringo fan, but at least she is keeping herself away from the dreamhome politics.

  204. I follow MDG everyweek. here are what i think
    Cindy – damn fake. so what if she’s studied in aust? doesnt mean she has to speak with an accent. so what if she speaks good english? her accent is disgusting…she doesnt shine in any of her pics anyway. i find her to be super bitchy. the gals in house wouldnt gang up to hate her for no reason!
    Fiqa – damn fake too. she talks with an accent too and not noticing it. which is worst, with a broken english too! too chubby to me a model.
    Hanis – her english is horrible altho she tried her best. and she thinks too highly bout herself
    Ringo – seriously not a model material, she’s trying too hard to be cute and her dressing sense is horrible la. but im sure she’ll win because oof her fan based
    Adeline – hahaha damn ah lian and i like to listen to her when she speaks/comments. i burst out laughing everytime i hear her speak. totally entertaining. they should interview her more to spice up the show 🙂
    Jay – she’s plying her cards right…being all goody because she knows she’s on TV…SMART GIRL. i wouldnt mind if she wins..she deserves it anyway
    and lastly NADIA !! my fav! she not only speaks well for a malay but also she shine in her pics. She just need to get rid of her colored contact lens.

  205. “Ringo – seriously not a model material, she’s trying too hard to be cute and her dressing sense is horrible la. but im sure she’ll win because oof her fan based” quoted from meLan*e
    very sad but true. she’s better off parading kiki-lala clothes or kiko.
    there’s actually much dirt going on at her blog. Honestly, only her bimbotic fans think she’s the greatest creature on earth. one thing i noticed is that her fellow blogger friends, esp prominent ones, dare not say anything, but i wouldnt be surprised if they know better too and have been writing comments elsewhere under pseudonyms.

  206. u shudnt hv posted the pimply pic! if i were her i would cry straight in front of my com and swear will not come back to anymore.
    anyway i guess it’s really appropriate to have u as one of the judges… no one would know MDG that much if it werent bcoz of you. The ad in ur blog is priceless man! Now my frens in every part of the world(who reads ur blog) know about this show and a lot of ppl has at least watch 1 episodes so far. You go kenny!

  207. Mmmm no matter how much people hated Cindy, they shouldn’t post such rude comments on her page…It’s too much for a girl like her. That fella must’ve watch too much porn. Incest some more.
    I like Fiqa until she started bitchin…
    I like Nadia until she started talking “male-chicken”
    I like Hanis until she started acting all powerpuff.
    I do hope Kenny will appear more often on the show, at least we can hear it from someone who is not in the modeling industry say something laymen. ^^

  208. from “i care about them” :
    -this is why i don’t think we are ready for that BIG of a freedom.
    -i for one viewer, have analyzed the show in terms of a young, female, malaysian citize and i am just too disappointed and upset with how the girls have been portrayed and have had to go thru..
    -we are losing our culture and identity.
    specifically directed to you:
    -why are females not entitled to the freedom of choosing whatever they want to wear? isn’t this freedom something natural instead of “BIG” which indirectly translates to shocking and unnatural?
    -is our highly valued asian cultures or whatever culture that you are refering to, only about females being the supposedly weaker and docile animals, staying at home raising kids helping their husbands, instead of joining some model competition to pursue their own dreams?
    -dont generalise and categorise all cultures and identities into what you think they are.
    NOT everything linking to freedom is equivalent to WESTERNIZATION.

  209. we should give titles to all the mdg contestants so that there’s no cat fights..
    Cindy = Miss Drama Queen
    Fiqa = Miss Hybrid
    Hanis = Miss Manja
    Ringo = Miss Disgusting Hypocrite
    Adeline = Miss Straight-laced Cina
    Jay = Miss Diplomat
    Nadia = Miss Sassy but Vulgar-mouth

  210. take a break from bashing the contestants, and kenny…
    and bash Sazzy Falak…
    what’s up with her anyway?
    she’s supposed to be the host,
    yes she didn’t appear at auditions…
    and even after that she appears only for elimination.
    don’t like her attitude,
    her slight favouritism…
    and I quote again from Elain Daly
    She Needs To Learn How To Suck In Her Tummy!
    twice in the eliminations… they were so distracting.
    I hope something like this happens in the coming episode.

  211. ya!! I agreed with u DeathNote, she need to Learn How to “Suck” In Her Stomach… huh…wan to vomit every time seen her.

  212. Kennysia said..
    Come on guys, give her a break. Fine, you have your right to dislike some contestants on MDG, but to denigrate one person and call her rude words like that just reflects your maturity and your character.
    Don’t forget, she is a woman too. You don’t call a woman stuff like that. What has she ever done to you anyway?
    March 31, 2008 1:06 PM
    The above was a comment left by Kenny Sia himself in Cindy’s blog.
    Maybe he forgot he mentioned something like this and then doing the same to another girl?

  213. Charmaine, maybe you forgot to notice that I did not call that other girl “trying to hint that you are a virgin to win men votes” or “the type that men would only consider as a fuck buddy or a paid whore, nothing more.”
    Now, how can you even compare what we said? 🙂

  214. Now i, too read the line you comment in Cindy’s blog – and gave me a shudder to think what the same gentleman has just said here about a harmless kindy teacher.
    So from your response to Charmaine above – you are trying to imply that you have a set of golden standard on what are the acceptable ‘rude’ words to “denigrate” a lady, and what’s not? That’s very eye-opening indeed.
    I understand you’re merely stating a fact abt Giselle – that’s actually acceptable. But i certainly think you’ve gone beyond the line by suggesting that her face has grown into some GRAND CANYON and look like some sorta disease. Maybe it’s nobel of you for not abusing her further by suggesting a disease like STD? (i sure hope this at least fits your standard of being RUDE to a woman)
    Well… since i don’t know you personally, so let’s not even discuss about your personal ethics here 🙂 – honestly i think by diregarding that aspect, you deserve all the rights to say whatever you wish in your own little land-of-make-believe – but as a judge for the show, i think holding back your tongue is sometimes wiser. You can act a little higher by not squashing a girl’s ego simply bcos you were bashed by the audience for a wrongly accused bad choice. Likewise no one’ll expect you (or any of the other MDG judges) to provide a full justification of all your other decisions either.

  215. Kenny is always good in giving excuses to try and justify his wrong doings. All he has to say is sorry that he degrade and insulted a lady. But noooooooo..he has to protect his oh so inflated ego. What to do? He is Malaysia’s number 1 blogger, he already thinks he is also at par with God that he can do whatever he likes and say whatever he likes and expect to get away with it. Or maybe he can even bring in more crowd to his pathetic blog.

  216. Kenny you should be ashame of yourself to say such nasty stuff about that pimply face girl.having pimple/acne is beyond anybodys control. u should look at urself in the mirror first before throwing such harsh comment.besides, like i mentioned earlier…we cant control the fact she’s born with bad complexion…unlike U! u’re fat and u better do something bout it. u might be a famous blogger but surprisingly no guys like u more than just being frens.LOL u should think twice before throwing comments

  217. aww giselle, there there.don’t take notice of least there’s a cure for your acne problem, i don’t think there’s a cure for being a jerk

  218. Let me tell it back to you like what u said in cindy’s blog assuming ure the annoymous who called cindy a bitch and IM kenny and tell me how does it sound and the correct way to interpret it. Because I dun seem to understand what u are trying to tell Charmaine.
    “…but to denigrate one person and call her rude words like that just reflects your maturity and your character. Don’t forget, she is a woman too. You don’t call a woman stuff like that. What has she ever done to you anyway?” said Kenny
    How does this sentence means to u kenny? I must say either u have short term memory or giselle doesnt seem to be ‘woman-licous’ enough to u. And how does it reflect UR MATURITY of a 26 years old guy and as a judge?
    You know what peeps, kenny will never understand. How matter how hard you try to explain to him, he’l bombared us with his ‘Im oh so right and nth that i said its wrong’ justification.
    He doesnt even realised what he said in cindy’s blog RELATE to his GRAND CANYON description bout giselle. Well mayb talking bout pimples and acnes as disease doesnt sound rude enough for kenny.
    So let kenny be in his own little world of “OH IM SO DAMN RIGHT. And dont u ever try to correct me” kinda stuff okies.

  219. well what charmaine did was to use that as an analogy. but in a different light. kenny’s comment was on her face, but with regards to cindy it was her personality and her entire being as a person. it’s person A’s bad complexion vs person B’s personality be it bitchy, nice, sweet or whatever. he made a point there and i have to agree with him.
    But it’s not nice to say that a girl has bad complexion la out right. It’s just in our culture not to which isn’t kennysia’s writing style. But it’s mean kenny. You hear us kah? Don’t joke about it lor. No doubt she isnt bothered about it to a certain extent to join the competition in the first place, it’s not nice. Likewise when people tag you as being fat or what not, it’s not nice. Don’t do to others what you don’t want in return.
    People asked for reasons, yes. But you could’ve put it in a nicer manner la. That’s all. It’s something you can say in a conversation with friends, but then on a blog it’s not that appropriate. But it’s your blog. so that’s that. you decide from what your readers are saying.
    -End of story-
    the more we talk about this, the worse it is for Giselle herself. let’s just end this and move on.

  220. Hi Kenny, your cousin, Clare here. Here’s what I gotta say about MDG. You know I’m a media student, right? So watching MDG, you know I have some comments and criticism about the production. Well, actually, quite a lot.
    Production wise, editing sucked. There are so many parts which are redundant and it makes the show just so boring. So many talking. There is no flow to the show. Very unorganized. And the girls should be coached on how to speak publicly (and on TV). And that host is just a waste of TV (or online) space. I think a huge waste of production money (if she was paid to be on MDG) because honestly, she does nothing for the show and she’s a bad host. I think Elaine Daly can just do her job.
    Other than the production, the girls also cannot one. Cannot speak, cannot express themselves, cannot talk proper English (I tak faham apa you cakap loh), boring, unenthusiastic, some tried so hard to be reality tv stars that they looked fake (aka Ringo). No offense but it’s so irritating that she always speaks in this cutesy voice and acts all so cutesy (and I so hate people who acts cute)Or maybe because I was in a group assignment with Ringo when I was in TAR College and I know she’s act-cute and she know the guys drool after her but buat bodoh.
    And for people to have the guts to go after Cindy just because she speaks perfect English with maybe slight Aussie accent. That’s so stooooooooooooopid. And just because she has a little rift with one of the cuter-looking contestants on the show, viewers are going after her coz she’s bitcher looking and speaks better English? What the fark! Can people be more shallow? What’s with Asians and cute fake chicks? What’s wrong with the real, tougher, individualistic, strong-personality bitches?

  221. what’s wrong if ringo got the first? it means she’s popular and many people like her. IT IS MALAYSIAN dream girl right? HOW TALL are malaysian girls on the average?? how tall are you?
    I don’t understand, why must we condone to the particularities that the western countries had set to be a model? Ringo is like the girl next door, it’s an aspiration to most girls out there that they too can achieve what they want if they really want it. Do you get that point? Nothing is ever fair in this world. And the public will just continue to vote for who they like. Anyway, does ringo need to represent malaysia internationally? I doubt there will be any of such “Big” plans from the MDG crew la….
    what’s wrong with an accent? it just shows that she is talented in language, know manglish, know some other accent. nothing wrong right?? i mean, if you treat manglish as another language…. then… its like you know both languages right? 😛 if you look at it in another way, using manglish with the girls just shows that she is trying to get along well with the others right? Remember back then in school (chinese school la) those who spoke good english will always be mocked by the others who can’t. That’s always the mindset of malaysians, jealousy!!

  222. You folks seen the Wella Inspiration shots?
    Damn sucky.
    Sorry to say all of them looked really bad.
    Posted by: Elsie at 09 April 2008 5:58 PM | Link to comment
    >>> haha, i think ringo looks the absolute worst among them. like some lao ah yee who plays mahjong and gossip all day around the table. time to stop being so full of yourself or your imagined prettiness, girl, and wake up from your slumber.

  223. Adeline always sulks, Jay is too manly, Cindy is
    so bitchy, Fiqa is too clean, Nadia is a tigress, Hanis is an ordinary kampong type, ….
    Well, I guess Ringo’s the best – she’s so sweet, cute & lovable!!!!!

  224. The organiser is just smart by asking Kenny to be their judge because this online show really needs promotion. And Kenny is trying his best to give professional judgement.
    Pls understand this contest… The results are based on SMS votes. Everything is just so commercialised.

  225. My eye twitch when i read everyones post comments. Wow, i was amazed reading ppl with good english and also there are some that i was quite surprise. Finally, I know who is Giselle is, so that is her pic that’s been put as a display for the viewers to see? Kenny, why do you have to be so insensitive? you are forgetting the fact that ppl from around the world have acne’s including americans ok..? Not all lah thats for sure. Just you should think before u put that pic there of Giselles skin problem. I myself have acne’s but i went to remove them and thank god my skin is clean. I’ve been through all that and i tell you it is heartbroken to hear from ppl asking me ‘why is my skin like this’ and that blah blah. And IF i were Giselle and i found out about you putting a pic of my skin condition as a joke just to critisize me? well I would either do what all girls do, go home, cry, and never ever go out of the house ever again. But im not like other girls, i would find u and punch u for being an insensitive pervert! IT’S YOUR FAULT, not the ppl that knows what best for Giselle and all the girls around the world. I heard from ppl that you always look at Cindy? u like her? is that why u choose her to be in MDG? And i even heard u try to defend her? Hah! OMG this show is so boring and got many stupid effects (please i apologize for my bad english and typing).All the girls dont have any model material -.- from all the poses that i’ve seen I already seen it before in the magazine. None is new, everyone do they stupid old pose.
    so i wanna talk about the 12 contestant that the judges is to blind to ever chosen them!
    Hanis – is a nice girl, also lovable, caring and sweet. The way she speaks is so smooth and so…. whats the word…. like a shy little girl. Base on all the photo’s, I really like ‘womans secrets’. you have a malay face. with a bad girl look. I was all like. WOW!. nice shape body. I think the pic is the best amongs the others in ‘woman secrets’. So you did well. The truth is I dont think your cut out being a model. Maybe a model for Baju Kurung lah. lol.
    Ringo – I’ve heard that she is popular in her blog, lol its true. I’ve went through her blog and I like it very much. cheesie. Lol. but i dont know much about her. In ‘The Make-Over’ She did very well controlling her body and her legs. Even if she is short she sure know how to work it! lol. She can also work for Formula 1 girl. u know the one she wave the flag one. lol. All of her other photo’s reminds me of a little girl wearing a sexy outfit that make her look so adorable and hot at the same time lol. ‘white summer’ Ringo was so cute! She smile like this :} haha. precious.
    Nadia – In ‘Wella Inspiration’ she was so ugly i cant bare looking at it again. I hate seeing the colorful pee-cock tail that growing on her eye. o.O .Its horrible whoever think of doing it must be copying from the Americans Magazine in New york. Plz la. Not suitable for malaysia girls. u got no sense in accories and also fashion dumb shit. The other also ugly one. So no more comment for her.
    Adeline – I like her smile, when she smiles make me happy and not forcing myself to hate her :3 so smile often. In ‘Precinct 2’ she doesn’t smile. So UGLY..!! -.- broke my heart seeing her.
    Alison – The girl tat likes to look out for the girls in the dreamhouse(more like a Nightmare house) Anyway, she good talking in english 🙂 i like hearing her when she speaks. Her accents sounded like she just arrive from England or America haha. She has a great body but ugly face. She dont impress me dunno why the judges pick her as the top 12.
    Jean – Jean look so quirky and fun 😀 make me feel so happy seeing her. She smile so sweet even when she do kitty smile so cute! To bad she left the not-online show in MDG. She might be the best if she didn’t left. Lol.
    Jay – Parrot-beak-nose, for what i call her. Not so attractive. Maybe in India she is. Her body look so slim but not to slim just horrible. All her pic not good one.
    Eyna – She is so much like Rihanna with that new hair of hers XD .Haha, and she look good in ‘white summer’ she has a good smile. To me she is not model material. More like a actress 😀 .(NOT)
    Cindy – Sweet looking. but ppl cal her bitch. Idk why and the way she speaks like my auntie o.O . I like her body figure. And em.. i dont see model material in her as well. -.- .
    Valerie – A kampung girl. a sweet innocent girl holding a deploma on arts thingy 😛 .Haha, Her pose in woman secrets were so amazing. I look at her boobs ppl say that its big. well i think that too at first but look closely its small. lol. She is a Sabahan well so am I but that doesn’t mean i gonna vote for her. Cuz i hate this show!
    Fiqa – I be scared if i were friends with her o.O .I might be thinking that she will complain how i look. However, she did well on all of her photoshoots ^____^ . except the make over.
    Natasha – She won on the first photoshoot. I know her but she dont know me, i’ve seen her friendster profile. and you know what? she sucks! her attitude is so immature and so perasaan one! even if she say she’s not. Her first pic suck but why did she win that time? not perfect or flawless. Not even cute, -.- .when she tied up her hair reminds me of the waitress in the mamak stall. All her pics look so slutty. She says that “I hate bitchy gals”. But she acts like one? dont that make her hate herself? even some viewers dont seem to like her that much cuz of her personality and pics. As for me, the way she talks to me is like im not in use. -.- .Im an outcast to her. thats why i always think the she is lying at herself for what she is. “If i want it, I get it”. Get a life Natasha!! Ur nothing!!! So dont think that your better being in MDG cuz its ruin ur rep. 😛 FUCK YOU YOU WHORE, BITCH, FAGGOT, SLUT, I wish u read this post im sending to u!!!!!!!!. Maybe i still dont think she’s Model material owh. If i dont know her pun. Maybe i wont vote for her. SO screw u Natasha ur out! and just fuck ur fucking dog now!(man! that feels good to let out my personal anger about her)

  226. i think it would be unfair to the rest of the contestant because of Ringo’s blog. As we all know, she has a huge group of fans out there, and her fans are surely gonna vote for her to make her win. This is so bias and UNFAIR. The rest of the girls do not have such privilege like her, tho, Cindy is also a blogger.
    If Ringo wins, i think it is just because of her fans out there voting for her and not because she has the runway model material.
    So pls, can’t MDG’s management team be a little fairer?
    I think Cindy should be out from the beginning already and Eyna and Valerie should stay on.

  227. I dont see Fiqa in today’s nt7 breakfast show.
    she’s out?
    omfg! she has the BEST photo shoot and now shes out??????!
    This show is damn bloody biasss my god. all the shittys ones are still in.. argh.

  228. Kenny,since you are one of the judges in MDG,I believe that you should have a little power to comment on the quality of the show.
    I don’t agree with you that MDG has improved on their quality.If they have improvised,can the production house at least use a better mic to catch sound like a boom mic or lepel mic when the girls were giving a heart to heart talk?On the other hand, can ask the cameraman not to twist and turn and zoom in and out that much,it’s giving me a headache.
    Kudos to the production team but I have seen lesser people working on a show before in Malysia.Lastly,MDG have 16 sponsors,and earning extra cash from the sms-es,so where did all the money go?

  229. Hmmm… Kenny, I really kesian you. Whatever you say, some agree, some don’t agree. Biarlah. This is your blog, you can say whatever you want. Am quite amazed with your patience, if it was me, I’d just stop blogging and lepak. 🙂
    Quite funny, one of the comments on this particular post. He commented about other people’s English, and the he said ‘I have acne’s’.
    Goodbye’s Kenny’s, all’s the’s best’s to’s you’s, see’s you’s soon’s.

  230. “… and yeah.. i dont know, ever since i join the competition and i realized that i did a mistake, which i am not going to repeat, so…”
    ~ spoken by her in MDG Episode 11, Part 3, aired on 10th April 2008
    “Since I’m no longer in the contest, I can start bitching already! You see, I really am not very happy about the result. I’m not at all disappointed that I didn’t get in, after all I didn’t think I deserve a place in the top 12 since I actually think that the judges were blind when they let me through the first audition.”
    ~ written by her back on 22 February 2008
    Oh god, how low can this girl get? you only REALIZED your mistake AFTER you join the competition? dont give me that bullshit, you know well enough that your entry is offensive and you even said explicitly that you are writing to bitch about it. so, my dear Ringo, when you bitch about something that involves other people, it means that you may be offending them okay? even more so when you make personal judgments. so be prepared for the backlash. yes, it is your blog and you have free speech rights, but this incident should give u a painful lesson on not to say and then do things in the eyes of public that eventually force u to eat back your own words (so bimbotic cheeserland fans, you guys can also eat back your own words in defending Ringo’s controversial mdg post on the closed auditions, because your idol has retracted her statement)
    in other words, ringo, i know you wouldnt have felt remorseful and apologized had you not been recalled to and thus given the chance to rejoin mdg.
    you are a loser case right from the moment u ate the backward grass called hypocrisy. enough said.

  231. for the love of god, please vote hanis out. she has alot of fans (stupid ones i do mean) but please, shes not model material. look at her pics for gods sake. im sure many people agree with me. she’s just another kampung girl who tries too hard. balik kampung and save urself from embarassment.

  232. this is one of the dumbest shows i’ve ever seen my whole life. the girls are sooo ugly. i think the makciks at pasar malams are prettier. agree?

  233. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHA… OH MY GOD KENNY! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR BLOODY EYES? JAY TOP 3 MATERIAL?? What the hell are you thinking? She may have the body of a model. But, have you actually looked at her face? or were you too busy ogling her non existent breasts? Those women secret shots were total crap. Do they have to flutter their eyes like they are one the verge of an orgasm?

  234. at least cindy knows she’s a biatch. but look at hanis, trying too hard to b the girl next door. and ringo as well. FAKE FAKE FAKE!

  235. I have to agree this is so much better than MDG !
    Can’t believe FIQA is out! Her features, photos and walk is among the best!
    and her Wella shot is really the best one, admit it! How can she be out?????!!!!!

  236. kenny, post up the subtitles in MDG!!!! some of the things the girls mumble are incoherent.. cannot make out at all.

  237. i watch every episode of mdg online, and i do agree that it is rather unfair if the winner of this competition is to be decided solely on the viewers’ votes. if that is really going to be the case, perhaps the organiser should have made it clear right at the beginning of the show, i.e. we’re not looking for a potential model, but a girl that most people wouldnt mind spending money (aka sending in sms votes) to let her get a free car.

  238. It has been interesting how another country does a type of reality TV show. It is clear Malaysia has a way to go in doing this type of production. But you have to start somewhere. I think some of the girls look ok but its hard for me to know how many entrants the judges had to pick from at the start of the show to select the final 12.Mabe next time more will enter.?I have never seen before such nasty comments as have been posted about contestants in any TV show.I dont think to be a model you need perfect english. It takes a lot of guts for these girls to go on the show.I also believe if you cant say something nice about someone it is better to say nothing.I agree it seems a little unfair that the sole criteria for winning is SMS votes only. It is clear one girl has an almost commercial web site and had it for a long time and has many fans. But is that her fault? She did not make the rules for winning .

  239. If you bitch about others and the audience sees it, elimination is what you get. Sorry Fiqa, I think you’re pretty but you really shouldn’t have jumped in the bandwagon with Nadia. Nadia got away with it, lucky her.

  240. DAMN it! Fiqa is out???? How on earth could that happened??? Nobody vote for her? anyone??? I was thinking that Adeline is the one who will be going home among the bottom three!
    Arrgh…Fuck the show! We all know that the fuckin’ “cheese” blogger is gonna win anyway!!!

  241. kenny, u r skewed towards ur opinion dat ringo took gorgoeous photos… i disagree with dat… her photos aren’t amazing..

  242. Kenny, i think you’re totally insensitive. I’ve watched the audition for MDG and the way u comment on ppl…damn, u suck.u think ur so good-looking/stylish to comment on ppl like that? ur dress is from a rubbish bin?it looks like a pasar malam dress?and u posting giselle’s close up is wayyyy too far…at least the other judges like jimmy lim give proper comments and advices the girls, giving room for improvement. unlike you, who just bashes out at ppl without any professional advice.wth?that is totally disrespectful

  243. OH NOOOOOOO!!! Someone listed Malaysian Dreamgirls as an international version of Americas Next Top Model in Wikipedia. Blasphemy!!! TAKE IT OUT!!! MY EYESSS!!! ARGHHHH!!! TAKE IT OUT!!!! What embarassment!!!

  244. Hey! OMG… YES FIQA IS OUT! YAY ! I DONT LIKE FIQA LA. obviously she can be successful in this industry, but then i cannot stand her bitchyness. She just keeps going on and on and on and on and on about other people. Gosh! Summore, she gets like super alot of air time compared to other girls.
    I am getting to like Hanis more n more. I just watched the MIFA episode. Hanis really has the potential. Hanis is the dark horse of this competition. She is just known as this manja girl. She has improved the post. I mean, look at her at MIFA. She’s awesome.
    Jay too! I love Jay. Natural talented model. Obviously if Jay wins this competition, not many people will be unhappy.
    Ringo… well i am sure that if she wins this competition, dam alot of people will be unhappy. Because totally cannot believe a girl who’s into costumes and poses so many pics on blog is actually so dam shy and blames it on depression?!?! However, in the MIFA episode, she started talking more, which is good. Cheesie needs to let people know her.
    Well, just feel that after Fiqa is out, everyone gets equal amount of air time.
    Giselle… what is with this whole thing about her. She is just so-so only. She doesn’t have tone and firm legs. Face with pimple and all. I truely understand why she did not make it true. She’s just one of those girls who doesnt study hard and ends up being a kindergarten teacher. Thereafter, trying hard to find a way to be a model to earn fame and money. My advise for her is to just give up because she doesnt have any potential. Maybe for certain commercials but not like mainstream model lor.
    Same goes for cheesie la, she’s just book smart, cannot la.. she’s too sweet and happy and not steady to be in the modelling industry.
    Adeline… i see amber in her. Poor english but v pretty. She can make it definitely. She just lights up when she smile. Very very very pretty girl. Totally model material.
    Nadia and Cindy, this two fellow will be out in the next two rounds. Where got people so not humble one. Like never learn from mistakes. Summore, can see in the latest episode that Nadia is trying very hard to surpress her anger. Stupid bitch… so angry for what. She looks like those typical promoter working in armani or gucci shop. Very lanci. Cindy… haih, maybe we will see her in those wah lai toi advert next time, u know, those short film for advert purposes. Housewife introducing certain household products for viewers… and the commercial ends with the whole family being happy. I can see cindy acting in those. T.T

  245. Kenny, please, double please, triple please ask the production crew to put subtitles on MDG. I’m having a hard time comprehending the girls. I’m aware the production crew may have trouble understanding them too, but at least the internet audience don’t have to guess.

  246. someone please shut this chicken with some chicken fur or table clothe or watever. Deep fry the chicken , this chicken with NO BRAIN and NO NAME anyway…. cook it, but DON’T eat it, is really really POISONOUS!!!

  247. ‘Model material’ is really subjective. They’re not only zero-size models anymore. I’m sure we’ve read about plus size models. I’ve read of a modelling agency in UK which uses models no smaller than UK size 8, and they’re working towards older models (think age 35+) too. This agency is gaining preference with clients.
    You don’t have to be stick thin to be a model, you don’t need a good personality (boozy Kate Moss, bad-tempered Naomi Campbell to name a couple of bad apples), you don’t have to be popular among those not in the industry (I seriously don’t know 99.99% of the models in photos I’ve come across), you don’t have to be appealing to everybody who sees our picture (I still don’t get why Myleene Klass & Pixie Geldof can be appealing)…
    …so, I don’t see why height has to be an issue. I see potential for normal height models. Clothes, lighting, angle can tackle the lack of height to some extent. Besides, if there’s a short model in a photo with a dress for her size, all the right proportions and poses – I still think she/he’s a model in her/his own right. …and half-body shots don’t show much about height after all.
    Be it Ringo, Jay, Cindy, Adeline, Hanis, & co. , I hoped the comments hadn’t gone so overboard… hypocrisy, tranny, ah lian, bitchy, boring, bimbo, the list goes on. C’mon lar…these normal people don’t have such evil intentions.
    After all, voting shows give viewers a chance to influence the show. Having said so much preachy stuff, if I could I would vote for:
    Cindy – to annoy the hell out of other contestants. I think she has good networking skills.
    Ringo – to annoy the hell out of anti-Ringo commenters
    Fiqa (tho she’s out), Hanis and Nadia – to annoy Cindy
    *I miss Eyna*
    I hope all the contestants will find their niche.
    Maybe there will be a reality show which allows you to un-vote the contestants – anti-Ringo fans would love this (organisers can generate more money from this too!)

  248. Even if you’re not an experienced judge you should at least have the ethical knowledge of judging. Not only are you not impartial, you are also a hypocrite for saying people should stop insulting Cindy yet you are insulting a past contestant here. Yes, this is your blog, and you are known as a sarcastic blogger, but now you are also a judge on a supposed professional TV show. So act professional and credible while this show is on.
    I also suggest viewers to send in comments to MDG on what we think about Kenny Sia and the show, just to let them realize that the make-or-break of the show is up to us.

  249. OMG i cant stand nadia, she’s a disgrace to the malays…such a stuck up bitch that thinks she’s so pretty n famous, cocky cunt! well guess what, I don’t think so…so why dont you go and fuck that green doll of yours up your skanky ass you over confident bitch! Come back down to earth and kiss my ass…right in between my butt-cheeks and MAYBE people will vote for you!

  250. Me too! I think Jay totally blends in with the other models at Mifa.
    Hanis admitted she was nervous. ahaha! She couldn’t make up her mind where to look/focus on when posing.
    I may understand why the designer chose Ringo to be his muse…so nice and sensitive…sniff. If it was a fashion show with average height M’sians as models, Ringo wouldn’t be dwarfed (hehe)….odd, really odd.
    the show is so pharney! who would believe their ‘no,no…I’m not jealous…they deserve it..I’m proud of them’ talk.

  251. I know nobody must have read my post here on April 12.As no one made any comment.But will ask 2 questions,please someone answer .
    If any one of the contestants in MDG was your sister would you people be posting the same comments about her as are being posted ?
    I dont know much about Malaysians but have been many times to other Asian countries,so im trying to work out if the attitudes shown to others here are the way you all look and talk about each other?
    Im interested in mabe visiting Malaysia later this year.

  252. OMgosh! I recognize Fiqa! She use to be in my primary school….I’m serious..SKKT
    Funny how different our life pathways have been and will be..=)

  253. *** Where has MDG lead Malaysians to ***
    Adeline – Improving in her communication skills and her ability to not shy away from cameras. Potential top 3. Yes, her English is ain’t that perfect, but have you ever wonder those internaitonal models you find in mags and billboards, you think they speak proper English too? No, but understandable. Yet, they are models too. Why cant Adeline be given a chance?
    Jay – A potential winner but shall we not take the votes for granted. Keep the votes up and heads up guys!
    Hanis – Pout too much all the time. Nonetheless, I believed she is improving from good to better but not giving much still. I see her in the top 3 too.
    Nadia – “I want this badly!!” When she said this, I tend to want to cry-out-loud to the producer of MDG if there’s such thing vote to get out! Ms Nadia wants the car badly. Once given the money in her ambank card, how sweet of her to want to buy her bf whatever she was saying over the phone. How nice if she could win the car and drive with the boy. Such attitude and no professionalim, she can work with NO ONE!
    Ringo – speechless.
    Cindy – Dearest readers, she may have been to auz land but please don’t her so called aussie accent is so NOT aussie! It is fake and so not natural. Plus, remember she told her dad she wants to at least be the top 6, her dad replied :”sure no proiblem”. I believe the votes for her came from you know where. nuff said.
    I miss FIQA! She has so much potential in this. Let us not let the same thing happen ever again. If you don’t want so and so to win, then vote for the next person even though you may not believe this next person to be of a model material.
    Really hope Nadia learn to not show her temper ever so often. She has to pick up on how to work with her team, the people around her. I bet those who take her pictures have this in his / her mind :”ohhhhhh boy, here we go again..” issssh!

  254. MDG is a search for a model contest. Doesn’t anyone know that the minimum height for models is usually set at 5’8″? i.e at least 172cm.
    Why didn’t they set a minimum height for search of a model?
    And why is Ringo even in MDG? She is only standing at 162cm for goodness sake!!! PATHETIC!

  255. The answer to John Australia is most certainly not to your thirteenth April entry here.
    If any one of the contestants in MDG was your sister would you people be posting the same comments about her as are being posted ?
    And it be true Ringo not make the rules as you said in entry in April twelve.So really if she win it be by rules that are by MDG.

  256. Joe: it is the Midget Dream Gal contest, that’s why. LOL. besides the height factor, she is also downright plain and forgettable in her physical looks. dont understand why she’s in also.
    And why is Ringo even in MDG? She is only standing at 162cm for goodness sake!!! PATHETIC!

  257. Jay and Hanis got more chances in MIFA thats because Jay last time join project runway, thats y got some fren in the industry.
    Hanis anak datuk datin sure lar got chance….
    Jay so old already still want to join, can already become professional model, no need join competition also can go in MIFA lar….

  258. wuuuahhh! look what we are left with?!
    nuff bitching bout the girls…everyone knows about them already why not just focus on WHOS GONNA WIN!
    I WANT JAY TO WIN! there anyway to get eyna back? i seriously think she’s the only one with the model look here
    itl be damn pathetic if ringo wins!
    as for please la..enough of daddy! get real

  259. i will kill myself if all the negative comments’ “OWNER” has a life. coz if yes, their brain shud have functioned better. Or maybe coz of their family background also, pity…

  260. Jay For MDG!!! how come nobody vote for Jay despite so many ppl agreed that Jay deserves to win!!! It’s time to wake up guys!!!! Jay was in the bottom three for so many times in these show and she was nearly eliminated in the new episode!!!! Please vote for Jay!!! Seriously…since the vote was accumulated, Jay has the lowest votes, thus there must be many votes that goes in to make her into top 3! Jay is going to leave the show next week if nobody take any action!

  261. I think by now everyone should realize that whoever wins Malaysian Dreamgirl will be totally invalid. Why even do photoshoots? It’s not like they’re going to make any difference to the results. Nobody is voting for model potential anyway.. just look who made the bottom 3 in the Savanh Too episode and who never gets into the bottom 3.
    John Australia, nobody cares if you’re from Aus or whether you want to visit Msia. Loser. If you were being truthful to yourself, Ringo wont even get a second glance from an Aussie (or even Malaysians for that matter), let alone considered a model material. Face it, she’s just too SHORT and PLAIN. I’m not the type to call her names but seriously, she’s just not deserving at all especially when there are better girls around.

  262. a few points:
    a) jay catwalked 5 times in MIFA and then ended up at the LAST position in the subsequent elimination round?!?!?! (just look at her expression when she was the last one left standing after sazzy sent adeline and nadia back to safety zone, jay was in complete disbelief abt the injustice of this whole thing herself – and she’s totally right to feel that way, because she really deserves to be in the top 3)
    b) while cindy and ringo has not a single thing to boast abt on their modeling abilities and had “managed” to remain in the safety net for the past many weeks?!?!?!
    c) thank god we have a kenny’s challenge that allows us to see which are the 3 girls the judges actually think are the most deserving winners : nadia, jay and hanis.
    OMFG, this whole contest is so fuckin messed-up.
    (jay – even sazzy couldnt even come up with valid reasons WHY jay could not win enough votes)
    (nadia – it is however true that nadia’s current downfall is that she is a bit conceited and pushy among other girls and also not willing to listen and follow instructions from the camera ppl and others she had to work with, as mentioned by sazzy, so i personally think these two reasons might have caused her to lose some votes even though she’s sexy and has potential).
    ANYWAY, my most important point is
    IT DOESNT EVEN MATTER IF MANY PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE ACTUALLY VOTING FOR JAY OR NADIA. so please dont blame the public for not voting for Jay.
    because we have TWO GROUPS OF FANATICAL VOTERS who are not voting based on merit but based on an extremely skewed judgment:
    GROUP 1: bimbotic blind fans of ringo, from within malaysia, and outside malaysia, who invariably can convert their currency into more RM ie more SMS votes
    (honestly, the most mempersiasuikan thing that could ever happen to malaysia is that we let a 5’2″ gal with the least potential and most unappealing read: hypocritic personality to be the first mdg winner — malaysia would be the best laughing stock if such a girl end up being the winner of a MODEL-SEARCH reality show, especially when there are other girls like jay and hanis, both with fantastic potential, in the run for the same title)
    GROUP 2: cindy’s dad and family who have probably been sending in $$$$$ SMS
    the only thing i am thankful about is that hanis is not affected by the injustice of this whole voting system. she’s honestly the only one among the top 3 (ringo, cindy and hanis) that actually deserves to be in the top 3.
    and yes, i do agree with charis that the reason why they dont have elimination this week is because they simply couldnt do that. if Jay went out, this whole show would completely lose credibility, esp after her outstanding MIFA performance. i think the risk of having that happening is probably even the reason why sazzy announced that the top 3 girls will get a one-yr modeling management contract, first, to avoid the embarassment of having either ringo or cindy win the title when neither of them deserve it based on her performance (in other words, better to have 3 girls ie 2 deserving 1 undeserving, or worst 1 deserving 2 undeserving, garnering modeling management contract, than to have ONLY 1 undeserving person ie cindy or ringo win it), second, to make sure that ppl like jay and nadia still have their modeling potential appreciated as long as they catch up and became the top 3, even when they dont end up winning the title
    i am sure even the 6 girls left in the run are already aware how screw-up the whole selection and elimination system is. i would say with 100% conviction that jay is cognizant abt it: just one look at her stony face that cries injustice when she was the only one left standing and thought she had to leave, tells the whole story transparently. if anyone of you notice, she didnt even shed a tear while the other girls are bawling (with some pretending probably). BRAVO, jay!
    since the whole situation is so messed up anyway, the only thing i am concerned to know right now is that if Ringo or Cindy was announced as the winner of the title, will either of them can be genuinely happy for herself and truly felt that she deserves the mdg title (assuming that either of them has any conscience left)? especially when they know deep down that they havent been performing as well as their peers ie. jay, hanis, nadia (it’s quite obvious by now, aint it) and plus, ringo hasnt even won a single challenge so far and didnt even catwalk at MIFA!!!!!!

  263. in other words, thanks to some ppl abusing the SMS voting system, the whole contest is so goddamn screwed up
    yeah, cindy and ringo are definitely the cash cows in this show
    well, this contest is so screwed up that the winner is not necessarily the winner in concept, while the loser does not necessarily means she’s inferior compared to other contestants.
    even if jay doesnt get enough votes to get bump up to the top 3 next week , she really has nothing to be ashamed off becos she has already outshined almost all of the other girls, most esp ppl like ringo and cindy, the undeserving 2 in the top 3. plus jay was one of the winners in the kenny challenge, so if i m her, i would take advantage of that modeling-audition opportunity to go network and prove my worth, esp if i already know deep down that i have a very slim chance of winning the damn car and ambank RM 10,000 thanks to sms voting
    and ZOMG, it’s pretty obvious that in the kenny challenge ringo and cindy emerged as the bottom 2. even adeline was picked over the 2 of them to substitute hanis, thank god for that, and yeah, thank the judges for being fair.
    but think abt it —- isnt it ironic that even though ringo and cindy are in the last 2 positions for kenny challenge, both of them are still among the top 3 (and thus in the safety zone) during the elimination round?!?!??!

  264. really, judges should have some final say in the top 3, whether is it 60:40, 50:50. or 40:60 with sms voting. WELL, they BETTER!!!! if ringo, cindy and hanis (still) end up in top 3 next week, they better butt their head in and eventually give hanis the crown. because hanis is honestly the only one among the 3 who deserves it, based on personality + performance. plus, yes, there gonna be a HUGE uproar if cindy or ringo win the crown based solely on sms votes.
    IMHO, hanis has been non-pretentious and shown willingness to learn and have demonstrated improvement from a clueless amateur at the beginning of mdg to the stunning star she is right now
    seriously, in the end, the biggest joke is on the people who vote for cindy and ringo, the 2 least deserving girls to win the title. it is clear that cindy is so friggin not showing improvement throughout the show and produces one of the worst photos, while ringo is like so plain and insignificant and ridiculously-looking for a model. even worse, i find ringo so pretentious based on the fact that she’s DEPRESSED because internet-deprived?!?!?!? WTF? okay, i personally use interent a lot, but i wouldnt say i will feel down in the slumps if i have to forgo it for 2 months. afterall, she already know what’s she in for when she agreed to rejoin mdg. she doesnt even know how to use this precious weeks and learn how to get along with her peers in the house for 2 months and had to rely on internet and cell phone to keep her life going. how sad is that. and yeah, she definitely sounds way different from how she expresses in her blog. make you wonder how some ppl’s true self are actually hidden behind a computer screen right?

  265. guys… lets stop crying out about injustice and vote for Jay… at least into the top three… its pathetic the way the show is being handled… why they have the judges there i don’t know… I think Jay has done way better or as good as the winning girl in all the challenges… and you’ve got to say that she has the best attitude of the lot…. and from her reaction to staying on… its obvious it means a lot to her… i think she’ll be happy getting just the modelling contract…
    i hope the judges make decisions after the next elimination….

  266. wow, and ringo’s campagning tactics are downright dirty. deleting non-complimentary comments from her blog when they are perfectly neutral and non-demeaning to her? more and more ppl are complaining abt that, even the ppl who used to read her blog.
    seriously, she needs ot get a grip of herself and grow up and break those rose-tinted lenses.
    entering her blog is like entering a shrine. filled with nice and dandy compliments but if you say something out of the line, you are labelled a sinner. and will even received over-defensive attacks from her fanatical fans. seriously, those ppl are materials for suicide bombers.

  267. Jay for MDG!: nevermind, we hear you loud and clear! you are not the first to be “moderated” by ringo or whoever that is managing her blog. i had my comments removed too. but i suspected it is ringo herself who is deleting the comments now since mr.bbq is no longer there.
    we should ask osama bin laden to go recruit his ppl from that blog because those ppl there appeared way too fanatical and had been brain-washed

  268. jloh: hehehe…yeah… promise them a 100 virgin Ringos in heaven… they’ll come running….
    come on people… we did it with the elections… lets do it with MDG
    you know they say bloggers denied BN the two thirds majority…. think about it…lets not have our first reality non cesored Malaysian show be the laughingstock of the world…

  269. smokin’ aces: i read your comment at, just in case it is censored by you-know-who, since you know how that blog’s tactics are, below is what i wrote:
    “smokin’ aces: i dont think ringo did say it was a mistake to return to the show, i think she said “it was a mistake” in the heart-to-heart episode, however the mistake she was referring to was the fact that she wrote the bashing entry on judges and girls selected to top 12, not on the fact that she decided to rejoin the competition
    i still think she has no conscience at all until now. so no, i didnt intepret her statement as “a big mistake for doing back to the show”
    anyway, she is totally, completely undeserving. the rest of your argument is definitely spot-on. all the ppl are going crazy with comments on the latest episode at facebook and”

  270. sigh, so many ppl tinks that Jay is of the most potential, but y nobody vote for her? y? y? y? I’m scared dat she’ll be gone from the show next week since she has d least votes n d votes r accumulating… unless ppl who likes Jay actually votes for Jay, to pull up her votes n kick out those undeserving one…

  271. ummm…. there’s no moderator alreadyy… so how on earth you are going to get deleted or moderated??
    you guys are like trying to protect your precious words only, with securing other means of posting stuff online…
    How childish…

  272. thousands of foolish fans are spending a lot of cash to ensure their idol get a CAR!
    And the idol herself delete negative comments lest her fans will come to their senses and agree with it and stop voting for her n she’ll lose d car

  273. and again the power of ctrl+C and ctrl+V
    All hail ctrl+C and ctrl+V!
    p.s. to none keyboard-friendly ppl, it’s copying and pasting…

  274. whats wrong if they wanted to copy or paste those statements? is it wrong?
    face the fact.if you want to vote for Ringo,go on then.nobody force u to stop.but why do you have to diss the people that dont agree with you?
    we all have our own opinions, so let them be.

  275. ringo is a happy and no-worries girl, right? (she implies so herself by saying she has no saddest moment in life)
    however, she did mentioned recently that she is “depressed and deprived” becos no internet and no handphone in the dreamhouse
    hmmmm, a tip: maybe she can talk abt that further in length next time she is asked abt the saddest moment question. AND THIS TIME SHE WILL HAVE AN ANSWER IN RESPONSE TO THE QUESTION! woohoo
    *** seriously, her life damn pathetic la, revolve around the internet and behind the computer screen 24/7.

  276. Anyone else thinks that the house visit (4 guys) was not the wisest thing to have? I find it distasteful and potrays too much of females fawning over, serving and entertaining guests.
    The theme of that part could well be ~miang~ (not all of the girls though) I’m trying hard to forget that episode…oh, enough already. My real job could earn me that 10k in 2 mths without stoopping so low
    To be fair, the impromptu fashion show’s prize was a saver. I can sense the judges stepping in, but I’m no sure whether it was planned from the start.

  277. lol, yeah. that episode of male house guests is a bit subservient… i mean to describe the portrayal of the girls. damn funny seeing how some of the girls ki hiao among the guys
    yeah, i think the impromptu fashion show could be a subtle hint to the public from the judges on who they think are the deserving 3. whether is it scheduled to be held right from the beginning, we would never know. regardless, from the challenge, it is pretty clear to everyone who are the deserving top 3 and who are not
    however, sadly, not all malaysians are taking heed of the concept of meritocracy in mdg and still stick to voting for their idol blindly
    ’nuff said

  278. hanna dear… i’m not dissing ’em
    i just find the idea of them having sort of patenting their comments on by having the same comments up elsewhere absolutely hilarious. Expecially when ringo herself stated that it’s only her accessing her own site now.
    but if you do feel that i’m stepping on other people toes in my alleged blindness in voting for ringo in mdg, i do sincerely apologize…
    but i think an apology is in order from all anti-ringo commentators who claimed that we are blind, we are bimbos, we have fungus growing out of our contacts, we are tweens who have excess money to be wasted on ringo for her to win the latio… the list go on and on..
    i do believe ringo can win this, and for reason that i don’t have to justify to the rest of you readers out there…
    And, i comprehand the fact that me posting this is inviting another plethora of negative critisisms on my end, that i’m hanging at the edge of my tether, raging on insanity, in this supposed blindness of idolizing ringo…
    i wouldn’t have access to the net the next 2 days, flying out for Armin Only World tour tomorrow in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, Netherlands…so you guys go crazy dissing me then… While i enjoy Armin playing Imagine, and Going Wrong!..
    p.s. i just might come online to see the war… =)

  279. Megan: big words… but pathetic really… but do enjoy Armin playing Imagine and Going Wrong… seems to be a theme for cheesie fans…

  280. eh people, so who do u think is gonna win?
    1) cindy’s dad/family
    2) ringo’s blogging fans?
    because it is clear that mdg is no longer a model-search competition but is a contest to see which 2 girls have the strongest financial backing of voters
    really sad that the whole thing is twisted to this extent.

  281. down: i’m hoping it would be Hanis.. another one who has not been in the bottom three at any time… but she is from a rich family too… haaving said that at least she is good…. to me on merit alone it has to be Jay… she has performed on par or better than all the other girls in all the challenges…

  282. smokin’ aces: yeah, i hope 4 the same too. but it is just plain irrational how these 2 girls never drop into the bottom 3 for the past weeks (well, ringo – never and cindy – stop doing so since like a few episodes ago?) but was at the bottom 2 in the episode13 fashion challenge hosted by kenny, which i think is one of the most important challenges since it encompass all aspects of modeling – catwalk, fashion, spontaneity
    if the 3 finalists still gonna be the same next week, then i pray hanis gets the title. but then dunno lar, the remaining 2 will still get the 1-year modeling-management contract?!?! how is the capxion media company gonna “convert” this two under-performing girls into immediate stars when they havent been able to prove their worth and improve in the dreamhouse for the past almost-2 months?
    i think capxion-modeling branch gonna tutup kedai after less than a year LOL

  283. wah sial… those comments from have really been deleted.
    i tink it is ringo herself who is removing them this time since she herself said no one else is in charge of her blog anymore
    whoa, i m totally appalled and shocked at the level she would stoop to win the mdg title.
    and i guess whoever this megan person is also hv to eat back her words.
    ummm…. there’s no moderator alreadyy… so how on earth you are going to get deleted or moderated??
    you guys are like trying to protect your precious words only, with securing other means of posting stuff online…
    How childish…
    Posted by: megan at 18 April 2008 9:49 PM | Link to comment

  284. Poor Belinda… she must have taken a really long time to write her comment…. it was an excellent one at that….

  285. eh eh eh Smokin’ Aces, what did this Belinda girl wrote abt? a long essay? on what?
    damn crazy la, apparently comments keep getting removed by cheesie (99.99% is her)
    i tot initially this whole comments disappearance was a rumor, but it is really true cos i indeed saw it with my own eyes~… scrolling to see those stuff bah and copycat bah did, i also notice some of your own comments got taken off?

  286. yeah… maybe they should as proof… i don’t remember the whole of belinda’s comment… but the gist of it was… she has been voting for Ringo and realised during MIFA that she doesn’t have what it takes so she is going to vote for someone else… she also said she is not going to support Cheeserland anymore coz her previous comments got deleted… of coz… she wrote a lot more but that was general message…

  287. hey ringo fans, please set up a trust fund for nissan latio called Ringgit4Ringgo. and bank in directly into maybank for her to buy a car instead of wasting time typing DREAM 11 to 33001.

  288. i am waiting for the day where ringo’s fans will stop finding excuses or run out of excuses for her behavior (but i dont think it will ever come). even if ringo decides to eat a piece of cow dung right now, her fans will still argued that it is because the shit tastes good.

  289. Wow, so many Jay supporters. One said you don’t need to be pretty and just need a unique face. ROFL. For one, you need BOTH unique and pretty face. Secondly, unique is a nicer term for what I would call WEIRD in her case.

  290. sigh, Jay supporters, in fact, not much. Many ppl juz tink dat Jay deserves the title, but never vote for her, even Ringo fans liks Jay too, but obviously they vote for Ringo. Many ppl likes Jay but dun realy support her by voting, dats y she was in d bottom 3 so many times n nearly eliminated last week.
    In defense of Jay, i tink she’s d best girl among all right now, i wouldn’t say dat her photoshoot n runway performance are perfect, but she pull them off. At least, u gotta admit dat she’s good. All d other girls r subpar compared to her.

  291. i believe Jay is more interested in the modelling contract than the Latio… she might have said she wants the car too but who wouldn’t… but it looks to me that she really wants to get ahead in the modelling world… the only other person(left in the top 6) who is looking at it as a career is Nadia(i could be wrong)…. This is a chance to make a difference… Vote for Jay!!!!

  292. hello kenny..
    may i ask whether the finals for MDG will oni based on the votes and not any judging elements and talents??
    i got no idea on the others , but if RINGO wins (which we knoe she reli Has Supporters from her blog not the programme), dat jus reflects that the show failed.
    it is a model search programme , talent and quality shud be taken into account.
    wut if all based on votes, and it is very fair that u guys judges allow a celebraties blogger to get into the show when it will rather be unfair for the other contestants.
    RINGO cannot be a model, we knows it, and wuts the point of people voting and watching when we r waiting for the nex top MODEL of MSIa and we get RINGO?
    no point for u organizing model search right, might as well search for the MALAYSIANS POPULAR GIRL , even if it is, it will still be unfair for a person who already has backup and fans to vote for her.
    it u guys taking this programme as a way to earn, and reli let ringo wins the MALAYSIAN DREAMGIRL ,
    the nex MSIAN DREAMGIRL , like nex year will definitely failed.

  293. last night was wicked! Haven’t slept for bout 48 hours, on my heels for most of 24 hours yesterday, flew back from Holland, not planning to sleep now to watch the update on MDG, and guess what, it’s not up YET!
    and btw, Smokin’ Aces, why are you so up your arse in dissing Ringo fans? Just to justify that she’s not MDG material? Watch out.. you’ll know the final answer in a few weeks to come.
    My ears are still buzzing. Should be heading to bed, though it’s only 4 in the afternoon. Check this site laterz… toodles!

  294. Megan… you’re just as bad…. there is no need to wait a few weeks…. its down to Cindy’s money or Ringo’s fans….
    there were many objective/neutral comments on Ringo’s blog… they were attacked by Ringo’s fans by labelling them haters… so don’t get all high and mighty on me… don’t be a hypocrite…

  295. dunno why this megan keep mentioning her holland trip when that’s not the current topic of discussion. i guess she is hoping she can appear superior to us for getting to fly to holland for a short weekend and back or soemthing. anyway, glad that you had a fun and wicked time. that’s the most imp thing anyway.
    anyway, back to topic:
    in cheeserland: there’s only 2 group of ppl as defined by the cheddar-god-almighty
    (1) people who leaves comments that are praises, flattering speeches or feedback to that nature
    –> they are either fans or acceptable normal human beings
    (2) people who do not conform to the above are all classified haters.
    funny how these ppl never realize there’s a difference between polar opposites and logical opposites huh?
    how can one be called a hater just because he/she doesnt compliment a person? if that’s the case, i guess we can also classify the group (1) people as general-human-race haters, since i honestly dont think they shower compliments as profusely to other ppl in their life aside from ringo herself. in this scenario, i would have no problems being called a cheesie-hater, because i am proud that at least i am not a misanthrope.

  296. megan, u better shut up, we dun need u here… stop showing off ur holland trip. i hav been there myself. u r not d only one who is so PRIVILEDGE to go there

  297. Aces: I’m as bad as… ? Swan song, aye?
    Bah: I’m sorry if i came across as being show-offy, and that wasn’t the point. To be perfectly honest, i still had the adrenaline rush coursing through me, and it might pull off as me being very arrogant, and i apologize. And thanks for the comment, I did had a blast.
    On another note, the comments on “meg, shut up and get out of here” is akin to me getting expelled from this public comment box too… absolutely excellent!
    gon: oh, touché! Let’s just say i’m not as privileged as your privileged use of the word privilege, you English-desecrater.

  298. well…. megan seems to conform to the rest of Ringo’s fans… nothing to say.. but starts attacking language and nicks… pathetic…

  299. Smokin’ Aces – well, when ppl start resorting to trivia attacks of grammar, spelling errors, and parody of nicknames, that’s when you know they run out of things to say on the topic in hand and have no more substantial argument(s) to make. but they still need to get in the last word, so just let them be
    i see many readers out there propose their reasons on why ringo doesnt deserve the title, reasons that encompass her personality and her looks. but never once did i hear a justifiable reason from her fans on why she deserves it. all they say are things like
    “oh, bloggers must always stay united, we are voting a blogger to be the first mdg”
    “oh, ringo doesnt hv enough airtime, not fair, let’s pity her”
    “(ref episode 14) oh, ringo may say wrong things becos she’s depressed and have a difficult time in the dreamhouse” ===> hello?! everybody in the house is having a hard time, not just her, and i dont see any faux pas being excused from other girls, in fact, i think she’s having the sail of her life — getting all the votes without needing to perform up to par, becos her voters vote without even seeing who perform or improve the best each week
    “(ref episode 14) nah, she did not feigned the surprise and thus she’s not fake, maybe she’s just not aware that there are THAT many fans supporting her” ===> this one downright teruk and laughable when it’s clear that she had self-pimping entries going on since beginning of march with help from mr bbq and did actually thank readers for the support on her blog through mr bbq and not only that, she did plug in her blog once or twice in the show,
    “ringo is pretty and cute and petite – we want a petite girl to create a storm in the modeling world ===> this ones makes me cracked up then go =.=
    “ringo is performing absolutely the best at mdg throughout” ===> this one makes me the most =.= . if u r voting for her becos of personal liking or becos she’s a friend then that’s understandable lah. but dont go around proclaiming she’s perform the best when clearly she’s not. u r insulting other contestants like jay and hanis at the same time okay? then lo and behold, they come back with the whole “beauty in the eyes of beholder” argument. really pathetic =.=.
    if that’s the case, then everyone in the world also beautiful and not fugly right? — so why do we still need this beauty pageant and model-search thing to find for the IT girl?
    to me, it is already quite transparent what the judges and even the finalist girls themselves are thinking.
    1) as per judges’ decision, cindy and ringo emerged at bottom 2 for the kenny’s challenge, even adeline beat them. for adeline’s credit though, she definitely did shine in the latest episode
    2) hanis, cindy and adeline who are interviewed on who they think deserve to be in top3 and who does not all gave a unanimous nod to jay, and a unanimous shake-of-head to ringo.
    since ringo did not appear to be embroiled in any dreamhouse arguments since her controversy blogpost, i dont see how the three girls would deny her the chance becos of personal dislike for her. so it’s darn clear that they dont think she has what it takes. if the girls get to vote each other in and out, i woudlnt be surprised if ringo got a unanimous vote to exit the game next week

  300. also, there has been some recent talk by people on this – ringo’s and nadia’s height: out of curiosity, i took a second look at the pic shaolintiger took of all the girls standing by the pool when he visited the dreamhouse, where they were just wearng slippers and not heels.
    *pictures do not lie
    it was plain clear that nadia (163cm) is taller than ringo (questionable 163 cm), and cindy is further taller (167cm) and adeline further further taller (173 cm), all in the right proportion (4-6 cm difference) except for ringo.
    either the mdg ppl enter the height info for ringo wrongly, or she lied when she filled out her details. ringo fans, you decide; however i can already imagine what the rebuttal would be if it is not the former case – “aiyah, ringo wrote 158cm on the form, but the ppl who entered the info on the mdg site read her scribble incorrectly, thinking that the 5 is 6 and the 8 is 3”
    cos’ to me, it is highly unlikely that nadia, cindy and adeline ALL had their details entered incorrectly, or provide the wrong personal measurements
    thus, if it is the latter, wouldnt it be interesting if she won the title and later was disqualified because of this little blip – as i am sure everyone does sign an agreement stating that all the personal info provided by one is true and accurate to one’s knowledge and blah-blah-blah? 🙂
    too bad i havent had a chance to see ringo IRL to judge her actual height

  301. Jloh: Kudos mate… some of their comments defy belief… i guess when it comes to arguing with Ringo fans we’re handicapped… coz we have this need to make sense…

  302. 1) Great show. Amazing quality.
    2) Should not be compared to ANTM
    3) Dont leave the voting to the public. Majority of Malaysian public knows squat about high fashion. Elaine Daly implied so in one of the first few episodes when you said that the girl should appeal to the masses.
    I get that profit is a major part of it through sms voting but make it partial factor in decision making.
    Talents like Jay end up bottom 3 because of this.
    4) Hope the show improves by leaps and bounds, though its already doin a pretty great job.

  303. I still can’t believe that there was a bloggers’ house call in one of the episodes…what the fuck was that all about?!

  304. interesting hypothesis on why internet is banned:
    from a commentor at
    sin says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 10:28 am
    OMG how DUMB is all these?!?
    1) The reason why all the posts about promoting cheesie was taken down was because of MDG.
    2) TT and Mr BBQ and mummy dearest have not been replying because THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REVEAL ANYTHING [’COS OF THE MDG show]. Which was why TT had to write about other not-relevant stuff.
    3) Cheesie isn’t allowed to go online anymore why? BECAUSE MDG KNOWS SHE WOULD BLOG AND THUS BRING IN MORE VOTES FROM OUTSIDE [the show].
    MDG probably felt that it was ‘unfair’ as Cheesie has the advantage of bringing in the votes from inside [ie; the show itself] and outside [her blog] which other contestants do not have.
    Put 2 and 2 together!
    I’ve revealed it.

  305. Why should some people hate & insult Ringo? She never begged the MDG team to let her get back to the show. Instead, she was invited back to the show. This MDG show is just like the American Idol show where the public can vote their favorites. And some really good singers are eliminated in every American Idol show. Whether she’s good, average or bad, Ringo deserves her spot in the top 6 because the public has voted for her. And she will be given the chance to be properly trained in modelling if she is voted into the top 3.

  306. hehehe… she is too old??? last year she will probably be able to model???? good god… is she for real???

  307. Caryn says:
    April 22nd, 2008 at 7:38 pm
    MDG is a voting contest, yes. So in my opinion, the reason Ringo was called back into the show was to get more viewership due to the controversy of her bashing post and earn more money from the sms votes of her already-established fan base. Unfortunately, this plan backfired on the producers because while Ringo failed to prove herself as a model, her fans continued voting for her. The producers then tried hinting to the audience that Cindy and Ringo were unworthy of winning by showing that the judges’ top 3 choices are Hanis, Jay and Nadia, and even Adeline was better than the two of them. Then when Jay was voted out, they decided that they had to keep her in by eliminating no one last week. Furthermore they offered to manage the career of the top 3 instead of just the winner so that the person who really deserves to win gets a chance at the modelling career she deserves.
    On another note, why did dear wonderful perfect angel Ringo neglect to call her poor dear mom, the only person who was supporting her, while in the Dreamhouse? Her mom must be missing her so much, but she doesn’t get to talk to her. Instead, she must wait to hear from Ringo like the rest of her fans when she has saved enough time to update her blog. Why would Ringo update her blog for her supposedly ‘non-existent’ fans when she should be calling her mom, supposedly the only person voting for her? If the public is really voting for her based on her modelling skills, she wouldn’t have to update her blog at all. So the only reason she updates her blog is because she wants her fans to keep voting for her and she KNOWS that they are. The rest of the public probably cannot stand her by now, especially after her lying to everyone. The ONLY people who keep voting for her are her DIEHARD FANS and she damn well knows it.

  308. Wow, bah, you’re really fast. I just posted that on cheeserland and was gonna post it here myself. Haha. Thanks.

  309. Thanks for putting up my previous posts too, Smokin’ Aces and gonna be censored soon. Ringo’s fans need a really good shake and Ringo herself needs a slap.

  310. caryn: hahah, no problems. this site has apparently been the repository of all rejected comments. lol.
    try to make it known to the cheeserland visitors who have gray matter to come here, becos some of us are apparently being “moderated” just because we are not airheads who defend an idol without any constructive arguments.
    imagine – being crucified because we dont wear rose-tinted glasses.
    cant agree more with u on the lack of phone calls to mom thing. somemore dare to dedicate her acknowledgment speech to mom specifically. i dont think her mom is at fault in this case, but i just feel for her cos she’s somehow neglected by her daughter in favor of additional internet time. as quoted from cheesie, she accumulated all her phone time and decide to use it on the internet to blog or to contact her fans or to fish for more votes or whatever instead. “public” voters indeed.
    why are some ppl so sad?
    she’s really a pathetic internet-addict. dunno how to make the best of the situation with her housemates when needed to. always keep to herself or find solace on internet or cell phones to the outside world. then become “depressed” and “deprived” when internet or hp are taken from her.
    might as well get a job like IT engineer or something where she’s behind the computer screen/internet 24/7, instead of being a (failed) model-wannabe

  311. Hi Kenny, as a judge of MDG, i believe u do have a say on how the MDG is running. Well, just hope that you would relay this msg to the MDG production team. Dun make the final decision on 100% SMS voting, instead 40% 60%, 30% 70% based on judges’ decision and SMS voting. If an undeserving girl turn out 2 win the MDG title and even get a training in Modeling company and deprived those more deserving a chance in the modeling industry, I’d say that MDG lost its credibility and its purpose to ‘SEEK FOR NEW TALENT FOR MODELING INDUSTRY’, cause the winning girl won out of getting most votes due to her popularity, not her talent and potential. And thus, viewers will be really disappointed with MDG and would not watch it anymore if there would be a 2nd season.

  312. hey kenny,
    wanna ask.. for the final, is it going to be SOLELY based on votes only? are the judges going to have a say, if any, in deciding who is going to be the first malaysian dream girl?
    please! JUDGES, JUDGE IN FINAL!!!

  313. bah: I didn’t put her mom at fault at all. I’m just saying Ringo should’ve called her mom, especially since she claimed that her mom was the only one supporting her.

  314. no worries Caryn…. its easy copying and pasting… you write whats on our minds… but dont expect that to change their way of thinking… its like a cult in there… i just go in there to have fun… not read any of the posts…. its full of photoshopped pics anyways…

    Now that the end of the MDG is near most things have become very clear.
    But this is only the view from an outsider that has now read almost every comment on here and in cheeserland and
    other places. I have watched now every video.
    (1) No matter if you like Kennysia or not you have to give him 10 out of 10 for letting everyone put up what ever
    comments they want.Im sure we all say thank you.
    (2) As a judge on the show I think he useless as he is not in the fashion or modelling industry.
    An I dont think it is propper for him to make comments about the girls very early in the judging and it could be argued that such comments alter the way people vote.
    Kenny my good man it just not cool to post a closeup picture of a girls face showing her poor complexion
    (3)Mr Lim Jimmy The so called stylist to the A list is very hard to understand. Has terrible English. Says nothing
    useful but takes 5 sentances to say it.Gives no real helpful advice to the girls .
    (4) Malaysian dream girl . What does that mean? The shows producers seem to have no idea. We hear its a search for a
    model to be able to work with other professional models on the world stage. We hear its a dream girl quest where the
    public vote for the “it” girl. Is it a popularity contest?
    Most times we do not associate models with dream girls. Catwalk models are usually tall and slim and small
    chested.Models used for product launching such as car shows usually have a fuller body. The models we usually think
    of as dream girls are the sexy dressed and well built ones we see at events like FI car racing. These girls are also
    many times seen in sexy poses in mens magazines.To most men these are dream girls. I cant say what a woman looks for
    to select a dream girl as im not a woman.
    (5)Sometimes the girls are disadvantaged to how well they can do something by the dress they have to wear. I think
    episode 13 the girls had to pose in long dresses and look like a lot of movement happening. That easy if you have a
    flowing dress with lots of material that can be blown to do this much harder if the dress is just straight.
    (6)Many of the girls criticized for their poor english and fake Aussie accents.Well I have not picked up on any of
    the girls putting on fake Aussie accents. And as a born in Aus living in Aus most of my life I think im a good judge
    of that. How many of the people saying this have ever actually stood in front of an Aussie and talked to him or her?
    (7)Why cant people just comment in a respectible way on the girls and the show with out resorting to bad language? Lack or writing skills? I ask this again it not receive answer last time so most likely not this time either. If one the the contestants was the sister of the person writing a message here or elsewhere would he be using the bad dirty
    language to describe her as he does to others? If not why not ? Also would you like your friends and others
    describing your sister the way these message posters are doing to other peoples sisters?
    (8)You cant blame Cindy for her parents having money and voting for her many times nor can you blame Ringo for
    having a large fan base. They did not make up the rules. Many say these two should not get the title and the car
    because they not good enough.I really think most of you would be willing to do almost anything to win a competition
    and get a new car.Its a substantial prize plus the aAmbank money.
    (9)The production of the show is weak and the producers need to view more similar shows from other countries. Far to
    much flash from scene to scene and poor microphone placement. It sometimes hard to hear the girls talking.Mabe they
    make enough from the voting money to not care.The sets in the studio below par not much money spent on them. The
    lighting throughout the whole event poor ,most times far to flat the lighting and not flattering to the girls or
    sometimes it just too dark.It unlikely this show to ever be done again in the same format.
    (10)The judges need to be from a professional modeling background. Mabe 2 from professional model agencies and
    possibly a well known professional model photographer.The judges should be then moderated by a well known talk show
    host, someone that knows how to keep a show flowing.
    (11)Personally I think the girls have done their best . If you look at the last few episodes they are really
    trying.Sure they make mistakes. Remember they are NOT professional models and have had no TV experience.A bit of
    bitchiness is always going to happen. It happens everywhere in these types of shows.These girls are under a lot of
    pressure,so give them a bit of latitude.

  316. 3 major faux pas of ringo
    faux pas #1: lying to elaine daly about the lack of saddest moment
    ~ her way of responding to that question is probably the worst, if not the stupidest approach especially since the question was posed to test her character. and she’s in a position to gain favor from judges, not vice versa. no wonder elaine daly looked pissed.
    faux pas #2: dissing the judges and some of the top 12 contestants, then returned to the show upon recall
    ~ showcase her greed for glamor and glory and cash/prizes. nobody was holding a gun to force her return – plus, why would one ever wish to go back to a place where u find the quality of judgment questionable or even deplorable?
    faux pas #3: faking her surprise about never being in bottom 3 in front of national viewers and subsequently implied that her support came from her mom (only relative) and the general public
    ~ did she ever wonder that people (excluding some ‘blind’ ones) would instantly see through her act and words?
    enough said.

  317. caryn: i wasnt at all implying that you have any ill-intent towards her mom. in fact, the thought didnt even cross my mind once. i was just reiterating what was probably in your thoughts, which is
    “cant agree more with u (caryn =) )on the lack of phone calls to mom thing. somemore dare to dedicate her acknowledgment speech to mom specifically. i dont think her mom is at fault in this case, but i just feel for her cos she’s somehow neglected by her daughter in favor of additional internet time.”
    especially the part “… i just feel for her (the mom) cos…”
    so, no worries,
    we are on the same side of the river =)

  318. For me, lying about not knowing why she’s never been at the bottom 3 was her biggest mistake of all. It got me so riled up because
    1. How can a person be so stupid to tell such an obvious lie on the equivalent of national tv? and
    2. How can she expect to get away with it? Does she think we are stupid?? It’s totally an insult to our intelligence!
    bah: Haha. I just thought that when you said “i dont think her mom is at fault in this case” you thought i was saying her mom is at fault. Alright, no hard feelings.

  319. hrmm… looks like my comments weren’t the only ones
    deleted. I give up trying to make sense to ringo-cult-followers. Besides, my comments gets deleted almost as soon as it is posted. Gee.. Anyone has any ideas who might be the ones deleting all those comments?

  320. John Pimm: spot on… the reasonable ones here are basicly railing at the elimination system as it deprives some of those with more talent than others to be eliminated early… and yes the show is not clear on what they are looking for… but i think its in the general direction of ANTM… unfortunately the producers made the mistake of fully depending on votes…
    thats what all the noise is about anyways…

  321. caryn: no probs =), but i m sorry that i wasnt too clear, which caused your misintepretation.
    and yeah, my immediate reaction upon hearing ringo’s words in episode 14 was insult, specificaly a big insult to MY intelligence. i was like “that was totally dumb, and i couldnt believe she actually utter it and not thought of the consequences — and more so, in front of national viewers?!” Isshhh, i guess she thinks everyone is on the same intelligence level as her. duh. oh well, i guess she still has a lot to learn on verbal skills and human interaction.
    and oh, i chuckled reading what ritarhonda PROCLAIMS about you at cheeserland: >, especially when you merely use plain facts in your long essay/comment. seriously, those die-hard fans are so ridiculously funny in their defense of their idol. it’s like a bad comedy lol. i really hope none of them are lawyers or lawyers-to-be because they cant defense (or maybe even prosecute) for shit — but i am more inclined to think it as simply a case of they having a ‘bad client’ aka ringo with a poor performance record and absence of credible evidence to boot.
    adam: if internet is indeed banned in dreamhouse and ringo cant access her blog, then i guess the leftover ppl are mr bbq or TT or someone close to her. but dunno, i still see hanis post occasional comments on dreamgirl website on facebook. so that’s strange… unless it’s hanis’ proxy doing it. or maybe they just banned ringo from accessing her blog becos it’s unfair promoting advantage that the other girls are do not hv, which i hv to concur (and that might explain all the removed posts, as mentioned by someone in cheeserland). for all u know, mr bbq and TT are even the same person. well, regardless of who removed it, he/she is doing it under ringo’s request since he/she is acting on her behalf, and IMHO that’s plain cowardice becos if u hv nothing to hide or to be ashamed or did nothing wrong, u can always counter back easily and not just delete comments (especially those with constructive arguments and not harsh) and stay in denial/pretense.

  322. u noe y d MDG producers wan 2 recruit kenny sia as a judge? to promote their show…to ensure huge viewership… as kenny is a famous blogger in msia, hundreds or thousands of msians read his blog everyday. obviousy kenny would write blogpost about MDG and his readers would noe bout it n will watch it. And to make him a judge of d show, Kenny’s fans would watch MDG as well to see their fav blogger on d show. So producers will make money when msian watch and VOTE.

  323. As a personal friend of Cheesie, I am going to remind all you commenters that all your Copy-And-Paste comments from Cheesie’s blog will be deleted this Sunday.

  324. Kenny my post was put here first and then just a few minutes ago decided to also post it on Ringos blog.
    But its up to you of course to delete it if you wish.
    no hard feelings to you

  325. fuck u kenny. jus becos she is ure personal friend means wat. fat bastard. if ringo is gd n naive, dun u tink commenters wil lay off her? open ure eyes kenny. ringo is nt worth it.

  326. Finally, someone with an excuse, a very very weak one at that:
    sorry, nano, i dont want to burst your HTML or XHTML conspiracy hypothesis, but it is pretty clear that mama cheesie is not as tech-savvy as you or many young ppl out there in making things bold. she even needs help in posting blogs during mr bbq days.
    yes, your conspiracy theory was “wunterful”, duh.
    however, i do think that the second mama cheesie at 725pm is fake.
    from nano:
    “Guys! The above comment in BOLD by Mama Cheesie may NOT be authentic. Anyone can add bold text in the comments if they’re familiar with HTML or XHTML. To know whether that BOLD comment is authentic, Ringo’s friends & fans should call her home to talk to her mom if they know the telephone number. Check up a book on HTML or XHTML if you wish to know how to type a BOLD comment in a blog entry.”

  327. Re Malaysian Dreamgirl. Some comments made today in the 14th April 2008 entry of Ringo’s blog ( may NOT be authentic.
    Friends & fans of Ringo should contact her home telephone number & clarify the matter with her mother.

  328. nano, that’s exactly a comment I’d expect from mamacheesie specially the additional bit on money talks… It’s absurd the length you guys go to defend your Cheesie.
    Call her. Mamacheesie can just plainly say she didn’t post that comment, doh!
    Been very amused by all your cultist behaviour so can’t resist butting in. hoho.

  329. Just watched the latest episode. It was good too see the gals getting an oppurtunity to establish a good footlhold within the modelling industry.
    I guess at the end of the day even if the winner is the one with the most fans, the other gals still would be recognized and can work from this first hand chance of being known.
    The judges do recognize the one with potential and that is reassuring. Nonethelss they know who rakes in the cash :P.
    Im glad jay, adeline , hanis and nadia are acknowldged for their efforts. They do have the passion to do well in the modeling world and i wish them best of luck.

  330. I really wish the judges would intervene and let the person with potential win.
    Its quite sad if the grand prize goes to someone who does not consider this as a path to carve a career but merely in it for the car.
    Its by no fault of ringo that she seems to have the upper hand. I just feel so sad when i s jay full lof passion and determination. You could just see it from the way she was expressing herself.
    But i am quite glad that Hanis is in the top three. I hope she wins. Shes got potential. Like Andrew said. :0
    Kepping my fingers crossed.

  331. yeah well… i hope Hanis wins as well… with Adeline second… having said that… i wonder who voted for Adeline???? all the comments here rarely mention her name….

  332. i think at this point, the competition has almost come to an end in a somewhat justified manner, regardless of the controversial voting system and how some ppl appear to ‘abuse’ it.
    1) JAY and NADIA (both of who have potentials to make it as models):
    even though they didnt end up in top3, which is where they deserved to be, and thus lost their chance of securing a 1 yr-modeling-management contract, they had the privilege of visiting andrewsmodel and putting their names into the industry thanks to winning the kenny challenge. however, i think nadia needs to consider toning down her attitude and temper, especially if she’s just starting out and a little humility and patience wont hurt. anyway, although they were eliminated from top3, they did not LOSE in the intrinsic sense
    2) ADELINE (the girl who made the late comeback):
    another lucky gal who has the privilege of visiting andrewsmodel. slow starter and way too quiet. but at least she finally started to come out of her shell and shined at the escada challenge and was promptly rewarded. i think she still have to continue improve on her facial expression for photoshoots and her own speech and shyness, but at least we managed to se her forte in one of the many aspects of modeling – commercial shooting. she definitely has the IT girl factor going on :). and i suspect why she is in the top3 is because of her many silent voters ie those that never make noises on the internet. Wont be surprised if they are mostly chinese-educated girls and guys who’s into HK cantonese movies and the likes because i think adeline’s look does appeals to a crowd like that 🙂
    3) HANIS (the girl who made the biggest improvement and transformation compared to how she was at the beginning of mdg):
    in her usual safe spot, and best of all, she deserves it based on very transparent reasons. she was disqualified back in kenny challenge and thus lost her opportunity to visit andrewsmodel, but andrew still make a special note of her!!! 🙂
    4) CINDY (robotic and zoom-like catwalk):
    she was portrayed as a nuisance among the girls in one of the long-ago episodes, but i have to give her credit for eventually toning down some of her dramatic acts and emotions in the episodes of late. i think she still has lots to work and train on in the aspects of runway, photoshoots and the likes, but one thing i have no doubt about her is her performance in modeling stints that involves some acting (eg. commercial modeling) and public speaking (eg. radio commercials – which is why i wasnt the least surprised when she won the challenge). this girl is a born drama-queen at heart and on stage, so she’s suited for this kind of role. and yeah, she’s probably still in the show because of her daddy’s/families votes, while there are other more deserving girls with the overall modeling package who have been eliminated eg. jay, nadia, fiqa, eyna.
    5) RINGO (height liability and zero modeling factor): height is almost the first pre-requisite to make a break in modeling, so compared to all the other girls above, that’s her first-and-foremost liability, a permanent one to boot. this mdg show has also exposed a whole different persona of her (which all of us are aware of what it refers to by now) versus how she appears to be behind a computer screen. and yes, everybody knows that the only reason she even got this far is due to her blog fan base. i honestly dont think she has anything going at all for her in any aspects of modeling: all her photoshoots are mediocre and lack versatility, she cant catwalk, she was effortlessly overshadowed and disappeared into oblivion in commercial challenge like escada, she tends to keep to herself and cant communicate or sell herself well to the audience out there. she’s better off doing things she used to do: blogging.

  333. did u guys notice wat ringo talked about on the phone? In episode 15 part 4, she said she’s worry bcoz she no longer updates her blog, n scare to lose votes from her fans. She ask d guy on d line how many ardent n loyal fans she has who keep voting 4 her. The guy keep track of d number.. ‘about 50’, he said.
    wat i tink is dat prior to going into the dreamhouse, she asked her fren (or possible bf), d guy on d phone, (possibly Mr. BBQ or TT) to update her blog frequently with self-promoting posts of hers n continue remind fans 2 vote 4 her n possible attract readers who read her blog out of curiosity to vote for her too. And d guy deleted her all negative comments or non-praising neutral comments on her blog lest her fans would agree with d comments n stop voting 4 her, also for new readers 2 read comments dat she’s good, she’s nice, she’s pretty, she did well bla bla bla…
    She did have a strategy to gather votes…
    Possibly MDG production team find out bout dis, insist her to delete d previous self-promoting post of her n probably even stop her from updating new post. thus, d revomal of previous post by Mr. BBQ and some crap dat Mr. BBQ cant guest blog anymore, replaced by TT who apparently blog nonsense…
    n listen to d phone conversation of Cindy, she mentioned dat there’s some changes in d rules in d company, possibly bout voting rules..
    i tink ringo was out probably not bcoz she got lesser votes than d top 3 girls, but d production team kicked her out…

  334. Even though the votes are externally audited, the auditors simply count the votes and don’t know or don’t care who the voters actually are. So even the production team of this type of show can manipulate the results by voting countless number of times to keep in those they like. This is a weakness of shows that allow unlimited voting by anonymous people.

  335. i just got from an impeachable source that… Jay is apparently international material(i wouldn’t know about that) and is being managed by Simone from Simone’s Models…
    taking bets that Jay will be more famous than the top 3 right…
    hehehehehe… or should i say ha!ha!

  336. Apparently Smokin’Aces is head over heels in love with Jay! I read somewhere else that he’s crazy about older women ages 25 – 35…ha!ha!

  337. I don’t really watched mdg so I can’t comment, but it’s clear to me that the two most eye-catching girls were Jay and Nadia. Too bad they weren’t chosen to be in top3.

  338. Ish! Disappointing! That’s the problem when a reality model show accepts 100% public voting to decide the winner. What are the judges for??? To talk cock only? Shouldn’t the professional judges decision counts too??
    MDG shld learn from America’s next top model. The decision lies with the professionals on which contestants deserves to win or lose.
    Stupid show! Those that deserves to be in the top 3 and has the model material loses to ah lians and lalahs!! Bluekkkk!

  339. Aiyar i know already why 100% based on votes. Coz Kenny Sia and all the other ppl involved in MDG wants to profit as much as they can. Without all these votes, how can they cover their cost and make a profit?
    Typical Malaysian attitude. Money motivated instead of quality motivated!

  340. lool…i doubt if this MDG is making any incredible profits at all…how can this type of show make any money im not sure… if they put the show on tv then prolly will make more money… its a budget type of production so of coz the profits are oso ‘budget’ lorr… the more money u put in, the money u get out of it… and i doubt kenny gets paid a lot since he doesnt get any airtime in the show nowadays…unless of coz im wrong la….xD

  341. argh. damn gross. you actually managed to manifest your repulsive melodramatic personality with those 8 words. and look at how thick skinned you are- coming here to somehow publicize your pathetic blog.

  342. “I would like to also think that I respect other people’s privacy. I will never put up unflattering photos of people without first seeking permission.”
    Did you seek her permission before putting up her zoomed in picture?

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