Random Amusing Little Things

I gained a lot of weight when I was in Kuching. All those deep fried lok lok and oyster omelettes didn’t do my gut any good. So, I am trying to get my weight back to what it was before.
I woke up early this morning because I wanted to go for my run in the park near my place. But as soon as I opened the door a strong smell of smoky wind swooshed to my face. I turned on the radio and heard this… Perth is hit by the worst haze ever. God does not permit me to lose weight. Fine.
Went to work today. Saw my workmates having a smoking break and having a smokers’ chat. I overheard them talking.
S: “This haze thing is horrible isn’t it? I hope it doesn’t go on for too long.”
R: “Yeah. I can imagine its going to be a serious health issue.”
Yes, smart analysis indeed.
Fitness First
I love Fitness First. Especially the Pilates instructor on Friday evening. She’d turn on some soothing new age music and ask you to breathe deeply. I never knew hearing someone breathing can be so interesting. Then she’d ask who’s new to the class so she can pay special attention to them. I don’t know why but I put up my hand everytime.
Anyway, I was in the men’s toilet. There’s a long stretch of urinal and no one was there. So I went to the corner-most urinal, unzipped my pants and started to do my business there. Then there’s this big buff muscular guy comes along, and out of soooooo many other urinals, he chose the one right next to me.
I almost cannot perform. My urinating that is.
Where’s the unspoken men’s toilet etiquette gone to? The last thing I want to happen when I’m urinating is some guy standing next to me, looking over his shoulder to my side with the wow-factor in his eyes.
I walked past a sushi shop one day. Guess what I saw on their shopfront?
Sushi pillows
Pillow cushions made to look like sushis! Leave it up to the Japanese to come up with wacky cute little novelty things.
Stupid SMS
I received another stray SMS. Someone’s seriously mistaken my phone number for someone else’s. Either that or when some guy tried to pick up a girl called Natasha, and she gave him my number instead. Regardless, its starting to get annoying though interesting.
The message reads…

Aussie day party at steve ‘frenchie’ greffe’s. Starts midday never stops! Villa boys only.. Any girls welcome:) Seeya there. Love steve and pete:)

Pete? Couldn’t be this Pete here could it? Man, these stoners…
Speaking of stoners, check out this headline in today’s TheStar online.
Muslim stoners
Very misleading. Take note journalism students.

4 Replies to “Random Amusing Little Things”

    Hmm..why 2 pics of each scene? they look SLIGHTLY diff, first one of the street i’m supposing it’s to show the haze but the one on spectra??
    always pretend to be a newcomer? wouldn’t she know by now tht u’re not new?
    toilet thingie.. but i thought u guys er.. ‘check each other out’ all the time? Lol. unless of course you feel tht u don’t erm.. measure up, thus insecure when ppl check u out *grin*
    OMG those cushions are UBER CUTENESS. UBER UBER CUTE.

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