Anonymous Online Flamer Harrassed Blogger, Got Arrested

This one is surely going down as the best “pwn-ed” moment in Malaysian blogging history.

Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a blogger from KL going by the moniker Icy. I was making my trip to Penang, and she e-mailed me one day asking if she could bunk in my hotel room to share costs.
Putting aside my fear of sharing a room with possibly a psycho stranger, I agreed. Because seriously, how dangerous could someone with a nickname like “Icy” be? If it were some dude called “FieryKingMonster” who e-mailed me, I would’ve run far far away.

Anyway, the trip went pretty well for me and I blogged about travelling with her in this entry here.
However, things didn’t quite go so well for her.
Shortly after I published my blog entry, that girl began to experienced what she termed “The Kenny Sia Effect”.

No, she didn’t transform into an 80kg hairy man with dracula teeth.
But her blog traffic (and ego) did swell to ten times more than normal. That sudden surge in traffic was nice, but the last thing the girl expected after I linked to her was to receive hate mail.
And man, she received some really nasty hate mails. The language in those hate mails were so foul, they made Xiaxue sound like an etiquette teacher.

From: F*CK KENNYSIA <kennysiap*kimakcib*>
Date: Jun 26, 2007 6:51 AM
Subject: CIB*I SLUT I F*CK U
F*CK YOU CIB*I SIAO CHA BO come to penang with si beh tulan kennysia macib*i f*cker u think u so good kennysia only cheong with slut only so u itchy open legs for him to f*ck ur puki if ur cib*i so itchy come everybody take dick f*ck ur cib*i kennysia f*ck we all f*ck also

6 minutes later, another e-mail.

From: F*CK KENNYSIA <kennysiap*kimakcib*>
Date: Jun 26, 2007 6:57 AM
Subject: CIB*I SLUT I F*CK U
kan ni neh i know ur secret every nite u let hamsup kennysia into your cib*i hole he f*ck ur cib*i u think very nice stay in hotel with him sure he touch ur tetek until ur puki wet what he do to u his lanci*o very small only u let me f*ck u sure better

What the! Leave my lanci*o out of this, ok!?
It is innocent ok. It ain’t small, but it is humungous, ok?!
18 minutes later, another e-mail.

From: F*CK KENNYSIA <kennysiap*kimakcib*>
Date: Jun 26, 2007 7:15 AM
Subject: CIB*I SLUT I F*CK U
kenny sia f*ck ur puki i also want f*ck ur puki hard hard until blood come out

Somehow I get the feeling that this e-mail sender is a big fan of Shanghai Bank’s toy mascot in Taiwan.

From: F*CK KENNYSIA <kennysiap*kimakcib*>
Date: Jun 26, 2007 7:23 AM
Subject: CIB*I SLUT I F*CK U
cib*i slut i wan f*ck u like kenny sia i find u at ur ofis with my frens we all f*ck you u scream n cry also no use we wun stop we make u wish u never born haha u think u so good until kenny f*ck u we f*ck u better then kenny F*CK U UNTIL DIE HA HA HA

Ok, I don’t know what this moron was rambling on because all we did was share a hotel room but sleeping on separate beds.
Suffice to say, everytime I get e-mails or comments like that, the most logical thing to do is chuck them aside and classify them as rubbish-written-by-people-who-have-no-better-things-to-do.
I know because I have been using the Internet for more than half my life. Empty online threats are so bloody common, they are about as scary as my 2-year-old niece on the loose.

Scary or not?

Icy is not stupid either.
Being the smart intelligent woman that I’m sure she is, of course she did the only sane and sensible thing there was to do – SHE FREAKED OUT BIG TIME FAST FAST GO LOCK UP HER GATES, HER WINDOWS AND HID IN A CORNER SHIVERING AND CRYING TO HER BOSS ON THE PHONE FOR HELP.
Yes, our heroine actually got so terrified because of a stupid anonymous online threat.

This is Icy. Terrified.

Ok fine lah. To her credit, there is a perfect reason why KiasiIcy was so paranoid over those empty e-mail threats.
A few months back, Icy was nearly abducted by a suspicious man after walking out from the front of her house. Lucky for her, she managed to struggle and free herself from the assailant, but that incident had traumatised her so much she is constantly worried about her safety.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, after making some phone calls our freaked-out heroine decided to file a police report.
Say what you want about our police force and our sucky internet service. As soon as the police in KL received the report, they gave TMnet a call, traced the IP address to a house in Georgetown, contacted the police in Penang, went to his house and guess what?

Not surprisingly, just like every other online flamers out there, those jokers were some pre-pubescent college kids thinking about sex all the time, thinking it was funny to hurl insults at bloggers, thinking they were invincible hiding behind the cloak of anonymity of the Internet.
I bet THE LAST THING on their mind was the police barging down their front doors over some stupid e-mail pranks they sent out “for fun”?
Those idiots must be pissing in their pants when that happened!

Anyway, Icy decided not to press charges after receiving a two-page apology and a RM100 cheque from him.
As for me, I have only one word to say to this supposed “anonymous” online flamer.

Sheer Unique Mobile Boutique recently opened behind the HSBC bank building in Kuching. Not only did they invite me to their grand opening, they even gave me a darn generous door gift. Much thanks!

156 Replies to “Anonymous Online Flamer Harrassed Blogger, Got Arrested”

  1. It isn’t very nice to send out an email like that.
    That’s not funny at all.
    Educated person won’t do this, what’s the point getting to college and come out nothing good but threatening letter like that?

  2. ppl are afraid of things they don’t know..
    i guess we Malaysians are still far from being understanding..
    the action of arresting that poor chap is not appropriate to say the least. what’s the point of that when the so-called threat are just junks which pose no real threats whatsoever..?

  3. The police and TMNET did that for her?
    My company’s boss recently received some hate mail from the same person. I traced the IP address and we lodge a police report. It’s been 2 months and there is still no news from the police or TMNET.
    Maybe there is something IcyQueenGoddess done that we didn’t do.

  4. lol.. before reading your post, i was thinking about icyqueengoddess’s post (about the flamer) and i was thinking someone should design an anti-flamer button and post it on their blog that will link them to her entry. so no flamers will ever dare leave hate comments anymore.:)

  5. he just got served! haha! although its an empty lousy useless talk-cock threat.. its still a threat.. anything could happen.. so icyqueengoddess did the right thing.. this is actually a good lesson to learn for all the haters out there… LOSERS

  6. Em.. I think IceQueen should have press charges. A two page and RM100 to redeem the idiot is not enough for someone who terrorises another person. Hm.. Kenny, what would you do if it was ur gf who had gone through some terrible experience and then was terrorised? Some sort of caning and community service may do the job. 🙂

  7. Kenny, you are being used as a pawn to set precedent for the arresting of govt critical anti cyberdissidents. If they can do that for you, it means they can do that to anyone else.

  8. THat idiot should had done all those hate mails from an Internet Cafe and then he wont be traced. Damn idiot…OMG i am writing this comment from home…Kenny please dont press charges on me….

  9. the next thing we know, officers could arresting bloggers just for telling the truth (as it had happened before to malaysiakini blogger)
    and then we’ll wonder if being “threat” thru some junk mails really mattered (it isn’t like IcyQueen posted her address on her blog for everyone to see, is she?)
    anyone can write anything to anyone. it isn’t like he/she is really doing it. it’s the price u have to pay when ur famous. ask david beckham. 😉

  10. that’s too scary for a girl..
    the world is no longer that safe and simple…
    everything is so damn complicated nowadays…
    phew…luckily she is safe man, if not what kenny would have to do?

  11. very Pwn-ed!
    those kids really have nothing better to do, it would have been more fun for them to get drug addicted to online games than to hurl abuses at others.

  12. Stating your opinion online is one thing, but threatening others is another altogether. If you post your opinions, you must be prepared to accept the opinions or criticisms from others.
    But noone is ‘entitled’ to being threatened merely because he/she is famous or has stated her opinions. This behaviour amounts to harrasment.
    Moreover, she did not seek the ‘fame’ she got – as Kenny acknowledged, her readership/exposure suddenly increased as a result of the ‘kenny-sia’ effect. If she ‘asked’ for it, then we can say that all pretty girls that get stalked/raped should expect and accept it.

  13. Wow, didn’t know that the Malaysian police and also TM Net can be so efficient. Anyway, good enough to make that guy piss his pants when police knock on his door.

  14. Didn’t know that doing such things in Malaysia could get you into trouble wif the police lol. Well anyways, glad that things turned out right for the both of you 😉

  15. Very valuable information Kenny. I didnt know this kinda thing can work. I may wanna report police against MAN UTD fans and Chelsea Fans for always insulting Liverpool. I demand a 10 pages apology. Kids! Beware! Hehehehhe. Just kidding.

  16. Dear ARGH!
    Sure, threatening others is bad. But, BE practical. What if some thousands threaten u annonymously? Do u go around arresting all of them? Not practical right?..
    If someone threatens u on the internet and you both know each other well, then it’s practical. But not this. This is far-fetched.
    Harassment or not it actually depends on how u perceive it. Analyze the environment/conditions. If there’s no way anything like that could happen, intentionally there’s no need to be paranoid about it.
    This is not a question of whether she ‘asked’ for it or not. As for rape cases, this is not it. This is way far from it.
    Look at the bright side, harmless junkmails = reminder for us to be extra careful when we need to / when we shd be. There’s nothing more to it.
    Be practical.

  17. One question – Why will any self-respect hetersexual female will want to bunk in with u? Too much temptation ~

  18. I wanna hear more about the room sharing experience. Come on Kenny! There must be something. Tell us. Dont give me things like “we just sleep peacefully in our separate bed and bla bla bla” kinda nonsense. Hehe. Kidding. Take it easy.

  19. wow honestly quite impressed with the efficiency of our police! although this is just a one off case. hey keenysia your a slut…come arrest me im bored. btw ‘pwned’? u play dota?

  20. Im glad that the Malaysian police are doing their jobs. I bet that the last thing IcyQueen expected is for the police to take action. Some ppl may question, wah liddat oso wanna arrest ar?? But then if the police do not do anything, then its “wah, msian police liddat one la. never do work”. So, what Ive to say is: Kudos to PDRM. A threat is no small issue IMHO.

  21. police shd be stationed to prevent real crime la.. not wasting resources (eventhough they already are) by doing mediocre tasks as arresting pranks

  22. One question – Why will any self-respect hetersexual female will want to bunk in with u? Too much temptation ~
    Posted by: Sexygreenfrog at 20 July 2007 1:57 PM |
    temptation to do what exactly?
    Moreover, she did not seek the ‘fame’ she got – as Kenny acknowledged, her readership/exposure suddenly increased as a result of the ‘kenny-sia’ effect. If she ‘asked’ for it, then we can say that all pretty girls that get stalked/raped should expect and accept it.
    Posted by: ARGH! at 20 July 2007 1:13 PM | Link to comment
    what a stupid comment. it’s like saying every rich person deserves to be robbed.

  23. Rich people will be deserved to be robbed if he flashes his expensive stuffs around in a dark alley filled with gangsters and prositutes. Same as women, will probably deserve it if she asked to sleep in the same room with a hot blooded male. That’s that. Dun be too simple.

  24. You are freaking funny. What an entertaining post. Thanks. That bugger deserved it.
    credit goes to our malaysian police force. Two thumbs UP.

  25. Honestly my personal opinion would be perhaps you shouldn’t even have posted that you’ve stayed in the same room with her, to protect her, and so as your own reputation. (then perhaps none of this would happen)
    Anyway i’m glad to know that nothing happened to that poor girl, i can imagine how frightened she must have been

  26. wah kenny, u share a room with someone u don’t even know, what if the icygoddess turn out to be an evil person or what…and ur gf don’t mind isit???

  27. hurray for icyqueengoddess and kennysia! (too bad you didn’t get the share of the rm100 huh?)
    hurray for the police!
    and a big HURRAY to that immature college flamer. karma works.

  28. Honestly my personal opinion would be perhaps you shouldn’t even have posted that you’ve stayed in the same room with her, to protect her, and so as your own reputation. (then perhaps none of this would happen)
    Anyway i’m glad to know that nothing happened to that poor girl, i can imagine how frightened she must have been
    Posted by: Simmy at 20 July 2007 5:58 PM | Link to
    kenny>> *AHEM*
    Rich people will be deserved to be robbed if he flashes his expensive stuffs around in a dark alley filled with gangsters and prositutes. Same as women, will probably deserve it if she asked to sleep in the same room with a hot blooded male. That’s that. Dun be too simple.
    Posted by: Sexygreenfrog at 20 July 2007 2:58 PM | Link to comment
    so, if u’re an ugly stupid mofo, u also deserved to be punched in the face coz it wont make u more ugly or stupid isit??

  29. Sucky la that guy…so lousy… I think he don’t dare to come already….Ask him to curse me and insult me and prank me…. i also want money…

  30. No offence but my friend just remarked that your 2nd (pixelated) photo of IcyQueenGoddess looks to have been pulled straight out from 😛

  31. im doubting whether its true. oh god, why are people even bothered to react to such mails -.- even the police? lmao are we Msians too free or what? Its not like he’s gonna find her and rape her..obviously he’s a chicken, proven with all the !@#$ kennysia nicknames and email address.
    you typical msians should stop wasting your time and start doing something proper. including kennysia and wateverkiasigoddess. GROW UP PLEASE. even if u wanna blog, please blog something worth being read.
    ever thought changing your styles of presenting ideas in ur blog? if u dont u really are a fool kennysia. think urself, what makes people send such hate mails?

  32. Lesson to be learned:
    Threats should be done also in an anonymous location (a.k.a) Cybercafe…hehe..

  33. Wow seems like there are quite a number of ignorant people out there. Just because someone anonymous sends out a mail like that that, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Hell, it’s quite easy to track someone down nowadays with just a name and the city where he/she lives and information easily gathered from blog posts. The world’s pretty fucked up nowadays, gang rape and stuff like that’s not a rare thing in our society. Bloggers like Kenny who are popular always garner haters or people who are jealous of their popularity/fame.
    When your mom or sister or loved one gets a hate mail like that, go ahead and ignore it. Just don’t regret if what was written in the ‘totally harmless junk mail’ ends up coming true.
    @ zero : it’s fools like you who think that everyone should blog the way you want them to and that you determine how the world works, that fuels the hate mails. Why don’t YOU grow up, because it doesn’t work that way, and if his blog posts aren’t worth reading I’m pretty sure no one would be reading right now.

  34. Hey Kenny,
    Don’t be a jerk and I think you are partially responsible for what this woman went through. Come on, what sharing a room with a woman who is not your girlfriend in conservative Malaysia and then blogging about it? I trust you about the innocence of the situation but please be more sensitive to the local customs and sensibilities. You may have been liberated but you are not living in a Western society. More reputations have been ruined by much lesser innuendos. Kudos to the Malaysian police in stopping this kind of harassment.

  35. huh? you kidding me? Malaysian Cops can be so effectively handling internet crime?
    and that guy send the mail from his house? OMFG, he need to get back to school.
    I am doubting this is truth….TMNET have no associated with Gmail…hmmmm….
    Can you provide more proof?

  36. That kid should’ve been sued. I expect college kids to have more brains than that, and should damn well have the maturity to know that it’s not right sending threat mails like that. Sure makes me wonder whether the right people are going into colleges. If they were scared when the police came a-knocking, they better damn well be freaked scared

  37. Dear hm..
    Being ignorant? Hello. There’s a fine line between being ignorant and over-reacting here.
    Comments like “padan muka, that anonymous bugger” only shows how naive Malaysians are, or perhaps Malaysians are taught to be like this. And this is not only useless but will only deter Malaysia’s progress to become a more transparent society.
    And what’s transparency u say? It is vital component in nation building which will ensure, in this case, the freedom of speech to be preserved. Without that, our nation will become one big covered sh*thole, with more piles coming in than it is already.
    Besides, I believe if there’s one real criminal out there trying to plan a rape or sth, he won’t be so stupid to be leaving out ‘threatening’ mails alerting his victims first, would he?? Are the cases of gang-rape involve “threatening” mails before it actually happens? Do the criminals think they’re SO good that they believe they can get away after mentioning where they’re going to commit crime?

  38. Haiz, reading the comments really is disappointing when there are so many people out there actually saying that when action is taken it is being stupid, impractical, childish or what-so-ever…
    isn’t it so Wonderful to know that the world is full of people who doesn’t give a damn to others?
    Hope that shit happens to those people who doesn’t care and yet still criticize others… then only they will know what it feels like…

  39. hah! that serves that asshole right!
    yeah post his pethatic face! let himm enjoy the 15 mins of fame longer then his whiny ass could expect!
    p/s: she got the right to report, and that dumbo should forseen that. its still feel good to know that our police force are doing their job right! i am impress!

  40. J,
    a threat is a threat. if you’re a girl and you receive an email like that, you’re bound to get scared. why does the boy need to send these mails anyway? he should have better things to do. getting raped is not a small thing. icyqueengoddess was just taking necessary precaution to prevent herself from getting raped.
    why would someone put themselves in that vulnerable situation when they can do something about it? just because they think its some ‘spam’ or ‘junk mail’?
    now if that happened to your loved ones, im sure you’d get flustered up too.

  41. J,
    if you take a look at rape/murder/criminal cases against individuals, you’ll be surprised at how often a threat is made first before the act takes place. Threatening (aka stalking) is not something to be taken lightly, as it is likely and in most cases that the stalker follows up on his/her threats, though not always, but is still a reason to be concerned.
    In this case the perpetrator seems to fit into the ‘Delusional stalker’ category, and according to
    Delusional stalkers are typically unmarried and socially immature loners who are unable to establish or sustain close relationships with others. They rarely date and have had few, if any, sexual relationships. Since they are both threatened by and yearn for closeness, they often pick victims who are unattainable in some way; married women, a therapist, clergyman, doctor or teacher. Those in the helping professions are particularly vulnerable to delusional stalkers. Any kindness shown to this kind of stalker will be blown out of proportion into a delusion of intimacy. What these stalkers cannot attain in reality is achieved through fantasy
    While some seek out a victim of higher status (doctors, lawyers, teachers), others seek out celebrities. Celebrity stalkers often psychotically “hear” or “see” something in the words or appearances of the victim

    Sure IcyQueenGoddess might not be a ‘celebrity’ but she has some fame brought to her nonetheless from the kennysia effect.
    Well back to the issue of the arrest, I don’t think though, that under Malaysian law, the person who sent the emails can be charged as performing a criminal offence. Only when he carries out the actual offence can he be charged under the law. I’m not too sure about that though so don;t take my word for it. (according to the Malaysian Bar, Mens Rea or thinking of doing bad things is not an offence. Only when one carried out the act (Actus Rea), does it become an offence.)

  42. nice try but i am

  43. A girl has got to be tough. It’s not easy being the ‘weaker’ sex. Blogging only allow public to have an easier access to us, what more people who already know us personally.
    Recently I got shot at verbally for something I post on my blog. Someone got offended cause I refer him as an idiot, which I thought was rather ironic since in his daily vocab is already full of vulgarities.

  44. I am glad everything worked out. I do think that Icy is a bit too soft hearted though. I think she should have pressed charges. The emails that weirdo sent were really vulgar. If someone sent my girlfriend, sister, any female love oned of mine a letter like that I would hunt the f*cker down and beat him and his loser buddies into a bloody pulp, castrate him and then make him eat his own shrivelled little organ. But that’s just me…
    I think loser boy who sent the threatening emails has shown himself to be a maladjusted, social deviant, with unappropriate fantasies towards Icy and maybe other women. He is quite likely a risk to women in general and should be rehabiliated. That apology strikes me as being really insincere and Loser Boy’s daddy seems unable to teach his son basic morality and decency. Seriously, you two were too easy on the guy

  45. so simple only trace the ip address that go to his and arrest the mad man only true or not ??????

  46. rape/murder/slashing cases happening in the streets. police patrol nowhere in sight.
    and now they’re busy tracking an anonymous net mailer (and others are busy doing traffic business in the highways). think about it.
    is really being this hardworking/efficient?

  47. oh wow!…hahahaha very funny! …so the police aren’t so bad after all…i thot they won’t act on this kind of complaint…looked like they took it seriously…at least i have some faith in them restored

  48. There are many crazy people like this here. I wan once sent a threatened email by a pyscho-stalker and guess what? I did the same thing like IcyQueen. It is not to show how afraid we can be but at least *touchwood* if something happen one day (God knows when) we probably have a suspect which MAY lead to the solution for the case.
    In my case, I lodged a police report on the psycho-stalker to defence myself, my family and my friends. An ASP then got my case and personally call the psycho-stalker (they managed to find his details from his email address too).
    That bloody idiot was to scared and just hang up the phone and the later, the ASP actually went to his house and look for him. And once and for all, the pyscho-stalker is out of my sight.
    So to you people been condemning their acts. Please think that if this were to happened to your gf/wife/mother/sister/friend…will you be protective towards them? Or maybe you will just walk away because btw, you are already showing your ‘sikap tidak apa’.
    But for God’s sake, don’t go and ‘kutuk’ people’s action in order to defence themselves. There is nothing wrong to protect ownself.

  49. Oh ya, one more thing…my personal POV — I don’t see anything wrong for a guy and a girl to stay in the same hotel room. Even though they are not a couple or something. GROW UP peps. Staying in the same room is not equal to having a sexual relationship. In what age are you peps living? Open up your mind a little and think ‘cleaner’. I bet you will have less prejudice, misconception and misunderstanding.

  50. hoho malaysian police did something good for once besides slacking off and accepting bribes.
    and those kids were truly pwnt’ to the max, dude.

  51. sleeping in the same hotel room with a guy…no matter if anything happens or not.. is a BIG disadvantage to any girls…

  52. Thumbs up for arresting those people who insults others…take care Kenny. Keep up the good blogging!

  53. so fast the police take action,may be that girl slept at the same room but no at the same with kenny sia tua pao

  54. Kenny is just a jerk. Sharing a room with an unknown person even better a girl who is not your girlfriend is just wrong. Think of it whatever way you want Kenny you still grew up in Malaysia and we do have different believes and principles. Doesnt mean you stayed in perth for a while mean you can spend nights with girls you never met in a room or “touch a girl you first met on the small of her back”. Stop giving reasons for your wrong doing saying you were brought up in a different way or that you got used to western culture. And please stop being so full of yourself. Girls girls and girls.

  55. JustMe, ur brain is too retarded. sharing a room, which wad kenny means, which is just sharing a room, not share a bed, or sex life, or anything more or less den dat. retarded mind. its just u cant control urself when ur in the same *room* with girls isit?

  56. Ha ha what an idiot to get busted for something like that.. He should have used a com in a cybercafe or an ip-changing program to mask his identity.

  57. Quite possibly the most hilarious threat emails i’ve ever read in my entire life. He deserves an A just for cussing.

  58. to hm and kennysia
    did u even read properly what i wrote? i bet with my whole property u didnt even think before u wrote something. YOU ARE JUST LIKE KENNYSIA, someone standing for nothing. come on, everyone’s been calling KENNYSIA a “FAMOUS BLOGGER”, so we should be expecting him to write something WORTH READING. including icywatevergoddess, if she wants to be famous. or you typical msians have such low expectations that u agree with kennysia 24/7, just because he’s famous.
    please USE ur little brains and think. IF SHE OR ANYONE STANDING BY HER IS STRONG AND SMART ENOUGH, NOBODY COULD’VE HARMED HER. or you typical msians are so scared of being hurt or die?
    AND, if kennysia is really a FINE blogger, i dont think he would get so many hate emails. EVEN IF U WANNA WRITE SOMETHING PEOPLE WOULD HATE, PLEASE PRESENT YOUR OWN POINT, AND FASHION YOUR COMPROMISE TOWARDS OTHER READERS. NOT JUST POSTING YOUR RUBBISHES WITHOUT EVEN THINKING. a great blogger earns respects by presenting thoughts WITH STRONG IDEAS TO PROVE HIS IDEA, not anything kennysia did.
    no offence but kennysia, u are really bringing Msians to the wrong way. u are only teaching them how to give reasons, blames, and complaining stuffs without even trying to urge them to solve it. open ur eyes and take a look somewhere else, why are we msians lack of so many things?

  59. zero, you want me to change my style of blogging ah? What if after I change my style of blogging, the people who like my style of blogging now start sending me hate mails. Then how?

  60. In fact it is nothing wrong sharing a room with a girl or girls. The only thing not to forget is, our society still can’t accept it no matter what it is. we aren’t western……….

  61. i don’t see any problem with room sharing. Those college kids are just mischievious.Humiliating…..

  62. people nowadays are just plain moliu. wtf is wrong with them?? making such a biiiig fool out of themselve. pure punk..
    well, she did the riht thing by reporting the matter to the cops. roll on!

  63. Kenny, your style of blogging is good. you are telling the truth in a humor way. Those who are sending the hate mails or gave negative comments clearly show their jealously, by the way their blogs are not popular, why ?…… little brain to think………….

  64. man.. people would do ANYTHING to make their “popular” blogs popular.. not just kennysia.. go look somewhere else for more serious/mature articles.

  65. this is really dangerous, something that scares me.
    the thought that the police/tmnet actually and easily cooperate and trace users like that goes to show the potential of an evil nexus between ISPs and the the government.
    like google cooperating with the chinese govt to block sites. or other companies refusing to cooperate with US federal authorities.
    of course, if and when clearly there is a link to crime, terrorism or fraud, then there ought not to be a problem. but there are some other things which are not so clear cut. like online dissent against the government (which isn’t a crime).

  66. hmms.
    kenny isn’t born to PLEASE all of us.
    no matter how good someone is, there are bound to be ppl who hate that person.
    but of course…if that’s the way you view be it ;DDD

  67. LOL nice 1 man…. theres 1 dude i know for doin shit like this too…. maybe i should call the cops also :p
    ps: wtf i had no idea u could get locked up for this = . =

  68. Good one bro. Your queen did the right thing by reporting to our MIB’s who can charge thst sucker under sexual harresment and threathening.
    Good to teach him a lesson

  69. if you are gentleman, think gentlemanly, do gentlemanly, you aren’t need to afraid of anything. But sometimes people are exploithing the situation. i do belive there exits written laws, unwritten laws and natarul laws……..

  70. first of all
    i didn’t ask kennysia to please us.
    i know bloggers have rights to post whatever they want. me myself is a blogger too.
    but have u ever thought of something more? msians keep complaining bout how sucky msia is, but none of them puts effort in improving. im afraid that includes you, kennysia.
    i didnt mean ALL of your posts are lame, but as a famous and potential blogger we(not only me, but many other dedicated msians) hope for something more from “a famous blogger”. isn’t it obvious? 90% of the comments u receive are either “GOOD JOB” or “SERVES HIM/HER RIGHT” or “YALA, SCREW HIM/HER”..none of them contains discussion about your post. they would just agree to u blindly, without even thinking further.
    if u are good enuf to have good points behind ur ideas, then why are u so afraid of getting hate mails? is population and fame so important to u?

  71. zero no one enjoys hate mail. cept im guessing you wish you would recieve some of it as no1 bothers to comment in your blog.

  72. zero, dude:
    (1) Why are you taking a prank by some bored-out college kid so seriously?
    (2) Why are you controlling what I write?
    What you are doing to me is synonymous with asking Zouk KL to stop serving alcohol because it is not good for health, or asking Genting to close down their casinos because gambling is bad.
    My blog has a targeted and specific audience, and those that enjoy what they read stay here. Those that don’t will leave.
    I’m afraid my blog’s targeted audience does not include you, but please do not rob my other readers’ freedom of enjoying what they like about this blog by insisting that I change my style.

  73. stupid college kids.
    btw zero, its popularity and fame. not population

  74. oh god, did u even read my words properly. im not like you, i don’t type things out without thinking further. whatever i said today has its own purpose.
    u wanna compare my words to asking zouk to stop serving alcohols, then why aren’t u comparing yourself to those scums who only know how to blame FAM for bad results without even thinking or helping. u discriminate people who sends hate emails without even trying to present your position and make them understand. now, do u wanna compare urself with me? im just 17 and im far more matured than you.
    no wonder msians are assumed to live on top of trees by americans.
    “good job” kenny, go ahead and target your fellow close-minded readers. i wonder why ppl even call u a “FINE” blogger.
    now i know why, you and your typical malaysian buddies 🙂
    i really got no offences, but i just find it funny that u’re so proud of ur rubbishy posts 🙂 keep on with the good work. and im not repeating it again, i didnt ORDER you to stop writing watever u want. its just a piece of advice from a number of civic-minded msians. too bad, you typical msians just dont listen 🙁

  75. zero, it would help if you are a lot less stubborn about accepting my opinion.
    First you said “ever thought changing your styles of presenting ideas in ur blog? if u dont u really are a fool kennysia.”
    Then you said “i didnt ORDER you to stop writing watever u want.”
    Why are you contradicting yourself?
    One more thing, I don’t “discriminate” people who send hate emails. There is a difference between “constructive criticism” and “abusing”
    If someone send you an e-mail saying that he will break into your house “F*CK YOUR MOTHER P*KI CHAO C*BAI”, you don’t reason with that person. There’s no reasoning with people who wants to abuse you.

  76. It amazes me that the very ppL that critises bloggers and their distinctive style are the EXACT ppL who come back to the blog time and time again. Kudos to the authorities. A threat is a threat, and it is a very good lesson for all.
    Zero:: you’re not as matured as you think. You might think you are but your comments certainly dont portray that. ppL who are matured will do factual reasoning, not bullshit your way pass an argument. Now you see why they set voting age at 21? Bcoz of ppL like you. Immature prat.

  77. Those who are not enjoying please leave, dun stardardized the ways blogger write. please do not rob other readers’ freedom of enjoying what Kenny writes.
    If anyone like the FORMAL ways of writing, please go to the official website and not HUMOUR blog.

  78. so some people harass u thru the internet. so u feel threatened. so what? big deal.
    thinkings involved before action:
    judging by the letter, is it possible this person may know me?
    could it really happen?
    can i find friend/ family members who can protect me at times like this?
    am i really that famous that people would stalk me just for the sake of it?
    do people know what i looked like thru the internet?
    i can’t say the same abt kenny, but icyqueen, u still hv a long way to go..

  79. all i could see is that u just freaked out.
    u don’t think of anything else but “oh.. i think i might have something interesting to blog about.. yay!”
    i don’t see anything good can be learned from this incident. people can easily put an invisible cloak (if they want to) and then, send some really nasty harassing mail into ur mailbox.
    and then what? would u go telling everybody and alert the authorities.. again?
    grow up, people.

  80. different people have different ways of handling this issue. In Icyqueen’s case, she encountered an incident where she was nearly abducted before. You can’t blame her that she alerted the authorities when receiving threatening emails like that.
    Just because someone decides not to be ignorant but you do, doesn’t mean they aren’t doing the rational thing. Maybe you should look in the mirror before asking others to grow up.
    Again, YOU do not decide how the world works.
    and again, when you or someone you love receive a threat like that in your mailbox, go ahead and think ‘omg haha an empty threat wow i wont get gangraped or killed this is probably some schoolboy who has nothign better to do other than writing hate mails’. Then when something really does happen, GG NO RE.

  81. and no it is not hard to find out how someone looks like through his/her blog especially if he/she has posted pictures. It’s not hard to gather information about someone, where he/she lives, where he/she hangs out, from the person’s blog. Sometimes even a simple Google search will reveal some information. Not that hard to track an IP address too.
    But of course, I do agree that there’s no need to sound off an alarm everytime you see someone walking past your house. But in icyqueen’s situation I think she acted rationally and smartly.
    Not sure about you, but I’d rather not gamble my life. Better be safe than sorry.

  82. OMG~ The hate mails are really insulting and a little scary if you ask me.. @.@ Especially when you received them one after another in a few minutes.. for a girl I think.. Luckily the prankster were arrested, serves him right! 2 pages of apologies isn’t enough for hurting IcyQueenGoddess’s mentality ya noe.. Well, dun say me childish XP
    I understand a lil bout her feelings coz I oso received 2 calls from an unknown guy, talking bout sex @.@ what the.. He oso knows my real name.. may be studying at the same uni as me.. But after I hung up, he threw away his number -.-” Didn’t get the chance to investigate.. ^^”

  83. Haha.. get linked by you will get so much trouble wan ah! =P
    Nice to hear that all is well now! Didnt’ know that Malaysian’s police so efficient wan! Not bad woh.. Malaysia is not bad after all! =)
    Congrats on your new gift! Nice to use?

  84. Dear Zero,
    I just felt being insulted on so many levels that I can not resist the temptation of posting something 🙂 You are such a hypocrite in some ways and Ill just tell you why. Here you are telling us how a typical malaysian we are by just presenting something without any thoughts, but arent you doing the same from your very first post?
    So you are telling the world, Malaysians and especially our police force is just buncha free dudes who have nothing better to do but to bust some kids? So ignorant ;p Ever thought of when she make the report she has a history of being attempt abducted and that is being taken to the account when assessing the seriousness of this case? And when it comes to someone else’s well being the police should NEVER take chances AT ALL, the thing is you dont make ASSUMPTIONS based on how small your nuts are, smartass.. Because not everyone has pair of small nuts like you. 🙂
    “no wonder msians are assumed to live on top of trees by americans.”
    I dont know who is the bigger moron? The idiotic americans who assumed that or the moron who actually takes some idiot americans’ assumption as something valid and make an a smartass example about it. Gezzz..
    And phewww thank GOD never forbids one to NOT turn every single entry into a serious dicussion. And WOW.. Hey this might hurt your brain a lil but have you ever thought this COULD BE A casual entry intended for casual read? Someone please reassure me Im not going bonkers.

  85. Some of these comments are just too funny! hehehe!
    I’m really surprised that so many people didn’t realise that Kenny has the Penang Bridge run during that time so although we did share the room, time spent TOGETHER in the room was pretty minimal since I was partying that night while Kenny left for the run at 2.30 am thereabouts. We were pretty much out meeting people and the Nuffnang meet during the day.
    I slept ALONE folks.
    Now isn’t it so cute that everyone just naturally assumes the worse about EVERYTHING?

  86. Let this be a lesson to all the ‘potentials’ or ‘wannabes’ out there. Do not follow his footsteps. 🙂

  87. Wow…you mean all this while our local police is advanced enought to pull off something like that?
    thats good and bad news.
    1) good because we can arrest ppl who commit cybercrimes
    2) bad because it aint happening
    3) fucked up because it can be used to trace bloggers

  88. To: Zero
    claiming to be mature 17 year old(in 2007) and lecturing others on blogging
    = BULLSH!T
    Your Eng is so shiet and you go kaypo other ppls blog ranting about how they should change their style?
    quote,”GROW UP PLEASE. even if u wanna blog, please blog something worth being read.”
    Your unknown blog go die lah, jealous of a successful blogger who gets the girls and earns income. This is WORTH reading because it has wide-ranging implications to the blog culture and cyber-crime ethics. It informs others of the occurrence and lets them form their own opinion.
    I agree with Paul. Hypocrite!!
    What sh!t was that again. I quote,”i didn’t ask kennysia to please us.
    i know bloggers have rights to post whatever they want”
    IF YOUR NOT ASKING HIM TO PLEASE YOU, the why the F*&# are you raising so much BS about making changes that will obviously make you happier comparatively,[which by the way, is one meaning of the word ‘Please’]
    If bloggers have a right to post WHAT EVER THEY WANT, then F*&K OFF ZERO.
    You must have subconsciously chosen just the name for Your Grubby little Soul, You Are Zero. The Numerical for NOTHING.
    With all this ruckus, ARE YOU the guilty party ‘Icy-Stalker’?
    ps. to [Kennysia] I know I’m being childish as well and that this will probably not be read. But if it does, You’ll know you have my support

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