Queen Lizzie

You know how Australians like to shorten long words by taking the first syllable, and then appending an ‘-ie’ or ‘-y’ to it? It’s like ‘Australian’ becomes ‘Aussie’, ‘television’ becomes ‘telly’, ‘mosquito’ becomes ‘mozzie’.

So I was listening to a Melbourne radio covering the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, and when the announcers were talking about the Queen, they shortened her name and referred to her as Lizzie.
Now, to me calling that’s just not on.

I mean, the Queen isn’t exactly your feisty teenage cousin. She’s Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II! You don’t just call the Queen ‘Lizzie’, because that would be like referring to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin ibni Almarhum Tuanku Syed Putra Jamalullail as ‘The Gong-meister’.
That’s what first came to mind.
The second thing that came to my mind when the announces call her ‘Lizzie’ was “Huh? Lizzie McGuire is at the opening ceremony meh?”


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  1. hahah kenny, you should have seen her! it took her FOREVER to walk up to the stage! and remember sydney 2000? *sigh* and you should have seen something worst! A footy legend walked on water at the Yarra River! hahaha dress in all white, think it’s God. *sigh* Aussie…. They all got head bigger then their ass, but brain smaller then their balls! =)

  2. Queen Lizzie? well honestly i don’t think it’s appropriate as well not to say that it sounds like lizzie Mcguire hahaha kesian

  3. for someone who takes potshots at Datuks and just about everyone else in the world, complaining about the queen being called ‘lizzie’ is very out of character

  4. Come on Kenny.
    You studied in Perth for a few years. You should know that Australians do not like pompousness. Why call a spade a spade when you can call it a shovel?
    Referring to the queen as Lizzie is like a term of endearment – that she is one of us, which indeed she is – no better and no worse than you, I or the average Joe walking down the street.
    Here’s to you, Queen Lizzie and Kenno!

  5. Yeah..I was thinking of Lizzie McGuire too. Wow right timing. I’m listening to song sung by Lizzie McGuire when she’s in Rome.
    Yeah. Queen Elizabeth II shouldn’t be called Queen Lizzie or Liz. Sounds so teenage and hip.

  6. Well, it’s not entirely appropriate calling her Queen Lizzie, but I dont think photoshop-ing Her to that poster is very appropriate either. Although it’s not done to put anyone down… but still…
    *just my 2 cents*

  7. You know, you guys really shouldn’t take what I write here too seriously.
    I’m actually fine with them calling the Queen Lizzie. If I’m serious about what I wrote, I wouldn’t have photoshopped her face onto Hilary Duff. πŸ™‚

  8. Personally I think blogging should never be taken seriously nor personally.
    Thus, blogging should be fun… not only for Kenny but also his readers.
    So, lighten up & cherrio everybody!

  9. I thought Queen Lizzie was a rather cool way of calling the queen..but now that you’ve mentioned..Its really sounds wierd to address someone of so high status this way~! Haha

  10. Someone up there is right, it is Her Majesty The Queen. As in HMS (Her Majesty’s Service) ships (or HMAS – A for Australian – for the Aussie minded). Highness is for the Royal Princes and Princesses.
    And in case you want to know, it is formally Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Yang Di Pertuan Agong.
    But I guess this all means nothing here..

  11. People here tend to be more sporting than ur average Malaysian… Never heard someone calling the Queen by the name of Lizzie before.. But I reckon it’s not something to be fucked about.
    Oh btw, that Lizzy Mcguire poster really does catch you in the lungs and forces the air out in 2.3 seconds πŸ™‚ … I’m still laughing lol

  12. She’s just a symbol of days gone by but the Aussies calling her LIZZIE … emm, let’s just say that even we, biadap Malaysians won’t do that lah (her grandparents and some White gangsters like Brooke and all those muscle guys like Francis Light and Stamford Raffles DID conquer and subjugate us after all). So we shall still call her RATU ELIZABETH as kudos for kicking our asses approx 250 years ago. haha. Yup, agree that people shouldn’t be too serious about things written here. Keep up the jokes and crazy stuff here. You get my vote for best blogger in da WHOLE WIDE WORLD dude. You da bomb!

  13. Wot’s wrong with Lizzie? It’s perfectly acceptable. If I see my PM I’d call him John or Johny, not PM. Howard, altho I admit formally addressing the heads of state has its place.
    But I’ll contradict myself a little: yes that was a formal occassion and yes I think “Lizzie” is inappropriate, but rightly so. Goes to show we don’t really hold her in such high regard (no disrespect) in Aus coz her office is just a historical remnant and has nothing to do with us.
    Much more pleasant calling her “lizzie” than be called “sir/miss” by your everyday people in hospitality don’t you think?

  14. 1. some of the later comments have gone seriously OT
    and worse, politically sensitive. Better delete them unless you have coconut-balls or your name is Jeff Ooi.
    2.we call our PM Pak Lah, do we not? So what’s wrong with Queen Lizzie? Anyhow, she didn’t get the throne out of merit, and she and her family live off taxpayer money, without having to lift a finger. Do we respect people like that?

  15. Yah. It caught me by surprise when I heard that on the radio as well.
    Nah, but I doubt Queen Lizzie would have minded. After all 55% of voters did throw out the idea of queen-free Republic back in 1999.
    Reverence is defintely in short supply here in Oz. πŸ˜‰

  16. And the Ozzies would not have called him the Gongmeister – too long.
    Try something like Yang-gi. πŸ™‚

  17. ‘Now, to me calling that’s just not on.’
    Except it’s permissible via Royal Decree. Yeah yeah, I know you were only joking, but a lot of people here seem to have their nuts twisted a bit. lol
    It’s funny that there is a few Anti- Aussie and even Anti-Malaysian comments from what you’ve said. I think it’s funny that most people missed the joke.
    Anyway, I can’t wait till they complain that Prince Henry keeps getting called Harry! πŸ™‚
    Great photoshopping too … I have to see that movie! πŸ˜‰
    Anonymous – ‘Nah, but I doubt Queen Lizzie would have minded. After all 55% of voters did throw out the idea of queen-free Republic back in 1999.’
    Not really, most Aussies voted against a Republic where we didn’t get to vote for our own President. Remember, Polls at the time showed that over 75% of Aussie wanted a Republic where we get to vote, NOT the one offered to us where the Politicians are the only ones with the vote.
    The actual Psychological term fo what we were offered is called ‘The Bind’ where you are offered two alternatives you DON’T want and have to pick the lesser of two evils. Never underestimate Evil [children overboard] Johnny and his manipulation.

  18. Kenny, it’s more ethical if you do not allow racial slurs to fill up your comment boxes by mean-spirited dumbasses.

  19. Maria and Dabido, I know I know. It’s the same spammer that goes around copying and pasting racist comments on every single Malaysian blog that he can find. Hey cut me some slack. It’s Sunday morning and I woke up late! πŸ™‚

    Posted by: Anonymous at 19 March 2006 7:54 AM


  21. whatever happened to your chatterbox? anyway. this post is cute. it’s not meant to be of any harm…don’t know why there are ALWAYS people who have something bad to say about every single post kenny blogs.

  22. Hey Paladin, dont like that lah, keeny siap’s the 1 to be blamed….so disrespectful to the Queen lah, some more put her headshot on teen’s head….and u dont b some vulgar lah….

  23. Thanx, Kenny for introducing Wong Fu Productions to us. To me, it is the best site plug ever.
    Cheers. πŸ˜‰

  24. Hey kenny, we were googling for The Moon Cafe, and we found your site! It’s Zaneta :).
    Hope Everything is going well at your end. I’m living in Geraldton now. See you when I see you next!

  25. I lurf ur jokes Kenny!!Sum ppl juz can’t take jokes…If they got punk’d i bet they’ll be taking sitcks n started whacking the cameraman πŸ˜‰

  26. actually its Her Majesty The Queen. ‘Her Royal Highness’ is for princes and princesses.
    the aussies have a tendency to be too … laxed in protocol.. like when Jeff Kennett touched her bum, or when they left out singing God Save The Queen for political reasons…

  27. Kenny!!!! Where’s your chatterbox, man??? This blog’s more lifeless without it…
    …and btw, I’m kinda surprised no unsporting bastards lambasted you yet for the pic on the queen.
    …while i’m here, mind i wonder out loud if you’re ever gonna put a GUY’s blog as you Blog Plug of the Day.
    Thanks, mate

  28. bloody funny – but i think Aussies don’t take themselves or other people too seriously..sometimes a touch of irreverence (just a touch and nothing OTT) can be a good thing…obviously the radio commentator would never have called the Queen ‘Lizzie’ to her face -at least i hope not! πŸ˜›

  29. to all singaporean :
    kimberly-CUMS is applying 4 sia,
    [KS: Some text removed. Don’t you think you should like… comment on my Queen Lizzie entry at least?]

  30. Wow, people actually watched the opening ceremony? I live in Melb and I didn’t bother watching it on tv, let alone going to see it live. After all, commonwealth games is only a practice for the real olympics.. Like drinking Coke Zero instead of real coke. (why?)

  31. There was another report on the news the other day. An executive was making a speech in front of the royal family, without “Lizzie” at the event. The executive addressed Her Majesty as “the little old lady”, thinking that it was funny, and for sure some of the audience laughed, but not her son, Prince whateva, sat there with no face expression to the comments. You know what, I don’t think “Lizzie” cares how people address her anymore, and if she does, she shouldn’t care, considering her age and wisdom. It may be inappropriate, but heck, there are too much protocols in life, lighten up the speech and just have a good laugh, besides, it is not a life or death thing. I’m sure the royal grandma wouldn’t mind. actually I don’t think she noticed cause she looks damn sleepy to me.

  32. didn’t know u were a fan or lizzie mcguire? or lizzie “mcMire” as my little cousie pronounces it… hehe

  33. Most Australians are descendents of Irish convicts put into exile by the Brit so most Aussies don’t like the Queen who is essentially English although she married a Greek and raises a dysfunctional family like most of Aussies!

  34. Kenny, you crezy, jus’ crezy!!
    ….now all we need is a little jammin’ music and some Monty Python action!!

  35. well, it’s better than the “zza” ending that Australians like to use for people’s names… for example… Daniel becomes Dezza… something like that… omg… imagine the queen being dubbed… EZZA…

  36. errr wasn’t the host of My restaurant Rules (the former Aussie idol judge) called IAN Dickinson or Dicko?
    Not Paul?
    Queen Lizzie. haha.
    It is.. just… weird.
    Typical Aussies, haha.

  37. This is rather late, but I think the Australians know not to take things too seriously. You ought to know that yourself, seeing that you seem to have no trouble taking the piss out of yourself in the name of entertaining your readers. I don’t think “Lizzie” was used out of disrespect, but rather something more of an affectionate term I suppose. I was under the impression that you’ve lived in Australia for some number of years, I’m surprised you have not grasped that.

  38. the gong meister !
    You’re nuts man !
    depicting the king in such in an un-manly manner !
    but who cares ??
    lets just laugh about it !

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