Lee Hom Heroes of Earth Promo Tour

Chinese-American pop star turned hip-hop artist Wong Lee Hom was in town over the weekend as part of his Heroes of Earth Promo Tour.

I managed to secure two tickets to watch him perform live at the MBKS Indoor Stadium.
Note that those are “VIP” tickets. It found out later that those words are nothing but mere decoration on the paper.

The show is scheduled to start at 8pm. I chose to arrive at around 8:15pm instead. There’s really not much point coming to the venue earlier other than get a good vantage point to stand. The first 30 minutes of these kinda promo shows are always the same kinda boring bullcrap.
First, the host would desperately try to get the crowd pumped up. Then she’d invite some overenthusiastc fans onstage to poorly emulate their idol singing. These fans would then win crappy prizes such as a plastic pen, a lousy notebook, poster and – if they’re lucky – a CD from another singer that nobody else wants.

In hindsight, it probably was a good idea to come in earlier.
The pile up of cars outside the stadium was an indication, but nothing could prepare me for the horror inside the stadium. It was literally PACKED to the max. It’s a complete riot. I’ve never seen so many people squeezed into one building before, not even during the David Tao promo tour last year. Every inch of the ground was filled with sweaty human flesh.
It’s like the whole entire Kuching’s teenage population were gathering there.

I was supposed to enter the VIP area right in front of the stage which offered a bit more space, but there’s literally no space to manouvre around at all. I could barely even make it past the main entrance.
The RELA guys (government-sanctioned volunteers for crowd control) were particularly agitated that evening, screaming abuses and shoving people along the way. If you watch the video later, you might even hear it. Geez, whatever happened to anger management?
Everyone was packed like sardines and everyone was sweating profusely. For that one night, the MBKS Indoor Stadium turned into one big freakin’ giant sauna, except without the coals, or the wooden bench, or the babes in towels.

The organisers don’t have to worry about packing away these roll-out posters. They’re all gone before the night ends.

It was 8:30pm before the star of the show decides to turn up.

Clad in simple T-shirt, jeans, and a “bling” around his neck, Lee Hom appeared rather humble for a star of his stature. His simple gestures like squatting down or pointing towards the audience electrified the Kuching crowd, and they loved every moment of it.

Check out that bling he’s wearing

Lee Hom described the style of his latest album as ‘chinked out’. No, not “Chink Out” – it’s not a racial slur demanding Chinese people to go away. According to Lee Hom himself it’s a new genre of music he created, mixing American hip-hop with traditional Chinese opera.
I guess the result is what happens if 50 Cents is born a Chinese.

I’m not a die-hard fan of Lee Hom so I haven’t actually listened to his album before I came to this show. After watching him perform live, I must admit that I find his new style of music is unique, though not necessarily entertaining.

In all honesty, the whole “Hey yo, this is Lee Hom yo!” schtick is a lil annoying. His American accent doesn’t work too well with Chinese rap either.
Of course lah, the crowd still sap it all up because y’know, he’s like, Lee Hom yo. So check out mah dawg, fo shizzle 4 life.

Lee Hom did four songs before retiring backstage. He came out again to sign autographs for his latest album.
I didn’t stay back because man, with so much sweat and other bodily fluids exchanging you don’t know what you might get when you come out of the building. Sometimes I wonder why we subject ourselves to that kinda torture just to watch a star perform for less than 25 minutes on stage.

All in all, a great night out if it weren’t for the craziness of the Kuching crowd.

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118 Replies to “Lee Hom Heroes of Earth Promo Tour”

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    You know I’m fat, I’m fat, you know it
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  2. Oh my goodness, I cant believe I am the first!
    You should come down to KL and go for concerts like Alicia Keys or Sarah Brightman…..they are awesome.

  3. HUH??!!!
    You went thru all e shit for a 25 min performance???
    But he is good…saw some clips of the concert he held at taiwan…he sang hero with Westlife…Wow…

  4. Haha…Lee Hom is really cute.. =)
    But ermm..the sweat n all its really disgusting described by you…but who cares man..its a concert of their IDOL mahz..hehe

  5. OMG. i LOVE lee hom.
    yummy yummy yummy!
    tho sometimes, in search of their alternative music break through, some of the melodies really just dont go down well.

  6. haih … then what for buying those VIP tickets when you didn’t look interested for the concert?? better give those to me la!

  7. despite da gruelling ordeal tat u described, i stil wish i DID go 2 his autograph-signing session in sunway surf beach yesterday!!!! thanZZZzzz 4 da info on LeeHom in Kuching~~~lurve ya!!!

  8. hmm..i had my exams on that time..so, can’t go.
    never really noticed the promo banner till my friend told me.hahhah..
    i guess Kuching is slowly startin to become an entertainment destination for stars…S.H.E,Harisu,and now Lee Hom.
    wonder who’s next?

  9. You mean the position where you were standing was a “VIP seat” ? Gosh… I thought VIP = box seats or something like that.. If me, I would rather watch the concert on tv… not worth the effort,time and money…
    I think that performance was below my expectations (didn’t want to say/add something else, in kena hentam by his fans). I’m so sorry, but to be honest, I’m not a fan of his. he called himself the king of hip-hop or something like that…and the only thing that I saw hip-hop out of him was his hand symbol , which i think he copied from Andrew Jackson (America Idol) – tak ori lah…

  10. Lol,it is pretty well-expected that the promo tour will be a packed sardines place. Btw, Kenny, his surname is Wang, not Wong n_n

  11. Dun n never expect to hav alot of free spaces for urself in the event of such popular star..crowded is actually expected..if u dun really like the star, y would u go there n “suffer”..better give the VIP tickets to those who really knows to enjoy the show..

  12. Most of your comments seem negative. U critize everything, the promo tour, the venue, the crowds, the Star, Lee Hom’s style, his songs, even his American accent. What’s wrong with everything? Things would b better if you treat them positively.

  13. i’m one of ur reader n a fan of lee hom’s. Can i get a copy of the videoclip from you since tat day i din record it dw..i only managed to take some of him. I will be happy if u did so. Thanks!
    P/s : plz reply ASAP

  14. the best thing about chinese entertainer is they are so versatille in what ever they are doing. I mean he who used to do typical c-pop can now do hip hop.
    Imagine Eric Clapton to throw his guitar away and start dancing like Michael Jackson if he want to survive in a chinese entertaintment industry.
    See, I didn’t addresse him as musician also. He is pure entertainer…

  15. i bet if you shaved off your chest hair and sold that on eBay.. you might get quite a number of bids. don’t forget to provide a signed photo of your hairless chest in the auction too!! *hehehehehe* =Þ

  16. Ahhhhh Kenny you went!! I wanted to go the the KL showcase but couldn’t make it at the last minute T_T
    Love, love, love Leehom! Mad talented.

  17. Ahhh…the crowd was crazy eh?>…They should limit number of tickets ler. Where got enjoyable when there is barely a place to sit down and enjoy the show? … And need to squeeze with so many ppl…eurgh…sure got some smelly ppl..hehe

  18. Guessed you got it all wrong, its an autograph cum album promotion, it’s not a concert. nevertheless all such activities will be full of sweaty people squeezing in a small place.
    you have negative comments as you mentioned that you never listen to his songs before, thats the main reason, lastly, you “secured” the tickets.
    at times, its good to watch a singer you unknown of to perform, only once I watch SHIN (xin yue tuan) perform in such kind of activity in Genting, yes, its free entry for stay in genting hotel…i’ve loved them till now.

  19. lee hom is trying to reinvent himself to catch up with jay chou, who kinda pioneered fusion music in chinese pop. even david tao’s doing the same thing.

  20. Sir, there were a lot of grammatical errors in your piece. Some of these were also present in your earlier pieces. Entertaining entries, no doubt, but a little correction to the grammar would make them more enjoyable! Keep up the good work!

  21. thanks for sharing the clip..im a big fan of leehom since 1998..didn’t get to go to the showcase this yr coz im studying in aus..but i’ll definitely go see him next year.i guess u’re lucky u went to the one in sarawak n not sunway..coz it was raining on that day.
    a lil disappointed that he didn’t sing ‘di yi ge qing chen’track 7..its a ballad n its 1 of my favs in the album

  22. Wong le Hom was so damn cool that night! How can you critisize him…!
    Oh wait… who is he again? Lol.. Celebrities… One day in, one day gone.

  23. my mom went for it
    my sister snet her,but my sister has no interest to see him
    my mom is 55 years old now…but she said lee hom is her white horse prince

  24. i like lee hom.
    at least he doesn’t say the “Hey yo, this is Lee Hom yo!” thingy as much as edison chen.

  25. It’s in his eyes…
    and the American accent makes him unique, no?
    International impression kicks in here.
    but then again, looks do cover everything else, doesn’t it?

  26. Well remember. This is KUCHING, where only unheard of boybands like Get Ready and 2B3 come to perform. Naturally, someone as big as Lee Hom will generate such a big crowd!

  27. You said that “Sometimes I wonder why we subject ourselves to that kinda torture just to watch a star perform for less than 25 minutes on stage.” I wonder why u went there to expose yourself to such a “torture”? Crowds is for sure as everyone could imagine and expect it! Although that was only 25 minutes but it means alot to the fans. Don’t forget, your entry was free. That was not a concert which we need pay for the show and the seat. Obviously, the purpose of a promo tour is to promote the singer’s latest album to everyone and to give his fans a chance to meet him. If you are not his fans, don’t blame for everything and if you are not competent, don’t simply criticize other people unless you have the “quality”.

  28. looks whos talking. entry not free btw. show some balls la anonymous. don just say say all that behind the curtain. not a lee hom fan, but most galfrens are. its not his music which sells la.if u put a bald pimple face fat guy up there singing his songs and he sings better, you think got ppl wan to go watch meh? unless it’s for the comedy la.

  29. thanks kenny!
    now i can see LeeHom concert in uk. heheh!
    btw, those pppl should be TAK-RELA instead of RELA, don’t u think?

  30. To carpediem, “he called himself the king of hip-hop or something like that…and the only thing that I saw hip-hop out of him was his hand symbol , which i think he copied from Andrew Jackson”.
    When did you hear that Lee Hom called himself the king of hip-hop?? He never said so! Wat do u mean by “copy”? Is similar = copy? Does Andrew Jackson have a trademark for the “hand symbol” that u mean? Can we accuse a person who coincidentally having similar hair style or similar hair color, or similar t-shirt with Lee Hom is actually copying him? Well, if that so, then everyone in this world is copying each other actually.

  31. haha.. i went to see leehom too in kk. The stupid female host was damn rude. when leehom was signing the cds she was particularly yelling at the audience. then some ppl went to ask her to report bout their missing child/relatives, n she said,’ u think i m the information counter ah(in chinese, bo bao tai)?’ wat the????

  32. hey, thought it was a good read even though you aren’t a lee hom fan (mild convert, hopefully?)
    “Clad in simple T-shirt, jeans, and a “bling” around his neck, Lee Hom appeared rather humble for a star of his stature. ”
    I think this is a big part of Lee Hom’s charm. He’s one of the few musicians – yes, musician, not pretty-faced pop idol (even if he IS pretty darn good-looking) – who’s in the music industry because he loves music. He’s got amazing academic credentials – perfect SAT scores, high school valedictorian, graduated from a top liberal arts college in the US (got into Yale and Princeton too, but decided on Williams) and so on….yet he chose to pursue music, instead of doing medicine like his elder brother and daddy. (by the way, his lil brother is currently at MIT)
    Anyway, I digress.
    My point is that passion for music, together with his humble nature, is what makes him so irresistible to his fans. Of course, his good looks don’t harm matters either.
    And in addition, he’s got a point to his music. Unlike many other chinese pop artistes, there’s a theme to his albums, and there’s a goal that he’s trying to achieve. Someone made a comment earlier about him trying to catch up with Jay Chou, which I think is a tad unfair. Jay dabbles around in creating fusion oriental sounding songs, but he doesn’t make it into a theme like lee hom does, and there’s no real point to the song other than a pleasant-sounding song. And what Jay did in his “San Nian Er Ban” song in the album Ye Hui Mei – using ping pong balls to create an effect? Well, Lee Hom did it in his song “City of Pleasure” back in his 2000 album Forever First Day.

  33. hey “boy”, its funny to say people saying behind the curtain yet u urself only showing the name of “boy”. If u think tat he doesnt sell his music but only his face then y so many silly ppl stil went to see him?I hope u r not one of them. U r insulting leehom n his fans who really support him. How can u imply that every of his fans supporting him merely because of his well-looking? How could u deny that there wil b no supporter for a bald pimple face fat guy who can sings well? It’s too bad to discriminate those guys who are bald, pimple face n fat. Not everyone in this world is so superficial ok?

  34. Who da fuck is Lee Hom anyway? Must be a nobody or else he won’t go to Kuching to perform to the sua ku.
    Posted by: MAX at 20 March 2006 8:19 PM
    u got a problem wif kuchingnites, dude??? y do u hav to say till like tat??

  35. Totally agree with roche.
    Here’s a thought. Let’s all leave the looks issue aside, and have a think about his credentials. Perfect SAT score, got into Yale and Princeton, chose to follow his dream instead, plays the violin, the piano, the drums and now the er hu (remind me if i left any instrument out), has perfect pitch and writes all his songs. He’s passionate about his music, his work and his goals.
    Doesn’t that deserve some sort of acknowledgement?

  36. You have a nearly-bald pimple face fat guy right here … SIA TZE FOO. All enjoy his blog, but don’t think he’ll do that well singing on stage!

  37. lol, controversy over lee hom now..
    i’m not a big big fan, but i think he’s talented enough, although i would admit that his rather good looks helps get 80% of his fans.

  38. You should have attended the Jason Mraz concert during the Mosaic Music Festival held here. The J man performed an acoustic set last Friday for about 2 hours & I swear (SOMPAH!) that it’s amazing.
    You would be totally impressed with his vocals.

  39. aiyah, it all comes down to different tastes.
    what’s appealing to some may nt appeal to others…

  40. if 50 cent is chinese, his parents would make him study and go to university for some sensible degree like engineering or dentistry. No way he’d be a gangsta rapper.

  41. only ugly fat girls, ah liens(hope to be spotted by lee hom) / ahbengs(hope can kao loi) go to this kind of event

  42. it was quite a huge event. the RELAs got so heated up until got RELA fight with one of the audience. heard from my friend though, didn’t see it for myself. all i can say is lee hom is very good-looking. lol. saw u there when u were leaving. 😛

  43. went to c him last year at sunway lagoon…haha at least it was open air…n oh yeah it was raining but still enjoyable…didnt bother to go to this one in kuching…

  44. I don’t like chinese rapping english either. Sounds weird. What’s wrong with rapping in mandrin or hokien or some other dialect?
    Concerts are usually really sufforcating. And as you said, a lot of exchange of body fluids and, as I’ve experienced, dry humping.

  45. joy: apparently he plays 18 instruments. go figure. (i’m a little skeptical about this, but hey there was a recent article that said it.)
    the ones that i know he plays (meaning i’ve seen him playing them live or in video clips or in pictures) are:
    1a) piano
    1b) keyboard
    2) violin
    3a) guitar (acoustic)
    3b) guitar (electric)
    4) er hu
    5) ai-jac –> some tribal stringed instrument
    6) drums
    7) xylophone (fine, so this doesn’t quite count)
    8) harmonica
    9) cello (not absolutely certain though, but given that he’s got his strong background in violin, i won’t be surprised)
    i’d say that’s not bad at all…!
    more than i could ever play in a lifetime, anyways.
    i tortured my piano teacher enough just plunking on the keys once a week.

  46. Thanks for the info, I forgot bout the guitars, but honestly didn’t know about the rest. 18 is a little surprising but not improbable. Some of the instruments have pretty much the same basics (like you said the cello and the violin) but nevertheless quite a feat to master if you don’t have the ear for it. Unlike he. 😉

  47. I find it funny that you go to his showcase when you don’t even like him. Then you leave all high and mightly critisizing everything about the event. I find that ironic…like does that make you seem better that you weren’t swept under the “Leehom wave” as the rest of the fans did?
    You shouldn’t have gone, I’m sure others would have appreciated those VIP tickets more than you even with all the fluid exchanged.
    And it’s an autograph session…so it’s a free performance so obviouly a lot of people went.
    I’m not Leehom’s biggest fan, I prefer David Tao, but still he’s got some mad talent. He’s been able to change his style throughout the years and he’s always a step ahead of his fans. Who would have expected that Leehom who used to compose Ballads suddenly started doing r/B? It’s like Guang Ling all of a sudden composing hiphop songs. It takes talent. In that sense I think he’s a true musciian…musicians can evolve with time. I think that’s what makes me respect him because he thinks outside of the box and doesn’t stick to a certain style.
    Dude and you call him a asian 50 cent? Does 50 cent have the skills to compose anything else but the sexually oriented “candy-shop” beats? Does 50 cent do vocals and ballds? No.
    It’s really annoying when people think they know it all and critisize someone else when they don’t have half the idea of what’s going on. Leehom’s not the best but he’s still hell of a lot more talented than those idols out ther that release like 3 albums a year and can’t sing for crap.

  48. if 50 cent is chinese, his parents would make him study and go to university for some sensible degree like engineering or dentistry. No way he’d be a gangsta rapper.
    ^ Uh Leehom isn’t a gangsta rapper. Dude what’s with all this prejudice. Just because you do hiphop doesn’t automatically make you a “gangsta rapper.” It’s just like saying if your asian your automatically good at math.
    Leehom graduated from the top liberal college in America..that’s pretty damn smart. Hell alot better than 50 cent can do.

  49. Getting a bit worked up aren’t ya?
    1. I’m not a fan of his, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him. Did I say I don’t like him?
    2. I went to his showcase to see what he’s got. I return from his showcase hoping for more. Is that not allowed?
    3. I never said I think I am all high and mighty. Which part of me makes you think I’m high and mighty? 🙂
    I’m not denying his talent. But this entry should not be regarded as “criticising your idol”. I’m just hoping for a bit more and a better crowd control.
    And I can safely say that everyone there that night hopes for the same thing as I do.

  50. Blah. Showcase, promo tour, crap! Go to a reaaaal rock concert 😎 4 songs?!! How about a solid 2 hours, 14 song set, with two support acts instead of half an hour of pimping by an MC 😎

  51. if 50 cent is chinese, his parents would make him study and go to university for some sensible degree like engineering or dentistry. No way he’d be a gangsta rapper. ~ thething
    What a stupid statement. Ur thinking and mind stil left behind that think that only engineering or dentistry is great. Totally cant agree with u.
    U admire engineer or dentist alot huh? Do u pray at them?
    Even a stupid fellow can be an engineer or dentist if he is rich enough. U kenot categorise brilliant or stupid person in such field.

  52. 1 thing..i don’t think he play the cello..only violin..
    lots of ppl complaining about the galaxy staffs,some fans even called in to complain the next day.hope they’ll improve n be more polite..don’t treat the fans like cows,shoo-ing us away
    maybe u can catch leehom’s concert this year..might be in june or july..probably u will enjoy it more 🙂

  53. omg . kiss goodbye was really nice . i went to the sunway surf beach’s promo tour . although it wasn’t a concert but at least he sang my favourite song – kiss goodbye . and i got face to face with him when i got his signature . he was really really cute . =D

  54. hi,kenny.
    i’m leehom’s fan in korea.
    thanks for your interesting and unique reviews.
    i was looking for leehom’s track and found out your web page.
    people always talked best things about their experiences, especially about their idols.
    it’s like that you ask for trouble to post about celebrity like Leehom. haha.^^
    anyway… 50 Cents thing…i agree with you.^^
    and thanks for sharing your video.

  55. oh well so many comments, both negative or positive… i guess, it’s really up to the individual, if the mentality to judge people without knowing well is deeply planted in your brain, then viola! you can always pick something negative to comment. please do not insult Leehom, how much do you guys know about him?

  56. Who da fuck is Lee Hom anyway? Must be a nobody or else he won’t go to Kuching to perform to the sua ku.
    Posted by: MAX at 20 March 2006 8:19 PM
    *Well u shld juz go check out about him and think before you write…go get a life if u have probs with those ppl living in Kuching!!!
    Blah. Showcase, promo tour, crap! Go to a reaaaal rock concert 😎 4 songs?!! How about a solid 2 hours, 14 song set, with two support acts instead of half an hour of pimping by an MC 😎
    by kennysia
    *That depends on ppl’s choices…8-)?!?
    only ugly fat girls, ah liens(hope to be spotted by lee hom) / ahbengs(hope can kao loi) go to this kind of event
    by Lincoln
    *what makes you think this way?? and a reminder…y not go look at the mirror before u even press a key on ur keyboard?? I dun think u r even better!!!
    *juz think before you even write ’bout something…you might hurt some ppl…if u criticize for nothing u shld juz go get a life or juz go for motivation courses to fill up ur empty space and get enuf love to stop u frm criticizing!!! I noe you might go after me or watever…i dun care!! This is all I want you to noe!!!

  57. lol! girl, could you leave me your hp number? boy meets girl, boy thinks he has fallen for girl. ah_boy@hotmail.com
    if you bald fat and pimply-faced i don want la.i dont look like lee hom boh, you still interested?

  58. KENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYY!!!!! JUST FOR LAUGHS, YOU SHOULD PUT A LOCK OF YOUR HAIR ON E-BAY TOO! I MEAN, I”M SURE IT’LL AT LEAST COME TO TWENTY DOLLARS. 50 dollars is not even that hard to imagine…so put up lock of your hair!!! Could even be your chest, back or butt hair if there isn’t enough on your head. Nah, jk =P. But really, do teh e-bay thing too! I’m realllly curious to see what the biggest amount will go to.

  59. You guys are dumbasses, it’s not even a real concert. It’s a frikin autograph session.
    how the crap do you expect them to perform for 2 firkin’ hours for a frikin’ autograph session. Lord.
    Don’t make yourselves look stupid and FIND OUT INFORMATION before making assumptions.

  60. Gosh..there were one part he lost control of his voice. Anyway, this is not the first time I heard his cracked voice while performing this song (Kiss You Goodbye). Definitely a hard song to sing.

  61. bbbbboooooorrrrrinnngggggg
    Asians in general are quite weak in the original musical sense department.
    CD Reviews
    By Gavin Phipps
    Thursday, Jan 20, 2005,Page 15
    Wang Lee-hom
    The Heart of the Sun and the Moon (心中的日月)
    Wang Lee-hom (王力宏)
    According to the liner notes on Wang Lee-hom’s (王力宏) latest album, The Heart of the Sun and the Moon (心中的日月), “Chinese pop music does not have a strong enough sonic identity.” As a result the pop idol has opted to “create a sound that is international and at the same time Chinese.” Something that he has dubbed “chinked-out.”
    Wang may well have set out to, as he puts it, “create a new vibe the whole world can identify with as being Chinese,” but the result is far from pleasing. The Heart of the Sun and the Moon is instead a rather odd and at times perplexing album on which Wang mixes up Mando pop standards and mild R&B / hip-hop with the odd sprinkling of traditional Chinese music.
    The album gets off to an orthodox start with the pop / funk tune Open Your Heart” (放開你的心), which, apart from the odd strains of a traditional Chinese orchestra, certainly doesn’t break any new musical boundaries. The album’s title track follows in much the same vain as the opener and listeners could be forgiven for asking just what Wang’s “chinked-out” is all about.
    The closest any of the album’s tunes come to answering this question is on Deep Bamboo Forest (竹林深處), a number that sees Wang’s producer filling in the gaps of a bog-standard Mando rap tune with a few short and earthy ethnic world music vibes.
    The bottom line is that fans of Wang may well find the manner in which he blends the odd sample into tunes enchanting and different, but those with a more open mind will simply be left “Wanged-out.”
    Hey, 50 cent can pen beats that many across the globe will actually connect with. Which is why 50 cent charts around the globe.
    Indeed, westerners can make charts around the globe, but asians can’t find an identity to bring them to that level. Pathetic attempts like this super lame, mega banal, weak “chinked out” crap will never make it.
    Look at Rain’s sorry MJ/TimberLake/George Michael copycat concert in New York. Even worse. Are asians just tone deaf to what is and isn’t original??
    They even think when they duplicate some western beats they’ve invented a new genre. LOL

  62. Wow, Wonderful Day !! I missed LeeHom’s show in Sunway but I can see thru video clip here 🙂
    TQ Kenny !!

  63. kenny, i agree with you, the crowd control sucks!!! i went for d autograph session in sunway and it was fucked up. nobody knows where the line really starts and the RELA ppl where sreaming left right and center at the crowd. poor me, kene scolded together with everyone for nothing…
    anyways, lee homs performance was really good!!! i enjoyed it a whole lot!
    i think i need to clear things up here, me and my friends adore lee hom because his songs really appeal to us. yes, he is super hot and that’s a bonus but the main point is still his songs. if he’s got the looks but not the talent(ahem.. like a certain f4 member) then i probably won’t be a fan, let alone buy his albums.
    to ppl who doesn’t like his music, thats your prerogative, but please do watch your words, it’s hurtful for us fans to read about their idol being bashed up verbally.
    and to ppl who likes lee hom, ROCK ON!!!

  64. Lee Hom’s fans..pls dun blame those ppl who criticized Lee Hom without using their brain..They r ignorant!
    * Criticizing with a good mean is ok..but criticizing juz to hurt somebody is totally brainless..

  65. hi, lee hom. u re very handsome n urs songs r very very nice n sentimental. really hope u can oftenly come to sarawak. sarawak is a good place to u to find ideas on lirics..etc. hope u can consider ..mmm…

  66. u ppl here who born ugly u better dun talk cok over lee hom.i heard tat somebody after concert over few uglies talk gay and say lee hom face / song. yea? they better? pui i hear this matter i throw the rubbish to u(the criticism ppl and ugly one)

  67. get to watch even without going to m’sia at all!! how great is that!
    you make me laugh with ur snide comments.
    very entertaining indeed!

  68. oh god!!i really can’t believe dat i see lee hom.never see him face 2 face b4.he’s so cute.he even say hi to me.really happy when i got his autograph.dat was my first time went to his promo tour in malacca.i dun see any malay there.maybe its juz me da only one malay in there.sooo happy…(“,)

  69. LEE HOM WE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU FOREVER….no matter how far or how long. our love will still be yours. we will always love lee hom.for you we are here. whether in spirit ,mind ,body.shall you ever shed a tear , a hopeless .your all fans will always be near and support you forver . you are the best one , you are the hero of the earth , the perfect and number one in our heart.. no matter some people said or critic .. you are till the most famouse one in taiwan and the number one … we live in one country so far and dont even know have change to see our lovely idol lee hom you or not? but we will try to make our dream come true? we love u and support you forver.. we wish lee hom always smile always happy heathy and happines forever … from u fans so far away….

  70. love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love LEE HOM LEE HOM LEE HOM FORVER FOREVE FOREVR …. YOU ARE IS THE MOST FAMOUSE ,THE MOST PERFECT COMPOSER… WE WILL ALWAYS SUPPORT LEEHOM FOREVER ………………

  71. lee hom we love u so much u are the best one best than any eles singers .. jay chou is just a simple made bad song same lyric song style always same .. lee hom u are wonderful ,creative perfect guy , kind heart , friendly , truely heart on love .. we love u forever and will support u forever too ok ha … u are the best and the most famouse famous singer in all asia and in europe too we LOVE LOVE LOVE U FOREVER..

  72. Haha you ppl here are so cute, arguing over a singer like that. I’m not a Leehom fan. But I’m definitely goin to his Heroes of Earth Concert in Singapore this Oct. All the way from KL. Yeah bullshit, u mite say, doin all that and calling myself a non-fan.
    That’s the thing that puzzles even myself! I mean, I listen to his songs if I think they’re good but not all of them and I definitely wouldn’t say ALL his songs are good. In fact, I think his new song, “da cheng xiao ai” (small love in a big city), is a modified duplicate of one of Emil Chow’s old songs. And I can never bring myself to buy his ori CDs, haha.
    Until Heroes of Earth Taipei Concert DVD. I borrowed it from my BF’s sis. I was hit with a whammy after I watched it and went and gotten myself a RM400++ concert ticket in SG. I dunno exactly what set me off. Maybe because of his abilities as both an entertainer and musician. This is a perfect combination because you seldom find that in the Chinese music industry, which makes him a rare-blood there.
    I guess in the Chinese music industry, currently anyway, he can be considered THE best, in terms of talents and looks. Honestly, never before have I encountered a celebrity with those attributes distributed so evenly. That said, I personally think his acting skills suck and would advise him to brush it up if he were to continue in that field. Haha.
    Although I mentioned that he is good-looking, but that’s only based on the general public’s standard. If you ask me, I think his facial features are quite ordinary. They don’t look very attractive either when put together. But somehow, I can’t deny there is SOMETHING about him that makes him shine and stand out, like my other fav celeb, Daniel Wu.
    I don’t think Daniel Wu is very good-looking either. But he has that special air about him that makes ppl so attracted to him. And needless to say, his acting is SUPERB!
    Anyways, I guess that’ll be pretty much how I’ll sum up this Chinese celeb called Leehom here.
    One last thing, to me, EXTREMELY cute looking (i.e. with delicate features) guys aren’t worth worshipping if they lack talent, simply because they are so damn perfect no matter which angle you look. BORING! But guys who are average looking but possess that special something are really the ones you can rest your eyes upon again and again and again and again….

    PS: i am a Leehom FANATIC.
    #ps: so i HATE to read negative stuff on him
    ##ps: Leehom fans are not crazy.
    ###ps: Leehom fans are people who appreciate Leehom’s music and respects him for who he is.
    ####ps: SO #$^&*(&&%^$%#$@@##$%#!%^%!*%

  74. korsh, Leehom supporters don’t just look out for Leehom’s looks.
    in that case, we should all go IDOLISE all the good-looking men in tis world.
    but Leehom is different.
    looks aren’t important… and Leehom has got more than just looks.
    and you’ve never seen him in real person before. you cant judge him from a photo taken by kenny sia on the internet.
    don’t be stupid. you don’t know anything.

  75. i think that he is the best artist in the world.honestly,his perfomance was realy unique andgood enough.i am his NO.1 fans in malaysia.he is the cutest and handsome guyz in the world.OH MY GOD.i dont know what to say.I REALY REALY LOVE HIM.i did not go for his concert because i am too busy to study and i am just 16 years old but i know that he always do the best.i realy hope that i will meet him one time.to everyone that does not like him_i dont agree with you all.he is the best artist and i hope that you will accept that.OK.LOVE LEE HOM FOREVER AND EVER.i hope that LEE HOM will alwayz successful in his career.GOOD LUCK.LOVE YOU SO MUCH.i appreciate your musics.best giler lagu dia.

  76. mmm…queennie here..can u giv me any website dat can subscribe leehom t-shirt,necklace,n all his stuff website…plz~~??

  77. hey guy… don’t curse leehom anymmore… he’s da best singer… he’s not only good in looking but also in music.. plz respect him n his music

  78. Lee Hom’s music style so he claims is American but did u know he hails from Vancouver, Canada….went to a samseng secondary school….bad part of town….so he gives the impression that he’s associated to Americans when in fact, he is full bred Canadian

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