Public Apology

Today was such a bad day. Its not just the car accident, its not just the Siarong incident, but many issues happened at the same time and collectively they took their toll on me.
I wanted to move on and write something new, but there are some things bothering me these past few days and I want to get them off my chest.
I have rubbed many people off the wrong way, and I wish to make my apologies.
Firstly, to my real life friends.
I apologise to IC, for snatching your blades away from you, alerting your parents and then sending you to the hospital when you overdosed on sleeping pills last night after a bad fight with your bf. I honestly feared that you were going to foolishly end your life last night. I’m glad you’re ok now.
I apologise to IC’s bf for my interference. I know she looks up to me but she’s really just a platonic friend of mine. I’m as concerned for her as you are. Please don’t take it the wrong way thinking that I have something against you. Its not true. I respect you.

I apologise to you, MN for keeping my mouth shut about your ex bf. When it happened I didn’t think too much of it. I didn’t tell you because I myself think it was a very small issue and I knew you’re going to make a big fuss out of it. I didn’t keep you in the loop for your own good. Despite its bumpy journey, I was adamant that your relationship was still gonna work out in the end. I’m sorry that it didn’t.
Now, onto the online saga.

I apologise to all my readers who were offended and lost their confidence and respect in me after viewing that particular entry.
I apologise to the non-existent ‘kids’ who were in attendance at the after party. You must have sneaked past the bouncer into an over-18-only dance club with your invisible cloak – the same one Harry Potter used to sneak into the Chamber of Secrets. And I didn’t see you hiding there in the corner. Sorry.
I apologise to those who commented on my relationship as if they knew me. I’m sorry, but who are you?

There are things in my private life I don’t write online: my family, my work, my girlfriend. But just this once I’ll write about my girlfriend.
My girlfriend has seen the picture. I showed it to her. She didn’t think too much about it.
My girlfriend likes Sarong Party Girl. She admits she’s a fan of hers. In fact, I think she reads Sarong Party Girl and Waiter Rant more than she reads Very sad.

My relationship with my girlfriend isn’t the same as it was compared to say, a year ago. At the moment I have no intentions to move back to Perth and she has no intentions to come live with me in Kuching. We are in a long-term long-distance relationship. I don’t know if we have a future together. Its bleak. We had a long talk about this and we both agreed to “leave it up to fate”. We used to be very possessive of each other, but its been so long we’re apart, our grip has loosen somewhat.
That’s partially the reason why my inhibitions were low when I was in Singapore. Still, when I posed for that photo I don’t think I did anything wrong because it was a spoof. I make NO apologies for that.
I apologise to my girlfriend for breaking my promise not to write anything about her, or about our relationship.

I apologise to Jeff, Mack, Brown, Caleb and especially Michael. I recklessly did something potentially damaging. But you guys were there to stop “the shit from hitting the fan”. I’m sorry. I learnt my lesson. I almost owe you my life. But I cannot do that, so I’ll just chia you coffee instead next time we meet. 🙂
I apologise to those who said I did what I did to attract hits. I’m sorry because you’re wrong.
There’s a lot of people who urged me to write for myself and not for others.
When I put up that post, I did exactly that – I wrote for myself. At the back of my mind, I know there will be moral crusaders who’s not gonna like it. I didn’t care, I still put it up. I wrote it because its a very unusual and out-of-the-ordinary situation that occured. Its not everyday a topless model wants to take a photo with me (I wish), so I think its blogworthy. So I wrote it for MYSELF.

One of my fave bloggers went to Melbourne’s Sexpo and took photos with a topless porn star. Another one put up photos of her friend getting his pubes trimmed, her female friend’s peeing by the roadside (bare bottom and all), and her other friend flashing half her ass to the camera. They were all very cheeky photos, and I thought they were bloody hilarious. NOBODY who commented on their page found them offensive at all.
I didn’t know I’d cause such a reaction because let’s face it – everyone seen hers, everyone seen mine, so what the heck, rite? BUT, I was wrong. The fact that she’s Sarong Party Girl, and the fact that I’m Kenny Fucking Sia changes things. There’s an unwritten rule that when you’re both bloggers with more than 6,000 visitors coming your site everyday, you’re not allowed to do the things we did, no matter how harmless it may seem.
I apologise for taking down that particular post. I’m not going to put it back up. I’ve caused enough trouble.

I apologise to Izzy. I wanted to drop you a mail one of these days to clarify things. The storm has been hard on me these past two days, but thanks for explaining the actual situation on your end. You are the innocent victim in my mistake. I agree, the people who were there found it funny. The humour somehow got lost in translation from life to blog.
I apologise to people who said that my blog isn’t as funny as it was before. You don’t need to tell me that. Even I myself find my own blog is getting boring lately. Then again, this is, not Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. You didn’t pay and expect me to entertain you. That’s not my job. My job is as an IT Manager, and my blog is just something extra. A hobby. I can stop blogging the next day and I won’t owe a single cent to you because I have absolutely no commitment to you at all.

I admit my blog isn’t as interesting as it was before. I admit I’m turning into a Kenny Sia that I don’t know. I wanted to go back to the way I was before, but I can’t. How do you expect me to go back to being funny when critics were firing disheartening attacks against me? At best, it’ll just make me come up with lame, very lame jokes. How can I be expected to make you laugh, when I’m not even laughing myself?
I didn’t change my blog. You did.
Times like these, I need your support. Not for you to kick me in the gut when I’m down on the floor.

When you write for your readers, people say you should write for yourself. When you write for yourself, people say you shouldn’t write this and that. We’re looking at Bloglitics in action here, people. (And to think I coined that word. Oh, the irony.)
I apologise to everyone who sent me encouragement e-mails / blog entries / cheery MSN messages. I’m sorry I can’t reply them all. Just wanted to let you know, you made my turmoil a little easier to get through. Thank you. People like you are golden.

I want to apologise to minishorts and XiaXue.
No, sorry.
I apologise to Claire Khoo and Wendy Cheng.
There’s a difference.
You wrote about your reaction to my entry. You think what I did was wrong, and you disapproved of it. You didn’t hold back with your criticisms. I read your comments about me, and they hurt. They hurt me lot more than what many other people were saying. That’s because I care what you think.
But you were judging me as a friend. Others were judging me as a blogger.
And as a friend, I let you down, I disappointed you, I made you cry. Of course you have every right to be angry at me. And I’m terribly sorry.

There are friends who stick by you and approve of your actions regardless of what they think is right or wrong. Then there are friends who, when you did something wrong, give you a tight slap across your face and ask you to turn back, to wake up.
Claire and Wendy belong to the latter category. They didn’t do it because they hated me. They did it because they love me as a friend and genuinely care for me. In the process, they had to put up with commenters on their blogs who claimed they’re jealous of me / wanted to betray me / or the utterly ridiculous ones like “You complain so much, go pose naked with him lah!”

They didn’t deserve this. I deserved it. Its the trouble I caused. Why do they have to put up with all this bullcrap? Yet, they did. And although they’re majorly disappointed, they STILL find it in themselves to cheer me up over MSN when I went online.
Friends like these, where to find?

This entry was originally written early this Tuesday (the day of the incident), completed today.

161 Replies to “Public Apology”

  1. Awwwwwwwww…. Kenny, honestly and deep down from my heart, this is the best post since you won the Blog Of The Year Award since PPS 2nd Birthday Bash. I hope you will feel as good as I am after writing this post as I just did the same thing. Instead of my usual postings, I blogged something from my heart and I feel great after that. I hope you too.
    Everybody makes mistakes and it is not the mistakes that count. Its whether you learn your lesson that counts. Although I am not sure whether you read chinese, but here it is “知错能改,善莫大焉”.
    Kenny, no matter what you did or posted for the past few days, I still respect you and I repsect you even more now. 🙂
    Hugs… Take care my friend.. You will find back your path soon.

  2. Your entry almost brought me to tears [I’m sensitive so pardon me =)]
    I was one of those who didn’t find it funny but after much thought and after showing it to my BF, I finally realised that it shouldn’t offend anyone because it’s all just for laughs.
    I guess a blog changes along with the blogger. It’s inevitable because things that happen around you will eventually change you.
    I hope things will go well for you.

  3. Regardless of whatever that’s been happenning, u’re still the best!! U should be lucky to have such wonderful friends in xx n minishorts.
    Take care kenny.

  4. like you, i found the post amusing, but my gf, like many others, didn’t.
    we’ve all heard about how “no one can satisfy everyone etc.”, but really.. you have literally thousands of hits daily, how’d u expect to make everyone happy? i have barely 40-50 a day and i already start to make enemies left and right with my occasional rants.
    most importantly of all, remember that this is your blog. “I didn’t change my blog. You did.” just doesn’t cut it mates. your actions are your responsibility – no one else’s.
    all the best dude.

  5. well hey~ ya know what? i don’t think ya should be apologising.
    those girls should be apologising for being a self-less egoistic fuqable pussies.
    don’t be gay, be a man! stand up for your own ways. you’re doing what the girls want you to do, and you’re majorly fuqed in all directions possible in the @$$, get it? IN THE @$$! they be laughing at your foolish act, when you could have kept it in order and change as time goes by and show ’em who the losers are!
    too bad all the boobies and pussies you’ve got swayed and confused your thoughts.
    all the best

  6. I didn’t know being a Malaysian blogger can cause so much trouble. Maybe it is a time all of us knows where our priority lies – and it is not in blogging. If you get dissed in a blog, should you care? I don’t and neither should you.
    I am sure Kenny, you had this blog originally for a completedly different reason – to write, and not to care whatever anyone thinks be it he/she is a so called ‘problogger’ or whatever. Blogger convention/rules? I’ve never seen one!
    Not. In. My. Entire. Life.
    Whatever people say about you, you should not care, which is why you should take my comment with a pinch of salt too. We are all just readers. And outside your blogging life, you have a real life that is much more important than teh Interweb one.

  7. Hey Kenny, I just want to say that I’m glad you kept your head up and got through this. You’re only human, and you’re not infallible. There is only so much that you can take. Keep on staying strong, and do what you must in your own best interests.
    Take care, and stay strong.

  8. Hey mr kenny sia,
    Firstly, i dont think you know me, and don’t worry, i’m not saddam hussein or a stalker okie?
    I read the newspaper today and i saw ur name, and when i read the contents, i was kinda concerned and logged on to ur page, and i found this entry.
    Mr Kenny, when i read this, i felt sad and disappointed at the same time. Disappointed at our locals, and also YOU. Why?
    I didn’t know that you will care so much about all these. Yes of course u’ll feel really sad and all but .. u don’t hav to apologize for doing the things u hav been doing all these while.
    Blogging is your passion, so let it burn, don’t let all these small matters bring you down. If there’s anyone who actually said that u hav changed to un-kenny, or u r too rude and all that.. ask them to shut up. If they don’t want to, fine, let them be. It’s their smelly, stinky mouth and they say it to make u feel worse because they r just jealous, and in a way, i think they just wanna share your publicity. Sounds fake, but it might be real.
    Why you should stay who you are?
    Because u hav found a fan (like me) and same goes to others. Just blog whatever you wanna blog. It’s YOUR life, YOUR blog, YOUR mind, YOUR everything. It has NOTHING to do with anyone else.
    meanwhile, please keep your coconuts as big as possible, coz u r still the best msian blogger ever!

  9. Respect for the man who apologise for his ‘mistake’.
    If you write craps for 1 week, we can accept.
    If you write craps for 2 weeks, we still can accept.
    But if you still write craps for weeks, we will beat the crap out of you(pardon the pun :p

  10. Respect. It takes a nothing to fault, but it takes all your soul to admit the fault. Respects to you, bro.
    Take this in your stride, your life is yours, no matter what they say.

  11. To whom it may concern,
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to solemnly regret on the intolerable written comment above. The main reason for it is the vulgarity that caused confusion and incomprehension of the ‘street-talk’ by certain individuals, mainly highly educated individuals. Fortunately, I am willing to forgive their shortcomings, and thus, respectfully re-write my comment in a comprehensible manner for the incapacitants. Humble apologies to those. *bows gracefully*
    As stated above, I am in utter shock and embarrassed at Mr. Kenny’s reaction towards the things that are happening in his life. Not only did his action showed his weakness(es), he has also made particular female audience cackle because of his actions.
    I believe firmly that he shouldn’t have show his weakness(es), just as females not showing theirs. We, the males, are models of the worlds. We are the world record holders, we are the managers of the world, we are the motivators and innovators, not forgeting inventors. Should male seize upon female derogatory comments? Of course not. We must be silent and be willing to change on the issue, only then females will know the power of males.
    No, I am not encouraging chauvinism, but rather, equality. We do not see females raging and announcing their weaknesses, do we? Of course not. Look at the Olympians! There are more and more females who are taking charge, and wisely they took charge silently without us knowing. So where’s the stand in this?
    Mr. Kenny, I hope you realise that you have been foolish and able to change for the better. Also, I hope that you can accept the cackling of female chauvinist pigs. Please don’t hesitate to look me up in Google, as anyone would.
    May you have a nice day.
    Yours truly,

  12. Great is he the leader who knows when to rush into battle, yet greater is he who knows when to retreat
    -Sun Tzu,Art of War
    You are one heck of a guy,blog or no blog dude, and other bloggers probably blog to be as known as you.Sometimes life slaps you around a bit, but hey, you bounced right and thats what really matters man.Nietczhe once said, that which does not kill me only makes me stronger.So there.

  13. Kenny’s being himself in this post. You want him to be himself and want him to not apologise. Hello?! If he thinks apologising is the way he wants to handle things, let him be lah! Why do you guys demand so much from him by telling him what you think he should do and what he shouldn’t do and then at the end of the day expect him to be himself?
    I don’t know if I made sense. I hope I did.

  14. Everyone makes mistakes. Honestly, I was quite shocked by the amount of flak you received over that one post; especially considering all the great entertainment you’ve been providing us readers all this while.
    Chin up and take care Kenny.

  15. I admit that I was one of the people who were disappointed in you by the SPG incident. We have no right to judge you nor to demand anything from you. But it was a genuine reaction with no malicious motivations.
    Please keep this great blog up. 🙂

  16. I would have preferred to see a hearty “FUCK YOU!” and a finger to the supercritics, but who am I? You do what you gotta do.
    Respect and love from the US.

  17. Well. i have been a quiet reader for quite some time but till now i chose voice out. For what you have said in this post. Respect =). At the very least,you have a clear mind of what’s happening.And i do mean CLEAR. For those who didnt,i found them tagging nonsence at Xiaxue’s and Minishorts’ like you mentioned. No worries, soon be over and Kennysia will levelup. Because there is still us. =)

  18. Seriously Kenny, I’m half a fan of XX and only got to know your blog thru XX’s blog. I read xx blog whenever my PC’s on. I’ve never posted any comment on XX blog. I’m also a blogger who gets ZERO visitors per day on both my blogs. My english suckz, I can’t write, my gramma, vocab and spelling cannot make it too but I still write becoz I’d love to write about myself to share parts of my thoughts and life experiences with anyone who chances upon my blogs. Don’t give up kenny! Suggest ya to brew a nice cup of kopi, sit down and relax by the window and think about how and why when you first started blogging. After that, all pain will be gone… We often forget how we first got started doing things we love when problems arises… Forgive my bad english… Have a good day and cheers!

  19. You’ve made a big mistake, but I believe most of us are glad to see you’ve realised it. Its not too late to turn back, so pull up your socks and lets try again.

    As they say, the greatest comedians are also the most vulnerable to depression. So please don’t stop trying. 🙂

  20. Many of you are saying that everyone makes mistakes every now and then and bla bla bla… I really don’t think he MADE a mistake at all. The controversial post was not a mistake or something that is wrong. It’s just how different people perceive it based on their own frame of thoughts and experiences. Somehow it just bothers me how some people are saying that the apology is accepted and that people make mistakes. I just want to point out that from my point of view, it wasn’t a mistake. Kenny was just blogging on stuff that he felt was extraordinary, and just because a number of readers can’t take what was shown doesn’t mean he was wrong. How would a picture hurt a reader? I remembered he even put warnings at the top of the post, so there is no reason for any of you to “disrespect” him or whatsoever. If you were offended, you have no right to, because you willingly scrolled down and viewed the pictures. It’s just like if Kenny had a gun and he warned that it is dangerous and you might kill yourself if you point it at your head. The next thing you did was, you wantonly pointed the gun on your head and the trigger went off accidentally. Can you say that Kenny is wrong? I’m really disgusted and I can’t believe the way many people are reacting. Just don’t read the post if you think you’re not capable of doing so. You’re not forced by anyone, you’re free to do as you wish. Please stop claiming that Kenny was wrong.

  21. this whole thing was blown out of proportion. People who act like they’ve never seen a pair of tits?Breasts? Boobs..whatever you want to call them. I cant believe what a pussy you are abt the whole thing, apologising and all.. Its your blog remember? If people dont see the joke, dont read it. Simple as that. XX is a stupid bitch who writes shit all the time, spendt hours tracking down someone who stole her cab and exposing the girl on her blog.. and you care abt what she thinks? Grow some balls.

  22. Kenny, first of all, I want to clarify that I am not the IC you mentioned in your post. Just a blog reader residing in NZ (originally from Kuching – best place on earth!). Love reading your entries…kept me sane and up-to-date with things in Kuching. Thank you!!!Keep up the good work!!

  23. i admit to not really knowing about your site or the sarong party girl whoever that is. but clicking on a few random other blogs regarding the matter, i sincerely don’t get what the fuss was about.
    bahh, i skipped all the comments except the last 2 before me, so what i’m saying is i agree with merz.
    sometimes i come across bloggers who just claim to write for him or herself. the same person could also make apologetic posts about how uninteresting his/her blog is getting bla bla bla. who cares, really? just write.

  24. Agree with the majority of the sentiments here: this place is called “” for a reason. It’s yours. And your writing is yours. We are the privileged intruders, as a friend terms it.
    And personally that what’s I thought about the whole picture – it was a bloody good spoof. No harm done dude, it was all a massive over-reaction.

  25. Chin up dude, am sure this issue will blow past and you will be back to your usual self very soon! 🙂

  26. Cherz.
    Personally, I think u did no wrong at all. But it’s always those pp who proclaimed to sit on the moral high ground that bitches the most. They can nvr understand that sometimes pp do not care to be on the high ground and kick at all those at the lower ground. There’s not much we can do abt that. SPG got my respect for being able to stand up to her detractors and still be herself. You got my sympathy. And I dun mean it in a negative way. I hope ur frenship wif Claire and Wendy are not too severly affected by all these.

  27. /hugs Kenny
    Frankly I dont see it as a mistake. It is just some people cant accept your ways of expressing… And to the majority, whatever they cant accept are considered mistake made.
    Couldnt agree more on “When you write for your readers, people say you should write for yourself. When you write for yourself, people say you shouldn’t write this and that. We’re looking at Bloglitics in action here, people. (And to think I coined that word. Oh, the irony.)”
    I will say I would support you as a reader, I enjoy things u write, and more important how u expressed it.
    Please continue to write the way u like to, thats where the readers enjoy reading… for those who doesnt… you can turn to read others…
    At lease we still feel lucky that you had not gone into IPO and public listed, and no shareholders/ boards of directors to tell u what to do, what to write and what not to write… ;-P

  28. i feel bad reading this post.
    in a way, blogders that read your blogs often know how to blame but not try to understand your position.
    we often look things on the negative side. we don’t try to emphatize and i guess… this is the norm in life.
    i don’t know what to say. but kenny.. cheer up. remember, you are responsibility for your ownselve… not others.
    cheer up

  29. Come on Man.. Brace up. I think we all dun wanna see you like this. We have our ups and our downs. We lose track of what we have in Sight sometimes. But what matters is getting back on Track.
    I believe you can !!!!

  30. err…. personally not the type that will bow down to wat ever the fucking-shit-inferior-INSECURE people will think or comment type of person, though at times, may be at the downwind of things, BUT I will keep to my stance.
    however, i do react to those that i consider true and genuine.
    so just want to say, please yourself more la, watever u post, make sure u like it,
    u can always opt NOT to visit the site, somehow u just so reminds me or MArtha Guber/ Felicia Guber in desperate housewives, UGLY, UNWANTED, UNDESIRABLE AND DESPERATE FOR ATTENTION.

  31. Everyone knows you’re a nice block, Kenny.
    Everyone knows you have a kind heart deep down.
    Everyone knows you’re this and that.
    …but it’s all from what you wrote in your blog.
    To me I feel you’re a nice fella. You have my respect as a person, human and a blogger.
    Life’s a roller-coaster as they say. Hang in there.
    PS: Besides…the Ringgit peg got scrapped. What more could you ask???!!! hehe.
    Cheers Kenny!!!

  32. kjd,
    shut up! nobody’s listening to you. dont give us that lame excuse of not being a chauvinist pig. u clearly r one.
    “We, the males, are models of the worlds. We are the world record holders, we are the managers of the world, we are the motivators and innovators, not forgeting inventors. Should male seize upon female derogatory comments? Of course not. We must be silent and be willing to change on the issue, only then females will know the power of males.”
    WHAT UTTER CRAP! Fug off!!

  33. Okay now dude, you dont know me and i dont know u .. im not gonna say i know how u feel .. cos u cant say the same abt me.. just wanna tell u tht a wise man once told me during my bleakest moments in life a sentence which i will pass down to you .. Im sure he spoke from experience when he said
    “The darkest hour is always just before dawn”
    well this is just something from a guy to another guy. We’re just ordinary joes with everyday challenges trying to pull through.. in THAT way, i know we r the same..

  34. dear mr. sia,
    i want u to know i read ur blog daily n when i saw the spg pic u got at dxo, i immediately shut down my browser because i was at work hehe.
    i was not offended n i personally DO NOT think that you should’ve been slammed so hard. i don’t think that ppl who dont know u personally should’ve slammed u at all.
    as a little piece of kuching here in singapore, i’d like u to know that u have a supporter here.
    daily reader

  35. Good Morning,
    I believed after so many words of wisdom given by ur frens n fans. You would probably be tired.
    Here is something for u from another normal reader;
    1_Not all ur blogs i read, it all depends on my mood.
    2_BUt i believe its because like u said u blog for urself n not others..thats what i belief should be your concept.
    3_BUt because of the popularity sometimes, we just feel like pleasing the fans and readers, so we might make “lame jokes”
    4_BUt i believe u are trying ur very very best to blog what u think is right.
    5_lastly, I enjoy reading ur blog no matter what other say
    So brighten up as Life is short & Beautiful !
    (All depends on hold u look at it)

  36. Cherz.
    Personally, I think u did no wrong at all. But it’s always those pp who proclaimed to sit on the moral high ground that bitches the most. They can nvr understand that sometimes pp do not care to be on the high ground and kick at all those at the lower ground. There’s not much we can do abt that. SPG got my respect for being able to stand up to her detractors and still be herself. You got my sympathy. And I dun mean it in a negative way. I hope ur frenship wif Claire and Wendy are not too severly affected by all these.

  37. i’m sorry kenny, things are not going well in you life now…. i hope it all gets better… chin up 🙂

  38. wow, even for some straight anonymous guy on the net who reads your site, this entry makes me want to break down and cry and hug you.
    eh kidding, kidding. I’m really hetero. glad you got a grip of yourself.

  39. This is the last word I’m commenting on your site – no point preaching to the deaf. You’re a nice guy Kenny, but you take too much of what others (probably idiots) say to heart.
    What I want to say regards XX and MS. If they were your REAL friends, they would have written an email to you or discussed it with you via MSN. Not written really angry posts condemning you without even hearing your side of the story. Only if they still disagreed and you reached an impasse – then post their (fake) “moral outrage”.
    That’s what decent people do in real life. If my friend did something I found morally reprehensible, I don’t go around bitching about them behind their back. I talk to them about it and try to see where they’re coming from / try to get them to see where I’m coming from. MS and XX have demonstrated they are the “bitch behind the back” sort of “friend”.
    For the record, I don’t think you did anything wrong by posting that entry. If it had been full frontal nudity with her on your lap or grinding against each other, I might have been put off. Even more so if small animals/children had been involved. Even if I had though, my opinion on MS + XX’s behavior would be no different. That they met you IRL already, makes it all the more reprehensible.
    But who cares what I say eh, I am only (as MS puts it) “that crazy sex-deprived *insert string of unimaginative expletives here* IB woman”.

  40. What happened? Can anyone let me know ? ….Anyway take care brother ! U done a good job ! Live for urself n not for others !

  41. What’s the apology about? Is it about honesty? Do you want to put away skeletons in the cupboard? What’s wrong posing with sarongpartygirl? A blog is about baring yourself, heart and soul, the deepest thoughts and feelings that used to be written in a diary. Nobody tears pages from a diary, unless somebody else does it. So, you have allowed your peer group, pink flossy and all, to pressurise you to doing something dishonest, being Kenny Sia. Stand up like a man, claim your blog back. It’s yours, and no one, even Saddam Hussein, can take it away from you.

  42. i really thought your blog was great. Funny, real, just you being you. Why the fuck are you so worried abt these people/”friends”? Its not like you forced spg, in fact, she was the one who brought up the idea. Her pic was on your blog, and she’s not even upset. Yet ppl like xx and minishorts who write crudely and swear, talk abt dildos, phone sex.. they make some noise and you care so much? Dont be a dumbass. Write whatever you want to. Dont bow down to idiots. I really cant imagine you writing something utterly terrible anyways.

  43. i really thought your blog was great. Funny, real, just you being you. Why the fuck are you so worried abt these people/”friends”? Its not like you forced spg, in fact, she was the one who brought up the idea. Her pic was on your blog, and she’s not even upset. Yet ppl like xx and minishorts who write crudely and swear, talk abt dildos, phone sex.. they make some noise and you care so much? Dont be a dumbass. Write whatever you want to. Dont bow down to idiots. I really cant imagine you writing something utterly terrible anyways.

  44. Well… Cheer up, dude!! Although i didn’t get to see tat “photo” but i saw the Siarong post.. I dun tink it’s offensive or wad.. I kinda like it.. haha..
    For every blogger, there are people who like you & people you hate you. The more famous you are, the more people will criticize your entries.
    Furthermore, it’s kinda difficult to maintain being FUNNY in all entries ~! As a blogger, i know….
    Just be YOURSELF ! Dun care about what others say. What right do they have in the first place?? It’s YOUR blog! YOU can do/write what you want. Prolly they are just jealous of your fame?? haha.
    Dun worry, the storm will be OVER sOon…. No matter what happens, i will always support ur blog ! =)
    PS: Continue writing your blog your way. Don’t try to change yourself to suit others. All the best!
    An avid reader.

  45. dont be so worked up lah.. aiyoo.. mahem, it’s just a blog leh….. blog suppose to be your own some sorta diary… why give a shit on what ppl think? as for me, i suka, i write… when i read it back, i find it entertaining to myself. who cares what other ppl think.. u cant be serving millions of ppl’s interest lah…

  46. Hey Kenny.. You ever heard that slow song, “I started a joke, it got the whole world crying”. I used to hear that song and imagine the guy who wrote it and feel really bad for him while I try to imagine what he did. You just cleared it up bro. He he he… C’mon, see the humor in it.
    And in the words of TUPAC, KEEP YO HEAD UP!

  47. Thanks everyone.
    I did not remove the original entry because of what XiaXiue and minishorts wrote.
    One of the major reasons why I removed the entry is because of the NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES it could bring to the SPG’s personal life, the Malaysian blogosphere and the Singaporean blogosophere.
    Have you ever stop and think what a disaster it could be IF the press decided to run a biased feature on the piece?
    Removing that entry was the least I could do.

  48. Last I checked, the URL for this blog is
    It’s your blog. Nobody paid you to entertain them. Don’t beat yourself up so much. As far as I am concerned, you have nothing to apologise to me for.
    我们永远支持你!Because that’s what friends do. Take care of yourself, and stop angsting over this already. It’s getting boring, go forth and write new stuff, ok?
    Love and hugs,

  49. Dear Kenny Sia,
    Hey! read that post on siarong PG. I thought it was like any other blog about your trip down to the conference,
    Wah! an hour (or so) later wuz taken down. And then I read the hordes of msg, I was like? !!!where it went!!!!
    Except for minishorts and xiaxue I felt the rest were like…. breathing down your neck or something. I enjoy reading yours n minishorts blogs, And I personally think you guys are doing great, being yourselves, or speaking your mind. Unfortunately not many readers want so… They always want something funny, they always want something that doesn’t cross taboo topics. ask them to get lost la!!! it’s YOUR blog, you paid to maintain it…
    By the way, eh I like the pic u took right after the Harry Potter book leh. Where’s this ???
    Haffa good weekend. I hope you feel rested after that.

  50. It’s just a little storm, don’t worry too much there are many people who want to be your friend although I think you would pretty much prefer the affection from your GF,XX and Minishort.
    Stand Strong Kenny. Ride the storm.

  51. Hi Kenny. I’m a fan and this is my first post to you. A zillion people have said it, and I hope you take heed. Let me reiterate what they have said. This is YOUR blog. YOU DON’T owe anyone anything …. especially an apology. Know that there are many of us who like YOU just the way YOU are, no matter what YOU write. Now skake off all this doom and gloom and do whatever YOU want, whatever makes YOU happy. And if anyone doesn’t like it….WTF cares.

  52. luv ur blog, luv u (erm…can i say that? technically i don’t know u ma…but hack la, it’s my comment. ;p). jia you!!! 🙂

  53. There is hardly any time to catch a deep breath since the controversy happened just one day or so ago, now lies before us a huge page of apologies. You REALLY made that much mistakes in a matter of 24 hours? You are truly da man!
    It truly sounds like an acceptance speech for the Academy award of Apology: “First of all, I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to my mum for putting up with me, to my readers for my public flirtation with those two losers who have enough public enemies of their own, and now becoming mine, and…. lastly my dog pai-sae for not biting my ass off when I stepped on her tail while sneaking into the backdoor in the dark. Anyone else, I left out?”
    Now, just one thing we need to do: conduct a proper prognosis into the mind of our favorite coconut boy. I fired up the html source and did an “apology” count (quite an effort by the way, save to ascii file and scp to unix machine and did a grep and piped to wc), and ended up with a total of 92. For curiosity, I did a “ball” count too, nothing! Not to give up, so another count, but this time on “coconut”, zip! If you have ever taken psychology, you would have realized this could mean something very serious and probably significant too. After much thought and many phone calls, some are actually long distance to my professors, and we all came to a very implicating conclusion: neh!
    Although it is about “apology”, I am more pleased in your readers at large and how they showed a lot of empathy, and majority did and opened up their hearts for things that they may not necessarily agreed with, even this apology. Now, can you all extend the same to our Sarong girl who definitely leads a lifestyle that some of us may not necessary agreed with!

  54. What a sad sad post Kenny…
    To think that what used to make your spirits soar is now making you slump. Sorry for the change in the wind. But then again, nature changes course unexpectedly and i’m sure you will find joy in blogging again soon.
    Many big hugs from little me.

  55. *thumbs up.
    i don’t think you’re wrong but you’re so magnanimous. this takes up so much courage considering the fact that men are so egoistic. opps! sorry if i offended anyone. you are definitely right about the part that the readers do not pay you to blog the way they want. continue being yourself. thats all i want to see 🙂
    hang in there kenny!

  56. Honestly i dun tin wat u wrote d other day was wrong…but it could sumhow ‘hold down’ ur reputation! I m SO SORY! I guess i should b more ‘open’!!! No matter wat,i’ll owez support u…jia u wor! Muacksss!!!

  57. You didn’t apologise to DXO.
    If there were any reporters at the scene you would have really gotten them into trouble.

  58. Hey kenny, be strong ok. It’s your blog, the place that you can do anything you want. Dont let those nasty assholes who attack SPG, Xiaxue and you for their own entertainment get to you. I respect you because you have the guts to stand up for people who want to push you down.
    It seems that a lot of people dont understand that people behind blogs are real people, and that blogs reflect that person, therefore insulting the blog hurts the person. It’s a sad thing. Not so long ago when blogging was not this cheap, blogs were true online diaries and always reflect their owners. Now, people just use their blog as some toy of theirs.
    You comments have not always been rosy and all, and that proves that you’re blogging for who you are.
    for those people who forget that behind a blog there is nobody, fuck you. You dont deserve to read all the wonderful things in someone’s blog.
    And kenny, I’ll always respect you, xiaxue, SPG and all other bloggers as humans no matter how much I disagree with the stuff you wrote there.
    And fuck those reporters who publicize your blog as a scandal with SPG

  59. Kenny> “I apologise to everyone who sent me encouragement e-mails / blog entries / cheery MSN messages.I’m sorry I can’t reply them all”
    Zuj> I apologise for not accepting ur apology. *grin*
    Heya.. Cheerz up dud… Juz remember to let ur balls bounce back higher !!

  60. You know….I came home from work and immediately logged onto your site, because Fip told me she read something HILARIOUS and laughed her ass off, and I wanted to laugh too…
    I’m sorry Kenny, but I think you need to learn not to care about some comments when they’re unfair, because this is the internet, and comments are easy to leave behind without thinking them through, because analysing their own reactions and thoughts are……well, not many lazy people would want to do it.
    Blogs strike you as MUCH more personal now that you’re writing one, no? It’s not the same for the readers.
    And as for the bad comments, thankfully, the level of stupidity from readers at my blog is quiiiiite low. And everyone wanted to see their asses anyway. Can’t say the same about navin’s pubes though.
    I KNOW when I’m reading controversial stuff, and I don’t think any of your posts qualify (wouldn’t know about the one you took down). I just come and laugh. Reading a post at su-yin’s blog, however, would most likely make me slap my forehead and go “aiyoooooooooo…….”.
    I just think you’re funny *shrug*. And I don’t want that changed…..And just because you think you were wrong about something, doesn’t mean you have to take it too hard, yknow. Accept, correct, move on 🙂

  61. Kenny san, I only came to know of this ruckus when I stumbled upon your apology page. Sounds like you have made a mess of yourself by spilling milk all over? I never judge other people nor will I know what’s truely inside since I am not you. So don’t worry mate, time will heal itself. At the meantime heads up and keep cycling….. 🙂

  62. I happened to read that particular post, and I thought it was hilarious, and in the name of good fun. It was in keeping with SPG’s playful nature, and even more so in yours. I read it, recommended it to my friends, and put it out of my mind.
    I personally feel you have nothing, absolutely nothing, to apologise about. I’m sure you dwelled on it a while before posting, taking into account your upbringing, the people who would read this blog, and what kind of reaction you might get, considering all the “bloglitics” flying around. But this is YOUR blog, so you did it anyway.
    But can we rely on people to tell us what our moral views should be? You’re a young man, and it’s good to solicit advice, but take only what is useful to you.
    You say you blog for yourself. So blog it. Your actions hurt no one, least of all those involved in the pictures.
    You shouldn’t care if a thousand people read your blog, or zero. It’s a record of your life, and in twenty, thirty years time, are you gonna look back on it and say, “I should have stood up for myself” or are you going to say “They were right?”

  63. hey.. cheer up, kenny. whether you apologise or not, it makes no difference to me. cause you’re kenny, and i luuuuv your blog because of that. don’t take the bad comments too harshly.. take care!

  64. you know kenny, i have been a reader of yours since my brother introduced you to me a few months ago. basically i have been liking it since. but yes, it has become boring once in a while but you can’t expect someone to be up and chirpy all the time.
    the truth is, we all don’t care. well that was a lie. we all care.
    but i don’t care about you flashing. like you said in my blog, never see your chest hair before meh?
    i have seen it many times. but the fact that many people posted hurtful comments and remarks about it makes someone think. i know most people say they don’t care but that’s cause it’s not happening to them. if it did, i’m sure they cared. come on, these people who commented hurtful remarks, sad even.. were your fans.. some even your friends like wendy.
    however, it takes a lot of balls… maybe i should rephrase that. it takes big balls to post a picture of yourself flashing your titties. i doubt many blogger can do that!
    it takes a bigger courage to make a public apology for hurting your fans. yes, the fans do matter. we matter. that’s cause when you have thousands of visitors, everything you say is up for scrutiny. out of that thousands.. 10% might not like what you say or what you do. 10% is a lot i gotta admit, right?
    (kansai, one person tiak your ball once also you can die ady lar!)
    the fact of the matter is, I won’t support you or be behind you or any bullshit like that. I am here to read posts that tickle my bone. to read your thoughts and maybe even happening things that you encountered which i did not get a chance (take for example the miss tourism).
    so, if you keep posting good posts, i will come back. when i say i i think i say for a majority of people here. you are not someone close to me but you are someone i know through the internet. i don’t wipe ass so that you can remember my name. i tell you the truth and the truth is that.. if you continue to do the things that you are good at… i’ll be back! (sounds like a terminator slogan from schwarzie!)
    man, this post is sooo long maybe i should make it a post in my blog.

  65. why you are so care about the people u never met?
    they comment, they critics…simply nothing to do with our life and they won’t do any changes on me, i never met one of them, why CARE about them?
    be strong and let go.

  66. “because of the NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES it could bring…”
    That was what spooked me… not that it matters, since everything said now is “after the fact”. I do apologise if whatever I said (I can’t remember anymore) rubbed you the wrong way.

  67. People will always give you shit for being yourself.
    So ignore them and continue being what you are and doing what you love. That way, at least people like me will always have something to look forward to during work, haha!
    Cheers and keep up the good work!

  68. Kenny,
    Just be yourself ! You are a great dude !
    Sarong Party girl post is great. Check
    There are quite a few naked Malaysian and Singaporean there too. Cheers

  69. Hi Kenny, keep your chin and spirits up. Its hard thing to do, saying sorry… but you have done that and like your friends say, lets move on… right?
    Who doesn’t make mistakes? Yeah… just write for yourself 🙂
    My friends say my blog is the most boring in the world… i get excited when i got my first comment until i found out that the person say my blog better than sleeping pills! 🙁 But we can’t please them all right? Keep on blogging… but for yourself only ok?

  70. Hi Kenny,
    No, ur blog isn’t getting boring, unfunny or watsoever. Despite all those controversies (if there are any ppl out thr who consider it controversy), you still have my support.. this is the best post so far… i can “feel” the blog.. well done… take care!

  71. dude.. musta missed the whole commotion, but been readin the other comments. no worries dude, at least you’ve got people writing and stuff and coming to your site.
    u know what’s the great thing about blogs? U can write any damn thing you want so long as the lawyers to come after you. so you’re policy about not writing about work (or anything detrimental about work) is good. The rest of the items should be open and free.
    Being a popular guy such as urself will also mean a lot of detractors and pressure from others to maintain some sort of conformity to what others have come to expect of you.
    But you have got to Keep It Real. Keep It Real. Hang loose.
    And yah… my golf sucks!

  72. First of all, I don’t think you should apology. However, no objection if you think it is inappropriate to keep that blog. It all depends on what is your intention to display something which you think is blog worthy. I seriously don’t think you have evil intention.
    Secondly, pls be more tolerant to critics. Actually I miss your controvesial blog. Yesterday, I found a link on your chatter box before it was deleted by you, finally I have a chance to see the half naked czar. I think those people who keepoh should have a chance to judge what happen too. That is why, I try to repaste the link on the chatter box. This finally cause you to blacklist me. So sad.
    For me, what happend is acceptable and reasonable.(Even though I am nobody to comment what you have done)
    I support you but not loving you, because I like cha poh only.
    By the way, can you stop blacklisting me from your chatter box?

  73. Jason,
    “I apologise to people who said that my blog isn’t as funny as it was before. You don’t need to tell me that. Even I myself find my own blog is getting boring lately. Then again, this is, not Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. You didn’t pay and expect me to entertain you. That’s not my job. ”

  74. i will still read your blog…dun worry…hehehe
    but i think u do chat in person sincerely…that’s wat counts. You gave me a good impression. Thumbs up.

  75. I’m cool with what you did.
    You retracted a post that might have negative consequences in blogsophere. Based on that, you did a wise thing, regardless whether was it right/wrong to post such in the first place. No one can judge that but yourself, in my opinion.
    Still, a true friend will not aggrievate the matter by posting up his/her emotion to the public. There are other ‘friendly’ means to put their mind across to you.
    A lesson learnt for you, I believe.
    Alas, all are settled now. Hooray. I’ll continue reading your blog as I always do. Cheers.
    A mother. A reader. A fan.

  76. Kenny U know wat?
    U “touched” my emo-nerve again. Feel so so so sad for ya. Especially knowing that u are having a rough patch with ya gal. Thats so sad.
    And this:
    “I didn’t change my blog. You did.”
    Awww. U sound so … dejected. And so correct.
    U inspired me, man. I used to blog half-heartedly, blogging as just a mean of passing time…
    But after I read ur bloggie, Kenny, I blog more and more…
    Now that I am in Shanghai on poly attachment, i still blog almost everyday,
    even when i suck at writing,
    even when the lousy internet connection keep d/c ing me,
    even when I cant even access my own blogspot, as blogspots are completely blocked off in China,
    even when i am sad, or tired,
    even when i am very busy with work
    Why? Becos u inspired me. To write down my life.
    For others, my friends, to share my happiness and sadness. To allow myself, when i am older, to look back and see how brillantly colorful my life has been.
    Dun stop. Cos u rox. 🙂

  77. Ah, but friends can be wrong, can’t they? I especially am against the part where one of your friends says breasts are merely baby-feeding recaptacles. I didn’t see your post, by the way, but I find it strange that people who like you for being funny and irreverent get hopping mad when you’re just being that.

  78. All the good/pop bloggers get some flak some time. If you dont get any flak then u aint a good blogger cos good bloggers speak their mind.
    Fark the losers who dont know how to appreciate tits albeit small ones. What so offensive abt tits anyway? The Africans bare their tits all the time. Is our sinful humanity that shames us to seek refuge in our clothes. Btw i am not Steven Chia :P.

  79. Yes, yes, yes, continue with the accolades!
    And don’t stop until there is a personality cult…

  80. Your blog is addictive. Altho’ I have not read the ‘original’ post, and as you’ve explained with regards to removing the post, I strongly support you on this.
    Although I’ve always upheld that a blog is always one’s personal space where you write whatever you want and nobody could stop you, this would be a different scenario all together.
    By not removing the post would definitely have a negative or really bad impact on Izzy’s personal life, esp if the media gets a scoop of this.
    Ultimately, nobody should ever judge you or SPG for your respective actions. We are all only human. Pracing around naked in Melbourne park(my friend did on a dare game!) and the aussies won’t even batter an eyelid. I’ve had unimates run naked in the library during exam period and I don’t see it as a big deal. Anyway whether what you did was right or wrong, it doesn’t matter so long as you were clear on your part as to what you were doing.
    Take care kenny and cheer up 🙂

  81. who decide whats correct and whats wrong? i think you just lost a ball of yours…
    …but keep on blogging anyway 🙂

  82. This entry really warmed my heart. Take care Kenny, and I really hope everything goes well for you after the storm is over.

  83. Hey man… i dunno wad to say but just relax n continue… really cant stand those prissy pple who think they’re all high n mighty… Blog wad u want n i like wad u blog. People who dun like wad u write or find it offensive can fuck off n read Nancy Drew n Hardy Boys…
    U’re Kenny n should remain Kenny…
    Love ur blog n will remain ur faithful reader…
    Ice Oaks

  84. kenny, i dun exactly know wat happened…but somehow, i feel for you, just like so many of your readers do. i’m new to ur blog, but its been such a wonderful experience reading it. it makes you laugh, it makes you cry…it makes you see life the way it is.
    whatever happens, always remember, u wont have friends/fans walking behind you all the way…a great guy like you ought to have friends/fans walking smugly by you, next to you…

  85. Hey Kenny, you probably won’t read this, but whatever. I’ve been coming by to your site now and then to read your great blog entries. I do mean, “great”.
    I feel for you. About what you did. You know, what happened. It’s all right. I don’t think it’s your fault at all. Take it easy, will you? I hate bloglitics just as much as I hate politics. I totally understand, yo.
    Cheers to you, from me. 🙂

  86. kenny;
    we don’t know each other but i’m just one of the many who read your blog. it’s hilarious, andi enjoy checking this place out. hope things get better for you. keep your chin up.

  87. Hi Kenny. I was one of the two “young boys” who took a photo with you and Sassyjan at Bloggers.SG. Hope you remember us.
    Anyway, it was rather shocking that you put that photo up. Like Wendy and Claire I thought it was rather over-the-top.
    When I saw you at Bloggers.SG you were my idol and you still are. Now that you have removed the photo I think there should be no more talk about controversy. Like the rest of the 135 people above who commented, I think you should let this go.
    We may disagree on occasion, but we’re behind you, whether you think of us as friends, fans or foes.

  88. Kenny..what happend to xiaxue blogs….can u pls paste for me to seee…..becos till now i still see the pink background with last post…even i have refreshed many times for past few days….

  89. im a xx fan. but i guess i have to say that she ‘s wrong this time.
    this is ur blog. u are free to write whatever u want. and thou i din get the chance to read and see all that stuff, im pretty sure it’s all in the name of fun.
    and xx talks abt peeps not getting her from time to time.
    i felt that the apology is unnecessary.
    xx and miniskirt can tell u how they feel. it’s THEIR opinions. i don see why u shld let those get u. not when u initially thought it’s nth. i know, cos u posted all that entries.
    don say sorry fer something u think is okay.
    and people out there. u CANT accept the apology. there’s nth fer u to accept.
    seriously, since when is voicing out our thoughts wrong?
    joys and laughters, peace and fun. get it?

  90. Apologizing is not easy to do. Someone once said “Sorry is sometimes a cheap word” But I feel that for you to apologize to those people in your blog is proving that quote wrong. I respect you for what you have written. Blogs are not just about writing stuffs that happens around you. Sometimes, there is a need to write about things so that you will feel better.
    Feel better Kenny. Life has its ways to show you how things goes. Shit happens but it always turns out better in the end. Well, not all the time but most of the time.

  91. oh bloody mahai. I asked Fip what it was about, and that’s what you’re getting dissed about?????
    The most important thing is, as long as you’re okay with it, and SPG was okay with it, what the hell are the others griping about?
    Oh, and mature audience warning. Not that I ever bother with that much.

  92. Dude, it’s the tall poppy syndrome, isn’t it?
    Many people will try to look for opportunities to pull you down and to see you suffer. Guess they found one opportunity.
    You are right, in other countries someone can post explicit porn and no one will show so much petty vehemence that was shown here.
    Some Malaysians are just too holier-than-thou and insecure that they need to see someone fall.

  93. Actually, I just read Xiaxue’s point of view.. and she does have a good point – why encourage flashing in public? It is kind of juvenile.. best kept under wraps.
    Yes, shouldn’t have posted it. Should have just kept it and shown it to close friends! But hey, live and learn.

  94. Well, I haven’t seen it but heard about it. My opinion, so what?
    We are sharing something personal and/or our ideas to a lot of people. And sometimes, you can only please some people some of the time.
    But its also a good exercise in seeing how “conservative” some people are.

  95. Great one.. Cheer up dude, life aint over yet. People make mistakes, and learn from it to be stronger.(Though the only thing I can find fault with is you did not stand by yourself and you took down your post =( )
    Hope to see more solid posts like this! Game on! =D

  96. Hi Kenny,
    No apology needed.
    After you took down the original post, your “saddam” one more than make up for it.
    –> I am now recovering from a bruised butt after falling off my chair, laughing…

  97. hey kenny,
    though i don’t really keep up with the blogosphere regularly, on reading this n xiaxue’s blog i guess i can somehow figure out what has happened.. lucky you to have such good friends to slap you and wake you up.. don’t be disheartened ok.. i respect you and you still have my support!
    take care,

  98. hie..
    just wanna to tell u that every1 has regrets in their lives. it’s either u keep it to ur mind all the time till u go insane or just forget bout it n carry on with ur life.
    some mistakes r bound to be so huge n hurful to d other till no amount of apologies is enough.
    stay strong…May The Force Be with You…. 🙂

  99. “Another one put up photos of her friend getting his pubes trimmed, her female friend’s peeing by the roadside (bare bottom and all), and her other friend flashing half her ass to the camera.”
    it took me QUITE a while to realize that you were talking about lains 😛 man, that’s slow of me! yeah, it’s funny how no one was uptight about those pics. funny ol’ world.

  100. takeS pom-poms out n makes a formation, “JIA YOU KENNY, JIA YOU!! WOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT!!!!” jumps n splits in mid-air~
    eh?? whoose feet is that neXt to harry potter book??

  101. kenny, I believe you should take a look at
    it’s a nice, neat disclaimer and i believe bloggers have always treaded a tightrope between blogging for ourselves and for others.
    However, in your case, it seems that you should just go ahead and blog for yourself because that’s what your readers really want — not lip service, but truthful, honest reflections from a real person, or humourous entries about random bits of life.
    Having been the victim of offensive messages, hate mail and destructive criticism very recently myself, I’m sorry to know that you have offended others even though you only intended for your readers to enjoy a laugh.
    Because, yes, cheap or not, a laugh is still a laugh. No more, no less.
    I’ve always enjoyed your blog because of your remarkable ability to brighten up my day just with a post.
    Cheer up and continue posting; I do hope this incident doesn’t scare you away from doing what you really enjoy doing.
    Because after all, as you’ve pointed out, this is your blog. As long as it is not defamatory in any way, I do think you have the right to write whatever you want. (:

  102. Why don’t you take an ad in the papers with your apology…?
    The free-sheet “The Sun” should be a good option, if $$$$$ is a problem….

  103. Tis probably the equivalent of a tragedy. We have to fight for freedom of expression I think.
    People these days seriously lack a sense of humour.
    Especially shocking since these are readers of kennysia, wahaha. Oh the irony.

  104. Hi, I didn’t get to read that controversial post so I don’t really know why people are offended (besides seeing breast) or is the content vulgar or something. Anyway…after reading tru some of your comments, I saw that some readers said you don have to apologies n even sort of, insult u for apologising. I think that they NEVER READ PROPERLY as some of your apologies are actually SARCASTIC.Geez…..That’s basically the prob with ppl…they don read the post properly, therefore miss the point/humour/joke. Then they come and blast u. It’s a different case if your real friends blast you cuz they KNOW u. As for your readers, who are they to judge?? If one has a different opinion, they can always present their side of the arguement in a CIVIL mannerla….wats with all the name calling la? Irritating nia.Kenny IS NOT PAID to blog.

  105. hey kenny, i feel sorry for myself that i missed that controversial entry. but i have to say i am very interested in the entry, can you please email me that entry? i promise i wont slander you lah! i like u =)

  106. Hi Keeny, te uncanny one:
    No apologies required.
    You were true to thyself. THat’s what writers — poets too — bleive in.
    Passnegrs come oonto your train , they are your guests, they must practise your home etiquette.
    People visit my cyberhome, they observe desis’ home etiquette.
    Lift thy head up again,to the sky — that’s how and where EAGLES Soar.

  107. hey kenny.
    just do whatever u want to do.
    dont bother too much on other view.
    whatever u do, u still will get a lot of comments.
    this is life and no one can ever change it.
    so, jus “Live the life u love, love the life u live” okok?
    hope to see u happy again, but not for readers like me, but it’s for you own good.

  108. i missed the entry, but i got the gist of it…
    u’ve got courage, and because of this, u’ve probably gained due respect from readers and friends alike.
    cheer up, ya?

  109. Yiks, looks like I just missed the whole controversy.
    Arggh, why why why? Did anyone archived it perchance? 😛

  110. no need to apologize.
    As time goes by, your blog evolves and changes. Nothing is static. Everything must move forward. For better or worse, we are there for you.

  111. I have not read the controversial post you are apologising for, but I like what you write so far. As for your blog not being funny all the time, being funny gets boring if you have to do it every day. I guess being you, is what people want to see. Chin up!

  112. Well, ppl tend to take things too seriously when this is suppose to be a fun-blog. Just be true to yourself. You can’t stop ppl from having their own opinion, that’s why the world is so different. Keep up the good job you have been doing all this while…

  113. you could have sense of humor, of course, but always respect others. obviously you go over board at times. When it hurts, a ‘sorry’ can’t really stop the bleeding.

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