Ghost Caught On Tape

A friend of mine who works as a security guard passed me the following CCTV footage, taken at the 4th mile area a few weeks ago. This is the second time it has happened.

Personally I don’t believe in paranormal activities. But neither do I have an explanation for the following phenomenon.

Click to watch the video (5 sec, 272 KB). I did absolutely no other alteration (other than watermarking) to the video clip. Don’t worry, its not one of those prank video designed to shock you out of your pants. 😉
Note the white figure following the tail of the motorbike for a split second before it disappeard.

I thought it was smoke, but it certainly doesn’t look like smoke to me. The best I could come up with is that the figure was a reflection of light of some sorts. I’ve checked the area in question, and there were NO reflective surfaces at all. So where did it come from?
Can someone tell me what the hell going on?

Have anyone thought of selling insurance to indemnify bloggers against hacking and things like that? If you do see something like that in the future, just remember, you’ve seen it first at 😉

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  1. Actually it’s not paranormal… but normal…
    I know what’s going on…. so shall I ermmm spoil the party??
    The cover of his brake light (the red colour one) is broken and the light is “shone on to the floor/pavement”… He was gliding to a stop already and he was depressing his brake. Hence the light disappeared when he stopped fully (no need brake anymore lo)
    Hehe… sorry for spoiling the party 😛
    CSI Grissom .. I mean Kenneth, out

  2. it may very well be break lights. but motorbike break lights are usually so dim it sometimes doesnt look on.
    there are in fact spirits in this world, but good and bad. so i would say yes. its a natural phenomena.

  3. Concurred with CSI Kenneth. It was the reflection of light. So bor tai zhi. Bian kia. Cheers mate!

  4. Wahlao if not for the above brake light theories I would’ve seriously thought it’s a ghost. But nvm great preparation for watching Amityville Horror tomorrow. Alone.

  5. The brake light theory though seem plausible, I feel it’s not the answer.
    You dun release the brake until the vehicle fully stop, or else you’ll find ur vehicle surging forward. The thing disappears b4 the bike stops.

  6. If it was,indeed, a “ghost”, it certainly looks like a 7′ tall Ang Mo ghost.
    Maybe, it was looking for the SPG (who shamelessly craves for Ang Mos)…

  7. i didn’t believe in ghosts until I gave a lift to a pretty gal one nite in kuching who said she’s lost her way on the way to her fav blogger’s house, about 3 miles away? It was 11pm Friday the 13, 1003.
    I felt her warm body against mine as I ra-a-c-cced her to keennnyyy’s house since she said she must reach there by midnite, or she’d change into a …..
    After one furious one hour, I reached kennysia’s house at 12.01am — when I turned, she was no more there on the pillion seat of my bicycle when just a few seconds ago her sweet voice was saying: Hurry, hurry, I want my canny kenny! Late apologies, just one bloo-oo-oody second Late! Sorry you miss’d thy cunny honey!

  8. It a inherent responce (phenomenon) when a imiging sensor (e.g. CCD or CMOS) encounter a oversaturation due to a strong beam of light, amid dark serounding.
    Try to point your digicam to the sun or a veri bright light…. you will see.
    But the captured “glare” in the clip really loks like a “flying ghost”.
    Sori, boring explaination……. you know scientist works too long doing experiments in labs, not enough sex!

  9. Doesn’t look paranormal to me. Must have been some reflections cus that flash of light actually joins with the front light of the bike.

  10. Ew. I would have thought it’s a ghost as well if not for the explanation.
    StupidGenius, I agree that most the motorcyclist was still on the brake when the figure disappeared. But I think its sudden disappearance was because the bike changed its angle.
    Note that the figure only disappears when the bike made a turn.
    Hur. No idea if anybody would notice any flaw in my theory. Hope not! Then we can officially say, “Case closed.”
    Can you imagine if the motorcyclist is Kenny’s fan and recognises himself in there. He’d either pee in his pants, change his lights, or get rid of that damn bike.

  11. erm . there could be a reflective signboard when he was making a turn … thus there’s a reflection but that’s one hell lot of a light … btw have u ppl heard of dead ppl hitching a ride ???
    It’s a true story … this guy was on a bike around midnight on the highway and wherever cars pass by they will always point to his back … after some time finally a car that overtook him slowed down by the side and waited for him and when the biker got down he got a shock of his life
    Driver asked : why are u carrying a dead corpse on ur back ??
    Biker : what do u mean ??
    Driver : what i saw was there’s a something that was wrapped with ‘kain kafan’ which is used my the muslims to wrap a dead body b4 burial …
    Biker : looks at his back but there’s nothing and he realises that no wonder why he can’t speed up all the while …

  12. reflections? glare from brake light? are you guys really sure? cause it looks like monk in his robes to me…. maybe i just have a vivid imagination 🙂

  13. Shoot…’s 5 something in the morning and I’m actually watching the clip. I read the comments first b4 watching it and when I saw it, I still got freaked out. Oh btw, I have heard before that spirits..they tend to how do you say it…erm, try to be one with reflections or in like…ugh, I dun know how to explain but my aunty lives in miri and she has warned me that all these things are quite normal.

  14. hey! it looked like theres two!! the one in white looks like a guy and the one in red looks like a girl with long hair with her hand on the guy’s shoulder.. look at the 2nd picture.. i’m pretty sure that theres two of them 😉
    p/s: i love supernatural stuff. this is great! i’ve seen them myself, not the ones in the pic, but we should know that ghosts/spirits exist.

  15. It could be the brakelights. COuld be a ghost. If it was the lights, all’s well. If it was a ghost, SO WHAT..?
    Its amusing to read different theories and opinions, but personally I cant be bothered to try to analyse and conclude… Either way we still can’t change anything anyway rite? If I could meet the ghost I’d pat him on the back and say “Good on ya for giving these ppl some mental exercise” 🙂


  17. Haha, so many other ppl beat me to it. Yeah definitely has to be the barke light due to it being broken.
    Light is refracted to form a different shape. If the shape was more convincing probably i “would” mistaken it as a ghost

  18. Whether ghost, smoke, brakelight, lens stuff, I like skulgal’s description. Looking at it another time, it does look like what she described. Two of them with the girl at the back, a hand on her bf’s shoulder. Heh…
    All we need is another smoke, brakelight, lens stuff to create a ghost bike for us. The couple would look like they’re having a great time together.

  19. i don’t think its ghost. i guess the brakelight theory works for me. so no worries anymore. and it certainly didn’t look like ghost to me.

  20. Your security guard friend langgar how many company policy/rules by giving u the tape ar?

  21. Its defenitely from the headlights. First the bike makes a slight turn into the left, and that’s when the head lights shine a bit into the CCTV lens. You see how the shape curves around the corner right? That’s multiple reflections within the curved lens of the CCTV camera.
    I get that kind of shit alot with my digicam, especially when shooting something with a bright street lamp in the background.

  22. There was a thai horror movie that was showned early this year called “Shutter”
    The newspaper then ran a serious of articles on photography tricks, and how so called ghost photos have been faked or just imperfections in the lenses and imaging chip.
    I wounldn’t put much stock in this photo. Good for a spot of entertainment but otherwise, I prefer human SLR non-grainy pics anytime. haha.

  23. hrm, he was braking when the “ghost” appeared, and it dissapeared when he let go the brakes, so yes i do believe it’s only the brake lights, maybe his brake covers are cracked giving it a slight illusion

  24. its just gonna sound really boring repeating what had been stated but … yea, it is the light flare on the lens caused by the sudden brightness of the brake lights once the rider stepped on the brake. It disappeared becaused the rider had braked enough to stop the bike. mainly also because of the way he turn the corner. coincidentally the angle to create the lens flare effect. kinda like the blind spot thingy where ngam ngam there. Still it was fun to read everyone’s comments. Especially liked the “kentut” theory! hahah

  25. adding to the previous comment, in the clip, notice that the moment when the lens flare happen, it tallies with the headlight flare too. It is just ngam ngam at that moment and at that angle for the lighting of the bike, both headlights and the brakelights and possibly why you get the effect of “a guy and the one in red looks like a girl with long hair with her hand on the guy’s shoulder”. i didnt mean to be a party pooper but didnt wanna caused unnecessary fear of the unknown as well. just saw a situation to be justified by a simple explanation of optical illusion.

  26. I think it’s the reflection Of the CCTV and the light causing it to shown that way ^^ i’ve worked in a CCTV company for awhile so roughly know some of the more cheaper ones =P Think of it as cheapskate digital camera and you get the general idea ^^

  27. its just light coming from the bike’s rear. light can bounce of any surfaces, including pavements.
    it must have bounced of the pavement, and shone on to the next nearest reflective surface, the camera’s lens. so that explains why the light looks so bright.
    nothing paranormal. if you want, try posting it on they could fully analyse the whole video.

  28. if you think that is real you are right.for those who think its fake your all wrong.for everybody to think that a bike light can bounce a reflection off the ground at night its only possible for that to happen straight infront of the you can all c that the image is just to the side of that bike and noway in a million years can that happen and for them who think its a break pad reflection your mad.the image is to large for that to happen.i ahve a lot to say about those who critisize people who diagree with that image and in my point of view it is REAL.oh and one more thing before i post this.look at the figure properly and you can c ears,hair and most f all a torsoe.SO BE IT ENOUGH SAID

  29. hey that motorcyclist must wet his underpants if he noticed. he must a orange at funeral robber , but the ghost get angry when it never taste the orange before.. bloody motorcyclist.. hu~~~

  30. hey that motorcyclist must wet his underpants if he noticed. he must a orange robber at funeral party , then the ghost get angry lah when it never taste the orange before.. bloody motorcyclist.. hu~~~

  31. It’s Just the brake light for heavens sake! its just light coming from the bike’s rear. Bikes use the rear brake light for 2 purposes, 1 is to light up the licence plate, the other as a brake-light. The lighting of the licence plate does not have the red-filter, and lights up the ground directly.
    Moreover, the surrounding light is too dim and causing “white-flaring” on the camera, when the source light is much brighter than the surrounding available light and saturates the video camera sensor, point your camera at the sun, the same thing will happen.

  32. listen up!this is no ghost ,anyone whos ever owned a bike would tell you that the bikes brake light is the only thing “wrong with the picture” the bulb used to indicate that the brake is being applied ,is the incorrect wattage A.K.A brighter than it should be.the only other explination is that the bike has a cracked or broken tail light.thats it.If you dont believe me watch the clip again,he comes to a stop /or she then releases the brake.

  33. These guys were questioned by police for altering pics and film in San Diego Ca. They scared quite a few people when they altered a pic with a chupacabras in a near by park (Chicano Park in Logan Heights). Alot of older latino ladies actually called the police on the pic that was distributed all over Logan Heights. Anything now a days can be done! I ve seen it first hand! Ghost? They may exist but to catch them on tape? LOL. In photoshop? That is your answer!!!! Toodles, Julie Sagliani

  34. The guys I was talking about above are Art 1 Studios ( They since redid their site and now only do those so called ghost pics and flying saucer alterings underground. They were also questioned and fined for a pic they did for a customer who used the pic of a dead relative signaling toward a place in a back yard in Mexico to change a will and inherit more dinero. Like I said anything today is possible!! Just do your homework and never totally believe, unless you see it for yourself!!! J. S.

  35. About your insurance question…
    Sorry Kenny, bloggers do not have “professional” status at the moment, so no professional indemnity insurance for you hehe ;P
    Even if there is, it will most likely be in countries like the States 😉

  36. I think it was a car following behind him at a close distance then at the same time he made his turn for the brakes, the following vehicle made another turn somewhere and caused the friction of light to disappear. It’s possible. I don’t really know lol.

  37. Another thing a following vehiclemight stop right behind him and his tail light(the motorcycle) and the following vehicle light blend in together to cause this. The following vehicle stopped just seconds before the guy on the motorcycle stoppes. POSSIBILITIES!!!!!

  38. He cummed in my ass after he introduced me to casper. Later i screwed his step mom stretch and made out with him at the woodstock after playing his sons nes.

  39. This is a light glare, not a ghost. If you follow the glare you’ll see that when the light on the ground follows the same exact shape and follows through.

  40. hey paeoples well this picture to me looks like priest or pope. thats what i think about this little video. And yes i do believe ghosts

  41. well i think about this lil image it looks like a priest or pope or something like that lol but it really does

  42. Actually it’s not paranormal… but normal…
    I know what’s going on…. so shall I ermmm spoil the party??
    The cover of his brake light (the red colour one) is broken and the light is “shone on to the floor/pavement”… He was gliding to a stop already and he was depressing his brake. Hence the light disappeared when he stopped fully (no need brake anymore lo)

  43. when i was going home from night tution with my friend he dared me to go in the toilet i said but to go with him so we went he said something about a girl who died there and left her glasses in the toilet cut to the chase we went to the toilet but there was a small opening small enough for my hand to fit in so i did then I saw a shiny object so I picked it up and it was the girl’s glasses I looked at it when suddenly the lights flickered I looked and I saw a figure it was a girl more like the girl who died , i ran so quickly i could fall down then i got to my house i went to the toilet first i felt saved then i saw the glasses. something’s going on????

  44. aiy nakoh!
    i dont beliv..di totoo mrmi ng gnyn noh!
    kya ko ring gwin yan! hahaha :’)
    wuiy joke lng po bka seryozohin mu nmn po ung cnbi ko! hehehe

  45. hey wat the hell was that, that was scary az hell and then my brother saw it know he thinks that there is ghosts in all the rooms…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  46. hmmm..i have a friend who lives in kuching who told me that he saw a headless ghost once on the way back frm yumchaing at 1 am.

  47. Haha, I think I have an explanation for this. The bike might have a brake light casing that’s either very cracked or totally broken down there, when he reaches the side, that’s when he braked, the brighter brake lights flooded out of the casing and reflected on the road. There are also certain rear lamp casings which are red like usual, but with the bottom part being totally clear, that will produce the same effect as a housing with cracked bottom too.

  48. this is not paranormal its just dah reflection of the bikes lights ……..take a lighter and move it around and take a picture while ure doing this and its proof that its not paranormal

  49. this is not paranormal its just dah reflection of the bikes lights ……..take a lighter and move it around and take a picture while ure doing this and its proof that its not paranormal the light that is made does not have to be wer the bike lights are it just depends on when u take the picture

  50. wow thats hot i really like that. it looks like an angle.did he get hurt or something after????

  51. thats the best you got how lame you people think thats funny its the lamest thing ive ever seen.

  52. i honestly think…erm…
    well does anybody here believe in ghosts coz i think it’s totally impossible for a break light to make such a come-uppance… so…hey presto..
    if anybody wants to comment on it they are wrong okay i think you all need to apoligise and keneth don’t you dare spoil it people want to believe in these things so let them be…. so be it
    peace out li’l dudes and dudettes.

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