Privacy? What Privacy?

Say one fine day, you picked up an absent-minded idiot’s lost identity card. What would you do with it?
A) Report it to the police.
B) Mail the lost IC to the address shown on the identity card.
C) Bring it to your local newspaper. Then allow them scan the IC and publish it state-wide full and uncensored.

One would think either A or B would be the sensible options. But yesterday’s Borneo Post decided to choose a different path and select C. The newspaper requesting Miss Yee to come forward and collect her card while publishing her IC in it’s full naked glory.
And now, the whole of Sarawak knows Yee Fong Niang’s IC number and exactly where she stays. Be afraid Miss Yee, be very afraid.

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  1. kennysia, dun be influenced by tat minislut de unmarried self-professed virgin pimply face who desparated to get married biach ok, just be urself, u will be much liked then.
    *me stares at kennysia with killer eyes without a blink and spew dragon-fire*

  2. Hi, what’s this MyKad card? Here in Germany, we don’t have such chipcard ids. Are there any special functions with your ids?

  3. bfore u kenny, post this here.. only ppl reading Borneo Post would know.. Now the whole world knows -.-

  4. Well this isn’t the first time they printed IC numbers. Papers always print IC numbers when reporting winners etc. This is worse of course but isn’t less disgusting.
    But personally I think you should remove the numbers in total. Quite irresponsible of you. Similar to the idiots who published that uncensored police MMS video on their blog while claiming that the woman deserves justice for her humiliation.
    An identity thief only need a name, dob and address. No more, no less.

  5. note to those dumbos who post silly comments. Borneo Post didn’t censored the IC unlike Canny Sia who censored the first line of address and last 4 (important) digits of the IC. So what if they have your birthdate?

  6. Omfg~~ What the hell is wrong with Borneo Post? Nono.. Scratch that, what the hell is wrong with those people working there? Did their brains fall out or smth??

  7. Jeebs, idiot. Birthdates can be used to trace passwords. Some sites and even banks still uses birthdates (and addresses) as security measures. I know my bank does, which is why I do not publish such things on the public domain.

  8. I saw this and thought about blogging it too; but nay! i thought it was just too darn idiotic!
    So i blog the other idiotic advert for a “Wanted Dog”!
    Thank goodness to Borneo Post if there’s a dearth of ideas for blogging materials!! 😉

  9. Privacy? What privacy?
    In Malaysia, all your base are belong to us.
    And “us” can mean just about any damn one, not just Big Brother.
    Like, if you are going to reserve a ticket with GSC online, you’re expected to honestly tell them your monthly salary. WTH?!@

  10. The action by newspaper are tantamount to invasion/tresspassing of individual privacy and of course my lead to identity theft! There is better way to return the IC to the owner.

  11. Jeebs = Kenny Sia
    No one would misspell a name to Canny Sia when it’s the URL so ergo, it’s Kenny trying hard to try and be another person. It’s easy to spot – trying to hard to use different syntax, the obvious misspelling etc.
    Anonymous + Avatar is just too obvious ego manifestations. Kenny Sia is not the real world. Check your Alexa rankings. It’s far from the whole world.

  12. Eh Kenny ah, this xiaxue has not been updating her blog, and we all suspect she in love lehhh. I wrote in, and asked whether she in love with Kelvin (cos ah, she always refers to him in her posts, and always take his pictures!!) and I have this nagging feeling (you know how girls are lah, they always suspect suspect)that they’re dating.
    ANyway, she never published my comments so must be true lahhhh!! You go and ask her liaw, maybe she will tell you. I’m so excited. If she’s really seeing him, then i’m happy 4 her, cos it’s really hard to find someone you really like in this world now.

  13. Kenny, no wonder you have so many stuffs to write on back in M’sia. I see the point now. Is that M’sia too humid to stay in or some people just lack of common sense at some stage? I can be certain that Australian newspapers wouldn’t do something silly like that..Oh no! Hang on…they do~ Benji is Lost! Benji is a total loving Bull Terrier x ah ji ba la dog who’s xx years of age. If you see him/her, pls return and claim yr reward via 04xx xxx xxx. That’s how Australian do it by not revealing the “IC aka registration #” and home address of the dog. A lot more brilliant..

  14. The fella who found Miss Yee’s IC is honest but dumb indeed. In Singapore, it’s relatively easier to bring a lost IC to its owner’s address since we are so small. But Sarawak is a much bigger place and the person who picked up the IC must be thinking it’s too troublesome to send it all the way to its owner’s address ;p

  15. The said newspaper suck big time. Reading it reduce my IQ tremendously. It’s liken a rojak tabloid with bad Engelik.

  16. She is my niece…and she not living at the address anymore (Thank God!)
    So, those who think that they can go there to find her, dont bother la…

  17. Whoever that thinks Kenny will comment on his own blog as another person is seriously the stupidest paranoid person out there.
    I agree that Kenny censored the girl’s address although her ‘auntie’ or ‘uncle’ claims that she doesnt stay there anymore. The most important digits of the IC number was also censored so what’s the big problem?
    And btw, stupid Borneo Post. Should’ve at least censored the IC number and address like Kenny.

  18. “The said newspaper suck big time. Reading it reduce my IQ tremendously. It’s liken a rojak tabloid with bad Engelik.
    Posted by: deadtribune at 15 March 2006 1:00 PM”
    Yew lurking for me ar ???

  19. Kenny Sia’s an idiot. He doesn’t practise what he preaches. Why bring more attention to this matter than it already has? Same thing with that cell phone sex scandal a while back. Take a look at what you yourself are publishing before you blast someone else for the same thing!

  20. Did u know tat your zap zap job application post has been change into an email format? I receive it as an email. hahahahhaha

  21. “damn… they r so stupid! they dun have any brains or wht??
    Posted by: Melissa at 15 March 2006 1:55 PM
    ALAMAK! This type of thing happened!!!
    real cruel for a poor Miss Yee!
    Posted by: Leonard at 15 March 2006 1:46 PM
    omg!haha, so stupid!poor girl.
    Posted by: nik at 15 March 2006 11:56 AM
    I like those comments, it’s like pointing to both Borneo post and

  22. if i’m not wrong..having stayed in miri before, pujut 4 and where the RTM station is not a far distance……dont know why the person didnt personally send it back to the person..advertizing it for the public is just wrong

  23. State-wide publication of her IC isnt that bad….probably not many people will pay attention to it…But you kenny…you posted it on your blog which is visited by thousands of people all over the nation and abroad everyday. Man, be more understanding

  24. This is amazing. What else would they want to do next?
    Put another article stating she owes Borneo Post Rmx.xx for the PosLaju service to her address?

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