Prepaid Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The SIM

Previously in Prepaid Wars, we arrived at a cliffhanger ending when our three competing telcos tied up with three points each in their round-of-six battle for supremacy.

I got a few things to say after reading the comments from my last entry. The first is that for “normal” users, you’re not gonna find much differences in the call rates across all three prepaid telcos. That’s why I only focus on the extras provided by the telcos.
The second is that I can’t measure network coverage. Sure, I can put three different SIM cards in three different phones and drive up from Kuching to Tawau then swim to Kuala Lumpur, but signal strength is affected by many other factors like phone design and surrounding environment.

From what many people are saying: Celcom has the best coverage, Maxis is moving on par with Celcom and Digi’s coverage sucks the most. My friend Jojo uses DiGi Prepaid and lives in the popular residential area of Batu Kawa. It’s tough to get in touch with her because the poor girl can only get a signal in her kitchen and not in her bedroom. So much for their so-called “wide coverage”.
In any case, it’s an intense toss-up between three bloodsworn enemies as we arrive to the finale of another episode of…

Round Four: The Kiasu Marathon Caller
You are a Kiasu Marathon Caller if you send lots of SMS or talk on the phone for more than say, 20 minutes a day.
I knew a guy once who could talk on the phone with his girlfriend for 7 hours straight. That’s pretty impressive considering most guys I know don’t have an attention span of more than 10 minutes, unless it involves sex.
If your girl is the weird kind who finds long-windedness in a sensitive new age guy desirable, then this is for you.

If you’re a moderate user, it doesn’t matter which telco you choose because at the end of the day the their rates are pretty much the same. If you’re a heavy user, both Hotlink Total and Digi Prepaid offer better discounts if you spend more than a certain amount.
Without needing to spend a minimum amount, Xpax is already 38c/min if you call to other Celcom numbers. Xpax is however, more expensive if you call to other networks. DiGi’s rate starts off at 48c/min but drops to 38c/min if you spend more than RM30 a month. If you spend less than RM6 a day, Hotlink is just slightly more expensive than the rest.

But what I like about Hotlink’s Total Plan is that on days which you don’t feel like spending much, you can choose to call less or not to call anyone at all. On the days that you wanna make more calls, you can do that and save up to 50% compared to the rest once you spend more than RM6 in a day. Unlike Digi, you don’t have to wait until you hit RM30 in a month before you qualify for a lower rate. Out of the three, only Hotlink gives you that sorta flexibility.
For the winner of Round 4, my pick is simple.

Round Five: The Eager Freeloader
You are an Eager Freeloader if you sign up for a new prepaid number just to enjoy the privileges and benefits that comes along with it. There are some crazy people who sign up with all three telcos just so they could get special treatment to the events these telco sponsored.

Celcom Xpax’s starter pack is the cheapest. At RM5 per pack, it comes with RM2 free airtime.
They don’t seem to sponsor a lot of notable concerts in the past. But if you’re a movie buff, you should be happy with their range of movie memorabilia from Casino Royale, King Kong and that Matrix knockoff from Bollywood called Don.

You don’t get a lot of benefits like discounts and privileges as Xpax subscribers apart from movie posters, ringtones and stuff.
Digi Prepaid Pack costs RM8.50. It includes RM5 free airtime each month for 4 months if you top up every month, and 50% extra airtime on your first reload. I guess that’s their way of enticing their customers to actually use their product.

Digi does sponsor a fair bit of concerts, though unfortunately they’re mostly from B-grade South-East Asian artistes like Tata Young and Denise Ho. However, Digi deserves some credit for supporting local indie acts like at the recent Digi Streetblast and the Malaysian Idol-inspired singing contest called Digi Celebriteen.

Hotlink Total Plan’s Starter Pack costs the most among the three at RM8.80 per pack, but it gets you started with RM4 credit and a whopping 500 SMSes to any Maxis number.
And when it comes to concerts, hohoho… Hotlink has got all the big names covered. We’re talking about international A-listers like David Tao, Pussycat Dolls, Eason Chen, Twins, Justin Lo and so much more.

It’s enough to make any fat pimply teenage girl cream her panties.
This one, is a no-brainer.

Round Six: The Diehard Loyal
They say its easier to keep an existing customer than to recruit a new one. In a market where the fight for that elusive slice of pie is intense as this one, all three telcos are doing all they can to reward their long-serving customers.

Celcom Xpax‘s loyalty benefit is whereby the longer you stay with them, the more free credits you’ll get.
Digi Rewards is based on how much you topped up over the period of 4 months. The more money you spend on reloads, the more free credits you’ll get. Digi also has this cool deal where you can get 50% extra credit if you top-up on your bithday.
Hotlink’s Club Rewards is based on points system. 100 Reward Points can be redeemed for either RM1 airtime or 50 free SMSes. Every RM1 top up earns you 2 points. That’s 1 free SMS.

Just a few weeks ago, Hotlink unveiled an even more unique way of earning points. They call it the Call-Me Bonus, and you can earn points just by answering your calls. The longer you stay on the line, the more reward points you get.
If only scoring points is that easy. Those freeloaders don’t even have to spend a single cent to collect points and redeem free airtime and SMSes.
Next time I get a missed call from a 012 number, I’ll know got ulterior motives one.

When it comes to dishing out rewards, it is Hotlink’s package that stood out brilliantly from the rest. With Celcom and Digi, you gotta wait at least 5 months before you could redeem anything. With Hotlink, their rewards are almost instantaneous.
It’s hard to argue with this one.

Final Thoughts
It is true that not one telco provides the best plan to suit all different kinds of user.

What’s clear to me is this. If you call Celcom or fixed line numbers often, Xpax suits you best. If you call outstation numbers often, Digi suits you best – though I must admit I have been hearing too much complaints from Digi customers about this telco’s spotty coverage.
Hotlink’s pricing structure is so complicated, I’m surprised they don’t offer a bachelor’s degree program on it at our local universities. No wonder Digi’s One Low Flat Rate campaign is gonna win over the average customers confused with Hotlink’s complicated pricing structure.

But the smarter consumers would realise that it is that same complicated pricing structure that gives Hotlink unrivalled flexibility to kick Digi and Celcom’s collective arses. Top off Hotlink’s flexible rates with great coverage, world-class concerts, an impressive rewards programme and the Call-Me Bonus, even the fiercest critics must agree that Digi and Celcom has got NOTHING on them to fight Hotlink.
I have made my verdict. The public poll in my last entry confirms it. With a score of 9-6-3, the undisputed champion of the Prepaid Wars is…

Maxis Hotlink.
No questions about that.

It’s heartwarming. Immediately after I posted my new years resolution about wanting to raise funds for charity, a couple of people e-mailed me offering to help out. The spirit of giving in Malaysians is still alive and well.
I don’t wanna sound like I’m procrastinating, but I do have a pretty hectic schedule from now right till to April. That means I probably won’t start anything till mid-year. As for details, I’d like to keep it a secret at the moment, but suffice to say – it will be big. And yes, by then I do need a few volunteers. We’ll keep in touch.

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  1. huh… big show got pawned?
    haha I bet hotlink will send stuffs to you again…
    just like adidas.
    hope digi and celcom dont boycot you or send assassins to your house 😛

  2. wah u rily put alot of effort in ur blog!!researching n writing about all these ‘wars’.haha…keep up d gd work!!ur blog’s the best 😀

  3. Your entries on the PrePaid Wars have been very informative. It really suited me as I’m heading home for a month in February and I need a disposable number for that.
    Saved me the research. Keep up the entertaining and informative work.

  4. haha! im a digi user and i have to agree that digi SUCKS!!! like…big time!!! and their service sucks too!!!! at least your friend gets to receive coverage in the kitchen and she stays in batu kawa. while i can only receive it SOMETIMES at the main door of my house and i live in tabuan heights!!!!! ROAR!!! but still dont plan on changin… my frens all uses digi!!! (most of them) teehee…

  5. Tata Young B grade? No way, she’s damn HOT! I would buy Celcom because they sponsor Owen & Gerrard:-) Me diehard!

  6. nice job kenny… Readers, face the truth now !
    buy xpac = WASTE MONEY
    buy DIGI = bad coverage but good for heavy
    outstation calls users
    buy HOTLINK = your SMARTEST & WISE choice !

  7. Just come in to jalan jalan…..
    Digi said “wide coverage” doesn’t mean excellent receiving signal right? Heee… Coverage does not really mean good receiving signal if you really think… heee
    Besides, its said “its always a smarter choice” meaning to say, they are not the best choice nor the worst.. heeee. So its fair to Digi to rank no 2.
    Guess as a user now a day must know to to read their advertisement too…. Hee

  8. Hey kenny….this is my first i’ve made any comments out of
    As much as you have said, i am still going to side with DiGi prepaid no matter what because you totally left out the importance of DiGi’s mtv powerpack…..RM5 a month and free sms’s for the whole month.

  9. wah kenny…good post, lots of effort i see.
    hope it pays off for you!
    when will u do postpaid?
    and like i said, digi’s coverage has issues…i have no signal from my bedroom WINDOW..
    goodjob, cheerios!

  10. Used to be a Digi user until I discovered that it had very bad coverage outside KL. Then shifted to Celcom and still using it, even in the UK. Not really happy with their MMS service as they cut RM5 from your airtime when you sign up. I think it is free for Digi. However, their 8 pax offer is great to save on 8 regularly called numbers.

  11. Wah Kenny this one of the most informative entries u’ve ever posted. If Maxis never heard of Kenny Sia before, they sure will now LOL

  12. Hey what about postpaid? Its so damn annoying to get misscalls from friends with the same old excuse ” not enough credit la bro” . damn.
    Well just to clear things up.. Don might be a crap film but it certainly isnt a ‘Matrix’. Though from just a glance the poster might lead most of us to think so. Oh well…

  13. interesting war going on in malaysia…
    i miss malaysia…. i dont want to loose my malaysian ways….
    i’m proud to be malaysian…!!

  14. The new Call-Me-Bonus feature by Hotlink apparently secured #1 prepaid spot for them. For now.
    I wonder what would be the next move from other telco to continue the fight. If they didn’t come out with effective moves fast enough, their asses will be handed over to Hotlink for sure.

  15. yup..Hotlink rocks!
    I’m a hotlink n digi prepaid user.. I love hotlink but i found something great bout Digi too! Everytime I call my friends’ mobile who are in US, digi only charge me 10 cents per minute! And as you are wondering, my friends didnt get charged extra in their bills…. =p it’s even cheaper than i call locals..

  16. very nice! were you paid by maxis for this? if not, i think you should :)how abt doing a postpaid war, eh? thanks for the smiles 🙂

  17. ohya…forget to mention bout the charity…thumbs up…hope it’ll be a successful one someday…it’ll be so so meaningful if it is named after “kennysia”…whoa….

  18. DiGi got tie up with some movies as well.
    Btw, what about POSTPAID?
    Doing any comparison between Telco Red’s Postpaid & Prepaid?

  19. I’ve always been supportive of Hotlink main reason is becaus i’m a maxis user.XD
    Do Postpaid Wars lah! Like starwars, we never get tired of it..Lol

  20. I’m from Singapore, and from time to time I’ll visit Malaysia. I have auto-roaming, but somehow I can only send SMSes back to Singapore using Celcom’s network.
    And make calls back to Singapore using Digi. Wonder if anyone else has the same experiences?

  21. a few other pointers to continue your prepaid wars
    1.service of their helpline 2.loyalty bonus, i understand hotlink has freebies for users after 1 year 3. how about club membership for each telco? good luck and good fun!

  22. wow… you sure do put in a hell lot of effort for an entry (this and the other prepiad one).
    I can almost see your sweat(and blood if applicable) smeared all over the post.

  23. Ehh .. kenny, u think Maxis will give u something or not leh … maybe they would let u posed for them in their TV adverts … [ As Seen On KENNYSIA.COM ]
    I am using Hotlink Prepaid for 9 years ,(most friends are using the same line)and Celcom Postpaid for 10 years (Good signals in eastcoast). Digi nvr get to that coz of the loosy signals.
    Overall, signals would be the same when they “really” implement the transmitter sharing.

  24. i’ve been using Maxis Hotlink for roughly 5-6 years. I think im still gonna use this same number for the next 5 years….i dont pay attention much to all those promotions or extras but Holink just suits me. top up a bit every month just enough to make calls and sms. long activation period….eventhough you dont top up for months…

  25. totally agreeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOTLINK rocks!!!i hate digi like hell~~all those celebriteen stuff juzt suck~~!!i met one of the celebriteen dave chai and he’s a faggot!!!!!a horrible poser!!i hate him and he made me hate digi more!!!suck up digi!!

  26. im a hotlink user. just curious,did they pay you to do this entry? just like what u said bout the other products u promoted.
    poke me? wat’s with it?

  27. i dun agree with u kenny…ur statements seem to bias to me…u dun hav a proper survey form…and u r doing all this solely base on ur experience and thoughts….
    so it makes it difficult for me to not to think Hotlink gav u some benefit in doing this…
    giv us some more proves…not from ur thinking…but from all types of users….
    ur this few entries abt perpaid war seem interest but yet very bias….sorry…juz my comment…

  28. Nerd: Go back to school, there’s a reason why the site is named, it’s kenny’s space and obviously he’s entitled to write whatever the thinks be it bias or not.Afterall a blog is where a person writes out his/her thoughts to begin with.
    On a side note, i cant believe you have so many gullible nubs here kenny 😛 stop brainwashing people, they should learn to think for themselves eventhough i think half the people here doesnt. Propaganda ftw!

  29. Kenny, Maxis definitely paid you to write up this topic. From day one of your first post of the prepaid wars, you already side and favour Maxis Hotlink(only smart readers can see it). Secondly, all prepaid users of these 3 telco compannies are LOSERS. Why? They are not smart enough to see there’s something what TM is offering, iTalk Prepaid Account. Go figure! WTF.

  30. Celcom is part of TM… swt.. ==”
    and kenny, u forgot about another thing in hotlink easy plan… it only charges 10cents/12secs(local) and 10cents/4secs(adjacent)to any network… good for ppl who have something important yet short to say..

  31. meh screw all these kiddy competitors. if vodafone ever made a presence in malaysia, these lil’ prepaids would be wiped clean off the earth. the current plan vodafone has is the 2000 free txts u get each month for only 10 dollars a month. it also used to have the free weekend texting as much as u like all weekends. there is also the 2 dollar hour where you make a call worth 2 dollars and you are able to talk for up to an hour. these lil malaysian prepaids have yet to reach the competitive nature of networks outside their country. sorry to say, but this prepaid war sounds so tame compared to the promos and benefits being given by the giants in the communications industry.

  32. Tagged! Love the creative ‘give-no-face’ entry, even if I will still stick to meh Digi Prepaid after this. Too lazy to change number. Too poor to SMS everyone to change their number to my new one. Cheers, mate!

  33. I think It’s kinda stupid that people are accusing the author for being pro-maxis. Of course it’s biased on Maxis since, the author has put forward his contentions for Maxis, together with the other Telcos and the scores say 9-6-3.
    And plus, of course this decision has been made on personal opinions backed by comparisons. How else would you do an opinionated piece with a verdict? It’s really silly to say that maxis paid the author to say this cos I’m sure those who said that this post was favourable to a certain telco would say the same if the verdict was Celcom or Digi.

  34. Looks like it is controversial post.But anyway,Digi and Celcome should really work hard in order to match with Hotlink.

  35. kenny dont have friends outside malaysia :p
    try sms them with maxis.. gonna burn your ass. 30-50cent per sms..
    digi only 15cent :p
    plus mmsing is cheaper via DIgi too

  36. If I read right… if you change telco or plan you have to change your number as well?!! What kind of backwater is this! Even in Australia if you change you can still keep your old number, which is WAY more important than all these complicated ‘benefits’. This ability has been around for years! So thumbs down to all three I say.

  37. Yeap I am with Digi and you are right, signal sucks big time. I cannot get signal on the ground floor, 1st floor of my house is ok.
    Are you hoping that Hotlink will send you something after reading this…hehehe.

  38. What Kenny try to do its just his “comment” based on his experiment & experience for the past fews day test. Whether he being paid or not is that really important? As a smart user, should know which telco plan suit each individual. Even Kenny said Hotlink win but some can disagree due to each individual experience, suitability & perception.
    When you submit an assignment about comparision, will the lecturer said xxx your comment based on kopi-o money?
    Besides, this is a blog….. blog is personal perception

  39. u forgot to mention, celcom also sponsored the Rock The World 7 last year. by the way, I’m using both celcom and maxis. what i cant figure out is, when I want to call someone longer, I would prefer using maxis instead of celcom. But,I’m usually make a call after mid nite because by using maxis, every 10 minutes = RM 1…nice the way..I frequently using celcom..because they have strong coverage as well as the pricing is not confusing me..
    Hafreze Au Revoir Expression

  40. YES OPTUS are money sucking machine…. with their lousy rate and lousy ads. Talk about Ads.. Yes Optus abuse animals in their ads… Make monkey to speak and lion to sing.. Booo.. SAY NO TO ABUSING ANIMALS!!!

  41. im sorry vodafone but im on a contract post paid $39 a month and it seems just enuf for me , im using vodafone as well for just the free smes wahahaa

  42. How you know maxis doesn’t pay Kenny to do this piece of shit post? It’s money, you stupid fools, who don’t want it? Of course it’s a big deal, because Kenny doesn’t share the money with this readers :p

  43. CRAZYdigi, DiGi pays you to post comments on my blog?
    Eugene, you have a point, but I think MTV Powerpack only limits you to send those free SMSes to the 6 numbers on your F&F list right? That’s a big limitation. Without MTV Powerpack, SMSes to F&F numbers is only 1 cent per SMS. In order to start reaping the benefits of MTV Powerpack, you must be sending MORE THAN 500 SMSES to F&F numbers. Think about it. You only save that RM1 if you send 600 SMSes to F&F numbers. The savings is hardly significant.
    pissed Digi Fan, I’m not comparing rates on international calls or SMSes because very few users fit into that profile. I think most of the time, prepaid users use their phones to call local numbers.
    bjk, the charity fund raising I have in mind will not have “Kenny Sia” name attached to it. I want the focus to be on the charity, not on me.
    To the rest of the doubters, reviews on magazines and online websites such as often like to do head-to-head comparisons between two similar products. When they pick a winner, do you say they are being paid to do so as well? Of course not.
    The bottom line is, Hotlink has a far superior product compared to Xpax and Digi. I did my research and laid out the reasons as to why I think that way. Take it or leave it. If you disagree with my reasoning, then hey, feel free to comment here to dispute.
    My point is. If Xpax and Digi want people to write good stuff about them, they don’t have to pay anyone. All they have to do is put out a more superior product.

  44. Hey Kenny, good effort for doing all these research for us…
    But there’s 1 thing I totally don’t understand la…Why did u go and buy all 4 Sim packs? Why do u need to buy them? Did that help in doing this research?
    Totally have no clue at all……really curious =)

  45. does it even matter which telco is “the best”?
    if hotlink is the popular one, and everyone uses it, does it really make u feel proud to be a hotlink user?
    i wonder………
    i really find it funny when ppl try to influence their friends to use the same telco as them…
    maybe one day the 3 telco users will boycott each other…

  46. Yeah lo, poor kenny.. somemore had to fork out rm22.30 to buy those prepaid packages. so that lazy bum like us will be enlighten.
    and what do he get in return? whining and accusations.
    tsk tsk tsk.. shame on you!

  47. well…. I say no difference @ all. make ur choice wise! i perfer sticking to digi 😉 got the bonus 🙂 just like yearly bonus. lol! xpax so expsnsive although good coverage. Maxis never seem to care their promotion expenses at all, maybe too rich to do so or some bank loans, but I tell you what, I thrust the ANG MO (foreign investors) more than the Melayu way of doing business 😉 that should do!! I noticed everytime each competitor coming up with something, another competitor must copy almost_not_so_exactly_but_90%_accumualate ideas… shame on them. You know which i’m refering to… ok if you dunno… it’s the purple 1….. -.-‘

  48. lol yeah digi user, trust the ang mo! the angmo take your money and give u lame coverage and u still happy with it , great one !

  49. sorry about the coverage thinggy, maybe digi spend too much money on promotion to lure/cheat to get more user and out of cash to improve their coverage, VERY CLEVER ANG MO ! haha
    digi for the win huuuurahhh, congrats digi user yeahhh!

  50. lol yes thrust the foreign investors, they came to earn/cheat your money, all they need is your money. DO they ever care about the bad coverage? NO, they only cares about the income.
    Why cheat? their ads show that DIGI are full coverage whole Malaysia and what happen in the end? let me tell you one thing, a maxis/celcom user will get pissed if they shift to DIGI, my boss throw away his digi sim card just after 1 week of using it.
    For digi user who dont believe this, try use maxis/celcom for 1 month and use back digi, and you’ll cry
    one more about the 38cent that’s only after you call more than RM30 on that month, did they tell every of their user? nope, try to ask the digi, 9 out of 10 didn’t know this. Maybe you should use postpaid if you’re a digi user that spend more than RM30 every month just to get that 38cent
    this is the way how foreign inverstor do, just doing everything/anything to get your money.

  51. kenny punya marking scheme for the prepaid sucks
    marking scheme?
    look at hotlink’s reward
    call 3 minutes
    = 1 point
    100 points= free rm 1?
    or 50 free sms
    kenny mabuk kah
    like that good?
    1st time see him mabuk
    reload rm 5o baru get fucking rm 1
    digi is slow
    need 4 months to get reward
    it is based on %
    after 4 months jit tu save more than that 100 points for rm 1 la
    but..if you call a lot..
    then xpac actually best for us
    but 1 problem
    all of us need to be xpac
    he even count the benefit of the concerts

  52. I was a Hotlink user for years – then I switched to Digi, just before all these price wars started.
    True that Digi coverage ain’t that good, but it suits me the best.
    I don’t think there should be a general “winner” in your comparison at all Kenny. Digi is the “winner” for my type of usage.

  53. Tell us Kenny Sia. Tell us honestly if you have been paid to diss DiGi and Celcom and kiss Maxis’ ass. Because if you have been paid to do so and you did not make that clear, your prepaid shootout posts lacks credibility. Tell us if you’ve been sponsored or not, make it clear.

  54. Kenny Sia, you forgot to do comparisons of phone support call charges (when you call customer service) and how long does the three prepaid services keep your credit before burning them.
    Let me start by giving a little information, you can add cover them in more depth after this. DiGi does not charge for customer service calls. Maxis does. DiGi prepaid users can retain their credit for a full 3 months before the line is cut and the credit burned. Maxis users can only retain their credit for one measely month before it is burned.
    In my experience, DiGi values their customers and doesn’t treat their customers with too much crap. Maxis is something like TM. Charge your customers local call rates for customer service calls? Smells of a greedy fat rat. Also, read up on Jeff Ooi’s many ‘vendettas’ against Maxis on his blog.

  55. eh howlingcow, I ask you – how often do you call customer service anyway? In my 2 years experience using Hotlink and Digi I never have to call up customer service even once.

  56. “All hail King Booker!” That’s all I can said. As described in the pic, King Booker represents ‘DiGi’, which means DiGi is a King. Therefore, “All hail King DiGi!” You should put a picture with King ‘DiGi’ celebrating his ‘World Prepaid Heavyweight Champion’ belt. That belt is even few times larger than ‘Prepaid Champion’. Summore, in Cyber Sunday, the real winner is King ‘DiGi’. He is Champion of all Champions!

  57. Yes JBL, u r totally right! What a Wrestling GOD! As you always said, there are thousands of prepaidsss, thousands of postpaidsss in this world, but there is only ONE… AND ONLY ONE… PREPAID GOD! And that is ME – DiGi !!!! Lol!

  58. i will follow youuuuuu~~
    i wanna blogggg & get richhhh~~
    multibillion dollar corporations~~~~
    no more traditional media, it’s time to switch~~~
    blog always the smarter choice~~~
    why waste money and advertise~~~
    just pay me 1 million ringgit & 99sen~~~
    ccan convert more users.. it’s in your hands~~~~

  59. There there…I feel sorry for you Kenny…if you would have rated Celcom the winner, then you will be accused of taking money from them…likewise DiGi…but in any comparison somebody must win…I have read your comparison, it does make perfect sense that Hotlink scores better…and I believe in you. So well done…the truth is now here!!!
    One more thing guys…during new year’s eve, I was sending SMS wishes at midnight to my friends…only got the SMS out sometime after lunch the next day…many times this has happened to me on my DiGi line but apparently my friends on Hotlink had theirs instantly…so I’ve just got one Hotlink for myself and am going to try it out this coming Chinese New Year…got 500 names in phone book…if this works, I’ll keep my Hotlink Sim for good, and get rid of my bloody yellow card…

  60. Lets agree to disagree. We have our different motivators when we come to making a decision. But
    just thought to share this with you folks:
    Went to an Iban longhouse for a visit as part of a tour just last month. It took us a good 4 hours (car ride) from Kuching to the river mouth where we were to get onto a 45 minutes perahu (boat) ride to get to the longhouse.
    I didn’t expect to get any reception as we were in the middle of the jungle. Then suddenly my phone rang! And guess which network I’m on? Guess you can say the yellow man followed us there. 😉
    DiGi rocks!
    PS: FYI, no reception at all for Maxis, no matter how great value it is. 😉
    PSS: Some may argue that one does not go into the jungle all the time, but the experience above proved that my faith in DiGi is justified.

  61. post pay is the way to go… prepaid is so expensive! For nearly the amount of prepaid you use per month you can talk& sms nearly 3 times more on post pay.
    You guys have been had! prepaid is good for those who uses LESS than RM 50 a month. All this plans are put in place to make you use more!

  62. yeah right.i travelled to sematan and guess what? digi no coverage, MAXIS no coverage but the CELCOM got coverage!!! i mean yeah im a hotlink user cause well it suits me and all but i’ll say bull to digi’s wide coverage cause if it’s wide why wasn’t there coverage there? tht’s the reason why i changed from digi to hotlink last time cause the coverage sucks and yeah most of my friends use maxis so i have to spend 15cents last time smsing them. Well maybe now rates are lower but i just lazy to change. Anyway it’s just damn gay that each telco is saying they’re the number one service provider. why can’t they all mesh together and form one telco? save the crap do u agree?

  63. MERGE! It may be good, but also may be bad in the wrong hands.. Its like having only one power that WILL control you LOL!

  64. Did maxis pay u to promote their product. U cant deny Digi provide Cheapest call rates among other operator. After reading your post i was so sick of u.

  65. Sematan got Hotlink coverage already. My mom just told me..Hooraaayy!!!!
    I definately gonna stick with Hotlink because you can send sms worldwide (not like Celcom..selected countries only). Plus, Hotlink is the only network operator that can send sms to Lebanon (my S.O is there mah..). Its international sms is the cheapest: RM0.20 compares to Celcom: RM0.50. Phone calls..i don’t really care because i just have to miss call and they’ll call me back. Muahahhahah…
    Hotlink rules!!

  66. yeah hotlink…..the champ!!!!!!!!!!!! is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lololololololollolool.

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