Act Cute

Don’t you hate it?

Kids are angels. No matter what they are doing, they can make it so effortlessly cute.

I want to imitate, also fail big time.

Stayed up all night clicking on AirAsia’s website trying to score those free (before tax) tickets. I’m going to Jakarta and Hanoi this year!

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  1. Hey Kenny
    Nice video.
    i think i should video my niece cuteness and share with others too.
    Anyway, can i know the bckgrnd song title?
    I know from emil chow but i cant recall the song title.

  2. wa liewwwwww!
    i don’t know to laugh or to cringe or to fall in love with you all over again.
    good soundtrack tho. emil chau!

  3. hehe, kenny,
    you are so cute in the video….shows that u are on the soft side too!
    BTW, whose kid is that on the video? ur relative?

  4. hi kenny,
    whut r da damn thing u count in that sarong ha??
    opsss…i tought u r done some gorgeous thing..
    sorry leyyy

  5. your niece is cute when she did that.
    but you… looks more like King Kong coming out from a cave! HAHAHAHAHA…….!!!

  6. Hey,
    Just in case you’re interested, I just did Vietnam last summer.
    Hanoi as a city was not that interesting, although the military museum is entertaining due to its outdated communist propaganda on the V war. Ha Long Bay is overcommercialized; but then again you didn’t mind Phuket =)
    Much more interesting, if you have the time is a night’s train ride south into Hue, Nha Trang and Da Nang. Hue is my personal favourite – flew kites with the local children under the ancient citadel (before they stole and ran away with my kite). Sipped Vietnamese coffee and slurped Pho squatting by the roadside, narrowly getting hit by honda ohms. Crusing in a sampan down the Perfume river by the royal mausoleums and pagodas. Ah, reminded me of China 10 years ago – so expect getting ripped off big time.

  7. okie, I know I called you “Adorably Spastic” but would you adore me back? :X
    say “Shall We Date?” I am serious~

  8. weeyyy.. can change the way ur bed looks ar?
    like very ‘got no class’.. don’t suit u at all… could b part of ur failure.. haha…at least ur niece place looks so much better… come back to ur scene, fail fail fail… lol

  9. 1st of all you kept re-running the “i find you” scene over & Over & OVER again.. then you try to act cute too.. Nigguh PLEASE.. you’re killing us

  10. i’ve been logging in airasia website for 3 continuous day…damn sienz….
    anyway, congrats for getting the tickets…:)
    and u both look cute

  11. That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!
    You did a nice attempt to imitate, but you can’t beat that little kiddie!

  12. First, ANGELIC, or heavenly, smile.:)
    Sext, dear forebearing keeny!:) “Off topic” with special missive to mGf of Catsville, www, can?
    I dedicate a Post on Sundae-Interlude promoting your State with thee being given honorary mention — I don’t know about honourable. Maaf ia! — Desi

  13. The video was loading, so there’s lapse with the playing, the moment I saw your niece,… awww,… she’s adorable.
    Her voice is more than music to my ears,.. then your turn,… as I say, video loading,.. then before you took off the quilt,… I predicted and brace for worst,… ha! ha! ha!
    Not bad lah,.. just as adorable, but a bit of an older version,… he! he! he!

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