My Fear Of Blogging

Excerpt from 5th May 2005 titled ‘The Last 25 Hours’.

To my Kuching readers – I understand that my privacy may be compromised following my father’s passing. As always, I ask that you respect my privacy.
Please do not disclose any unnecessary information about my family or my job.
Please do not disclose the existence of this blog to anyone else in Kuching.
Most importantly, do not mention to any of my family members what you read here. Please, leave them out of it.

As odd as it sounds, I rather as little people in Kuching know about my blog as possible, because I know Kuching is a small place and I know how hurtful mindless gossips can be. I enjoy writing. I’m sure many, including you, enjoy reading. Please do not be a bad sport and spoil it for us all.

And just when I thought I can write light-heartedly again, here’s another serious post.
I’m sure the part about me not wanting my family members to know about caught many people’s attention. Why do I not want my family members to know about my blog? Am I doing something wrong? Am I ashamed of what I write? Why hide?
Of course I’m not ashamed of what I write. In between a couple of serious entries, most of what I’ve written here are light-hearted fun and humourous in nature. Sure, a lot of my jokes are crude, sexual and dirty. Sure, I used a lot of self-depreciating humour. But that’s exactly what I’m like. I’m serious when I need to be serious, and I’m playful all other times.
Of course I write about my personal life from time to time. I document important events in my life on my website so I can reminiscent what it feels like then when I read back in 5 years time. My personal life inevitably involves those close to me, namely my family, Nicole and my friends. I virtually cannot write anything without mentioning them.
no more

Is a weblog still a weblog if I don’t document events of my life?

My style of writing is akin to chitchatting with my friends over coffee. Friends as in those close to my age. I never expected anyone over the age of 40 to have any interest in what I have to say.
I’m not ashamed to admit that I have two different personalities: there’s a Kenny in-real-life and a Kenny in Bloggerland. My blogging-self is my actual self turned up several notches. Whilst most of the time the Kenny in Bloggerland is foul-mouthed, crude and larger-than-life, the Kenny in-real-life is actually caring, humble and almost never swear a single cuss word. πŸ™‚
I’d write about things that went through my head, but these are things I’d never thought of saying it out in real life. What, you think I’d actually walk around flaunting my coconuts?
If someone made me angry in real life (like that flower-stealing incident), I wouldn’t show my anger to that person. I would be annoyed, but still humble so that the person wouldn’t be offended. At the back of my mind, I’d be angry at him, not furious. But when I got in front of the computer, I’d remember how angry I was and started calling him ‘assholes’ and all sorts of other ugly names.

Bar graph showing the level of my anger as perceived by the perpetrator, my actual anger and my exaggerated anger when I blog.
Yes, when I blog I tend to exaggerate things simply for good reading and for entertainment value. For example – he made me angry and I feel like whacking him. But because I couldn’t whack him in real life, I whacked him online. Honestly it feels good to vent your frustration that way.
In treating people nicely, I tend to swallow my anger too much. Eventually all my frustrations built up inside me I couldn’t take it anymore. Writing all about it in my blog is like having a good shit session in the toilet after having a big meal. It feels so damn good to let it all out of the system. Maybe that’s how the word ‘blog’ came about. ‘Blog’ sounds like what you make when your shit drops into the toilet bowl.
The reason I didn’t want my family to find out about my blog is because of one thing – paranoia. Fear of the unknown. And they have every reason to be paranoid about. If I were to ask you to venture into an unknown jungle you’d be paranoid as well. What if you got lost? What if you ran out of food. What if this, what if that?
That’s what ‘the Internet’ and ‘the Blogging Culture’ is to my family members – an unknown jungle. Its new. Its undiscovered. Its so public. Its so unknown. They have every reason to be paranoid about me owning a blog. Paranoid over my safety, paranoid about their privacy, paranoid about the family’s image and reputation. They probably wouldn’t like me writing anything about them, or about my father’s battles. I can understand that.
On the other hand, the reason I want as little Kuching people to find out about my blog is because of the way Society works.
Society holds stereotypes. Society expects certain people should behave a certain way and fit into a certain mould. Society dictates that HB of must be a good-for-nothing handbag-snatching drug addict, not the obedient high income-earning educated man that he is. Society dictates that ThaiBoxingGirl must be a tomboy Amazonian lesbian butch, not the sensual soft and gentle heterosexual lady that she is. Society dictates that Kenny must be a quiet and conservative man with the holiest morals who shies away from all things evil like sexy girls and good booze, not that sarcastic dirty-joke-telling naughty boy who takes pictures of himself and his hairy legs.
Sorry I didn’t fit into Society’s mould. Sorry I didn’t have my father’s character. I can’t help it that I’m brash. I can’t help it that I’m different.
Of course with the very public nature and popularity of my blog, people will find out and my family will find out. I’m not THAT naive to believe that that day wouldn’t come. I’m just hoping that it would come later instead of sooner. I’m hoping that one day I can blog about my job and my family freely, because they are after all an integral part of me. But I can’t. I’m longing that I can share my blog like how Niki shares it with his father. I’m wishing that one day, all my friends and families will read my blog, share my humour, probably get a little annoyed that I wrote about them but still be able to laugh with me. But they won’t.
Will they be ready to accept me? That I so readily depreciate myself. That I tell my crude dirty jokes all the time. That I do funny experiments with condoms. Will my family be ready to accept I’m a Paris Hilton-equivalent? (minus the sex scandals, plus the brains of course) Sadly, the answer is NO. And THAT’S the reason why I chose to hide it all from them, and let as little Kuching people know about my blog as possible.


Sorry for comparing myself to Paris Hilton. That was bad.

Some of you would suggest that I write anonymously. No offence to those who chose to do that. But I know if I enjoy reading someone’s blog, I’d try to find out some information about the blog’s author – at the bare minimum, the blogger’s real name, age, occupation and a photo so I get to have a face attached to the words that I read. I thought it is common courtesy that I reveal those information about myself to my readers. Obviously there are pros and cons, and although some bloggers believe otherwise, I personally believe that the pros outweigh the cons.
I’m not ashamed of what I wrote. I hide it only because I fear people who knows me cannot accept what a blog is, let alone the fact that I own a blog. That’s why I asked for your assistance hiding this blog from them. Never to discuss what you read about in this blog with my family. Never.
But of course, that sort of prevention measure is not foolproof. In fact, it didn’t work at all. Someone told my family what they read on my website. I won’t name names here, but you know who you are and I know EXACTLY who you are.
I leave it up to your imagination the result that follows.
Suffice to say my assumptions about their attitude towards my blog was correct, and that I once again contemplated shutting down
Hope it won't come to this one day

I hope I don’t have to do this one day.

Then I pinched myself hard. That would be unfair to me. That would be unfair to the majority of other readers who doesn’t know me in real life, like those Singa-bloody-poreans. πŸ˜‰ jk. Maybe I should move to Singapore. I feel loved over there.
This will be the last entry on this site that I mention anything about the family.
In the meantime, I will be password-protecting my more personal entries. I hate doing that. In particular, I don’t like the fact that I’m not able to share stories of my father’s battles and his final journey, because those form obviously a very significant part of my life in bringing me where I am today. Its too bad they had to go.
Now, if I STILL hear people gossiping to members of my family about what I wrote here…
UPDATE: Chill guys, I’m not shutting down my blog (yet), merely password protecting some entries away from those certain somebodies. Kinda sad that it had to come to this. Rest assured I’ll let most of you know of the password once its done. Anyway, don’t over-react lah can?
‘Singa-bloody-poreans’ is a term derived from I picked it up and used it ‘cos I thought it was kinda cute. Obviously its all in jest, I mean no malice and I don’t hate Singaporeans at all. In fact, very much the contrary.
Surprisingly, more Singaporeans than Malaysians read this site. I owe them my balls for their unwavering support.

67 Replies to “My Fear Of Blogging”

  1. Hey dear, am really sorry to hear about that.
    Those kaypohs ah.. less kpo a bit will die is it?
    Now become our loss πŸ™

  2. Being one of the biggest KPC around… can I have your password? πŸ˜›
    just kidding.
    Anyway, that’s the reason why I don’t blog about my family (‘cept for one entry). Sigh… some people just had to be a “loudspeaker”.

  3. *sigh* I guess u have to do wat u have to do. Just keep blogging lar huh? Dun force me to read Straits Times……
    And eh! come come to S’pore! Its either u or another ang moh buaya. πŸ˜‰
    Ok lar…take care of urself Kenny!!

  4. Kenny,
    If you feel that what you need to do then I think you should do it. Maybe password protected would be a good idea. Anyway I sure would miss your blog if I am unable to read it.Cheers! Take care.

  5. Hi there Kenny,
    I’m from Melbourne (went to Perth first in the mid-90s), found your site on google 2 days ago while searching for some article about “Tong Hua”. Enjoyed that piece too.
    Had a good read, and found your blog really funny at times and really touching at certain times, plus lamo all other times =P Heartfelt condolences for your family too.
    Anyways, yes I used to have a Kuching-born ex-gf and I find the Kuching-nese (not all, but mainly the rich =P) are very, very Kay-Poh, they need to know everything or they just need some topic to talk about when they see friends.
    All the best! From DownUnder (no not your coconuts)

  6. hey, sorry to hear that u have to resort to these measures. it is retarded at how some people like to act like they SHOULD tell people what they have seen or heard, as if they know it first hand (reasons for being kpo…)
    while i guess its a loss to everyone =/ that u should have to pw ur more personal thoughts, i hope this should not detract you from blogging altogether.
    hey, sorry to hear that u have to resort to these measures. it is retarded at how some people like to act like they SHOULD tell people what they have seen or heard, as if they know it first hand (reasons for being kpo…)
    while i guess its a loss to everyone =/ that u should have to pw ur more personal thoughts, i hope this should not detract you from blogging altogether.
    hey, sorry to hear that u have to resort to these measures. it is retarded at how some people like to act like they SHOULD tell people what they have seen or heard, as if they know it first hand (reasons for being kpo…)
    while i guess its a loss to everyone =/ that u should have to pw ur more personal thoughts, i hope this should not detract you from blogging altogether.
    hey, sorry to hear that u have to resort to these measures. it is retarded at how some people like to act like they SHOULD tell people what they have seen or heard, as if they know it first hand (reasons for being kpo…)
    while i guess its a loss to everyone =/ that u should have to pw ur more personal thoughts, i hope this should not detract you from blogging altogether.
    hey, sorry to hear that u have to resort to these measures. it is retarded at how some people like to act like they SHOULD tell people what they have seen or heard, as if they know it first hand (reasons for being kpo…)
    while i guess its a loss to everyone =/ that u should have to pw ur more personal thoughts, i hope this should not detract you from blogging altogether.
    hey, sorry to hear that u have to resort to these measures. it is retarded at how some people like to act like they SHOULD tell people what they have seen or heard, as if they know it first hand (reasons for being kpo…)
    while i guess its a loss to everyone =/ that u should have to pw ur more personal thoughts, i hope this should not detract you from blogging altogether.
    hey, sorry to hear that u have to resort to these measures. it is retarded at how some people like to act like they SHOULD tell people what they have seen or heard, as if they know it first hand (reasons for being kpo…)
    while i guess its a loss to everyone =/ that u should have to pw ur more personal thoughts, i hope this should not detract you from blogging altogether.
    hey, sorry to hear that u have to resort to these measures. it is retarded at how some people like to act like they SHOULD tell people what they have seen or heard, as if they know it first hand (reasons for being kpo…)
    while i guess its a loss to everyone =/ that u should have to pw ur more personal thoughts, i hope this should not detract you from blogging altogether.

  7. Somehow I can feel what you are feeling now.
    Cheer up. Like what suspiciousbastard said, I’m also too lazy to take the link down…

  8. Now now, no need to be rash eh? Tho, frankly I can’t seem to think of anything to solve this problem. I’ve got a blog of my own and it kinda bothers me whenever I need to *censor* out details that seemed too *cough* personal. But it’s all up to ourselves to determine what our own blog’s contents would be. I understand how you feel, Kenny.
    (I still find all your posts as interesting as ever even without mentioning anything personal…just my 2 cents)
    Take care dude…

  9. Aiyo, I as the die hearf fan from Singapore and my country will defintiely welcome you, donch worry whether you will be sue or not…, maybe you will be the next to appear in Channel News Asia as Mr Brown and Xia Xue already done that…dont be angry lah, those creeps are the most senseless beings..but come to think of it, kuching is such a small town, everybody knows everybody so I look forward to see you coming to Singapore soon..ha ha ha.. Cheers from yr dear fan in Singapore !!

  10. I hear you. I shut down a blog to be anonymous in my current one. It’s really sad to know that we can’t express our true feelings without being judged.. πŸ™

  11. Congratulations to a great entry, Kenny. You are strong and what you have written here shows your inner strength. Keep on going like this and you will go a long, long way. Don’t bother about what other people think or feel about you. Stay within yourself, grow stronger, gain wisdom, and seek to understand where they are coming from. May I offer you a hand? Whenever you need some friendly advise from one of the people above 40 (pun intended), feel free to shoot me a mail. I will help you as much as I can. Seriously, and no hidden agenda!!

  12. i un i un… understand what your mean…
    LcF: depends how you see it. i’ve been blogging for three years and i’ve been able to keep it quiet for as long as that… so kenny, it IS possible.

  13. hey ken, I totally get what you’re saying and I agree 1000% about not remaining anon. You’ve made me rethink my decision to stop my blog. I will be giving it some serious thought today. Thanks once again mate! πŸ™‚

  14. kenny!!! cannot close ur blog arr….how if one day i hit depresion or moodiness (not PMS) and i need something hilarious and funny to forget all bout it, where should i turn to?????? c!!! 1 poor girl lost in the internet world trying to find comfort and out-of-life jokes.

  15. You dare not close this blog down dude. I will have nothing else to do at work!! Yo, whats that password again? coconuts?

  16. No! Don’t shut down your blog kenny! Or else,where am I going to get my daily dose of inspiration n laughter from? You know how boring Perth is right…
    On the other hand, I do realise your need to protect your family and their reputation….sigh. I just hope u won’t need to shut dwn ur blog just for that..
    good luck!

  17. Tsk tsk…that is rather sad. But hey, who’d have thought that your blog would become this popular right? So what do you mean by password protecting? Will I still be able to access it? You trust me don’t you? πŸ™‚
    BTW, thanks for putting my pic up (NOT!)…I don’t think he’ll appreciate it as much as I do though. And now, when I google my name, SOMETHING actually comes up..again..THANKS KENNY…….you’redeadmeat

  18. OMG….how come ppl so KP wan? so sorry that you had to deal with them….hope you don’t ever have to close down….ur blog’s real good!

  19. I share your fear too! I feared that my blog to be known by people i know in my real life buden again life is not always how u wanted it to be. It turned out “someone” has found their way to my blog despites all the precautions i took. It took me almost a week thinking bout whether to quit or to continue blogging….. *sigh*

  20. Hi Kenny
    Now that you are in the corporate world, taking on more responsibilities, I suppose this is part and parcel. Hope things blow over soon and don’t ever think of quitting! What will we do without all those photshopped sexy bodies, hairy legs. LOL!

  21. hey kenny…
    to me your blog is what you want it to be. you shouldnt have to worry about what people think about what you write. but i respect your views on now wanting people to know so much about your family. they are important no? anyways alot of bloggers have passowrd protected post on their blog. so dont worry people will understand and if you do that those KEY PO CHI will go away coz they cant read your personal post. so they have nothing to gossip about. :*) i hope this makes sense.

  22. Hello Kenny, hope u wont close down your make my day a wee bit happier each time..btw.. why did u called Singaporean as – Singa-bloody-poreans? Just want to know. U hate singaporean or other reason?

  23. Being from Kuching myself, I know how annoying and sometimes @#$%ing the gossip in town can get. I hope the person who squealed on you will get what’s due, and it’s sad how you now have to limit your posts. Your blog is one of the best ones I read.
    Take care, and karma will prevail.

  24. Hey Kenny, Kuching is a damm small place. Someone always seems to link with some other ppl u might know. But i hope this doesn’t stop u from “freely express urself” in tis blog. U know that a lot of ppl read ur blog to maintain that long distance friendship of us…… And i swear, not even e closest person of mine in Kuching knows e existence of tis blog….

  25. yes i agree with you how you should handle your blog. I would hate to see it closed down due to idiots.
    Hey add me in msn, will ya?

  26. Kenny,
    Thanks for your stories. I hope you don’t shut down, write less about your family or password protect because it would mean censorship in this new medium we have. There are wider issues here.
    Anyway, because that’s the kind of person I am, please change “self-depreciating” to “self-deprecating” and “depreciate” to “deprecate”. Depreciate is for accountants, unless you of course meant it in a ‘self-deprecating’ manner (but twice, in the same page? Beh chun leh!)
    Keep those coconuts strong.

  27. it’s like having an online spy.
    i think most of us bloggers understand your feeling. sure, go ahead password-protect your personal articles. let us still have the rest of the uh, entertaining articles.

  28. As someone who also uses his real name in his blog, I understand your point. Unfortunately for me, my blog has already been discovered by many a family friend and/or relative. It’s kind of a double-edged sword really – one wants a blog to be found via Google, just not by family.
    Which is why my blog entries are all pretty safe and sanitised (U: Sesuai Dibaca Oleh Semua Lapisan Masyarakat.)

  29. hi there, i’m a silent reader. sorry to hear of yr recent bereavement. if u decided to password protect yr page, pls lemme know ok. thanks :p
    well, i hv the same feelings too over this issue, hence, i never revealed my name in my blog. only a hand full of frens know who i am.

  30. ah, come on kenny, though we wear red particularly during national day, doesn’t mean we’re bloodyporeans… haha… anyway, i’m just playing, haha. so keep doing your thing kenny, we support you.


  32. Brother,
    I think you flatter yourself and your family too much. Your father is not the saint you make him out to be. So please, cut the crap.
    Bragging about the business, etc etc.. Sheeesh. Don’t make a mountain out of an anthill.

  33. hey, i’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks, and must say I know exactly how you feel when you say you don’t want your family around your website; my entire family including cousins and aunties and what nots found out about my blog on CNY and were huddled round the computer reading it, thinking I wouldnt know cos I’m currently in Aus. Yeah, silly.
    Like what you said, when I blog its like talking to a friend about stuff I wouldn’t normaly talk about with my family, so when they read it its like they’re snooping around or being kepo or something.
    Ah well, keep blogging I say =)

  34. THOMAS WONG… If you dont like his “crap” get lost from his site. You are one of those no-life low-lives who hop from blog to blog putting people down.
    So what if his father is not what you think, to him and his family hes a saint and its all that counts. Looks like you dont have a father or family to be rpoud of thats the reason for all your “CRAP”
    Kenny, carry on ,dont worry about what the rest of the Kuching people of whatever thinks,
    those people who think like that are not worth your consideration anyways. I’m glad our family moved away long time ago but still I find if we have any problems or anything, we tend to confide more with our caucasian friends ( where the conversation stays private) as opposed to our Asian friends where thye sound sympathetic or understanding and next time it became their latest news to gossip. (OK so I gonna get flamed by this but so far its been my experience and many of my friends too)

  35. hi, really enjoy your blog…
    have spent much of the last 5 years away from kuching, a place i’ve been proud to call home…
    the city’s developing so fast these years. but it seems no matter how rapidly new developments are sprouting, it still IS such a SMALL place!! everyone seems to know everyone, or rather, everyone TALKS about everyone!
    to make real progress, it’s the kuching society that needs most change — not just the addition of high-rise condos, new classy eateries, or many more Benz/BMWs on the road…(what’s the carplate reg number now? way past QKZZZ??!!?)
    reading your recent series of events, makes me realise how suffocating our ‘close-knit’ society can be… reconsidering future directions, perhaps to stay away….
    meanwhile, wish u well and hang in there!

  36. You are dealing with internet here and you donÒ€ℒt want local Kuching people to know your website. What kind of idiotic technical concept is this? and what kind of computer science school did you go to? DonÒ€ℒt try to kill me now. See.., Perth is ten years behind Sydney, a country with zero time zone, and millions behind the rest of the world.
    I can see that you are now scratching you balls, torn between the new technological toy and the five thousands years oldÒ€ℒs fundamentally conservative mindset in us. Could it be the false illusion that it is just you and your computer in the misguided pink room? or have we all suddenly become more open?
    Oh, our Singaporean friends, what can I say? They are island people where roaming Orchard Road is the national pastime. They actually called it orchard? And to be able to see outside CK TangÒ€ℒs window is consider refreshing. Kenny finally saves their instinct to laugh after years of ruin by Lees who routinely locks up anyone who spits on them.
    Should I touch a few more soft spots? No.. Credit to you. Kenny. It is easier to make people cry than to make people laugh. Seriouly, do it just for the laughter, you donÒ€ℒt have to compromise your privacy, which we all can respect.

  37. Thomas Wong: i see you’re another one of those poor unfortunate souls who has nothing better to do but to build pleasure and elevate themselves by stepping on other people.
    your comment was uncalled for. perhaps if treated with a bit more tact/ grace or a little bit like a man – it would be appreciated.
    but otherwise, get lost.

  38. LcF + Pope, like I mentioned in the entry I know that eventually they will find out. I am not angry at the fact that they found out. I am upset at the fact that they only saw the negative side of things, that people only told her the negatives side of things, that they don’t see the sense of humour at my jokes but rather the negative publicity side of it. They’re thinking that I’m only embarassing myself and the family and that the whole world is laughing at me instead of with me. I was hoping that I can convince them to accept the whole ‘blog’ concept, to convince them to understand how my blogging-self is not a true reflection of myself in real life, to convince them that my target audience is not them but my peers, to convince them how the pros of blogging far outweighs its cons. I’ve met friends I never thought I’d meet via my blog and my existing friends have gotten to know me a lot better because of my blog. My family don’t see that. They’d rather I keep a low profile and have as few friends as possible. They’re not ready for this untamed beast called ‘the blog’. They don’t like me writing details of my father’s battles, they don’t like my crude jokes, they don’t like my condom experiments. Like I said, I’m expected to fit into the mould but I didn’t because I’m writing all these. They’re upset at that. I didn’t manage to convince them that its not as evil as they think it is.
    Ting, yoohoo… I’m still here! *waves*
    Kenneth, of course you can have the password… when I get it ready. I wanted to write about my family because that was obviously what my main concern was (and still is) for much of the last 6.5 months.
    MuN, its ok lah I won’t force u to read the Straits Times. Just The New Paper.
    Mr Quah, I’ll see. If it cause more trouble than I expected, then I might have to sacrifice the majority to satisfy the minority.
    Chung, I’m ok if ppl just read it, laugh at it and forget about it. I’m not ok if ppl read it, laugh at it then proceed to tell my family like I’ve just committed a crime.
    suspiciousbastard + teetee, oh yeah… that 404 Error wouldn’t look too good would it? Heh.
    Panda, I find it amusing that your dad can forget your real name. Haha!
    bing, the main motivation behind me writing the more personal stuff is because I wanted to document these important events that shaped my life. I meant no harm to my family’s privacy but obviously they think otherwise. I didn’t do it to make my blog more interesting or what not.
    sandkan, KILLLLLLLL!
    tarinetree, me appearing on Channel News Asia? Cannot lah. My balls would take up the whole TV screen.
    sunshine, the exact words used on me was ‘xia-xuey yourself. you’re not even married you wanna write about condoms.’
    Andreas, haha. Thanks. I’m not ready to give up yet. πŸ™‚
    minishorts, in my case its kinda too late huh? Once the proverbial cat is out of the bag, she’s not going back in.
    Shan, through blogs, you make enemies. But you make so much more friends. If only they could see it from our point of view.
    Tess + Avi + KherYing + Barley + cheeky, I’m not closing down my blog… I’m just being uh… censored. πŸ™ Which sucks just as bad.
    ah ling, thanks. You look good with boobs too!
    Lyon + Justina, they like to read about the embarassing details in my blog, then they spread it to my family knowing that I’d get into trouble for that, so I’m forced to remove those details. I get upset, they don’t get to read. So in the end who’s benefiting? I wonder sometimes why they did it in the first place.
    e, haha! You’re too old for this mate! πŸ™‚ jk.
    MiSeRy, eeks! hey atleastididn’tsaywhichoneisyoucosthere’ssomanypplinthatpicture! Err… no harm rite? I’ll let you know of the password once I get it up and running.
    wingz, indeed. I express innerself myself better with my blog. And I write with honesty. BUT THEY CAN’T HANDLE HONESTY!
    lilian, that’s the thing. Its back to the ‘mould’ I’m expected to fit in again. I can be a necktie-wearing corporate guy who jokes about his testicles can’t I?
    feli, i just hope they don’t gossip about my non-personal post. I don’t mind people knowing more about me a bit about my family. I don’t like people using things like Nicole staying together with me in Perth, and telling it to my family like I just committed a crime.
    iing, of course not. I love Singaporeans. πŸ™‚ Its a harmless jab.
    cynical-idealist, how I wish that person is reading this right now.
    Jayelle, grrrrr… gonna be hard to write something like Hustlergate Scandal when you know your family is watching.
    joeysiaw, thanks joey. πŸ™‚ People like you and our gang in Perth are EXACTLY the type of readers I had in mind when I first started 4 months ago. Jokes I can share with you guys, I can’t repeat it elsewhere. Because of ‘the mould’
    frostier, that’s another option. πŸ™‚
    9mm, added.
    kahsoon, most people are. some ppl would think that we’re deceiving ppl. the reality is that its easier to express yourself when all you have to deal with is the computer monitor. πŸ™‚ i don’t see anything wrong with that. ppl just express themselves differently when they’re online.
    tony kong, thanks! My engrish grandma too pawerfull.
    whateverstreet, I’m gonna do exactly that.
    Sashi, in that case I guess I’ll be writing similar to the way you write in the future.
    babe_kl, I just thought it was too restrictive to stay anonymous that’s all. Its my life.
    CC, heh. sorry. In Aussie, the word ‘bloody’ is a less harmful swear word that’s often use in ribs. If I said to you “You bloody idiot!” with a big smile on my face, I’m really just playing with you as a friend. On the other hand, if I said “You fucking bloody idiot!” while holding a knife in my hand, you better run away. πŸ™‚ Fast.
    TBG, deep breaths now TBG, deep breaths!
    NSDS3, you made me sound so… addictive! haha.
    Thomas Wong, hmmm ok. You know my father better than his son would huh? So what do you want me to say? Sorry I praised my father too much. Sorry for the fact that I think my father is my hero. Sorry my family means the world to me. Is that what you wanna hear? Cut the crap, I will. That’s the reason why I’ll password protect entries like those in the future to keep it away from people like you. Happy?
    KiM, I don’t mind them reading if they can accept the whole ‘blog’ concept and the type of things I write. Like I said, to them blogging is an unknown territory. Paranoia sets in as a result.
    romantic, depends on what kind of friends you have. One of the person who laughed at me is my ex-classmate, but not my friend. After what he’s done, seems like he never will be,
    Anonymous, can’t agree more. The attitude needs to change. πŸ™‚ I still feel like a foreigner at home.
    rocksalts, you’re in Curtin too?! Cool! What course were you in?

  39. Pope: That was damn funny. Why not include the part about Singapore cars needing to be amphibious, since they might actually reverse into the sea? Or the part about Singapore flats having bomb shelters at every floor? Or the part about Sentosa being a haven for “private” banks in 2009?
    Before anyone flames me, I AM a Singaporean. I just find that there’s a lot to laugh about Singapore.

  40. Sorry to hear that you will be password protecting your entries. Fortunately for me, I’ve been letting every tom, dick and harry know about our website since the wedding (we even put the website address on our wedding favors etc). So in that sense, I’ve pretty much ruled out people going behind my back to my family. My blog is for my family and friends. However, I do have password protected entries for times when I need to vent unreservedly.
    And like you, I also try to find out personal stuff about the author of a blog if I find it interesting. A blog with no personal details must have really kickass humor because otherwise it just seems quite insincere (to me at least).
    Hopefully, this will work out for you so that your fans won’t be deprived of your humor. Censorship is no fun…. although at least you’re not being sued by a government agency =)

  41. Ok, I understand.
    Sometimes I also wanna start a blog too..
    but I seems that too many people I know just…

  42. i am maotai, i am a singaporean and i am >40 and i read kennysia. there my online confession LOL
    jon – old people try to “control” younger generations every day and every age. happened 2000 years ago, happens now and will happen for the next 2000 years. the youth of the day has to take up the challenge and prove that they have what it takes to what they want to be. that is life.

  43. actually, you look pretty good with Paris Hilton’s body…you should work towards that =) Much better suited to you than big bird la ;p

  44. Hi! I’m your reader in Wales (unless you’ve got a few more tucked away here). Can’t remember how I found your blog but I love reading it. I know what you mean though. A sticky-beak cousin of mine found one of my websites and having been brought up as a good Christian boy as he had, he was horrified to find out that I’m a Pagan. Of course he had to tell his parents and in their disgust they shunned my poor parents. Who don’t know I’m a Pagan and had no idea why they were suddenly being ignored by my father’s older brother. My cousin always was an arrogant little tick, so I don’t care what he thinks, but I care about my parents. That’s why I friends-locked my LiveJournal and took down my blog. (It’s just gone back up again.)
    Anyway, please don’t delete your blog. I think you’ve got a great sense of humour.

  45. sorry to hear that manz… it is the same reason i will never share my most innerthoughts on my blog too.

  46. I like your “blogging anger” vs “real anger”. I wonder if you are the only one to see it.
    sigh. Misunderstood people are.

  47. Hi Kenny!
    I chance upon your blog last night..dont believe what i m reading here in this post…it’s exactly how i feel …even ur self description is how i would describe myself!
    BTW…i m a malaysian auntie in my mid 40s..and i enjoy reading the few entries that i’ve read in your blog…

  48. chinese new year is coming..hopefully there’s no lion shuffle on the streets…” HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL SHUFFLES”

  49. Hey Kenny,U did a great job in bloggin u know?
    I just started reading ur blog a few days back and they are all so funny!Keep it up.@_@

  50. Singa-bloody-poreans are bloody annoying if u r a Singaporean blogging in Singapore. I think Malaysians love me more.

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