Phuket, Understand?

There will be no major updates on until Wednesday.
my luggage
I’m on a much needed holiday break in the tropical island paradise of Phuket, Thailand.
phuket from the air
Hey, I deserve this. 🙂 After all I’ve been working hard and busting my baht for the past 4 months. So all I wanna do right now is kick back, relax and have a good thai.
Be nice to each other now.

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  1. Aww, holiday. I also wan leh!! Weee i’m 2nd. sorry i still get excited over these things =x TAKE CARE WHILE UR THERE, I`LL BE MISSIN UR BLOG.

  2. oh gawd…i can’t understand why ppl would post comments of them being number 1, 2, 3 ….knn got price ar ??

  3. Enjoy urself! just make sure u don’t mistake “sexually-modified” individuals as hot chicks… you know what i mean… heehee XD

  4. Dude…it seems to me that you’re ALWAYS relaxing and having a good time. So I guess you’re having a break away from breaking? Anyway, enjoy youre trip.
    The last first and only time I was in Phuket I was on the rescue mission during the tsunami. Therefore didn’t really have time to travel around much for sight-seeing. But ít’s a great place overall.

  5. You’ll love it there,the hustle and bustle and even the quietness of the beaches (some,not all).Have fun and take lots of great photos.

  6. wah lau, 4 month no holiday also want to complain. I haven’t had a decent holiday for more than 4 blinking years! jealous

  7. Going to Phuket to visit your offspring that you planted years ago huh? And planning to plant some more yeah?

  8. Well, what are we gonna do while Ken’s gone?? I mean, a whole THREE days without the pics and photos of a crezy wild hairy legged photographer 😮 , pouncing around the cicumference of the earth to bring us his divine insights of the world in which we live today? Whate’er shall we DO?….. =O
    Well, I’m taking a nap.
    Sia later.

  9. Kenny, you’ve had a few “mini” holidays in the past half year I’ve been following your blog! Does KL not mean anything to you?
    Anyway, have fun with the Thai distractions!

  10. xiaxue went to thailand. now kenny is in thailand. next is colbert low. I will go in May. But I will miss the spectacular view in Phi phi island. Izzeh….

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