Penang Bridge Marathon 2007

Last year, at the end of my 42km race, I said to myself, “never ever am I gonna do this again.”
15 months after I spoke those exact words, here I was, preparing myself for my second marathon race in Penang. 🙂

I woke up at 2am on Sunday 24th June, having just napped for four hours.
My head was still bleary from not enough sleep. But it was time. Time to kick ass!
Calmly, I geared up and took the lift down to the lobby, breathing a few deep breaths to keep myself as relaxed as possible. To everyone else, it was obvious that I was nervous as hell.

Timothy and Co were by my hotel ready to give me a lift to USM. The gang had only just finished clubbing at Momo, and they were clearly still high from it.
I was trying to keep myself calm but along the way, these people gave me such uplifting encouragement as “Go Kenny! We’ll cheer for you… in our sleep!”
Such great friends I have.

The roads to USM were closed. By the time we reached our destination it was already 20 minutes till race starts. I thought I could just dump my bag there and just get ready.
But not so fast, cowboy.
From where the road was blocked off to where I was supposed to be, they made us walk another 1km! KNNCCB. I knew I was late so I ran as fast as I could to the registration area. Clearly I wasn’t the only one. Many other participants were already working up a sweat trying to get there before it’s too late. Why they blocked the road so far away, I have no idea.

I was at the starting line literally seconds before the race was supposed to begin. By then I was already panting and sweating profusely. All my calming techniques had obviously failed big time.
3am, the gun went off. And the game began.

From the look of things, it seems as if this Penang Bridge Marathon is going to be easier than the KL one that I did last year. The route is straighter, the temperature is cooler, and apart from the incline going up the long bridge, the path seems a lot flatter, which is a good thing.
With the amount of training I had put in over the past few months, I was feeling confident that I was gonna perform a lot better than I did last year.

It’s only after I started the race that I realised how different this marathon is compared to my previous experience.
Sure, the island weather was cool. But the problem is, it was too cool. So cool in fact, that I was practically running there shivering in my pants.
The combination of sweat on my body and wind blowing against me was too much for the jiggly fats around my waist to handle.

The second thing is that the route was too boringly monotonous.
Imagine getting onto the bridge and you see this.

Twenty minutes later, you look up and you see this.

Forty minutes later, you look up again and IT’S STILL THE SAME DAMN THING!

It’s enough to force any runner to go crazy and jump off the bridge, ending the misery once and for all.
But despite all these unexpected challenges figuring into the race, I though I was doing alright. For most of the initial 15km I was sticking to my goal pace of 6’50” per km.

Soon after I made the U-turn at the Prai toll stations, one of my worst fears came true.
An excruciatingly sharp pain attacked my right calf muscle. It’s the dreaded leg cramp. Maybe it was the cold wind, but I certainly did not expect a cramp to emerge so early into the race.
I tried to mask the pain by rubbing a good amount of analgesic cream onto my calf, but medication can only work so much. It wasn’t long before my left calf muscle began to hurt as well. Immediately I was forced to reduce my pace to a fast walk.

As if getting cramp attacks so early into the race wasn’t bad enough, I had to miss several water stations, simply because they ran out of water. It’s hardly surprising, considering there were some 21,000 participants in the race. The half and quarter marathoners had already snatched up all the drinks before I could even reach them.
So what do you do when you are thirsty like mad and knowing that you still had a long way to go?
You pick up those unfinished drinks other people threw away on the floor, wipe away the dirt and drink from it.
Trust me, when you are dehydrated like that, you just don’t care anymore.

Everything just kept getting worse and worse as I exited the bridge and returned to Penang Island.
I remembered at one point during the race, some pebbles got into my shoes and I tried to remove them. But as soon as I bend my knees, my entire leg tightened and an unbearable cramp took control of my calves.
It was so excruciatingly painful I had to abandon the idea of removing the pebbles and just walk the remaining 18km distance with those damn pebbles in my shoes.

With persistent cramps on my calves, aches on my lower back, nasty pebbles under my feet, that remaining 18km was the toughest I had to endure.
From the Penang Bridge exit, I walked all the way past Queensbay Mall right up to the Seagate Factory, before U-turning back all the way past the Penang Bridge again to the Marine Police building, and then making another U-turn all the way back before I arrive at the crowded USM gates.
The end was near.

To bring a very anti-climatic race to an end, I crossed the finishing line at 6 hours 28 minutes.
A mere 5 minute improvement from my previous marathon time, and a far fetch from the 5 hour goal time I was aiming for. Needless to say, I was utterly disappointed. 🙁

I don’t know what exactly went wrong. Everything in my training seems ok, so why did I bomb out?
Was it because I sprinted and over-exerted myself to the starting line? Did I have not enough carbohydrates before and during the race? Was I not prepared for the cooler weather here and the effect that had on my knees?

Whatever it was, this race goes to prove that no matter how confident I was, no matter how easy the track appeared to be, I should never ever underestimate a marathon race.
The sour grape in me could go on and blame the multitude of external factors for my less-than-satisfactory performance this race: that the road block was placed too far away from the starting line; that there were no isotonic drinks provided until 20km into the race; that my pedometer actually measured 44km for what was supposed to be a 42km race.
But hey, I’m better than that. 😉 I accept my defeat.

They don’t have to rub salt into my wound though.
From the finishing line at USM, I had to walk another 500m to the left baggage counter at another location to pick up my bag. Before the race, I had left my phone and wallet in there for safekeeping. But when I opened up my wallet, the RM30 I left in there was stolen.

BASTARD! That was supposed to be my taxi fare back to the hotel!
What to do? This is Malaysia for ya. Welcome to Visit Malaysia Year 2007, people.
Despite all the bad luck and dodgy organising, I must say I really enjoyed this race. It’s an amazing experience to conquer Malaysia’s Tallest Mountain, then 6 weeks later to go on an conquer Malaysia’s Longest Bridge. Am I a patriotic or what?

They often say, a marathon is not a race against others, but a race against yourself.
As much as I was gutted knowing that I had only improved by 5 minutes this year, I do know that there is always a next time, in a different city, for me to exceed myself once again. Meanwhile, I shall take a well-deserved hiatus from my workout and eat all my favourite unhealthy hawker food before returning to the gym to resume my workout once again.

You’ll never look at the Penang Bridge the same way again after you’ve crossed the beautiful structure twice on foot.
After running 42km, I am so freaking sore than my legs still hurt everytime I bend my knees.
Ever tried walking without bending your knees?
Trust me, it ain’t easy. Especially with Nicole Tan filming and laughing her head off at you.

Don’t laugh. I said don’t laugh!

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  1. you travelled to my uni! Too bad I am not at there but will be going back for study next friday… You should have pass your things to your friends. I believe there are USM people who are ready to help you though.. Still 0 comments? nice.

  2. Hey…Congrats.. 6 hours+ for 42Km is good enuf *at least for me…*Was supposed to be there, registered for 10Km d, last minute cancel due to transportation problem..
    Anyway, the way you walk in the video, kinda remind me of my friend when I made him do penguin-walk… Bwahahahhaha!!!!11111

  3. good on you to take pictures and remember your blogreaders! 😀 just wanted to make you feel appreciated for that 😉 and hey, good job nonetheless 🙂

  4. as in.. good job on finishing the race. as they say, the importance is in finishing out what you started! 🙂 but you don’t need a random online stranger telling you that aye.

  5. Hey Kenny,
    Firstly, congrats on finishing but face it, your body type is not suitable for marathons (too much weight and not enough lean mean muscles).
    Secondly, I know what you mean about not being able to bend your knees without pain (happened to me after Mt Kinabalu climb).
    Thirdly, you have not been to the best dive spot in Malaysia, namely Sipadan. So get on with it.

  6. Kenny!
    Great job done man. That’s a double thumbs up from me. Dun fret so much about the slight time difference. Same goes for me in boxing too. A victory is still a victory, whether if its a T.K.O or a points decision. You finished the race, well done! Thanks for keeping the readers in mind with the photos too. If there ever was a chance for us to run a marathon together, I’ll be there! 🙂

  7. Hmmm… take so many pics while you run, how to improve against time? 🙂 Try hard next year. Employ me to take pics while you concentrate on running.

  8. congrats on finishing the race once again!!As for ur other problems like leg cramps, aching back, sore thighs…I believe the remedy is a little bit more training 🙂 Your body is not coping well with the strenous workload. Try cross training (cycling,swimming etc) to build up stamina n strength.cutting some weight should also help.but thats jus my opinion 🙂

  9. picking up drinks on the road, i did that during my 1st half marathon race. that the KL International Marathon. The participants were much lesses but yet not enough water. 1 thing i hate in a race is, organiser prepare not enough drinks for the amount of participants.
    money got stollen? damn, thats why i always don’t put my leave my things at the baggage counter. you should go to marathon in singapore or hong kong, its much much more better and crowded.

  10. Well done on finishing the PBM. Despite the time, I hope you doan ever give up on the nex one! Yu ur right, there’s always the nex year and the nex one. I’m actually amazed that you dare try the MArathon seeing that you doan run that regularly or even go for local races!

  11. IF I am the ccb who took your money and saw it is kennysia’s wallet, i ll also take your NRIC or other documents. Should worth a fortune on eBay.
    Your training regime is for 10-15km each time. How to sustain for a real marathon? No wonder you got crammed.
    Bloody typical Malaysian, never know how to keep anyplace public clean.
    Btw, kenny looked like a brown smurf in the third picture. And a “Happy Feet” penguin on the video.

  12. kenny…u tried ur best
    good job
    lots of us including me don’t even have faith in doing that….work hard for next year…i’m also working hard on something else…not marathon though
    good job

  13. Congrats ! was there too, but didnt see you 🙂
    So when is your next one?? come to Singapore this dec la and conquered the one of the hottest marathon !

  14. Congratulations! Well done! You have conquered both Mt Kinabalu & Penang Bridge. I’m originally from Penang, but i have never tried Penang Bridge Marathon (pai seh!). And now i live in Sabah, but i have not yet climbed the Mountain (pai seh again!). Anyway, after reading your blog entry on Mt. Kinabalu, I decide to climb it next year. Wish me good luck!!!

  15. Congrats ! was there too, but didnt see you 🙂
    So when is your next one?? come to Singapore this dec la and conquered the one of the hottest marathon !

  16. Hi Kenny,
    Running a marathon is not easy. That’s why I wouldn’t dare to try Penang Bridge Full Marathon. About water station, for your info, they were already empty when I was there and I was running half. Really frustrating some time. Anyway, if you want to opt for another marathon race, try Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. You will not be disappointed!

  17. Excuse me! I notice the sport shoe shown in the hotel room is not the same as the one worn during the marathon, the colour that is. Anybody notice it?

  18. Gratz on your accomplishment ^^
    There is a sentence I like:
    “a marathon is not a race against others, but a race against yourself.”
    It’s so true =)

  19. Not bad at all, although I could have done it 5 hours slower than you did. On a bicycle.
    I’d say stand proud, but maybe you’d appreciate the word “sit” more at this point.

  20. Heyhey, congrats on finishing! Sucks, though, not making your goal time. Not ’nuff water! Being dehydrated is the primary reason for muscle cramps!

  21. fuck off u fat ass! you just dont make the cut and quit blaming this that and whine so much! your whole fucking post is nothing but whines, go get a life and shut the fuck up!

  22. Congratulations on completing what seemingly is a horribly organized marathon.
    Anyway, to further entice you to come to Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (…
    We use those transponder chips to track individual’s progress in the race.
    There is always be eye candy and somebody cheering you on along the way. Be it cheerleader girls (complete with those short skirts). Or bikini babes inline skating along the East Coast stretch. Even better are those ladies who take part in the marathon as a 42km catwalk, really nice and tight sports wear.
    There is so much water available for everyone, you will complain there are not enough portable toilets.
    Everybody will cheer for you at the finish line. Your name will even be announced by the hosts as you cross the finish line, so that you can be femes for that moment.
    Lots of cameras shooting for your finishing moment.
    We get a really cool Adidas Vanity Finisher T-shirt (Climalite fabric some more) and a finisher’s medal.
    If you are lucky, you will get a rather cute nurse-in-training to give your legs a massage at the end of the race.
    Some discount vouchers from Adidas and some other sponsors.
    All that for S$42!

  23. hey kenny, first of all, good job for finishing the race. i saw you on the other side of the road when u were heading towards the seagate u-turn.
    seriously kenny, you didn’t train enough. you need more long runs, 21km is not long enough. at least 30km.
    the other mistake is waking up too late.
    anyway, try again next year 🙂

  24. Congratulations on completing the marathon. Despite the pain and cold that you endured, you made it through. So what if its a 5 minutes improvement, it is still one and this time round many other factors were not anticipated.
    Its the sheer effort and determination that matters most.
    Kudos mate! We are looking forward to your next marathon. 🙂

  25. Congrats on finishing the race. Maybe should go for the Standard Chartered run though… *lol*
    I’m also doing abit of training. Maybe I will run with you in a year or two.
    Btw, your friend who took the video “sounds” cute. XD

  26. Well done in any case. Lesser mortals would have given up.
    Like what eantautjk said, 15-30Kpw isnt enough. Double it and you’ll see great results.
    See you on the roads!

  27. Hee.. Congrats. I have completed one marathon only so far, and yes, I fully agree that it was a great experience. Do not be too disappointed. I think u did constant training, but the distance is not long enough for your training that’s why. {^o^} But I really envy you for able to travel and run as and when u like.

  28. Hi Kenny! Congrats for finishing the marathon! I actually waited to see if I could meet you at he finishing point. I left 15 min after the official “bungkus” their stuff at 6hr cut off time.
    I ran the Bridge with my camera & tripod. :)…Do check out the glorious sunrise at the bridge in my blog.

  29. wah Kenny You really CAN walk the walk eh?? hehehe it looks like you are depending on the baggage trolley for support, poor you, but congrats on finishing the race dude. you did your best thats all that matters.^^

  30. wut r u duin kenny? teh rais is onli for fit peeple. not chubbi boys like u. rly learn to loos wait or gtfo for rel marthooners and dun waste thair water. u fial at marthon.

  31. Hi Kenny,
    Congrats on your run. Too bad that U had to endured the cramp on ur leg. Yes it happen because you wasn’t able to warm up at the first place. If u had warmed up at least 30 mins before racing perhaps you will not experienced the cramp and secondly, I saw you’re wearing shorts pants. Since u didn’t warmed up, you shud had been running in long pants instead. It will atleast make ur muscle warm. Warming up is essential before you start any running. Maybe some other time then.

  32. Kenny dear, run the race doesn’t necessarily win the race ma.. U hv ran the race and u have took in the part. Congrats for finishing the marathon!

  33. You walk like I did when I was pregnant and hurting from all the extra weight! Oh and I didn’t laugh, I smiled.
    -_- Malaysia doesn’t suck though, the attitude of the people do. Come live with me! Or at least come and vacay ^_^

  34. Congratulation Kenny! how come the same white charade get passed u every twenty min when u r on the bridge? hiak hiak! got cha! … anyway, u r still the cutest penguin even u walk like that :p

  35. Kenny, I was looking for you throughout the bridge 🙂 I took part in the half-marathon.
    Good job in completing 42km!

  36. Congratulations on finishing the race regardless of all the weather, pain and pebbles. Its not easy but it aint imposibble as well. So long you have the determination you will conquer anything.

  37. Congratulations first of all.
    But after i gone tru yr blog, i figure out something wrong, yr contestant number is A123 very nice, somehow why yr room number is 1234? if u r superstitious, 4 means “die”..
    anyway,its over. better luck again next time!

  38. We were in the same plane to Penang and back to Kuching. I was there for a short holiday while you for the marathon. You don’t look too bad after d race :), darker maybe. I wonder why, but we seem to meet whenever we travel… Phuket, KL.. Anyway, congrats on completing the race! Penang was wonderful but the weather was toooo hot.

  39. dude, u sound like u didn’t do a proper warm up + stretching, that’s why u get cramps here and there.
    a basic warm up + stretching routine takes abt 10-15 mins.
    try it the next time round. maybe it;ll work

  40. congrats on reaching the finishing line while still on ur feet…. at least.
    no proper warm up, that’s why. maybe next time, u just go and camp out at the race venue better…

  41. haha… congrates of finishing your marathon anyway..
    see what i mean when i told you that you will be seeing the same scenery..which is tiring!!!
    will you be repeating the feat next year??

  42. Hi…it’s me again. Same msg, you’re fat and a try-hard. Stop trying to be someone you’re not. you can waste time & money pretending you’re some lean, fit & famous celebrity? You are the quintessential “Ah Sia Kia”, a fat one to boot.

  43. bodco, just shut up and continue the delusion of a life you are leading. Kenny is hot and delicious.
    Kenny, your poor thing! When you told me your feet were aching, I had no idea you were in so much pain!
    Nevertheless, congrats! You did great! If it were me … ho! I think after 5km also I die already.

  44. LOl!!!
    Sorry…. i just cant stop myself from laughing.
    But hey.. it’s great u know, finishin that 42km marathon. Don think i can stand doing that.

  45. All the top three positions get “sapu” by the Kanyens!!! I wonder how can they run or perhaps walk so fast. Is it because they have long legs? I salute them wei!

  46. sorry, but i couldn’t stop laughing!
    you have good potential to be a penguin!!!
    How’s ur legs now? can bend you knees already?

  47. so cool to read your blog 🙂
    sorry to hear about the marathon…
    but after following your preparations i would like to do that too! exept that i have never run for more than 7 kilometers. hmmm. it would be a great thing to go to malaysia (i am in europe) and do the marthon. if you go next year, tell me and ill start preparing somehow. then we can try together.
    you also inspired me about mt.kinabalu so i plan to go there this october 🙂
    keep writing your blog, its great!

  48. hii kennysia~
    wow…u r such a genius~
    i took part in the race 2~
    half marathon only…
    n its killing me~
    oh gosh~~~~~~~~
    good job mr kenny~
    hey..can i copy the pic tat u take on the bridge slope??
    my hp no battery when i reach the slope~
    so…i cant take much pics wif tat pariah thing~
    may i???
    keep it up~

  49. Wah piangz. Must be super shag lor! Poor thing but will u ever do it again?? 🙂
    How did u managed to go back after that??

  50. Well , Did you lodge an official complaint against the loss of you RM30? Did you just walk away quietly and let the bastard who stole your money seek his next victim?

  51. i hate ur comment settings.
    i hate ur comment settings. want ppl to type in full email but yet u leave a ‘NULL’ there. then can’t repost cos it says we have posted. then nothing appears. then i boycott. n yet nv being mentioned.

  52. Pls dun blame for losing your money in the wallet. Is common sense not to put $ if u left the baggage behind.

  53. i heard a lot complain bout the poor management job..
    that really sucks and sure effect on your performance..
    still a good job on finishing the race, in fact i wonder before either u can finish that or not ;p
    Do tell me next year,
    this time I’ll really make it with you…

  54. Dude, I think u got the cramp from the first sprint off you made from the roadblock to the starting zone, and you didn’t warm up + stretching your muscles thoroughly, right?

  55. hey kenny,
    I just went up to mount kk in june and it was such an experience! During that training I picked up the joy of running and have been running constantly.
    I’m looking forward now to my first 10k run then….marathon!!!
    p/s: before mount kk we went to mount santubong in kuching which was super fun too.

  56. Firstly…at least you ran right? I trained for it too, then just a couple of weeks before the run, during one of my regular basketball sessions, there was a freak accident where some guy undercut me, I landed on his ankle, rolled my ankle, and twisted it, AND tore a ligament. And as a result of that, my training all went to nought as I had to cancel my run.
    Now thats bad luck. So count yourself fortunate!
    Secondly, much congrats for finishing the race! 42km aint bloody easy. It’s TOUGH AS HELL. SO well done, much respect.
    Thirdly, ok, you can’t control what happened, and though it really is a pity your training didnt get you the 5 hrs target, hey, you learned from this and nxt yr, GO FOR IT!

  57. Excuses excuses…
    That’s it man, you’re just not cut out for long distance running. Your body is not designed for that. You need to try other sports like sex or mountain biking.
    You sound like a sissy here, cold weather bla bla. The truth is, your upper body is too big for your puny legs. haha
    Having to bear all that extra upper body muscle is really hard on your legs. That’s y so fast cramp liao. Try jungle trekking or just join the Hash House.

  58. By the way, why is the camera person having an orgasm (sounds like a happy orgasm) just looking at Kennysia walk? Is she in love with him?

  59. Congrats!, you really need to run more shorter races first, to get used to the idea of competing and finishing a race running, as you planned, if not for anything else. You get a better idea of how your body will behave and change at different distances, and of course your conditioning will go way up. Well, the point is you need to get used to the feeling of actually running full stride past the finish line – at least that would boost your confidence.
    For the water point problem, maybe you ought to invest in a fuel belt, if you are going to run longer distances.

  60. sorry to say this…
    but ur knee will not recover fully..
    u may not feel the pain after a while..
    but ur knee seriously deteriotes after each damn run.
    take care dude

  61. haha.. kesian..
    that’s how i walk after i jog 10round of football field..
    i still remember how hard to climb a stairs….
    it’s not funny at all when someone laugh at you like that..
    oops.. “ter” laugh..

  62. kenny,frankly speaking ur body frame n structure r not meant for running marathons.y not try bodybuilding or weightlifting?

  63. Good job! You can finish a full marathon with sheer determination, regardless of circumstances. Cheer for you!
    Me.. I’ve not a fit person. I did not take part in cross country race as runner.. just first aider only.. I’ve encountered a case.. kesian dia..
    “Marathon is not a race against others, it’s against yourself”. I like that. It’s indeed very true. Not many people can run that far though =)
    Pray that you can do better next time 😉

  64. Hey Kenny.
    I think you can walk normally already. Hehe. Because I saw you today at KFC. Wanted to greet you but I thought you won’t like it, so I did not. Please tell me that Im not wrong, that supposed to be you. You were wearing a red shirt with green shoe (oh my god, I sounds like a stalker). Am I right? Anyway, becareful with the chair =p

  65. Hey kenny,
    The 3 pic of the bridge which u say that after 20 or 40 min, the bridge looks the same are actually fake.
    That 3 pic are actually the same photo.
    It is just that kenny zoom in a little and adjust the brightnest for each picture.
    don believe look at the white car in the front left and the street lights on the left.

  66. Hey dude,
    Good job, don’t you feel good after the race ? It’s addicting. One race a year is good enough for your build, save the SG run for next year. After all you do this as a mental challenge rather than physical.
    Lots of comments on how to deal with cramps, warming up the muscle is not the solution. Dehydration, loss of electrolyte, potassium could be possible cause.
    Anyways, next marathon, run without the music, that way you can really focus on the race, that is a real mind challenging race.
    Without the music you’ll be in tune with your body, feel the cramps creeping up, you’ll be able to keep it under control by relaxing and controlled breathing, totally mind thing, works for me.
    I train with music to develop a rhythm but during the race, no music, just mental challenge.
    It’s okay, 6:28 turn a round and doing it again, hope to run a L.A. race with you before I turn 50 🙂

  67. well done! 42km is no mean feat… no matter the time! and ignore those annoying people laughing at you… they have no idea what you’ve just been through!

  68. LOL…the video was seriously funny. But kudos to you for completing the entire marathon though. I doubt I would’ve lasted half the distance. Haha…Good job! =)

  69. Hey, Kenny.
    I am the sort of person who would drive from my bedroom to the toilet given half the chance, so yeah, as Ali G would spell it: R-E-S-P-E-Q!
    With regards to the length of the bridge, on the bright side, at least you managed to catch up with the car. That IS the same car in all the pictures, right? 😉

  70. Hi Kenny. I’m from Kuching too la! Hey, kaki lang! Did you go to the Christina Aguilera concert in Singapore last night? It was excellent! I took some pics and blogged about it. You would have loved it.

  71. Wow, I absolutely fell in love with ur video. Haha! Its the most amusing thing i’ve seen for the past week. Good news is, you look super cute walking like a penguin. Bad news is, I’m sorry but I can’t help laughing. Interesting post.

  72. Full respect to you for finishing 42km despite the cramps. If it makes you feel any better, the exact same thing happened to my brother when he ran the London Marathon this year. He, too, was gutted by his ‘cramped’ time but I told him I was proud of him for the fact that he didn’t give up despite having to endure it for 20km. Same goes to you. Good job.

  73. Hey! I know which hotel that is!
    But I chickened out of the race… didn’t run hee hee. Only collected the t-shirt (and it’s not even nice!)

  74. Dude.. I did the 42KM run too… and when I got the baggage area.. someone cleaned my wallet of RM300 and took my Nokia 5140i phone!
    I don’t think I will ever do a Penang Bridge Marathon ever.
    Didja noticed, that during the 42km run, they organizers gave watered down isotonik drinks? They had the drinks mixed in large buckets mixed with water!
    Maybe dat’s why you had to suffer more during the race!
    Anyhow.. you’re a finisher! You’re the man!

  75. Well done Kenny, to finish the race itself is already a accomplishment. I did the 10km run last yr for the same marathon without any training.. Suffer alot the next day but I’ve garnered so much confidence since then cos I managed to complete it =) One of the best parts of the marathon was running on the bridge at dawn. Really beautiful sunrise =3

  76. Hi,
    I was at the race too but Fun Run Category. It wasn’t a surprise that your RM 30 got stolen. My Bf’s car parked near USM at Persiaran Sungai Dua was broken into. Passenger back seat left window smashed, bonet opened, battery disabled, camera stolen, CD faceplate stolen (not sure what is the thief gonna do without the player).
    2 other cars parked nearby were broken into too. You can get a picture of it here.
    This Kelisa was parked in front of our car.

    That’s our car being smashed.

  77. Hi! Congratulations for making it your second one! It was fun to read your post. I finished mine (2nd one too) in May. Someone to whom I related the experience said to me that anyone who takes part in a marathon and finishes it is a winner himself. I’m agreeing to it more and more.
    On hydration, have you considered having a bottle of water or a fuel belt with you as you run? The bottle is a bit cumbersome, but it’s better than being stuck out there, dehydrated. There are some products in the market that are designed to be easily carried by long distance runners.

  78. Hey, I noticed you have the same pair of sport shoes as me! I bought mine in India 4 months back, it’s as ‘yellow’ as yours now! Blame the rainy season in India

  79. Hi Kenny,
    In a marathon race, everyone who complete the race is a finisher. You are indeed a FINSIHER of 42.195km !
    Well Done !

  80. heys…
    nice walking…
    at least mine was better urs. lol…
    i was dere too…took the 22.3km.
    1st time though. i tot it was only half of da bridge coz says HALF MARATHON. haha… anyway.. i complited dat. i was late for the ‘start’. cud have ot the medal but was late ard 5mins coz busy snapping pictures during the race. haha….i enjoyed dat. paln to go again next year. so…c ay dere…if ur going again. Tata.

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