Nuffnang Penang Bloggers Meet @ Food Loft

What do you get when you put 100 bloggers in a room full of free food?

Lots and lots of cameras in action, of course!
The day before the Penang Bridge Marathon, I was invited by Nuffnang to attend their Orient’s Voice North Malaysian Bloggers’ Gathering at the Food Loft, Gurney Plaza.

It was by all measures a resounding success.
I hadn’t been to a large-scale bloggers’ gathering since the Blogger.SG Singapore Bloggers Convention two years ago. As most people following my blog back then would’ve remembered, that event was infamously immortalised by that one boobie-baring incident seen around the world .

You would have thought Malaysians are more tame and more conservative than our Singaporean counterparts. But noooo… In fact, Malaysians are WILDER.
At this bloggers’ gathering, something even better happened.
Much to the delight of all the horny guys in attendance not only were we treated to a set of beautiful naked boobs, we actually had a NAKED WOMAN baring it all inside the restaurant! Just for us. Naked woman you know?!
Warning:If you are easily offended, do not scroll further.

Nah. Naked woman.
Can play violin one somemore. Dun pray pray.

I like big butts and I cannot lie.

*muah* I lub u.

Food Loft is a Marche-like restaurant located on the 4th floor of Gurney Plaza. You’re given a barcode card when you walk in, then you get the chance to walk around the market-like area to see what dishes are available.
When you’re ready to order, just let them scan your card and they’ll bring your food right over to you.

Yes, it’s almost like your local kopitiam food court.
But this one stylo a bit. Because they got sweeping views of the ocean and then got a naked woman in the restaurant.
Does your local kopitiam food court have naked woman?

Due to my limited dietary options pre-marathon, I had the spaghetti marinara. Not the best I’ve tasted, but it was pretty alright.
Too bad not many of us really had time to sit down and enjoy our food anyway. Everyone basically spent the good one hour and a half running around taking photos.

Myself and sexyshortskirt

And photos.

And photos.

And MORE photos.

With nicolekiss.

So much camera flashes until I began losing my sanity.

Next thing I know, I was putting on Nicole’s baby pink jacket.

Pwetty or not? ^_^
Some time during the middle of our shenanigans, I was sat down and interviewed by the charismatic Cedric Ang. Some crazy guy called Daniel Ooi jumped on the opportunity and asked me to contribute my body hair to auction off for charity.
I didn’t wanna do it, but this is for a good cause. So what the heck right?

I don’t know whether to feel sorry for myself or feel more sorry for Nicole.
Especially when it comes to the part where she had to cut off my nose hair.

Nah, can see or not?

Luckily we stopped at just nose hair.
If we cut off anything more than that, you might have to pay money to read

Together with the winner of our charity auction, hotsluttybaby

See that look on my face?

The funniest thing happened on the Monday after the Nuffnang Bloggers’ Gathering.
Apparently, my name appeared on national newspaper The Star Metro. No, not for becoming the first overweight person to finish the Penang Bridge Marathon in world record-breaking time.
But for this.

Kenny Sia mobbed by Penang fans!
Pardon me, but when you describe someone as being “mobbed by fans”, it conjures up the image of some wild media frenzy that look something like this.

Now, compare that to the “mobbing” I received at the hands of my Penang “fans”.

WALAU! Eh you “mobs” can appear more excited and less bored-looking or not!?

Music of the Week: Land of Eternal Sunset by Almadrava, from Cafe del Mar Vol 14.

59 Replies to “Nuffnang Penang Bloggers Meet @ Food Loft”

  1. Yeah Kenny thanks for mentioning us! We really enjoy your presence especially when you are so sporting to take part in our “donate your hair” activity! Thanks a lot Kenny, I appreciate it.!

  2. ahahahah…. damn nice photos!!! Nicole is so unbelievably Heaven sent. Can rival Angelina Jolie in chunness.
    Naked women = art la you samseng. Thats so beautifully proportionate though. I’m surprised you didnt go her in front down there and lick!!!

  3. hie kenny. was supposed to be at the event. would not have mobbed you. but would have an interesting conversation nonetheless=p
    hope you liked penang. come again=)
    mei from blogwawasan. (had ntg to do with the body hair thing=p)

  4. eh y did u blur out that girl’s face from the 1st photo..she asked u not to post any photos of hers? of she forgot to sign the photo release contract with u…lol

  5. Kenny is complaining because he is mobbed by 5xmom, (whois one of malaysia’s first pro blogger, just like Sing’s XX without the perasan)

  6. Now that your few strands of chest hair can auction up to a RM 20, you might as well just earn yourself millions shaving bald. (^.^) Cheers!

  7. kennysia has size B cup boobs. Can start to fondle your own breasts from now on. The pink jacket was a mistake. We knew you were fat but now you’ve just confirmed that you have man breasts, and size B cup at that.
    I think nicolekiss would be ashamed to find out her boobs are smaller than kennysia’s.

  8. lol. and u said u wouldnt put up those pics with the naked woman when we were at iceicebaby….hahahaha….KNEW u’d put it up anyway….heehee….
    and stevo’s right…there’s probably a picture in blogosphere now labeled ‘Kenny Sia’s butt’…. =p

  9. damn.. this is really a good writting of mighty blogger..
    i really need to learn a lot from you…
    nice to see in person, but..
    u r funnier inside ur blog than in real person.. haha

  10. Alright… I take back my words… Your not THAT boring. Especially when I saw my friend as ‘WHAT IS THIS GUY DOING TAKING MY BUTT!!??’ Ahahaha~~~~~ Ok, blame me. That was my idea. Your not such a bad guy XD

  11. Haha I like the putting on Nicole’s jacket part.
    Kenny Sia is so sissy! wakkakaka.
    If I were you sure I’ll fit into that little pink jacket!! Consider my size, though.

  12. I’m A Chicken With No Name. BWAK BWAK BWAK! : You are such a jealous shit!!!Feel disgusted with you.

  13. Chicken hater, of course I’m jealous, so what are you gonna do about it besides feeling disgusted? That’s so lame….ooooo I’m disgusted. C’mon, you can do better than that.
    At least I’m better than you who will gladly lick kennysia’s arse if given the chance. Pathetic fool.

  14. By the way, which chicken are you referring to, as there are hundreds of chickens in
    Check how do ppl get that nick first before having to re-type the whole thing with your puny fingers.
    I’m guessing you’re a teenage girl, short, wears glasses,short fingers. Likes going to coffee bean.
    And waste a lot of your parents’ money. Now get lost.

  15. Would you read that article if it didn’t say “Kenny Sia Mobbed by Penang fans” ?
    Imagine if it said “Nuffnang Penang Bloggers Meet @ Food Loft” .. I doubt anyone would even bother reading that article.
    The media is a lie, at times.
    Ethical Journalism is dead.
    You think everything you read in the newspapers everyday is real?
    Ok I shall stop here.. lol.

  16. Hey kenny,
    Revealing your “dark” side again, eh? Come on, with all the pretty live women around you get caught making out with a statue? I guess you’re you like stone cold women, you necrophiliac! Not that it’s a bad thing. Brouhahaha…

  17. Oh gosh, too bad I didnt manage to attend, was away to Singapore. So as the marathon, geez.
    Something that caught my eyes though. Your photos!
    Esp one that when you are kissing the naked woman, I thought you got aroused!!!!! Then i took 2nd look again, oh, it’s a guy’s hand. I tot what…
    18sx.. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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