Kuching Airport’s Wireless Internet Service

Finally, I flew back home to Kuching last night.

What a fun-filled and exciting trip over the weekend!
I had the best bunch of people to travel with and that makes a whole lotta difference. But more about the Nuffnang gathering, the Penang Bridge marathon and my unexpectedly interesting side trip to Ipoh a bit later. Right now I just feel like resting my legs and taking it easy.

While I was at the Kuching International Airport, I propped up my laptop hoping to go online by leeching off someone’s wireless internet service. Normally at the airport, I’m able to connect to an unsecured access point called “dlink” or “linksys” or one of those boring default names.
So I brought up the list of wireless connections available.

Curiously only one access point was available, and it was from a guy named “Poi Kee Teo”.
At first I was wondering, how come I can manage to detect the wireless connection of this Mr Teo’s house? The airport is so big and secluded, it’s impossible to get anything from even the closest residential house nearby.
And then I realised.

Kuching Airport sure has a funny sense of humour.

It’s sad to hear about what happened to one of my favourite wrestlers, Chris Benoit. The guy killed his wife and 7-year-old son before committing suicide himself.
When someone I grow up watching on TV commited something heinous like that, I don’t know what to feel.

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  1. for some reason once i see the word poikeeteo i already knew it’s airport….i am also using someone else’s wireless now LINKSYS..hehe…free internet

  2. if i wan to use the poikeeteo’s wireless network.. how ar? can ask from poikeeteo’s workers or not?

  3. kenny, how about running the Kenny Roger’s Charity chicken run? I think it’s some time early july. U can be back in time for Rainforest Music Festival (that is if you’re going to join the hippy party)

  4. Benoit’s dead???……Unbelievable he killed himself and his wife and son…..What’s wrong with him…?…..Didn’t he realised that wrestling can’t be try it home….?

  5. As Hokkie speaking person like me, once I see ‘poikeeteo’ I knew immediately it refers to the Airport. The hilarious is someone came out with that name for wireless network.. 😉 Kenny dear, you are so cute..

  6. lol. hope ur feeling ur legs again kenny. glad AND sad to know ur back in kuching…haha….did u get wat u wanted b4 u left penang that day?

  7. hi,
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite sometime…I first find your blog when I search on kuching… just to keep myself update with what’s happenning in kuching (hometown) while I’m working and living in KL (for almost 10 years). Btw, I’m in early 30s and a mother for 2 kids now.
    Hardly get any news about Kuching or sarawak from here. Glad to found your ‘infotainment’ blog.
    Keep up writing. 🙂

  8. This IS funny!
    I never thought that they actually do have some sense of humor.

  9. hahaha Kenny you seem to make the simplest things funny, and so many cameras shooting you ar? still not blinded by the flash? Anyways how was the marathon? any unforgetable experience there you wanna share? ^^

  10. why is everyine taking pictures of you like that? Are you that famous? I saw a guy on TV in china who looks just like you. I took a picture. Ill try and send it to you.

  11. Should have stripped off t-shirt and jeans, and worn bodybuilder briefs – guarantee picture of the year man!

  12. thanks for sparking some penang blogging buzz, looking forward to hearing about the marathorn and other things.
    would have loved to hove met you in person.
    maybe next time then.

  13. hahaha….never thought that Kuching airport wireless system would use such a name..and yet it’s in hokkien. Long time din go Kuching…

  14. That was funny??? Knew what Poikeeteo was right away and I am not even Hokkien. Maybe it was the “plaque” built up in the brain that was slowing you down.
    Speaking of Chris Benoit, that is what ‘roid could do to a person (mood swings, sterility, acne, etc). So be careful of what you take with regard to “body building” supplements. I never support WWE because of the rampant ‘roid usage and the wrong role model for people. Besides, there are better entertainment out there and don’t say pro wrestling is real.

  15. hm, i would like to meet that person that suggested ‘poikeeteo’ and send his name to Sultan for a Datukship! lol.
    famous amos? famous kenny!

  16. Haha! Love the Poikeeteo joke!
    Look forward to hearing about the marathon and Ipoh, did you have their supposedly famous white coffee?
    But one thing I’d like to see is the exterior of the new Kuching Airport. I was in Kuching late 2005 and the place was a mess. What does it look like complete?

  17. Christopher ah, foochow airport is ‘puikeeteong’ with ‘ng’ at the back la. That’s ‘poikeeteo’ definitly Hokkien dude.

  18. I am honoured to share same surname with Kuching airport. My username also ended with ….teo. Furthermore I am also kuchingite.

  19. LOL~~~ it’s funny! but i wonder, how if those ppl don’t know hokkien will end up with so many question marks in their head! especially ang mo hahahaha..

  20. Lol… hahaha… this is really funny. Lucky that you know the word in hokkien. If not, there should be a misunderstanding about the airpost system.. Lol… But I’m wondering… why they use the word in hokkien? *puzzle*

  21. good that kuching airport has free wifi… i arrived in london heathrow airport 2 weeks ago and tried to connect to the internet using wireless… found out that they don’t give free connections… everything also need money.. £££ somemore… stupid… ahaha…

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