Paris Expensive

For someone whose first name is “Dawn”, she certainly sees very little of it.

Throughout our trip, our travel partner was rushing for her Uni assignment deadlines half the time.
Some days I’d wake up at 6 for my morning run and that poor girl would still be awake staring at her laptop. Then when I’m ready to go out and do some sightseeing, she’d be in bed fast asleep. I told her about the irony and she joked that she’s called “dawn” because that’s time she goes to bed.

Normally I’m perfectly okay with going sightseeing alone, but I have reasons to be worried in this instance. Les Marais (the place we were staying), apart from being the Jewish enclave in Paris, is also the gay centre of France.

If Notre Dame is the heart of Paris, then Les Marais must be the penis.
Every morning as I walked out to the train station past the cafes, pairs and pairs of gay couples would be sitting together holding hands, looking at the people.
Apparently, Paris is such a romantic city that even men and men fall in love with each other.

When I do meet up with the two girls, it’d be for dinner, after I’m doing with my sightseeing and they’re done with their shopping.
Dawn and I are both big fans of chillout music label Hotel Costes.

They produced a lot of music I listen to regularly, including my favourite holiday song “Sympathique” by Pink Martini, which I’ve used in the Saddam Hussein visiting McDonald’s prank video I did earlier this year.

Hotel Costes is also the name of an actual hotel near the Champs Elysees. We thought it’d be a sin if we travelled all the way to Paris and not visit this legendary hotel.

Even if you’re not a fan of the music label, Hotel Costes is still worth a visit for its opulent French decor and awesome courtyard.
Not to mention their lovely barmaids.

We decided to stay for a drink and enjoy the DJ spinning our favourite lounge music while we’re there, feeling slightly under-dressed among the suits and gowns here.
The atmosphere is so warm and cozy and posh and opulent in here that I almost felt obligated to pay them for the air we breathed.

I knew drinks were gonna be expensive alright. Sport stars and celebrities come to this place. But I truly had no idea how expensive some of the drinks are until Dawn jokingly asked me to order a “King Louis XIII Black Pearl” cognac for fun.

The cost of it?

No shit. That’s RM70,000!
What a ridiculous price to pay, considering it still comes out as piss in the end.

Is it wrong to add girls on Facebook, look through their photos, then quietly delete them afterwards?
I cannot possibly be the only person doing it… right?

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  1. “Is it wrong to add girls on Facebook, look through their photos, then quietly delete them afterwards?”
    I always do that in friendster. HAHA!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is it wrong to add girls on Facebook, look through their photos, then quietly delete them afterwards?
    I cannot possibly be the only person doing it… right?
    only bastards like you do that

  3. wow.. seems like we both have the same taste in music: cafe del mar, hotel costes.. how bout claude challe? n i have almost complete collection from bargrooves~!! sometimes i do love MOS, hed kandi, but some of them too noisy.. i spent quite some dough on these CDs, but i get most of them via their official website & ebay, which is cheaper compared to retail shops.. i highly recommend “lounge anthology”, 4CDs pack, do chk it out~
    so in FB, if u being deleted by some1 will u be notified? juz wondering.. those gals muz be damn hate u~!!

  4. woah, the other day i was watching some show and there was this martini in US which sells for 10k USD. I thought tat was absurd.
    Didn’t know Paris was crazier than tat! :S

  5. 70k, that could support me to study in the uk for 1.5 year edy..
    or perhaps buying a Honda..
    how could people actually spend that on… drinks?!?!

  6. if you’re not going to interact with them, befriend them
    then, just remove friends..
    nothing wrong also ma right?
    i mean, yea la.. it’s not very nice deleting others solely because they’re ugly
    but if you guys are not going to be friend,
    why not delete??
    i dont like having lots of strangers friends in my facebook..
    i never do that though..

  7. mfcm, geez… too quick to jump to conclusion lah. Who said I delete them purely because they’re UGLY girls?
    I delete them purely because I have never met them and I don’t know them at all.

  8. “Is it wrong to add girls on Facebook, look through their photos, then quietly delete them afterwards?
    I cannot possibly be the only person doing it… right?”
    Geez, that’s kreeepy dude, stop it

  9. Have a little respect Kenny. Obviously you added them even though you didn’t know them. So saying you removed them after looking at their photos… you can join the dots can’t you?

  10. Er. That drink is for people with too much money to spare. Getting into debt for a drink is soooOOoo totally not worth it. Especially when you can spend that much to get a jetski/car/7 star hotel one night stay. I’d choose the jetski.
    The barmaid’s gorgeous!

  11. “Is it wrong to add girls on Facebook, look through their photos, then quietly delete them afterwards?”
    Hmmm…dun delete me…though im not hawwwt…LOL….. y dun u set up a “kenny sia fans club”? looking forward to it:)

  12. God Kenny, you’re such an idiot. You think you’re soooo hot that all the hot French gay men would be jumping on you? Sheesh. I think they’d have better taste than that. I can’t believe you’re representing Malaysia. So embarassing.

  13. “Is it wrong to add girls on Facebook, look through their photos, then quietly delete them afterwards?”
    I really really hate having to deal with asking “Do I know you?” and they replied “Can we be friends?”… Then I click ‘Reject’.. STOP IT! IT GETS ON MY NERVES! I don’t think those guys who manage to add the girls.. actually delete them afterwards.. hmm..

  14. Hey Kenny, thx for helping me answer on Generation We – it was for the Astro-4As scholarship interview this morning. I’m still waiting for the results. I read out your “comment” on my status and it made them laugh. πŸ˜‰ Lightened my presentation for a bit. Haha. Thanks man!

  15. Drink that and Kenny would be selling off his properties.
    Well, there are just people out there rich enough to burn their money.

  16. Kenny, lu sua ku lar~~~ dun even know what is Louis Thirteen…..haha… of the best liqour on earth……its dozen mean u got the money that u can get it anyway anytime…..lots of airport duty free done dun have it….and KLIA definately dun have it!! i tried it b4……its hard to tell u how gd it is if u not really a drinker………but i ever saw in duty free sell about 8000USD………the 1 price tad is 14000 euro cos it is in the hotel…….u should try…..u got the money….i knew it….

  17. You might want to try Lali Puna, Explosions in The Sky, Kid Loco, Sigur Ros and Ulrich Schnauss if you’re into chillout/easy listening sort of genre.

  18. Wahlau the real price is actually only £5,000 !! xD

    Nicknamed the King of cognacs, Louis XIII has since its creation been the cognac of Kings and famously enjoyed by the likes of Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill. Louis XIII is made up of some one thousand two hundred eaux-de-vie, originating solely from the grapes in the Grande Champagne region; the finest and most sought after vineyards in all of Cognac. The special edition Black Pearl is the brandÒ€ℒs first launch in 20 years and only a specified number of decanters will be commercially available in the entire United Kingdom retailing at £5,000.

  19. haha….like the chinese saying, someone shit, will be another person gold. For Rm70,000 is ridiculous but for those who know how to drink even end up as piss still worth it….cheers!!!

  20. OMG lucky you! I was in Paris for a day when I went to Europe for my honeymoon. Louis XIII is so expensive it makes you wonder how it tastes like. Now that’s motivation enough for me to make more money!

  21. Kenny, do girls pounce on you when you walk on the street? They don’t? Then why in the world are you worried about the gays in Paris? It’s not like you’re hot or anything.

  22. Actually, its only 63,523.19 MYR, if its Euro, that is. But like loafer said, if its only 5k pounds, the actual price is 26,801.62 MYR.

  23. Hi!! Thought that you might also like to know that the Buddha Bar chill out music also comes from a famous club of the same name in Paris.
    If I am not mistaken the who’s who also goes to that club…It has a 6m or was it a 4 m Buddha right in the middle of the club.
    Just FYI…would be worth a visit the next time you are in Paris.

  24. Doesnt matter if you are not hot. Maybe Ugly guys who can buy King Louis XIII Black Pearl in france can get hot chick jumping on them…or even gays…
    Maybe that wont work in Sarawak coz…who the heck knows about King Louis XIII Black Pearl?
    They probably thought it’s another sequel to PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN movie…

  25. If it’s expensive, then dont to Paris then. Tsk tsk tsk ..fat boy wants to see the tour .. such a cliche` … you would die painfully of cardiac arrest in 1 year from now … eh, Nirvana got a spare room … want to be neighbors?

  26. Congrats on your 1/4 century of existence! Reading your archives reminded me of Perth, a place I’ve not yet go back since leaving in early 1988. Man, u
    have accomplished much for the past 25 years. Let the next quarter be better!

  27. Omg, the guy in the red shirt is gorgeous ! … don’t understand why ur worried though, it’s not like they’re gonna attack u or something . Homophobic ?!

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