Ow, That’s Harsh

Spotted on the menu of De Grill Restaurant, in Sarawak Plaza.

It’s one of my favourite restaurants by the way. They serve the best value-for-money chicken boob meat in town. And then there’s this for sides.

When the haze first visited Kuching in August, it cleared up just in time for National Day. When the haze returned this month, blue skies come just in time for Hari Raya. Is this too much of a coincidence or what?

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  1. Harsh brown cost rm1.50 in Kuching ah? I thought I saw the same harsh brown cost rm2.50 somewhere in Damansara.

  2. Coleslow? if i remembered correctly it was spelled “Coleslaw”… hmm maybe its in french
    very observant Kenny.
    btw, what happened to your more mentally stimulating posts? all these typo spot-outs are humourous no doubt, but its been sometime since you cooked up something that requires some critical analysis.
    keep em coming Kenny 🙂

  3. But if you search for ‘harsh brown’ in google. you still can get quite a numbers of info regarding pan-fried potato.
    Hash brown, hashed brown or harsh brown are all valid?

  4. Hmmm …
    All the restaurants in town should take a cue from this and mis-spell their menu items on purpose to get a free plug on Kennysia.com …
    Kucing Kaya-ing anyone?

  5. Well, the menu is not the only problem. De Grill? That means Of grill. Of what grill? If thy say Grill De Sarawak then its okay…. hmmm

  6. go anywhere in kuching can see all those “typos” lar..
    i juz saw a saloon offering “manicure and PANICURE” somewhere. how about a panic, my good ppl? hah

  7. That’s expensive for A PIECE of Potato Skin – more expensive than your Harsh Brown! Correction, it’s ColeslAw…not -slow!

  8. Good to see I’m not the only one who has no idea what Potato Skin is.. maybe they’re meant to be Jacket Potatoes?

  9. It rains heavily everyday recently and manage to clear the stupid haze a bit.. Reason due to the “9 Heavenly God festival”. Every year without fail during this festival it will rain everyday until the festival is over. 😉

  10. dude, u deleted my posting and message.. im just saying, take care man. becareful. not to embarass u.. Kuching is a small city and people snap/shoot anything they see damaging..

  11. cole‧slaw (not cole slow as in the menu) 
    a salad of finely sliced or chopped raw cabbage, usually moistened with a mayonnaise dressing.

  12. theres a hair saloon behind parkson… cant remember the name though…. n this is how it reads on the main door….
    XXX saloon. TRAIN in singapore, london, bla bla bla….
    yep…. TRAIN…. wtf…

  13. maybe the “harsh” brown requires u not to be harsh when u eat them….eat ’em bit by bit and it’ll totally be worth it for the mere 1.50!

  14. gosh kenny, do you have to refer E-V-E-R-Y S-I-N-G-L-E typo words in this world? gosh!!!!111!!110!0
    you are becoming so lame everyday. might as well go back to aussieteralia coause no one enjoyes your blog anymore. ha!
    got some typo up there. if you’re sooo clever post them up as a new archieve. meh!
    and oh yeah, the commenters, you people think you’re so funny eh? SOOOOOO UNFUNNY AND LAME LAH YOUR COMMENTS. worse, you think you’re commenting something funny and you think your comment is funny. go strip yourself and jack off in front your parents lah.

  15. kch ppl and their stylish english… and why would any one wants hash brown for their side order…fascinating… ish…i never like potatoes… euro ppl does and it make me sick all the time… back home… i go for kolo mee or gu bak mee or sio bee… yum!

  16. haha
    do you think you can teach me add maths?
    im half of the first kind of student and mmm .. 40% of the second good student. =) i think ..?

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