Bahasa Malaysia Is A Fine Language

In a news that flew under the radar of most Malaysians, a garblement officer – the same dude who reprimanded actress Sharifah Amani for speaking English instead of her mother tongue during an award ceremony – has come out to declare that it is now illegal to use Bahasa Malaysia incorrectly, such as mixing it with English.

This is big. In case you don’t understand the gravity of the situation, words such as “MyKad” and “Cyberjaya” could now considered illegal and a finable offence, because they combine English and Bahasa Malaysia words together.
To help enforce this new ruling, the garblement will set up a special “National Language Unit” to clamp down on offenders. After the first warning, “criminals” would be slapped with a whooping RM1,000 fine if found guilty .

You must think that I’m joking, but I’m not.
With a RM1,000 fine, incorrectly using Bahasa Malaysia is now officially a more dangerous offence compared to speeding and running red lights. Although no specific mention were made about what the garblement is gonna do with the fine, I am guessing that these money will go into educating repeat offenders on the correct usage of Bahasa Malaysia and helping them settle back into real life.

The only consolation with this new ruling is that it covers signboards and displays only. But you know and I know that it is only a matter of time before the ruling includes everyday speeches as well. When that happens, imagine the tactics garblement is gonna employ to track down on offenders.

Thanks to Jojo for appearing in this sketch.

“Miss, do you want this? It’s clear, ok? I give you discount lah!”

“You want it? I have more. Lord of the Rings? Finding Nemo? Mr and Mrs Smith?”

Damn men-siasoi-kan.

Blog plug of the day: Kurt went to Beijing to learn Chinese, but the restaurants there taught him Engrish .

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  1. Oh wow… the governent is getting cleverer and cleverer. Finding more ways to leech off citizen’s money.
    This is so stupid!!! Can’t believe i’m reading this. How did I miss it while reading The Star. Thanks for highlighting it for all Kenny.

  2. lolz.. i love ur blog..this is my 1st comment in your blog =)
    kenny ah..if like this.. then the goverment will change the word mykad to ‘saya punya kad’ ?
    what words can they use ah ?
    hmm..maybe..if they change to ‘saya punya kad’ or Kad saya..i think the world will be laughing at us =)

  3. Dr Mahathir , ” -Kita mesti APA NAMA, bla bla bla…
    Kerana APA NAMA….
    bla bla bla….”
    Dr M got caught by police for using APA NAMA wrongly =P

  4. I think the meaning of mykad is not ‘saya puny kad’. The word ‘my’ here is not the ‘saya’ in English. It is the short form of the Malaysia’s country code. Such as ‘sg’ is Singapore, ‘cn’ is China, ‘my’ is Malaysia. Mykad means Kad Malaysia.

  5. Hahahahahaha that was bloody funny.
    I do worry for tourists such as myself though. When I visited Malaysia earlier in the year I became prone to forming my own BM sentences by linking together random words I’d seen around KL.
    “Teksi tandas jalan negara!”
    I’d surely be deported.

  6. rais is talking cock, how about people from kelantan? they don’t speak the type of bahasa like the southern people. who to follow? crazy rais, crazy malaysia.

  7. Muahahaha!! What a great punchline!
    By the way, Kenny, I guess you didn’t read the full news article, did you? It only applies for signboards, so no worries for speaking. Better clarify this before everyone gets it wrong. 🙂

  8. hahaha….
    agung cincin-cincin=lotr
    man…this is soo not making sense
    why cant the government focus on more seriuos issue other than all these stupid stuff??
    i can hereby foresee msia in 20 yrs to come. no improvement and mahathir will weap if he’s stil alive in 2020.
    pls stop all these nonsense b4 i start to hate this country…
    well, i do like msia after all…that’s y i’m sad over all these thing.

  9. Wah! Mengapo macam ni leh… Susah loh… Tu cheng hoo mana boleh buat macam ni leh… Gua baba leh… Susah lah! Gua cakap melayu mesti macam in punya wor… Aiyoo si liao lah!
    Oh ya, tu toll hor, selalu gua punya Singapore peng yu yi tak tau tengok punya leh…Yi cakap dengan gua, “Why your toll so funny one? That lane with the signs of Touch n Go cannot use Touch n Go one huh? Everytime I kena salah one leh…” Aiyoo, so bad ah… Gua kah yi kong, lu tak tau melayu ah? Ada “tanpa” di bin teng, lu tak tau baca ah?! Like this ada salah tak huh? “Tanpa Touch n Go” wor? English tak jadi English, Melayu tak jadi Melayu wor?
    Hello… boleh tak huh cakap dengan mereka hor… Tulis “touch n go” di lane “touch n go” cukup lah… tak payah tulis “tanpa” mah, tu tourists tak faham mah… Tu China selalu cakap hor lukis ular tak payah lukis kaki lah… Ular tak da kaki punya…

  10. referring to 1st tagger, mei..
    i just blogged about how ridiculous our government is, but you said they’re getting smarter – AT CHEATING THE CITIZEN’S MONEY – good point.
    the fler has too much time on his hands.

  11. Haha, funny pics there!
    Frankly speaking, the government should tidy itself up language-wise before imposing their silly brand of rules on us. It’s no secret that the delegates use words like “badjet”, for budget, and the likes of it when there are proper words for it, “belanjawan” in this case.
    So, what are they gonna do now? Are they gonna recall every single MyKad, Touch n Go and likes of it? Are they gonna rename Cyberjaya? Heck, even the national car Satria Neo is a mix of English and Malay?
    Wow, so much trouble just because of one rule! Malaysia Boleh!! Proud-nya I jadi Malaysian!!

  12. Just goes to say the Malaysian government has gone to the dogs…
    then malay sitcoms on TV will have to pay that special task force a lump sum of money before airing any shows with all the “i ingat”, “you ingin”.

  13. This is stupid. If we cant mix both languages then we’re not malaysian. What’s unique about malaysia is the mixing of multi different languages and race. Thats why we’re unique. Because we’re not separated, because we can mix around each other eventhough we’re different. Same goes to language.

  14. kinda reminded me of that old e-mail that circulated quite a few years ago describing what happens if computer terminology gets translated to BM
    Hardware – Barang Keras
    Software – Barang Lembut
    Keyboard – Papan Kunci
    Plug and Play – Cucuk dan Main
    i just think its ridiculous.. first they state that english is important and that everyone should learn it.. they then introduce the teaching of Maths and Science subjects in English… now they are contradicting themselves by doing this. I guess its part of our culture to mix and match languages cos it prolly aids in getting our message across faster… ie.. Hokkien in Kuching is seriously mixed up!.. Think about it… But fining ppl for what they want to put on signs is downright prohibiting freedom of expression!

  15. Concerning your post, Mr Sia, it is quite obvious that you have not digested the article in its entirety and obtained the relevant diagnostic information before deciding to ridicule it.
    Firstly, let me point out that the fine may only be imposed on corporate entities that own, manage, or control advertisements or translations of advertisements into Bahasa Malaysia. This is because some companies tend not to want to check things such as their grammar, spelling, and language correctly before choosing to convey their messages in the media. As you know, this also (annoyingly) happens in English. What this regulation simply does is to effectively require these individuals to double-check with the relevant language authority (namely, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, or DBP) by going through the local municipality (with hoardings, for example) before they make a mistake that can potentially educate people in a way we could do without. Nobody goes to gaol, of course, as the fine is more of a method to compel. This regulation covers only matters such as syntax, grammar, and other basic linguistic and philological rules. I must stress, that quite so very obviously, names and special terms, terminology, brands, places etc and not affected by this rule. Hence the terms ‘MyKad’ and ‘Cyberjaya’, for example, are observably valid.
    Secondly, (I am deciding to clear this up more because of annoyance than anything else), the word MyKad is a form of dajare, or a play on words. ‘My’ can mean MY, the ISO-3166-1 country code for Malaysia (more widely known in its form as the country code top-level domain .my), or the English first person possessive pronoun my, indicating ownership of the card. ‘Kad’ is a transliteration of the English word ‘card’ (pronunciation and meaning being the same as in Malay), as well as an acronym of ‘Kad Akuan Diri’ which translates to ‘Personal Identification Card’.
    Finally, the mixing or ‘garblement’ of Malay and English is to be regulated on printed media to ensure a separation and distinction, not only to Malay, but to English or any other language it is mixed with as well. When one mixes Malay with English, for example, not only is the Malay being wrongly used and corrupted by the English, but the English by the Malay as well. This regulation ensures not only the sanctity of these languages but helps the people develop a better understanding of these languages as well, and learn them in the way they were meant to be learnt – correctly. On the government policing the usage of such garblement in daily conversation by normal people (and even arresting them, apparently) as you suggested, however, is absolutely absurd and not to mention impossible to do. But then again nobody said we would be doing that.

  16. i think some of you guys are missing the point.the garmen’s are not cracking down on english,in a way,but rather on the mixing of english and bm.I don’t think its that bad in fixing up signboards.Imagine tourists coming to our country and seeing fucked-up signboards with lousy english mix bm.humiliating no?there’s goes our image of a developing country.but its true that THERE ARE BETTER MATTERS TO LOOK INTO than this.

  17. DBP Person’s post has a very strong point…
    and as said before.. its probably due to culture that we are mixing languages as we probably find it easier to convey a message with better efficiency (be in amongst ourselves) by mixing easier words from the Malay and English language. However, considering that this only affects signs, which I would consider to be a formal method of publicity, it should be encouraged.

  18. no. f*cking. way. ROFL. If it concerns signboards then surely it would involve company names, no?
    Makes our [i]dewan rakyat[/i] sound like a kindy. *rolleyes*

  19. Kenny, you do realize that there is only one other country famous for such stupidity about its national language, the French. I would be highly worried for Malaysia if I were you, no one should ever be following French government policy, it only leads to disaster.

  20. Hmm…I am wondering..will our country’s name be changed soon?
    Cos MALAYsia..Malay is an english word for Melayu? or ‘malay’ exists in BM too?
    will we be getting a new name for our country then?
    We will also use the name on signboards right, e.g. Restoran Malaysia?
    Just wondering…

  21. Very enlightening post. I thought it was only the bad use of English that could get me in trouble. But true, even inappropriate use of BM can be a problem. It can even spawn viruses.

  22. Hahahha..padan muka kena sebijik si Kenny Sia gemuk tak sedarkan diri tok..!! wahahaha..!!
    i verily agree with the msg -> Posted by: NiCk at 25 October 2006 3:43 AM..!! sometimes i dunno if this Kennysia is STUPID/PALOI and try to create some havoc to the ppl reading his blog or he just wanna make himself looking smart by talking like a brainless clown..!!! hahahaha..!! but anyway, i hope KENNYSIA will read, comprehen, and understand the who issue next time b4 he decide to post such article. he should have known that he got a large numbers of reader and giving the wrong information to this large number of reader would injure the reputation of our government..!! dun try to act smart typing the word “garblement” u think u can try to protray an image of u looking smart and sharp for ur ability to make such comment (making bad/degrading remarks on something with the HOPe to gain respect of ur smartness..! ) , menjatuhkan image of the country that u r living at now, i know lah u r a BANANA CIBAI-KIA from Australia..but if u trace back the history, ur parents and grandparents r also malaysian lah,they earn their livings here lah and if not bcos of malaysia,maybe u would not exist in this world too lah. i think ur late father must be really happy to die so young or else he would feel so sad and humiliated by his son for making such a KANINEH CAU CIBAI post which is misleading to the whole nation. just try to appreciate ? nah..that would not work at all..!!!only AH LIEN and stupid ppl like XIAXUE will eat shit that u pangsai lah..!! wahahha…!! u r a loser and a screwed up attention seeker..!! sux ur own whistle Mr Kennysia Ku Ku Ciaw Kueh Lan Jiaw Kanineh Cau Cibai PuKimak Boh Ka Si Tiaw Ni Ma Ma De Piet Piet Chau Chau ..!!!!

  23. guess the govt should instead work on and improve our roads, security, facilities, cleaner environment etc than this sh*t. the right thing for em to do, they dont do.
    who cares abt this anyway hurrr?

  24. Re: KENNYSIA_SUX (the user)
    why launch to vulgar attacks? Coz you can’t find any other words of expression to strengthen your arguement? Anyone with a right sense of mine would agree that the policy is stupid right to the core. Alright, so I’m being too much of an extremist here. So you don’t want Malaysia to be a developed country instead of continuing being a DEVELOPING country? We must aim far. Signboards are alright, but notice they did mention about forming the team and in the later stages, correcting our daily speech as well. So in the end, neighbours around Malaysia would seriously laugh their ass off.

  25. hahahha…what about crap like bajet and diskusi…y can’t it be belanjawan and perbincangan…talk abt hypocrisy…
    To a certain extent i think its important cause many KL malay’s now who have started to speak rotten bahasa melayu.. Remember, tuning into the local Malay Drama’s where they’ll keep addressing themselves as I and the second person as You but they’ll be speaking in Malay.
    ” You jangan nak main main dengan I, ok! You tak tahu I ni siapa!!”
    wat kinda crap is that??

  26. i guess the next time we leave a comment must consider on our language too.. i do not want to be fine with such sum 😛

  27. the BM langguage borrow a handful of words from the english and Jawi itself, even so they use ‘my’ on our IC. So can we sue the garblement for 1000 riggit each. Cuz we all have our identity card. And to prevent from getting fine……..easy, I say we should all speak english. No Bm, No fine. I suppose by doing so, our country might have some English langguage breakthrough and our nation’s english standard can be brought back to the world’s top ten again, just like it was 50 years ago….but not now, and i wonder when will it do so again…

  28. I like kenny, but for this wholeeeee lots of comments, I also salute DBP person, but no anger la DBP person, we all know kenny is here to make jokes out of everything he could think off,people like reading mar, if really wanna be so accurate about things, life no fun loh. But DBP is still very smart and harworking, type a long precise quality comment. hahahah

  29. Hello! Who is that KENNY_SUX guy?
    I totally support Celestina! He is just a very bad example of “boh ka si” and “kurang ajar” in cyber world… If you are lack of proper language to strenghten your standing ground please go back to school to learn from the basic and manners too!

  30. ‘kennysiasux”s comment on the other hand is an abomination. Talk like that arr, i say gablement shud fine, hahahahx, haiya, go offline liao, everyday look at the square monitor cruising in the net world,it’s sucking my life away….

  31. For you guys information, ‘Malay’ is not a English word but it is based on Latin word ‘Malais’ (which mean lazy… Malay word ‘malas’ also comes from this word). I learn this form my pathology lecturer. One of the parasites that cause malaria illness is Plasmodium malayi. Why malayi? Becoz the main symptom of malaria is weak, sleepy and therefor make the patient look malais (lazy). Guess how ou country get its name? Simple enuf, becoz the people (not all should I say?) are lazy. Malaysia = Lazy nation.

  32. “Cibai PuKimak Boh Ka Si Tiaw Ni Ma”
    LOL at kennysiasux. how can you say kenny is boh ka si when you are using foul languages in your sentence? wtf. on to the main topic though, i think DBP is whacked! They still haven’t solved the problems of Mat Rempit and snatch thieves, and they want to fine people for mixing bm and english together?

  33. “KENNYSIA_SUX”.. this is ppl’s blog.. cant u give people this much respect.. If his posts frustrates/anger u then get lost and dun read his blog…
    And from your comment, u seem to be a Kenny Sia Blog Fan… been following the blog eh.. Ur such a weirdo with no respect for others and urself.
    Please don’t interact with other people till u have a proper set of manners yourself.
    Kindy may be a good place to start.
    BTW.. back to topic. Why are they focusing on enforcing ridiculous rulings such as this and like the other time huge fines for not carrying IC. Dun they have more important stuff to handle?
    Man.. in hokkien we say “chi liaw be” aka waste our taxpayers money to keep them in office.

  34. and who the fuck is kennysiasux?
    i think he’s juz jealous u can blog better than him (if he ever blogs)
    stupid dicK head

  35. ohmydeargod this is absolutely RIDICULOUS.
    our country is turning into a big idiot. i swear. this is absolutely embarrassing.

  36. Some people just failed to get the humour … *cough* DBP *cough*
    Why wanna take life so seriously? Just laugh it out and move on la. zzzz
    nice post anyway kenny.

  37. Alamak!! Does that mean now I cannot say the word “I” to refer to myself anymore instead of “saya” when I speak in malay? I know many malays have the same habit as well…
    Instead of saying, “Itu I punya.”
    now must say “Itu saya punya.”
    …alamak =(

  38. saw that news a while ago and i was thinking didn’t u put up a number of signs with bad malay spelling? Maybe that was engRish.. i was just wondering..mayb they’ll use the pictures u took as evidence against those aunty uncle..lolll

  39. Malay 50.4%, Chinese 23.7%, Indigenous 11%, Indian 7.1%, others 7.8% (2004 est.).
    bumiputra propaganda.

  40. Countries around Malaysia won’t laugh their ass off outright. They will thank Malaysia for publicising the region for free and turn the capitals to them. The southerly neighbor could not be more glad. And I’m glad too because I am studying there and my home country is indirectly creating more job opportunities for me.
    Thanks Malaysia! I love you!

  41. Quote: DBP person
    “I must stress, that quite so very obviously, names and special terms, terminology, brands, places etc and not affected by this rule. Hence the terms ‘MyKad’ and ‘Cyberjaya’, for example, are observably valid.
    Quote: Article “DBP given power to fine”, 05/10/2006, The Star Online
    “Rais also gave some examples of commonly used terms such as Touch ‘N’ Go and Boulevard that he would like to see changed to Bahasa Malaysia terms.
    “The word for ‘Boulevard’ should rightfully be ‘Lebuh Perdana’,” he said.
    Asked whether the term MyKad would be changed, Rais said his ministry, together with the Education and Information ministries would soon identify public terms that do not have to follow DBP guidelines
    Not so obvious as you state, Mr. DBP.

  42. Yeah, EA Cheng, you’re right. Indonesia won’t laugh their ass off about this certain policy coz it enhances BM and its religion. But would you rather someone of that nature to thank you and have other developed countries like Singapore laughing at us, or wake up and do things the way it should be. Don’t forget, Malaysia was once greater than Singapore many times. But look at where is it now? None of it’s former grandeur I say!

  43. Celestina, I guess you misunderstood me. I was saying that the action would make other countries in this region appears more attractive for investment and hence, more opportunities in those countries…

  44. How boorish can this government get?
    I doubt we will be tourist friendly in such a situation!
    I can imagine trying to explain in English and naming a location in Bahasa completely now.
    And please correct me, but Bahasa Malaysia already contain english words or english sounding words in it already.
    So what now? Rewrite the language?
    Better still, boycott english alphabets!

    Even if you don’t like kenny, that doesn’t mean you have the right to insult his late father.
    What will your reaction be if your father passed away, and someone is laughing at your father’s death.

  46. Quote from Celestina:
    “But would you rather someone of that nature to thank you and have other developed countries like Singapore laughing at us, or wake up and do things the way it should be.”
    Erm.. someone of that nature? Can you elaborate on that comment?
    I will be the first to admit that Indonesia is not perfect. We are sorry for the haze by the way.
    I agree that Indonesia thanking you for your BM campagin wouldn’t do you any good. But what makes you think that we would really thank you for that? I am sorry to disappoint you.
    And by the way.. I didn’t know that it matters so much to you, whether Singapore will laugh at you or not. Personally I think Indonesia will not lose anything even if Singapore were to laugh at us 24/7.
    Oh well.. I don’t mean to be harsh. I enjoy reading this blog and people’s comments. I don’t really take all these comments seriously. I just think that sometimes we need to learn to respect others as well as ourselves.
    Cheers =)

  47. The goblement has nothing better to do why don’t they focus the effort on combating illegal racings those Mat Rempits instead. Malaysia is truly slowly but surely becoming a Malay country rather than a multi-national one. Time to migrate dude..

  48. Duncha worry – With your accent, you could pass as an ABC of some sort – we’re a very tourist friendly country.

  49. Well, Pat pat, as suggested by EA Cheng.
    “Countries around Malaysia won’t laugh their ass off outright. They will thank Malaysia for publicising the region for free and turn the capitals to them.”
    It’s not about Indonesia. I don’t even know how on Earth did Indonesia come into the picture. I was just talking about neighbours of Malaysia in particular.
    Then again, don’t bother saying that you’re not affected by how others view Malaysia. Coz as Malaysians, we all know, deep down, we do gt upset when someone from another country criticise us despite being a PR in another country or not. All thanks to who? The government. Look at the bridge they said that they wanna build. Cancel it in the last minute? That’s a national project and it involves national pride alright? So what now? Making some stupid RIDICULOUS law which even our own citizens find it hilarious.
    So what can I say? =)

  50. Who the hell is kennysiasux?
    Why is his english so damn lousy?
    The next time you want to insult somebody, make sure you figure out which language that you want to use first, by using all those language at once, you are now officially hated by all the races in the country… poor thing…
    you must be somebody who lives all alone with no attention or whatsoever, an outcast… but i can see why…
    You wanted to make a scene? You did make a scene, but the clown of the circus is not Kenny, not even close… It’s YOU!
    Did you think twice before posting your comment? Or did your craze for attention got the better of you?

  51. Hey pals,
    I think we should stop paying attention to that so called KENNY_SUX… as I think he was using the same mindless technique like Mr. K, that Oxford graduate, to attract ppl’s attention.
    So, should we “stick” to our topic here and express our comments here.

  52. Don’t know why people (referring to “KENNYSIA_SUX”) who despises Kenny still lingers around to actually seek attention. Let’s not bother the “SUX” guy.
    I remember pronouncing “Government” as “Garggerment” when I was 7..heh.
    Pasaraya Giant = Gergasi??
    Musn’t forget about English movies with BM subtitles..

  53. If DBP Person is annoyed, then i must be cibeh tulan (VERY ANNOYED)! Like our policy makers, DBP person and some of you are missing the point. I think this blog entry goes beyond Kennysia’s sense of humour or the Malay grammar for that matter. ABove all, it is questioning the sanity of some of these third worldly, double-standard decisions which our Government are making. Watch the local news and you hear our leaders mincing english and malay words throughout their interviews! Is the BM being used properly in our government in the first place? Do you think the fines will stop people from using broken Malay? Do you think by lowering the speed limit, there will be lesser accidents? Do you think by building a super Training centre in London, we will have super atheletes? Stop being control freaks and start prioritising and do what’s right first! Talk about being malu

  54. Sungai Way – Sungai Jalan?!?!?!
    Sheesh, sooner or later even common sentence like
    ‘Eh, I go makan with my friends ah.” are also illegal.
    If Manglish can’t be even used, what will Malaysia be like? It’s like baning all our mamak stalls.

  55. kenny the sia, you gonna be responsible for my degrading performance at work.
    a kenny a day, takes the doctor away.

  56. Duncha worry – With your accent, you could pass as an ABC of some sort – we’re a very tourist friendly country.
    Posted by: suertes at 25 October 2006 6:13 PM
    I can speak with an accent too, can I go anywhere?Arggggggggh!

  57. Is Malaysia becoming a communist country now? No freedom at all. Govt will tell us what to do, and we have to follow? So called demo-“crazy”. We defeated Chin Pin so that ARM-NO can become the legitimate communist in the end! (…clap hands) Yay! Merdeka!

  58. kenny,
    MyKad is not mixture of english (My) and malay (Kad) language.
    This is because, word “My” in Mykad is not “saya” (“My” in english), but it is the internet domain (Is this term correct?? hehe) for Malaysia e.g

  59. its sad to know again, the government is wasting time, effort and money again for something utterly not important, instead of catching real criminals and rapes, snatch thiefs, drugs, corruption and more.
    is the gorvernment trying to pin more crimes on us so that it makes us more badass and the goverment less efficient? y is the goverment has to throw shit like this to us, so that the intelligent ones leave the country and leave the fat, stupid and unproductive people back here? if they think its good doing this, they are as useless as those who left in the country in coming 20 to 30 years.

  60. i don’t understand y the garblement has so much free time to stop ppl from using BM+English when they can’t even solve d problems with BM language itself. THen let us fine d Prime Minister, as it should be Menteri Perdana instead of Perdana Menteri. THen i will guess the “Goreng Pisang” Seller will be fined for not changing their ‘signboard’ to ‘pisang goreng’..poor ‘pisang goreng’ seller..

  61. If based upon the rule that the use of BM must be correct then the government should be the first to pay the fine for using the term PERDANA MENTERI, since if you think ahout it, it makes no sense in grammatically in malay. It appears to be a direct translation of PRIME minister. Shouldnt it be MENTERI PERDANA? LOL I mean if it’s not wrong, then Finance Minister can be Kewangan Menteri!

  62. This was taken from The Star Online.
    ” He added that a national language unit would be set up to monitor the move. ”
    Woah. National language unit.
    Now these malay dudes equipped with dictionaries can check if the national language is used correctly on signboards.
    And fine 1000 bucks to a unsuspecting malaysian businessman. Must be a fun job.
    “Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Rais Yatim said this was one of the measures being taken to strengthen the national language.”
    I think this new law only serves to promote something futile.
    English is the world main language. Why not go with the flow instead ?
    It would boost tourism, promote unity through languages, and the malaysian workforce and businesses can increase it’s inclusion in the world market.
    Tell me, how many people had achieved success through the knowledge of english, and how many through the knowledge of bahasa melayu.
    The answer is clear.
    I’m am not trying to insult any language.
    I’m just voicing my opinion, that we must assimilate into the mainstream culture. It’s time to adapt, don’t you think ? 🙂

  63. I am watching movie, SEPET, at Channel NTV7 right now… I think that movie should be banned, full of language “rojak”! All mixed up! Not only, Malay campur English, but also Malay campur Cantonese…
    Wah, sucha sarcastic issue to that politician dude lah… I think he never watched this movie lah!
    Last but not least, I must emphasize here! I like this MOVIE! So come to fine me, or lock me up…Cause I may not be able to settle that fine! hahahahha!

  64. I read it on newspaper too. I don’t think this is a good stop. Mixing other language with Malay is our culture. We are so used to that. I think they would fine themselves back later on, as they would have mistake too for sure speaking Malay.

  65. sigh… a very typical sense again… contradiction, backstabbing among themselves… what a fool!!! i was thinking, y don’t they start doing tis when they announced “MERDE… bla bla bla” for the 1st time 40++ years ago? n now, implementing tis tis tat tat policy, rules and bla bla bla… ok, if tat’s the case, most locally produced drama shud b banned / fined for how many times… n recently, i’ve found out tat the garblement is actually playing a game of russian roullete…(well, need not any explanation, rite?) sigh…

  66. This is a great law! We shall be hanging on the every word of politicians, with them getting media coverage and all that, we can catch them in the act of sullying the fine language that is bahasa melayu!

  67. my gosh.. wad a stupid reinforcement ! how is malaysia gonna reach it’s vision ( Wawasan 2020 ) by implementing such silly hilarious rule??!! they got ntg better to do isit? too free??? somemore they are promoting something like visit malaysia 2007. how r they gonna attract tourist like tat?? foreigners dun even understand wads on the signboard !!! duh ! i juz wish that if they reli got ntg else better to do.. go think of a better way to improve the citizen’s life !!! poverty !! crimes !!
    malaysia is always malaysia.. never improve but kept coming up with silly and unless ideas to “improve” malaysia.. ya rite!
    this country is goin from bad to worse. sigh.. sad.

  68. It often amazes me how govs have so much time to create new problems for citizens when there are so many problems already around. This garblement policy probably serves a purpose in some way but they should at least be clear about the implementation first before going public with it. Not going public then fixing it after that.
    But I guess this will be another “hangat-hangat tahi ayam” issue that the gov seem to always hatch.
    Btw Kenny, love your blog. Just be careful not to mix VCD with any Malay words. You might get caught for “jual Video Compact Disc”. Unless they decide to call it Video Compak Disk

  69. wow! i cant believe how low the msian gov can get… and i thought msia might actually have a chance of being internationally recognised.. also, with this enforcement, how can msia attract tourists? they’ll be so lost… isnt there anything we could do?

  70. I am always amazed by the perspective you provide on our “national news”. Apart from being funny, it really provides some insight to things.
    I seriously hope some of the garblement people would take a look at your site and be enlightened.
    Thanks for sharing such a creative insight!

  71. Why Mahathir insist on using English for math and science. Because the world uses the english language as the main language for information technology. How dangerous would it be if we’re still going to use Bahasa, especially in school. See example below.
    *hardware = barangkeras
    *software = baranglembut
    *joystick = batang gembira
    *plug and play = cucuk dan main
    *port = lubang
    *server = pelayan
    *client = pelanggan
    Try translate this:
    That server gives a plug and play service to the client using either hardware or software joystick. The joystick goes into the port of the client.”

    BAHASA :
    Pelayan itu memberi pelanggannya layanan cucuk dan main dengan menggunakan batang gembira jenis keras atau lembut.Batang gembira itu dimasukkan ke dalam lubang pelanggan.”

    Taken from :

  72. The movie SEPET should be BANNED for the use of the word “sepet” itself. It has racist connotation of slang eye of a particular race in Malaysia. After 49 years of Merdeka, some people are still insensitive towards the feeling of other races in terms of everyday usage of words which are racist in nature. Unbelievable!!!

  73. WTF were they thinking?! Can you imagine if they implemented that law into our everyday speech? I’ll be first to get caught! I am mixed race with parents based in KL, my malay is ‘flaky’ at best, i know just enough to order food and say “i don’t speak malay” in the native tongue. Just imagine a law enforcement officer (of any kind) stops me to ask me for my identification in malay, i would be royally f**ed over. One thing they have to learn is that not everyone can speak fluent malay.
    Guess i better brush up on my malay just in case.

  74. i personally think it’s a good idea. I doubt they will enforce the law on speech, but signboards, business names and the lot, should stick to one language. That is one of the necessary steps for Malaysia to step forward and grow. I am for the government on this one.

  75. to google : Yes, I’m sure the garblement has good intentions to improve the citizen’s love for the national language, and I personally commend the garblement‘s effort but I think, that it’s a little OTT when it comes to fixing fine as much as RM 1k-why? Because at the end of the day, nobody will be encouraged to speak Bahasa Melayu properly-instead out of rebellion,they may purposely use the language in a wrong manner.Somehow, the garblement has got to be a bit more assertive when it comes to encouraging us citizens.
    and Kenny, I love your post =) always makes me laugh when I read ’em.

  76. Interesting post a reader who defended the “My” KAD thing.
    Nah, don’t buy it. If, as the person put it that “My” thing among others like the country code domain, IF SO, that being an abbreviation, your country’s identity card should be “MYKad” instead of “MyKad”. Come on, come one; there is definitely English element here and someone thinks it’s cool to say “My card” (MyKad) just like how many people find it cool to say “I cinta you” (even cooler).
    On the other hand, if someone would argue there’s no English element, tell officers to pronounce “M – Y kad” next time instead of ‘mai’ – kad (‘mai’ = English pronounciatiion “My”).
    See my point?

  77. air as in ‘water’ or ‘udara’ now?
    air in BM will sure confusing as air in english. why wanna have word that confuse ppl. its kinda dangerous too!

  78. In addition to my post above, if “MY” is a code, your identity card should be:
    “MY.kad” because the word “My” is to be distinghuished as not English.
    Oh yeah? “I cinta you” is Malay what. Really? What is it then, “Ini Cinta Yang Orang Unik”? What the hell is that????

  79. Pegawai: Encik, boleh say tengok kamu punya M-Y- kad?
    Encik Lim: Apa itu?
    Pegawai: M-Y kad
    Encik Lim: Oh, lu cakap wa punya ‘Mai kad’ kah?
    Pegawai: Encik, sila cakap bahasa yang betul. Saya ulangkan sekali lagi. M-Y- kad Encik
    Encik Lim: Maaf ar. … Ah, ini saya punya M Y Kad
    Pegawai: Encik, ini bukan M Y Kad. Ini kad mu
    Encik Lim: Betul betul, ‘kad mu’, saya punya kad lar
    Encik Lim: Tapi lu tadi cakap kad ‘kamu’. betul lar.
    perbahasan diteruskan………

  80. Ahmad – L O L
    i don think it matters, ppl would still talk in a mixture of languages anyways n tat’s wat makes us unique in the world.. where else can u find ppl speaking 3 or 4 language/dialect in one sentence??

  81. to daphne :
    We have to understand that these fines would most likely be implemented towards businesses etc. 1k is a good price, because it is not high enough to run the place out of business – but its just enough to put them back into place – feel the pinch. It’s like that fine on chewing gum in S’pore. You pay a load of cash to the government if you chew on gum.
    We should be glad our government in Malaysia implements rules that don’t confine their citizens too much (we still get to chew gum and have fun) but keep in mind that Malaysia is a growing country, with a growing number of citizens and businesses – where a strong foundation is greatly needed.
    Appreciate what our government has given us – it’s not perfect, but mocking it is disrespect to those who truly make an effort. It takes alot to run a country, and Malaysia is off to a good start.

  82. I’m sure many of you have come across the billboard that goes by the word: “FCUK” and I’m also sure that it’s not something you would make a conscious effort to make it looks or sounds right, much less a law to do so.
    I’m sure you also come across words like “blog”, “bioneer”, “google” and so on which would not have been possible if it’s not because of an open, free and progressive society.
    The “signboard” law not only infringes on our freedom of expression but would severely dampen the creative mind of the people. This is clearly a case where the people need to define the boundary of the government and where it should keep its hands off when it comes to private matters.
    While the attempt to ensure the correctness of spelling and grammar is noble, this responsibility really belongs to the schools. Somehow I’ve have this deep suspicion that this is yet another attempt of an already overly chauvinistic racist government to turn everything Malay.

  83. Hmm…well, DBP, you have a point there..from the perspective of the law, that is..but oh well, dont get too upset about this. Like what Andrew Ho said, Kenny’s posts are always enlightening and yeah, he does make jokes out of things like this. So, be cool ;P
    p/s: and yeah, i do understand you 😉

  84. TO GOOGLE:

  85. This is just an initial hype of the issue. Politicians may likely vote for this ridiculous ruling but I assure you they will succumb to public pressure.
    If they are very serious about it, fingers should first point to TV3 night news. Watch and listen carefully and you will notice countless mistakes ie: direct “translation” of English to Malay words. Don’t be mislead by the word translation, but these words’ spelling are merely changed to accomodate the “Malay spelling”.
    Then comes the billboards, signboards, advertisements etc.
    Then comes Samy Velu and what not.
    After the issue on getting Malaysian doctors overseas to come back and server their country in the name of patriotism, this is probably another one of those lame ways to force patriotism into Malaysians.

  86. To MR D&P and Nick,
    As I mentioned, WATCH TV3 news every night and you will see countless English words being directly “translated” to Malay.
    Secondly, when you discover these words, look up your most “valued” Kamus Dewan Bahasa and LOOK if these words actually do exist. FYI, you will notice there are equivalent BM words for those “translated” English words.
    If the government is so keen to preserve the Malay language’s authenticity, then make sure the quality starts with the MEDIA first.
    These Malay institutes are the main organizations which are raping and sodomising the original Bahasa Malaysia.
    Ironic but true enough, if you listened to 70’s Malay songs, let it be rock or dangdut or jiwang, those artists seem to have better command and understanding of the language

  87. quote your sources kenny. i don’t see a hyperlink or reference or anything, or maybe i missed it? if so kindly correct me.
    i hope the whole lot of you are not overreacting.

  88. Err; I think there has been a lapse of perspective. Take a look at the English language and oddly doesn’t it exist out of the similar way Malay is doing? How many recognized English words that have European or Latin origin?? Rendezvous?
    I am not suggesting that that Manglish is to be accepted as official correspondence. (Maybe a near form has turned out that way with the inclusion and direct translation of words absent from foreign language) Protecting the sanctity of a language is surely acceptable, but takes a look around the world and sees how things have been done. IN the case of what we are doing, I am sure it sounds and IS downright outrageous.

  89. Hi Adrian Kok,
    I think this is the link ur looking for:
    True indeed that many words in English were derived from Latin etc and of course you do have a point there.
    What I feel is the government is unfair to immediately pick on corporate/private sectors regarding incorrect usage of BM.
    The bigger “culprits” in this case as I mentioned, is the media. The media is the biggest advertiser and also the biggest source of information in the country. Everyone watches TV and news. Children learn/improve their command of language by watching shows on TV.
    In school we are told to “tengok berita dan baca suratkhabar kalau nak memperbaiki BM anda”.
    When the media uses/speaks trash BM, how are we to educate young minds, not mention mature/educated adults who have gone through the mill learning the wrong usage of BM all this while.
    I assume Mr. DBP Guy is an official from Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka. If indeed you are, I’m sure you must have a big fat Kamus DBP at home. You may as well be “Jaguh BM” too. Read the Malay papers and other Malay media and see if you do notice the rampant and blatant errors being made

  90. Hah ! I’m catching u for speaking malay wrongly !
    it should be “menyasoikan” ! lol ! since sapu becomes menyapu, then siasui becomes menyasoikan lor. wakakakaka

  91. okay, first things first, Malaysia cannot be Malaysia anymore. gotta change to Melayusia, since Malay is an English word. shit, it sounds like Melayu sial (Melayusia)

  92. how bout… touch-n-go? sentuh dan pergi. wooohoo! they going to say it’s alright if we touch in the public. even if ur perfect stangers.

  93. All the more reason I don’t read the newspapers. Everything that come out from their mouth, is full of shit. They never think of consequences.
    Those gahmen ppl ought to be shot dead.

  94. Sigh, all the hassle~
    Anyway Nick has a point though, but I admit Kenny really put up a great sketch to illustrate his comical point of view.
    Our country is not the first to face this problem. Many other countries, which neither use English as official language nor neglect its usage, also face this kind of problem. Especially when it involves technical terms or jargon. Even more so when it involves status-naming. If you ask me, outlining the usage border of English and Malay may solve the problem (long-term perhaps).

  95. The funny thing about this new ‘law’ is that it is not going to be easy to enforce. I mean logically, how does one easily distinguish when some terms are OK e.g. Cyberjaya, and not OK e.g. Boulevard. The problem is that their comments regarding what the new law would me is too ambiguous. One probable defence would appear to be the use of language for its asthetic value. Thus one might argue poetic justice LOL
    Secondly, this new rule, if ‘boulevard’ is regarded as bad, seems to be a covert attempt to malay-nise (in terms of langauge) the entire country. If we cannot have multi lingual names for roads or places, then is there an underlying trend in which the gov is attempting to subjugate the multi cultural nature of our country?
    Should we use malay? Yes we should because it’s our national language. But should we ignore English? Definitely not. For REAL practical reasons, English is the better language. The british colonized the world. It is currently the closest thing to a lingua franca. So we have to live with it.
    I feel that some ppl might argue that Japan and China are good examples of nations using their own national language. Let me just pre-empt this argument LOL. The world actually wants to trade with Japan and China. The world doesnt need malaysia.
    If we were to look at the ‘Look East’ policy of Malaysia, we can identify a flaw. Countries like China and Japan actually embraced westernisation FIRST and attempted to fit that model into their own society. Therefore malaysia is in a paradoxical situation, it embraces the idea of industrialisation but rejects the west.
    We try to create trade, but we reject the tools of trade e.g. language? Wth? lol.
    One might argue that categorising industrialisation as a western phenomenon is false even though it started there since it is perhaps a ‘natural’ direction of competent society. However it is a phenomenon of society as a result of growth in commerce, necessarily a result of a free market/capitalist culture. Capitalism itself is a Western idea.
    The stigma associated with ‘western’ values is a typically unnecessary one, occuring primarily as a result of an unfounded asian superiority complex (since everything is relative) and also because of deep rooted resentment towards the western colonial masters. But truly asians should not be so arrogant as to reject ALL western values. Even the west accepts certain ‘Eastern’ work ethics (e.g. Japanese quality control/efficiency in car manufacturing).
    Thus the way forward is not the blatantly reject something we dont like, but to analyse the success stories and emulate the useful components.
    (pardon me for any lack of coherence/typo/spelling errors. Kinda in a hurry.)

  96. what about words like sofistikated?
    benda itu sangat sofistikated lah.. you can be misunderstood for saying sofistikated in english..which sound just the same… and if it’s near raya… you might be caught by the police who will ask for…. nvm..forget about it…

  97. Er, I haven’t read most of the comments above, but what about those Malay dramas where the actors/actresses converse in Malay+English? Whenever I watch those shows back in Malaysia, it never failed to get on my nerves.

  98. I going to face SPM soon. And in Bahasa Melayu Paper, my teachers adviced us to use Bahasa Inggeris yang telah diBahasaMelayukan. Perkataan seperti aspek-aspek, faktor-faktor, profesion, seks, rempit dan sebagainya.
    Ughh.. words like rempit comes from ramp it. Sigh. We students very kesian ok? It’s not that we are not good. It’s because the ministry keep on changing english words to malay words and so on. It’s hard for us to catch up ok? Benda seperti antidadah, antisosial. Last time is written like this – anti dadah or anti-dadah. And now change to antidadah. How many times you want to change lah. Kraftangan or kraf tangan? And you all wish us to use those words like “mengeksploitasi” dan sebagainya. Hell! -_______-

  99. Let’s all do Jawi only!
    Bahasa Malaysia is written with English Alphabets, now that is ALREADY mixing English with Malay 😛

  100. Its ok, im not running down anyone in particular neither am i making any accusations.
    Im just emnphasizing my freedom of speech.

  101. ok first, i am just commenting, i am not even a malaysian. =.= was quite taken aback by this new policy. i mean, what kind of policy is this? i think malaysia is being erm… too strict? Illegal this. Illegal that. Maybe they should just rewrite the whole law and put down what is legal instead. Malaysian police so free ah? Are they gonna station themselves beside every malaysian, listening to their conversation 24/7, just to see whether they got break this new LAW or not meh?! (sorry, pardon my english)
    no point forcing them to do it. they got to do it on their own will. =.=
    i don’t understand bm at all. is bm that impt? will you be able to use it if you’re in usa? in china? =.= be more flexible lah.
    anyway, since the malaysian gov / polices are so damn free, why not go catch all the looters / thieves in jb? damn. i dont even dare to go to malaysian. i might get killed for asdfghjkl;
    ok too much comments.

  102. They say by doing so it will up the status of the Bahasa Malayu. I think if the Goverment can scrap the NEP and remove the ‘Tongkat’ than it also up the status of the Malayu people lor.. If you want to look good than do it nicely and as a whole ma…otherwise is like running around half naked and lost face la…..

  103. Are they gonna station themselves beside every malaysian, listening to their conversation 24/7, just to see whether they got break this new LAW or not meh?! (sorry, pardon my english) — by ermmmm. — hahaha cant tahan tis guy lah so stupid!! wheres ur brain at?

  104. sigh. some singaporeans… please don’t butt into malaysian stuff if you aren’t malaysian. i don’t mean to offend, but seriously. please. BM is important because it’s our national language. ’nuff said.
    very funny comments here in your blog lar, kenny. 🙂

  105. ya, who cares bout bm? ur gonna speak to foreigners using bm? ur gonna use bm ur whole life? it’s so obvious, even in the own bm speaking country, it’s kinda, offensively say, useless

  106. Some buggers are at it again. This time is the naming of the movie SEPET.
    Imagine what would happened if an American block buster movie is titled “NIGGER”. Black Americans will sliced the balls and sticks of the White Americans to feed it to the dogs.

  107. Not just English mix Malay i guess, DBP should prepare clear guidelines for the usage of Chinese/Chinese Dialects mix Malay e.g:
    Kedai Bak Kut Teh?
    Char Kuey Tiaw?

  108. Sigh,
    I agree with you that Singaporeans shouldn’t interfere with your country’s stuff. But I guess some comments were made because Singapore was either intentionally or unintentionally drawn into this issue by some of the commenter here.

  109. We’d wanna compare ourselves with the better ones, one whereby we can challenge in terms of political stability, financial stability of the country and many other factors. The closest one would be just across the causeway – Singapore. Plus the fact that there are Singaporean readers, and they’d compare it to their own country. Alright, so it’s hilarious despite the fact that I know this law is for signboards but have you read the whole thing? If all does well, they’ll tap into those things other than public sectors.
    My deepest sympathy goes to students sitting for SPM. The language is ever-changing, and how would they know what’s apt and what’s not? It could be the same word, but now, it’s a joined word instead of a hyphened word.
    Who do we have to thank for in view of all of this? Us? Or the government?

  110. I recall once I went to a government building, there was a row of filtered WATER on one side where you can refill your drinks; on top of it there was a printed paper sign that said “AIR FILTER”.

  111. ha ha…funny photo…=P
    i always can hear some malay ppl say: jom, kita pergi lunch”
    b4 newspaper oso got published about it…

  112. I kinda agree with the points that DBP has come out with and I respect his determination to try to keep the points right. But it’s quite pointless as it’s pretty obvious that most of the readers that are responding in the comments seems not able to differentiate between Kenny’s jokes and the actual implementation.
    The ruling is to correct incorrect use of the languages. How many times have we looked at signboards with bad grammar and laughed our butts off? Should the Dewan Bahasa just keep quiet about it and allow such butchering of languages? It’s a shame when we keep saying we’re developing but our language skills are going into the drains?
    This isn’t so much of an issue compared to Mat Rempits but I would like believe that the government should know that while executing the fines for grammar mistakes on signboards, at the same time, Mat Rempits should be put behind bars.

  113. I HEAR ROJAK BM AND I LOVE IT, JUST AS MUCH AS PEOPLE IN SINGAPORE LOVE THEIR SINGLISH. It gives as a rather unique sense of belonging in the land as we have our own lingo. Not in the sense that we do not know how to differentiate proper BM from proper English and vice versa, but COME ON, MIXING MALAY AND ENGLISH CAN PRODUCE WONDROUS EFFECTS.
    Why can’t the government think that Malay is lifted up by English instead of being corrupted by it, and English the same? Language pride. Tsk tsk tsk. Overbearing language pride. Malay incorporates English words, and English some Malay words too; why be hostile?

  114. oh yeah. to make it more clear. bad grammar? no lahr. EXQUISITE AND CLEVER AND PERSONAL USE OF MANGLISH, GO GO GO! =]

  115. Kenny…. stupid lar… u though MY in mykad stand for “saya” ke?? do u know how long we had beed using MY as our Malaysia initial??
    walau…. kind of blog.. tolong lar sikit.. leard before you shout ok!!!

  116. can’t ppl read the whole blog and all the comments BEFORE posting anyth? …
    referring to zul and many others… =/

  117. woi KENNYSIA_SUX….
    do you know what it means by blog…. is a space ppl write about what they want.. you got the right to give your comments .. i believe kenny is very open about it……
    if you want to talk about language.. probably you need to take care your mouth first… and brush your damn teeth… : hau chau…….
    vulgarity is what you learn at school?
    now i teach u proper bahasa malaysia

    hardware = barangkeras = penis
    *software = baranglembut = boobs
    *joystick = batang gembira = happy penis
    *plug and play = cucuk dan main = sexual intercourse
    *port = lubang = vagina?
    *server = pelayan = prostitute
    *client = pelanggan = person who call prostitute..
    to me is a waste to time.. the government is too free .. nothing to do….
    the government is close minded.. no wonder our economy never grows..

  119. As much as I hate to be a party-pooper…there is no such thing as Bahasa Malaysia since donkey years ago…it is called Bahasa Melayu, although I doubt the effect of the changed made donkey years ago… 😉

  120. Wahaha! Later advertisments on TV become:
    Microsoft Windows – Tingkap Mikrolembut
    webcam – kamera sarang
    homepage – muka surat rumah
    OMG! Sweat!!

  121. i think they will go fine Kenny first..(if they read this blog)
    if i am not mistaken everyone call it bahasa melayu instead of what kenny written there “bahasa malaysia”

  122. Kenny sia.. you are really a joker..!!
    Why dun u just act like a clown and post your picture up!!
    Look at your blog please… i feel like you are a such dumb joker!!

  123. Anyway, it’s always been Bahasa Malaysia when I went through school. Even in Chinese we call it “Guo Yu” instead of “Ma Lai Yu”. So I’m sticking to my guns.

  124. To those who posted hatred comments on this site. It is funny, since you dislike kenny’s blog, yet you still visit his blog and read his stuff.
    Isn’t that plain stupid?
    If you don’t like it, don’t ever visit this site again.

  125. those who think kenny is stupid or watsoever bad. i think u r more stupid than anyone could b coz u still wan to view n come back to this blog when u think it is stupid?

  126. I wonder if they’d change the names eating establishments say:
    Secret Recipe, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dome, Coffee Bean or even Starbucks!
    I wouldn’t want to be seen ordering my favourite “Panjang – Kisar Air Beku Coklat tambah krim” at ‘BintangDuit’
    Er… i’m not sure if the bucks meant $$

  127. Come to think of it, there really isn’t a word for mayonnaise in Malay except “mayonis”.
    Don’t you think that it would be silly to fine people for a word they have to use if it doesn’t exist?

  128. WTF?! Those of you who think Kenny is stupid,hates him and is seriously kurang ajar please leave for god sake.Since you hate this blog so much,why constantly visiting it?That is just plain S-T-U-P-I-D. You know stupid?Yea,you lah (you know who you are).
    Besides,this is Kenny’s blog.He may do whatever he wish to do.You think his posts are dumb?Well,maybe you are too dumb to get his jokes because i find it very entertaining.Come on lah,don’t take things so seriously ok.
    Kenny,keep up with your really funny posts! Ignore those people who are jealous of your great sense of humour.Not everyone has that you know. Plus,some people are like really uncivilized lor.tak bertamadun sial *coughKENNYSIASUXcough*

  129. yea man… kenny, u r totally right..
    men-siasoi-kan is damn chun to describe it… lets just hope malaysia aint going to turn worse but improve for the better… dont MALAYSIA BOLEH in a wrong direction..

  130. well, juz like anyone would say… yes, tat’s the word!! the one and only one “MEMANG BODOH!!!”
    can’t believe i’m living in such a country…
    n wat’s the point of tis: streamyx blocking torrents!!!
    the now, ppl’ll get fined bcoz of bla bla bla n blee blee n blu blu blu…

  131. Malaysia is seriously hopeless.
    Why not spend more time helping the needy or speed up our development instead of making the whole nation LAGGING wtf

  132. but i thought MY = country code for malaysia? like NZ for New Zealand.. and US, for the obvious United States. Coz that’s what i learn in IT classes i guess… the websites and all…

  133. hmm.. MyKad… even if the MY stands for Malaysia. Then if grammar is to be taken into account, shouldn’t it be KadMY (Kad Akuan Diri Malaysia)then?
    Anyway you look at it – the DBP person is not quite right.

  134. lolz, quite funny new gorblement rulez.. Dun thy think it’s too ridiculuous???
    In S’pore, they have so called “Singlish”, how abt M’ysia??? “Malayish” ??? lolz..
    Dun know wad suck mind tat gorblement thinking???

  135. Haha. That has to be the most hilarious policy I’ve ever heard. What an irony! So instead of using other languages with BM, the uses words like, “ekonomi, komunikasi, budjet, diskaun” to justify it. LOL.
    Just another way to “makan rasuah”.

  136. Gabarman lacks of $, that’s why they can oni think of this small small thing to make big big big income. Abuse of power.

  137. HOly crap, what the heck with talking BM incorrectly, I don’t speak much of BM, only to my BM school teacher and some malay friends, but they talk rojak too, they said it is more easy to understand and to speaks.

  138. saya sebagai orang melayu tidak tersinggung blog ini. masyarakat malaysia kadang kadang terlalu sensitif tetapi sering melaungkan yang masyarakat malaysia peramah. tidak mempunyai ‘sense of humor’. saya juga fasih bercakap & menulis dalam bahasa inggeris. what is the big deal if syrifah amani cant speak properly in bahasa malaysia/melayu..the night she was ‘nailed’, she just dont have the right word at the right time. “..saya tidak dapat memaafkan orang seperti ini..”say the what do you think? is that a good sentence should say by a minister who claim that we should forgive people.
    anyway, undang undang yang baru dibuat tu hanya applicable to papan tanda sahaja. heheheee more than 70% malaysian say, ‘pergi meeting’ instead of ‘pergi mesyuarat’..

  139. didn’t manage to read all the comments.. but all i can say is the garblement “ciak pa bo su co”… if they wan to fine for the signboard or company name or watsoever, why they hav to approve their license at the first place??? so all the blame goes right back the to garblement wat… no brain? or they never think before action? haizz….

  140. one more thing i would like to say, this one has nothing to do with the bahasa rojak.. another garblement issue. people got fine for tinted glass.. why the hell would the garblement let them import the tinted paper then? ppl got fine for modification of cars.. wth do they let the parts imported to msia then… why don just banned it la. then no need so ma huan. they just wan more money, money and money and more money from our hard earn money…. $$$$$$$ grrrrr…. KENNY… maybe u should write some blog about this issue too.. or hav u done that before? maybe i missed it.

  141. hehhe.. dis one really caught my eyes..
    for real??? y would de govt wanna waste dis kind of time??? cant they change sumthing else which is more important than any of dis??? cant they think of sumthing else rather than cheating on citizen’s money??? i mean since they r so smart can they think of a way to improve our economy???

  142. Hahahaha, very very funny Kenny, youve got me in stitches, sakitnya perut saya!I’m writing an essay on bahasa rojak and will surely quote you in the last few bits-sikit sini, sikit sana!

  143. eh..please lar..
    then the word inside kamus dewan should change lar..
    from kad(card),ais(ice),akaun(account),komputer,lesen,magik,kurikulum,konsep,definisi,etc to your own words lar..
    dun simply extract and edited from other language..
    so so so stupid..
    my opinion still stand even the restriction only applicable to board or sign..that’s all…
    mayb the government its time for u to think how to edit such lots word extract from others to your own perfect words..EXTRAORDINARY PERFECT word..

  144. eh..please lar..
    then the word inside kamus dewan should change lar..
    from kad(card),ais(ice),akaun(account),komputer,lesen,magik,kurikulum,konsep,definisi,etc to your own words lar..
    dun simply extract and edited from other language..
    so so so stupid..
    my opinion still stand even the restriction only applicable to board or sign..that’s all…
    mayb the government its time for u to think how to edit such lots word extract from others to your own perfect words..EXTRAORDINARY PERFECT word..

  145. Kennysia is indeed a joker. And dear commentators, don’t u have other things better to do than criticizing your own country, making fun of it in front of the world? Government is one thing, but can’t we at least do what we can, being citizens?

  146. Haha…typical intan..I find all his post interesting. It’s a constructive critism rather than destructive. I guess you’ve to learn to accept things more in another view. What ever he is saying here is right. English is important. And that’s one of the message Yasmin Ahmad wanted to present in her SEPET.

  147. i have read about MYKad matter. . the article that i read says that the meaning of MYKad is not my kad(kad saya) but MY is the abbreviation for Malaysia

  148. I never knew the translated version of LOTR will ever be ‘agung cincin-cincin’! XD … Really knocked me off laughing after knowing!

  149. What about the Portuguese loan words in Malay like “bola”, “bomba” or “boneka”? The Portuguese were the first to conquer the Malays but the Malays are never uptight about the Portuguese words in Malay. The British brought better development than the Portuguese yet the Malays are more anti-British than anti-Portuguese in terms of loan words.

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