I somehow managed to cut myself today.

I was walking around a construction area this afternoon. Some contractor there left a huge piece of glass on the table. When I walked past it, I unknowingly swung my hand into the glass and it left a deep gash on my finger.
Strangely it didn’t hurt one bit when my flesh was cut inside. Blood was flowing non-stop, but I thought all I gotta do is put a plaster on it and just go home.

The doctor actually took this pic for me. Haha!

It wasn’t until the doctor told me that I require stitches to close up the gaping wound that I freaked out.
Yes, I may have balls the size of coconuts but I’m a pussy when it comes to people poking needles in me. What more, sewing my flesh up like it’s a piece of clothing.

The procedure wasn’t as bad as I thought though. The doctor poked a needle in me and two minutes later my hand was numb. Still, having a needle stuck in me hurts more than having a glass piece slice open my flesh. I had two stitches put on my finger.
I was also refrained from swimming and lifting any heavy weights for two weeks. Guess that pretty much means that come Chinese New Year, my uncles and aunties will be saying “WAH! So fat already huh !?”

I took a photo of my wounded finger in its worst state, but I don’t think I should put it up here. There are kids and old people reading this thing.
It is very disgusting. And I strongly advise you against seeing it if you have a weak heart. You wouldn’t be able to take it. It is gruesome. Still, if you are curious and you really wanna see how it looks like, feel free to go ahead and…
Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Has anyone noticed that people who likes to criticise other people normally don’t know how to spell the word “criticise”? They always spell it as “critise”. It gets on my nerves!
For example, “Oi! Kenny Sia! If u dun wan ppl to critise you, then u dun blog things that make ppl critise u! u wanna take critism so dun critise me if i critise u! Understand?”

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  1. cool pix… how i wish that i could see how the doctors stitched the holes on my head when i was younger…..i had 2!!! one from falling on a rock, and one more from a bike falling on top of me!!!
    no wonder i’m a little slow….
    happy healing!

  2. damn u kenny!!i knew the so-called worst state of your finger would be like that!!=.= funny post though..recently im quite bored with all those food stuff…>.

  3. “Yes, I may have balls the size of coconuts but I’m a pussy when..”
    Balls like coconuts eh?? sounds like elephantiasis of the testicles to me…hahaha..thats what you get with a parasite (filarial)…dude, you might wanna see a doc for that instead cause it ain’t cool. haha

  4. Wow, that’s quite deep a gash there! Lol, I had stitches on my head too; got in the way when my cousin was playing with a cangkul, ended up with lotsa strings in my head.

  5. Wot is a man without scar…?
    I got stitches at my right eyebrow when colliding with som1 during futsal outing at Kch last year.
    have u report this incident to DOSH? The contractor/ premise owner is responsible 4 ur injury.

  6. hahaha
    get well soon and be careful next time
    anyways i got banned again for no reason
    (u know i am not vandalist nor spammer)
    can u please disban me again?
    thanks a lot ^_^

  7. Man… Kenny.
    That is one big hole in the finger.
    I remember back then when I was small, I had one like that too.. ermm… not just one but 3 holes. I was playing with pocket folding knife cutting a tree branch when it slips. *Sweeps* Three (3) of my middle fingers on my left hand got cut till the bone. Still have the scar with me to prove it.
    Yup.. That will surely leave scars. Cool scars indeed.
    Take care ya.

  8. Ouch indeed!
    But it could have been worst …
    In future please be very alert and careful on construction sites as they are hazardous.
    But from the look of it – you’ll live to blog another day! ;o)

  9. Middle finger… hmmm… what does that signify?
    Surely u dun hv any tattoo or piercing. U r a chicken when it comes to needles.
    Welcome to the club…

  10. Don’t curi-curi go gym. A friend of mine lifted weights the day after giving blood.. arm injury lasted for years!

  11. [nad] criticise can also be spelt with an ‘s’. It really depends on your preference for the British or American system of spelling. So either way, the spelling is correct.

  12. hehe even though you KNOW you’re gonna get numb throughout the whole ordeal you still get the creepy feeling that it’s gonna hurt a lot.
    Hey I had a Caesarian operation. It didn’t really hurt (in fact it was fun!) until they took the stitches out. Was really traumatized by it. Really wanna wallop the nurse.

  13. well at least your wound only get some stitches..my gum between my teeth have to be cut to let the bacteria flow out..it happen only one week ago.it’s seriously hurt a lot!

  14. What a coincidence. I wounded my middle finger years ago when it was crushed between a gate and wall. It dug a huge chunk of my finger’s flesh off (with blood and stuff) and it took months to recover. The finger still feels funny.

  15. Bad luck. You really should be more careful when walking and don’t swing your arms so wildly next time. Your finger looks terible. Take good care of it, don’t want it to interupt your blog typing or I’ll be really upset 🙁 Hope your finger heals well!

  16. hi kenny,I used to be a PBSM and a scout patrol leader and i can vouch with my medical experience that you dont really need a stitches for that kind of injury altough it will take longer for the wound to heal without the stitches

  17. E……. the last pic very disgusting ler~~ Really, kids better dont click that link, it will have the “side” effect on u if u watch it.

  18. I was eating gummy bears when I read this but you failed to gross me out. Muahaha. My friend videotaped herself being stitched. More gross I’m afraid. 🙂

  19. As i was scanning thru this post a few minutes ago,i was already about to doze off as it’s already pretty late here.
    The MOMENT (the last picture) appeared on the screen,i was like “WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”WAD THE CRAP?wad a “RUDE AWAKENINg”!

  20. lol kenny… i really zha dou for your “worst state” pic lo…
    so much for ur middle finger… you should rate it 13-pl also XD
    and really that bad hoh @-o last time i cut my finger that bad oso didn’t care it and it recovered by itself lol…

  21. Strange enough I had ripped off a portion of my skin on my middle finger on my right hand too when playing hockey just recently. LOL!

  22. Aiyo! was so looking foward for a horrible picture and was getting my stomach ready haha… cis…. i tot wat could be worst that the LAST picture!! TERRIBLE YOU!! haha…

  23. Hmm… Looks like your middle finger ain’t gonna be making a move for a while… No rough movements to the finger ya? And you still can use the second hand to ‘do’ something ya?

  24. ah, I knew it! I knew you would do that Kenny. Happy healing, ok?
    You can still doing cardio exercises though, like walking and dancing. Doing cardio exercises help you losing weight too. Btw, nice hand! You can be a hand model if you want 😀

  25. I know how much it hurts. Been tru that situation once and had 8 stitches on my finger and palm. Blood kept gushing out it’s so yucky…
    Anyway, Get well soon~

  26. Wow, SLR cameras really do make everything prettier. The first thing that struck me in the linked photo was the composition 🙂

  27. that cut look familiar. oh ya.. i remember! i got a cut like yours las year.. not exactly like yours. jus that mine is as deep as yours.. but.. i did not bring my wrist( ppl thought i was trying to kill myself. ==”) to the to dr. I was too scared to hav it stitch. @@ so i just hold my hand up high for quite a long time.. it stopped the bleedin.. yay! so no stitch for me.

  28. walau.. thought got what picture.. then can make myself sick. haha.
    use this thing to poke at all those relatives pissing you off bout your weight and marriage.
    lol. cheers!

  29. …and please, don’t swing your D*** around like you did to your finger…can’t afford that risk, ya?
    Ok…joking hor (-0- Roll-eyes -0-)

  30. well i once stabbed my left palm and yeah it wasnt fun.(not commiting suicide, just being ridicules) anyways the whole process didnt hurt, it was like stabbing my hand, lots of blood gushing… and i turned pale, and ER ER ER and well stitches and tetanus shot… overall it was wow

  31. I accidently scrolled to the last picture. You didn’t warn me on time and I nearly fell off my seat looking at that gory picture akin to Saw III. You ought to put a safety net over such images.
    At least you didn’t have to write this blog with a pen, assuming you’re right handed. It is your own right hand, no?

  32. YEAH.
    the resurgence of BCG days.

  33. me more soey…. 2 days b4 chinese new year. i slipped and fell and manage to got cut by the sharp things on a short gate at my friends house… 5 stitches on my armpit. i got pictures… wanna see?

  34. i injured my middle finger too..i accidentally slammed the lid of a BMW car trunk on my finger.
    2 stitches and tetanus injection =D

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