A New Kind Of Chinese New Year Song

How many bad Chinese New Year songs do we have to tolerate each year until our brains start falling off?

Original Chinese New Year songs are good enough as they are, but YEAR AFTER YEAR some idiots JUST have to put out these Weapons of Mass Destruction aka underaged kids with too much make-up on their ugly faces, screaming through the music videos in a supposedly “cute” fashion.
How can anyone stand that kind of torture?!
If you’re thinking it couldn’t get any worse, you are wrong. In a desperate attempt to spice up your favourite Chinese New Year songs, someone came up with an album intelligently titled… Chinese New Year Songs (Dance Remix).

Mark my words, this song is gonna be a HUGE in clubs worldwide.

I know of at least two girls around my age who told me that they don’t mind having men as old as 40 years old as their boyfriends. “Older men know what they want”, they explained. “They don’t fool around.”
Hot, beautiful, sexy 20-somethings hooking up with someone almost twice their age. Ewww, wrinkly balls. The only consolation I get out of this is if by the time I hit 40 and I’m still single, at least I know it’s not too late for me to date 20-year-old chicks.

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    i love chinese new year songs.
    they are just so irresitable.
    they make you dance.
    they make you cry.
    they make you want to whack the guy who’s playing it out.

  2. dear, u meant SAGGY balls. balls, both young and old ald wrinkly by default.
    u need a mirror. i will get u one for valentine’s lar. kakakakaka

  3. can i blast that person who create this heavenly song?
    i’m so glad im in uk, no such crappy stuff.
    i believe in oldies!

  4. But you gotta give ’em props for being innovative. LOL. I mean, it ain’t easy to come up with beats and remixes y’know. Haha. But whether the result is good or bad is another matter.
    But think about it. Almost all the successful techno/dance tracks are mostly remixes of old songs. No? If you haven’t heard of them, there are remixes for Country Road Take Me Home, Que Sera Sera, YMCA and many more. And those are by foreign DJs.
    So you can’t blame our locals for doing the same with CNY “oldies”, and sticking to their roots and the same time. LOL
    Don’t mind me. I’m into rap and rock music. Not techno anyways. Yeah.

  5. kenny,
    it’s not all that true since the view towards 40 year olds are pretty idealistic. what this is called is the ‘halo effect’ by ways of judgment. in other words it simply means perception focused on 1 trait alone. i used to tell my love the same thing and he’d mock me occassionally about it. not forgetting his fascination of his imagination with the storyline casting me running off with a ‘kwai lo’around age 40 or so. He basically looks older than he does anyway. Now now let’s not get all fisty shall we here? LOL.
    sworn to secrecy-more an admirer at heart just not your biggest fan all the time.

  6. I was waiting for the guy to actually breakdance, but it seems that he just kept doing the same thing that my grandmother can do; jumping jacks and touching the hat once in a while and jiggling the hands.

  7. =.= Someone might as well come up with Bad-Ass Gangsta Rap CNY Song.
    Innovative but no common sense, how do you relate to ‘Gong Xi fa cai’ while on the dance floor? Are the kids supposed to dance with oranges?

  8. hahahaha….& about those underaged dancing/”singing”, finally!! someone has spoken out how awful, how unnatural, in fact…just simply WRONG! that is…seeing kids with garish make-up, trying to entertain you…how can their parents do that to those poor kids?????

  9. THANK GOD, I’m in Australia where I am far enough to not hear it…. I get goose bumps just imagining our valued traditional chinese songs in a cheap techno beat…… Eeeewwwww…..

  10. All I can say is that that was so wrong on so many levels… Give me the classics anytime… or at least close approximation.

  11. ohhh noooooo…. I really hate it when they do a remix on CNY songs. What’s wrong with the good old originals? Why them have to go and try (and fail) to ‘spice’ it up? CNY is a tradition, doesn’t it make sense to have traditional songs to go with it?!

  12. i really wonder why, is that an honour to be the first commentator here? put something meaningful as comment instead of playing with such childish number game!!

  13. Kenny, not all men are blessed with the ‘women luck’. Those girl talk about “Older men know what they want” & “They don’t fool around.” is just bullshit. If you don’t have look and money see if they wanna hang around with you.

  14. Hate hate hate hate those canto-techno type of remix.
    Everybody hates it but yet there’s still people releasing it year after year?
    Really got people buy kan?

  15. The song just lacks passion, otherwise it isn’t even half as annoying as those sung by the kids and those pseudo-bombshells. I feel like shooting the dancing guy in the club though.

  16. you know what, although we laugh at how distasteful the songs are, deep down inside we all anticipate the releases of these ‘weapons of mass destruction’ because it’s part of the whole CNY atmosphere

  17. It’s Melbourne Shuffle with CNY techno which Kenny edited. That’s in the Competition & i didnt recall it’s using that song -_-
    That’s hs style & not hiding his face or something…
    That guy in the video is the owner of few pubs in Sibu man… Kenny might have to stay away from Sibu from today onwards *_*

  18. OMFG!!!
    Kenny, that ought to be the most annoying and disturbing video I’ve ever watched!!
    At first I thought the music was bearable, but when it reached 2 minutes, it’s just over the hook!!
    Hey, food for thought, any1 who can endure the music which spoils CNY again, cld u pls count how many times that dude touches/adjusts his cap when he dances? Lol

  19. popular bookstore, cd rama start selling those tradisional chinese new year songs translated in english. btw kenyy, can u tell me more on ur degree, i have no idea wat so ever on my choice of degree.

  20. I got so bored watching the video halfway that I started sms-ing.1 minute later the guy was STILL doing the SAME dance moves. =.=

  21. touching the cap and hiding his face, thats not his style. all shufflers do that these days, especially malaysian ones
    the 1st time i’ve seen ppl doing this was 6 years ago back in melbourne
    same old…same old…

  22. omg!!! who’s that guy shuffle in the video?, honestly that guy shuffle like shit repeated same movement…the cny remix only available in m’sia that why malaysia is truly asia

  23. There are some gals who say that they have this ‘thing’ for older guys.
    They say MOST(not all)have established careers bla bla bla.Dunno if there’s any truth in that.
    Dunno la.=p

  24. it’s just steps!! EVERYONE can do..just like that apek! i was waiting for some brickdance or sth! wat stupid remix?! omg!

  25. shuffling is not as easy as it seems la.all those ppl who blast him,try doing the same on the dancefloor then.he is my frend too btw.dont just kong lj words here please.

  26. and yup,the remix is stupid but it has been around awhile.kenny sia just happened to ‘expose’ it this year to the public.

  27. wah swee la ah beng go zhng engrish shongs into their tetno or crub then now they new year mood no engrish songs to zhng so they zhng new year songs. tetno new year sia. they also respect elders ma. elder listen to engrish tetno tia boh. then listen to new year tetno can dance oso leh!

  28. Club wear’s next trend, Dragon dance pants… With the luminous padding… and perhaps we can stick some lightstick on the clothes to compliment it…

  29. Nice try, but it’s sooo boring. This sucks. Cant they have anything better? I prefer the old CNY songs.
    Pity those kids that hafta wear heavy make-ups, sing and swing like lil robots in front of the camera. Gosh.

  30. oh.. It’s soooo true.. I totally agree with you.. Every year, the supposedly ‘creative’ CNY songs just cannot get the feeling there… I enjoyed the older songs much much better…

  31. it has been 4 CNY that i was away…. and well the 5th one this year, i guess the only thing i dont miss is the damn dance remix or local artist ‘s new mix everywhere.. ie. is that mohan guy still alive?
    happy CNY

  32. on another note of that 40years old man, i guess some men are good in keeping themselves in shape…. but some are seriously old…

  33. Wan Lan…. wat is Ah Hao doing in kennysia.com with WTF CNY song!
    You were one of the judges & this is ur intention of taking the videos to ruin & disgrace Melbourne Shuffle with ur collection of CNY techno song. Hope u feel great about making fun of others.

  34. For me, shuffle is not about that few moves and steps..for those of u who keep criticizing about that guy in the video, shud i ask u to stop that..we dance to haf fun not to get criticized..all kind of dances have their unique way of moves same goes to Melbourne Shuffle..so people, please stop criticizing with phrase that will cause offensive issues..and trust me, u wont wana mess with that guy in the video clips as he is the owner of few clubs..so u know… 🙂

  35. Omfg!! kenny..i think you fast fast stop!! this video… dun play “sibu” ppl , you know this guy is who? he is “ahhao” , you know he is doing what one? i no eye see…………………..

  36. You should see his new videos. He improved a lot because practise makes better but that song was & will never be a Hard Dance mixes & also there are different between Hard Trance & Feng Tau Techno.
    Piece of advise. Don’t mess with Ah Hao.

  37. Why I don’t hate this remix at all. I don’t see anything bad about it. I mean if it was the tradition song I would not listen to it. But I liek this one.
    Guess it’s already popular with me.

  38. i say ah, techno/trance remix r for teens who got so much jumping hormones and donno where to release them, bloody. if u think these music is hard to make, think again la. take any music slow, fast or whatever, get a mixer and techno tone/loop generator and a computer, oso some estacy pills, you r on your way to make 1, scary man.

  39. Ok…first of all, the song suck big time..no doubt bout it and i think everyone agrees on that, but why do you have to put in ppl’s shuffle dancing video and relate it to the horrible remix.
    As its clear that the guy dancing in the video is not dancing to the stupid chinese new year song (REMIX konon). Come on la, if the guy is dancing to that song, yes, flame all u guys wish!! But trust me, I don’t think ppl will shuffle/dance to a techno gong xi fatt chai song…pls!!!

  40. Just feel curious in nowadays’ world, they dare to fight with new. But don’t you think this is not suite for chinese new year. I more prefer traditional song cause they bring me to a real chinese new year feel. Remix?? No way!!!

  41. what’s wrong with shuffling? those who don’t like, just ignore la. I personally think shuffling is something not everyone can do. It’s just a dance, not-related to ahbeng style whatsoever. and whats wrong with ahbeng or even ahlian? it’s their choice. no matter how ahbeng or ahlian a person is, as long as they do not break the law or harm anybody, I don’t think nobody is the position to even laugh at them. Just merely my opinion. =)

  42. flamers must be mostly from singapore,where their ‘ahbengs’ are pussies/posers.come kuching or sibu and see what is real paikia.our pride and joy.

  43. Wah, when the chinese new year song become like this want. How we gonna dance like this especially those warga emas. I dont feel any chinese new year atmosphere with this remix…

  44. LOL!!!
    i can see this remix version of ‘Every street and corner’ song making it BIG in rave parties!!!!
    how the heck did that dude in the vid shuffle to tht song?
    …it’s just SO WRONG

  45. I hate CNY, it irritates the hell out of me when a simple trip to the local supermarket to grab some groceries can be such s tedious thing on my ears and overall mental soundness.
    I’m glad this yeah my company’s sending me overseas for cny so I don’t have to spend it in Singapore…..only to find out they’re sending me to Nanjing. nbcb. =.=

  46. You shouldn’t use other people for your own fame.
    Your blogs are getting boring. You used to be funny and your contents interesting to read.
    I think nowadays you’re too busy having a social life (that’s good) but either you post when you have something good or you don’t post at all. You’re not obligated, unless the advertisers say so?
    You shouldn’t embarrass ppl just to post something that you ‘feel’ is funny. Just like pushing someone in the water to prevent yourself from drowning.
    But that’s how I (a face in a sea of faces) feel anyway. Might make a dent or might not.

  47. I hate CNY songs especially with those so over-commecialize four princesses, seven fairies or whatever cute names they call it.
    The only CNY songs that I like are those old Sam Hui CNY songs.

  48. Do you know where I can download this song ?
    This must be the coolest and downright the most disastrous CNY song ever.

  49. lmao the so called shuffler looks like he escaped from a mental institution..dancing there in his own little bubble.and that song!!! good lord……

  50. Yes, i totally agree with you. It’s really getting worse and worse.Some of the Chinese New Year songs are translating from chinese pop songs.Really is a stripe!

  51. Lol , thts funny …….. its ok what , editing it to make a joke , come on la , don be so close minded , its quite funny

  52. Hey man i think u are f@cking stupid enough to post this. U know who is this person. He is a Sibu person that u can’t joke with this kind of Bull Sh@t Video.. next time if u got time. pls write other thing… I do agree with u i dun like the chinese new year remix song. But shuffle is diffrent … dun jealous if u dun know how to shuffle.. Nothing offence u but watch out and becareful when next time Ah Hoaw go to kch… better dun like him see u a

  53. he is ah hao , so what ? cant take joke ? what generation is this ? what dont mess ? he is jus a small pub owner support by his daddy
    get real , wake up , look front
    its 2007

  54. omg, that guy shuffling sucks to teh max. even surpasses TEH c special. call that shuffling? thats worst than kuching shuffle.

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