I’m On Yahoo! Answers

In what must be a gross administrative error, Yahoo! Answers Malaysia has classified me as a ‘celebrity’ and featured kennysia.com this week’s Celebrity Question Asker” alongside actual real celebrities like Daphne Iking and Amber Chia.

I don’t know since when I was promoted to “celebrity” status, but I bet Amber Chia must be pretty fuming right now, sitting at home tapping her fingers furiously asking “What?! I am being put on the same level with THIS IDIOT?”
In fact, I think Amber Chia is gonna be so angry she’s gonna put her head on the floor, turn herself upside down and spin around on her head like in the movie Possessed.

Anyway, the question I posed to the public this week is “Bloggers as role models – to what extent do bloggers have a social responsibility to their audience?”
I’m not asking this question on behalf of myself, but I think everyone who has a blog will face this big bad dilemma at some stage.

One of my favourite bloggers, Kurt Low, was in a similar situation a while ago.
Kurt serves as a vocalist for his church ensemble. Automatically that makes him a role model little bible-toting kids should look up to. Like mine, Kurt’s blog has always been about his own personal thoughts, rantings and lewd jokes typical of any 20+ year old hormonally-charged male. I enjoy reading his blog. And I’m sure he’s nicer in real life.
But when Kurt posted one too many photo of Sayaka Ando in bikini and reference to the human reproductive organs, his CHURCH PASTOR called him up to express “concern over contents”.

While I don’t serve for any religious establishments, some teachers told me they have recommended their students to read my blog. Heck, some mothers even told me they have been discussing my blog with their 16-year-old daughters.
What are they doing talking about my website? These are teengers you know. They should be talking about how Sanjaya getting voted off American Idol is the biggest crime of the decade. Not kennysia.com!

The biggest wake-up call was when Mix.fm promoted my site over the radio (thanks, guys) strangely describing it as “safe for kids” (no thanks, guys).
Yes, around 20% of my readers are teenagers and yes, I realise that some of them are subconsciously trying to emulate me. Like it or not, I have been pushed into the unenviable position of a “role model”. That is one BIG reason why I have toned down so much over the last two years.

While my new readers come in by the bucket loads, old-time readers lamented that I have gone “soft” and that I am “not as entertaining as before”.
I know, guys. I know.
Old readers may not enjoy kennysia.com as much as before, but how am I ever gonna forgive myself if some 15-year-old learnt how to be obnoxious after reading my unforgiving piece on FurongJiejie?

I thought the dirty jokes I made back then was funny, but how many mothers who have teenage daughters reading my blog would find it equally as hilarious?

I used to poke fun at myself all the time, but how the hell am I gonna explain to my boss when he sees this?

See my dilemma here?
We all know R-rated movies are infinitely more entertaining than G-rated movies. Sadly, unlike the movies, we cannot control which audience we want to read our blogs.
Don’t say “Oh, I don’t have that much readers so I can write anything I want.” Like it or not, ANYONE of you guys who owns a blog are gonna have to deal with possibility that your blog will be read by a teenager who might consider you as a role model, and in the process try to emulate you.
And if you know that, what will your conscience say?

Remember my parody of the Si Qian Jin’s irritating laughing song? Some angmohs in the US decided to parody the same song themselves.

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  1. Your right, you dont fit in as a celebrity in the real sense. Therefore I’m not interested to answer your question.

  2. Yes, I think your posts were far funnier before. The answer: Bloggers can unconsciously be role models because as your content is broadcast to a wide audience, it’s inevitable that you may influence others to think like you do. However, do note that blogs are very personal and is your very own. If others don’t like its content, well, tough. Don’t read it. If it makes you feel better, you can write a disclaimer like Momoco did when she still had her blog.
    Don’t be too affected by others. You are fine as is, and censoring yourself for the sake of your wider readership is a pity. As I’ve said, if they don’t like it, they can leave. No one forced them to read KennySia.com and it’s not your issue if you do.
    Hope this helps!

  3. i love ur blog =)
    although u r not a role model, but i think u can be categorized as a celebrity =p

  4. You have one of the largest following of readers in M’sia! And yes, I do think you have a responsibility to yur younger readers, many of whom are entertained and influenced by your entries and thoughts. While your earlier entires may be considered saucy, recent entries display depth of thought and a certain maturity towards life in general. Keep up the posts!!

  5. About your question… I do not think blogger have any responsibility to their readers since blog is like an online diary… You can write anything about everything… It is your business, we just happend to read your blog. We may like it, or hate it. Right? But, for me, I like your blog =p (I think I have mentiond it before…haha)

  6. hey man!! Don’t take the bloody sensitive burdens of the world onto ur shoulders. You said before you’re doing this as a hobby, you have no obligations whatsoever to ANYONE!!! you’re a celebrity cos ur special and outstanding..but being a role model..its a matter of other ppl’s opinions. Whether they see it that way or not!!We live in a democratic world..so no matter what u do..do it for urself regardless of what ppl think!!

  7. You just answered it! 🙂
    I second on all that you had said above.
    We can’t please everyone in lives. There are people who hate us and love us for we are. Argh, I hate being diplomatic now! 🙂
    Cheers Kenny!

  8. shiok, i am no10..
    yo kennies, how ya doing. like ur blog but sometimes postings are a hit, some arent…but heck it..life is good when you can smell the coffee…woopppies


  10. Gah! I face that dilemma too!
    I’m sometimes torn between being a good role model and being myself. Obviously, if I am a good role model, it is never 100% me.
    For now, I’m just ignoring all those comments about how I should blog more responsibly because my blog is being viewed by public and that I should stop being so arrogant, (someone even use your Hate Generator against me wei -_-) bla bla bla.
    I set my own limits. People can emulate the other parts of me, just not my dirty mind, arrogance and meanness.

  11. Hello Kenny
    I just discovered your website through searching on google for my all time fave dish the mighty KOLO MEE
    which cannot be found in any authentic way here in Perth as you might well know!
    As for being a role model or rather suffering the pangs of induced guilt/responsibility .. I say … pffft
    You do what you like imo and if ppl dunt like it well they can spout off in da comments page .. you are no more responsible for the wellbeing of others as sports people , TV icons, et al
    In fact the ONLY people who SHOULD have such responsibilities remain the power elite in any nation .. the political and business class… you know ..the ones holding the MONEY.
    Do you think the Pres of the US spends as much time as you have in ruminating on his role-model-responsibilities?!
    How about the ex UK PM ?!
    How about the CEOs of fraudulent companies or the scamsters on the stock markets of the world?!
    Crikey Kenny.. loosen up and rid yourself of such politically correct nonsense cos THIS aussie wanna see more of the authenticity in your pages rather than some carefully crafted .. politically correct corrupted mumbo jumbo that pervades every section of the mainstream media like msg in good ole tasty food!
    keep it up kenny!

  12. Haha, I think your blog is pretty darn awesome. Toned-down it may be, relative to the past, but it’s still a wonderful read. It’s good stuff!

  13. Hi Kenny
    I’ve been an avid reader of your blog for the past month now after my other blogging friends telling me about it, and I think your blog is amazing.
    The level of content is just right (I dunno why there’s people getting angry and frustrated at you taking pictures at the accident scene), funny, some of it really makes you think (like the post where there’s this old lady from Cairo), and most importantly, exciting. It’s like I can’t get enough of reading from your blog!
    The reason why I posted this comment was because lately, I had some troubles with my own blog (lamfootseng.wordpress.com). On average, my blog would receive like, 5 views a day, I’ve just started blogging actually. But I wonder to myself, what kind of material should I post about? What kind of audience should I address it to? How should I make my blog not so provoking and be more content-safe?
    The reason why a person would start a blog, if you ask me, is to be themselves. If it is to address a certain group of people beyond your own liking and preference, somehow, you know you would be limited and the stuff that comes out are gonna suck.
    Please just continue with what you’re doing Kenny. I really love reading your blog. Cheers mate!

  14. I used to hate your blog, now i’ve changed my mind.
    I did go through similar moral dilima, in a co-blogging project I once did. The other party liked to curse, and I said that’s fine..but what if my little sister or my mom reads the blog.
    He still curses, I don’t blog there anymore.
    I think someone should invent an award and give you a “responsible blogger” award!

  15. You’re not a role model to me, but you ARE a celebrity in your own right. Celebrities need not worry about bad influence on other people (think Paris Hilton). So go all out let the dirty jokes and vulagrity flow!! YEA!!!
    You were more interesting in the past but seriously, toned down or not, people will just come back for you. Just blog as you feel approprite, very hard to please everyone la.

  16. Just be yourself. If role model if what you have in mind from the beginning, i doubt you will have that much of fans. I know I know, with great power comes with great responsibility.
    Don’t tone down too much your blog, just put some disclaimer as usual if you think the content is not suitable for teenage under 18.
    Although some may ignore the warning, but you have done your part isn’t it?

  17. To the extend it does act as a role model but what role model? I would say it will affect bloggers! As bloggers have a need of high visitation hits in their blog, they search for famous bloggers (like you) to research and define the true meaning of FAMOUS BLOGS. Once taking these famous blogs/bloggers as their role model, they will start trying to do what the famous bloggers does!
    Just my opinion! Anyhow brava to the Yahoo publicity! Just you and me (and the people reading my comments), I would go for the “KennySia more famous than AmberChia!”

  18. Why some people may hates you. Media may hates you because you have grabbed their news and post it up freely on your site. Thus, you are indirectly affecting their newspaper sales. When their newspaper sales dropped, they may have to kill some jobs. Then, when these jobless people found out that you indirectly killed their job, you may have to hate you. I’m not on anybody side, I just giving you a deep thought.

  19. Hey dude,
    I visit your site once in a while and honestly, that’s what I don’t like about when bloggers become ‘celebrities’. They lose that essence of freedom so needed of a true blogger and when responsibility comes in all… any ‘celebrity’ blogger will turn into a Macca’s blog… a diluted, ‘mainstream’ ‘safe’ medium…
    or it becomes like yours, don’t have a care in the world… ‘free speech’, bloody pictures, all that jazz…
    but kids can get even crazier things on the net/TV/radio/movies than your, honestly, mild content blog…
    maybe you can put a disclaimer before ppl enter ur website, u seem to be a ‘people-pleaser’… 🙂
    parents should always be the kids’ role models and honestly, its not your responsibility… parents will always try to shift the blame…
    but if you insist on shouldering this somewhat invisible responsibility, by all means go ahead…
    whatever it takes for you to sleep peacefully…. night… after night… after night…
    but i know you must already have a set of principles in you anyway… so why bother asking? 😉
    Take care!

  20. I am sixteen this year. KNNCCB Kenny, thanks to you, I learn about KNNCCB. KNNCCB, Kenny.
    Oh ya, I use that phrase right in front of my parent too. And when asked from where I have learn that, I said…..”the internet lor”.

  21. About me: I’m many things including a proud Sarawakian, newly ordained mountain climber (just did Mt. Kinabalu) & IT professional, although Malaysians know me as a blogger. After eight years of studying & working Down Under, I returned to Malaysia in 2005 and am currently based in Kuching, Sarawak.
    I started my blog “When Routine Isn’t Exactly Normal” in 2005 as well, and it’s currently ranked No1 in Malaysia by blog search engine Technorati, with 18,000 visitors a day who seem to enjoy my random thoughts & observations on the quirks & curiosities of everyday life. It has won several awards including PPS Blog of the Year 2005.
    I’m a firm believer in freedom of expression and a staunch supporter of the Bloggers United campaign to defend the freedom of speech in the Malaysian blogsphere. Check out my blog at http://www.kennysia.com
    As proud as can be…..
    As arrogant as ever….
    Kenny replies: Haha! Yahoo wrote that for me. I didn’t write it myself.

  22. Reason why they said that most probably is because you’ve lost your magic due to pressure to please all. Sometimes, you’ll stay there if you just accept the fact that you can’t play god.
    Go ahead, dun start thinking about PLEASING people. Write because you think its funny/interesting/angry/wanna rant/watever, and because you wanna share. That’s why you blog at the first place, isn’t it? (to hell with censorship! yeah!)

  23. Aiyoh Kenny. Haven’t comment on your blog entries for the longest time. Yah lah, you have indeed toned down alot since those great old days of condoms quality-control testing and Prince Charles and his mother going to Fuckingham Palace!
    Even my mother constantly asked me “Oi, how is that guy that wrote that Prince Charles thing ah?” She loved that entry!
    Perhaps you should have one of those front-page on those pornographic sites which ask you those “Are you over the age of 21 to enter the site?”
    A step to social responsibility!
    But freaking hell I was one of those who clicked “Yes” despite being underage. Curiousity killing the stupid teenager.
    Take care, Kenny 🙂

  24. Kenny you are just a balless coward who thinks he is a celebrity and have to care for every human being feelings when they read your blog, if that is the direction you are heading then change the website name to pleaseeverybodyfeelings.com then! It is your blog and you can’t take into accounts everybody feelings alright!
    Stop being such a pussy and mentioning your every growing popularity/responsiblity/role model shit 24/7 and start writing your blogs the way you yourself wanted. you are beginning to totally lost it man!

  25. hey kenny… i do believe truely ,with freedom of speech through blogging.. yet.. i strongly agree with ur choice of taking a moderate stand in expressing ur thoughts and feelings about anything and everything. Knowing that there is 18000 readers a day for ur blog and a large proportion of them are teens, should’t u feel proud tat ur actually able to make a change by influencing the younger generation.It’s like wat i have learned in uni, similar situation to ur case…the prevention paradox … (A prevention measure brings much benifit to the popultaion usually offer lesser to each participating individual) in ur case, a moderate stance that benefit majority of the reader with a vast effect vs a free expresor of thoughts tat entertain a handful bunch but has strong less positive influence on the majority of reader as a whole.. the choice is urs… but i am all head up for the moderate blogger u are now. although it is less interesting than it used to be previously…u’ll still hav my support….

  26. Kenny, u r not the Prime Minister of M’sia. Please!! It’s JUST A BLOG so don’t go all dilemma-ish over social responsibility. Leave that to the parents. If parents can’t monitor their kids’ internet activities, they should install a jammer or something like that on their computers. Re-examine the definition of the word “blog” – a frequent chronological publication of personal thoughts, etc. etc. Toning down to please others only cramps your true self. Let’s be honest. Your blog is NOT controversial at all. Anyway, since u cannot please all your readers, why take a modest approach then? There’s a quote that says “Modesty is the only sure bait when you’re fishing for praise”. Is “praise” what you’re looking for? The worst virtue is trying to be somebody u r not. Tsk! Tsk!

  27. Hey Kenny,
    Now that I know a celebrity, it is going to profoundly change me for the better…NOT!!! What a bunch of crocs ( and not the ones that you wear on your feet…aaaargh)! If you are a true defender of free speech as it says on your yahoo bios you wouldn’t let something like teenage readers throttle your blog. It is like porn on the internet, if the producers of porn were concerned like you maybe there wouldn’t be porn anymore? So tell me are you changing from wearing boxers to briefs? I think your briefs are on too tight! You may have to censor my comments for your younger readers. Bruhahaha…

  28. Dear Kenny,
    I started liking to read your BLOG… Thanks to the chickens and ducks for referring me to your blogs.. It’s entertaining 🙂
    Mrs Cow.. MOOOOO MOOOOO MOoooooo

  29. hey dude been a big fan of your blog since then till this very day…haha well man do what you do best.be yourself.take care adious

  30. From what I’ve seen, 16-year-olds know a lot more than people think. Even if they didn’t read your blog, they’d know all the swear words, dirty jokes, etc.

  31. Kenny, FYI the ‘Si Qian Jin’s irritating laughing song’ is actually originated from a mandarin oldies entitled ‘Fung Huang ti Yuek Hui’ (Crazy Date). You can hear the original song from the soundtrack / movie of our very own Kuching’s international director, Tsai Ming Liang’s ‘The Wayward Cloud’.

  32. 你有很好的文笔。我也会不惜向别人推介你的网志。

  33. i used to like your blog,nex to maddox and xiaxue.but after the ‘accident’ incident,everything tat u posted seemed so…fake.
    so….sell out.

  34. here’s a fun one for you people. as you type your comments, look at the background. can you see the grey thing over there? here’s what, it’s supposed to be something profoundly important in kenny’s life. it’s just photoshopped to make it look insignificant and stop you people from asking questions. but still, look properly.
    anyone who can guess what it is get’s a suprise present. i can’t disclose what it is, cos’ it’s suprise, get it? post your answers here. and yeah, post whatever you think of kenny’s post too here.
    the truth would be revealed soon!

  35. write because you want to share it with the rest of your readers! don’t write because there are 16 year olds reading your blog and you need to tone down.
    (a 16 year old who has been reading your blog for quite some time and has seen your entries in your furongjiejie to the uzap days.)

  36. *Waves* Old skool kennysia reader right here.
    Hmm I’d be excited at the prospect of being alongside someone like Tony Fernandez, cos y’know, the guys’s got financial smarts.
    But then again, I remembered one important factor – You’re A Boy.
    LOL no wonder.

  37. That’s the problem with having a blog in your name. You could always have a second secret blog for all your subversive thoughts 😎

  38. Hey Shan, nice to know you’re still coming in here. 🙂 I don’t think I’m the youngest on the list of ppl featured though. Jaclyn Victor is younger and more famous than me.

  39. ya, u r not a celebrity. Good that u know u’re juz a popular blogger, not Jay Chou. About your thoughts on what cutting your usual style. Well, I guess u’re saying that your usual style is to make jokes by using foul langguages and SX components. Heh, I don’t think so, you used to make a lot of good decent jokes. Just admit lah, blogging is getting tougher by the day, you hav talked ur daily lives over n over again, make fun of many things u hav seen and heard, now………it is juz harder to find fresh inspiration. In other words, running out of creativity. But u shud not feel bad, becuz u r not a entertainer, no one expects u to be one. Just be a normal blogger lah, it’s no problem. Not famous also it’s okay.

  40. yeah loh, i prefer your review about condom, your home made worldcup football, your first april fool etc, but i know how it feel when u know how those kids see u as a modal so i accept how u turned into what u r now, even feeling something is missing. i guess we all have to change in different stages…well,i still like your blog n i appreciate u take up the responsibility of caring how others will be affected by u. move on, i believe in ‘zhong yong’

  41. celebrity!!! whoops…
    still my forever loving kennysia no matter u’re what kinda super mega star:P

  42. I don’t think you should worry about the social responsibility that society emphasises so much on. The important thing is what do you think is your responsibility as a “celebrity” blogger? Although you don’t think you’re deserving of that celebrity tag, this is the label that society has chosen to tag you with. People love reading you because you are good at what you do. And althought I admit that sometimes, your blogs can be less ‘controversial’, it doesn’t mean that you should watch your what you blog from now on. If you do that, the essence of kennysia.com disappears. Besdies, for everyone 1 person who despises your blog, there will be an addition of 100 people who loves your blog.
    I say, mate. Just blog what you feel like blogging and at the same time, don’t forget of your responsbilities as a tagged ‘celebrity blogger’ and that you are after all, a human being who shouldn’t disregard the fact that shit does happen. Cheers!

  43. I have a blog myself… hmm… it does make sense of what you are saying here kenny… but my blog has not reach the status where I will face this kinda dilemma… would love to see how i re-act to it then 😉

  44. Kenny,
    I know I really ripped you hard after your last post, but after this post of yours, I have to say that I’ve regained a great deal of the respect for you that I used to have. Its hard being a widely known and widely read blogger and you made a chose to censor yourself so that teenagers and children of a certain age would be able to continue to read the blog. I guess now that I better understand your motivation, I can better understand why you made the changes in the blog that you have decided to make.
    I also must congratulate you on one of the first truly personal and genuine posts that you have written in a long time. Use your great media power well.
    Kenny replies: Thanks Jeff from LA. Just so you know, I do take in your criticism seriously. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I better get back to working on my advertorial for the next entry.

    Just kidding.

  45. I was only 11 when I read the FurongJieJie article and laughed myself crazy. I am now 12 years old and I still read your blog from time to time…They used to be a lot funny…

  46. u r not a celeb, please bear in mind, u r noting special. so stop telling ppl ur stupid nonsensical attribute, try opening an autograph session and c how many wud turn up as ur fans for ur crappy blog. Don’t dream lah. Wat mother ask son and teachers ask stud to read ur blog, u really think it’s important meh? Walao……
    Kenny replies: Dude, I never said I am a celeb.

  47. Your earlier blog are filled with creativity and boldness, pushing the boundaries beyond. It had me bursting with laughters and admiration.
    Yes, you had tone down much thru the years which means you had matured.

  48. you realise that you’re gonna corrupt and rot the mind of our future generations?
    the future of malaysia is in your hands!
    … what utter bullshit… hahaha!

  49. kenny…i’m a 17 yr old teen and i’ve been reading ur blog since wayy b4 that furongjiejie and all about you and XX’s wedding etc…i still think you’re a great blogger…and i have HUGE doubts about whether you’vre corrupted my (or any of my friends’) mind…you just provide a little bit of laughter in our lives 😀 keep doing what it is you do best…blog 😀

  50. I read your blog and my 14 yr old teen does too sometimes, though shes bored with the content and thinks its childish( probably more of a cultural difference than anything)To tone down and write to please your readers would be hypocritical.However after that being said, it doesnt mean you can write racial slurs etc–like that airhead ‘friend ” of yours Xiaxue

  51. Heh…. Your blog is a bundle of joy and I hope you can stop censoring your posts and be the kennysia you wanna be. Don’t let those people get to ya.

  52. trust me, I’m 12 and you don’t know what we seemingly innocent 12 year olds know. My friends and I know a lot more about the stuff you think we don’t know about. But then maybe it’s only the few like me. I was 11 when I read your getting married to XiaXue entry! (trust me…I know a lot more than you think) (It just occured to me that I am 12 but I’m as tall as a 14 year old. (158 cm)

  53. Hey, I’m 16 and I’m an avid reader who’s read pretty much all your entries. Like 12 and Proud said, we know a lot more than you think.

  54. Ideally you can blog whatever content you want, as to why the Mum and Teachers “promote” you, beats me.
    But given the popularity and rather “influence” you may have, certain posts that has cross over the grey area, may need your attention to consider the reaction..

  55. Celebrity:- Person of Distinction.
    Bloggers as role-models?? Not necessarily. They are simply people willing to devote Effort into presenting their View and allowing the public free & open discussion,for or against without Censorship.
    Kennysia.com’s success is contributed by Local Kuching boy Returned with First-hand experience of REAL Democracy “No FEAR”,with both feet still planted firmly on the ground. He never has and shows No intention of Forgetting where he came from,which means: Despite advantages,he still lends voice to what his public deems relevant and what local media considers unworthy of their attention. For Better or Worse: Calling it as one sees it takes Courage.
    Though all of the above means his View is one worthy of Consideration, the Primary cause of success in one word is “INTERESTING”.
    Good Luck.

  56. Kenny I jave always enjoyed your blog, and has never once found it offensive, sometime you make bad comments but hey we are humans , humans make mistakes, anyway…………dont change for the sake of changing change only for a good cause, and noisy parents and underaged readers are not a good cause , your blog is open to all to read , no one forces them to read , to avoid complications maybe you can add a disclaimer in your site that says “for the matured, rational and emotioanlly stable only” >.

  57. yeah well said, kenny. sometimes it stops you from blogging about things you really wanna blog about (truthfully), and you have to ‘screen’ things through. it sucks when ppl forget that you write to express your thoughts and all.
    hmmm. but what to do, right? heh.

  58. please lar u dumbasses saying how someone is or not a “celebrity”. A celeb is someone a lot of ppl know lar.if he’s very popular=he’s a celeb lar. so si beh simple also can not put in ur head, can eat shit and die liao lar.
    btw,i dont think jacklyn victor got 14k multiplied by 30 (days) worth of ppl who heard of her.not even half lar.
    how many copies of her albums have she sold?? then times 20%, then thats how many ppl who heard of her la.

  59. Nothing special about Amber Chia la. She was blessed with decent looks and became a model, not rocket science to pose pretty for cameras. Give yourself more credit Kenny….you are a true entertainer ;)!!

  60. I totally understand this dilemma. I’m not a regular blogger but I’m a teacher at a private school and while I’m nowhere near as famous as you, I unfortunately by default become a “role model” for my students. Prior to this I was working in the corporate line and had the freedom to do and say pretty much whatever I wanted (outside office, of course) but now I’ve got to watch whatever I say, do or even wear no matter where I go… Without blowing my trumpet, a number of the students do look up to me and I don’t want to have them say, “If she can do it, it means it’s ok, so I can do it too!” without the maturity to fully understand the consequences or reasons for this action, no matter what they are.
    As a blogger, you reach out to more people who may or may not get to know you personally, and it becomes harder because you can’t speak to them or explain to them things in person and they may misinterpret some of the things you write, or worse, take it a step further.
    It’s not within your control if people take you as their role model, but it does happen. It’s a real bummer because you lose the complete freedom of expression because you now have to watch what you say or do whether it is the written work you publish online or even in person in case people do meet you. *Gasp!*
    Anyway, I love reading your blog. I think you’re one of the best writers of the century (bearing in mind the century is only 7 years old. Hahaha! Seriously though).

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