One Stinking Bad Movie Poster

We’ve got movies on sharks that attack people.

We’ve got movies on snakes that attack people.

We’ve got movies on giant monkeys that attack people.

Heck, we’ve even got movies on toy puppets that attack people.

Now, coming soon to a cinema near you, is a movie on human shit that attacks people.
Tell me that does not look like the fiercest pile of monstrous flesh-eating blobs of slimey shit!

Sarah had too much curry last night, and now she’s paying the price.

After watching the movie you might not wanna go to the toilet alone at night anymore, lest your own crap jumps up from the bowl and bites you in the arse.

Hypothetical question here.
If I steal from a shop selling illegal pirated DVDs, would the shopkeeper want to call the police? Or is he just gonna let me go wild on the latest titles as he watches on helplessly? Who’s the police gonna arrest if they come?

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  1. Yeah I was quite taken aback too when I first saw the Slither poster some time ago. I just watched Snakes on a Plane and it’s some scary shit.

  2. Word of Advice: Do not watch slither! I’m currently studying in Australia and the movie came out about 2 months ago. Paid $10 (RM27) to watch the shittiest movie ever, and I wasn’t even sure if it was suppose to be a comedy or a thriller. Even in Malaysia, the movie is not worth RM6 to watch it in the cinema, or even a pirated DVD!
    Oh and those ‘shit’ thingies are neither shit nor leeches but some weird alien-like thingy from outer space…

  3. if u steal dvd from dvd shop, the shopkeeper wont call the police, instead, they will call their gang and beat u up instead… i had relatives nearly beaten up by those dvd seller gangs for accusing them cheating on the price of the dvd…

  4. sorry to burst ur bubble but i dun think any tom, dick and harry would dare steal from them…usually those VCD sellers know ppl from underground…messing with them wouldn’t be a very smart move…oh yea, they have their protection alright

  5. hart_khor is rite…
    they usually have some tailo backing them up…
    even police dont dare to mess with them…
    if got big police ops then only they can ‘kena’…

  6. i have watched that movie! OMG! IT WAS SO GROSS! I chaperoned my shy friend on her first date with this guy…but eekk…i embraasse dmsyelf quite a bit during certain scenes where all i could do was cover my eyes and kept on muttering like an idiot: that’s so gross! lol, seriously, tehre was even this scene where it looked like the person’s intestines were attackign someone! besides the violence and grossness, it’s an interesting movie to watch tho! coz u just have to laugh so much at the lameness and stupid comedy. btw, they’re space slugs, not shit. lol, when i first saw it, i thought there were intestine bits. but omg, the movie is too full of violence and it’s sssoo freaking gross! kenny, pelase watch it! i really want to see a review from u for it. it’d be so funny.

  7. u will kena caught lah.. if a vertically-challenged man in US is suing the prison for not providing for him adequately.. u thk u wont kena fine too meh

  8. slither is da most crappy movie i had ever watch in aus!! snakes on a plane thumnbs up!! i just watched it just now!

  9. Hahaha. I’m from Aussie too, and you should know, that this movie isn’t about slime monsters from space!
    It’s the result of eating too many spicy hotpot dishes at the dodgy hotpot place in China town.
    *Every restaurant has their dark dirty secrets* (Movie’s unofficial tagline)

  10. Dear Kenny,
    THat’s so lame of you. Please check your facts. YOu’re just one of those “rebel” kids wanna get into the popularity bandwagon by twisting facts for your own benefit. You sure don’t mind stealing pirated DVDs even though people like you can afford to buy the whole lot.
    Mr. Roboto

  11. i think he will not called the police to catch you but he will called his big boss and send somebody to burn your house…btw the shit look like fish lar…

  12. There’s a movie about leeches lonnnnng time ago, when i was young. But it was a chinese movie….I can remember the movie, cuz it was scary shit that i dont even dare to go to the toilet back then….but hor, I forgot what’s the title d…

  13. anyone noes the title of the love song tt was played in the movie while all the gross scenes were going on? such a waste of the love song!!

  14. What about Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”? A classic from the 60s. Probably, the mother of all movies on things & animals that attack humans.
    On the hypothetical question, you would probably get bashed to pieces by some samseng kia/gangster recruited by the DVD seller if he catches you shoplifting. How do you report that? Police will ask you what you’re doing stealing illegal DVDs anyway. I bet the policeman buys them too. Either or, you’re still wrong. And live to tell the story, if you’re lucky enough to survive your beating.

  15. Aiyah that movie come out long ago la. You so outdated one. Sommore say coming soon to the cinema, you are not only fat, you are also dumb.

  16. which is why the shop selling illegal pirated DVDs are mostly operated by some ppl with seedy reputation, lest they encounter ppl like u, they’d just take authority to their hands.
    be good kenny.

  17. i don’t know what you’ve been eating kenny but im pretty sure my shit doesnt look like that.
    then again, i dont have time to scrutinise it. it just falls thru the dark hole and i think it gets expelled into outerspace to be floating debris.

  18. gotta give it to you kenny;
    you sure know how to string all of ’em together to come up with this kind of shit! 😉
    jus kidding kiddo! 🙂
    yes,it’s GROSS!!

    SUCKS LIKE CRAP if the poster doesn’t tell you that, i watched it out of boredom
    just ur basic alien from outer space trying to kill mankind with bad humor and ugly special effects
    NEGATIVE 5 stars!

  20. if you steal those dvds and if you ever get caught, you will definitely be confronted. you can imagine the worst…if they beat you up, others (other sellers including passerbys!) will join in the fun of bashing you up.
    that happened to one of arabs who came here for holidays. i think he won’t be coming back to malaysia for sure.
    you definitely wouldn’t wanna try to do that kenny.

  21. oh by the way, on the question of who’s the police gonna arrest? i am not sure for other places but here, they couldn’t care at all. just take the report and that’s it.

  22. HEy that movie looks frikkin disgusting cant believe some of the shit that hollywood churns out. I wouldn’t mess with the DVD sellers…

  23. Hey I saw that Slither poster at Star Cineplex too! My friends told me those are leeches.. But I told them that they looked more like shits to me. *FIVE* Some BIG and FAT shit! The person might have eaten excessive chillies or MA LA Noodle at Life Cafe! hahaha..

  24. Responding to your hypothetical question:
    The owner will call his “ka-kia” (the paikia, the ah beng, the gin-na… whatever) and beat you up jialat jialat and throw you out on the streets. Confirm one.

  25. no not that.. the slogan should be ‘Shit Happens’. haha.. yes not only DVD piracy, word piracy too.
    darn it man.. what a truly shitty movie. haha.

  26. kenny ,use your brainlah when you curi people thing u are wrong already, dont care people things legal or illegal…

  27. never ever watch Snakes on Plane.
    Crappiest movie ever produced!!!
    Plus damn stupid too.
    Try imagine snakes attacking someone’s dick when peeing, snakes attacking when some couple made love in the cubicle toilet on plane.
    Man, biting all the private parts here and there! whahahha!
    [shown here in UK. maybe kena censored in msia]
    the ugliest scene is where the snake ‘pop’ out from the human’s mouth.
    Snake lah? or aliens?
    snake in mouth?

  28. BTW, talking about current movies… you guys should check out “Beneath Still Waters”. I know it’s supposed to be a horror flick…. but…. it’s just SOOOOOOO comical! xP

  29. Hey Kenny, in answer to your hypothetical question… I think the police will arrest both the shopkeepers and you! lol…

  30. That’s so gross. I saw the trailer. It’s supposed to change the people they bite or something right? I hate this kinda movies. Gives you the creeps even after weeks.

  31. Wow Kenny u solved my puzzle on this eh…saw the VCD seller at the road side displaying this movie….was asking what the heck is that….tout its a leech…..OMG it’s a SHIT….=) LOL

  32. thoughts for your hypothetical question.
    If you steal from a shop selling illegal pirated DVDs, the shopkeeper want to call the alternative “law enforcers”-la.
    so, forget about it unless you wanna live with the hak-seh-wui after you.

  33. I’ve seen the show and it stinks shit. They are some kind of alienated-leeches that goes into your system and turns you into some freak. Not worth they money if u are actually thinking of watching it.. 😛

  34. if u do watch it, watch out for the scene where ONE of the slither is “swimming” to the girl in the bathtub. I swear to God, the whole cinema was snickering and silently laughing cos it looks like a sperm. hahah !

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