Crocs Beach Review And Giveaway

Crocs is a brand of footwear that seems to be all the rage right now.

They aren’t that big in Malaysia yet, but these odd-looking shoes are everywhere in Hong Kong and Singapore.
It’s hard to miss them, what with their bright in-your-face colours and all. The only thing weirder than their designs is how the heck something not quite a shoe, not quite a sandal, not quite a clog became so damn popular. Even A-list celebrities from Matt Damon to Faith Hill were heard singing praises about them.

Crocs Malaysia has given me a pair of Crocs Beach to try out without any obligations to review them on
My immediate reaction when I first laid eyes on them was “what the hell is this funny-looking thing”? Then I showed them to Cheesie and she went “Hey, that looks like cheese!”

Cheesie: “It’s yellow and holey!”

Let’s face it, this is probably not the kinda footwear you’d see in the latest issue of Vogue or GQ Magazine. Crocs is the latest fashion trend as well as the greatest injustice to both the words “fashion” and “trend”.
I won’t say that it’s ugly. Let’s be diplomatic and just say that it’s “an acquired taste” and “take some getting used to”. πŸ˜›

It actually took me a bit of courage to start wearing the Crocs Beach around town. Crocs are not yet released in Kuching (though we do have some big hungry ones in our rivers), so my footwear has been getting quite a lot of attention here. So far I’ve got all sorts of comments from “OMG WHAT IS THAT?!” to “Hey that looks so cool and funky!”
Crocs aren’t the best looking shoes, but I gotta admit it grows on me after a while. I especially love it when I’m at a friend’s place and see my cheese-yellow Crocs stand up among the boring black leather shoes and brown sandals at the door steps.

Sure, it’s chunky, oversized and make me look like a clown, but I’d be lying if I said Crocs is not the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever put my foot in. A lot of credit goes to the resilient foam-like material the shoes are made of, which moulds into the shape of my soles with the aid of body heat. There are also ventilation holes on the top and sides of the shoes to keep the feet cool.
Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Nikes, but I can walk all day, step through rainwater, wriggle my toes in my Crocs, and not end up with smelly feet at the end of the day. CAN YOUR NIKES DO THAT?

That’s probably the reason why it’s so popular. You won’t know how soft it is until you try. Crayon-coloured clogs might top of the list of fashion faux pas, but only time will tell whether or not Crocs will suffer the same fate as fashion fads like platform shoes, transparent bra straps and dyed blonde hair.
In the meantime, you’ll definitely see me wearing this around a lot more often.

But hey, don’t take my word for it. I’ve spoken to Crocs Malaysia, and they’ve agreed to give out their flagship Crocs Beach shoes to FIVE lucky readers (thanks, KV!). If you want it, you could have it.

Since Crocs is such a favourite among celebrities, all you gotta do is leave a comment below answering this question.
“Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?”
I’m NOT talking about you buying a ticket to watch Pussycat Dolls in concert, neither am I talking scandals or smear campaigns like you sleeping with Michael Jackson as a child. It could just be something simple, like maybe someone you know have David Tao on MSN. Or maybe you bought a drink for WWE wrestler Nidia and got a kiss from her in return (which actually happened to me before).
The juicier it is, the better.

Anyway, the contest closes 11:59pm Friday 1st September and you must include your valid email address, so I could e-mail to get your shoe size and postal address. Crocs will mail out the prizes to Malaysian addresses ONLY.
It’s so good to be a reader hor. Got free things one.

I love it how The Star have so much puns in their headlines. In response to the Thai sex worker boom in Kelantan, one headline went: “Hard to go after prostitutes, say authorities”

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  1. btw, one of my friends is currently wearing the pirated version of crocs (made in china!).
    more or less the same material but the holes were oval and not round and they’re currently being sold for RM16 (i think) at carrefour. and they weren’t as blatant as to put crocs logo there la, just a plain round sticker.
    the entreprenuership of ppl in china amazes me!

  2. hey so all i gotta do is talk a lil about my encounter with a celeb or just say : I WANT ONE CROCS BEACH…
    ok if it need a goes : once i was in NOkia bangsar, kuala lumpur , it was raining.. the day just couldnt get any worse till i open the doors to tht shop and there ! i saw jaclyn victor..she was really nice and i had a picture with her..

  3. you should come to singapore. its full of holes and it looks like hawkers shoes. but everyone’s wearing them. figures.

  4. Last time when I had dinner with my sister with her friend Michelle Yeoh(yes, true enough) I asked her whether she buys pirated vcds before, she answered “Yes, but you don’t buy MY pirated vcds, ok?” LOL.

  5. ok.. my only encounter with a celebrity (two as a matter of fact) was during the Jazz Fest, Miri back in May this yr.
    who r the celebs u ask? no other than local Astro Talent Quest 2004 winner and runner-up “Wu Guo Fei” and “Wang Ming Li”. I was boogeying away on the dance floor to the jazz music when i glanced towards my right.. and “hey, that guy looks so familiar!” i thought to myself. it took a moment to realise who he was. Ming Li is sooo petite. She’s even smaller than me! (i’m 5’1 and a HALF”). They were both dancing just an arm length’s away. I doubt i’d ever get any closer than that with a bigass celebrity.
    Okay.. it might not be a juicy celeb encounter. But i come from a small town. can’t expect to bump into someone big here. You understand that, rite Kenny? =D

  6. I met Amber Chia at an exhibition about SEX organized by my college and I actually had quite an interesting talk with her and even got a picture with her. She’s pretty sweet although her command in english could be better but i’m sure she’s working on it πŸ™‚ I LOVE CROCSSSSSSS lalallaa

  7. haha…they r kinda funky…:D
    hmm…closest encounter wv a celebrity would b at the flipsyde showcase in zouk this year…met the band…kinda cool…but also met fat fabs from…he was d mc…went on stage for one of the “contests”…made a fool of myself of course…but hell…managed to get friendly enough wv fat fabs that he even rubbed my tummy…haha…yes m fat…but for fat fabs to rub my tummy…dat makes my tummy smth man…lol…:D

  8. Hey, kenny! Been an avid reader of yours for quite some time now.
    My celebrity encounter definitely had to be when i bumped into Paul Moss at the San Francisco Coffee outlet in Uptown Damansara Utama. I was walking out of a cybercafe with my friends when they all pointed to some angmoh across the street and hissed at me, “Isn’t that Paul Moss????”
    So we went over and sort of stalked him outside the cafe, looking in through the windows to make sure that it was him. Don’t wanna be paiseh and greet the wrong angmoh ma. In the end i went in and said “Hello, sir… Are you Paul Moss?”
    He was pretty nice, posed for pics with us (thank god for camera phones) and signed a few autographs. =D

  9. I actually got a pair of Crocs but different to the type you have (i.e. the one with holes). My version is the Aspen and have the entire forefoot covered because I use it for working in the operating theatre… and I must say I LOVE them!
    Greetings from Melbourne

  10. I used to work at Mediacorp about 6 years back. As there is only one canteen, you get to see the Mediacorp stars there all the time. One incident I will NEVER forget, was a breakfast encounter with Sharon Au. At that time, I reall thought Sharon Au was a nice little thing, and sweet and all that, but all my fantasies were shattered that morning.
    I saw Sharon queing up to buy coffee, and she had no bra on!!!!! Oh My GOD!!!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it! I stared, and stared, but of course, my illusions about her being a nice sheltered and sweet girl were completely shattered, and I now know all the nice facades they put on TV are just that. Nice facades!
    And I love Crocs!!!

  11. Not so friendly Celebrity encounter.. went to Sarawak heritage village,Kuching, near gawai festival and saw Nicholas Teo(zhang dong liang) the astro talent winner of year 2002, think he’s doing a photoshoot for Gawai… was taking pictures of the dancers in costumes in that particular bidayuh house and one of his publicist or someone came marching over and block my camera saying I can’t take pictures, Told her I’m taking pictues of the shield and costumes the so-called celebrtity is blocking, the crowd around me started stiffling their laughters and she went off saying to only take pictures after Nicholas Teo is gone… What a turn off!!

  12. this was back in 2003:
    I was shopping along Orchard road with my friend during a weekday and we were heading towards the Mango store at Wisma Isetan (its quite secluded as in it’s located real inside Isetan, but nonetheless still a favorite among female shoppers). Apparently, been a weekday, there’s not much people around. I was browsing through the rack of clothes when someone bump into me and never apologize. I turned and stare at the person and she just gaze dreamily at me. The first thought that strike was ‘this lady has really weird dress sense man, what’s with the bright silver sequin short skirt with bright pink sequin high heels’? And she’s really skinny with tonnes of make-up. I turned to walk away when my dear friend exclaimed ‘Hey! isn’t that Cai Yi Ling (Jolin Tsai)?’ I was like sure? I try to make up whether the lady who bumped into me is really Jolin. Lo and behold, she is. Oh gosh, one of my favourite celebrity bumped into me and my first thought was like ‘what the hell’ and I couldn’t even recognize her! Slowly, I heard more excited whisperings among the female shoppers in the boutique and her co-workers (I guess so)called out to her by her name (which confirm she is really Jolin Tsai) to leave.
    Well that is some celebrity bumping I had πŸ™‚

  13. Amber Chia…it happend in kuching…well i live here. She was shooting a movie here not so long ago…around one week. My frenz and I were at Scoops opposite Hilton hotel…then we decided to go to Senso…Amber Chia was there…shooting a scene, my frenz didnt notice her until i did. But the sad thing was i didnt get a chance to have a picture with her but 3 of my frenz did… Haha owel..she look hot that night thou..her last words were “Happy Clubbing Guys”…Heheh i wan a pair of Crocs

  14. okay, all out for CROCS– my juicy encounter with the VERY hot ASHA GILL!
    i was in topshop midvalley when i thought i saw asha (yes, i thought–i didnt expect it at all ;p)
    and how did i make sure it was really her?? i actually went up to her and asked!! muahaha..and where? right in the fitting room >

  15. I was once in close encounter with AMei. It was 3 years ago in one of the weekdays. She is actually very petite in size and her non-choreographed dance moves were not that great.

  16. Kenny sia, you see i got a crystal ball that says kenny sia is gonna hand me the croc shoe personally instead of Croc themselves. Kenny sia is a celebrity… is he not? online celebrity.

  17. Those Crocs reminded me of the Adidas sandals which 2 of my friends bought from S’pore. Now, I wish to get a pair of Crocs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Showing I am more SYOK than them because I own Crocs rather than Adidas!!!! LOL..
    Here it is. Actually she’s a HK net friend of mine. Knew her for almost 4 months. Both of us like Terence Yin Zi Wei, a HK star(He’s in Rob-B Hood, Jackie Chan’s movie so check him out in Sept)soooooooo much. This net friend of mine actually has got the chance to celebrate Terence’s BIRTHDAY together at a cafe during May and he offered her a HUG too!!!! How I wish I were there too! She owned a few of those big machine cameras for taking pictures of Terence. She will stalk him wherever he goes HAHA.. but it’s alright as long as it’s not too over. Her life is soooo interesting. LMAO.. Just click on my name to view the bday pics. I’ve seen some even more juicier but not so convenient to show it out here.
    ***PRAY HARD!!! I wanna get a pair of Crocs!!!***
    Btw, Kenny, are you a celebrity too? I considered you as one ;P so I can write ‘HOW I MET KENNY SIA’.

  18. my close encounter … friend’s cousin’s uncle’s brother suppliers toilet paper for siti and latok K’s wedding. i guess you can call that a close relationship..with a celebrisiti…..

  19. i was once on the same flight as Amy from the local rock band Search. How i knew? He has this huge frizzy hair thingy going on with Steve Tyler “Aerosmith” facial structures. So my bro dared me to go up to him and ask for Steve Tyler’s autograph! He looked pretty embarrased and i was laughing in my seat throughout the entire flight!

  20. Crocs beach. i own a pair of this model. Hav been experimenting it for nearly a yr now, comparing it to my teva terra fi and others..
    Main reasons i got the crocs beach was bcos i thought they could be very comfortable (in the hope that they could be more comfortable than teva) and i was persuaded to believe they hav an odourless effect in any condition.
    After almost a yr now, I am slightly dissapointed cos i find crocs failed in terms of comfort as many ppl including myself that has actually used crocs on long duration actually develope irritations and sometimes blister. (wic seldom or never occur in teva, esp the high end models.)
    And when u have stepped into water or sweat and then still wearing that crocs, U will still find urself end up with stinking feet.
    I travel. and i must say Crocs takes up a lot of space (as sandals) and this can be a big disadvantage. (althought crocs are lightweight)
    I still prefer teva.
    I hav tried teva, nike, and other popular brands.
    i will say that crocs range below teva but definitely way above nike. (nike’s acg sandals are considered one of the lowest quality in outdoor sandals)
    But of cos, there r plenty of positive comments about crocs in their official site and frm sales promoter of crocs wic can be helpful.
    SUm positive comment:
    Crocs are extremely easy to clean.
    the grip is superb.
    many ppl find crocs funky and fancy. its defly a form of fashion. perhaps fashion that comes with confidence.

  21. i got encounter one celebrity …is Sammy Vellu consider politics celebrity?at least he appear a lot in newspaper and tv due to “ehem certian news” …this happend in KLCC that when he just came out of toilet with bunch of reporter and his body guard, i din’t know he is “sammy vellu” until my friend ask me do u know the indian guy u past thru just now?…i a “bit loudly” said who is he, gang leader ah?…i think mr.sammy vellu look back at me la…he happend to heard my conversation with my friend. oh …nvm…he cant regonise me i think,…why did those reporter follow him into toilet anyway?

  22. Gayish celebrity encounter ( looks like it) Was in New York last 2 year when we decided to take a picture with the naked cowboy at time square. since we asians are not so tall the compare to the naked cowboy, the scence look like as if my frens grope his ass when they place their hands on his back….look real nasty after we developed the pics. bad stuff o_0

  23. Hi Kenny! This is my very “pai seh” encounter with a celebrity.
    A few year back when i was working part time in an event company, i was one of the crew for a particular product launch in Alexis, Bangsar.
    The highlight event was a performance by legendary diva Sheila Majid. Dont know about you but i’ve always wanted to meet her since i was a kid, since the 1st time i heard ‘Lagenda’! And so i had the chance of a lifetime to meet her then.
    As she arrived Alexis i was to report her arival to the crew members and as i was doing that, i was on my way down a fleet of stairways when there she was…. on the way up the narrow stairs. I told myself…’say hi to her… say hi to her’… then as she brushed by me, i said it “Hi Sheila”… in a very cool way and she replied “Oh HI Sayang..”
    MAN!! THE SHEILA MAJID called me sayang!!… and because of that, i fell tumbling down the last few step and sprained my wrist. I was so pai seh whn everyone there saw what happened and i took the rest of the evening off… without seeing Sheila performing…. how sad.

  24. I was at Ikea once looking at the kitchen utensils when I spotted Ferhad across the aisle. Although I do not like him as a singer/celebrity I was pretty shocked and wanted to tell somebody.
    AS my dad was nearby, I pulled him close and said “Dad, look there, it’s a local singer called Ferhad.” My dad, being a very spontaneous person, walked towards him. Knowing him, I knew he was going up to to say “I heard you’re a celebrity, can I have your autograph for my daughter?” or something to that effect. So I shouted a bit and quickly pulled him back, trying to restrain him. My dad didn’t say anything, but Ferhad looked up at us in bewilderment for sometime before quickly walking away.
    That was a close call because I didn’t want to be thought as one of Ferhad’s fans.

  25. You mean the oh-so-popular Crocs have not reached Kuching yet?! They’re everywhere in KL…turn your head and you see dozens of them (in the shops, not the amount of ppl wearing them….yet!). But I’ve seen ppl going for yoga classes in the gym wearing those crocs.
    Yeah, and Carrefour sells the imitation ones for 16 bucks…..can’t really tell the difference coz it looks exactly the same!

  26. Hmm, I will give this a shot….
    I have met 3 celebrities in my lifetime:-
    (1.) Was in the same lift as the Moffats in Kl 3plus years ago. They were singing a tune my ex loved. Weird group btw.
    (2.) Met Lleyton Hewitt at Perth last year while he was competing in some tournament at Kings Park. Dude can run and yell.
    (3.) Yeah…met Kenny Sia (thats right, YOU) indirectly at Chong Lin Plaza Bodyworld Gym, Kuching. The fellow was doing cardio on the treadmill while listening to his Nano Pod.
    Other then that….
    GIMME THE CROCS. GIMMEEEEEE…… (I am size 9.5 U.S)
    Cheers mate…… from a fellow curtin alumni…

  27. Hopefully this is an interesting (though i find it more embarassing =P) enough encounter…
    I currently study in London, and upon reaching home from uni i spot a VERY blonde Claudia Schiffer coming out of that posh-place-that-i-could-never-afford’s gate with a male companion.
    I was thinking to myself “shoot! stay calm…she’s just a model, don’t be a freaky fan…damn she has droopy elbows….dudE! she’s old nvm she’s still damn hot…just overtake her and act cool!”
    so off i go bracing the cold and imagined in my mind swooping past her without a care in the world…at least i did that part,
    until my winter coat’s hoodie string got caught on a parked bicycle and snapped me back *DOING* right back at her.
    SH*T! i was grabbing at it and cursing like a sailor with scurvy.
    she merely chuckled and walked ahead in front of me again to her parked, black, pimped up Range Rover and her friend drove her off into the…grey sky.
    but it’s ok since i’m such a klutz, friends nvr fail to enjoy it =)
    hehe hope to hear from ya πŸ˜‰

  28. If you have to buy please buy the alternative shoe that looks just the same, it cost S$5 to S$9.90 and the are just as ugly or good looking. Don’t make the American richer, Malaysia are poor enough.

  29. Duh..In a small place like Brunei, spotting a celebrity is like seeing a rat not “hiu-ing” cheese, not quite possible.
    But I once saw Deng-Zhi-Zhang in One Utama shopping with his wife. Wife holding elder son’s hand and him pushing the baby trolley. Nothing big for residents in KL I think..

  30. i met sazzy..
    it was the filming of GOL&GINCU.. at ampang sports planet..
    was part of the crowd control peeps..
    someone tried to make fun of her.. when she can’t kick into the goal.. and she then look towards my direction and told me to go and become the keeper..
    that’s about it..

  31. Crocs are gross…. I don’t care if they sing to my feet and rock them straight to sleep, they are soooooo ugly!

  32. Okay so it was a result night of the 2nd last round of the first edition of Malaysian Idol. (The night where Vick was kicked out to hand the finalist spots to Jaclyn Victor and Dina)… And it was after the show where we the common people were allowed to ask for autographs and shout like chimpanzees over the sight of our favourite contestants… So yeah i didn’t have a favourite among the 3… but my friends went up to jaclyn victor for a picture… so i tagged along.. and i actually found her to be funny and outgoing… and so I asked her for her phone number.. only for her to ask her caucasian boyfriend to come and hand me his number so i could contact him whenever i wanted to contact her.. Now Kenny please help make that utter humiliation on my part worth it by sending me a pair of those wicked Crocs will ya !

  33. Not sure if you’ll consider this person as a celebrity or not……
    Recently I went to a Jazz Fest to see Sting performing…no, I am not citing Sting as the celeb. Among the audience of 35,000 at the outdoor park, there she is, the President of Finland. Ms Tarja Halonen is among us. So I went up to her and had a few words and took a few picture…the security isnt as tight as you’d expect. And even more amazingly, she stood up on the bench like the rest of us when Sting appeared! And I have picture to prove it.

  34. Seems like I’m longing for getting a pair of Crocs. Nonnie’s comment just reminded me of something happened when I was still in primary. I was once a dancer for DENG ZHI ZHANG during his CNY performance in Sarawak Chamber. haha.. Just for that particular show. My friends always tease me about that.
    Another one is on ‘HOW I MET KENNY SIA’. Remembered the time when Kenny Sia was HONGING THE KONG? Kenny actually posted his HK number here. I sent him a message around 2am asking him if he could help me find a DVD in HK and he replied me! I was laughing so loud when I received his replies. hehe.. Kenny’s so nice. The next day afternoon, he text me telling me that he had found what I want with the price and asking me if I wanna get it. Initially, I expected him would forget about it. hehe.. So after a week, he’s finally back to Kch. 2 friends with met Kenny up at Scoops, opposite to Hilton. He’s soo friendly and nice. Though the atmosphere was a bit weird. haha.. And, I met a friend there. She thought a girl friend of mine was actually Kenny’s girlfriend and went back to seat to tell her other friends. I didnt get the chance to explain to her as Kenny was just right behind me. haha.. Sorry Kenny. Rumour flies really fast unless they read about Nicole. Anyway, Kenny is such a sweetie.

  35. This happened a couple of years back.
    A friend of mine was heading back to the UK for a new semester. As she checked in late, she was upgraded to 1st class. Being a friendly person, she made small talk to the guy seated next to her…asking what he does for a living.
    “i’m in the entertainment industry” he answered.
    she continued asking if he could really earn a living in the entertainment industry & he replied…”not too bad”…
    A little while later after take off, a teenager walked over and asked…
    “Mr. ALI G…i’m a big fan of yours, could i have your autograph?”
    My friend wished she was never upgraded that day!!

  36. so this is my encounter with jackie chan.
    i was at one utama with a friend and jackie was there promoting the launch of new police story. too many ppl and the crowd was too packed for me to get up close and so i thought what the heck, i can catch him on the big screens instead of making my way through the horde. so i left and went down the stairs to the carpark. as i reached the underground car park, the elevator next to the stairs opened and jackie chan walked out. that way was his ‘escape route’. just a couple of bouncers and some security ppl around… i managed to high-five him before he was whisked away in his getaway van.

  37. erm, my rather embarassing encounter with a celebrity is when tis Msian Idol 2 finalists having their autograph session in Tower Records KLCC a year back. Being a Msian Idol 2 noob tat time, i only recognised Daniel Lee and din bother the rest… was very hyped up/excited tat i’m actually seeing the finalists live tat time. so when the session ended, the finalists walked in line to leave the Tower Records. Azam was the 1st followed by Daniel… i was so excited, i shouted Bye “Adam”, Bye Daniel.. and Azam gave me ‘what the heck’ look… and i was like damnit, say byebye to u and u show me tis look… it was only until later that week during the show, i found out tat i actually call his name wrongly… paiseh paiseh wei, so many ppl at there tat time sumoreeee… *blush*

  38. I remember once, I was at genting with my friends. We were sitting this ride cockscrew. While seated down..infront of me was douglas lim and few more of his fellow actors from “gei zi dong guai”
    Imagine. For the whole time, there were celebs in front of me..but i didn’t notice it. I’ve got the picture to prove it too…
    2nd encounter was kinda embarassing,
    i was walking on the car park at 1Utama Petaling jaya, so there i was walking without realising a car behind me… so the guy honked at me… i was like WTH!?!?! i wanted to screw him up when I realise the person in the car was M.Nasir.. I was like OMFG!?!?! i was about to screw a celeb…
    oh well….
    did i get the shoeS?
    what size do they have?
    me contact..

  39. Well, i saw jay chou last year at one utama. he was there for an autograph-signing session with fans for his then new album, november’s chopin (stupid name yeah, i know). So, after waiting in line for some time, the moment came..i was there standing right in front of him while he signed on my copy of the album. He actually touched my album! Sounds gay right, yeah i know but he did look kinda tired back then, poor guy haha…anyway, that’s my only encounter with a celeb other than steven lim, but most of you would go “steven who?” anyway…so yeah…jay chou’s the only celeb i’ve seen/met before…sad life, i know…

  40. My encounter with a femes person ah…
    Kenny Sia lor! I once spoke to him on MSN. Dang friendly lerh that guy. I likes. That’s why he’s going to gimme a pair of Crocs. Tengkiu in advance. Haiit.

  41. hey Kenny,
    I’m actually quite lucky to have encounter a few celebrities during the F1 event held in Malaysia early this year. This is how it happens. After the race, me and my friend climbed over the fence of the grandstand to get a better view of the celebration.. Our grandstand is located quite far from the main stage…so we had to run all the way on the road waving our ferrari flags like hooligans. Too bad Ferrari did not win .. Anyway.. we ended up at the exit of the VIP room.. Somehow we managed to get in and we were just outside all the pit garage of the teams!. As we were walking around in amusement.. we bump into a few drivers and took photos with them.. like David Coulthard, Button, Alonso and my favourite Schumacher.. After hanging around for awhile more.. we saw Dj Tiesto!. I was still having my wrist tag from the the pitparty the night we ended up taking photos and getting autographs. This was by far the best time of my life..

  42. My encounter with a celebrity included Wang Lee Hom and the Kuching Airport a few years ago when he was in Kuching for a mini concert (I think). I’m not into Chinese songs (coz I don’t understand them!)so I had no idea he was in Kuching.
    Going through the immigrations counter, I had the urge to turn to my right and there was LeeHom in shades and quite-tight jeans, which I remembered to be quite bright in color. I turned to my mom and said “I think that’s a famous HK singer lah”, to which my mom looked at me like I was on crack and said “Si meh?? Siaw lah, where got, no lah! Don’t be ridiculous!”
    Sure enough after he past immigrations, those girls from the duty free shops started taking pictures and asking for autograph. So CONFIRM it was him lah. I gave my mom the dirty look and mocked her “Don’t be ridiculous LAH!”
    I confirmed this with my friends the following week at school and they were like “WHAT??!?! Did you take pictures with him?? Did you talk to him????” All I could say was just “No, not interested”. I swear those girls wanted to cekik me. Teeheehee.

  43. Ok, I wonder if Tun Dr. Mahathir is a celebrity or not, but I consider he is since he is one of the most famous man in the world, if not, Malaysia.
    I am a Malaysian and for the entire 19 years in Malaysia, I only “met” Tun Dr. Mahathir on the television screen. Till he retired, I still didn’t manage to see him face to face although, I admire him as a successful leader. But, when I am in The University of Western Australia, Perth, I was given an opportunity to see him giving a talk about “The World Economics” (or something like that). It was an unforgetable day to meet Tun Dr. Mahathir face to face. A former Prime Minister, whom you have always been admired, standing in front of you, you can imagine how happy I am. After the talk, everyone who attended the talk was given the opportunity to take photos, shake hands, speak one or two words and hug Tun Dr. Mahathir. Being the “not mature” me at that time, I got a paper and a pen and rushed towards Tun Dr. Mahathir to get a signature. Just like what the fans rushing to the top of the stage to get a signature of Jay Chow. Then, of course, I shook hands with him. I’m quite disappointed that I didn’t take any photos with him since I don’t have my digicam with me that time. At that time, I thought I’m the most fanatic “fan” of Dr. Mahathir. Who knows there was this girl running up to him, holding his hands and shoutedtold him,”Tun, I really LOVE you. You have made Malaysia a successful country!” Everyone was looking at her at that time and I think Tun Dr. Mahathir was also shocked that he has such a fanatic “fan”. Just before Tun Dr. Mahathir was about to leave, I went up to him again and shook hands with him for another time:P
    It’s so weird that I could only meet my former Prime Minister in Australia, not in Malaysia:P

  44. “Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?”
    Ok, i have no idea which the exact definition of a celebrity. Somebody popular? Seriously, i’ve never had any interesting encounter with a popular celebrity. If politicians are considered as celebrities then i have some interesting encounters.
    Any of you remember Datuk Amar Leo Moggie, a former minister during Dr. Mahathir’s era? I had an interesting encounter with him a few years back at Parkroyal Hotel KL’s gent’s!
    He was the only other man in the toilet and he was standing next to my urinal. I thought he looked really familiar. After a few seconds, i realised he was Datuk Leo Moggie and as soon as i walked out from the gent’s (he went walked out first) i saw a few men in black who ushered him to his official car waiting infront of the hotel lobby.

  45. This may sound rather geeky, but I met the 2001 Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry, Prof. Ryoji Noyori, when he was attending some conference in Jakarta, Indonesia. Asked for a picture with him and he laughed, saying that he isn’t a celebrity. Even then, he was all nice and even agreed to give an autograph on some piece of paper that just happened to lie around on a table nearby. And his top tip: regardless how smart you are, you aint gonna win a Nobel if you aren’t lucky.

  46. i went to Z Chen’s [chinese singer] mini concert 3 years ago with a couple of my close girlfriends. we were 16 and still very immature and LOUD. so then he came out and started singing and me and my friends were all excited and jumpy. and suddenly one of my friends came up with this crazy idea. the five of us was supposed to stand up together hand in hand [the mini concert was held indoors so we were sitting] and shout “Z CHEN I LOVE YOU”…
    so we counted from 1 to 3 and…i was the only one who stood up and shouted “Z CHEN I LOVE YOU!!!” the rest chickened out!everyone in the theatre looked at me like i was a freak. and then Z Chen looked at me, smiled and waved.
    i nearly died of embarassment!

  47. Oh yeah, that day i bought a webcam. after trying it a few times, the display looks familiar.
    Then i opened the Paris Hilton famous sex video and said “oh yeah Paris, so this was the webcam you used to record your sex video huh?, you bitch”
    I need crocs Kenny Sia Dot Com. πŸ™‚

  48. for the pair of crocs, i will give you my malaysia addy in JB, how about that?!
    as for celebrity story, i do know of ahem, someone with ahem, XXX on MSN.. muahahahahahahahahaha so do i win or do i win? πŸ˜›

  49. nt from msia but would like to share this la.
    went for energy’s autograph session last yr…
    waited for hours and it was finally my turn!
    went up and shook their hands and stuff (smilesmile “thank u!”)
    when i was standing infront of milk and shaking his hand, he suddenly said a whole lot of stuff to me…
    i was damn surprised…and the stupid thing is that i couldn’t hear a single word of it cuz the stereo was blasting too loudly JUST RIGHT BESIDE THE TABLE. (and i was at the end of the table too. lucky i didnt go deaf >

  50. bill keith designer is supposabably a famous person in the design industry.. but i didn’t know that, and there was a discussion in class about him..
    and then so happen when i was in a relative house a week later, i over heard his name in a conversation, and then i started telling my mom and other aunties about the weird things i heard of him in college…
    she then whispers to me (he is beside you)
    i looked at him, embarrased ! who knew he was my aunt’s newly wed husband’s brother !!
    i has just bad mouth my uncle infront of him and his family =(

  51. Few Years ago, i met “ah niu” in a group of local singer which is very popular that time, in sibu airport. Took Photo with Ahniu, hugging him n “suap” him “kampua” mee ( the most popular “foochow”noodles in Sibu).
    I met Jackyln Vic and also the rest of the finalist in Lot 10, be the 1st one who gt their autographs, was in the newspaper the nxt day n actualy Jac spoke to me a while n told me that she has a toungue pierce like me…Cool…
    **My fren, gv Vic her phone number, and guess wat… he really called my fren(happened in Lowyat) i was around too that time, before the semi-final.**
    i met Paul Moss in One utama… i was goin down frm the escalator…he was goin up, gt to say “hi paul” to him.. he was shocked…n in the Malaysian Idol Final, he actualy mentioned that he become more n more popular after become MI judges n even he got FAN calling his name when he is shopping in the complex.
    Met “Steve Yap” in section 14th, PJ. Walking alone..wearing a beach quater pants, n bright orange T-shirt..Looks handsome.
    The Best part is… I met “Ping Guan” in one of my frens College Ball nite.. he was invited to performed that nite.. i gt the chance to met him (face to face) at the backstage.
    I was with my fren tat time(jonathan)…when Ping Guan about to leave, we say bye bye to him n my fren shouted “Guang liang. Jia You!!!”
    PingGuan was shocked n look at us a while n left.. i guess he must be freaking piss of my fren….
    Kenny, Can i get my croc????

  52. this happened a few months back in jakarta. i was working at a cafe, sorting the catering for a press conference for a big haircare company in indonesia. the MC for that day was Olga Lydia (apparently some model, i was told…)
    she walked in (no makeup yet), and she was absolutely gorgeous! anyway, she left for her make up session after that, got back about half an hour before the event was scheduled to start (with her makeup..even more gorgeous!)
    anyway, i went up to her to say hi, and to ask her if she’d mind having some photos taken with the cafe staff, she happily obliged, i thanked her for it, and it struck me that she spoke english with a very attractive accent!
    anyways, spoke to her for a few minutes, gave her a box of chocolates, asked for her email (didn’t want to come across as being too pushy you see) and told her to call if she was in malaysia…i then found out over the next few days that she’s actually quite big in indonesia, starring in movies and all that, and being pretty vocal in politics too….
    so yeah, that’s my story, didn’t have the starstruck thingy cos i didn’t realise she was that famous πŸ˜›

  53. “Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Nikes, but I can walk all day, step through rainwater, wriggle my toes in my Crocs, and not end up with smelly feet at the end of the day. CAN YOUR NIKES DO THAT?”
    Don’t know about Nike, but my pair of GoreTex shoes can do that.

  54. was at dome, suntec city singapore with 2 friends having coffee break when we noticed ah niu sitting alone beside our table drinking his coffee. get to have his autograph but the shocking thing was after he finished his drink and was about to leave, he was asked to pay the bill!
    so he proceeded to the counter. however he had no money with him, had to wait for a friend to come (probably 15-20 mins wait) to pay his bill! incredible! celebrity no money to pay bill for coffee? huh?

  55. Well to say i have quite a few encounters with celebrities… but this has gotta be the most embarassing of all.
    As few weeks prior to that, i went to the showcase of the group 5566 with a few friends who pestered me to bring them there. And so i frantically searched for a 5566 album to be autographed, as a gift to my gfren then. On the way out i noticed a poster that says Energy were to appear at the same location in 2 weeks or so. Told my gfren about it and she pestered me to bring her there.
    On that fateful day, i arrived with my gfren who was very enthusiastic just in time to realise the autograph signing session was over. My gfren was pretty mad at me, so walking towards the car then, at the traffic light, i saw fans chasing a black car and Energy was right inside it. Managed to get a high 5 from one of them tho, not a wasted trip i guess. Hehe thatz about it!

  56. There was this one time I was in KLCC(the ground floor of one of the towers, not the shopping mall), happily walking along. Then this malay guy sort of bumped into me, said excuse me. I turned around and holy shit, Mahathir was right behind me and the malay guy was one of his many body guards surrounding him and i was in their path. Felt damn paise man, quickly walk off.

  57. since i do not have a malaysian address, i shall not participate seriously…
    “Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?”
    answer: no

  58. Well, i dun get in touch with english celebrities often with the fact that i am staying in malaysia. Duh!!! Malay celebrities? i don’t even know if i have met up with them even if i were 2 bump into them. ( No offence -_- )
    Check it out, i have heard of the duo “Too Phat” since like, primary school and they came for a guest performance in my university recently and sad to say, no one could recognize those popular celebrities among the crowd. Beat that !!!
    However, its chinese celebrities that i am familiar with. Why? Haha, coz they use 2 make trips to our university for promos courtesy of our very own song composing club which invites them of and on. Eric lim, Danny one, Fish Leung, Michael n Victor, Yu Heng, which is comming this 6th of September 2 our uni for the 2nd time.
    This is how my story goes…………………
    Well, there was once i was off with my friends to this cafe called Mongkok cafe and restaurant at SS2 if u folks know where that is, its at famous hangout place in PJ, where i come from. Upon planting our butts at our seats, we noticed a gal sitting opposite us, HOT !!! her long smooth hair drapped over her back with perfect features and not to mention a very very clear complexion indeed. All of us were glued to her that we didn’t noticed the waiter by our side taking orders. @_@ Now thats something u would expect from a group of guys chillin out on a saturday nite. =_=”’ After a few glances, finally we couldn’t resist and sent out a representative to get her number. Of course he must be the most good lookin among us. Lol. Haha
    Upon returning with a long face, he showed us something which led us to similar facial expressions with him.
    On his hand was a business card with a name on it ” Amber Chia ”
    With awe, we were so ashamed that within 5 minutes, we finished all the food on our table, waved a brief goodbye to the confused hot model and went off to another hangout spot of us, Flam pub.
    We later found out that that particular cafe was Amber’s favourite hangout spot and we were surprised that that was the 1st time we met her there after all the frequent visits we paid 2 that cafe.
    And maybe wearing one of those crocs which bro Kenny gave so much credits to, i might return to that same old place and ask her out instead of gettin her number. Wahahahahaha……………
    Damn, i must be dreaming too much. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  59. Ha.. I don’t want the crocs actually, don’t send to me, I’m wearing size 6 shoes, I like purple color.
    I took bus from Petaling Jaya to Singapore and get long long way to Changi Airport (the cheapest air fare I get).. slept overnight at airport and flew to Taipei to see Gary Chaw.
    It is because I can’t get his autograph CD when he was in Malaysia. I just manage to see him only a scene when he left the shopping mall(vanue of autograph session).
    Im feel very very surprise and happy because he recognise me (where I came from only)when we met each other in Taipei autograph session (same day my birthday). I got the best birthday present this year, autograph CD with birthday wish from him.

  60. My experience was with this malay local celebrity call JJ. Few years ago, i was working in bum equipment as a promoter for fun. My colleagues are all malay. I am the only chinese there. Then, on a faithful weekday afternoon, this mid 20ies man walked into the shop. The 2 malay female promoters went bonkers… i was blur as hell to why my colleages suddenly fa chiao. Then they told me that he’s JJ. Then i went:”siapa JJ??” … they were like:”dia artis tempatan, sangat popular tau!!!” … then i said:”tak tau” .. -.-”
    Then, he looked at me and walk pass my colleague who was standing beside him. He was walking towards my direction and was smiling at me. Then, i just turn around and walk away and let my colleague serve him. I thought that his face look yong shui and hamsap that’s why i was rude.
    Till today, i still dunno he is famous for what in malaysia.
    Now that i have shared my story, can i have my share of crocs puhleeaaassseeeee? Those crocs looks really cute… i wanna own one =(

  61. I would love a pair.
    But yes, not to deflect from the main point . Here’s my rather interesting encounter with a celebrity . I was a member of the Asia Works training . So after course ended and the juniors graduated we all had a drink in hartamas. So I was having an engaging conversation with this malay girl .. She asked me if I would like to meet her mom and she happens to be Sheila Majid’s daughter.. I wasnt quite aware of that . So as we were sitting down and the adults were having a conversation . Sheila Majid was talking about a new album release. Note that I was still not aware she was Sheila Majid . So I stupidly asked
    “Eh aunty , You can sing wan ar?”
    You should have seen the look on everyone’s faces. That still cracks me up until today I swear.

  62. Well… my friends and I were at Lot10 Tower Records and one of my male friend radar spotted a hot chick. He being heroic and hamsup too decided to go up to her in hope to land himself his number. I think he gave some cheesy pick up line, walked with her around the store and pestering her for her number. Upon reaching the cashier, we realized Amy Search was queuing at the back of them. We were like “Eh! Isn’t that Search buying CDs?” and right after that Amy tapped my friend on the shoulder and said “Excuse me, can you leave my girl alone before I drive you up the wall?”. My friend’s head hang low and quietly scootered out of the way with us laughing like hyenas in the background. When his daughter leave the store, she chuckled and wave goodbye to friend who is still far too embarassed to do anything.

  63. My celebrity encounter: I went to NYC for Christmas 2005. It was my first time in NY, and I had the silly expectation that I would see celebrities everywhere. After 3 days of non-celebrity sightings, I went to Madison Square Garden for a Knicks Vs. Jazz basketball game, and Lindsay Lohan was sitting in the front row. My friends and I ended up spending more time staring at Lindsay Lohan’s head than the game. Hey, at least we could say we saw a celebrity in NY πŸ™‚

  64. I once worked as a cadet reporter and had the opportunity to cover a function at RTM in Kuching. Datuk Jamali Shadat was there and there was this RTM personnel who offered me to talk to him. I was like ok altho I had absolutely no idea know who the heck Datuk Jamali was at that time (I was only 16!). So I pretended to know his background and chatted with him quite a bit, which in return, he told me lots of his experience in the entertainment arena with lots of jargons I did not understand. When he finally found out that there was something fishy going on, I couldn’t take it any longer and was like, “I’m sorry but who are you actually?” Mempersiasoikan.

  65. Oh gosh…. these shoes/clogs/sandals are the latest trend here in Canada and the States….. they even hv rainbow ones… yeap, just a fad… a fad that you will soon look back and go – WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!?!? …. Just like pull down pants and the t-shirt that will change colour with the heat of your body, popular in the early 90s. I will be one that will never buy them.

  66. I was in Langkawi with my family eating Chinese seafood beside the road when we heard the table behind us speaking in American accented English “food in LA bla bla bla” when my aunt turned around and exclaimed, “Ei? that guy looks like Frodo. Isit Frodo?” We didn’t believe her until the Malay family beside us called Elijah Wood to take a picture with them (all 8 of them –“). Naturally, we took advantage of the situation too. Apparently he was there for the opening of Four Seasons Langkawi.

  67. Hi Kenny, thought I insert my 2 cents worth. Crocs shoes are actually designed for boaties as they are sturdy and non-slip, ideal for when you go fishing. That explains why the holes are for – water shoes!? Gawd… didn’t realise Asians can be so suaku!

  68. Met up with JJLin and Ah Du in January at Hilton Hotel in KL Sentra. My friend met them on a plane and they called us to have a drink at hotel’s cafe. I wanted to bring them out for supper but they are on a strict diet routine, cannot get too fat. We lepak till 3.30am in the morning and finally called it a day. Managed to get JJ’s HP number(I don’t know whether it is still working or not). I even have photos to prove.
    So can send me my CROCS?

  69. I happen to know lots of celebs… from NSYNC to Beyonce, to Jay Chow to HYDE, and Gackt…even you kenny!!! i know them from all sorts of places…from tvs and radios, newspaper and magazines and even the internet… the only thing is they don’t know me…
    so there it is… i had an encounter with kenny sia… one fine day i was chatting with my sister in MSN about blogging and she popped up the question…”have you read kenny sia’s blog before??” so i said, he does sound familiar to me… and then, she gave me the link to this site…
    i clicked on the link and there i had an encounter with Kenny Sia…a local but very influencial celeb rity… i get to read all sorts of stories about him in this site from happy to sad to angry… from that day onwards, this site has been my favourite reading zone… πŸ˜€
    p/s: if i win can you send me the croc shoes in a size 10? it’s not for me but for my boyfriend… he’s been suffering from an ingrown toe for more than 10 years…going to the doctor doesnt help coz it keeps growing… so i was hoping to win these shoes for him to protect his toe…

  70. Try this for a celebrity encounter:-
    I was busy chasing around the cruisers with my ex for a chance to win a pick-up truck. Nonetheless, I had to stuff down 4 cili padi as soon as possible. After the ordeal was done and I found out I lost, I wanted to go meet Phat Phabes but KNNCCB, the bugger was busy checking out my ex! Celaka betui…

  71. Celeb encounter? Erm, well I’m studying in Melbourne and my art class had an excursion to the National Gallery of here to see some Picasso paintings. At the end of our excursion, a teacher came up to me and my friends and whispered to us that she saw Hugh Jackman (Wolverine from XMen). I was like, “no way…!”, but still followed the teacher to see if she was actually telling the truth. When i turned the corner, I almost bumped into the man himself. At the same time, I was saying “Where is Jackman?” I don’t know if he heard me, but he just ignored my voice. *Phew* it was so embarassing… haha…! Didn’t get a photo with him, was too embarassed to ask…! He was also with his son and wife visiting the Picasso exhibition.

  72. During my last trip to HK in January, I met Eric Tsang, Cheung Tak Ming, and Chapman To (and his wife) at a Crossing Borders charity event…
    Queued up for hours to meet Leo Ku at an autograph session… had Ron Ng step out of his car in front of me…
    Was definitely a celeb-encounter adventure πŸ˜‰

  73. these clogs are for you to plod around your garden in. at least that’s what we use them for in the U.S. of course, for garden use they come without the holes.

  74. Celebrity encounter… two years ago, when I went to London for a holiday,my friends and I decided to dine at the Four Seasons Restaurant at Bayswater. (ask any Malaysian who has been studying in London and they would vouch for the yummy roast duck and char siew there). We were busy stuffing our faces full with roast duck and rice when Carmen Soo walked right into the restaurant. And believe it or not, nobody recognised her. The captain of the restaurant said “Oi dang har” (you have to wait for a while) and she did. She was very well groomed, dressed in cream coloured pants and a wool jacket and her hair was in tied up in a bun. She had minimal make-up on and boy, was she thin. My friends and I were too goofed to say anything except look at her in awe. And the best thing? She took the table next to ours. So we had yummy roast duck and hot eye candy for dinner.
    I suppose we really can’t blame some celebrities for wanting to travel to European countries where they can just walk around in town like any other citizen on the street and not be bombarded by paparazzi/fanatic fans. πŸ™‚ The downside? They’re not famous enough yet… kikikih…

  75. “Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?”
    i met this guy called kenny sia at a 17 year old’s birthday party and he was so out of place. he sat on the couch alone watching world cup(england match) and everyone was afraid of him as the osim pictures scared the hell out of us. lol.

  76. I practically bumped “into” Awie (yes…the singer/actor) once at Mahkota Parade, Melaka. It was on a Saturday and with the sales season going on there were droves of peepz clogging up the main entrance. I was entering the building when Awie came out with two bodyguards in a hurry (leaving the place after some event I think). It was kinda crowded so I was kinda in his way LOL. I sorta clumsily stepped left and right to let him through but he did the same thing as well haha. Then we both kinda smiled and I stood aside to the left and he left saying thanks hehe…

  77. Considering where I work, I could have an unfair advantage! πŸ˜‰
    Ok, no names but last week, I took a photo of my friend (who will kill me if I named her) in bed with two hot male model/actors, recently in Kuching to shoot a movie. Juicy enough?

  78. I want those shoes too~ They look awesome~!!
    Simon Yam was the celebrity i encountered I was working in a kodak shop in klcc and Simon was the spokesman for Canon. One day, we were told he’s coming for a visit to the shop. OH my god. I quickly put on my make-up (only lipstick lar). Then when he was there, talking to our shop owner and i was standing there, giggling like child, waiting anxiously. When they finished talking, i INSTANLTY quickly took a step forward and asked him, “can i take a picture with you?”.
    He smiled and jokingly said, “I saw that you are very excited behind there. Waiting for a long time, huh?” Kinda paiseh, making me blush coz the whole shop was laughing at me. He continued “Of course i would like to take picture with a pretty girl like you.” ^_^
    So i had my pictures taken…a couple of it. I think it’s still posted at the kodak shop in KLCC, on the right side of the wall.
    I have to dig out my own softcopy of it. It’s somewhere in the cds.
    Between, age has caught up with Simon Yam. Althought he’s not as macho and muscular looking as he is in the movies, he’s still one good looking movie star, with a good attitude too. πŸ˜‰

  79. This happened a few years back, when David Beckham came to Malaysia (back then he was still with Man Utd-yes I know quite old stuff). Anyway, me and my friend, we went to see him along with like 10 billion people… Okay fine it wasnt 10 billion it was more like 400-450 people. After waiting for 2 hours, this guard just came and started yelling “Siapa tangkap bola boleh jumpa Beckham” before he kicked 5 balls into the crowd. Me and my friend, we caught the 4th ball and tried to con the guard to bring us both in but he said only one so I went. The bloke was quite nice, teaching us the art of taking free kicks and penalty (Although the bugger missed his at Euro 2004)He even came and asked for our names and gave us all personal tips. The organisers even gave us some money if we could score a free kick. After that we just when to shakehands, hug, take photo, ask for autograph with Beckham.
    I also met Serena C, she came to KDU to talk about Australia Week. We won the quiz and took pictures with her quite nice. Also shook hands with Pop Shuvit when they came to our school prom which was sponsored by WOOT
    My shoe size = 10
    My contact =

  80. i met ahniu in around 1997 when he performed in my school right after he won the hailuo competition. Somehow after his performance the school building gate is locked, and he was standing in front of me (i’m around 170cm so much taller than him), raising his head and anxiously asking “how can we go out? how can we go out??”. So cute =p
    we managed to get the jaga to open the door later =D

  81. can even find a lil crocs store just round the corner in Freo E Shed Market a year or so back..i got myself a bright red pair and just love them. This crocs can go down in the water (sandy beach) or even up the ground (climbing mountain) cuz they arent slippery at all. How good are they!! I think they orginate from Singapore if i’m not wrong. They’re funky if you wear them with soldier-print pants

  82. I want, I want those shoes!!!! Please give it to me….. Pretty pleeeeze!!!!!
    Went for a stroll at the Waterfront two weeks ago with a group of friends after a stuffed dinner at Hartz chicken. Was not expecting anything until suddenly, I saw Amber Chia sitting on the bench. Though I was hallucinating or something. Then there is this bunch of people I thought I have seen somewhere but couldn’t remember. Next thing, I saw video cameras and it still didn’t hit me that until later I realised they were shooting some film at the Waterfront and I’m still blur about it. Only when I read the newspapers then I realised that I actually met the whole crew of Possesed and I didn’t do anything about it. What more, I had my digi cam with me and me, being blur, missed the opportunity of being a shutter bug! How blur can I get??? (Sigh!)

  83. My encounter with a celebrity was with Ms Lina Teo former Ms Malaysia. I was at Jazz Fest Mount Kiara this Year and She was co-hosting together with William Quah. So after the band performed Lina Teo and William Quah went on the stage to get the crowd excited for the next band. Lina in particularly was talking about some petition on saving the rain forest in malaysia. When she came down from the stage i went up to her to take a picture with her. She then asked me whether can i write my name for the petition. I asked her what was it for, at that time i didnt knew what it was for cause i was busy talking to my frens not paying attention to what the she was saying on stage :P. She of course scolded me in a nice way, gave me a short lecture about what she was trying to say on stage and told me to listen to the emcee next time. Haha at the end i wrote my name on the petition and took a photo with her. She was pretty friendly and nice.
    shoe size =9

  84. My encounter with a celebrity was with Ms Lina Teo former Ms Malaysia. I was at Jazz Fest Mount Kiara this Year and She was co-hosting together with William Quah. So after the band performed Lina Teo and William Quah went on the stage to get the crowd excited for the next band. Lina in particularly was talking about some petition on saving the rain forest in malaysia. When she came down from the stage i went up to her to take a picture with her. She then asked me whether can i write my name for the petition. I asked her what was it for, at that time i didnt knew what it was for cause i was busy talking to my frens not paying attention to what the she was saying on stage :P. She of course scolded me in a nice way, gave me a short lecture about what she was trying to say on stage and told me to listen to the emcee next time. Haha at the end i wrote my name on the petition and took a photo with her. She was pretty friendly and nice.
    shoe size =9

  85. Once I and a group of friends were having Dinner with Afdlin Shauki. We just had a bowling tournament Then a man carrying a bag sat near us. He then approached us offering a Buli Balik pirated VCD, and even stated that the main cast looks like Afdlin! And the film is not even out yet!
    actually, the part that the man trying to sell the VCD was jus a figment of my imagination…

  86. I had an all-access pass (thanks to my cousin who was also performing that night) to the Forces of Nature Concert last year so i took the opportunity to go backstage.
    So I saw Gloria Ting and Nick Carter chatting (they were so flirting!). And right after Gloria left, i wanted to ask for his autograph but i didn’t want to appear so eager in front of my cousin (he’s anal about me being star-strucked!) so with a big grin on my face, i said to the backstreet boy, ‘hey you’ve gained some weight!’…. and kept walking…

  87. I’ve been a fan of Leo Ku (of Hong Kong) for many years. In his previous visits to Malaysia, I only managed to go for one of it and I can only see him from a distance when he was performing… that was a few years ago. I didn’t even get a chance to get his autograph cuz’ my friend gave me this ‘are you crazy?’ look.. when there were so many people queueing for it. So.. we left.. only to find out later Mr Ku actually signed for everybody before he left. grrrr…
    In April 2004.. I was so happy that he’ll be in KL – for the re-launch of Redbox in Low Yat. I met up with some friends (who’re fans of his).. some came from Indonesia and Singapore. We bought some flowers and I was supposed to pass a bouquet of sunflowers to Leo on behalf of a Singaporean fan who couldn’t make it for the event.
    After the launch etc… It was autograph session. I have his ‘Games’ CD which is already signed with my name on it cuz’ I ordered it through the fan club in HK. I was hoping to let him sign on the poster instead but later found out they’ll only give priority for those who’re having the CD. So I let him ‘re-sign’ the CD instead.
    The moment he saw me and his signature on the CD, he asked ‘Wah? Already signed? So, where am I suppose to sign now?’. I told him that I got the CD from HK,.. and he could sign anywhere he wished.. then he looked at me while pointing at the centre of the CD cover ‘I sign here la’.
    I said thank you…shook my CD.. but somehow.. He looked at me like… he’s having doubts about me… like weird… (do I have something on my face? i wondered…)
    I walked away.. almost reaching the staircase to get down from the stage.. then I look at my left.. I wanted to slap myself. I was still holding the bouquet of sunflowers… I’ve forgotten to pass the flowers to him!? I quickly turned back (and those crew was trying to stop me)..I went to Leo and said sorry.. I’ve forgotten to pass the flowers to him. He kept saying thank you continously for a number of times with a big smile.. then when I was at the staircase, he was still looking at my direction with the handwave and nodding his head.. I can still see his mouth movement saying thank you.
    heheh.. my friends said I got starstruck! No wonder he was looking at me like one kind just now.. like “err… are those for me? but why are you not giving it to me?” Quite an experience for my first face to face encounter with Leo… He really looked nice (and he’s really nice!).. and looked better in person than in pictures. He looked like he got this aura in him as well.. like there’s ray of light following him all the time.. Maybe that’s what you call a star quality?

  88. Hmm, I saw that kinda shoe before quite sometime ago in Singapore if I’m not wrong. Kinda weird when I looked at the design that time, I still remembered the sales person told me that it’s good for out feet or something…yet it’s not cheap!
    Anyway, my encounter with a celebrity was quite a number of it. Cause I use to work as a designer in one of a event company previously…having events with AStro…

  89. I want the croc shoe too! πŸ™‚
    My encounter is with YONG BANG, a singaporean star who used to be a bit more famous sometime ago =p
    Anyway, that time, me and my frens heard that the Halo Cafe in Petaling Street is having this mini concert kinda stuff for a Taiwanese star. So, we thought, what the heck, since we were free, just SIT in. BTW, We actually very kiasu-ly went very very early to get the best seats:).
    ANyway, Yong Bang came early & actually passed by our table when he arrived & none of us KNEW it was him ( he wasn’t exceptionally good-looking ;p ).
    He kept smiling to us very nicely & we actually thought he’s one of those friendly Halo employees. Its only when he got on the stage that we notice that ‘OMG, I think he walk past us jz now!’
    And then, the worst part is, my fren wanted to take a pic with this shy cute tall malaysian singer dueting with YONG BANG , so we crept up to the office to ask the guy to come out and take pic with us after the singing session.
    Unfortunately for YOng Bang, the moment we opened the curtain doorway, he saw us and he thought we were looking for him to take pic & he was actually almost walking out when my fren asked him very politely whether we can take picture with the other guy(who looked a bit shocked at that time)…;p
    Anyway, we did take a pic with YONG BANG after that…so it wasn’t really so hard on him afterall…hehe
    Hmm…wonder if this counts as an interesting celebrity encounter…hopefully *pray pray* ^_^
    my email:

  90. i do haf edison chen on my icq list, as well as my phone list. but i’m not dying for the shoes so.. no thanks. πŸ™‚

  91. My encounter with a celebrity:
    I was out one night with my friends one night at Bing, when my cousin irene appeared with an uber famous blogger in tow. After talking crap and watching Mr Femes Blogger take photos of his food, we decided to go get smashed at Soho. Mr Femes Blogger had both his eyes (and maybe coconuts) trained on a cute chick sitting a few tables away and my cousin had to get the chick to come over and say hi to us.
    And Mr Femes Blogger smacked my hand because I shook hands with the chick first. Nyeh nyeh nyeh.
    Thought you might like me to rehash this incident, Kenny.

  92. My gay friend and his partner were having a really big fight on London Bridge to the extent that they were hitting one another, suddenly this american guy kinda tried to stop their fight. My gay friend than realised that it was David Hasselhoff from Baywatch and said f**k its David Hasselhoff from from Baywatch.
    Than they both started fighting again and told David to F**k off and mind his own business next time….that was classic!!

  93. all you lucky people who have had your brush with famed celebrities shouldn’t get the crocs!
    i was chatting backstage with Sebastian, after Jamie Cullum’s concert, asking if he was tired out, only to realise the next day, sebastian was the drummer for the concert.
    pity u werent there kenny.

  94. This happened a century ago when I was a receptionist at a beachside hotel here in KT. Sheila Majid had checked in with her then-husband into the hotel. When I had returned from my break, I was agast to realize that before she checked out, she gave out and signed posters to the staff at the counter. I missed my opportunity!
    Then *jeng jeng jeng* I see her back at the hotel! She missed her flight! It probably wasn’t procedure, but I wrote a note asking her for a memento and got the bellman to send it. I wasn’t expecting much at all, she had just missed her flight and was probably not in the mood.
    Boy, was I wrong! A few minutes later, she and then-hubby came down to the lobby with a big poster and approached the Assistant Manager, asking for a marker pen! She asked for my name and signed it for me, right at the counter!
    I tell you, who would go to such lengths for a lowly receptionist fan? She’s a gem!

  95. your blog seems all fine to me until today! you’ve just sold yourself away… and i’m pretty sad that this is happening… I believe you would know that this is the beginning of everything.. wouldn’t you?

  96. No harm in trying for something free…. Can I tell a few and you decide which is juicier?
    1- I was out in Mid Valley with my friend. We were walking around in Metrojaya when we bumped into Reshmonu and his wife. My friend was his back up singer so she knew him and they exchanged hugs and everything and introduced me to him and his wife…. don’t think he will remember me after that though….
    2- I accompanied my godsister for an audition for a tv show in Singapore. The audition was conducted very casually at the director’s home and so we went there and the other casts were there too. Alvin Wong was one one of them. So we hung out and chatted like buddies which was really cool. Unfortunately, my godsister didn’t get the part and I’m probably forgotten.

  97. I want the CROCS.
    i’m a jb guy.
    yesterday i saw in s’pore… tot it’s soo ugly… now i know.. it’s fashion.

  98. The first time i saw this shoe from Crocs is at LCCT. We were on our way to another destination and waiting for two of our friends from KL who’d be joining us as well. When he arrived, all that we saw was his bright pink croc shoes. We all couldn’t help but laugh at his shoes and one of us even blurted that he looked so girlish with the color he had chosen, what more with the funny looking shoes.
    Anyway, he said the shoes are really comfy and it is the rage now. Throughout the trip, we couldn’t help commenting on his shoes and we even tried it out.
    Have not seen them here yet but I am sure it’ll be soon.

  99. I didnt know Crocs Malaysia would go these low to promote their products. Attack Kenny Sia’s readers. How ‘genius’? Yeah right. Cheap guys, cheap.
    What next? Proton? Wait. Something even better. Maybe MAS plane tix offers for Kenny’s readers! Wonderful.

  100. well here goes, i was at one of the goverment open house during RAYA, i was eating with my meehoon and some delicious rendang when the ex prime minister, Mahathir came up to me and say, ” how’s the food ? i personally love the rendang, go ahead tar pau if you want”
    I was shocked and chocking. he pat my back and handed me a packet of yeos. that moment really make me think he’s just human and when it comes to festives season, everyone should be human.
    Most memorable time with a celebrity πŸ™‚

  101. Hey Kenny, my friend is so going to kill me for telling you this but anyways…
    “Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?”
    This friend of mine works in one of the Starbucks chains in Sydney Australia, it was just a normal day when it became special as Mischa Barton (O.C gal) came in with 2 body guards for coffee. You see, Mischa came down under for David Jones’s fashion show and just so happen to be in the city doing some photo shoots.
    So anyways, that’s really exciting right? when we asked our friend “eh, so did you speak to her?” my friend said “yea, of course”
    us: “what did you say to her?”
    him:”oh, she took someone’s else coffee so i had to tell her that wasn’t hers and that im still making her coffee…”

  102. Was driving on the road at my usual slow speed, since i’m a law-abiding citizen( plus my car is a 14 year old proton), the traffic light turned from green to yellow and i was quite a distance away, so i slowed down and i could have made it but i thought what’s the rush? Then the car behind me was impatient and honked me, i looked in my rearview mirror and saw Adam Carruthers from 8tv. Oh well, that’s the closest encounter i had with a celebrity.

  103. I met JJ Lin when he was having a promo tour few years back. Literally I was standing 3 feet away from him [this happened at the back of the stage when he was preparing to go on stage]. He looked so handsome and all I did is smile at him and he smiled back. Hai….so close yet so far!!!

  104. My closest encounter with a mega star has to be Chow Yuen Fatt. In one of the malls in singapore many many years ago. Knowing his mega fame, he walked around with his hands behind him, flashing his megawatt smile πŸ™‚

  105. Soo Kui Jien. My type of sugar. I thought he looked familiar when he sat down next to me at StarBucks. Then I wonder where I’ve seen that face before. Then I wonder again. And I wonder. Must be the caffeine. I’m intolerant yet loves coffee. When I finished wondering and the bricks fell on my head oh my god it’s my soo kui jien! – I turned my chair towards him to start my teeny booper thing and I came face to face with some stranger who seemed to be quite interested what I ‘have to say’ to him.
    my people, lesson learnt : time is precious and stop wondering. Just do whatever you have to do, then, wonder my friend, wonder away~

  106. I’ve met quite a no. of celebrities. Hmmm, let me see. Those that I can remember are Kenix Kwok, Ping Guan, Brian McKnight, Backstreet Boys, Nicholas Tse, Candy Lo, Shaggy, and some others that I dun recall. Pea-brain lah, what to do!
    Thanx to blogging, the only one that I got in words(easy to refence mah) is that of Jessica Simpson. Was in NYC for spring break and wandering aimlessly ard SoHo which was kinda weird since pretty much everyone seems to be rushing off to somewhere. So I was on the phone, and when I turned ard there was this big hoo-hah. Rooted there kinda stunned, I saw this blonde girl couple of feet away. Out of the 5 sec I saw her, took me 3 to realize it’s Jessica Simpson.

  107. Was browsing thru Polo boutique in 1Utama Phase 2 end of last year cos they had this big ‘SALE’ sign stuck to its windows. I was dying to get my classic Polo shirt and hoping to get a bargain.
    After I got into the boutique, me & my girlfriend looked through the outfits and suddenly all the entrance to the boutique was locked by the staff. There was another group of customers in the boutique ‘locked inside’ with us. Amongst them was this ‘ahkua’ who had too much make-up on I think it will take ‘her’ 2 hours to remove and the mother of all eyelashes, it looked like she was ‘planting’ them for sale!!!!! ‘Her’ jeans was so tight I bet ‘her’ bum was screaming for air, killer 5″ heels which can be used as a self-defence weapon.
    I didn’t wanna spoil my eyesight so decided to just look away and I asked one of the staff who that ‘person’ was. I was flabbergasted to hear her reply which was, “That’s Kris Dayanti!” I nearly lost my balance cos Kris Dayanti was and is still my favourite Indonesian singer. She didn’t look ‘like that’ in her album shots!
    I thought the salesgirl was pulling my leg so I walked to the cashier when Kris was paying for her purchases which she did not even try out. As she handed her credit card for payment, I looked at the card and on it was embossed “KRIS DAYANTI”.
    The run-in with Kris is still fresh in my mind because firstly this is the closest I’ve ever got to a celebrity and secondly on a more hillarious note, the ‘disguise’ made her look like an ‘ahkua’ haha!

  108. I was at Kunming (China) airport once,waiting for my flight to Lijiang.Was there for hours as the flight was delayed.So I was wandering around the airport and then a couple of my group members said that they saw this famous hongkong actor.
    They said his name was liang jia hui or something.I don’t speak chinese so I didnt know who da hell he is but I followed them to see him.He was inside this VIP waiting room and we entered (security weren’t strict) the room and the other group members were lining up to take pics with him.
    I had my camera with me so I took some pics with him too.He was very accomodating.After that I said thank you to him and he actually said ‘you’re welcome’.
    I came back and showed the pic to some of my friends and they told me it’s Tony Leung.I don’t know why I couldn’t recognize him,he looked so old in real life.
    And the thing is,no one in the airport went nuts about seeing a celebrity.It’s like he’s just a normal person or maybe the people there are just used to seeing celebrities.

  109. especially like the Orange color one in store, but it’s not shown in ur photos…
    I saw a whole family of 6 wearing tat in 1-Utama, so cute…

  110. There was once I was shopping in Harrods. Harrods is a very high end shopping mall in London.
    So, I was at the chocolates section looking and buying some chocolates. Suddenly, standing there on my right is Mr. Bond himself, Pierce Brosnan, buying his one chocolates. He was soooo ‘yau yeng’, my jaw just dropped. I literally just stood still motionless for a couple of seconds looking at him.
    I didn’t want to seem too excited cos people might think I’m crazy. But anyway, I was brushing shoulders with him.. that was good enough.

  111. my celebrity encounter was about a year plus ago in bangsar at one of the mamak stalls there.
    we we’re having supper and at the end of the other side we saw jojo struys casually having supper with another friend of hers. my friend braved himself and went over to have a word with her; introducing himself and etc. she was pretty friendly and chit chat abit with him and he returned with her signature.
    and on another note about 2 weeks ago i saw cheryl samad walking into the damansara perdana condominium area. we bumped into each other as i’m walking out of the condo. we just smiled at each other and walked off. hehe

  112. i nearly bought a pair of crocs last yr. decided not to when the S$5.90 imiation pairs started making their debut in the pasar malams and markets. and alot of hawkers are wearing them -_-“”
    not easy to match clothes either..and u cannot really wear them everywhere πŸ˜›

  113. About 4 years ago, I was working part time for Galaxy who was organizing the concert for power station (Dong Li Huo che). We workers have to go early and we get to see them practice on stage … UP CLOSE.
    Laster that night, the Management wanted me to hand in a gift for the concerts VIP guest… who turned out to be S.H.E. So I grab the gift which was actually a hand drawn potrait of them, and Went to their seat and gave it them (although I had trouble with the security and their managers at first). I handed it to them personally, Ella accepted it and thanked me. πŸ™‚ and I get to shank hands with all of them.
    For the rest of the concert I was sitting 2 rows behind S.H.E and get to enjoy the concert with them. πŸ˜€

  114. I always see these shoes in Mid Valley, and it’s pretty weird looking to me. But I would like to have a free pair of it though πŸ™‚
    Okay, I think the most interesting story of me meeting celebs was the time I met the boyband Blue. They have now disbanded πŸ™ Anyway, they had this autograph signing session going on and we have to have their original CDs to get their siggys. So I bought it(around RM50) and queued up for a few hours. When I finally got up on stage to get their signatures, I was dumbstricken when I saw Duncan (he looks an awful lot like Brad Pitt). And after he signed my CD, I actually asked him, “Can I have a hug?” Pretty embarrassing XD But he hugged me anyway and I said “I love you”. He replied “Love ya too, baby” OMG! He called me Baby!! Needless to say, I had difficulty sleeping for the whole week without thinking of him.
    Another time, I met Michelle Yeoh in Ipoh. My mum is her ex-classmate and they were having this reunion thingy. I was still very young at that time, didn’t know who Michelle Yeoh was. All I remember was my mum forcing me to take pictures with her, and I did it grouchily -.-”
    O yea, I met The Beatles when I went to America. They were performing on stage and at the end of the performance they invited the children to go up on stage to dance. I was very ‘malu’ to go up that time. And after much persuasion from my mum, I finally went out when other children were getting off the stage -_- So, one of the Beatles just did this twirling dance move with me, and then I went off
    Well, there you go, 3 celebrity meetings. Can I please have the shoes, Kenny?? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  115. I want! I want!
    I have Brian Austin Green (90210 Actor) in my ym list and has been talking to him for almost 2 years. One day, a friend told me she read that Brian is dead. Little did she know that I’ve been talking to Brian for years. When I told Brian the news that he is dead, both of us had a good laugh.

  116. seems that most of you didnt really use the power of the internet…..
    go and find out more abt crocs sandals before unleashing inaccurate ‘facts’ abt them.
    they’re more technical rather than a fashion thing… only one commentator mentioned correctly that the sandals are designed as boat shoes which means it has non-slip bottom.
    it might look unconventional but it feels great when you put them on.

  117. have had a number of celebrity encounters although non as famous as Ali G, Claudia Schiffer or ‘Julian Roberts’
    (1) attended the KL fashion week a couple of years back. it was possibly the first show case featuring international designer zang toi. after the show he paraded out with his models (as designers do) and it seemed like he only reached their waists. thinking it must have been the models’ heels that made dear old zang toi look soo short in comparison, mom and i decided to say hello to him after just to ‘be friendly’ and check him out. true enough, he’s no more than 5 feet and was actually wearing a tartan miniskirt. we eventually exchange pleasantries and i managed to get his autograph too. now, a man in a mini tartan skirt, that is the epitome of being assured of one’s masculinity. =)
    (2) a second encounter was with asha gill at times bookstore in BSC. asha had just done a bit of shopping in cold storage and was browsing at times. funny thing is, she had wheeled her shopping trolley all the way upstairs (mind you BSC has very impractical escalators and the lifts can be quite hopeless)and was causing quite a ruckus in teh bookstore what with her wheeling her trolley around Times and everything.
    ‘one for all, all for crocs’

  118. HEHEHE. Jason Lo stays 5 minutes away from me. So one day my friend and I went to the park over there to chill and have a donut. I saw him and was like “Is that Jason Lo?!” and after much discussion my friend dared me RM1 to go up to him and ask him that. So I did and it turned out he was. I asked if we could take a picture and he said sure. My friend gave the camera to his wife and he said “Lets take the penises!”. LOLICONBBQ.

  119. I met up with some friends over the weekend and they told me about a family they met. The mother of this family is a very attractive lady who floats in the air when walks in the room. She’s very feminine and graceful. She flirts with you in a playful way. She’s married to Kevin Costner’s brother. She used to be a man…

  120. my senior shared a lift with michael owen in kuala lumpur (1997 maybe) when he wasn’t famous yet..
    i can’t understand wat’s making crocs so expensive. please let me have a pair so that i’d be enlightened =P

  121. my cousin actually met JESSICA ALBA (YES! U READ CORRECTLY!) at a place in Sydney called Wooloomooloo not too long ago for some function. it was a close encounter. there was a time when she was only 2 metres away from him!

  122. I’ve been living in HK for a year and I’ve never heard Crocs, so either I don’t hear enough or your statement about how pop it is in HK MISLEADING.

  123. funn this should come up. i just put up a post on my encounter with amber chia a few days ago XD
    check it out for photographic proof.
    so it was my college prom night, and amber chia was invited to be one of the VVIP judges. once the prom nite is over, she was spotted at the front hall where, natrually, everyone is trying to get a chance to snap a pix with her.
    i wrestled my way through the crowd and got lucky. initially i was very shy because she’s a celebrity and all, so i stood a good distance away from her. i know, wuss.
    then, all of a sudden she moved in SO DAMN CLOSE to me. her face was inches from me and i could actually feel her breathing.
    i was paralyzed, mainly cause i did not expect malaysia’s #1 celebrity and her famous lips to be inches from me. somehow, the male primal instinct kicked in and i…er..thought of copping a feel.
    but i was damn scared can? imagine being slapped by amber chia in front of the whole college. worst-case scenario is me appearing in the newspaper under the headlines ‘Pervert Grabbed Amber’s A$$ At College Prom’.
    for the 5-7 seconds i wrestled with the decision to cop or not to cop. my hands were actually flailing away behind her. i guess it must’ve been hilarious to watch.
    but finally i lost my guts and held her waist instead. damn anticlimatic. but i held amber chia’s waist XD
    muahahaa. me want them crocs!!

  124. those shoes are everywhere in s’pore! everyone’s wearing them even to work! my fren’s mum bought them and wears them for jogging and told us she’s very “in”.. -_-”

  125. OOHH! lovely post u have here πŸ˜€ by the way..i meet Daniel Lee (winner of Malaysian idol season 2) in Wangsa Maju..he was eating “claypot chicken rice” with a girl (not very sure who she was..but she’s wearing pink -.-“)anyway..i was just sitting infront of him and then i hear a guy nx to me say…”hey,isnt that daniel?”..i was like “hey..i dont care who is daniel..jz keep the noise down”..daniel was wearing a cap with lotsa accecories and a big army jacket…i was like “LOL! people here is wearing their pajamas 2 eat and he’s wearing in such an extraordinary way XD XD…anyway..he was eating so i didnt wanna disturb him…but i stare at him for 15 seconds..which he also stared back at me…lol…he thought i wanna ask for his autograph..hehehe (anyway..i wanna too..but too bad im shy..boohoo~) second encounter with a celebrity happened in MId VAlley…i saw Vincent Chong (akedemi fantasia season 1 winner)in the petshop in mid valley…i was looking at the big lizards outside the petshop when suddenly vince and he’s mum jz walk by me..i stop and look back..and saw vince entering the petshop…back then,i wanna a big fan of i stalked him..hehehe…i follow him around the petshop and heard him talking 2 his sister..”hey sis wat kind of food goldy eat?)..i think goldy is he’s doggie..then he say he cudnt find the dog biscuit that he wanted..XD i was still following him..(i didnt know wat 2 do..) then suddenly..i saw 2 malay girls screaming and running 2 him and ask for his autograph..i was “hey…wait 4 ur turn!!” (but..i didnt say it loud…after vince wanna walk away..i rush 2 him and say “errr..errr..are u vince?im a big fan of urs”…he was like “yeah” and gimme a cheeky smile…then i suddenly blurt out..”can i hug u???…he was like…”errr..”…then i fling my arms around his neck!!!!! WEEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! that that was THE syokest day of my life…till now i keep telling my friends i hug vince b4…but the normal respond i get is…”HUH?who’s Vince??”………*hmmmp!!!!!!*
    i love crocs…and i love

  126. Yeah, those CROCS are definitely hot in Singapore, especially with the aunties and ah sohs. Just that they prefer the low-grade fake-o ones. Sometimes, it’s weird to see them wearing the same thing as yourself (though one’s fake and one’s not). It just feels wrong. Haha!
    Anyway, my mum definitely had an interesting encounter with Oasis! My family were on a vacation trip in KL some years back (think it’s 1997), and we happened to stay in the same hotel (Concorde) as Oasis, who were here for some concert or something.
    So, my mum was taking the lift alone, and when the door opened, she got a shock when she saw the Gallagher brothers inside. The Oasis brothers were caught surprised too, because apparently, they were busy playing with the lift buttons. My mum stepped into the lift, and there was this very awkward silence going on. When the lift finally opened, the brothers ran out and started bursting out in laughter, leaving my mother behind feeling very embarassed.
    My mum related her experience to us, and we were thoroughly amused. The Oasis brothers are sure mischievious!

  127. this happened at damai few years ago. i was carrying a lot of stuff when i saw an ugly-dirty-rough looking man. i asked him to help me with my stuff as i was sure he’s one of the worker there. he just looked at me in amaze, as if wanted to swallow me alive. i even asked what’s his problem, only then a guard rushed and led the ugly looking man away. i was swearing for the whole nite without knowing that he’s M. NASIR!! that real ugly-dirty-rough man!! so he’s a celeb, SO WHAT!!

  128. Encounter wif a celebrity?…all i wanted to meet since years back was dayang nurfaezah.dunno y but i find her voice so ‘juicy’ one lehh…huhh.i stupidly bumped into her in a sureheboh concert here in kch,as she was about to go on-stage..n i didn’t realise it was her till sumwan shouted her name..**i was busy looking for the loo tat time…dang!!** dayang,i love u….hehehehe
    Man Bai…met him in CocoLoco(u guys never been there?..losers..),Kuantan..he even belanja makan siput sedut n belut masak kicap at this chinese cafe..hmmm….

  129. Argh!! I wan those crocs! esp the blue and pink ones! so nice… but i can’t think of any encounter or anyone who encountered a celebrity.. except you of course. haha. too bad. kuching no one to meet.
    hmm… maybe i’ll get lucky this national day and get to meet the PM. lol

  130. Those crocs rocks..Its anti slip too. Planning to buy one for my grandmom once i get my money.. Anyways here is my encounter with some hong kong star and shiela majid.
    It was during some Pearl Awards in Penang a few years ago held in PISA(Penang International Sports Arena). My dance school(Greenapple Ballet Academy) gave me a chance to dance as the lobster i think i was for the opening act “Under the Sea”. The morning before my rehersal i went to the batu ferringhi beach with my dad and my brother. While walking but dad got tired and decided to go for a drink at Rasa Sayang beach hut. My brother then suggested to play volleyball with a mix group of people around just to past time. I agreed. When playing, there was many girls at the side of the beach taking pictures non stop at us playing. In my mind i was thinking,”crazy girls..never seen kuai lo or jap boy before” but i didnt know this hong kong actor Leong ka fai was standing right in front of me in the same team with me playing. I even scolded him a few times for snatching my hit of the volleyball. After that, when we were leaving my brother whispered to me,”ah ju,that one is that hongkie sing “baowling…bowling” wan is it?” then i replied “siau ahh… that one got no mustache this one got summore so black” and we left and dad sent me to the rehersal dance.
    That evening i had to bump into him at the back stage. He smiled at me and my friend whispered to me”eh juls how come leong ka fai smile at you wan..or was it me?” i got all shy knowing it really was him i ran as fast as i could to the ladies to hide. Due to my buffalo strenght, i pushed the toilet door hard and *BANG* i hit something. I paused…
    Slowly opened the door and poor shiela majid was there rubbing her forehead. I was soo embarassed she had to thicken her make-up to cover the redness on her forehead the next day. Only thing i could do was say sorry non stop.
    Most embarrassing but interesting day of my life. but she really is short..Sorry..

  131. many years ago, on a flight to brunei, my sis and i sat on the same row with fauziah latiff! i think i was like 13 or 14, my sis 10 or 11…
    the thing was that we both didn’t know who she was! she was dressed very plainly in all black, but we noticed her because she was very pretty and she kept smiling with the both of us.
    she was sitting at the window seat, me at the aisle and of course my sis in the centre… she started chatting with my sis, and even commented that my sis had the sweetest smile she had even seen!
    finally when the plane landed, she went through her bags looking for something… pulled out a 4R photo of herself and autographed it to my sis.
    we still didn’t know she was until my sis showed the photo to my mum!

  132. Once i was at the Loft and met a bunch of male models. Steve Yap was one of them. (At that time, I didn’t know who he was). I commented to my fren that he’s really cute, from all angles. My fren, who was the birthday gal went over and tell him it was my birthday (fake one of course). He came over gave me a hug and a kiss on my cheek!! I love the poking sensation of his beard on my cheek..hehe
    Months later only I found out from a magazine interview that he’s married. πŸ™

  133. I was on latte@8 last year, when Jason Lo asked the crowd who thinks he’s hot. I was the only one who raised up my hand and he pulled me on stage to give a shout out on tv.
    Was also on Quickie before the show to win some kungfu hustle goodies. Had a nice chat with Adam and Marion. Answered a question and did a kungfu flying kick in the show(in a pair of slippers which nearly flew off)!!

  134. I’ve met a bunch of celebrities during the JomHeboh carnival in Miri. I saw Ally Iskandar, donated money to Lan Pet Pet, brushed shoulders with Fifi from Bersamamu, nearly had a photo taken with Zakiah Anas and another presenter named Raja something. Saw Rosyam Nor and Adam from AF2 =/

  135. I haven’t bought one of those shoes yet, but i’ve seen people wearing them everywhere here, all year already, even in the winter. Probably not “croc” brand, but they’re in every shoe store in Switzerland. Worn mostly by men and children. Have yet to see women wearing them…… when i do, i might go get one myself.

  136. not really trend in indonesia but i saw my sis’s student wore it on last february.
    i’m in indo, can i join for the quiz? if i win can send to my friends in malay. can i, can i?
    it happened when penny lin, wallace huo and joe chen came to jakarta for promote “100% senorita”. that time i have no ticket for meet and greet, but i decided came to the JW.Marriot. just my luck, the head bodyguard randomly pick 6 persons to join the pers conference, including ME. ^^
    i follow the pers conference till end. when they off to back to room, i call wallace name and with warm smile he shakes my hand and qiao en gave a big smile while her hand flagged to me.

  137. Love the shoes.
    I know this dude who happens to be in a local music band, Silent Scream. Not too popular yet, but they’re working something with Reshmonou…. so hopefully they’ll be hot one day.
    Link to Silent Scream & Blogpost of evidence! LOL..
    (ps. John Sam, sorry for “using you”.. hahaha!)

  138. Durr~
    I just saw a family of 3 wearing those Crocs when i was in Mall.
    When i 1st looked at it, i thought it’s really cool cause it can be either a sandal or slippers and it seem really convenient and comfortable ^^

  139. Haha, there’re so many good entries – but heck, I’ll still go for it. πŸ™‚
    During the Incubus concert a few years ago, my friend and her sister’s friends were walking back to their car late after the concer was over, and while they were walking back they saw a group of people walking to a van or something of the sort parked behind their car.. So they immediately kept on guard and slowly paced there, but lo and behold..
    It was the entire Incubus band!
    Lucky for them, they did not walk too slow or they wouldn’t be able to catch up with them! Brandon asked one of them, How was the concert? and had a conversation with them before they had a picture taken together! Haha, lucky encounter with a real live rockstar.

  140. Oh ya, one more.
    My friend went to HK Disneyland last year. She was outside the toilet waiting for the others while she saw a man waiting there and talking to his son, “Bao Bei, kuai kuai oh”. The man turn his head around and he’s Harlem Yu.
    My friend was so shock that all she can say is “Ha.. Harlem Ko Ko…”. He nod his head and smile. “Can I take a picture of you? Not a picture with you, just of you”, my friend asked.
    And his wife, Annie Yee came out from toilet and says, “Sorry, we are here for holiday and not working.” and walked away leaving Harlem standing awkwardly looking at my friend.

  141. I’ve had two very close encounters with ‘celebrities’ and i’ll share both of them with you.
    Some time the year before, I was boarding the MAS flight from London to Kuala Lumpur, as usual, dreading the long uncomfortable 12 hrs flight in economy class. I was surprised when a cabin crew told me I was upgraded FREE to business Class so i hurriedly took my handluggage and left for the upper deck, not knowing that more surprises were to come. The passenger next to me, noticing that i was holding a Malaysian passport, spoke to me and asked which part of Malaysia i was from. From there, the conversation started and she kept mentioning that “TUN” was in the first class cabin below. I had no idea who she was talking abt and didn’t really bother. When we disembarked, I found out that it was actually TUN MAHATHIR that was on the same aircraft. I was walking just next to him as we headed towards the aerotrain at KLIA. In the packed aerotrain, I heard people speaking in Hokkien and all kinds of Chinese dialects, chattering excitedly abt him, and he smiled (as if knowing that they were talking abt him). When we reached the dosmestic terminal, he and his entourage left.
    The other incident happened at a famous club called ‘Tiger Tiger’ in Manchester. My British friends and I were having a few drinks there when one of my friends lingered off into the crowd and did not return for a long time. We went to look for her, only to find her among a group of 3 famous Manchester Utd Footballers – Wayne Rooney, one of the Nevilles( I’m not a football fan so I’m not sure which one) and Rio Ferdinand. They were chatting with her like friends. We approached them, said hi and they had to leave shortly after.

  142. “Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?”
    i want … pls pick me .. pick me … pick me …
    No wor, so far my friends or i hvn’t encounter any celebrety personally …
    cruel criteria … :'(

  143. wah…i realise tat e comment list is damn long whenever there’s freebies…
    anyway, in Singapore, the craze isdying off and there are SO MANY imitations lor cos e real one is damn ex

  144. I want one.. Actually i have one Adidas but it is cooler to have a Crocs.
    Let me win….
    My cousin Jimmy had actually bought an apartment from Tiara Jacquelina at Wangsa Maju and didn’t know who is the owner until they meet up for negotiations. OMG.. She looks pretty even in real life and her mother is Chinese. She is also her manager.
    So there.. can i win?

  145. I know one of the victims who was gunned down in the movie “The Killing Fields”. Think he appeared for about 1 second with his face half-blocked. We used to attend the same kindergarten.

  146. that hows the malaysian people .. when there is a gift then a lot start blogging how stupid u all.This pair of ugly slipper only cost how much???

  147. My Near-Encounter with a Celebrity
    The group Beyond (now defunct) was scheduled to appear in Lot 10 (this was waaay back), and me not being a fan, was oblivious to all the people gathered around the mall. My family proceeded to Haagen-Dazs to have our first taste of the famous ice-cream, and because we weren’t well-off, it was a big day. As we sat down, we saw a trickle of people coming out of the emergency exit which was next to the outlet. As I started to dip into my overpriced one-scoop serving, I looked up and saw the members of the band walking out slowly from the emergency exit. They saw me looking and waved at me and smiled, before proceeding towards the hoard of people who realised that they were waiting at the wrong exit. We were separated by only one sheet of glass!
    That was THE closest shave I ever had with a celebrity. My friend who was a big fan nearly shook me silly for not rushing out and greeting them. Sheesh. But it was a great feeling though!

  148. I was attending a play in London West End, a two-person play by David Mamet called Oleanna acted by Julia Stiles and Aaron Eckhart (who’s more well-known than Malaysians care to know). After the play was finished I noticed many ppl waiting outside the back gates and I thought that the two actors would come out there for an autography session. After quite a long wait they did come out and I figured out what to do (most people just let the two sign their tickets). So I waited and waited as the two got closer and closer …
    … and Stiles walks past me and climbed onto a taxi with Eckhart to go back to their hotel while I stood there wondering why is it that these normal human beings seem to carry an aura around them that makes non-celebs like us feel nervous to be around them.
    Other than that, well, the boy who played Prince Chulalongkorn in Anna and the King attended my birthday party many years ago and was intrigued with my (then alive) hamsters. Bah.

  149. i like that pair in purple…
    anyway, interesting encounter with any celeb… couple yrs bec my frens n i were shopping in singapore n while we were in takashimaya we saw Utt the mtv vj. he’s so tall n he look gorgeous. so my frens n i followed him. it took a while for him to notice us then he sort of like wink at us n vanish into the crowd!
    yadaa yadaa… its not tat extraordinary but its enough to left me mesmerized…

  150. Whats the big deal about celebrities anyway??
    Every other person seem to be a celebrity these days..and every other person would have had an encounter or 10 with some celebrity/celebrities.
    They seem to be EVERYWHERE…
    I’ve attended school with some TV personalities, sportswomen, etc…and went to college where i’d bump into a politician almost every week…its so Banal…
    They r famous coz the press reports everything they do….even the smallest silliest things…
    Normal ppl have their own talents as well…these arent reported in the papers…does this make the rest of the world….lesser beings??
    Crocs look like Ronald McDonald’s shoes with holes…

  151. oh god. i want that crocs. it’s just so cute.
    this is a pretty embarassing accident that happened at Cheer 2005. yes. I was a hyper girl who doesn’t think before she acts.
    so Jaclyn was invited to sing for the ending ceremony and everyone was all hyper and all, and one of my friend rushed out to get her signature, well, he got one. and i’m thinking “why not?”
    so, the next thing i know, i’m rushing out, calling her to sign my tee shirt.
    and she just looked at me with those big eyes and keep blinking and i’m like ” siggn my teee. ”
    gah. my marker wasn’t open and i got dragged away by this um, big sized aunty.
    and well, Jaclyn got my pen.
    and that was the last time i ever saw my marker pen.
    call me desperado. i was hyper that time. gah.
    i want those Crocs!

  152. Mariah Carey,John Legend,Marion,Adam & JLo of 8TV,Msian Idol judges,Zainal Alam Kadir,Adibah Noor,Camelia,BEP,casts of spanish telenovela,M.Nasir,a ciplak version of Wentworth Miller..

  153. alright. hmm.. where do i start?
    i’ll talk bout my friend’s one first though.. it was last year during the Lee Hom concert in genting. i was in the cheaper tickets one while my friend got VIP tickets. so the concert turned out to be great and i managed to get Lee Hom pointing at me for enjoying myself at the concert (that’s not the point though). after the concert ended, my friend was the first to rush out. she had a free ride on a limo back to the Highlands Hotel (part of the package) and the limo driver tipped that Lee Hom might be at the basement carpark. so instead of dropping off at the hotel main entrance, the limo went to the basement carpark. and sure enough, my friend saw Lee Hom there moving towards the hotel lift! but being overexcited, she freaked out and waved frantically at Lee Hom and said “BYEEEE!” instead of getting his autograph and everything else. and she cried after that. AWWWWW >

  154. This situation happened some time back in 3 years ago. Since i was a kid, for no particular reason, i really admire people who are good in languages (especially tri-lingual).
    Dunno whether you guys still remember Hong Ju Kee the NTV 7 news reporter. She broadcasted news in 3 languages BM,ENG and Chinese.
    3 Years ago, i was working part time as a waiter in Alexis Bistro, Bangsar. One day, someone came.
    A young and pretty lady.
    The time when I was serving her, i was so excited as adreline started to increase from within. My heart was pounding so fast , my hand started to shiver as i gently land down her drink. I asked “are you the one i m thinking, miss Hong,” she softly smile nodding her head.
    and she even talked to me “what is your name, are you studying?” i said “yes, KTAR”. She said”good college, keep it up”
    I couldn’t sleep for 2 nights due to happiness. wah… so syok.

  155. i wan Crocs!!!!
    P/s : my encounter probably will sound kinda ridiculous, but it’s true..
    well…i hv an encounter wit these band called Crocs which i saw in one of the local mag, saw in s’pore n met them in here again!!
    i was like hvin destiny wit this band but i dun get any autograf from them.And now i wish to get an autograf from them.
    P/s : wad i was tryin to say here is, i treat them as a celeb since they r the famous thing in the town nw.Everone is talkin abt them n here i met wit them again.

  156. hhmm.. my story?
    my boyfriend’s godfather is the hairstylist of many hong kong artists – louis koo-tin lok, sammi cheng, beauty pageant contestants, and many more. he’s was featured in one of HK ‘hair magazine’ recently too. don’t know if this entry would win me a croc.. but i WANT one! *muahahar*

  157. the place where i work here allows me to meet a lot of celebs..recently saw joey g from channel v, pretty danielle graham came to my store, former swimmer jeffrey ong, who has a big wide sunny boy kinda smile came here as well..
    but these all can’t compare to my friend who saw jay chow in london, took pic with him, and called me immediately at 2am Malaysian time.

    An interesting encounter with a celebrity.
    I met this celebrity in Kuching airport. He was there to send his mother and brother off to perth i think. So me and my group of friends pointed him out and asked each other, “EH IS THAT HIM IS THAT HIM?”
    needless to say we went up to him to ask him if he was who he was.
    giving a toothed-smile he said, “No No! I’m not kenny sia!”
    He didn’t even give us a picture coz he was so unprepared. LOL! He wasn’t wearing his contacts or nice shirts given by localbrand, he was wearing some ochibala t shirt to wear at home, short pants, sandal and glasses. But still the best damn celebrity i’ve met. ; )

    Man u look so diff in real life when ur wearing ur glasses and home t-shirt lol!

  159. i was at klia cathay pacific check in counter for my flight to hong kong, and beside me was Lisa Wang. (the famous hong kong actress)
    She was nice enough to agree for a picture when i asked her for one when she was waiting for her bags when we arrive at hong kong international airport.

  160. Well, im just gonna post a comment answering your question…
    Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?
    Yay so easy, can i have crocs now???
    e-mail =

  161. I remember back in the year 2002…when i went to the US to attend my sis’s convocation, i went to a WWE Smackdown! taping. There, i met a wrestler..i wasnt sure who he was, but anyway, i walked forward and tap him by the shoulder, and said :” are you randy orton?”
    He said, :”No i’m not”
    Then i got soooo embarrased i shouted :”Oppppssss!! i’ve mistaken you for somebody else, i’m soo sorry!!”
    And he said,”’s okay, things like this do happen to me sometimes”
    so i turned and walked away, and when i was about a few meters away, all my friends shouted “HEY IT’S RANDY ORTON!!!!
    Man was i embarassed at that moment…my face turned apple red and i tried to cover it with my hands…but anyway, Randy looked at me and gave me a smile πŸ™‚

  162. I remember…
    Malaysian students at LSE are very proud to have Prof. Danny Quah as our Economics lecturer. He was nominated as a recipient for the Nobel Prize in Economics two years running. We see him twice a week, talk to him, ask questions!
    While Prof. Danny graced the MSS Nite (Malaysia-Singapore Society) event with his presence. There’s another celebrity with the audience. Datuk. Jimmy. Choo. Some girls went wild and shouted out “Jimmy Choo! We love your shOOOEEES!” Since I’ve been to MSS Nite twice, that makes two encounters with him. =D A uni mate who sat beside me said that they should have given out Jimmy Choo shoes for the prize draw. Interesting idea.
    Well, yea I met Jimmy Choo. So does everyone else who attended…but heck, I just want to try this for fun.
    Kenny, fancy giving out those Crocs to a person who met a famous shoe designer?

  163. I saw my heavily preggers customer wears Crocs at her work place, she loved them & recommend I should own one since now I’m pregger like her too.
    My celebrity encounter:
    My uncles runs a sundry shop selling different types of plastic container and bags in PJ Old Town market and my aunt that works for him told me that Sheila Majid’s mum frequents their shop with her in tow sometimes. I used to work with them during the school holidays & one saturday (around the time of the Puasa month) at 4pm, everything was as normal when out of the blue my aunt whispered to me, “Sheila Majid is here with her mum. Help her get the things that she wants.” Ok.. I was still not sure what she said when I turned around to find a hitam-manis skin & petite woman in front of me telling me she what she was looking for. I was “star-struck”, holding our examples of containers and ‘blah-blah’ out the various sizes and gave her the correct sized container – all talking ‘dungu-fied’. They were there for 15mins and I was just standing there looking at her, thinking, “That’s Sheila Majid in front of me, all 4ft 11in, hitam manis, casually clothed buying sundry items from a wet market.” My aunt snapped me out of my phase 5mins after they left. She said I looked stupid and should have asked for an autograph or something… Aiyo… How I know what to do?! I was only 15yrs old and never seen a star before except for those on the sky. And she’s in a market not in an event of some nice place.
    There you go. My celebrity encounter.

  164. Hey Kenny! I definitely would like to try wearing a Croc, considering that my right foot is a little out of position after the spine surgery in year 2002.
    So my encounter with celebrities ah… I met up with a celebrity blogger last December to model my heart4hope t-shirts and a photoshoot. He is no other than Kenny Sia!! Is this counted?
    Ok if it’s not… I was on William Quah’s NTV7 The Breakfast Show last September, and I sat right next to him!
    On Sunday, I attended the local author’s hi-tea and spoke to many celebrity writers! Is this counted?
    Ok hope I got through. heehee…

  165. But then it’s hard for some people! I come from this tiny town and it’s almost impossible…I mean it’s very much impossible to have an encounter with a celebrity! But thanks for the chance anyways.

  166. Yah they’re all the rage in spore. But most people who wear them are auties ah mahs uncles and children. They’re now another auntie footwear. But children look DAMN cute in them. X)

  167. Here goes…
    A friend of mine went to Japan for a holiday last year. There, she stayed with her cousin who was working in Japan. One day, my friend and her cousin went touring in a city, the name of which I have forgotten, when, while crossing a road, her cousin went up to a few male Westerners and asked if she could take photos with them. My friend did what her cousin asked her to do and posed with the guys all the while wondering why on her her cousin wanted to take pictures with some strangers. After walking away with her cousin, she asked her cousin of the reason she wanted some strangers’ photos. Guess what the reply was!! The ‘strangers’ were a few members of the boy-band The Backstreet Boys! Hehe…she still has the pictures.

  168. in Singpaore, it is soooo popular all your uncles, aunties and hawkers are wearing it (for the non-slip properties)…they’s even come up with pirated versions sold in neighbourhood stores!

  169. hey u all why dont u just pay some money n get the shoe rather than “please kennysia here please kennysia there”??
    anyway,here’s my story.
    i’m actually a day my friend refer his buddy to me which interested with my product,so i pay a visit to his house for a product presentation.just by the time when i going to leave,i open the door and see “chen wei quan” the astro singing contest winner standing infront of the door n opening his shoe!(not crocs anyway) then my fren introduce n say “this is my housemate,yeah the singer.” now both of them is my client n we become buddy already.
    kennysia crocs for me pleaseeeee?

  170. Hmm…happened to my friend when she went to watch the Simple Plan concert 2 years back. She got to meet the band after the show and had her boobs signed by them. Yup, that was pretty awesome I reckon.

  171. i saw tay ping hui buying lottery and i scream, “MA, THAT’S TAY PING HUI BUYING LOTTERY!” Well he got rather embarrassed when all the aunties and uncles started sructinising him and all so he immediately crashed the ticket, ran so quickly as if someone was chasing him or something. hahaha. It was quite humourous to see our tv star to do something like that.

  172. errr…. i wan to wear those crocs shoes!! so here goes one interesting encounter with a celebrity( not really that interesting…but just giving a try)….
    a feew years back… me and one of my friend, when down to kl for fun.. then later at a shopping mall(not far away from jusco) we saw a very big crowd gathering on the shoe department.. as we when there, i saw some guy smiling at ppl as he was looking for shoes… then later that guy say hi to me.. and i strangely look at him… and kinda shock him that i wasn’t smilling at him.. so later when i walk to meet my friend back.. he said:”wow did u know that guang liang is in this mall!! lets go find him..” i only notice that i one of the lucky one that mr guang liang had say hi and dint get a hi back…
    had a bad head-ache cant write full story.. need crocs to comfort my leg to relief my headache

  173. why are everone wanting to meet celebrity?
    my case is different.. i donno..
    one day, when i was working as a sales promoter, some indian gal suddenly came and ask me whether I am Daniel Lee.. 2nd Malaysian Idol. I was like WTF!! I think i look better than him. After that incident, my supervisor keep making fun of me.. feel damn embarassed!!

  174. I donÒ€ℒt normally do this.. but for free Crocs.. what the hell eh Kenny..
    Where to start where to startÒ€¦ I have quite a few celeb encountersÒ€¦ so just some random ones yea..
    Once I was the manager on duty at CBTL, there was a sudden commotion at the cashier.. it was Samy Vellu.. everyone were like excited to see him.. greeting him and stuff.. he looked really diff in real life.. taller and bigger.. and he was actually a real nice guy.. low profiled and he “layanÒ€ℒd” everyone and even bought drinks for two malay guys who were lining up behing him..!
    Vick (Malaysian Idol season 1) came in one busy Saturday evening.. trying to get some attention.. real poser.. really didnÒ€ℒt like him.. I pretended I didnÒ€ℒt know who he was..!
    Tiara Jaquelina once popped into a restaurant I was managingÒ€¦ I never even knew it was Tiara until one of my staffÒ€ℒ told me.. she was so low profiled you wouldnÒ€ℒt believe it! And she was in sexy workout attire..
    Remember those guys from All 4 One Ò€¦ they popped into the restaurant one day.. they were down for some concert tour thingyÒ€¦ it was very sudden without notice.. I hadta prepare a table for them and layan themÒ€¦ real nice jokers.. they didnÒ€ℒt spend much time but enjoyed the Kobe beef though..
    Once hadta managed a function for the Raja Permaisuri Perak (Perak SultanÒ€ℒs wife) and had to be like a personal butler for her and 3 other of her friends.. lots of protocol and very nerve wreckingÒ€¦ how was she.. obviously not low profiled, relaxed but everything HAD to follow protocol..
    So there.. IÒ€ℒll be waiting for my Crocs.. thanks Kenny!

  175. Was walking into the Ipoh swimming club with my family for lunch when out came a man that look pretty familiar. My grandpa and I stared at him and the man stared back at my grandpa. Then he smile and shook hands with my grandpa and ask how he is. Ah, so they know each other I thought. After the man left, my grandpa turned and ask me who that man was. Adoi, itÒ€ℒs Dato Samy Vellu laaarrrÒ€¦.

  176. I have no idea how u’re going to sift through all these ‘entries’ .. but here goes mine πŸ˜› And I hope tennis players are also classified as ‘celebrities’
    I was studying in Melbourne in 2002 and during my summer break, I decided to go watch the Australian Tennis Open alone. It was one of those early matches and I bought a ground pass to watch all the matches playing on that day (Except for center court). Of course those who visited the Australian Tennis Open for the first time should buy the large basketball-size tennis ball which we would normally get the players to autograph on.
    I attended a few matches and like the kid that I was, I manage to wangle my way to get autograph of almost every player that day. While waiting for the players to finish their practise session, I decided to wait for them at the first row of the seats so that I could get more autographs when they exited the courts. While admiring my oversized tennis ball, I got hit right in the head by a stray tennis ball travelling like 70-100kmph! I fell off the chair and looking all dazed and dizzy, I saw someone running at my direction and asking ‘Are you alright? I’m so sorry!” It was Roger Federer!! But because I must have been hit so hard in the head, I called out ‘Pete Sampras’ instead! Roger laughed and said ‘Whoah, I must have hit you really hard, I look nowhere close to Pete. Heck, I’m not even THAT HAIRY!’
    I was whizzed away by the standby medical officer on duty. But about 15 minutes later, Roger came to ask about my condition again and gladly signed my oversized tennis ball, t-shirt and gave me his smelly t-shirt. He apologised profusely for the accident but I said it was purely an accident and shouldn’t be blamed. He then joked and said “So you wouldn’t mind getting hit again in the head?” .. I said “Hell yeah!!”
    I still have my oversized tennis ball for keeps!! If only I’ll get hit again by .. say, Andy Roddick?? πŸ˜›

  177. Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?
    Not now..but .Yes..i entered KennySia Reader contest and win and he sent me a Crocs shoe.. ^_^

  178. Hi Kenny,
    Trying my luck here. Last April, I got a chance to get upclose and personal with casts of Gubra (The film that won Best Film in the Malaysian Film Festival recently).
    Had tea with Juliana Ibrahim, Tan Mei Ling, Alan Yun and the leading lady, Sharifah Amani (affectionately known as Nani).
    I get to read my poem to Nani…Very corny but not as corny as Nani’s big toe. What corny toe you say? Pictures and details here:
    Click Here For Gubra Encounter

  179. This happened some time after the release of the James Bond movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’
    Michelle Yeoh was back in Ipoh and since my dad’s friends with her family, or rather, with her sister and her mother, he was invited to some function they were having. Upon arriving, my dad ended up sitting beside Michelle Yeoh’s sister. All was going well throughout the meal until he mentioned to Michelle’s sister that the lady sitting opposite him looked very familiar, and that he’d seen her somewhere before.
    Michelle’s sister looks at my dad, smiles and suggested that my dad ask the lady who she was. And so my dad says “Hey, you look very familiar, where have I seen you before?”
    The lady smiles and says, “Oh, perhaps you’ve seen me on screen.”
    Rather bewildwred, my dad goes “On screen? What do you mean?”
    “In the cinema la.. Tomorrow Never Dies ar” says Michelle’s sister.
    Dad: Har?!
    Michelle’s sister: Aiyo, the new James Bond movie la..
    Dad (being the non movie buff that he is): Why suddenly talking bout James Bond??
    Michelle: Yeah, the new movie was quite good
    Dad: I don’t think I’ve watched it yet. Still quite new right, I’m sure they don’t have clear pirated ones yet
    Michelle’s sister (points at the lady sitting opposite): That’s my sister la. She was the Bond Girl.
    Already so blur,imagine my embarrasment (eventhough my dad related this to me later)when the next thing he said was “Oh.. I see. So what’s your name?”
    Thankfully, Michelle Yeoh was pretty gracious about the whole thing. Needless to say her sister had burst out laughing before half of this conversation was over. And my dad learnt that he actually had seen the new movie, only that he didnt know the title nor the people who acted in the movie.

  180. I play football with Adam of 8TV and my friend’s girlfriend is Marion Caunter.
    Rachel Tan (Miss Chinese International/Malaysia 2002) was my friend’s girlfriend too.
    During my summer job in British India Bangsar Shopping Complex, I encountered Kavitha Kaur (Miss Malaysia 200X), and she was asking me for nice duvette, I was like “who is this?” until my colleague told me. She is just so freaking tall, 6tt+? LOL. Lim Kok Wing is a weird guy, wears all back. Harith Iskandar buys deco from British India (tiny cans), Alex Yong and wife, Adrianna Teoh paid visit to the shop. Fly Guy too wearing a cap..
    Thanks. bye bye

  181. Alright man I hope I win this hahaha here goes
    I know a friend he went to England for a holiday and all. THis is what happened….Will SMITH!! was in the shopping mall and according to him…Everyone was rushing up to him for autographs and all…And my friend being the hero that he is…couldnt get a picture or an autograph with Will…instead he went
    Friend: “YO wassup Man!How’re ya doin?”
    Will Smith: (thumbs Up) Im doing great man thX!
    How cool is that!??!
    hahaha on another note…Cheer 2004….went for it to support my school cheerleading team..As Usual Jien and Azura were the MC for the event…then when the cheerleading contest was over all the girls piled up at Jien for pictures and what not…My Genius Friend…took out her video Cam and started shooting him in an up-close kinda view…that’s whn it dawned upon her…
    *screams* OMG JIEN HAS WRINKLES!!!
    in an instant…Jien’s head turned to where we were standing…and being the MAN that I was…
    I rushed my bum to the seat and turned the other way pretending to talk to a friend…(when I really dint know who the girl behind me was..tho she was hot!!..anyway..)and my friend of all things she could have done…she asked…
    “hey! can i have a picture with You?”
    I got (=.=)” idoit…
    so yeah thts about it..bring on those comfy Crocs mAN!!!!

  182. 1st things 1st: great blog!
    story: my bro was in singapore somewhere last year with his friends partying, don’t know where. then suddenly all his friends turn and start shouting May & Choy!!! my bro, clueles, follows them and takes a picture with the hotties.
    next day he wakes up, probably with a hangover, and asks, ‘Do you know who are May & Choy?’
    DUHHH!!! MTV!!!!

  183. Ive had several encounters with superstars. My best friend’s dad, who came from ipoh.. Used to go out with Michelle Yeoh !! but then she left him cos she wanted to go overseas to try out as an actress. but tats not the point.. I used to work in Burswood concierge so have plenty of run in stars.. here r some !
    – Coldplay – didn know that chris martin was staying in burswood so checked him in cos he used a fake name called John Buttery. Then he came in all drunk and yelling Rock and Roll with a case of beers.. we told him he wasn allow to bring alcohol due to regulations he just yelled out “I can buy the whole hotel if i wanted to ROCK AND ROLLLLLL” and walked off
    – Taj Burrows – World no.2 surfer in the world ! he actually wanted to give me a tip but instead i asked him for an autograph
    – Incubus – went to their concert.. my cousin couldn make it.. so she gave me a letter so i can chuck it to the leader singer… so then i went.. luckily we were jumping around at the front.. then i put my letter up and the lead singer saw it and took it.. then during half time break.. he actually sat down in front of the stage and read out the letter.. too bad my cousin wasn there lol
    – John Travolta – this was agess ago, he was here in Perth for some Qantas stuff and he stayed in Burswood.. luckily i was working a graveyard shift.. and he was just sitting alone wit no guards at the cocktail bar waiting for his friend.. so i took my courage to go up to him and told him tat i was a big fan of his.. and guess wat.. got another autograph

  184. I was in the same lift with Michelle Reis while in HK ten years ago.
    My family and another family were in the lift of the Garden Inn hotel when she walked in with a another lady. That time I could not recognised her as she was wearing sunglasses (in the lift?) but my friend kept staring at her. It was when she stepped out from the lift when my friend blurted out “that’s Michelle Reis!”
    She was very nice though! She waved at us before heading into a chauffeur-driven car. Of course we waved back!

  185. haha i saw those and never thought twice about them…but i do have a funny story and i always like free stuff ! btw always love the blog, reminds me of home when i’m away!
    My cousins who were 5 and 6 at the time were in Los Angeles for a vacation. It was lunch time and my aunt brought them to a Mcdonalds and as little kids do, they started playing around a bit.
    Suddenly they bumped into a huge HUUGE man, who turned out to be Shaquille O’Neal. The two little girls, heads twisted just to see the man’s face, started screaming and shreiking at the top of their voice “IT’S A GIANT! IT’S A GIANT” He then looked down and said, in a humorous girly voice “it’s not polite to point!”
    Hehe there hope it made you laugh!

  186. I meet Kenneth Yu (a celebrity of sorts) and he was wearing crocs. (almost every week)
    Kenneth Yu is a up and coming award winning copywriter with O & M. He was reviewed in the star 5 months back.
    Do I win my crocs now?

  187. hey crocs were the thing years ago in sg. now only hawkers and aunties wear them. i happen to saw one middle aged aunty wearing a pair of crocs(i reckon it’s imitation)in the most hideous shade of pink imaginable today. πŸ™‚ but to each its own i guess.
    neways jus wanna share a few celebrity (albeit minor ones) encounters i had.
    bumped into fiona xie (yes, singapore’s SEX BOMB) last year at crystal jade bakery in Taka. she looked more petite in person and was wearing tonnes of makeup. no juicy gossip could be digged from it though as she was with this boy in his pre teens. her younger bro i suppose.
    another one was when i was in adelaide couple of years ago. saw this 2 mediacorp artist,cynthia koh and vincent ng(the wushu guy) staying at e same hotel (as me). they were quite friendly though.
    and of course plenty of run ins with some local celebs but nothing to shout abt.

  188. oh freak!!!! how in heaven’s name can i ever forget bout the closest encounter i ever had with HUGE (not one, but tonnes of of them)celebs???
    and they are none other than jay chou and the initial d cast (edison chen,shawn yue,and that old guy who’s a pretty good actor and who acted as his dad)
    the thing was, i was hanging out in klcc last year with my friend (the same night where a power failure occured right smack in the middle of a movie. and it’s klcc for god’s sake!)and we when we came out from e cineplex, it was flooded with ppl. i nonchalantly walked away with my friend as i was never really into mandopop or chinese movies anyway.
    but the most infuriating thing was the moment we stepped into the lift to get out from that level, who would arrive on that very floor in another lift?? the whole gang of them!!! omg… and i got all hysterical after that when my friend said it was THEM not because i’m a jay/edison/shawn/whoever fan but cos i just missed out the biggest chance ever to claim that i was within a meter’s distance from them.
    i felt worse for my friend though cos he is e jay fan after all.
    just my luck!!

  189. meeting the China Top Badminton Players are my best encounter with celebs.. it all happened when kch was the host for Proton Malaysia Open Badminton Championship 2006. if u r a badminton fan, u will envy me for taking pictures with the world famous Lin Dan, and his gf Xie Xingfang… i even took pic with Zhang Ning, the world top 1 women single, and Gao Ling of the world top 1 for mix double… talking abt them now really make me recall the excitement. once in a life time man!! the last last time Msia Badminton Open organized in kch was 10 years ago! and the next time maybe 10 years later, all the players would be new! and the most unbelievable thing is, i get to meet n talk to them for 3-4 nights continuously! standing so sooo close, eye to eye contact… muahahaha cool huh! n surprise? well, further details remain a secret. πŸ˜‰

  190. I met with Liv Tyler at Auckland Airport three years ago. I was waiting for my flight to Wellington and had not slept for 18 hours (my entire flight time to Auckland). When I saw her, I was, i guessed, star-struck, couldnt believe my eyes. She was heading to the restroom while her companions were ordering coffee. Then I tried to wake my cousin up to confirm if my eyes arent playing tricks with me. Turned out that my cousin was even more blur than me, so I only sat there and watched her grabbed a coffee and left. Two days later, I saw the news headline on the newspaper “Liv Tyler arrived at Auckland Airport”

  191. i have see
    1. Tan Sri Dato Professor Lim Kok Wing-(atleast once a week, i’m a student of his famous black wrap-up building in the middle of the jungle)
    2. Jean-(pictured-he came to campus for R.AGE road show)
    3. Nicholas Teo{zhang dong liang}-the astro talent winner of year 2002-he was staying the same apartment as my house during their shoot of 3rd Generation in Penang.Me & my sis(a huge fan of him)rang his door & asked for an autograph.later on,we saw him for a whole month in Penang til bored.
    4. Amber Chia-too many times-not a fan of her
    5. Adam from 8TV – (pictured)many times too, during events
    6. Angel (chui ling)-saw her in Mambo(before it closed down)in 1 Utama
    7. Many other local TV Commercial artist – i onced did my internship in a production house.I was asked to cast talents as my Producer & Line Producer was to busy.So i did meet many local advertisement artist (those who always appear in Malaysia TV Commercial).That time, I asked them to all funny reaction as I taped them for my Director.It was fun that I get to instruct the ‘talents’ to do what I want… huahahha…
    8. Phat Fabes – now DJ & appear weekends on 8TV QUICKIE
    9. & loads more which i had forgotten…
    Please… I just want a pair of original CROCS, as the fake one i bought in Singapore for S$6 is not that comfy afterall. I wore it for a 1 hour hike to a beach & the next thing i knew, I had blister toes. So… please… I want the CROCS super duper desperately….

  192. I have just came back from ….SEATRU (Sea Trutle Research Unit) Volunteer camp, and i must say the celebrity that i have just met might not be a REAL celebrity, but i must say she’s a BIG celebrity among the sea turtles.
    She is….Professor Chan Eng Heng!! The woman behind the conservation of sea turtles at Chagar Hutang beach, Pulau Redang, Terengganu. Thanks to her, i can still kiss the turtles today.
    by the way, I also saw the previous batch of volunteers from singapore wearing the crocs.
    You should join the volunteer program too, bet you will become slimmer there. =)
    Is the shoes that HOT in Singapore? =)

  193. Sad… So many malaysians so typically greedy and desperate for a bloody pair of sandals. Yeah watever .. its cool or anything.honestly speaking if you want it go buy it lar. If u wanna win the competition write properly lor. Dont beg for it lar. it makes us look cheap.

  194. Geez guys, I’m not interested in which celebrity you’ve met! I’m looking for your interaction with them. You gotta do better than “I met so-and-so and this-and-that event”. Big deal.
    I’m looking for something JUICY, not how many famous people you’ve met. Does that personhave a habit of digging his nose? Did you use to pick that person up in your car? Stuff like that.
    Now tell me something about them that no one else knows.

  195. Interesting encounter with a celebrity??
    Well, I’m not lucky enough to experience this, but something interesting just happened in our house:
    Our new housemate who just just moved in, is actually Astro’s Superstar competition male’s group runner-up, Winson… o.O||| And only when we got the 8TV’s summer concert tickets that we found out that he has a guest performance on that day.
    Look how unsensitive our whole housemates are… (duh)@.@

  196. hmm…i can try 1 of this croc thing…
    let see…1 of my fren’s collegue ever washed JJ’s hair at Singapore in 1 of the saloon…dunno wat the saloon name oledi…but she juz washed recently. ^.^

  197. can I leave a few?
    The first is with Paul Moss, my family and I were on holiday in Phuket in December last year and on the way there, we were on the same flight with him which was not really anything interesting, but when we got to the Phuket airport and were checking out at imigration, we caught sight of Paul with another young asian girl who looked like she was in her tweenties or so, the juiciest part was how intimate they were with one another… they got into a hotel transit van together and that was the last we saw of them on that island…
    Another one happened not too long ago, two weeks ago Pak Lah attended a memorial service held in honour of Puan Sri Rosaline Yoeh, who was a good friend of mine’s aunt. Another friend, lets call him X, who is a very close friend to one of Puan Sri’s son also attended the service on that day and at the exact moment that Pak Lah was making his way up the stairs to speak to Tan Sri, X and the entire gang of friends were about to make their way down but stopped to make way and watch as Pak Lah made his way up, on his way up, Pak Lah let go a few rather loud coughs and X being the joker that he is said, no announced, to everyone “quick! get him a tissue, doesn’t look very healthy”… which caused the entire gang of friends to break out in the loudest of laughter at the most silent places in the entire planet which also caused everyone to look at the entire gang of friends… X then ran into his best friend’s room toilet and hid there for the rest of the night…. heh!
    Another one happened even more recently… at present moment I’m in the cast of Broken Bridges, a local musical produced by the KLPac and among our leads are Tony Eusoff, known for his role in malay soap drama, astana idaman and also for the streamyx ad… few weeks a go, at one of our final rehearsals before we bumped in to the theatre… we were reaching the finale of the play and tony was to appear in the finale but dear ol tony was nicely and calmly having a smoke at the balcony outside the studio when he slowly turned around, got a short heart attack, jumped off his seat, threw his cigg into the bin, ran for the door to the studio and then calmly walked into position pretending that everything was normal, until he opened his mouth to sing the finale chorus and a breath of smoke came out in nice swirly paterns of Os…. Joe the director made a lovely impression of tony when he dished out his notes and damn, it was funny!
    Also in the cast as the star of the show is kopitiam cast, Douglas Lim… recently douglas went to buy some tickets for his friend at the box office and a certain box office staff said to douglas, “why don’t you come watch Broken Bridges starring Douglas Lim, sir?”… -_-”

  198. hmm…i do like to try 1 of those croc thingy…hehe
    well…juz my luck….my fren’s collegue now working in singapore ever washed JJ’s hair juz recently…i dunno which saloon oh…is this ok ?

  199. oh ya….i 4got another celebriti i encounter !!!
    this 1 even more famous….i was sitting at a coffee shop in miri tat place called ‘pewira’ kinda popular for miri nite life…den i saw this guy walked by pass me den i asked my fren…look familiar…den bang ~! my fren shoot me…he said..”its tat guy la !!” the 1 always talk talk talk in his blog 1…do stupid things…bang~! den i remember…its ‘Kenny Sia’ The local celebrity in sarawak hahahah…do this count ? hope so…coz i wanna try those croc shoe…made it sounded so comfortable…oh ya..tat time saw u walking toward Mega Hotel…am i write…if not wrong..tats the time u came to miri and went to Balcony with ing hui those ppl..^.^
    my encounter is special leh…hehehe

  200. My dad used to work in Brunei in the 1980s. It was there that he had a celeb meeting he remembers to this day. It was with Gene Hackman. My dad has a black belt in karate, so he talked about martial arts with Gene, who, from dad’s account, was well-spoken, friendly, and spent time having an animated discussion with dad about the state of martial arts in Hollywood. Dad gave Gene his business card, and the last thing the movie star said to him was “If I ever need a karate star, I’ll call you!” Of course, that never happened, but it was a great encounter with a star whom dad respected more afterwards. In 2004, I sent a letter to Gene Hackman, asking him for an autograph and mentioning dad’s encounter with him 20 years before. I doubt he actually remembered meeting my dad in Brunei, but at least someone sent back an autograph πŸ™‚

  201. Crocs are so cool! Ok here’s my shot(s) at a free pair of Crocs (please please Kenny!!):
    1) The performer at my cousin’s wedding is Daniel Lee (Malaysian Idol Winner 2005) who happens to be my cousin-in-law’s cousin . Unfortunately that was before he won Idol so no one remembers him. Now everyone in the family wants an autograph!
    2) My hubby used to have a crush on Nadya Hutagalung. When he was in the UK for his studies, he was hanging out with his buddies when Nadya happened to be in the same place. He drooled about her to his then new BFF (he told me that he totally embarrassed himself) who offered to introduced him to Nadya, BFF’s girlfriend! Hubby nearly died of embarassment! hehe…
    3) Once we caught a performance by Farid Ali and gang at No Black Tie. After performing their final encore, most people left except for us. The band just casually sat down at our table (we didn’t know them), nibbled at kacang, had a couple drinks and talked to us like old friends. Then suddenly, they decided to start playing again for fun and we were treated to another hour of good music. The night ended nostalgically with a first kiss. Hubby and I blamed it on the wine and jazz!
    4) Before our wedding, we were having trouble getting someone to be our dinner emcee. One night, we gave up doing wedding stuff and went out to get a DVD. We bumped into Liang (a local R&B artist that hubby sometimes play guitar for), exchanged greetings and the next thing we know, he asked us how was wedding preps, we said we can’t find a dinner wanna volunteer and he said why not! How cool is that!
    Kenny, do I get my free Crocs now! (please please please) On second thought, can you send another one for hubby as well!! I need a pacifier now that I aired his laundry in public…hehehe…

  202. Denvis. The lead singer of Spades in Netherlands. Most Malaysians don’t know this group even exist. Well, neither do I before i met up with Denvis himself.
    I was in the bus on the way back from Singapore and this big caucasian guy sat next to me in the bus. We started a conversation and he did mention about his album that is just released. At that point i didn’t know that I was actually talking to a rock star. The bus is heading to Kuala Rompin but he dropped off at Mersing as he was heading to Tioman Island. He wrote his website url, with a big marker pen (that’s the only pen he can find in his backpack) on my palm and gave me a bar of chocolate from Netherlands before he left the bus.
    The next day i checked his website and HEY! I met up with a celebrity that “autographed” on my hand and treated me chocolate.
    The “autograph” has long been washed off now. But i still remember the fresh insights that he shared with me along the meaningful conversation.
    I want a free Croc.

  203. Celebrity encounter?
    Back in 2004 when I was working in Memory Lane (a gift shop) when Paul Moss came in and asked me to wrap a furry dolphin photograph for him which he bought from the shop i was working at.
    Funny thing was, I didn’t know he was Paul Moss til he walked off and my colleauges were like ‘OMG you wrapped for Paul Moss’.

  204. My family and I bumped into Richard Clayderman at least three times during our stay at Genting (we were going to watch him perform). The first time was when he was going off to get his coat cleaned at the laundry (where we went, “Wow, aren’t you Richard Clayderman?” and ended up taking a picture with him). The second time was at the casino (my parents met him then) and had a nice conversation with him. The third time was after his performance at the entrance of the resort, where recognised us and vice versa and took pictures with him again. ^^ I dunno where the pics are though >.

  205. it was about 3-4 years ago, my uncle used to pick me up from school and we have duck rice in a hawker stall (situated opposite my school). One day, he picked me up in his pajero, and surprisingly seated in the jeep were hong kong celeb (i cant recall his name but one of his famous album was ‘lek ngo chi lek’ which means ‘clever, i m the cleverest’) i guess ppl called him ah lek/lek ko together with his wife. we hv formal conversation follow up by long awkward silence in the jeep. His impression to me was he is so arrogant. As usual, we went to the hawker stall to have duck rice. Half way through lunch, few of the fans asking for his autograph. Followed by my uncle’s autograph. Being not satisfied, they ask for my autograph and asked me what show that i was acting into. i replied ‘wow, this book is full of celebrity’s signature, but i am just a student from that school (pointed that building). isnt that obvious i m wearing a school uniform, so should i still sign??’ that was where the scene burst into laughter. ice-breaking scene and after that we have a long private chat on the way back. he his quite a joker, and not that arrogant afterall. the only bad habit i found out is being an actor=swear alot, and he proves to me on the way to back to airport ‘CCB, where is the signal’, ‘Diu’. This is how the malaysian drive, and i m sooo ‘proud’ of it!! M driver ‘BOLEHLAH’

  206. I MET KENNY SIA!!! =)
    I was going for a “first date” with a guy I met in the hospital(of ALL places). We finally settled on going to a local cafe in Padungan. When we walked in, I saw a guy smiling silly, giGGling to himself while typing on his lap top. I was like “Oh my goSh, its Kenny Sia!”
    My “date” then casually chatted up Kenny, claiming that they were kindergarden friends, but apparently Kenny doesnt remember! (how embarrasing fer e otha guy) I calmed my excitement and got my “date” to take a photo of me and the h0t celeb! We excused ourselves and left Kenny to his webcam sessions with a seXy chick. No wonder he was smiling silly like wanna ‘lau chui nua’…

  207. i’ve known Melissa Maureen before she was known on tv. We were pen pals! we actually wrote letters and posted them!
    we lost touch and after 10 years or so i managed to find her again. we met up in KL and even went clubbing with her and Cheryl Samad!!

  208. Me and my friend were touring in Dreamworld at Gold Coast when he suddenly ran towards a dude with dyed blonde hair. I did not join my friend and was looking at other attractions when suddenly I saw him drop his camera he was carrying and the dude with dyed blonde hair stormed off in a huff. He came back with an embarrased face and told me the story. He mistakened the dude for Alan Tam but he was actually Hacken Lee. I laughed so hard. He went around looking for Hacken after that, but could not find him.

  209. Pardon me if I am wrong. But I do understand that Crocs are more of beach or casual wear.
    The thing about crocs is the way it stands out among our daily attire.
    So I have some suggestions:
    1. Please do not cover your legs when wearing crocs. Some “meat” should be shown. This will bring out the contrast of your crocs.
    2. Please do not wear clothings of the same color of your crocs. Example, do not wear anything pinkish if you are wearing pink crocs. You will look like a walking pink panther.
    3. Please wear some accessories to match them instead. Like chains or simple belt. It will make you look outstanding!
    4. If I am not wrong, you can change the strap of your crocs for a more distinct look. Not sure if it is still available.
    So Kenny, no jeans please:P

  210. well, the celebrity I had close encounter with is non other than the newly wed Siti Nurhaliza!
    That time, my friends and I, out of sudden decide to round KL with no objectives, near to midnight (where the only magic hours that KL is void of traffic). Then, we came to Times Square, it was newly open and the only bright thing then was the huge 7 eleven outlet, so we stop the car (yes we park illegally like a typical Malaysian), got into the shop and start rampaging, okok, just browsing. i grab some stuff and got to the counter when i heard some giggles and noise at the checkout,and then saw a pretty lady, dress in black shirt with black-rimmed glasses was smiling sweetly (the noises are from the other two girls) and oh gosh, i realized it was Siti! i told my other two friends and we got excited, just staring at her. Apparently the two girls with Siti must be her crew, and they casually put their things in front of Siti’s and had her paid for it. No problem as she just whipped out her plastic money. Later we found out that she’s there after a trial-run for her opening ceremony for Times Square the next day.
    Some descriptions are, Siti really has her smooth fair skin and long black hair, no doubt there, and she is not as tall as she appear in the medias, but still taller than me mind you, and in her loose black t-shirt and jeans, she actually just look like an ordinary girl but a sweet one, really.
    So there’s my close encounter with the new LADY now, no longer a girl but someone’s wife. Proud to say i met the most celebrated, so far to me the only celebrated, celebrity in Malaysia. πŸ˜‰

  211. One of the celebrities that I encounter in KL was none other than Amber Chia herself. It was early this year when the movie “the 3rd Generation” was released. Seeing her in advertisement & poster were so often during that period. And it was also during that period I met her, Amber Chia, for the first time in my life.
    The location : Outside Kim Gary @ Mid Valley. I saw her walking pass by me, as me and my friends were leaving Kim Gary after lunch. She smiled at me, while all I could do was numb from head to toe & staring at her like a freak. I call her name out, she turn & reply me with her sweet+polite voice.
    I asked if I can take a picture with her & she says “sure, why not?”. So without wasting anytime, I threw my handphone[Sony Ericsson T630] to my friend and ask him snap a picture of us. Too bad, The quality of the picture was not that good with that camera phone.
    I actually asked Amber Chia if it was alright if I placed my hands on her shoulder and she just answered me “Sure, why not?”.
    Of course, after that, I was still stunned & I eventually to freak out to talk her but just thank her for the chance to take a picture with her.
    I just left with my “high” look on my face all day long @ Mid Valley.
    ~If you ask me why I wrote on her? Cause, she is the one among the celebrities I met that I can caught up with, as well as taking a picture as a memory. Furthermore, I like her eyes as she often melt my heart. :ΓƒΕΎ~

  212. Studyin in the Uk allow me various encounters with celebrities. Here are some of my recent experiences:
    1. I was walking along Oxford Street in Manchester last winter, and bumped into the set and cast (Sarah Parish, Jason Merrells etc.) of ‘Cutting It’, the British Comedy/Drama series. It was such a coincidence that they were filming part of an episode there, so I stayed on a while to have a look and took a few photos with a camera which I happened to have in hand. I also had a chance to mingle around and see how filming is done.
    2. I was on board MAS flying from London to KL and was upgraded free to Business Class. I sat next to lady who spoke of a particular ‘Tun’ who was in the First Class cabin. I didn’t know who exactly she was talking abt so I did not bother. When we disembarked, I saw Tun Mahathir and I shook hands with him. We walked to the aerotrain and was next to him until we arrived at the domestic terminal when he left with his entourage.
    3. I won tickets to Hamley’s private shopping evening in London on 30/11/2005. This shopping evening was hosted to raise money for Forgotten Children (a charity that helps children in developing world) and met a few celebrities there, including Dame Judi Dench.

  213. This was years ago, when I was a student in the UK.
    I was window-shopping at Harrod’s in London when I spied a familiar bespectacled fellow, surrounded by two burly chaps, browsing at the shoe section. It was (then Prime Minister Dato Seri) Dr Mahathir!!! One of the burly chaps noticed me, a fellow Malaysian, looking all excited and, after a brief consultation with Dr M, motioned me to come on over to have a chat with Dr M.
    I walked up to the great man and was at a loss for words. How does a lowly snot-nosed student make small talk with a Prime Minister??!
    Finally, I asked,
    “Hello Dato’ Seri. What brings you here?”
    And the great man replied,
    “Shopping lah, apa lagi.”
    Ask stupid question some more.

  214. I …..
    haih… by the time i tell ya my story, the crocs had been given away already..
    but anyways, great review!

  215. I honestly think that one looks like a clown wearing them.
    I have seen my gym members wearing them to gym and like walking Ronald MacDonald.
    No matter how comfortable they are, I rather keep my feet clean and continue wearing my Nike instead of looking like a nerd

  216. Here’s my celebrity encounter story which hopefully wins me a pair of crocs.
    I was at the arrival gate sometime back at KLIA waiting for someone when suddenly i noticed this really hot person strolling out the gates and stood right next to me apparently waiting for someone. Her entourage soon followed which amused me cause i was wondering who she was. I noticed she was wearing an MNG top and figured which celebrity would be wearing your common everyday MNG basic tops. I brushed off the celebrity thought although i couldn’t help but notice how hot she was till someone in the crowd yelled “Tata Young!”. And photographers and a whole bunch of people began to crowd around her while i was just standing right next to her. Apparently she was there for the force of nature thing. She was then whicked away and i was too stunned to say anything to her.
    Oh well, I have another celebrity experience but i’m not sure he ranks highly in here. I met and chatted with Andy Peterson, Malaysia’s premier bass player at a mamak shop. He was wearing a big faded t shirt and shorts drinking when i approached him on behalf of a friend who was a big admirer of him. He’s just so down to earth and even gave some really good advice. But i find it a shame someone as talented as him who certainly gains allot of respect in the music industry both locally and internationally goes unnotice on the streets.
    Anyways, those are my ‘encounters’ with celebrities. Hope tht figures well with you Kenny=)

  217. how the hell am i to compete with 280 other comments?
    here goes anyway: One nice Merdeka Day eve, my friends and i decided to give all the crowded areas a miss to have a “quiet” Merdeka Day Celebration. But an ordinary mamak session across from Subang Parade turned into a lively countdown session with stars Serena C, Jason Lo, Disagree and Pete Teo in Subang Parade itself. After the concert and countdown, my friend Ju and I squeezed behind stage and managed to take photos alongside Jason Lo, Serena C and Pete Teo, in our simplest home attire of baggy tees, shorts and slippers (mamak maaaar). Not only that, we even had the cheek to ask Pete Teo for an autographed CD for free. which i gave away. coz only one song rocked – Jesselton Tonight.
    erm. i really do love Crocs! really i do!

  218. nicholas teo tun liang ‘s parents was my mum’s fren. bought a bottle of large mattell from the parents n i’ve seen him half naked at his house before πŸ™‚

  219. ooooo…crocs..big and fugly but super duper comfortable!!!
    ok…so here goes…..
    I went for this run ( a charity run I think )jointly organized by Sin Chew Jit Poh and some other people larh…..( how am I suppose to know, I was dragged into the event ) anyway, after the walk, we were entertained by some local artiste while waiting for the lucky draw sessions at the END of the event.
    I sat on some steps behind the stage, and yes, the ppl on the stage are still visible. A moment later, this familiar faces of a guy sat down near me. I couldn’t who he was so I kept stealing glances of him for the next 15 minutes. then it was time to leave, so I left with my friends.
    Later, while we were waiting for the bus to arrive, a girl I was introduced to before the run came running towards us asking for an extra white t-shirt, said she needed it for an autograph by a celeb. Coincidently, I was wearing 2, (don’t ask why…I just was)so I gave her one of my shirts.
    Then the bus came. As I was boarding the bus, I heard a voice coming from the satge…” let’s welcome Ah Niu!!!” then it hit me. THAT FAMILIAR FAE WAS AH NIU!!!!!

  220. fuhh… sure as hell i cant beat the people that posted.. but heck.. i’ll give myself a shot..
    1. Yes i have Alan Yun on my msn list..
    2. Daniel Tan did a fashion show on a mardi gras party i organized for the Pink Triangle foundation.
    3. I had Irene Santiago there too and lots more other model but i cant really remember all of their names. Was backstage coordinator for a fashion show by Jonathan Ch’ng and Richard Tsen.
    4. And i do have a shot of Alan and Amber in a car being sent to me via MMS (by alan of course) on their way for shooting in Kuching, bet you know which movie.
    5. Does Nelson Mandela count? i did had lunch with him over a conference on AIDS in Durban, year 2000.. unfortunately no pictures allowed.
    6. Hrm…. i know the Ejen016’s ahahahaha… met them over a party..
    7. Other random celebrities, Gillian Hung, Sonny San, Najib Ali, peaple from Sumunda, actors studio, instant cafe and bla bla bla.. met in the same club we hang out at..
    8. Joanne Kam Po Po & Adam Caruthers, before they hit bigger celebrity status.
    9. Bill Keith.
    10. Miss Malaysia 2004, Gloria Ting and Miss Malaysia 2005, Emmeline Ng. Deepavali party at my friend’s place.
    errr enough lah. Hope i win *fingers cross.

  221. An encounter by the surprise!
    Years back at National Art Gallery, I was doing my usual nuisance of critically examining each art piece. It was Aris Yaacob’s collection.
    A friend who is an artist himself took the liberty of explaining the work. But half-way through, we got separated and I wandered the hall by myself.
    I stopped at one particular art where there stood another guy admiring it. Then I happened to say, “Do you think the artist is on drug when he painted this? I don’t think it has anything significant to the title.” And the guy kept his cool and silent.
    Then seconds later, my friend arrived and greeted the guy next to me. Embarrassingly that was the artist!

  222. And only yesterday I believed I’m bumped into Paula Malai at Alexis BSC during lunch. But not entirely certain…
    I guess we come in contact with celebrity or the so-called or soon-to-be, but never pay much attention to jot down every names.

  223. oh….
    11. The Mahathirs, if they are considered celebrity.
    12. Asha Gill, when we were doing Amnesty together.
    13. Mahadzir Lokman, we were both in a lift in IJN. He was picking up his friend and i was visiting my mom.
    14. Just a glance of Ricky Martin and Michael schumacher, when I was in the airport dealing with imigration for my foreign guests to come in with Drugs.
    15. Ning Baizura. Did a few charitable stuff with her. Was backstage.
    16. The late Puan Endon. before she was the 1st lady, she donated RM20K to the AIDS foundation. Met her for a press conference and had tea.
    17. Fly guy, when we set up a stall infront of Alexis in bangsar to sell stuff to raise fund.
    18. Some local not so famous celebrities from HK when i was in HK, of course we were eager to spot a few but, i cant remember his name.
    19. Juliana Banos – i think it’s spelled that way.. with some friends in Nirwana, very famous mamak in bangsar.
    20. Shaggy, when he was here for a concert and i won an exclusive dinner with him.
    i reallyX2 hope to win..

  224. I’ve seen the Tesco “Crocs” before..doesn’t seem comfy.
    My turn for story telling:
    It was at this year’s Cheer 2006 competition and one of the MCs, Jien, was asking my ex-school teacher whether we students know how to spell dynamite properly. (Our school’s team was the Dynamitez)
    I kinda got a little pissed off at the way he said it so I just shouted (it was quite quiet) “IT IS CORRECT IN OUR DICTIONARY!”. Jien either just kept quiet or his reply was drowned out by DJ-ians.

  225. Here’s one a friend of mine had. He’s currently studying in Shanghai so there was one day he went to a restaurant to have dinner. He noticed someone who looked like Jay Chou at the table JUST BESIDE HIM!! Well he wasn’t really bothered at first thinkin maybe it was some wannabes. Who knows 10 mins later, the paparazzi and media and all sorts rushed in to the restaurants and he had to leave because of it. My friend was right next to him. What to do.. Didn’t know it was him so it was wasted.
    I neeed the crocs!!!!!

  226. I met Kenny Sia at Rainforest Festival but I was too shy to go and say ‘Hi’… *sigh* But if I get to see you again at RWMF ’07, I promise I’ll say hi!!
    Back when I was 14, I met this buncha cute guys who call themselves Plus One… I don’t think they’re SO famous but they’re definitely nice people. My friend and I had this golden opportunity to have dinner with them at Holiday Inn’s Mei San cause my uncle was in the organising team.
    A year after that, 2Be3 came to Kuching… and again me and that same friend of mine had another chance to dine with the lads! Big thanks to my beloved uncle for being in the oraganising team again.
    How often do you get to dine with celebrities?! I must be one heck of a lucky girl..
    Crocs Rock…Kenny Sia, you rock too!

  227. Eh Kenny, can post more than one entry, right? Increase my chances of winning hor hor
    I was in Jakarta last year for a treasure hunt. After a whole day’s hunting which took us from KL to KLIA to Jakarta, we finally checked in at our hotel that evening. We dumped out bags in our room and took the lift back down to the lobby to join the others for dinner. The lift doors were about to close when a soft voice said, “Tunggu, tunggu!” from outside.
    I pushed the “open door” button and in walked this stunning, leggy, almost 6-footer chick of mixed Caucasian-Indonesian descent.
    “Terima kasih”, she smiled.
    The lift stopped at the next floor and in walked 2 other leggy, gorgeous Indonesian women. They greeted Chick #1 and were soon in animated conversation.
    The lift stopped a few more times and several other Amazonian Indon beauties came in. We were soon surrounded by these lasses who apparently knew each other.
    Was I in heaven? Was I in my own, pathetic fantasy?
    No. Apparently the contestants for Puteri Indonesia 2005 (the Miss Indonesia beauty pageant) were also staying at our hotel. Unfortunately, I can’t speak Indonesian for nuts and missed out on a chance to chat them up. One of the uncles in our group who spoke fluent Javanese (and he’s Chinese, by the way) did manage to get them to pose for a photo with him, harem style.

  228. Looks like I have to re-type again. Hmm….. I’ve been a silent, non-commenting reader on this blog for a while liao. I like the wit and the farnee side of it. And then, I see an entry on Crocs. Fuiyo, it’s the trend among a few friends that I know of, make me want one nia. Blue ka-rer one, can ah?
    Anyways, speaking of an encounter with celebrities, here’s a little something. This happened a few years ago, during a Marie France Bodyline promo, back when they had Flora Chan, Cass Phang and the still active spokesperson for MFB, Christy Chung.
    A few of us were staking out at the hotel to get some pictures taken and some autographs, preferably. We saw Flora Chan first. Quite tall, very nice, stood there with us for a while, taking photos and signing autographs. Cass Phang was the nicest among all, because when I got to her, she was already sitting IN a van waiting for the rest to head out to dinner. I popped my head in to ask if I could take a picture and she came OUT and willingly took a couple of pictures with me. She was rather short, and I’m 5’2″ nia.
    Lastly, Christy Chung. No words to say about her, she came out as pompous as she does on the ads that she poses. Stood there for less than half a minute and then just cabut. Luckily, wasn’t planning on meeting her anyways. hehe….. And actually, she was rather clueless. She thought we were waiting for her. =P
    Now, where do I go about meeting Sheila Majid?

  229. yo dude. i want em shoes! (too cheap to buy a pair with me own cash)
    anyways, here’s the story
    No Doubt was here in KL for a concert a couple of years ago and i went with a couple of friends. in the mosh pit, one of my friends shouted ‘i can’t find my bra!’ (don’t ask). we didn’t see her bra till after the concert…apparently some dude tried to throw it at gwen stefani.
    Oh, and i sneezed on our PM’s head during a dinner with him when he was visiting australia.

  230. An encounter with a B-list badminton celebrity, Lee Tsuen Seng a former national badminton player, who lived under the shadow of our lovely Wong Choong Hann during 2002-2003.
    I met Lee Tsuen Seng in the MIDDLE OF THE ROAD, not KL where he trains, but in PENANG!!! And the best thing was, HE CAME TO ME, asking me to wind down my window. I didn’t know who he was at first because his car windows was tinted black.
    I did what I was told and then we were talking through car windows when the traffic light was red for 20 seconds!! And then, it ended too fast… the cars in front of us started moving, leaving both of us stopping in the middle of the read, getting honked from cars behind us!!
    Ok la..the reason he asked me to wind down the window was to ask for direction because he was lost in penang. haha..of all people, he asked me, his used-to-be fans and obviously i got shocked and excited at the same time.
    For more detailed info ::

  231. Hey Kenny,
    Crocs rawk.. really good for your feet. Im a personal trainer by profesion and i highly recommend them. I’ve been wanting to get one for awhile now so here’s my celebrity encounter πŸ™‚
    One of my celebrity clients is Rudy frm morning crew.
    We were out one night when we saw this wheel chair at the parking lot where i was parking my car ( why is there one there dont ask me ).. heheh anyw , we decided to fool about with it and thats when i asked Rudy to pop a wheely on it. Lets just say ,he flew over , bumped his head and just layed there laughing !! … we all laughted till we almost cried and the next thing i know in between all this Tom Foollery , he bumped into my car and dented it!!.. πŸ™ hehehe
    Thats my short story and guess what? Rudy wear’s crocs too! hehhe
    p/s I notice alot of Amber Chia stories… that women is every where isnt she??? hehhe

  232. Personal lame encounters from celebrities notwithstanding, so here’s an email excerpt from a kind friend:
    Hey you! Ok…it’s against all of my being to help you win the ugliest shoes known to man….I can’t even believe I’m still talking to you….so I have one from a while back. I met Wyclef Jean from the Fugees. It goes like this.
    So I get invited to go to a concert for free. My friend is friends with the opening band. (they were a jazz band and the trumpet guy learned from the same guy as Harry Connick Jr and is the cousin of Mohammed Ali) anyway….
    so I go and my friend and I are at the Rage (do you remember the Rage at the Plaza of Nations?) So we are standing up on this’s slightly raised because that’s where the bar is. So my friend and I weren’t really into the music at the time, but, as you say, free is free right? So we are standing there….watching and he stops the entire set and looks right at us. (cuz we were dead centre) He screams in to the mic “you! there!” and points to us “you better start fucking dancing or I’m gonna leave the stage and not come back” Of course everyone turns and looks at us…we’re like “oh shit…do something” so we smile…*the ohdeargodstoplookingatussmile* and begin to bounce to the beat…too bad it was almost chicken like. It’s like watching white people with no rhythm dance. Yea..anyway, we met him after the show(cuz we could and stuff) and he was totally calm and normal. (maybe he smoked a dubie right after?) Anyhooo…and that’s the night I almost got killed in a riot at the Rage.

  233. Eason Chan was having his meet-the-fan session in genting to promote his upcoming concert. Then they wanted to choose 5 pairs of fans to get onstage to play some games. I was there with my brother, and Eason thought we’re twins, so he handpicked both of us onstage. when we’re onstage, he called us the male version of HK group Twins and called us to perform somersault, which neither of us can. So, he asked us to sing his song instead. but me being not so fluent in cantonese, sang two verse of “Tomorrow Today” and stopped. both of us were jeered by the crowd, but Eason helped us and we’re singing the chorus together. I was embarassed cos we’re jeered, but nonetheless we won two tickets to his concert..that turned out to be the closest encounter i’ve had with a celebrity..

  234. does it count if i hv no idea wat’s the name of d actor? oh well, might as well try…
    last mth i was helping out a fren n was working as a pub waitress in this oub called dragonhead situated somewer in kelana sq. being my 1st day, the manager introduced me to the regular customers.
    d last table he brought me there was this guy in white cap tat caught my eye. i tot he looked remarkably familiar but can’t quite place wer i’ve seen him b4.
    having some experience in the pr line. i actually told the guy he looks quite familiar n asked the guy his name hoping it might sound familiar. he told me it was “kah yew” n i was like “huh”? “kah yew as in u know wood?”… failing to hv any recollection of the name n proceeded to asked wer he studied when he was younger. he gave me a name i hv nvr b4 heard of in my life n i asked him wer was d state… he told me it’s located in hongkong.
    so i jz told him well mayb i mistook him for someone who used to study in my high school n he said tat guy must b quite attractive if i said he looked similiar to this “kayu” bloke.
    so i realised i must hv made a blunder n by this time was actually feeling quite silly i went on to do my work.
    it wasn’t until much later (when they’ve all left) my manager came up to me n asked “do u know who that guy in white cap was?”… i was like “no.. he looks familiar tho”… my manager told me, “aiyoh, he’s one of the tv series actors fr hongkong la. he’s down here to do some promo”…
    i could’ve died… wat r the odds of actually mistaking a bl**dy hk actor for my schoolmate?… there i was chatting n drinking w this “kayu” hk tv series drama n i fail to realise it til it was too late??? u wud think i’d realise dis sooner as the guys he was with wer working in the media industry… so close to getting an autograph n photo… but din realise n probably offended him… πŸ˜›
    btw if u’re wondering how come no one else noticed it’s bcos d pub’s customers are mostly indians… i was t only chinese there who was “NOT” in media line therefore din realise i was in the presence of an actor.. hk somemore… celaka la me…

  235. this is for the pair of crocs!
    my encounter : Jason Lo.. yeah, well that guy who sung “operator the line is dead” and “sleepy head”.. haha! he was hot!
    i was at the Rock The World 6 held at Stadium Merdeka in KL. there were so many local performers there, like pop shuvit, frequency cannon, jason lo, even rina and adam from 8tv were there. many local performers and also MANY MANY smokers!
    so jason lo was standing quite near the place i was sitting. i noticed 95% of those who were performing were smoking. that place was seriously full of smokers. and i noticed that jason lo wasn’t smoking! so that time i didn’t know that he was jason lo, he was just a guy with flaming red hair in my point of view that time. so i was like, talking to my sis saying “there are so damn many smokers here.. only that hot red guy isn’t smoking here”.. i said it kinda loudly, i knew he heard because he turned around and stared straight at me! and he actually smiled. so my sis nudged me and said “eh thats jason lo lar i think”.. and i was like screaming “OH MY GOD JASON LO?!!” he heard, obviously, and he asked for my name lol! i said juvin, and he said “u’re a nice girl juvin, be sure to wait up for my performance later” ..haha! i was momentarily stunned after that, i didnt know how to react! so i took a deep swig from my bottle and spilled water all over myself! i even lost grip of the bottle and it fell to the ground right at his feet! he picked it up for me and asked me to chill. haha!
    how’s that for an encounter?
    rock the world 6 rocked !!

  236. Hey Kenny..!This is my first time reading your blog and yeah, it’s so good to be a reader cos got freebies to
    Well anyway, about my encounter with celebrities..
    1st encounter: I was at the Lee Hom’s promo tour concert in Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach and everything went on pretty well that night. So after the whole thing was over(Lee Hom was still inside signing autographs), my friends and I walked out of that place and guess who we saw? MTV VJ’s May & Choy. They were arguing with the security guards to let them in and kept showing their MTV ID’s to the guards to show them who they were. They even called those guards bitches for not letting them in. haha..During their ‘heated’ argument, we still had the cheek to ask them for a snapshot! I don’t know what happened after that cos we left in a brief. =)
    2nd encounter: I’m a cheerleader and my team performed in MidValley for Momoe. Models like Amber Chia were there as well to model for Momoe. So the interesting part was after our performance, we had to wait in the changing room where all the models could be seen walking up n down n stripping so quickly. Being exposed to all these is definitely not a new thing to us. I was quite certain Amber noticed our shocked/awed [whatever u wanna call it] faces, so she just smiled and said to us, ‘I love Cheerleading..teach me how to dance..’ Lol..
    3rd encounter: Alright, now u know I’m a cheerleader right..?=)So, during Cheer 2006[held in Putra Stadium], Jien & Joey G were the emcees for the event. And they always have these short games in between where ppl would have to come up to the mat to do whatever they’re asked to. Sometimes you’re asked to sing, dance or even answer questions. And so, there was this time when Jien asked who knew the names to any of the 2 members from Take That..Nobody seem to know the answer so I just walked up to him..Then, he repeated his question again but in a more Chinese accent..I felt insulted okay..not that I’m not proud to be a Chinese but the way he spoke made me look like I couldn’t speak proper English..!=((In front of the entire stadium)Hmph! But anyway, after answering, I got my goodie bag courtesy from The Star..haha..
    Now now, u better find this post interesting cos I want the prize! hehe..c ya!=)
    P/S: It’s all true. I did not add any salt or vinegar to it. Promise. Lol..

  237. Celeb encounter… hmm.. helping out with a friend’s event organizer, seeing celeb is quite “sien” already. Mostly chinese one laa.. Seeing a female singer smoking, i do mean heavy smoker … and she’s the famous, cute cute style. So sorry laa cannot let out the name .. coz it would really damage her image.
    By the way, I saw the local version of the croc, by Axadi with price tag like RM 2x.xx thinking of buying too especially the blue one. Banana Yellow too common Don’t wanna be Phua Chu Kang, Pink’s too girlish … i’m no XiaXue.

  238. My closest encounter with celebrities was when I was 14. There was this shi-da-ge-xing concert (naming 10 big star concert) holding in KL, I think it was sponsored by tiger beer or guiness. A few schools were on the list of receiving the money they collected from selling the concert tickets, in the name for renovations/building extra block of science building etc.
    However, the students from these schools will have to participate in the concert. And I was one of the dancers on the stage.
    My close encounter was at the back stage, when we were told to clear out the room we occupied for the stars and dancers that just arrived from HK. I was pretty slow cause my ankle was hurt, and I nearly knocked face to face with Zang Hang Sang (a HK singer, who no longer sings nowadays), he was pretty gentleman, asking me if I needed any help in shifting things. I was too embarrassed, quickly apologised and ran away.
    Later that day, he still remembers me as we rushed in and out for rehearsals, make ups, costumes etc, and told me not to push my self too hard.
    P/S: I think we had a few encounter with Alex To and Sally Yeh as well, but can’t remember much, all I can remember was that Alex To’s handshake was firm, and Sally Yeh’s hand was really soft and tender.

  239. ya…its not a big deal to met celeb.
    they are human just like us…so whats the big deal?
    rather, i met a lot of people dying to be a celeb. that is a big deal cos they are damn irritating.

  240. I won a contest to fly to HongKong to watch Julian Lennon live in concert. Besides him, there were also Boyz to Men and also another HK artiste whom I cannot remember.
    What shocked me was that the prize winners ( 1 ONLY from each south-east asian country) were invited backstage to chat with THE man himself. Aiyah, I was so young and silly so did not go and hug him ( hubby was present too so I damn shy ), HE instead hugged ME after signing autographs! So cool, now that’s THE closest I have ever got to a celebrity. I have the photo for verification if you want hor?
    Heh heh…so it’s only 1 or 2 degrees of seperation to celebs like Paul McCartney, the late John Lennon, Ringo Starr, George Harrison.

  241. nicholas teo tun liang ‘s parents was my mum’s fren. bought a bottle of large mattell from the parents n i’ve seen him half naked at his house before πŸ™‚

  242. “Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?”
    Hi Kenny, I’m wondering if you know this drama named “Trio & A Bed” which starring by Annabelle Kong (Miu Miu), Carmen Soo (Charmaine) and Amber Chia (Bell). It’s being played on Astro Channel 30, every Mon-Fri, 9:23pm. My interaction was with Annabelle Kong, I’d been chosen as an extra for the first episode of Trio & A Bed. I played a role as a Coffe Bean waitress and all I needed to do is taking order from her. Altho I appeared in the drama only for few seconds but it was kinda hard to interact cuz I wasn’t facing the real person and acted but a camera. By using my imagination and the assistance she gave me,I finished the shot within 15 minutes. Alrite,time to announce that she’s actually my housemate πŸ˜› .When the first episode broadcasted on Channel 30, she screamed my name “Susan!! It’s you on the TV!! Don’t miss it!!” . We laughed at each other for the funny action we acted in the drama..hehe..and she’s in Australia for further studies. It’s all memories now.. How I wish i could have the chance to act with her again! πŸ˜‰
    Another encounter with celeb is Simon Yam as the Canon spokesperson. I was a trainee in an event company which mostly organizes events for Canon. Simon Yam was invited to M’sia as the corporate ambassador for Compugates opening ceremony and Canon product launching in March 30 & 31. I’d been “tracking” him for these 2 days and I even took a pic with him and an autograph from him. Undoubtedly, he’s very nice cuz he’ll never reject ppl for those who ask for a pic or two. However, after the Canon product launching, all the crew and Canon top management had dinner with Simon Yam. He was just sitting next to me and I heard something that really surprised me. He said the models that hired by my boss aren’t pretty enough for the launch. Can’t blame him cuz he marries a top model- QiQi.
    Lastly, I was once clubbing with the Astro Talent Quest 2004 Champion – Fayes Goh. Both of us were kinda boring cuz we both are single that time. We shared our thoughts on relationship,sex,etc. cuz he couldn’t find someone trusted to talk to eversince he won the champion. I really appreciated that he perceived me as a trusted friend. At last, we danced the night away…
    Hey kenny, I want a pair of CROCS for my beloved mummy… light blue will suit her the best..hehe πŸ˜› thanks huh..

  243. OKay, here is my experience of meeting a celebrity.. It was 21st April 2006 lah… i went to see Click Five meet-the-fan session… Click five was late for almost an hour… OKay… that was nothing… It was around 4pm…I waited for Click Five from 1pm… Guess how tired I was… Then a really hot girl just passed by me…my first impression was… “wahh, caucasian…” she was standing tall at 5’6…. I was kind of dumb lah…. Not usual to meet hot girls everyday ma… lolx!!!… it was actually Sarah Tan, the Channel [V] VJ… She was so cool!!!…not to mention that she was super gorgeous…. *drooling* Wearing simple blouse also looked so striking.. from far, she walked past me…and I stood there doing nothing at all just being tongue-tied…In addition, my legs werent thinking properly that time, nearly jumped in front of her and asked for her picture. I looked so stupid that day without even asking for her picture…Need to overcome my shyness wit those Crocs shoes.. lolx… *hint hint*. lolx… my email is

  244. Didn’t happen to me, but to a friend of mine (can I still win the Crocs?).
    My friend was flying first class from London to the US. Upon reaching his seat, he found a pretty young lady seated next to him. 20-something, raven black haired, with big brown eyes, she seemed vaguely familiar. She was just seating there quietly reading her book and sucking her thumb(!).
    It wasn’t until almost 30 minutes after takeoff when my friend asked, “Excuse me, but are you a Corr?” She then broke into the cutest smile he ever saw.
    True enough, my friend was seated next to Andrea Corr of the Corrs.
    Trying not to be too star-struck, my friend didn’t ask for any autographs, but instead chatted to her pratically all the way to the States about the music industry (artists don’t usually make much money from CDs, record companies do), books (her current fave is Garcia Marquez’s Love In The Time Of Cholera) and many other things in general.
    Upon touching down at LA, my friend remarked “Well then, this was just another day isn’t it.” Andrea replied, “No, everyday is a special day!”, gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek and left with the rest of the band.
    He then called me up and told me what happened.
    I promptly passed out.

  245. Once bumped into Siti Nurhaliza at the 7/11 in Bangsar. I didn’t say anything or even spoke to her and tried my best to ignore her but she smiled to me as she was leaving. Have a few celebrity friends but not that famous.
    Anyway, I noticed some shoes that looked a lot like Crocs in Giant (PJ) and Tesco (Damansara).

  246. I was an extra on set of the movie ‘Mean Machine’ (starring Vinnie Jones)during my uni years in UK.Claudia Schiffer,who was the producer’s gf(they are now married) was also on set. I was eager to have a photo taken wif her. When I approached her, the first words that came out from my mouth were ‘Cindy Crawford, can I take a pic wif ya?”…to her shock, she replied “Excuse me?” As soon as I realized my stupid mistake, I quickly apologized and called her by her name.
    Claudia Schiffer was kind enuff to grant me my wish.I stood next to her, and as her bf was about to take our pic, she placed her hands on my shoulder, which suprised me. This explains why my eyes were wide open in the photo.
    The following day, I was on set of the movie. I was positioned along the corridor of the first floor of a building.I also realised that Claudia Schiffer was standing exactly below me (on the ground floor).One of my mates then commented’ mate, not only can you bragged about taking a pic with Claudia, you can also mention that you have been ‘on top of her'”
    Hopefully this is interesting enuff for you

  247. My only encounter with a celebrity is pretty lame. Liv Tyler. I reached Auckland Airport in the wee hours one day before the Return of The King (LOTR) premier in Wellington. I slept on the bench and suddenly my cousin woke me up, telling me that she thought she saw Liv Tyler. The angmoh sitting behind us also thought so too. I caught a glimpse of her, she’s tall! The next day when I read the local dailies did I know that it was really her in the Middle Earth!! Caught the other cast members during the red carpet walkdown.

  248. well. few years back, TOO PHAT came to our tiny city, Kota kinabalu, Sabah for a show/concert.
    i met them (the two of them)at centre point (shopping mall)inside the lift.we were going up. i guessed they’re going for the show. well, im not a fan of toophat/hiphop…so i didnt ask for their autograph. but i found that these dudes got tribal tattoos on their arm….isnt tatts not allowed in…… Islam? i wonder.

  249. There was once when my god bro was working as a waiter at the Equatorial Hotel, a grand dinner function was on.
    Then a gorgeous lady end up being in the hotel kitchen on her way out(usin the backstage). My god bro was wiping the plates there when the lady suddenly slipped on the oily floor and fall right in front of him. ROLF. And tht gorgeous looking lady is actually Ziana Zain. XP

  250. i have 1 encounter wif Sharifah Amani ar, quiet a funny actually, she was with us on the road to JB for a Celebrity SMS diary roadshow, we stopped by a seaside in Melaka to shoot some videos. She is a talkative n funny girl. I asked her to let me take some ‘artsy’ photos of her and in my mind was thinking of something like Lee XinJie on a ghost movies poster lol. And she nailed the shoot!!:D Here’s an exclusive peek of the photo! πŸ˜‰

  251. Still remember back on 20th April 2005 i think. I went down to KL to make a US visa.Early in the morning,me n my bro was queuing up after taking number outside the building.Then i notice a young good-looking guy in front of me. But i didn’t take a longer look ause i thought he was just some KL youngster. But i just realise that someone took picture with him and i was like ‘what is this. Taking picture here. Didn’t take picture before meh. At here also wan to take picture.’Then later only i realise that he was Soo Kui Jien!omg..he was so good-looking. I still can remember that he was wearing a dark blue coloures T-shirt. With 3 monkeys in front.Oh boy..I was darn stupid and just stood there taking a look at him without walking to him or what.And we were like lining up there for hours outside the US imigration building but dont know why i’m so stupid dont even know how to take picture with him..
    e-mail :

  252. Few years back, I got myself “membonceng” on Prince William bicycle, around the housing area that I stay. I even asked him to quit smoking….I pinched myself, it did not hurt….Shit, it was only a dream!!!!! Kenny, can I have a pair of white crocs…thanks…

  253. wher do u get the real crocs???
    all those i saw r the imitations from china one
    selling in all the supermarkets oso

  254. A simple one from me.
    I’ve been working in this direct marketing company established in the uk for the past 2 months. My owner had the chance to flew to the states and met with Mr ‘Hitch’- Will Smith. It was a recreation party for the owners from national wide. I have personally seen the pics of the wild night! And Will Smith looked absolutely hot!!! =*

  255. About my encounter with celebrity kah??? Yeap !!!In 2003, when i bought ticket for Alan & Hacken Lee Concert at South City Plaza. Then very lucky loh …. lucky draw kena, i’m 1 of the 10 person who got chance had a picture with HK Alan Tham. My idol Babe !!!! Walane !!!! cannot lupa wan oh…. Somemore the photo i cuci a few copies leh…. The photo shop Boss also not believe…
    Ask me … is it your friend kah??? Aiseh…. U know what i said….??? My “kaiko” Babe. Ha… Ha… Ha…
    About the Croc kah??? If FREE sure want mah….
    Ha… Ha… Ha… Ha… πŸ™‚

  256. hey, i want crocs n i hav a sweet memory, so can i hav it?
    u noe 2 years back leehom was in malaysia for a promo tour….i’m crazy over him so of coz i went to meet him to get his autograph. It so happened that on the very day my “girl friend” pay me a visit!! u noe, the gf that visit gals only every month. At 1st it was ok, but ppl started crowding in, pushing from behind, lack of oxygen……i fainted. like totalli blackout that kind. the guards wanted to take me away but i insisted to stay. So, they let me in 1st…..i’m the 1st to go in!! I rested for a while by holding on to the bar that separated the stage and the crowd and people around me fanned me and stuff. There were a few people i don’t know that’s realli considerate and started shouting at the others not to push me and give me more space n stuff. I felt so touched! then, i’m better again. then it was him singing, singing, singing and finally it was the autograph time. i went up the stage and ther were a few people in front of me. They requested to shake hands but the pr people “almost shouted” and say no. I felt really sad because i was secretly hoping for that “contact” with him. But then, finally when it was my turn. He look up at me, then smile and did something unexpected. he hold my hands and said “are u ok, u look very pale.omg, ur hand is cold.” oh gosh oh gosh!!!! We holded hands!!! I have no idea how he noticed that maybe i looked really tat pale and ugly but gosh my brain wasn’t functioning at all at that time. I think I was going to faint again. So, I said I’m ok fine…….. i don’t know wat i said anymore because it was like a dream from that point onwards…..haha. Anyway, on that day, it was hot and stuffy and yucky because everyone was sweating and my body is telling me “I felt like shit” but it was the best day of my life! this will be the only time i proudly say i felt great to be sick! Now, I can tell my grandchildren next time that i holded hands with the most handsome star of my generation leehom!! Btw i think leehom is the best. At least he really cares for his fans this incident is a prove!
    i want crocs plz plz plz!

  257. I was a big fan of Savage Garden. They were huge in 1998 and they came to Malaysia for a little concert. I was kinda miffed that i couldn’t go cos I have exams the day after their concert but anyway, that didn’t stop me from seeing and scolding Darren Hayes in person…..
    This is what happened. On the day Savage Garden arrived, I was out with my family. I don’t remember much details anymore except that I was in the car with the family and we were driving to see my dad’s newly built office space. I didn’t want to go and i was in bad mood but got dragged along to go anyway. So we stopped at this traffic light, suddenly this van pulled beside us. It had tinted glass but not as tinted until you cannot see what’s inside la..just slightly more tinted than normal. Then, i saw this guy leaning on the window, with his face half covered by his hands, looking down at our car, at me. He was ang mo. So i stared back. I was in bad mood at the time, bear that in mind. He stared back and I kept the eye contact, i was waiting for him to look away. He didn’t. So i got kinda pissed off and i mouthed the words “What the hell are you looking at?” at the guy. He dropped his hands and smiled amusingly…then it strucked me that the guy looked kinda familiar. The light turn green and the van sped ahead.
    *SMACKS FOREHEAD* then it strucked me that I just told Darren Hayes off!!!!
    SIGH…shit…if i had known, I would pasted myself to the van and went with it. Well, that’s my interesting encounter with a celebrity. My friends couldn’t believe it that i told Darren Hayes off, till today, they whacked me for it..*sniffles*
    I didn’t know mah!

  258. My sis inlaw came to Penang last year, at the time where Nicole David made it to No.1. As we were shopping at Gurney Plaza, the premium shopping mall of Penang, we spoted Nicole David doing her Christmas Shopping. My sis inlaw was truely excited and wanted to get a picture with her. After summing up her courage, she went over to ask for a photo. The way she asked for a photo, is now a family joke that we bring it up once a while.
    She walked over to Nicole, and slap on Nicole’s arm repeatedly and say “You are Nicole David rite? Can I have a photo with you ar?”, Nicole was stun, and said yes, and smile on the photo shoot.
    Who ever in their right mind slaps at the Celebrity’s arm repeatedly to ask for a photo??.. Oh ya.. got got.. my sis in law…

  259. Hi Kenny!
    Lovely shoes, am wearing em right now. πŸ™‚ Been telling everyone they’re cool to wear but, sigh, you either love Crocs or… LOVE Crocs. =D
    Me won’t need a free pair, my first one was so i’m letting other readers try it. Email or msg me in Multiply if you want to talk about anything Crocs related, or not. πŸ™‚

  260. Came home one fine day, sandals everywhere (no crocs though but crocodile leather shoes sighted), huge commotion at home. No laughters. Everyone was silent.I tip toed a lil bit higher. There was this huge crowd (number of 10-15) ppl around. I saw camera lights flashin away. No tv host were sighted. But someone was recordin sumthing. A familiar voice to be heard. Not heard on tv or radio though.
    “thanks for giving me this award. This is the best award anyone like me would dream for.I feel like a superstar now. Slightly bigger than the normal star. At least now i could rest in peace. ” a lady said
    “choi choi, tai kar lai see (touchwood)” the crowd interrupted and laughed away
    “Huh? What award is that?” I suddenly shouted.
    Everyone went silent and turned their head. Lights flashing at me, video cameras recording me now. Wonder what I just did.
    “Oh, so this is another superstar wannabe, tryin to take over the session huh?” one of the crowd said.
    “What is all this recording all bout?” i asked
    “It’s your grandmother’s birthday wish lar. She want to feel like SUPERSTAR today! We just gave her the ‘BEST GRANNY’ award for the century! You want it oso is it?” my mum bombarded me and handed me the award.
    True enough it states “BEST GRANNY FOR THE CENTURY”! -_-”

  261. Ok, let’s try this one for the Crocs.
    A few months back, we were having a business function of some sort. Since we’re having it with a partner, they’ve assigned their PR Man to assist us. I was assigned to pick up the PR Man at the airport. He sure looked familiar from a distance and then when he introduced himself, it’s actually Aman Shah, a popular singer and actor in the 80’s. I had the chance to roam around town with him. He still commands a huge number of fans til now. Everyone recognises him wherever we went. There would be candid photo sessions everywhere and Aman, being the nice fellow that he is, would just oblige his adoring fans.
    Aman is a nice and jovial fellow. Even at his age, Aman never lost his boyish looks. When I pressed for his “fountain of youth” secret, he casually mentions that he goes for weekly massages. There you have it, the proven “secret” of staying young.

  262. I work in this publishing company and we organised a book launching event for famous chef, Chef Ismail few months back.There, I met with a couple of famous celebrities. They were the Pensonic models. As it was a chef’s book launching, there was a buffet style lunch. It was too good to resist. After having lunch, I helped out with the book selling. And then one of the celebrity. Alan Yun came over and bought a book. I was looking at him, admiring how good looking he was off the screen but he was looking at me like he was embarassed. So weird, i thought to myself. After the whole thing ended i went to my car and checked on the mirror. Much to my horror and disgust, I saw this BIG PIECE OF SPINACH STUCK BETWEEN MY FRONT TOOTH. What an embarassment!!! No wonder everyone whom i sold the book to was either embarassed or smiling sheepishly. Nowadays, i carry a compact mirror out so i can check on myself everytime after a meal.

  263. Utada Hikaru called my boyfriend’s place in Sydney to look up his Japanese flatmate. He was the one who picked up.
    Oh, and he also knew Wang LeeHom’s gay boyfriend’s friend and was shown a picture of the celeb with his partner.

  264. My cousin almost bumped into Keanu Reeves walking in New York city during last Christmas Eve.
    She could’ve gotten into a party which he attended and gotten some media attention.

  265. Hurm,,, celebrities i know/met…
    1. When i was young i used to bump in to the guy from 2+1. Imuda, all the time. he was really nice. Always smiled. πŸ˜›
    2. I know harith Iskandar from myspace. and yes, i haff his phone number.
    3. I know Mooky from one buck short! He’s a dear friend πŸ˜€
    4. I once met nasha aziz in Klcc… she’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!! i was awestruck! πŸ˜€
    5. Me and my friends saw mawi the other day… As a joke we yelled from across the room. MAWI WORLD!! I LOVE YOU!!!!
    and ran out the door. πŸ˜› He turned around in bewilderment. haha
    lastly, Ok, i went on a date with superhunk Zed Zaidi (of sembilu kasih.) about a month ago, I kid you not. He was really nice, and a gentlemen… but talks too much about his career, i felt like i was a reporter instead of a date, and was supposed to write an article about him afterwards. tsk. but still, he’s super hot and also very friendly. πŸ™‚
    but it would never work out. πŸ˜›

  266. 2 years ago,there is this Germany girl who came to my school for students exchange. So she was talking to us about her experiences and all.She have came close to a celebrity too.:)..Here goes,
    She went to London with a friend for a holiday.They heard that there is this cafe in London where there are lots of celebrity that hang out there. They went to the cafe and waited there hopefully to meet one or two celebrities but they were very unlucky that day.They gave up after waiting for hours and they leave. They walked around the streets of London to kill time and do some shopping. While waiting to cross the street, they saw this white limo in front of them waiting. They didnt know that there were somebody inside. So, they were waving and waving while showing funny faces.Moments after that,somebody inside wind down the window. And guess what, it was Elton John who is in the limo. He smiled and waved back at them. They were so shocked to see him and they seriously didnt expect him to say hello after them showing their funny

  267. We have heaps of those Crocs in Perth,but i don’t find ’em comfy at all, even though my friends say they are. Maybe am just too fussy.

  268. My first close encounter with a celebrity was when I was on a plane coming back to KL from HK. The person I met was Alex Fong Chung Shun. Me and my sister actually spotted another actor (Chin Ka Lok’s brother, which I have no idea what is his name in the first place only recognise the face) before spotting Alex Fong. He is most famous for his acting in TVB series Burning Flame(‘Lit For Hung Sam’)and one of my favourite actor. I didn’t know he was sleeping in his seat until I patted him on his shoulder and he jumped up. It was so embarrassing and I repeatedly apologised for waking him up. But he was so nice and he agreed to a picture with me!!!
    My second encounter with a celebrity was with Ekin Cheng and Kristy Yang. It was in Bangsar and they were having dinner at Grappa’s. Ekin was just standing outside the restaurant on the sidewalk, he was on his phone. My sister and I didn’t actually notice he was standing there until he spoke in clear cantonese and we recognised his voice. I did not have a camera with me at that time which was the sad part but we did at least have a chat with him after he was done on the phone. Kristy Yang came out awhile later after they were done with the dinner and we got to say ‘Hi’ to her too. I think they were there coz of the opening of the movie ‘A Man Called Hero’.

  269. My friend saw Marco Ngai, Flora Chan and Bobby Au Yong at KLIA in Dec 2004. They were there for some Astro Awards thingy. At 1st, my friend couldn’t recognize them even though they are juz standing next to each other. All she thought was, “Wow. They are so cool n stylish. That guy’s (refer to Marco) sunglasses looks so posh. How i wish i got one too!”
    Surprisingly, there r no security guards next to them at that time.
    It was only when my friend walked away from them to board the plane, then only she realized they r actually Marco Ngai, Flora Chan and Bobby Au Yong. She felt so ashamed that she couldn’t even recognize them as she watched lots of HK drama. And what a waste that she din even go n take picture with them.
    As for me, i don’t have any juicy encounter with celebrity. Met a number of celebrities before but never talk to any of them except…
    There was once (happened in June this year) when i was working part-time at Isetan during school holidays, i saw Zheng Hui Fen (MediaCorp artist that has stopped acting for a long time. Does she still considered as celebrity?). She was looking for World Cup apparels and i was serving her. Unfortunately, there is not much countries left for the apparels. In the end, she bought an Adidas Brazil ladies’ jersey and a Brazil jacket.
    So, can i get the Crocs? Please……..

  270. i went to carrefour midvalley sometime back, was walking through the vege section and saw someone familiar walking past. i turn around and saw ah niu pushing a trolley cart shopping for veggies..

  271. Crocs are the BOMB! i’m a 3 inch stilettos heels girl usually, but on the weekends i am at the beach in my very fashion faux pas crocs and they are orthortic (which any 3 inch stiletto heel wearing girl will tell you is a gift from the gods), non slip, light, ventilated and go EVERYWHERE.
    They even have croc BOOTS now… awesome….

  272. Wow, I guess this will be a stiff competition! Funny, we actually have those Croc shoes in Holland (they look cloggish) and my host grandma would wear them to kick birdshite off the pier.
    Anyway anyway, my celeb story:
    A few days after I arrived in the Netherlands, I did all that touristy stuff in Amsterdam. I was on the canal cruise with a friend . Some weird guy in shades was sitting close to us and well, no one goes on canal cruises alone (in general) so he stuck out.
    He took off his glasses and was…
    MATT DAMON! He’s short!
    That very same day, we were walking pass Dam Square and some guys were getting fined by the police. One of them was Brad Pitt and he got fined for peeing in public:D
    So there you go! I’m still a Malaysian resident so I’m eligible ,no! I wanna win!

  273. Ooo those shoes look funky good – i like!
    Elijah Wood.
    I have wanted to meet Elijah WOod since I was 13. I met him last year in hollywood. I’m 25.
    I was invited to the premiere of Narnia at the Arclight theatre in Hollywood. Elijah Wood was there. I wouldn’t have known if my friend Dave hadn’t walked out of the men’s bathroom, only to casually say “dude, i took a piss next to frodo”. I was psyched. (no i did NOT run into the men’s room).
    Dave and I ‘stalked’ him to the parking validation booth where I nervously walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He looked around and i totally panicked – i did not have anything for him to sign!
    I pulled out my Narnia ticket and squeaked “Hi elijah! could i please have your autograph?”
    He looked at the ticket, then back at me with a ‘look’ I still can’t quite comprehend (I am guessing he was stunned by my hotness). He signed it =love, elijah=
    Well now, ten years later I get my pre-teen fantasy fulfilled. A little late, but gee..I sure felt like a 13-year old that day.
    Talk about being Giddy.
    Dave thought it was a riot – but I think it’s because he wasn’t man enough to ask for an autograph – ohwell! his loss!
    I have an address in Malaysia! πŸ™‚
    I’d like the purple pair please!
    cheers – good post!

  274. hi.
    first of all, apologies for such a brief post, right hand hurting.
    this is the closest encounter i ever had with a superstar. her name is Siti Nurhaliza
    i was in singapore in 11-15 feb 2001 for a 2-day gig at IMM, and the organiser is needing bodyguards on an invitational basis, i wish i knew why.
    anyway, the so-called gig is a signature cum concert thing. i’m not a fan or a fanatic of her, she’s still an entertainer to me, cause i was initially there for the money – who doesn’t??
    I was proven wrong.
    The team of 4 selected, me n 3 other guys – were to meet the whole management for lunch on the 11th, including Siti Nurhalia, her sister, brother n makeup artises. Pretty she may be, but her personality and her concern on everyone around her is astounding. as an individual whose so popular, she’s in fact a very nice girl in terms of politeness and her charisma.
    We were to stay there (Crown Park Royal) for 4 days, and spent time talking to her on dinner. as i was a chinese-pakistani mix, naturally she did ask me about my cultural background. she’s a great individual to chat with.
    anyway, the 2 day gig at IMM was pretty much ok, with the mob of fans n fanatics pushing, it was a mess but i did manage to get the guys to work things out.
    Also, everyone from the management, the organisers, the bodyguards-including me and the staff of the hotel have a personal experience talking to her and understanding her. i spent approx 20 hrs with Siti Nurhaliza on a personal basis for 5 days.
    Many guys have their heart broken when she got married to Datuk K recently, but I was happy she’s finally with a man who can take care of her. Something inside of me feels happy for her, like a friend who’s happy for her.
    Well that’s all.

  275. haha~ nice shoes…
    Hmm closest Encounter with a celebrity…yeah…its my fren when he was in Miami…hahah he say SHAQUIL O’NEAL…eating steak at a restaurent…he got his Bball shirt signed and was soo proud that he never even wore the shirt again…onli kept it in his “Special Closet ” hahaha Lolx~ soo ermm yeah he told me ate food a little “barbaric-Ly ” hahaha LOlx…. weird….
    Is this juicy ENUf??!?!

  276. “Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?”
    Feb 2001, when we (group of 7 of us) were having our solution presentation at Dubai, we managed to visit so called 7-stars Hotel, Al-Burj . When we about to leave the hotel, at the main entrance there, we meet one ‘family’ where parent and one young sweet looking lady walking into the hotel. We were starring at her and she ‘smiled’ back.
    One of my colleague found the ‘mother’ looks familiar. After we passed them for about 30 meter than he shouted “that was Martina Hinggis’s MOTHER!!!”
    (that sweet lady was Martina Hinggis won her “Dubai Open” there with her parent…)
    That become our company joke of the year 2001 as my colleague paid so much attention to her mother than Hinggis herself HAHAHAHAHA.
    btw, she considered a celebrity ah?

  277. Well, here’s my celeb encounter.
    Last year i was at a christmas party at the Royal Selangor CLub, and the mc was Cheryl Samad. When she wasn’t on stage she went about meeting people and introducing herself. She came in my direction with her outstretched hand and said-
    CS: Hi, I’m Cheryl!
    Me: Heyo- I’m Shelby. (shake hand)
    CS : Yeah, i know you.
    *i’m stunned and pause, blinking in surprise- thinking how the heck is that possible*
    CS: You’re Cameron’s sister arent you?
    Me: Yeah i am, how’d you know my bro?
    CS: We used to act in tv ads when we were younger.
    Me: Ohhhhhh……
    And that’s that.

  278. I own both the fake and original versions of crocs and seriously, there isn;t any big deal about those shoes. The website boasts of crocs having superb abilities to make sweaty feet “unsweaty” but my feet still sweats even though I wore crocs!
    never buy those! they are a waste of your money! the fake ones are as good!

  279. i saw Dean Cain (super man), while he was filming a movie in LA titled grown man. i also saw jay leno in melrose avenue, mandy moore in a club call key club, and Joey Mcintyre (i think thats how you spell it) and had BBQ with him. (true story, got pics to prove it).

  280. Currently wearing them, I tell ya they are addictive! I’ve never worn any other shoes for aeons already, and I have never trip nor fall! sure there are the near misses but never did I have another mishap after donning these lovesome Crocs!!!! Aieeee! πŸ˜€
    Not gonna hog them freebies but it made me wanna buy another pair. Look out for the slimmer models out soon. πŸ˜‰ *insider news* πŸ˜›
    Thanks for the post Kenny, you made my day!!

  281. I don’t consider myself lucky enough to encounter a celebrity I adore. If I really have to say, I walked past Utt the MTV VJ and had an eye-contact with him while shopping in One Utama in KL. It was pretty interesting because it made my heart pound AND I didn’t even have a crush on him! Sad to say, I HAD a camera with me but being a shy girl…

  282. Its darn bulky with weird funky colours and holes. But its comfortable and great during Penang raining season.

  283. I POSTED THAT ON MY BLOG LONG TIME AGO! lol! i obviously want a CROC! they’re so in fashion now and it’s just that Malaysian are outdated. I’m dying for one!! speaking of which, i’ve encountered many celebrities but most are just theater actors found in Suria KLCC food court. Once saw Patrick Teoh as well and Nasha Aziz too. Others I saw was in TV3 Sure Heboh few years ago.

  284. I ‘met’ a bunch of celebs in the JOmHeboh CArnival held in Miri a few months back. I saw Ally Iskandar from ‘Malaysia Hari Ini’ doing a live telecast, brushed shoulders with Fifi from ‘Bersamamu’, donated money to Lan Pet Pet of Senario, Nearly had a pic taken with Raja Endon MAstura from MedikTV and ZAkiah Anas of 911. Saw Rosyam Nor, the famous Malaysian actor and Adam, from AF2. =/

  285. i went zhou hua jian’s concert at setia alam… no ticket charges… had sum fun… saw peng guan on stage… saw zhou hua jian on stage… n drank alot of apple aloe juice from fruit tree can…

  286. My interesting encounter with a celebrity:
    I was with my sister at a mamak restaurant near our secondary school in KL. I had picked her up after school so we went for lunch together there. We were busy eating our “mee goreng” and “maggi goreng” when we realised that some people just came and sat down beside us, one seat away. I usually don’t bother with other people, but I just turned my head to see who it is, and I realized that it was HANS ISAAC. My eyes almost popped out, and I immediately whispered to my sister.
    “That’s an actor, Hans Isaac!”
    She looked at me and said, “Don’t bluff lah.”
    I replied: “LOOK LA!”
    She did. And her mouth made a big “O”, her eyes also almost popping out.
    After that initial shock, I realized then that Hans Isaac was with a lady……….. And, she was Chinese! So pretty, too! πŸ™‚
    I whispered to my sister again, “Do you think that’s his girlfriend?”
    She replied, “Maybe!”
    Hans and the girl were talking very intimately over their meal. My sister and I could only guess that she was his girlfriend, but we never found out for sure. We left the restaurant before they did.
    = End =
    P.S. I’m a true-blue Malaysian. πŸ™‚

  287. I had an interesting encounter with a celebrity once at the Forces of Nature concert last year. Well actually it was more like an embarrasing encounter. I was working backstage, as the pizza girl, delivering pizzas to the celebrities who wanted them. I met quite a few of them boys 2 men, wycleff jean, carmen electra, clay aiken, lance and joey, and the backstreet boys. and i do have pictures if no one believes me hehe.
    Anyways, the encounter was with nick carter. He walked by the pizza stand, and when i saw him, i was star struck of course, cause he was one of the first backstreet boys to come out of their dressing room, and when he started walking towards the pizza stand my heart was already beating quite fast. Then he comes over.
    Nick : Hey there, what kind of pizza you got?
    Me : uhhhhh…( i pause for quite a while unable to think out of shock)
    Nick : *laughs*
    Me : oh sorry.. umm we have hawaain, peperroni..
    Nick : is there anything else?
    Me : uhh.. ( still shocked and unable to think i turn around and look for something).. ohh yeahh.. hey there is a menu here and i didnt realise it!!
    Nick : *laughs* you didnt know there was a menu? ..its okay lets have a look here..
    Me : sorry..*giggles*.. you’re nick carter! ( in a very bimbotic way)
    Nick : yeah..(he says cooly) i know! im him!
    and we both laugh. Then i asked him what would he like.
    Nick : ill have just a plain cheese pizza then..
    and without thinking or checking if the new stock came in, i just said we were all out. Then the guy i worked with said, that we do have it in stock out loud and said ” aper la you ni..”. I felt like a complete bimbo not knowing there was a menu and not knowing there was pizza in stock, cause i wasnt thinking properly.
    But Nick was cool, he just laughed and said to me its okay, so i warmed up his pizza and gave it to him, and took a picture with him. He was really cool and really nice, the nicest of all of the backstreet boys.

  288. well, since there are so many entries, i suppose it can’t hurt to try my luck..
    last year, this friend of mine told me to follow her to Malaysian Idol 2 cos she said she had two tickets.. so yeah.. i went to her house and we hung out for a while before we left for Malaysian Idol 2..
    but when we reached there, instead of going to the normal queue like the others, she took me to another place.. blindfolded me and led me in.
    when she FINALLY took it off, she was like ” surprise ! ” but whispered ” happy birthday ” .. yeah it was my birthday present – i was BACKSTAGE with ALL the malaysian idol people ! and i just shrieked and shrieked and then Jien passed by and looked at me extremely weirdly.
    but yeah after that, we went around taking pictures and i MELTED. just simply melted. there was Jien, Cheryl Samad, Daniel ( THE malaysian idol ! ), Nita ( the second in the whole competition! ), Farah ( one of the finalists ), Paul Moss ( the judge – and a seriously HOT one ;D ), and sooo many more!
    that was the BEST birthday gift ever. and also my only “encounter” with celebrities !! oh yes and the best bit ?
    i got to give Daniel a good luck hug! i have the pictures to prove it, but i didnt get a picture of the hug! so sad right? πŸ™
    oh and how did my friend get us backstage? her mom or dad ( im not sure ) is the owner of one of the companies whose a sponser for Malaysian Idol. so yeah, lucky lucky me! hehehe πŸ˜€
    i seriously want to thank my friend for making one of my dreams come true. i thank God i have a friend like that- and i thank God that there’re such things as Crocs and Kennysia.Com. ;D
    and i know this is going to sound super boring. but u cant blame me – i cant afford crocs in real life so this is my one and only chance.. its one in a million but im willing to reach for the stars πŸ˜‰
    thanks for reading this!
    -xoxox- i hope i win…. sigh*
    PS: i cant seem to know if u can find my email add.. u know just trying to make sure cos i REALLY REALLY want those crocs.. i mean its my only chance of having a pair of NICE shoes! sighs. i dont dare ask my parents… they cant afford it.. but oh well ill just try my luck. ive already left my email- so kenny i hope u can find it.. : ) xxx

  289. I had an encounter with a celebrity once. It was Amber Chia.
    I was doing a commercial on this newly-found skin product and part of the advertisement contract, was to make an appearance with Nancy Foo and Amber Chia at Kenny Rogers in Sungei Wang. It was my first time really making a public appearance. You can just imagine the anxiety.
    To make matters worse ,I had to make an appearnce although I was half-BLIND. I had to take off my spectacles to please the press ( They don’t expect to see a geeky-spekcy girl on the front cover of a beauty product , plus i didn’t have contact lenses at that time…)
    So, Amber walked into the conference room in her Traffic-POLICE-like outfit. Just then she WAVED at me! Seeing everything as a huge BLUR, I only frowned at her. She came closer to me and finally asked, ” Oh hey, we’ve met before haven’t we? I’ve met you before…” she said convicingly.
    Confused of what Amber meant , I only smiled and nodded , just in case she was actually talking to the stranger behind me!
    So while we were sitting together at the front of the conference, Amber was flipping through the skin product pamplet. When she finally finished reading through , then she turned to me and said , ” Ohhh, so you’re the girl on the pamplet! Nice to meet you!”

  290. i used to adore hk tvb celebrity flora chan very. very. much. my first encounter with her was in sg wang. i stood in the rain with a wet teddy bear in hand for at least 3 hours just to catch a glimpse of her for 10 minutes. of course i wasnt satisfied. i found out which hotel she was staying and i ‘ponteng-ed’ school activities the next day just to see her again.
    my second, or rather 3rd encounter with her was in singapore. i went there on purpose just to attend her event. and we (other fans and i) chattered a van to chase her everywhere in singapore! we had banners and all put up wherever we go. we followed her to her hotel, airport, ate breakfast with her, etc etc.
    and after that, i stalked her again during some event organized by astro. from the airport to places of the event to the hotel she was staying and etc. always waiting for her with a camera in hand. even the astro crew on duty and the host recognized me!!
    omg!! i feel kinda stupid now thinkin back :p cant believe i did such things just to get a celebrity’s attention,autograph and pictures..
    and oh, i have a celeb on my msn too. his name is kenny sia, the bloke behind i once asked him whether he really IS kenny sia or not, and he replied no, i’m ais ynnek.=/ and has appeared offline ever since..
    now, spare me a pair of crocs for my stupidity will ya.

  291. This is probably not MY encounter, but a friend’s –
    Apparently Raymond Lam (TVB actor) commented on her MySpace photo, saying she looked like Sharon Chan! I nearly fell off my chair when I heard that =) Being skeptical I asked her if she was sure it was REALLY Raymond Lam. She assured me that it was, and that it looked really genuine but I still have my doubts! lol.
    Hm.. I guess I have another indirect encounter as well.. saw an Australian soapie actress doing some shopping around the city. Didn’t know her well enough to ask for an autograph though!

  292. This was my very ‘interesting’ encounter.
    Upon my friend’s first day interning as a web-contributor at, I was supposed to bring her to visit the radio stations in AMP Radio at the All Asia Broadcast Center. My editor and I brought her in.
    We walked through Mixfm, saw Ross, then Era, empty room and when we reached Hitzfm, the Malaysian Rock hero, Jason Lo was there. He told us to come in.
    Alright… go in…
    Then he gave us a long lecture on how the whole radio thing works, the formats, the experience and all that. I and my new intern friend was really into the whole thing! We were actually learning from the great JASON LO!!! She asked a few questions and so did I.
    But when it all came to an end as the que for Jason to continue jockeying came, he left me and my female counterpart with a question.
    “Watched any good porn lately???”
    Funny guy.

  293. Hello kenny menny,
    I have quite a few star sightings..
    Lets start with Amber Chia.
    It was cheer 2005. She was a judge for best dressed. Anyway, it was during a break. She was sitting there looking ever so lovely. Not many people went down to get her autograph. I was one the first few. What so special about this? well, she was standing up while bending over to sign a piece of paper. And her u know what was showing. You can say her shirt was quite loose lah. BUT, i didnt look. Should i be kicking myself in the balls for not looking? I dont think so. I think i did the right thing. But im questioning myself, AM I GAY?
    I also met jaclyn victor before she got famous.She was a friend of my dads. Well, it was nothing much because i thought local celebrities wouldnt go far. So i didnt bother. She was just sitting beside me and I was darn bored. So i guess u could picture my face then. And then when she was singing, she like sang to my dad. And i thought.. ” geez ” Mana tahu, she join malaysian idol and won.
    And also vic from malaysian idol 1. He was my friends cousins best friend. And i dont know why, he came to my school. Just to show face. Didnt like him. Cocky fellow.
    Also Pete Teoh. When he wasnt really famous either. Gave me a copy of his first album. He sang his song while playing the guitar. Nothing much.
    Xandria Ooi, my friends sister. Nothing special too.
    Few more star sightings, Hans Isaac, K.K (male chinese singer i think), Jien, Paul Moss, Ashraf Sinclair, Daphne Iking.
    And also Melissa Maureen. She was sitting at the table beside mine at a mamak. Dint like her too. Heavy smoker. I dont like smokers.
    I think we have something in common. I have a smoker girlfriend too. But i persuaded her to stop. So far so good. I followed your method. Told her if she doesnt stop. I dont wana be with her anymore.
    Anymore? Cant think of more at the moment.
    I want crocs !
    p.s. my birthday is coming. 17th september. Would show MyKad as proof. =)

  294. ******************
    Wah! Got free shoe, I mean, crocs! I wan I wan I wan *plasters face to the monitor*.
    Eh must tell story wan ah? Er let’s see…
    The only celebrity I’ve ever met was Douglas Lim. And I didn’t even KNOW it was Douglas Lim when I first laid eyes on him.
    Happened many years ago at the then still-happening *cough cough cough* Emporium in KL. Was down with a coupla friends there to join a coupla other friends. Between the three chicks in the group who had a shocking amount of alcohol to drink and were meraba-rabaing each other (good gawd, get a room, yo) and my other friend who was trying very unsuccessfully to hit on some chick in the next table, I saw this dude standing there and he looked awfully familiar.
    I remembered turning to my friend Angel and asking her “Eh who’s that? Its like I’ve seen him somewhere before…”
    Then the guy in question came up to say hi to Angel and me (since we had common friends, were at the same table etc) and I kept staring at him. Ok, a bit susah to see, it was dark, the lights were blinking, he had no specs on (and I’ve only seen him on-screen all the time with specs…*gasp* macam Superman/Clark Kent scenario, sial) I had quite a lot to drink so I could be looking at Tom Cruise for all I know and still think its the booze working, not my brain.
    Interesting how booze makes you a little braver than you normally are so I went and just asked “Eh, you look familiar lah.”
    He turned, smiled and waited for the recognition to hit me.
    I blinked back blankly.
    “I’m an actor,” he provided helpfully.
    My brows furrowed in confusion. Hmm. Which actor was he?
    Exasperated, he made a circle with both hands, put it to his eye to make them look like specs, then he waved the palm of his right hand like a rich Tai Tai ordering capuccino whilst flashing her oh-my-god-its-blinding-me diamond ring.
    And then I knew. *gasp* “You’re that la-la-tei barber in Kopitiam!”
    I discovered later that night that not only could Douglas act, he could sing as well. In our little visit to the Live Room upstairs, he took on the stage and did a near perfect rendition of Smooth (originally sung by Matchbox 20). I think they should’ve just thrown the band away and let Douglas sing the rest of the night, the man’s really quite good at it πŸ™‚
    So tadaaaaaaaaaaa *waves with a flourish*. My not-so-impressive story but sorry lah, that’s all I’ve got. Don’t really have that much of a chance to meet too many celebs. Nowadays a bit pokai to go out running around spending liao. Since so poor, can consider giving me a free croc hor? Then I no need to invest money in kasut hehe. Besides, *clasps hands in delight* the blue karrer one looks absolutely delightful.

  295. hiiii.
    i don’t smoke. :]
    err, anyway, i met jimmy choo! or rather, i kinda know him. πŸ™‚ uhm, well, i met him at spring valley in mid valley about a month plus ago. and it’s a little odd and all, but my dad’s friend was there, and we all ended up eatin dinner together. he and i even talked about making shoes! sortaa lahh. and, everyone can say that they’ve met amber chia, and jason lo etc. but honestly, who can say that they’ve met the legendary jimmy choo? =) jimmy choo, the guy who made shoes for princess diana maan! people even write about him in chiclit books. don’t playy.
    yeah, well, i’m bragging about it as you can tell.
    if you need proof, i blogged about it when it happened. and i have pictures, too! well, it’s not in that particular post, but yaa.
    i want crocs lahh πŸ˜€
    and my birthday isnt coming or anything, but .. we can pretend, right? πŸ™‚

  296. In 2000, I was walking down Chapel Street in Melbourne with a couple of friends, one of them being Malaysian, when we saw someone familiar walk past us.
    “Is that Chef Wan?” my friend asked.
    I said I didn’t know, but he sure did look like Chef Wan. By then he was walking just a couple of metres in front of us.
    So what I did, I said it out loud, “OH MY GOD, IS THAT CHEF WAN?”
    And surely enough, he turned around, and said in his amazing Tuan-Tuan dan Puan-Puan manner, “Yess! Hellooooo!” and we spoke for a bit. I think he was on a mission to either write a cookbook, or come up with another show, I can’t remember.
    I’ve also run into Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers but he isn’t as amusing as Chef Wan.

  297. i dont care if i sound desperate…bcos i am!
    i really want to win those crocs for my dad!
    he deserves a nice present since we can’t celebrate his birthday this year.
    i used to be those teenagers who bopped around excitedly around celebs. i’ve met enough to last me a lifetime.
    lance bass and joey fatone from NSync, arianna teoh & alex yoong, sarimah ibrahim, clay aiken, paula abdul, david blaine, wyclef jean, jien & azura, douglas lim, carmen electra (she’s actually quite petite), local bands and actors, (sharifah armani) and the list goes on.
    but i have no juicy stories bcos i always felt that it was important for them to like msians. which was why i never tried anything stupid.
    there is, however, one story that’s really stuck with me. i’ve read a few comments on michelle yeoh already and as boring as it is, i have another.
    i met her in the Force of nature concert. She got down of her limo all pretty. and the fans were littered around the streets screaming her name. all the other celebs more or less got down from their car, waved a bit, shook a few hands and walked away.
    michelle was different. she took the time and effort to actually trod around the streets to wave, sign autos and shake hands with majority of the fans. when she finally reached my area, my friends and i went nuts. she’s REALLLYYY pretty. i called out to her, and she looked me in the eye.
    then she smiled.
    it was magical.
    she extended her hand and gave a very nice, warm shake.
    i just stood there kinda dumbfucked.
    i’ve met so many celebs before and there was never one who would look a fan in the eye and smile while shaking hands. they usually just scan the crowd.
    that 2 seconds with michelle was fantastic. i could literally feel the adrenaline pumping through my body.
    she did the same to all my friends and in the end, we just stood in awe, proud of our fellow malaysian.
    i have a picture of her i took that day.
    it was simply awesome πŸ˜€

  298. Talk about myriad of comments!! If only my blog was like yours! =)
    Anyway, if I were to share one experience it would definitely be that of my double celebrity encounter with local band Altered Frequency and Juwita Suwito. They were in KK, Sabah at the end of 2004 for a performance. My best friend’s father was looking after their stay in KK. On the day they were due to leave KK, for some reason their flight was delayed by half a day or something. So, my best friend’s father gave us (my friends and I) the opportunity to bring them around KK for half a day to kill time, since we were on holidays anyway. We brought them to a mall in KK called Centre Point and basically just went into one of the quieter cafes for a drink and to just chill, the Sabahan way! Naturally, with us being in a band and our experience doing a few demos before, we ended up talking about music. We let them listen to a few of our songs and also asked them to “criticize” our music. Being the nice people they were, they gave us some positive hints in a very nice way. lol. I think that moment there was a very defining moment for me, because I realized that they were human too, just like anyone of us. The way they acted and dressed and spoke was just like the way any one of your other typical Malaysian would. Altered Frequency and Juwita were such down to earth people that it didn’t feel like i was hanging out with any celebrities or such, rather it was like a normal day just hanging out with nice people and sharing experiences. It ended a normal day, with Kysern of Altered Frequency paying the bill for our drinks (such nice people), albeit the hard stares once in a while from people who recognized who they were, especially Juwita, who was the Malaysian Idol 1 and 2 vocal trainer and later on proceeded to win AIM’s Best Local English Album award. A couple of people came up to her and asked for her autograph and she kindly obliged. And yeah, I guess that was basically what happened. I had coffee and blueberry cheese tarts with some very down-to-earth, un-diva-ish Malaysian artistes, who at the end of the day, are as passionate about music as we are!
    ummm. yeah. that just about sums it all. hee. cheerios! :))
    p.s. I really like Juwita’s vocals. Check out her song “Beautiful Lies” from the 2005 “Gol & Gincu” movie soundtrack.

  299. My encounter with a celebrity was when I was having dinner with my family at one of Miri’s popular restaurant, Boulevard Restaurant. While waiting for our food, I suddenly saw a guy dressed like a celebrity went out of the toilet with a his assistant who looked like those celebrity’s assistance. My cousins and I were so curious and wondered who he is. Then, my cousin suddenly realised that he looked like one of the Astro Talent Quest contestants (not sure which year and not sure whether he won any or not). The funniest thing was they went to the small stage which was just right in front of our table and took pics for abt 10 minutes. Right after that, he signed some atutographs for the restaurant’s tauke niau and went straight out of the place. Right after we went back, my sister immediately did some research and made a conclusion that he was one of the Astro Talent Quest contestants. I think he won smth but not sure.
    P/s: I think the Crocs Beach are quite good looking though…

  300. Speakin of celebrity encounter, once i was at Genting Highlands for Astro Talent Quest Competition. We were queing up for the show, and suddenly this bloke who thinks he has the most handsome face in the world stepped on my leg and went off just like that. KNS! wat else.. i shouted at him, since he was so rude, i mean he cud have at least said sorry for landing his whole body weight on my brand new NIKE!
    But the best part was i didnt know he was an artist LOL. Some group called “tension”. Their hair were so long i can barely see their faces.
    Anyway, noticing that i was real pissed, the gang came and apologized – maybe to cover or to save their image from being called the rude artist watsoever,
    and they offered me to take picture wit them. I did it just for the sake that they were artist – and that i knew that they were quite famous since the girls were shouting and screaming all over. Not that i really wanted pics with them, but just for a memory to spot on who stepped on my brand new shoe !! Mark him down! πŸ™‚

  301. The celebrity I met?
    I never met a celebrity before in my life. Never once and never did. Even concerts held in Kuching I never see one. But this celebrity I meet is kind enough for me to be my FIRST celebrity I met in my life.
    Who is he?
    One of the most popular internet bloggers of all time…
    Mr Kenny Sia!
    How I met him? Just say this… After his trip from HK he came back and went to Kuching Festival not long ago.
    I was working around the place selling food to customers that were sitting at the place. And suddenly out from nowhere… I spot a big and familliar face. I went near him and asked…
    “Mr Kenny Sia?”
    He answered me and I was overjoyed!!!! I wanted to take a photo of him only but his friend asked me to take photo WITH him! OMG!!! Shoot! I was so happy all the night through…
    All I can comment about Mr. Kenny is that he’s a very humble person. Judging by his voice and manners that time I met him.
    Thanks Mr. Kenny, Your my FIRST celebrity I met in my life and well… if you forgot here’s a post of Kuching Fest I done.
    (It’s somewhere right near the bottom part.)
    Thank you Mr. Kenny Sia!

  302. Perhaps you have heard of this American band called Rooster which had songs like ‘Come Get Some’ and ‘Staring at the Sun’? Anyway, if you haven’t, go take a lookup at it on Google.
    You see, the band came to Kuala Lumpur to promote their first single! And, they had this footsal competition with the DJs of radio station. I was one of the lucky ones to get the six tickets.
    At first, the whole event was pretty sucky. There were this group of mean girls that kept pushing us aside and screaming really loud! After the futsal game, we had this chance to take photos with them. It wasn’t that special and we got a fair amount of their sweat on our outfits. It wasn’t that nice to have sweat on yourself but, hey, it was celebrity sweat!
    One of the band members were talking to my group of friends and he was the most handsome! The mean girls were going for the lead singer. Anyway, the handsome guy was so sweet to us and gave us his jersey!!! Full of his sweat and everything! How cool is that?
    I never washed the shirt. Ever. So, the shirt is still sweatified and smelly but me and my friends preserved it in a nice paper bag.

  303. Somehow dat crocs really does look good but in a way it doesn’t too. It just depends on how you wear it I guess.
    Anyway, I don’t actually encouter with any celebrities before but my friend did. She saw Paul Moss on a highway when she was on her way to Sunway Pyramid. Paul was in his car at the paying toll when my friend saw him and trying to persuade her mom to look at him. Of course, she thought she was just joking but when she finally did, she went, “Oh! isn’t that PAUL MOSS??!!!” lol
    alright dat’s a simple one.. ^-^

  304. alright, I just remember that I actually do encounter with some celebrities. lol I don’t know if JJ and Rudy is counted. Both the DJs are invited to my school canteen day this year to host the radiostation in my school. So, I manage to look at them upclose when they’re there but didn’t manage to take pictures with them. I really love their spontaneous talks which made them a real good DJs on It was cool to meet them then. It was just a waste not to get their signatures and pic. ahah That’ll be a double coolness. lol

  305. An interesting encounter with an Artist? H**l yes!!!
    My sisters and me went to a “Ah Gu’s” roadshow a couple of years ago. And after crapping and mind effing us audience on how piracy has ruint his singing business. He was selling his CD and whoever buys them gets his autograph. So my 5 yr old sister then was so fond of him and grapped a pencil and a piece of paper to get his signature. She joint in the queue. When her turn came, she hand in the pencil and paper. U know what Ah Niu did? He looked at her in a daze and refused to sign. My poor sister was so heart broken that she cried right away when she got home…
    Buying pirated CD is wrong?? H*** NO… especially Ah Gu’s…
    Gu Gu, I won’t even buy a pirated version of ur pirated CD. Ur voice suck donkey d***.
    Thank you for the opportunity to curse, Kenny.
    If u have a CD, I’ll buy the original…

  306. alright..Here’s my story…Jay wont want me to say this out..but for the shoes!!!
    Few years back when Jay Chow was still a new artist singing “ke ai nv ren” n publicizing in Singapore, I happened to run into him in Orchard road HMV building. Guess he was checking his records’ sales. I was with a group of friends touring in Singapore. One of my frens immediately spotted him from the crowd and we stopped him.
    Fren: “Hey Jay..Omg It’s you..Can we take a picture with u?”
    Jay in surprise after discussed with his companion agreed on our request.
    Then we realised that our friend with the camera was not with us. Feeling a bit awkward, we told Jay that we do not have camera with us and sorry for the troubles.
    My fren, not giving up, then requested: “Can we have an autograph from you?”
    He agreed and asked where should he sign.
    We, tourists, especially shopping ard orchard area, naturally didnt have any paper with us. After searching through our hand carries, we thought we were gonna say sorry again.
    Another fren of mind abruptly came out with a brilliant idea.
    n Jay did sign on the piece of tissue paper for us…
    Whenever I think of this incident, my hatred to him reduces..I feel as if i have humiliated him b4 and i am feeling good…
    Apology to Jay’s fans…but i still think he dun worth the fame…

  307. Hi kenny! My encounter with a celebrity happened 7 years ago. And guess who was the celebrity? It was FERHAD. I don’t think it should be called an “encounter with a celebrity”, because that time i didn’t even know he was one. What happened was, my friends and i attended a POETIC AMMO gig in sunway lagoon. FERHAD was the opening act for the AMMOs. Back then, we didn’t even know who the heck was FERHAD?! Before the concert started, my friends and i were hanging out by the poolside. All of a sudden, the Sunway Lagoon van stopped near us and the AMMOs disembarked. Excited, we waved at the AMMOs as they were passing by. After the AMMOs passed by, a strange man waved at us and was trying to get our attention. We were like…”Shit man, who is that siao lang (crazy person) waving at us? Let’s go!” Little did we know, it was FERHAD and we gave him a look of disgust and left the area. We only realised who he was 3 months later when the dude became famous. LOL!

  308. I just saw someone wear a pair of yellow crocs recently and…the more i look at it…its still HIDEOUS as ever…what the??!
    who’d wanna be caught dead in them?
    they remind me of cartoons…i can imagine one in a cartoon world together with life sized toy cars, barbie houses and bob the builder.

  309. I was taking a leak in 1 Utama when this chap next to me said:
    “Bang, lu masuk itu Explorace ka?”
    He actually took a pic of me and him after we finished peeing.
    Not too bad for appearing in two episodes and people remember me.
    and it’s damn scary ok, i thought he was gay.

  310. so u know what u call them?
    anyways, just wanted to share something
    me: hey, u should buy ‘those’ (pointing to those whatever u call them) back to msia. it’ll be like the most ‘in’ thing to wear
    cousin: “ni bu yao sa lar” (you crazy!)
    “da shi wo duo bu yao chuan” (beat me to death i also won’t want to wear ‘those’)so oh piang!
    me: why not!!see see ( putting them on) comfy what!!esh!!!
    * goes better wth shorts..knee length shorts or shorter shorts..i donno la..
    **heard it’s good when gardening

  311. Do you or someone you know have an interesting encounter with a celebrity?
    When I was in Australia I had a chance to meet Guy Sebastian once. He won the Australian Idol there a while back, and he’s actually from Malaysia! woot!
    Anyway, I was at a Planet Shakers Conference, and Guy Sebastian sang for them at that time. (Now lead in Paradise Community Church by the way).
    He’s a really down to earth guy, cool looks with the afro too. Had a really nice long chat with him, took some pictures as well.

  312. Praying hard that I will get a bright orange Crocs size 5 to match with my orange Calvin Klein t-shirt and white long pants. And I just loved all the funky colors of Crocs clog shoes. They are easy and comfortable for long distance walking as I love window shopping and the many holes provide very good ventilation and no more smelly feet!

  313. i hope to get ta cute shoe for my boyfriend…kenny pls give 1 to me….
    i never have an interesting encounter with a celebrity? i also never know any of my frens had this experiences… arrrrr!!!????
    hm….ok….although i never had encounter with !@#$*&^# but i do really wish will have “Gary” singing “u r my super women” on my wedding ceremony….muahahaha!

  314. About my encounter with celebrity kah??? Yeap !!!In 2003, when i bought ticket for Alan & Hacken Lee Concert at South City Plaza. Then very lucky loh …. lucky draw kena, i’m 1 of the 10 person who got chance had a picture with HK Alan Tham. My idol Babe !!!! Walane !!!! cannot lupa wan oh…. Somemore the photo i cuci a few copies leh…. The photo shop Boss also not believe…
    Ask me … is it your friend kah??? Aiseh…. U know what i said….??? My “kaiko” Babe. Ha… Ha… Ha…
    About the Croc kah??? If FREE sure want mah….
    Ha… Ha… Ha… Ha… πŸ™‚

  315. n the answer is…..YES
    aunty was a SIA air hostess…met GiGi at 1 of the airports…she took a pic with her…my aunt was tall already n she was half a head taller than her…
    a teacher’s sister worked in the US as a estate salesperson…it so happened that this guy wanted to buy his mom a house…so they were there waiting for him…the guy looked very familiar at 1st sight n it suddenly struck her that it’s Leonardo Dicarpio(yea yea…the guy who started the “you jump i jump” thinggy)…she was so stunned her colleague had to bring leonardo n his mom around the house alone…n up to the moment he left in his merc…she came to her senses n realised she failed to obtain his autograph…
    my fren was shopping when suddenly a few girls asked for an autograph from the guy beside him…he turned n realised it was A. Samad Said(ok…for those who don’t know…he’s a famous poet in malaysia…wrote ‘The Dead Crow’ poem in our form1 literature text)…with his white frizzy beard n all(sorta his trademark…like santa)…guess where he was…in Kinokuniya…
    my oth fren is involved in a group called dou ya ta…a group that always invites singers to kuching…he got to talk to leehom bout music when he was here…n he was LeeHom’s MC during his concert in Penang this year
    another celebrity is HaRiSu…he’s a Korean guy who decided to change his sex n is now called a ‘she’…being unpopular in his…i mean her own country…she’s now seeking shelter in D’Summit, Kuching…just opposite my sister’s Korean friend’s apartment…shez gonna cooperate with a local star to film a movie soon…don think it’ll b nice
    my sis was in kl sum time ago for the tvfxq concert…she met ChoKyuHyun the newest member in super junior n greeted him in korean…n he replied n walked away shyly

  316. Hello,
    anyway, being an avid epl fan, after witnessing chelsea beat newcastle in the very first epl asia cup held in malaysia ( the very year mr roman bought and made chelski into what it is, in fact damien duff and wayne bridge came to malaysia as soon as they signed their contracts in the uk .
    wasnt satisfied by the match, decided to hang around the palace of the golden horses hotel to get some autographs of the players and had a few ‘different’ encounters with the epl stars. i got autographs from alan shearer, carlo cudicini, laurent robert, ranieri, melchiot, wayne bridge, carl cort, zenden, and most of the other chelsea and newcastle players as well.
    1. was rushing to the toilet before the players arrive in their coaches when i spot ken bates, the then chairman of chelsea going from one cubicle to the other (he went through 3 before settling for one ), then as soon as he did his business and washed his hands, i got an autograph from him outside the toilet.
    2. saw craig bellamy and tried to get an autograph from him. well, it ddint quite work out. you see, craig being a welsh national, would not sign my england jersey. he saw my england jersey and gave me a long lecture on how if he signs my england jersey it’ll look bad on him and he doenst rate england highly cause of the rivalry. he even gave and example of the rivalry between malaysia and singapore. in the end i ddint get his autograph but the worst part was, i was wearing a newcastle triaing shirt so i could hav got him to sign that instead but i didnt.
    when i was in london in dec 2003, i was in leicester square when ‘ the odeon’ is located. if a movie was premiering in the uk, it would always be at ‘the odeon’. so that day the were premiering the last samurai ( that tom crusie movie also starring ken watanabe ). that night, i saw ken watanabe, all the cast and director of the last samuria, i saw tom and got 2 pictures of him, i even saw penelope cruz who was looking ever so stunning in her red dress back when she was still dating tom cruise.
    i saw amber chia when she came to my college as well to talk about some awareness campaign about breast cancer last year.
    i saw joey g from channel v as well when he came over to my college to do some channel v request show. he came to my college to do the ticket once as well.

  317. My pc spoilt so I cant send in the entry earlier. Sob sob but I just want to try my luck. *Crossing my fingers* P/s:I dont know why I can’t send in my comment in your blog.
    I have the most amazing encounter with Takeshi Kaneshiro when he came to Malaysia last year. I saw him in the international departure area in KLIA and we board the same aerotrain. We smiled. My heart melted. The journey took only 2.5 minutes but it is the longest train ride for me. What makes it more special is that he is my favorite actor since young and now my dream have already come true!

  318. Once in Maybank Oldtown,PJ…Jason Lo lined up behind me for d ATM….i turned around and he said..”yes its me.i’l give u an autograph if u’ve got a pen with u….”
    i was the asshole of d day….

  319. heyya i met paris hilton once outisde a tanning salon in LA during a holiday,i was shopping with my girlfriends(LA has great shopping bargains!)yea and apparently she was like coverinf her face with a big fat and stuff but i recongnised her instantly cuz i recongnised her sharp nose and her fake blue eyes she was looking real tan and she had a bodyguard to protect her.My girlfriends were taking photos of her but i didnt reli like her cuz i thought she was too bitchy but when she was walking towards the car,she tripped over a can(she was wearing heels so high i thought she was gonna fall)she scraped her knee badly(the floor was very rough like the road floor)her bodyguards cannot do anything lah cuz they didnt have any plaster or watever rubbish so i just whipped out my first aid minikit in my handbag which i keep for emergancy and just help her wrap her knees lor.the cut was not very big but bloody so it just took like 1 min?she thanked me and agreed to take a pic with me after that.
    that was my most exciting celebrity experience

  320. Talking about meeting celebrity, I’ve met many.. Ronaldo, Rivaldo.. entire Brazil squad before they went to Japan and win the 2002 FIFA World cup.. I’ve met David Beckham.. I’ve met Andre Agassi at Melbourne.. at Crowns Coco Jap Restaurant when he’s here for Australian Open and I’ve also met Michael Klim with her Bali princess. TV celeb? I’ve met Ah Liang from Taiwan.. Harlem Yu.. Amei…
    Dr. Mahathir cut my queue while I was lining up to get into Starbucks at BintangWalk.. Met many many celebs here and there in my life..
    Not to say Kenny Sia.. we used to go to school together and we even ride his small blue BMX together when we’re young…
    Kenny! We should catch up.. what do you think?

  321. crocs shoes arent e same as e imitations.. once u try it u wil noe.. actually i m workin in crocs.. but i m not tryin to say crocs is gd coz i m workin in tis company..
    in e first place i also detest tis shoe.. but after wearin it, guess wat, i love e shoes.. especially prima..

  322. Crocs are the ugliest thing i have seen!!!! everyone in the Carri bean is wearing them people should call crocs craps!!!!!they are so dam ugly who cares if there comfortable!IF some thing is extremely comfortable but the ugliest thing s ever WHY WEAR THEM?? JUST BECAUSE EVERYONES WEARING THEM DOSENT MEAN U SHOULD !!! THERE THE UGLIEST WATERBOOTS

  323. WHY WERE THOSE UGLY THING S THERE SO DAM UGGGGGGLLLLLLLLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  325. Have partied with some drunken celebs like Jojo Struys and one of the Ejen016 agents.
    Got phone numbers from three beauty pageant finalists in KL a couple years ago.
    Met 2003 Cleo Bachelors Alex Tan and Tony Joseph, Cleo Bach Winner for 2002 (forgot his name… Malay-British mixed guy)
    Took photos w/ a few Malay celebs and was an EXTRA in a Malay movie in the lot that is now “Rum Jungle” nightclub, near the Petronas Twin Towers.

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