Merdeka Celebrations in Kuching

Today, Malaysia celebrated it’s National Day and Kuching is host for the national-level celebrations.

It is actually factually incorrect to call today the 49th birthday of Malaysia. 31st August is the day Malaya (ie Peninsular Malaysia today) gained independence from the Brits, which is irrelevant to us in the eastern states.

The birth of Malaysia did not occur until 6 years later when Sabah and Sarawak joined in, so in truth it’s more appropriate then to celebrate Malaysia’s 43rd birthday on the 16th September.
But nevermind, we’re just two insignificant small fries here with lots of trees and orang utans anyway. 😛 Who are we to influence the decision of the majority from the Peninsular right?

Our humble little city seems to be pulling out all the stops to impress the big wigs on the big day. Weeks before the official celebration began, all the roads were built, buildings re-painted and flags adorned. Policemen and ambulances were on standby at every corner of the street. The scale of things were unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in Kuching. Naturally I’m excited.
I was just finishing my workout at the gym in Hilton yesterday when I saw this car parked outside the hotel.

When you’re the Prime Minister of this country, you don’t need a numbered carplate like the rest of us commonfolks do

Apparently the leaders of this country were all staying at Hilton. Judging by the number of bodyguards with wired earpieces around the hotel, security must be pretty tight. I was pissing my pants just holding my camera, afraid that they might find me suspicious and decide haul me away for “interrogation”.
Lucky that didn’t happen. I managed to catch a glimpse of the big man on his way to dinner, accompanied by the Chief Minister of Sarawak along with his angmoh wife Laila.

Congratulations, you are 0% Un-Malaysian.

This is Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He’s the elected leader of this country, and dare I say, the most well-respected as well. Dr Mahathir may be known for his straight-shooting fiery tongue, but I much prefer Badawi’s gentle demeanor and style of leadership.

Agung in da house!

This is the King of Malaysia. He’s the one we always sing about in the 5th verse of our national anthem. The man owns this country, literally.
His name is … Yang di Pertuan Agung Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin *gasp* Ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Syed *gasp* Putra Jamalullail
*pant* *pant* *pant*
Gosh, I hope they don’t name a road after him.

We don’t really hear much about our King. All we see is His Majesty’s portrait in our government buildings all the time. There’s never a Prince Charles-like scandal or Prince Harry-type partying antics reported in the tabloids. Word off the streets is that our King of Malaysia leads a simple life, is a fan of Tottenham Hotspurs and enjoys singing karaoke.
Yes, the King sings karaoke.
Makes you wonder, what kinda song he sings during karaoke. NEGARAKU!?

I missed the bulk of this morning’s celebrations at the Padang Merdeka because I woke up late of technical difficulties. 😛 But I was there in time to catch some of the more bizarre parade floats, like this one depicting a ferocious mechanical tiger.

Behold! Malaysia’s secret weapon of mass destruction!

And this one showing a man making love to an Iban shield.

Oi, not in public can?

Anyway, when I finally made my way to the Padang, a policeman stopped me in my tracks. “Sorry, this place is for VIPs only.” he said.
What! You mean we Kuching people put up with all the traffic jams this past few days and we’re not even allowed to enjoy the performances and festivities? What kinda logic is this!

Lousy view. 🙁

So I stood there at a distance enjoying only as much as a peasant like me could enjoy with my view all blocked by trees and tents of those ladida VIPs, before I finally got frustrated and did what only a man deprived of his Merdeka parade-viewing pleasure would do.
I put on my Australian accent, posed as a foreigner and snuck into hotel nearby. 😛

Much better view. 🙂

The show was alright. Crowd was loud and rowdy all throughout. I reckon it looked grand on TV. Rumour has it that the federal government spent several million ringgits organising this event, and it shows.
I managed to get inside the Padang after the show and to have a look around.

This is the decoration in front of the King’s podium. They’ve got red, white, yellow and blue flowers nicely arranged into the shape of the Malaysian flag.
Then a few minutes later I saw this aunty walking casually down the street.

The aunty actually went in there and stole the flowers off the podium!

The tagline for Malaysia’s National Day celebrations is “Keranamu Malaysia”, meaning “Because of you Malaysia”.
The disturbing thing is, everytime I saw that tagline, Kelly Clarkson popped up in my head suddenly and started singing “Because of you I never stray too far from the sidewalk…”

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  1. nice post kenny, wish icould visit malaysia, looks quite fun nd interesting, very diffrent from Cnada, have you ever been to Canada, Kenny?

  2. Glad to see that there are some patriotic people out there. So unlike me. Well, I guess I’m one of those few who are just ‘unpatriotic’ ones. Happy Independance Day, Malaysia.

  3. kenny,come on..we are all malaysian k,no matter u’re from peninsular or sabah or sarawak!!Malaysia Boleh….haha..i’m also 0% un-Malaysian..nice review!!keep up the good work

  4. hahahaha, your damn damn funny… been reading your blog for quite some time…. but this is my 1st comment… Even stuff lk this which are supposed to be boring… and i mean really really boring… you could make it so funny… kao tao kao tao..

  5. cham lorrrr, why the king himself stay in hilton setting an example like that in front of the whole nation in this important day, why not stay in the patriotic hotel – merdeka palace hotel in kuching? *sigh* and ya agree with hk1997 who comment why ride in jaguar, and not the proton? like proton perdana or something.. :-/
    the prime minister of new zealand hr. helen clark use ford only you know in the official occassation (ya nz dont produce car and never, so ford is the closest they can get, definitely not holden , ha!) altho she can use ferrari or equivalent!
    this really shows malaysia still boleh, boleh …….produce patriotic people!
    pad yourself lah everyone! happy merdeka!

  6. While the PM, Kitchen Cabinet and Royalty can ride around in their Jags, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces, the rest of us are cursed with milotin Proton Saga, Perodua Kancil and Metrobus. Merdeka!

  7. kenny, as a sarawakian i also feel the same as wat u say… i agree…totally agree…
    Erm, no big deal of our PM doesnt ned a car plate number like us… i their house also no ned any house number or add? or jus put… “RUMAH PERDANA MENTERI” then watever letter can sampai already…
    U r lucky to witness the merdeka celebration.. me n my fellow mates need to stay in MAMAK n enjoy our MAGGIE MEE GORENG while watching the lousy firework far far from UM… so charm….
    Anyway…looking forward to REAL MERDEKA DAY on 16th SEPT this year..i wil b back to hometown…YAHOo…ohya.. that day is my FAther’s birthday… Yeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. hahahah! ur blog entry never fails to crack me up.. tho i shud probably not laugh so loud, the neighbours might call the happy house… 🙂
    kinda miss kuching.. *sighs*

  9. haha! so typical of kuching people to grab freebies. hantam saja if percuma. beh siaw li! *tsks*
    good entry though. nice to see merdeka pictures and read about events back home. *sigh*

  10. pbffttttt…
    so insignificant like that, dont take east msian trees and petrol lar. diuuuuu…
    so how many trees they cut down this time to sponsor this gala event?? no money to give scholarships to poor students coz they r not in the majority race but can alw spend millions on sthg thats juz gonna be gone in one day.
    and im still in shock that pek moh didnt have his lips stuck to badawi’s ass in any pics u took.
    tsk tsk.

  11. hahahaah!! your blog is funny kenny! there’s always a hilarious twist at the end! lol.. aunty and the flowers.. i cant stop laughing!

  12. feel like posting one more comment here to match this special meaningful occation ..
    we all have something we love and dislike at the same time with a person and malaysia indeed (because no one is perfect)
    we all love our country, (if you dont, you are pretty much disappointed by the politics, and why not b a good politician one day)
    for example, when u are talking with a friend from other country and he say bad things about malaysia e.g. your pm is shit and proton is blah blah blah(…how teruk), wat he say may b true, but how do you feel? for me, i may agree intially but hang on….. wat da f*ck u stepping part of me too you know!!!! tot your country is perfect meh, let me tell you…@#$%&*^%$# !
    only malaysian have priviledge to have bad comment on their own country! you will feel this more strongly if you live abroad for a while. and im sure kenny can tell you this.
    if you feel inferior to be a malaysian, dont!
    (honestly, i was, but not now)
    think about our neighbouring country.. why people flock to malaysia from a white colar job willing to be ah sam in malaysia, washing your undie .. and currency wise, not too bad, no natural disaster, racial harmony, nice gentle friendly citizen etc, i am chinese who used to have racial discrimination towards malay,this is something pass on by ppl around me, i dont have even one malay friend b4(now i have), i appreciate malay ppl now more than ever..look at their nature! i think getting out and have a good look, you will appreciate more what you have… and who on earth is not struggle with money to survive either mentally or physically? but i tell myself, i dont want to be limit by money. some ppl are so rich wo, but you can see they are not happy and as if from a third world country. and some ppl, their bank a/c has only 2 digit (ya me sometime) but they are shining, they just simple and content! i know without enough cash nowadays, realy hard to be happy, be real. but we all can work mah right, and spend less but fulfilling, why need everything branded boh (if not enough cash) as if yourself not enough brand meh and need to buy brand. this is the message i hope to share with those patriotic ppl, whether in malayia or nz or oz… the future of a country lies in your hand, not the self indulge ruler.. do you think ruler rule or the nation? who is stronger, think about that ~
    again. Merdeka! hold your head up and high.
    shoulder down alright 😡 and hugs!

  13. kIng sings kareoke….
    mAybe he sings the Hawaian song Mamula Moon…which “Negaraku” is ‘converted’ from. XD
    nO, seriously, go check the song out~!

  14. oh why i cant spell ‘occasion’ in both post! so -1% un-malaysian hehehe.
    remember also, dude, patrotic is for yourself, your growth and quality personality , if you dont respect your own thing, dont even think ohters will, and if you think u rather be a banana, you will lost in space!
    patriotic is not something act out to show how patrotic your’re, that is damn tiring! got it? bagus!

  15. Hey kenny, fucking funny blog entry… love the aunty with the flowers. I think I have one cantonese aunty who would probably do that… hahahahaha… also, nice work exposing the scandal of that man making love to the iban shield! the nerve!
    Last time I was in kuching was last year, I was REALLY shocked to hear only YESTERDAY (sorry … I know I’m slow) that the Sarawak club had burned down… I have many good memories of being incredibly bored there waiting for the uncles and aunties to finish talking.
    I think it’s ridiculous that they wouldnt allow regular pple to go see that event.. come on, are there THAT many VIPs in Kuching to fill up the event? A lovely ceremony paid for by the taxpayers who ARENT ALLOWED TO SEE EXCEPT FOR from a distance! hahaha okay i dunno what I’m complaining for seeing as I wasnt even in kuching, but I feel for you. hahaha
    aight sorry for the long post I should probably just write my long ideas on my own blog. hahaha

  16. PM’s official driver must’ve spent a week shining the jag. Remembered a similar occasion here when Tun was still PM. All the Govt’s official driver were engaged to drive these YBs’ around. When asked who among them were familiar with driving BMW’s and Mercs, all of them raised their hands. Later on, we found out that most of them didn’t have any experience at all. Some didn’t even know how to disengage the hand brakes of the Mercs. It was pandemonium at the drive way…

  17. err…kenny, u better dont say too much about ou Agung, if he ‘murka’, u’ll be out cast u know…
    and is the bus beside the tiger a part of the parade?

  18. “His name is … Yang di Pertuan Agung Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin *gasp* Ibni Al-Marhum Tuanku Syed *gasp* Putra Jamalullail”
    kenny, you are from Sarawak and u r complaining of his majesty’s long name. Thot u should got use to it already by now.
    btw, is the potrait on the far right the CM with the ang moh wife?… walau.. how long since they last update the potrait?

  19. oh…erm…ok…merdeka…yay!
    I’m not even Malaysian, but…erm…Merdeka! Yayyy!
    If all else fails…speak like an Aussie and act blur. Easy to get what you want.

  20. What a waste of public money for such meaningless celebration!
    See! Even our PM doesn’t have faith in Proton. What a joke!

  21. Hey Kenny, how come you didnt hug Badawi like the boy (holding a screwdriver) hugged John Howard while he was out for a walk (happened a few weeks back for real)? 😀 You would have made the front page of the news man (more publicity for your blog)!

  22. I had the best view because I was on the choir stage from the beginning till the end of the ceremony 😀
    Just because the Agong wants to have the best view, a tree was cutted down =.=”
    Kenny did you manage to capture the human graphics? I would like to see it.

  23. There were only 13 states that grouped together and declared themselves independent from their colonial masters on 4 July 1776.
    Over the next couple of hundred years, the US liberated more and more of what we know of the US today.
    Still, 4 July 1776 is Independence Day.
    16 September 1963 was the date when Malaya was rebranded.
    Pop quiz. How old is:
    1. New Straits Times (Straits Times est 1845 in Singapore)
    2. Malaysia Airlines (Malayan Airways est 1947)
    3. UMNO (est. 1946, declared illegal and 1988, UMNO Baru then registered)
    4. University of Malaya (King Edward VII College of Medicine est. 1905 in Singapore)

  24. it’s not stealing ! ! !damnit !
    its considered borrowing for all her life…
    if she doesnt take it…
    it’ll only be thrown in the dumps !
    my uni convo was like that too . . .
    after everything was done and over with . .
    the students just cant get their hands of those flowers . . .
    SWEET !

  25. aiyo..paiseh la..limpek ho lu kua tiao liao..aiya…phlis dont phut ther pikture there ma kenni..i veri scared polece may come take me away..i got 12 gren child to take kare of..plis ma..

  26. I expected a post from Kenny about this since it was held in Kuching. Every year I normally do a TV Marathon from the eve till morning next day.. but this year, I was so sleepy to watch anything on TV. I slept before countdown!?.. but good thing I set my alarm to wake me up by 12am. Sounds of fireworks can be heard from every corner (just sad that I can’t see em’ from every corner..cheh!).
    I watched the parade on TV as usual. Every year I make sure I set my alarm to wake up on time to catch it. I didn’t get to participate in the parade before but my husband did. He was the drum major for his school band (swing and throw the mace around). He said it was really a proud moment. I can imagine myself feeling that way too if I was there. I enjoy looking at the bands the most during the parade.. but seems that they don’t show them that much nowadays.
    And as for King, I remember seeing the late Sultan of Selangor (Agung then) at KLCC. My friends and I were wondering what’s going on with the red carpet. Then we saw him.. in suit and with his Queen and bodyguards. He was there for the premier of the Malay version of Tarzan (Disney’s). We stood aside and he saw us. He smiled and waved at us!!! We smiled and waved of course.. he really looked so friendly. We were so excited and were screaming once we got into one corner :p
    (say.. should I actually put this at the encounter with celebrities contest instead?)

  27. heh. people were lining up before 5 to get a view of the parade. heck. even when i arrived there were spectators that were already there. and i was marching. :S

  28. Kenny, isn’t it Agong, not Agung? 😛
    I thought Malaysia Boleh? How come PM doesn’t use our glorious national car instead? 😉

  29. “But nevermind, we’re just two insignificant small fries here with lots of trees and orang utans anyway. 😛 Who are we to influence the decision of the majority from the Peninsular right?”
    But Sarawak is the biggest state with the longest river & biggest cat!! 😀

  30. merdeka is all about sleeping till 12pm and get you as* ready for shopping malls and shop till you drop with promotions all around.
    buy one free one.bye four free one.
    and not to be fergotten half price on baskin robins.=D buy untill bo lui pocket lubang untill cannot lubang already only go home.
    if merdeka is not a public holiday.who the heck will give a rat ass abt this day? hah!insulting.but true. cheers

  31. ahahahahhahahahaahahahahhahaahahahahhaahahahhahahaahhaahhahahahaahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    funny dude.
    i heard on the radio station today, they said sarawakian is full of merdeka spirit.

  32. ABC, Have you ever heard of poeple with two names such as Kenny Andrew Sia? Ahmad Badawi is Abdullah’s father. So Abdullah’s full name should be Abdullah bin Ahmad Badawi

  33. Does anyone else think it’s pretty ironic Kenny had to fake an AUSSIE accent to gain access to a a better view of this so-called MALAYSIAN event?

  34. Here in Kuala Lumpur is not as nice. The Prime Minister is not here this year. Anyway, Happy National Day =). Among all your pictures, I love the aunty the most, lol.

  35. What to celebrate? Petrol increase, income tax maintain but gaji no increase… This pakcik want us to help him step down is it?

  36. It may be a celebration for the Malayan, it’s definitely a very SAD day for Sarawakian and Sabahan.
    The joining of the federation marked the beginning of the “government for the Malay only”, “policies for the Malay only”, “New Economy policy for the Malay only”, “Pay my 10% down payment”, “Give me 50% of you company“, “This is now a Muslim country, and yes the constant annoying moaning and groaning at 5am in the morning”, and the list goes on. Does it look like it’s now a country of elected thugs and hand-outs?
    For all Sarawakians and Sabahans, it could have been an entirely different country, a country without those craps above and a world class country had we not been part of the federation.
    This federation was signed by some illiterates in exchange for a few pack of cigarette. Anyone on the street today would know not to sign on the dotted line unless you could read and understood what’s the hell is on the piece of paper. By any account, this signing was not legitimate as there was never a referendum and has never been rectified by the people of Sarawak.

  37. Government shouldn’t celebrate merdeka with such a huge sum of money. Instead, government should distribute the money to all the BUMIPUTERA since these bumi species always demand for helps & will never be able to stand on their own.

  38. tOtalLy agree with what Pope has posted up there…
    really wat a waste for Sarawak n Sabah to join in this Malays onli policy country.
    I love kuching, I love sarawak, my hometown.
    But I shall not say I love Malaysia.
    Stupid politicians.. n policies..
    Protecting those fake bumiputra ( they are also outsiders … real local r e Iban , Kadasan ..)
    What a shame..
    Let jus hope that kuching, sarawak & sabah, which used to be a peaceful n beautiful place… will not b ruin by the “marvelous” lead..

  39. haha…
    i took some modules on politics in NUS and i read frm some material that Sarawak and Sabah only joined Malaysia cos of the communist threat…
    if not for communist, perhap both these states wld be seperated frm Malaysia???

  40. Kaisa, no I haven’t. Wish I could travel there one day.
    jondegreat, oh yea I wish I were in Seremban.
    HK1997 + Un-Malaysian, because its their country and they can whatever they want and there ain’t nothing we can do about it.
    jerry, he is the KING. the King ain’t just gonna stay at some ochipala hotel to set an example. 😛
    naeboo, you don’t say!
    Wei + MichelleSY, yes I find it very very ironic. 🙁 Sadly.
    lizzam, no it’s not.
    eantautjk, HAHA! Must be since the dinosaurs roam the earth!
    jc, where are you at? KL?
    ruthz, I normally use a Sony T9 but this time round I’m using a Konica Minolta and my camera phone.
    Pam, our pussy can’t beat their tiger!
    Pope, whether or not Sarawak would become as properous as Singapore if that were to happen will remain a mystery.

  41. kenny …KNNCCB…zho ha mi lu gia wa eh zhao zhia ho chiu?…Wa eh hiao lu eh chu mana liao..Ki Si la lu..

  42. appreciate your feedback on our comments kenny. but you know , oh lah ..king mah ho, he can do whateva he want lah. respect his superiority.
    but the pm, he also stay in hilton right?! who dont know merdeka palace is ocipala, but it is actually very nice you know if you walk in( the problem is lack of maintenace! ) do u think im so idiot that dont know hilton is more 5 star meh!!!!!! cham lorr why ppl perceive me that way? (unbreak my heart…) my point is- this is only 1 day in 365 days for malaysia! why dont
    give local made thing an opportunity to show off!
    he can stay whateva hotel and use whateva brand of car he likes in other 364 days mah who cares, tiok oh?! and got face to ask malaysia nation to beli malaysia made thing wo *sigh* again!
    we dont have good example, lets face the truth, but set up good example yourself lah, future malaysia baby…! sayang sayang… sayang anak-ku! (advertise here, anak-ku is proud malaysia brand for baby product,im sure you heard of, free advert!~)

  43. Wow! Kuching has changed so much since my last visit there some 6 years ago. Am going there end of this month to visit my sister and family.
    Malaysians also want free things lah…. semua pun bolih!!

  44. It’s good to have Merdeka celebrated in Kuching. Wohoo!
    Well, after the parade, there’s no further use on the flowers wa, why not pluck it (or we so called steal it) and use it for wadsoever reasons. Like for funeral? for your BF or GF? or even for garnishing on dishes. LOL! Hows dat!?

  45. I definitely agree with Pope. 31 Aug really is meaningless for east M’sians. And I thought unity is the key of everything. If they just celebrate national day of Malaya only, what’s the point of east M’sians joining them?

  46. Wah the Tiger wagon was nice and the Iban shield man looked more like handcuffed in a weird BDSM kinda way.
    The longer the person’s name meaning more high class right?? Hahhaha
    The auntie really is a finders keepers kinda person. Typical Malaysian. I see it, I take it

  47. Greetings to RC and fellow Malaysians in the LAND OF THE UNEXPECTED-PAPUA NEW GUINEA, HAPPY MERDEKA DAY, from Jim, formerly working and living in the Land Of The Unexpected. This is my first time celebrating MERDEKA DAY in MY BELOVED COUNTRY, MALAYSIA after some years working in PNG. MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!

  48. u see when there is no free gift,until now not up to 100 comment at this blog .Human Human why so greedy………….compare to your recent blog (the stupid ugly shoe)

  49. Hey dude, threre are a few historical articles claming when the deligates were sent to Kay El to sign the joining of Malaysia, there were last minute telegraphs sent to the deligates to withdraw , however, the telegraphs were mysteriously misplaced.

  50. In rsp to short talk 29 Aug, his Gang would come and beat you up and take the cds from you! Then the question would be, would you want to call the police? You would then have to answer why you were beaten up… Who would the police arrest then?

  51. you should get a VIP pass or photographer pass from the state government before hand with your status as the best Malaysian blogger in Technorati…haha
    wah… maybe the aunty also one of the 0% unMalaysian candidate…haha

  52. erm…the flowers are free gift for the rakyat setia. if they do not take it, those poor flowers will be thrown into the rubbish bin right after the show.

  53. Kenny, you mean the hotel staff in Kuching didn’t recognise you as KENNY SIA, the Malaysian blogger? Can’t believe they fell for your accent, lol.
    By the way, the flowers arranged into the shape of the Malaysian flag? As I know it, the flag should have 14 stripes, 14-point star… Maybe a group of aunties came and took home some earlier in the morn.

  54. I was the one who participate in this merdeka day event on Marching. And I was the one who say hi to you in Hilton whereby you are wearing your head free with light cloth..Our team is No.1 in marching & uniform(ultraman Malaysia). The car float take 2nd place under KTAK(Kementerian Tenaga, air & komunikasi)

  55. *lol* ya a lot of ppl(M’sian’s included) dun realise that aug 31 is not quite Malaysia’s National Day. And small fries we may be(I’m a proud Sabahan), but the bulk of Malaysia oil and gas comes from, u guessed it, the small fries. Much of their tourism potential and claim to fame also comes from East Malaysia. Timber? cocoa? oil palm? We contribute a bulk. so hey, we may not be on ‘mainland’ but where would they be without us too?
    And ps/ I LIKE Tun M’s fiery tongue!. At least ppl know where Malaysia is now 😀

  56. Sarawak and sabah should quit malaysia. federation of British North Borneo. With small population and lotsa resources, we can be stinking rich like bruneians. And singaporeans.
    remember this, Sarawak and sabah didn’t JOIN Malaysia. We come together with malaya and singapore to FORM malaysia.
    in the case of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA’s independence day on July 4, 1776, Alibaba you dono that all the new states and territories ENTERED the UnION. Hence they have to follow the existing union’s independence day la. besides, most of these new states and territories are empty territories settled or governed by ppl from the 13 original states. for example take texas or california which are independednt republics briefly before joining the union. the ppl in control there are americans from the existing union so they think it’s wiser to join the union to be big and stronger le. And all the 50 states didnt join the federation in one day. They were ‘absorbed’ one by one. so no question le they celebrate july 4.
    However the federation of malaysia’s case is different. all the four components (malaya singapore sarawak sabah )are separately governed prior to independence. malaya had gained independence 1957, singapore self govening crown colony, sarawak and sabah british protectorates that time. sarawak granted independence by brits few days before join MALAYSIA. So, the real independence day or birthday of malaysia is true like wat kenny say SEPT 16.1963. that day, these four separate states come together and become MALAYSIA. But you kno la malaya so powerful control the other 3 (singapore clever quit malaysia) force us celebrate THEIR independence day. is ok la if we follow them cuz they always claim to be ABANG, but the irony here is that SEPT 16 is not given a damn acknowledgement by the government. it’s not even a public holiday!! so we a tricked actually. Our country now is federation of MALaya-absorbing-sabah-sarawak instead of the theoretically and technically correct federation of MALAYSIA Malaya-sabah-sarawak come together.
    remember my countrymen, srawak and sabah didnt JOIN malaysia. malaysia never exist b4 sept 16, 1963. so sabah and sarawak didn’t join anything. we FORMED sth that day with malaya and sg.
    well wat do you expect from malaysian whose history textbooks are written by you-know-who.
    merdeka malaya! merdeka! i’m waiting for sept 16 to mourn… long live sarawak! but i love penang oso bo…how? haha….

  57. im not into malaysia politic very much. just know abit of this and that. my view….if for the sack of sarawak and sabah (both are in borneo) what i hope is the supp (the rocket) come out and form the government. there will be an interesting future to see. apart from china, the country that governed by chinese are singapore, taiwan, hong kong (china hong kong now), japan (believe to be ancient chinese during tang dynasty migrant to japan) and korea (used to be part of china long time ago, before kim form the korea now) look at these countries, all formed by chinese, economy is strong! if you take those country off asia, habis cerita lah asia! it is just chinese nature to be good at money. even the small little singapore, walaaaaau eeeeeh , so geng! whole world know you ! go supp! go rocket! it’s time for the next generation to make the change if everyone feel so unfair about the current situation.

  58. Kenny Sia you are talking rubbish, as an English man I am proud of my tradition the last things I want is to be mistaken for drunken Irish, stupid Welsh or imbecile Scotts. Long live St. George.
    Short Talk:
    Because I’ve completely sworn off writing anything to do with race, religion or politics here, I’m gonna plug blogs that do those stuff and kick ass in the process.
    Seriously, I like Otto’s take on multiculturalism in Malaysia. Why do we always pride ourselves in being made up of Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans and so on, when a foreigner would just look at us and go “meh… Asians.”

  59. to lk (posted @ 6.55p.m.) supp is not rocket, they’re diff parties but mayb i misunderstood u =)
    i don like malaya taking all of our revenue to develop KL while most places here remain kampong enuf for malayans to think we live in trees >,

  60. sorry about my crap understanding of the political party, pai sei! u didnt misunderstood me, infact i need your correction fritz ^^ thanks!
    the best of all make love…. not war!
    yes -peace- !

  61. lk, chinese sucks. how strong is the economy? if not with western help, or influence or technology, or exposure, taiwan (taiwan recieved lotsa american aid) and hong kong (developed by the brits. during the Qing Dynasty, hong kong is just another rural island) and singapore 9developed by the brits who stole it from the malays and was populated by chinese immigrant) wont be rich like today. and china allso owe the west and japan’s investment for its development now. an example of an authentic chinese economy is old china. yuck. stink. ego. thinks it’s the centre of the world. this sombong attitude causes china to stink in end of the qing dynasty til world war two.
    how dare you say japanese are chinese imigrants. they might borrow or owe a lot to china but they’re diff ppl diff culture. baka.
    dont so sombong la. no race is superior than the other. dont be hitler. what we want in sarawak is unity. not the chinese or malay or iban controling the other race. hard as it may seem cuz the chinese here are more advance, but it’s not a mere dream. Martin luthor king says I HAVE A DREAM!!

  62. and the korean case, they are separeate ppl also. conquered by the chinese. talk about china hating wester imperialists. pah, they are imperialists too. almost invaded japan during yuan dynasty. lucky kamikaze saved japan.
    and why you dint mention vietnam which is once influenced by china oso? vietnwm now stink, what you have to say lk? hahahahaha…
    and now china want control asia pula. pah.
    America help us!

  63. in fact, chinese in china is rated one of the highest IQ in the world. this survey is done by british. why they are so behind today, the reason is they had been shut themselves off from the rest of the world b4. now the door is open, massive changes! every race has their own attractive point. God is fair!

  64. 1st time reading ur blog (certainly not gonna be my last). Impressive! Shud found out sooner. I’m proud to be a sarawakian but not as malaysian. (pssst… if only sarawak is a country not state) Shame huh! 😛

  65. hey Anonymous up there! i agree with your cofession that u are proud to be Sarawakian but not as Malaysian, yeah, IF ONLY Sarawak is still occupy by the British…

  66. we all share the same thought, even i’m not from SWK, all borneons feel the same of the crappy idea of “Malaysia”…
    the “federalization east-dicrimination” propaganda is everywhere here.
    when u on ur radio, u’ll hear, “u’re listening to malaysia no.1 radio…”, well, of cos we couldn’t hear that back in east m’sia, it’s not aired…
    sometime u see the event banner marked, “national… competition” while the event itself is not opened for registration to east m’sia.
    like my aunty used to say, “this is 马来衰亚”, really, it’s truly “MALAYSIAO”.
    no matter how, we could write a very long post in our blogs but i don’t think that’d b in any significant impact to the corporatized federal government.
    i’ve already started to share whenever possible that actions or correspondances that were taken to put the focus on east m’sia…
    e.g. i’ve complained celcom for discrimination for not allowing east m’sian users to upgrade their SIM card to USIM during their 3G launching promotion last Nov/Dec, they’re now sending their personnels to attend to me & trying to get everything done for me without me even need to attend to their branches.
    e.g. i’ve also complained to TNB for discrimination of east m’sia power supply over the years for no compensation given for the power failure yet no improvement has been done… 5 barges were moved into SESB SDK to resolve the frequent power failure in a period of 2-month.
    we can always do something, we must b alert of all events, view it from the angle of ourselves being born in borneo not only living in the faulty idea of “MALAYSIAL”.

  67. Out of pure boredom, I decided to talk a peek into your archives…
    Anyway, I was about to comment: the PM got a Jaguar while the CM rides a Rolls Royce… Good show!

  68. Kenny, you may not like the king, and you may prefer Malaysia to be a republic. But at least, you should show a bit respect your King, our King.

  69. I think I first came across your website via a link on Twitter.. I really love the stuff I have read on your site and plan to keep reading when I get more time. Do you have a Twitter account?

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