Off To See My Mummy

You won’t believe how much money I paid Hilton just to be able to get online.
Hilton, I love you. But with the prices you charge, sometimes I think you should just kiss my hairy ass.

I disappeared off the web because I’m overseas in Egypt. For the past few days I have been touring this legendary land of the pharoahs and home of the greatest ancient civilisation in the world.
Already, I had visited many historial sites along the Nile River with my tour group. We have still yet to visit the famous pyramids and the Sphinx, but we’ll be doing that tomorrow.

After that, I’ll stay a few more days in Egypt to explore the coastal towns of Dahab and Sharm El-Sheikh by the Red Sea. On my own. Looking forward to that. 🙂
One thing I didn’t tell anyone is that the places I am going to are where at least two terrorist attacks occured in the past year. There are very powerful extremists in Egypt who are opposed to their President’s moderate stance with the United States. And lately they seem to be targetting tourists in order to hurt their country’s economy and send a message.

But I think I should be fine. 🙂 On the bright side, at least I know that prices will be cheap over there. Heck, I even managed to get a nice hotel room in Dahab overlooking the Red Sea for only RM35 a night! Beat that.
Meanwhile, if anyone wants me to bring back a souvenir from Egypt, let me know. I promise I’ll go back to Kuching tapao a mummy for you.
No, not that kind of mummy.
This mummy lah.

30 cents please!

Most of you would’ve noticed this thing called Twitter I have installed on the side of this page. Because I’m always on the go and internet access is hard to come by, Twitter lets me to update it using SMS, so you could know what I’m up to real time.
Yes, it’s too hard to let go of the internet, even when you’re supposed to be on holidays.

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  1. WOW visiting eygypt huh ?? i wanna travel around the world too.. but have to wait until i graduate first n save a sum of money !!! Its an experience to be able to see the world urself n share those expereince to ur friends =) tell us more bout egypt… ciozzz 😉

  2. Hey Kenny, would really appreciate it if you could do a small write up on the hotels you stayed in Eygpt. The RM 35 one sounds really good… would help alot for future budget travellers like me. Thanks!

  3. Hi Kenny, ur egypt trip looks like fun….actually, there are a lot of legendaries in China as well like the great wall, the forbidden city…may be you could go and write a review about it 🙂 would love to see something about our root…thanks

  4. Kenny, it’s interesting how you said that Egypt has the “greatest ancient civilisation”.
    Being Chinese, I feel that the greatest ancient civilisation is the Chinese! Haha. There actually are so many inventions from the ancient Chinese that we still use today, and which we probably cannot do without, but people forget that, and think that the Westerners invented it.
    Now, I think that the Egyptians are really really interesting too. And I wanna visit the place some day too. But I still beg to differ on your previous statement! 😉

  5. Being Chinese and still proud of the historical Chinese culture, I find Egypt more mystical and misterious. Which other culture on earth could be more related to alien? I always find it fascinating!
    My next travel destination is exactly Egypt. Hope I could see some alien there 😛

  6. Well Kenny Egypt is something to behold. Just got back from Egypt myself. It is indeed one of the most interesting place on earth. If you have the chance do see the sound and light show at the Giza Pyramids at night. Should cost you no more than USD35 per person. Maybe your group tour will be cheaper. Have Fun! You can visit my NEW BLOG to see some of our trip pictures!!!

  7. I read this post with immense envy! I so wanna go to Egypt, a land rich with historical value. But I fear for my safety too. My lecturer was once caught in a gun-fire when she was there. Freaky!
    But I guess sometimes we just have to throw caution to the wind – just like what you did, eh?
    Share more pictures and your experiences there, pretty please!!!

  8. That’s awesome 🙂 Lucky bugger! I’ve always wanted to visit Egypt and take that boat ride down the river nile and watch the sunset. My girlfriend’s from Egypt and if every girl there looks just as beautiful as she is, I’ll gladly get myself into trouble!
    Happy Easter Kenny.

  9. Ahh..Mamee or mummy, I want!! Here in China don’t have lah!! Anyways, I’m in Beijing, yes, very historic place, also very modern, even though I haven’t half visit the places myself, when I’ve been here for almost two years. (I know I know..embarassing.) You should visit sometime though. I’ll gladly bring you to tour..maybe..No..I’ll go tour with you. On the condition you come by before July. XpXp

  10. Kenny, i’m so envious of u right now. Egypt is my dream place to go eversince i was a kid. can send a postcard to me from there?? please please…??

  11. climbed mount sinai? hehe. cool! i remember it was minus 20 when i was there. did you ride the camel up or did you climbed up on foot??

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