Of Sagittarius and Mermaids

Last evening, I was talking to my two whacky friends (who shall remain anonymous) when for some reason the topic of wrestling and pornography popped up. For their protection, I won’t mention their names so please don’t ask me who they are… Kimm and Mel would appreciate it when I don’t write about them on the Internet.

Kenny: “Wrestling is Men Versus Men; Pornography is Men Vs Women.”
Mel: “That’s not entirely true! In pornography there’s also Men Vs Men and Women Vs Women.”
Kenny: “Ewwww… I won’t be watching the Men Vs Men one that’s for sure!”
Kimm: “Hahahaha!”
Kenny: “There’s also Men Vs Animals wattttt.”
Kimm: “Hey I’ve seen a picture of a girl ‘doing it’ with a horse!”
Kenny: “Really? Is that how the Sagittarius is born?”
Kimm: “Eh not bad hey!? Then we can make Mermaids too!”
Kenny: “Obviously that’s not gonna work… Must be the reason why they said it smells like dead fish ‘down there’!”

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  1. It’s okay, I’ve watched barnyard porn a few times. Not my style, it’s so bad I can’t take my eyes off it, but I don’t want to watch either.
    Pigs + women = disgust for a year.
    I can’t believe you bolded for PPS…tsk tsk tsk kennysia

  2. its the saddle!! one of the straps!!!
    ewww u just dirtied my brains about horses forever…
    not that literature hasnt done that already, horses being a phallic symbol =X

  3. OMG. dats an ugly pic of horsies. ppl would look striaght at dat when they see this pic.
    oh, ive seen women vs animals. disgusting.

  4. OMG. dats an ugly pic of horsies. ppl would look striaght at dat when they see this pic.
    oh, ive seen women vs animals. disgusting.

  5. eww!!! hahaha kenny, mate, sorry to say, but horsey sex is just wrong hahaha but it makes for a damn funny post hehehe

  6. Blame it on the society; society that does not trust the teens, hanging out with the oppose sex, their hands on a copy of Playboy and not even a pack of chewing gum. Now, a supposedly “intellectual conversation” that took place in the high school and should have ended in the high school has been given extended life of another ten years. Life delayed and almost as if it has been in retention in Form-3 for ten years. How deprived and ..! Even the infantile may be tempted to label it as the most infantile.

  7. ummm no idea how come my name changed to reenz when i submitted… but just to let ya know its from me…
    “haha… i’ve seen Men VS dogs… not my type of porn as well… lol
    interesting entry!”

  8. Lainie, WOMEN DOING IT WITH PIGS?! Man! I thought Women + Snakes is bad enough.
    Jon Choo, gee how would you know I wonder!
    Aileen, that’s for me to know and for you to find out! heh heh.
    Panda, please lah don’t live in denial! The strap is not ANYWHERE near that area my friend! 😉
    Thunderfoxy, agreed. I’ve seen men vs dogs too. Equally disgusting.
    Bek, hey you’re BEK!
    Pope, oi! You calling me infantile!? Grrrr….
    blackwidow, yes he always has. Funny he’s still calling himself the Pope since Pope John Paul died.
    Averil, aren’t you excited? 😉
    reenz + ivanny, new readers! Thanks!
    Lyon, sometimes I wonder to WHOM they made those porn pictures for? Seriously, who’s gonna get aroused by THAT?
    Joe, its NEVER gonna star Kenny. 😉
    Elizabeth, when I’m around Kimm and Mel my IQ went down by a half.
    Carol, ewww. Now I seriously hope I don’t see those creatures in barnyard porn.
    Fip, really? Guess I should learn from the expert. Heh heh heh.

  9. hehe…Animal Passions is just a documentary. No hardcore stuff. But it is insightful. The relationship shown in the documentary is not only sexual. Pretty scary.

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