73 Replies to “Obligatory Chinese New Year Greeting”

  1. It’s actually sheep poo… but I figured no one is gonna be able to tell the difference.
    Apparently I was wrong! 😛

  2. Hey Kenny,
    How did you manage to squeeze your lil’ hamster into the bun? Wouldn’t it run away??
    Anyway, Have an awesome CNY!!

  3. LoL , ur hamster…
    Is it only me or everyone ? I saw some cow atau bull head-shaped on top of the poo…
    lol ..

  4. erm, that shit looks like the shape of a sheep and a cock…:P
    kenny oh kenny, i think kuching must have very few bulls, cos that is really different from what a bull one looks like.. :O
    Anyway, Happy CNY!!!

  5. Yo Kenny~
    Let’s go your house for a visit…
    Lai lai ang pao ang pao…
    Don’t so kiam siap ah…
    Thanks… xD

  6. well, thanks for the bad imagery. i was supposed to savor some of new year’s delight when i saw that…
    other than that, gembira cina baru tahun.

  7. ahhhh..Happy bullshit year to you too!!
    no seriously, Happy Chinese New Year To Everybody.
    It’s 2 am here already.

  8. Wow, another piece of bun wasted. I bet you’re not going to stuff that bun after that, are you?
    Happy Chinese “Niu” Year!! Another year of great posts! ^_^

  9. Happy New Year,
    Health, Wealth & Happiness to ALL.
    Did you authenticate the bull doo-doo with a taste test?

  10. Hello Kenny, I used to get your joke but it’s getting shitty. I dont know whether you blog with your brain intact, but is that a greeting? Happy year of bullshite? Oh okay, you’re anticipating a bullshite year yourself, good for you.

  11. Hey everyone! I’ve been reading kennysia.com for very long but never leave a comment or something. Due to really free time during this CNY I decided to reveal myself and wish everyone here a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!

  12. ケニさん。。。

  13. Happy Chinese New Years
    The Department of Tourism in Hat Yai is holding a big events for tourists to shop and relax. 🙂
    Do enjoy and have a prosperous year ahead!

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