In Support Of KLIA East @ Labu Airport

I wanna take a break from writing about silly things on the net to focus on something slightly more serious.


Over the past few weeks, there have been some intense debate online and offline over AirAsia’s intention to build their own airport.

The gist of the story so far is, due to AirAsia’s rapid expansion, it is fast outgrowing the current LCCT airport it is operating out of. So AirAsia approached Sime Darby and a proposal was put forth to the government to build a new budget airport called KLIA East.


The new airport will be completely funded by private funds, and it will be located 20km to the east of the present KLIA in the Negri Sembilan town of Labu. Not only will this new airport be able to accommodate AirAsia’s growing size, it will also be better connected by road and rail to both KL city and main airport.

The government had a look at the proposal and subsequently approved it, but almost immediately a huge uproar from the public resulted.

Some were saying that the proposed Labu Airport will be located too close to KLIA to be safe. Others were saying that it is located too far from KLIA for transferring of passengers to be convenient. Most people were saying that it is a waste of money for a fourth airport in KL to be built after Subang, KLIA and LCCT – never mind the fact that AirAsia assured that not a single sen of tax payer’s money will be used.

Then there are those who resort to insults and personal attacks, slandering both AirAsia boss Tony Fernandes and the government, accusing them for being corrupted and uncaring towards the ordinary Malaysian.

Among the fiercest critics of AirAsia’s plans were several prominent social-political bloggers including Jeff Ooi, Rocky and PKR MP Wee Choo Keong. Even our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir got nasty with his words, eventhough he is that very same man who sold AirAsia to Tony Fernandes for RM1 eight years ago when the airline was making huge losses under DRB-HiCom.


The outcry from the online community was so loud that someone even set up an online campaign to boycott AirAsia.

Faced with such intense and public online controversy, AirAsia did something remarkably unprecedented in Malaysia.

While most corporations would’ve kept quiet and carried on with their business (after all they have already got the proposal approved), AirAsia decided to respond to their critics, sceptics and haters by launching a micro-site on KLIA East. Providing facts and figures, AirAsia tactfully explained the need to build a new airport and showed how such a project would bring more benefits than harm to the rakyat.

To anyone reading through the FAQs, it is clear that AirAsia is pointing a large Airbus-sized finger squarely towards Malaysia Airports Berhad, the sole operator of the three airports in Kuala Lumpur.


AirAsia said that all three airports are not suitable because Subang is too small, KLIA is too expensive and LCCT is not expanding fast enough to cater towards their rapid growth. AirAsia is pretty much forced out due to the incompetence of Malaysia Airports.

To much surprise from everybody, Malaysia Airports did not sit still when faced with criticism either. Instead, they launched a series of announcements on their own website to rebuff AirAsia’s claims. Normally, people can’t be care less to log on to Malaysia Airports website. But because of this fiasco, web traffic at suddenly shot through the roof!

Google Maps 22012009 101636 AM

According to Malaysia Airports, there are indeed plans to develop KLIA North, a dedicated budget terminal located just next to the existing KLIA main terminal.

The only problem it’ll take longer to build and estimated to cost twice as much compared to KLIA East. Therefore it is AirAsia’s fault that they are impatient and instead run off to build their own airport.


So to summarised what has happened, Dr Mahathir points his finger to AirAsia on his website, AirAsia points its finger to Malaysia Airports on their website, Malaysia Airports claimed innocence and pointed its finger back to AirAsia.

And I thought “blog wars” are the domain of bored teenagers who got nothing better to do with their lives. Who would’ve thought a “blog war” would occur between AirAsia, Malaysia Airports and the former Prime Minister of Malaysia?


Reading through some of the harsh comments online, I honestly cannot help but to feel terribly sorry for Tony Fernandes.

I can see that AirAsia’s intentions are noble.

Tony Fernandes wants to build a cost-efficient airport, so that savings can be passed onto the consumers. He wants a large airport so that AirAsia can connect Malaysia to the rest of the world, so that Kuala Lumpur can usurp Bangkok and Singapore as South East Asia’s aviation hub. Tony Fernandes truly believes that this project is good for everybody, and he has even worked out a way to do these without spending much of tax-payer’s money. KLIA East seems like such a great win-win solution for everybody.


But instead of being lauded and praised for taking the initiative to bring about positive change to KL, Tony Fernandes was attacked, insulted and ridiculed by the online community. Instead of getting even a
little bit of appreciation and thank you’s from the community, he was accused of undermining national interest, of robbing people’s money to achieve his own selfish aims.

For a businessman as far-sighted as he is, the ugly fallout from this incident is perhaps something he had least expected.


And that is why I felt compelled to write something here to show my support for Tony Fernandes.

Then again, who am I?

I am not a politician. I am not a businessman. I am just a 26-year-old guy with a naive understanding of the world. No where am I ANYWHERE near the calibre of Jeff Ooi and Rocky, let alone that of Tun Dr Mahathir.


If there is one credential I have over them, it is the fact that I have used the LCCT airport more frequently than all three of them combined. That’s a fact, because I have been travelling in and out of LCCT so frequently, I see the immigration officers there more often than I see my mom’s face.

I am a consumer. And the only thing I can say about the LCCT is that it sucks. The airport sucks so bad, we could’ve make more money if we market it as a porn star.


Make no mistake about it. I hated it when AirAsia moved out of KLIA four years ago, and I am still hating it every single day until today. The LCCT is such an overcrowded slum that if the fare difference isn’t much, I’d rather pay extra to fly MAS.

Gimme the frills of checking in at KL Sentral and riding KLIA Express anytime.

Clearly AirAsia cannot stay in the current LCCT. So that leaves us with two options: (1) move to Malaysia Airports’ KLIA North, or (2) let AirAsia build their own airport at KLIA East.


On the surface, KLIA North sounds like an ideal option. I too, would’ve supported AirAsia moving back into KLIA or at least somewhere close to it. But due to problems with the soil and the train tracks, it will take twice as long to build and cost twice as much. As consumers, are you prepared to pay extra for that? Do you all want to pay more for your air tickets?

If they wanna develop KLIA North, they could’ve done so four years ago before the current LCCT is constructed.

Building KLIA North apparently will involve a significant portion of taxpayer’s money. OUR money. Money that could be better spent on things like education, healthcare and luxury mansions of corrupt politicians.

Now, compare that with KLIA East, which can be constructed ready in two year’s time and won’t even cost the government a single sen. While other cities in Malaysia on their knees are begging for an airport, AirAsia is willing to give one to KL free of charge!

Please remind me why are we having this debate again?


True, people do not like redundancy – having two set of control towers, immigration and customs instead of one is wasteful. But come on, if you wanna talk about redundancy, why don’t you talk about how many redundant shopping malls we have in KL first? Why not shut down Subang and move Firefly and Berjaya to KLIA?

People are scared AirAsia may compromise safety to save costs. For example, instead of building airport runways, AirAsia might land on Amber Chia’s chest.


But are these rational fears? Why would AirAsia wanna compromise on their unblemished safety record? To put it simply, it is bad business for any airline to crash their planes.

Of course, as private entities, profit-making is their primary aim. But the intense competition between the two airlines has virtually left them no room for errors and plenty for improvement. These airlines know that if they screw up, we the consumers will switch to their competitor just like that.

Letting AirAsia build their own airport is sure to bring the already fiery and intense competition between the two to yet another level. Don’t forget that at the end of the day, the one benefiting the most out of these competition is us. Don’t we all want cheaper fares?


The next question people would wanna ask is: why is Kenny Sia writing all these? How much did AirAsia pay

The answer is zero.

AirAsia has not paid me a single cent to write anything for them. In fact, AirAsia has never even advertised on

On the contrary, their direct competitor Malaysia Airlines is among my biggest advertisers. For me to write this entry, I am risking not just having AirAsia critics attack me, I am also risking my website’s revenue stream.


But I am saying what needs to be said.

And the reason I am writing this is because I feel that maybe Malaysians can get a bit too negative sometimes. There are FAR wasteful and controversial government projects in Malaysia that warrant our attention, like the CIQ Complex in Johor and the Bakun Dam in Sarawak. Yet I cannot help but feel that in this particular instance we are beating up the good guys.

Something is very wrong here.

Airlines like MAS and AirAsia, in my mind, are doing a great service for this country. For that, they deserve our commendation. But what I am seeing here is that instead of supporting them, we are beating them up with a stick.

It’s like helping a fallen girl off the floor, then getting wrongfully accused for molesting.


That is why as a frequent flier, I am throwing my support behind AirAsia to construct KLIA East @ Labu.

Because I believe Malaysians should not be so pessimistic and negative about everything. Because competition is good for the consumers. Because if AirAsia can do what Malaysia Airports do, but in a way that’s faster, cheaper and more efficient, then for us consumers the choice is clear.

Don’t say no to KLIA East.

Supporting this project is the way to go.

Not surprisingly, PAS Youth wants to ban Rihanna’s concert in KL.

When contacted by reporters, singer Rihanna has this to say: “Please don’t stop the music. Please don’t stop the music. Please don’t stop the please don’t stop the please don’t stop the music.”

496 Replies to “In Support Of KLIA East @ Labu Airport”

  1. I support KLIA East @ Labu too. Its location is more convenient than the LCCT. Furthermore, the KTM Komuter branch line will provide budget travelers with a cheaper and more convenient form of transport to KL Sentral. ERL costs RM35 but KTM Komuter may charge RM12 or less. And it’s more comfortable than the RM9 bus from LCCT.

  2. I just checked. Fare from KL Sentral to Labu is RM5.10 and to Seremban is RM6. Should KTM Komuter offer a normal service, the fare would be below RM6 which would make it even cheaper than the buses.

  3. For or Against is for Citizens to decide, but know this people:
    The experience with Private Funded Airports in other countries is “Extra HIDDEN Charges” which will rival the advertised Air-Fare, everything will be geared for PROFIT, these people will charge you for breaking-wind if they can, and Employment Standards will drop to accomodate Minimum-Wage, including Security.
    If it is needed Govt should build it in the National Interest.

  4. I smell rat. Propaganda paid post. Can you swear this is written from the heart and not paid in any direct/indirect way?

  5. Tony Fernandes has really paid you a large sum amount of money to back him up, won’t he. Everybody know la Kenny how close you are with Tony.

  6. I am not a blind customer. I respect Tony Fernandes and Idris Jala as inspirational businessmen, but I have no loyalty towards either. I fly both AirAsia and MAS regularly, whichever provides me a better value.
    Like I said, MAS and Firefly are both advertisers on, AirAsia is not. I would not have written this entry if I were not passionate about it.

  7. Totally agree with you. Smelling rat too! Perhaps he will get a VVIP status and 99% discount for life when flying AirAsia……

  8. I am all in for this project,
    thou I do not live in malaysia anymore but after my previous flight from perth to lcct i was shocked that we were “welcomed” home in a SHED.. a METAL SHED thats nothing more but …SHED… i was pleased enough by the comfort and service of air asia X (come on.. you pay 2 – 3 times less compared to MAS – so you have no grounds to complain)
    new airport is definitely needed in the near future, if airasia is happy to spend the money to build one let them do it. unless airport malaysia is too busy worrying about the loss of revenue when airasia eventually move out of their “land”

  9. I thought the new airport called Rakyat airport or sort of? I do received AirAsia emails about it too.
    Well, as a consumer myself, I do support this project. Both MAS and AirAsia are good airlines in Malaysia. But for moderate family like me can only afford AirAsia instead of MAS.
    I wonder why they so forking against AirAsia? Why they dint even against the useless Second Bridge of Penang which is totally waste of money than this project?
    Competitors will only improve their services when there’s competition. Get this in your mind…

  10. Come on. The goverment has to put a stop to this. Building another LCCT is wasteful. Why cant Sime Darby help fund the expansion of the current LCCT and be given a stake in MAHB.Just bcos there is no tax payers money involved doesnt mean v should idlely standby n watch them b wasteful.
    As for kennysia being paid for this acticle, there is no reason to speculate.doesnt matter if he was paid or not. its his website n by extension his opinion.

  11. My point exactly.
    Although I am very much against them calling it “The Rakyat’s Terminal”. That’s about as pompous as me calling “The Rakyat’s Blog”.
    Sounds kinda like The Rock, “The People’s Champion”.

  12. wau. every once in a while when you go serious, you do really make a lots of sense.
    you really gonna make something in the history of malaysia one fine day =)
    ergo, i’m concurring kenny!

  13. Airasia can instead build a new low cost airpot in Penang. Why Labu?? Just bcos Penang is under DAP, Airasia and the gov abandon Penang?

  14. Yeah, what will happen to the old one?
    I flew in their big liner from KL to Melb recently, not too bad really. Worth every ringgit I paid for.
    Nice post. Like your tung-tung-chiang firecrackers background btw.

  15. There are people who criticize AirAsia and of course there are people that support them. Opposing views often appear, and i don’t see what is wrong to agree with building KLIA East in this case.

  16. Plan ahead. Once KLIA East @ Labu is done, LCCT may go through refurbishment to better serve the future budget airlines. But for this to work, KLIA East @ Labu must not be an AirAsia-only airport.

  17. Kenny, great argument. You have me sold. I have not been following the actual arguments previously, but now I see your logic here. Voice from an actual user always carries the greatest weight. I will support KLIA East from now.

  18. I seriously object the Labu low cost terminal!
    If talk about saving traveling cost for consumers, why not build in North or East, the population for 4 states in North easily more then Center, the Northern people do not need to travel to LCCT just for transit. The cost savings for these people not only RM35 or RM5.10 or RM9… but also the hours of time.
    Kenny, widen you view and don’t just try to make friend with Tony blindly.
    Happy New Year!

  19. Come on la everybody, do you think Airasia really likes to build his own airport with his OWN money if the Malaysia Airport supports him to extend LCCT or whatsoever KLIA North? I can sense how frustrating Fernandes was when he is seeking supports from LCCT… I can smell how many times the government shut doors to him.. until finally he get furious and decided to build his own airport. I can even smell if the Malaysia Airports said this to him,”If you really so good, then go build your own airport lor..”
    You think Fernandes build his own airport for what? spend such money for what.. He must had tried other alternatives already.
    Who is kennysia to Fernandes? a single stupid little blogger kid. You think he will give a damn on those stupid critics and pay kenny for replying those critics? The project was approved. You want to use or not is your matter.. Anyway, the demand is there.. If I am Fernandes, I don give a damn on those critics.

  20. From the article which published inside micro-site on KLIA East, I noticed that it doesn’t mention about the safety of having two control towers at KLIA and KLIA East(which is one of the concern points highlighted by people). Won’t it be a concern if both towers aren’t coordinate with each others? Imagine what will happen if under low visibility condition when one tower allow a plane to take off while another tower allow their plane to land? Is there any possibility both planes colliding with each others?
    By the way, I am totally disagree about closing Subang as currently it is the most convenient airport at KL now. We don’t have to travel that far to take a flight.

  21. will there be any direct transportation from the KLIA east to the KLIA? Like bus or train or anything cheap? I think KLIA east is a good idea.

  22. You are the one who need to widen the views.. Why build airport at north or east if the demand is so so so so so much lesser? build airport there for a few cats to fly?
    The population might be more, but the one matters is the demand. Kenny flies 100 times per year, but those citizen may only fly once in 10 years.. population more, so what?
    I just don understand why there’s people just like to be negative. Cannot blame anyone actually, the top is slanted, so will be the bottom.

  23. Why don’t the government and AirAsia to compromise having services in KLIA alone? They should not even started the LCCT terminal. Our airport is much larger than Changi & LAX. Both of them are busy and efficient. It is so convenient for travelers.
    I don’t see why we need airport one after another. whether our money or not, it still a waste!

  24. I support this new airport. Instead of riding a one-hour bus from KL Sentral to the current LCCT, KLIA East is just a few KTM stations away from my university… Not to mention the rail links which are going to be connected when the terminal is built. Just let them build lah, not even our money pun.

  25. It will be a private company’s airport. Let’s see if the quality is better, and give LCCT little pressure. I don’t want to feel like taking a cheap bus at a cheap bus stop everytime I am at LCCT.

  26. “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein says it best and says it all. Kenny, keep up the good work. No point wasting your time with mediocre minds.
    Good Day :))

  27. This fat arsehole Kenny Sia wants to impress Tony Fernandes. This fei hai knows Tony reads his blog.
    He puts so much time in his this little space until he lost his super pretty, decent and sexy girl friend.
    What a loser.

  28. hey loser, population more will mean more demand. no population = no demand.
    Unless your definiton of demand comes from “Ghost”.

  29. please build it in Labu, nearer to my
    i think airasia should really stress that the airport will be funded privately. then everyone will shut up.

  30. Its just so Malaysian that when someone voice out their opinion and go against the majority it has to do with money. GOSH! So what if Kenny can swear that Air Asia did not pay him a single cent or even a free flight or any kind of return, what does it has got to do with you?!I am not saying that he has or anything, but seriously, what does it has got to do with u?!Grow up ppl, Money is not everything, Its kenny’s Blog and we read it for fun and Leaisure and for some,like me read it to see what is going on in Malaysia besides reading the online papers. But seriously, think of it positively la, if He would have made something out of it wouldn’t he have written something more?? Longer and much more information?! think la please!! If u dnt like what he has written and stuffs, then dnt rad la..!! Gosh, GROW UP!!
    I seriously think its a god idea, with the amount of feedback I have heard I think its a wise idea to have another airport. Seriously this is human la, always not happy with the things they have! Scarcity!! Humans are never contented. U ppl want cheap fares so that we all can fly here and there for cheaper instead of other airlines, now that u have the cheaper airlines and they want to give you an “upgrade” u guys scream here and there, say this and that. Seriously at the end of the day, we as consumers are the one benefiting it. We do not have to share it with other people and with the estimated people using Air Asia rising its only the smart thing to do!
    There is already the cheap airline, and now there hopefully would be a airport for them to cater for the people and the best thing is that they would fund it themselves, its all for consumers good! At the end of the day,we who use it are the winners!!

  31. There is no such thing as not leveraging a single sen from the government (or to be precise the tax payers money). At the end of the day this is going to be another “white elephant” that benefits some politicians behind the scene.

  32. Why need so many airports so close together? Thought about air traffic err, jam? The rules and regulations involved? It’s not just supporting a low budget airline, it’s about practically and sensibilities. Arguments for pros and cons do make sense (on how you view it) but at the end of the day, why so cheap as chips? How does Tony make his profit? Good on ya Kenny for supporting your friend; on your blog, we are just passerby giving out 2 cents worth of unworthy advise. Heck, I dun wanna be a pilot now. All this competitive low cost budget flights cuts my wage! No wonder air stewardess so grumpy.

  33. Population and demand is 2 different things.. If the population is so huge at the north the east, why there’s less LV Hermes Gucci shops than KL, why less computer shops? why less IT firms? It’s the same concept. The demand is high at KL that’s why more supply. We can forgive stupid peoples, but for being stupid and still want to talk loud, that’s a big time joke.
    Anyway, I looked stupid now also, as I am entertaining uneducated and uncivilised person. Should keep my mouth shut.

  34. Young man, you sure have not drink enough milk that you BOUGHT Tony’s story.
    All you need to do simple, just try to answer all the Mahathir points on this, then you know why the entire mature and intelligent Rakyat is opposing this Labu.
    Even the national investment arm, Khazanah also oppose, see here :-
    “In short, we do not support the Labu project. We should stick to the National Airport Masterplan as a lot of resources had been put in.” – Azman Mokhtar, Khazanah chief.
    Perhaps Tony knowing he failed to sell his story to the mature people, he make use of you to sell to the unknowing younger geneation and who call can pull in for the support. And what better choice , is for Kenny.
    Remember the Air Asia nasi lemak stunt by you?
    Sorry, this time we don’t agree with you. Read more and understand why people object this. Get a broader perspective. In corporate, what you see is not what you get!!
    Young man, you need to learn more on corporate stuff otherwise your reputation will be koyak if you blindly support something that is no good

  35. I think you are missing the most crucial points here.
    An important factor here is not building the airport. It’s the management of it. Customs, Immigration and Quarantine is not something that can be done privately. It is something that the government MUST do. They are already paying for one group of people including polices, customs officers and security officers at KLIA and LCCT, why pay more because a private company wants to build his own airport?
    Secondly, the management of the control tower has strict aviation standards to adhere do. Again, it’s not something that any private company just do. Anyone can own an airline but an airport is a totally different ball game.
    Obviously, I support your cause for cheaper air tickets, I fly Air Asia and Tiger Airline all the time. However, business decisions must not be separated from responsibilities and accountability. Tony should have known even before he started Air Asia that he will never be able to run away from the wrath of MAHB as it is the exclusive aviation controlling body and that will never change.
    The building of the airport may not cost the tax payers any cent however, the maintaining of it could be different story altogether.
    And lastly, you must have been to KLIA before. Don’t you realise how under utilised the airport is? Even the Stansted can clock 25 million passengers a year.

  36. I just want to highlight 1 point.
    So what if Kenny Sia is paid by Tony Fernandez or not. How about, giving his viewpoint a fair chance, and if you find flaws in his arguments, stating your opposition clearly, rather than blaring on and on that he MUST have been paid by Tony Fernandez without providing any rational evidence.
    And let’s sweep some bullshit off the streets:
    1. AirAsia’s airport is a waste of money.
    THAT, is AirAsia’s money. It won’t cost YOU any single money. Now if I force all of you to give me your money, and then I go buy a Proton when you like to drive a Merz, of course you will be dulan.
    NOW, if I take MY MONEY, and buy a Merz, and let you drive, you don’t want ah?

  37. Allow me to further update my comment to reflect the few of the 2 posters above me.
    “The building of the airport may not cost taxpayers any money but the maintenance will.”
    Ok brother:
    Would you rather pay for the BUILDING AND THE MAINTENANCE,
    Would you rather let SOMEBODY ELSE pay for the building and you ONLY PAY MAINTENANCE.
    It’s like saying,
    Whether you want to buy the Merz AND the driver,
    I buy the Merz for you and you only buy the driver, ok?
    Merz = $1000000, Driver = $ 5000
    Total Cost: 10005000
    Merz paid by me, you pay 0
    Driver = $ 20000 (say your own driver damn ex)
    Total 20000

  38. why are people so bothered bout whether Kenny’s being paid for this write up or not?…
    He’s just stating the facts and YES! KLIA East @ Labu is DEFINITELY the way to go. Anyone ever wonder how much hassle and cock-ups had happened in LCCT due to the inefficiency of the people operating the place a.k.a Malaysia Airports?
    Think `bout it. If AirAsia can turn an ailing airline into a success, imagine them oeprating their own airport terminal.
    Air Asia Boleh!

  39. Actually, after I read Mahathir’s, I felt there’s an invisible finger pointing somewhere else, and this invisible finger is much much bigger than the one pointing directly to Airasia.

  40. This is why when a supposedly personal blog turns into a commercial one, credibility is lost. Although, this may not be a paid post, AirAsia has undoubtedly given Kenny Sia business in the past.
    Unprofessional post as it is clearly a conflict of interest. Add to that, Kenny Sia is definitely not an authority to talk about this, so this is a blatant attempt at shoe polishing.

  41. Kenny, you’re writing this with blinkers on.
    Just a couple of points:
    1. Changi, Hong Kong, Thailand… i can name many more airports where full service carriers and budget airlines share the same airports. AirAsia flies into many of them as well.
    2. I know they say it is funded fully by private funds. But, in the long run it will be tax payers money who will be maintaining the roads, trains systems, paying immigration officers, etc.
    3. They say it is near. But near will never be near enough if you are in transition from one airport to another. Especially with AirAsia always late.
    The best answer is for MAHB and AirAsia to drop the HUGE egos to find an amicable way of living under the same roof.
    KLIA is EXTREMELY underutilized. Building another airport when KLIA is empty is already an act of wasting public funds by itself. I’m not pointing fingers, but both parties need to come together for the good of the people.

  42. Holy.. you don even know what is demand… Please don be stupid and be civilized.
    Population and demand is 2 different things. If the population is more in the north and the east and you stated, then why there’s more LV Gucci Hermes shops in KL? why more IT firms in KL? why more mega complexs in KL? It’s because the demand is higher, then there’s supply. If demand is high at those areas you stated, sure there will be supply. People wants to make money of course.. Unless you want people to build one airport to fly a few cats.
    Anyway I looked stupid now as well for entertaining uncivilized and uneducated comments.

  43. You don’t understand where i am coming from. MAHB is already paying for the maintenance. The costs of LCCT and KLIA are already there and no one is making use of it.
    If you build another airport you paying another set of maintenance fee.
    Taking your analogy as an example:
    I already have a Merc and a Driver and half the time the driver sleeps in the car or drives to the nearest mamak for teh tarik.
    Then you give me a Merc and expect me to hire another Driver.
    Would i want your Merc? – No. What for?

  44. I agreed with this one.. The main problem here should be MAHB and AirAsia can’t come to an peace co-operation. If you ask me who is not co-operating and who is inefficient.. the answer is clear.. Like I said in the previous comment… If full support given to AirAsia for KLIA, why you think AirAsia wants to waste such big money for building another airport, where there’s free one available…
    Still I smell these words thrown to AirAsia by MAHB, “You so strong, so good, build your own airport lor”

  45. Oh, Please build the new airport. Not everybody has that much cash to take MAS Airlines at KLIA just to avoid the horrible crap at LCCT.
    It reduces the transportation fees from my place to the airport by many, many times if I can take a KTM to get there.

  46. The malaysia style -without planning talk about cheaper fares and lower cost to consumers.
    In the years down the road the usual salah hintung losses and ther ask the kerajaan to buy back. The best example : Rapid Kl , Proton
    This hush hush decision will benefit the few connected person. Use back the KLIA or transfer the whole C departure halls exclusively to Air asia if they think they can manage an Airport. Talk is cheap.

  47. You get my vote kenny!! There is so many project in Malaysia which cost millionssss of our money wasted into the deep sea and this one are free from Airasia, what is wrong for Tony and his Airasia to provide better service and option for its customer???? Air flight is not cheap for normal consumer like me. If there is a way to reduce its fare, i strongly vote with it!!!

  48. I can only say that, people don’t think before they say. They are just too selfish.
    Whatever the hidden agenda in this AirAsia, MAS and MAHB about building airports and not. It is just costing us the consumer more money by the day.
    Bring it on for the new airport. But, please, let it be done with better connectivity and convenience.
    LCCT is far, but they made a convenience; the AirAsia shuttle bus. Cheap. Though, it could be a lot more better.
    Accessibility is the key point for any airport. Doesn’t matter where it is.

  49. when the labu airport is completed, would we need to pay just to enter the building? since airasia have habits of charging stuffs.

  50. If the plan makes money for the corporate involved and do customers good, i don’t see a point why not building it.
    Why bother questioning Kenny’s integrity in writing this entry? have you been to LCCT? don’t you think ALOT of improvement is needed over there?
    Cmon malaysian. Do the right thing.

  51. I’m with you regarding this issue Kenny. I view this issue as a consumer… LCCT doeesn’t have the capacity to cater to additional crowd. Nowadays, with Air Asia and Air Asia X, we can see the growing numbers of tourist and Air Asia customers in general. No way LCCT can cater to that. We (again as consumer) need better and bigger airport! Go Air Asia! On the bright side, at least KTM can make extra money with the existance of the new airport though.

  52. I support airasia east
    i dont know who are those idiots complaining bout it.. if u guys dont like air asia then just use mas
    plain and simple

  53. simply because he lacks that oomph in conspiracy theories. If everything is such clear cut I’d believe in Santa Claus.

  54. i totally agree to the new airport KLIA East. With Air Asia building their new airport I believe that something private would be more efficient. I’m sure Air Asia wouldn’t want to spend a large amount of money which would make them look bad and sound bad.

  55. It does not matter where they build the airport…as long as there is competition both parties will improve their services…
    it’s also true the fact that Malaysians are bad in maintenance, collision might happen if there are 2 towers. Miscommunication will happen…
    hmm…about the KLIA north, u really think that they are gonna build that? I kinda doubt it. Probably they were just saying it to protect themselves from Air Asia’s comments…
    Please correct me if I am wrong…xP

  56. i disagree. It seems that you are fail to see the logic what is happening here. labu distance to klia is only 10km. the most safety recomended distance is 40km. malaysia airport which is klia will never match up against changi airport. and finally, airasia her self is in big debt when she is busysing buying new aeroplane, now she wanted to buid a new airport with sime darby?? i wonder how long she can last with the big pile of debt???

  57. as if it will be funded “privately”.
    juz another ploy of bn to use rakyat’s money. yeah, it’s a rakyat’s airport after all

  58. they have cleverly diverted the issue to airasia, which in reality the one behind this is obviously sime darby

  59. If i’m not mistaken, Air Traffic Control is in Subang. correct me if i’m wrong. KLIA tower only looks after ground traffic clearance. Even before it leaves the ground, it’s already in Subang’s hand. In East Malaysia, Air Traffic Control is in KK, Sabah. I think if you look at the map and the directions of the runways (which are running parallel to each other), there’s at least 8km physical separation and ATCs always separate wide to be safe.
    Also, Labu is closer to KL via the highway – only 50 KM compared to LCCTs 70+km. If you don’t want to use PLUS, you could always use the Putrajaya -KL (MEX) into Putrajaya then merge at the Putrajaya ‘butterfly’ onto the B15 or alternatively just the B15 which is a continuation of the LDP. I drove from Nilai to MidValley via the MEX in 35 minutes at 110 – 120 km/h. Istana Budaya to Nilai (again via MEX) in less than 45 minutes. Labu is relatively underpopulated so again, minimising any noise complaints from more urban humans. Hey, what do i know? just my two cents worth.

  60. MAS is stupid to compare with AirAsia…
    I remember those day, they compete themselves with SIA to archieve 1st class airline… Instead of moving forward, now they turn backwards and fight with local airline…

  61. I still not familiar with the airline stuff since I haven’t fly before…
    Hope we all can get a better flight service with cheaper flight rate ;p
    When there is a competition, they will only improve themselve

  62. I dun care what rat any readers smell, and I dun really like kenny sia’s advert much, but truth is to be told, if Air Asia is using their own money, why bother criticizing? Plus it does benefits us.
    Look at it this way, without Air Asia, MAS will still with their ego bigger than the airbus or even the blackhole. Crushin their competition by denying/restricting them airports is just a dirt cheap tactic.
    But then again, MAS did not really stop them. Those who point their fingers should have their fingers chooped off!!

  63. WTF..dont slander Kenny like that lah… you acting like a real cibai…
    Kenny gets paid doesnt get paid…why you worry??? you dont like go read another blog lah?? Kenny’s paying you to read his blog aa? kan ni na….

  64. One question. And I’ve had this since they built LCCT. Note that I’m ignorant in business and stuff like that, and I’m not a frequent flier.
    My question is, why can’t Air Asia use KLIA? Why is it MAS is able to provide somewhat value for money air tickets and still use KLIA but Air Asia can’t? Is MAS protected under some kind of law or exceptions?
    The Old Man said KLIA has the capacity of handling 125 million people in a year but currently it’s only functioning at 25 million.
    If Malaysia had planned this mega airport, worthy of it’s own feeder railway system, why are we not using it at its full capacity? If there are indeed exceptions to MAS when it comes to airport charges or aircraft parking tickets (is there such thing?), why then are we allowing this to happen?
    Is it possible now that we divert our focus to move Air Asia back to KLIA and still maintain their budget prices?
    I apologize if my views are immature, uninsightful and ignorant. But hey, no one really explained what actually is happening in KLIA.
    On another note, do not put such high hopes on KTM Komuter to provide train service to KLIA East. I used to commute weekly between Seremban and KL using KTM Komuter. To even say that it’s reliable is a far-cry, let alone efficient.

  65. West Malaysia air traffic is controlled from Subang Air Traffic Control Centre. While East Malaysia air traffic is handled by Kota Kinabalu Air Traffic Control Centre. Aerodrome Control Towers (like KLIA, Kuching, Penang, etc) only handle approaches, taxi and apron. KLIA actually have two towers – one for apron traffic and the other for air traffic. Since each local tower control up to 40 NM of space, then it’s possible that KLIA would also handle KLIA East local traffic with KLIA East having just an Apron Control Tower. Malaysia Air Traffic Controllers are apparently one of the better ones in the business, or so i’ve been told by friends in the airline industry- you can actually understand their English and they’re very disciplined too.

  66. Dear Kenny,
    I totally agree with your article. I think it’s a noble move for airasia to proceed with their own airport.
    The current LCCT sucks big time.
    In a way, it’s a huge slap on some people faces… Airasia was not allowed to operate from Subang and had to bear with crappy LCCT.
    And now when they want to have their own airport, they are just pissed coz they cannot do anything else.
    MAB is surely concerned as their LCCT will be empty.
    I totally support this move. GO AIRASIA!!!!!!!!!

  67. As a student who used to fly back kch frequently, i strongly support airasia. students can’t afford to pay taxi from Lcct to KL mostly, so public transport esp KTM is d best as UPM student gets to stop at serdang, UKM students get to stop at Kajang… so wat’s wrong building a new airport? r they affraid of competition?
    though i’m a student but i c not much disadvantage from doing so.
    If airasia able to cut flight ticket cost from there, it’s a benefit for Malaysia as foreigner will choose airasia to stop by Malaysia for transit rather than using tiger airline. Airasia’s better than tat for sure just tat d current airport is sucks 🙂

  68. Just bacause Kenny wrote something to support AirAsia, people start attacking Kenny pula…
    Come on guys, why can’t you all treat the subject but not to personnel. YOu may not like Tony, but once Kenny mentioned he is supporting then you guys started attacking him. You, yourself doesn’t like and you are selfish enough hope that the whole world will follow your wish. whenever ppl say something good about ppl you dont like, then you angry or even hate the writer. What’s wrong with you guys. Be rational a bit ok…..dont divert the topic from the terminal to personal.
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  69. Why can’t Airasia use KLIA?
    Because they will be hamstrung at every turn by the governments protectionist policies in favour of MAS, as shown by the halfcocked implementation of LCCT which started off as a good idea but bollocks of implementation.

  70. As a businessman, I respect Tony as well. It is very inspirational how he negotiate with China, fight with other Airline to open up more flights to China with Low to None Parking and maintenance fee in China’s Airports…
    Also the Prepaid Credit Card – Tune Money. Great service that brought to Malaysian. Credit Card charge high interests due to high defer rate from holders and merchants. With Prepaid? OMG, he is genius!

  71. LCCT is beyond improvement. That place is a real embarrasment especially when foreigners use it.
    Might as well ‘demolish’ it and get a better airport for AirAsia.
    Or whatever la. Just that LCCT is really bad. Even it’s maintanence.
    Wonder why this issue seems more important to be debated than other issues in this country like the people’s safety, poverty and the like.
    Whatever it is, KennySia is just voicing out his concern

  72. Is Subang Airport really too small? Not too long ago it used to be Malaysia’s international airport. It has the facilities of international standard which far exceeds the those of the LCCT terminal.
    Furthermore, I think KLIA’s management is doing a mistake here. I’m not sure if you all know this, but our flagship international airport is very much under-utilized. They should allow AirAsia planes to serve their operations there as well. Have you guys heard of Jetstar? They have planes at the international airport, and I compared the fares, there really isn’t much of a difference.

  73. me personally not support this project…at may sound good if we hear TF say all those promises in all his fantasies (now the fantasy going to be reality).easy many highway do we have in Malaysia that don’t use even single cents of rakyat’s money?most of highways in KL is privately funded.but at the end of the day,who have to pay?the private sector or we rakyat?they (private sector) are making money not charity.

  74. I am not Anti-AirAsia, but y can’t air asia, sime darby and mahb pool together their resources and built just 1 damn LCCT (that is, KLIA@North) instead of 2? Common sense dictates that this is much more economical…besides, even if they say that KLIA@East would be privately funded, they might pass the construction cost to you and charge you extra the next time…Another thing, so what if the new LCCT would be connected to KTM Komuter? The service is totally phucked up,most of the time delay,or no air cond, or totally packed until you cannot breathe…if the train is late, or canceled, how r u going to catch ur flight? I have 2 years + experience taking KTM, and i’m totally pissed off…

  75. Seriously I have no idea why people are actually complaining that they are worried there will be more “hidden charges/cost”??? If there is you can always choose another airline. Isn’t that what we are all doing at the moment? When planning to travel don’t you check where which airlines is cheaper? More competition only benefits the end users. Just look at the telco war between Maxis, Celcom & DiGi! Who is getting the cheap call/sms rates in the end?

  76. Count me in for the support. I share the same feeling every time I’m at LCCT for my flight. Being there reminds me of being at Pudu Raya. One word ‘Packed’. Sometimes I wonder, those who criticized this KLIA East project, which airline are you flying with?

  77. Just expand KLIA, problem solved. Even better, sell Subang Airport to Air Asia, no need to build train, nearer, and it will be so much cheaper to travel to the airport, plus, since no cost involved, we don’t need to subsidize for AirAsia’s construction cost.

  78. Well I have no idea about MAS nor Airasia since i have never taken those airlines before.. but why on earth would anyone want to waste so much money building individual airports which are not so fantastic (i’m not exactly sure how it’s like there since i haven’t been to the airport).. instead of pooling all the money to make a really good one?

  79. Let’s go to Singapore and fly from there ba. Even my friend from China looked down Malaysia. How come the LCCI air port like that one…. left me no word…drive him to KLIA?

  80. We can never talk sense into ignorant minds (unfortunately this blog is frequented by more than a few of them). I agree with Kenny on this issue (which is pretty much a non-issue to begin with). The consumers benefit the most from the development of this airport; not Air Asia, not MAS, period. Why should a noble cause be politicised in such a way that certain parties be allowed to gain personally from this hoo-ha? This genuinely reflects the unflattering side of Malaysian culture whereby time is wasted on petty debates (e.g. should we send another astronaut into space? of course not!) and people fail to see the “big picture”. We must allow businesses to grow and compete on a leveled playing field. Air Asia is a true Malaysian success story and they continue to reinvent themselves with consumer value in mind. I’m not saying they’re perfect as they do suffer from hiccups occassionally but they’ve been rather succesful in promoting the Malaysian brand internationally. Obviously, MAB and MAS have always been protected by the government but this is the wrong way to go and a change is long overdue. If we want Malaysian businesses to be able to compete globally, then we must first eliminate, or at least reduce, the benefits of commercial protection afforded to most GLCs. The current global downturn personifies the phrase “Only the strongest survives”. This is just another episode of power struggle in the Malaysian “upper” society. I’ve no hope for our governmment, nor the opposition.
    Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! 🙂

  81. Yea. Kenny, nice post. me too, I feel that this KLIA East airport is a great thing. Because it gonna be build by AirAsia and Sime Darby give us even more confidence. They are big and reputable companies. Rest assured, everything gonna be great with them. Unlike those government linked companies who most of the times depends only on the government to do well. Anyway, what’s up with the fuss? Building this airport wont do us any harm and it will definitely benefit us. No point debating.

  82. Building this new airport is a very bad move. Sheer waste of resources. And, what, 10 km from KLIA??? U must be joking man. Why not just use KLIA.

  83. comeon people…look at the fact and focus on the fact.
    if it improve the situation and help the people why not right?
    In the end, if the charges increase, change to another airline… look at the years before Airasia..and compare it with now…

  84. You think air asia’s new airport would be truly “privately funded”? you gotta be kidding me…and sime darby is so not a glc…

  85. I seriously lol’ed at Sime Darby. First is IJN, and now an airport? Someone is behind this, from rpk’s blog i read there’re UMNO connections around.

  86. What business have AirAsia given me in the past? Would you like to advise, because I do not seem to recall. Search back at my archives and you’ll see that Malaysia Airlines has given me more business in the past compared to AirAsia.

  87. I believe that Kenny Sia is not paid to do this.
    I see that a lot of people make sweeping statements without considering other sides of the story.
    From the consumer’s view, this labu airport project certainly looks good, especially in the short term – cheap flights, better service, not using taxpayers money.
    But from the long-term point of view, Expanding KLIA is better. KLIA was an expensive project meant to be expanded should more flights/gates be needed.
    You guys really should read Mahathir’s post before commenting.
    It is simply inefficient use of the country’s land resources to do the Labu project. The Labu land could’ve been used for other stuff. KLIA can expand with the land allocated for it.

    I believe that this is Tony’s way of bringing more attention to pressurize MAHB to quicken their feet with the expansion, and pressurize them to be more efficient – to save costs. Or perhaps people might pressurize them to give AirAsia a hand in the airport handling. Goodness knows.

  88. I flew AirAsia last month, and I must say I’m quite impressed!
    Definitely kudos to a company with balls to start a big project which will generate jobs for the local industry – especially during the global financial slow down!

  89. Well, that invisible finger is Mahathir’s own finger, going 180 degrees pointing back towards himself.
    Fact of the matter is that KLIA built in 1998 was far too expensive, far too luxurious for the average Malaysian. Sure, all these pretty things are good for the image of the country. But for the average Malaysian it is just unnecessary expenses.

  90. Obviously Khazanah is against the Labu Airport project.
    Khazanah owns share in Malaysia Airports as well, so why would they wanna compete with themselves?
    I never said I don’t support AirAsia moving back to KLIA. Obviously there is a reason why they moved out from there in the first place, and that reason is that KLIA is too expensive. If AirAsia can move back to KLIA and still keep fare prices low, I will be the first person to support that.

  91. Hello Leonard, Popolation More = Demand? hahahahaha.. this is a joke, Can a Ferrari be sold in a Highly Populated place? Can it? Does it mean the demand for Ferrari will be high if the population is high? Use your BRAIN!!! Depending on the types of services & Products, Population does not equal Demand!!!!! duuuh

  92. yes, expanding KLIA is a good idea. But then, how long will it take? Zzz. I’d probably not be around by the time they finish it.

  93. this is the first post that I send after i read kennysia for so long. I really think kennnysia doing the right thing supporting this event.
    I really think that people that critising kennysia don’t really respect other people belief system and opinion.
    Come on guy, respect other people as they will respect us also.
    Kennysia just voice out his opinion. Whether it’s wrong or not, we don’t criticise it but we respect it.
    Good work kennysia. Just ignore all those loser that keep on complaining.

  94. Yay, now how is that being done huh? Can you please describe it more? If you can’t, don’t open your mouth for the sake of speaking! I support AirAsia, if not because of AirAsia, MAS will still be charging us high fare, have you seen them reducing their price before having AirAsia? AirAsia really lives up to what they promised “Now everyone can fly”

  95. an interesting post. No matter how many arguments on this mater, I think AA will get to build its own airport sooner or later. Indians are very persistent.
    Although I don’t agree with AA plan, but that’s how business works, of course it’s for the benefits of people, but also more important for the shareholders. Building their own airport definitely put them in advantages in term of cost and control.
    Having 3 airports in one location close to each other… hahaha… the whole world will laugh.

  96. looks like u don’t know many things. U look at the surface but u dun delve deep into the gist of the issue.
    Just read lim kit siang’s appraisal and get a whole picture of the situation before u start placing ur faith in air asia.
    I also fly air asia and it sux. Building this new airport will only make it worse.
    U have to consider. Fares won’t be cheaper in the 1st few years cos they have to recoup the billions spent on the airport.
    Labu is not anywhere near KL. All that talk about it being close to KL is all bullshit.
    U had better delve deeper into the issue instead of coming out in support of air asia. This is called blind faith.

  97. you should probably realise that subang no longer has the same number of terminals as it had before everything moved to klia. and furthermore i think u aren’t a resident of subang as I believe everyone ‘loves’ the sounds of tens of aircraft taking off and landing every hour.

  98. I think the best analogy I could give is to imagine KLIA as a sleek black limousine driven by a chauffeur, and LCCT as a red and white budget taxi driven by a chain-smoking Ah Beng.
    Both takes you from point A to point B, but targeted towards different segments of society.
    One day, the limo driver found himself losing a lot of his customers to the taxi driver. His customers told him they don’t need the extra bits. Limo driver has to lower his price to appear attractive again.
    The next day, Ah Beng taxi driver was asked to pick up a group of 7 Arabs from the airport.
    Those Arabs don’t wanna pay for a limousine because all they wanna do is go from Point A to Point B and a budget taxi is good enough for that.
    But he cannot do so because his taxi only seats 4 people. Only a limousine has enough space to seat 7 people!
    So Ah Beng went to the limo company and asked to rent a limo for a day. To his surprise, the limo company quoted him 10 TIMES the price of a freaking taxi! The limo company boss told him that a standard limo comes with all the frills like the LCD TV, fridge and hookers in bikinis. If the taxi driver wants to rent a limo, then he has to pay for LCD TV, fridge and hookers in bikinis, even if the Arabs don’t want it.
    So instead of renting a limo, the Ah Beng said “screw you” and instead unveiled plans to build his own… 7-seater budget red and white limo! Without the LCD TV, without the fridge and without the hookers in bikinis. Somemore he can build it twice as fast and at half the price of a limo!
    But as soon as the Ah Beng announced his plans, the limo company boss called him up and say “OI! You orang gila! I sudah ada 7-seater limo you still go and build your own for what?! Waste money!”
    Meanwhile, the Arabs remained stranded at the airport………
    Err, does that answer your question?

  99. Everyone has rights to say what they have in mind. And most of the time, it doesn’t have to relate with money. Don’t be a typical Malaysian, try to accuse people when they trying to do something right. Kenny, I like your ur spirit, fight for the right and never defend the wrong. Whatever it is, you are not alone. I’m with you. I hope the your intention of writing this post is from your heart and I want to believe it. Do not let anything change you from what you are. This is a blog, people do has their right to write what they have in mind, so if other readers don’t agree, you can just post your argument here, personal attack is not necessary. Happy Chinese New Year everyone.

  100. Come on, why are you all arguing over this topic. Since it’s in the plan already, go for it. It’s called PROGRESS. If it won’t be utilised now, at least save for the future. With this, travellers have more choices.
    Imagine if AirAsia one day decided to fly from BOTH Labu and KLIA Main, there’s the real competition. Which airport will offer lower airport tax? Just like Singapore Airlines flying from both Changi Airport Terminal 2 and 3 in Changi Airport. T3’s taxes are higher than T2.
    On a side note:
    I also read that the ERL extension link to LCCT will be completed AFTER the LCCT is fully completed. See the poor planning? Transport connections should always come first.
    Oh, by the way, land has been reclaimed for Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 already. It’s just a matter of when it’s gonne be up.

  101. Why Tony wants to build a new airport?
    because Tony need a better airport.
    Why not using KLIA?
    because Tony don’t like to be a dog, with a chain on his neck; he thinks big, dream big, and wants to make it really big in the future.
    Why not expanding the current LCCT?
    I’m curious about it too….why har? but i know there must be some serious reason…

  102. LCCT,air asia = cheap = freaking overcrowded with ppl which create freaking long queue which make flights delays = carrying heavy luggage and have to walk outside and climb stairs into the plane,hows that for an old man? = freaking expensive food that we have to pay
    present KLIA,MAS = expensive = not crowded = less delays = waiting hall and the plane are attached(sorry for my poor english) = free delicious(for me) food(no RM8 cup mee)
    so my conclusion here is,if build a new airport and can improve(i’m talking about big improvement) for air asia, why not?

  103. Expand LCCT, still no links by ERL or KTM Komuter. AirAsia still under control by the big guys. Have to endure BUS TOUTS. Never heard of that right? It’s a competition between an RM9 AirAsia official shuttle and the other competitors who offer RM8. Not much frils (as compared to Singapore’s Budget Terminal).
    KLIA East @ Labu, links by ERL and KTM Komuter. AirAsia can customise the airport according to their own needs. May control express buses to KL Sentral. Provides air operation competition for Malaysia which is good in the long run.

  104. I don’t really mind supporting if it’s for the greater good.
    But the ktm part,the journey can end up like 90 minutes. You must also give time allowance for any delays and postpone. Ktm has a part to play to prevent any horrible thing happening, like customer complaints if they are the one who causes them to miss the flight. But compare the Ktm now to Ktm a few years back, they’ve improved and making effort to change their service.

  105. If KTM wants, they can operate an express service for a direct competition too.
    KL Sentral – Serdang – Kajang – Nilai – KLIA East @ Labu
    And it’s definitely cheaper than the absurd RM35 by KLIA Ekspres.

  106. I don’t think it’s personal, just that the timing of the announcement seems to be bad.
    Most Malaysians have grown tired of big, mega projects that either end up as white elephants (READ: PKFZ) or a failure (READ: JB CIQ).
    The big spending by mega corporations that run contrary to people’s interest has gotten under the skin of many people for a long time. Also the many wrong decisions made by our government when approving such projects are also aplenty.
    Hence the reason for the strong opposition.
    I think Air Asia is merely a victim of circumstances. Perhaps they could have chosen a better business partner rather than Sime Darby.
    The bad publicity of the proposed IJN takeover seemed to have spilled over to this KLIA East.
    Just my 2 cents worth of opinion.
    p/s: In the midst of this intense debate, one thing seems to have been left out- What’s gonna happen to the LCCT when KLIA East is completed?

  107. I think Sime Darby is a government-owned company.. If Sime Darby is partner-ing with AirAsia, isnt it the rakyat’s money that they’re using?

  108. anyone who thinks that kenny actually wrote this to make a profit is a complete idiot. regarding an earlier comment,u guys who said that should really grow up(totally agree).the mentality you guys have is sooooooo backward. that’s probably why malaysia is not developing as fast as othe SEA countries or china. i’m not with air asia or malaysian airlines but i’ll definitely support whichever carrier gives me a better price my next holiday!=)

  109. I just cant help but to interupted here. You say MAHB pays for maintenance of the buildings???
    Excuse me but correction, who pays airport taxes? And since MAHB is a owned by the government, where does the govt get the money?
    And also stressing on the point of how customes, immigration and quarantine workers is paid by government. I want to stress that the government DOES NOT have to do it. As a private airport, it is run as a seperate entity. All finances and administration would be handled outside of MAHB. As for the customes, immigration and quarantine personnels, Labu Airport administration would be the ones paying for their services. The MOST government has to do, is supply the man power. Even that, many jobhunters will take it up willingly.
    It is clear that many cant differentiate a public from a private sector. All your speculations and comes to no conclusions because you don do any research (typical malaysians).
    I guess that clears the air too on who pays maintenance for the proposed new airport. We are! We use, we pay. Simply theory of logic and common sense.

  110. To me, the best is to get Air Asia move back into KLIA. I miss the busy atmosphere in KLIA. It’s such a boring and quiet airport ever since Air Asia flew from its own LCCT. KLIA is so under-utilized… sigh..
    But we do not know what the hidden agenda is behind KLIA – LCCT – KLIA EAST…
    Or perhaps Subang Terminal can be sold off to Air Asia? Nearer for KL lang too!!! 🙂

  111. i would like to know where the safety recommended facts came from. Singapore has 6 runways if not airports and i don think each runway has a 40km radius clearance from the next one.

  112. In response to Ben’s comment (Below)
    Kenny, you’re writing this with blinkers on.
    Just a couple of points:
    1. Changi, Hong Kong, Thailand… i can name many more airports where full service carriers and budget airlines share the same airports. AirAsia flies into many of them as well.
    2. I know they say it is funded fully by private funds. But, in the long run it will be tax payers money who will be maintaining the roads, trains systems, paying immigration officers, etc.
    3. They say it is near. But near will never be near enough if you are in transition from one airport to another. Especially with AirAsia always late.
    The best answer is for MAHB and AirAsia to drop the HUGE egos to find an amicable way of living under the same roof.
    KLIA is EXTREMELY underutilized. Building another airport when KLIA is empty is already an act of wasting public funds by itself. I’m not pointing fingers, but both parties need to come together for the good of the people.
    My response
    1. Silk, Tiger and other budget airlines fly into the same airport because land is not on their side. On the contrary, i can name you a few more airlines that have their own airports. Easyjet does not use the same airport as BA, nor does Ryanair, they avoid all major airports. And mind you these are 2 big gigantic airlines that impact aviation. Not some airline like you had in mind. Don undermind AirAsia.
    2. Yes its true it will be our money who pays for everything. But whats the difference with the initial maintenance? Its our money too by the way. Are you trying to say LCCT/KLIA was free? Point redundant.
    3. This point is bias. If your “late” or fear you maybe be missing your connecting flight, then i hardly think its the location’s fault if you scheduled your transition period too close together. Again, this point is rather selfish. In addition, i believe the network of MAS and AirAsia is efficient enough that connecting flights are rarely a must already. Air Asia operates on a point-to-point basis, which means fly direct, as opposed to MAS’s hub and spoke. Even they overcame that problem by introducing MASwings and Firefly.
    And lastly, KLIA is not underutilised. In airport operations, plans need to cover at least a 20 year scale. Because airports take a a minimum of 10 years to be fully utilised and operational. Planning itself takes alot of time and huge scale construction comes into the mix. By the time you want to expand when its already full, its too late. KLIA is preparing for the future.

  113. Tony so far has been good trying to rationalise and justify for the Labu airport.
    But the people are opposing simply because Tony does not come clean on more important issue especially the financing part.
    Therefore, Tony has not been convincing hence, even if Kenny can help him, that will be limited unless Tony comes clean on the following issues:-
    1. How much of Tony own money or shares is he willing to be use to fund this project. (If not all people are speculating our public funds eg EPF directly or thru some financial instrument issue to publis funds , may be use. This is what worries the public.
    Put your own money if you really sincere, simple. Go ask him, can or not? If he is wishy washy, then must exercise caution.
    It is plain easy just to verbally declare now that no public funds will bre required, but knowing the habits of Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin, we must be careful with all this corporate language.
    2. Who are the financiers and what are the indicative term and condition of financial facilities.
    3. How much is Air Asia still owing MAB?
    4. Who are the contractors for the labu project and list of jobs identified and each portion of value of estimated contract.?
    5. What is the rate of return of the labu project to investors and if Tony is so confident, please ask him to give 10 years guaranteed return, otherwise his sweetaliking carries no weight at all.
    At this advance stage it is not convincing at all that Tony doesnt give any indication of return. He just demand that he want to built the airport? Can ah? Mana boleh macam itu?
    If not, do you know the consequence if the labu project fails?) By that time, Tony will give a simple excuse and exit and say a simple bye bye. And we will end up another bail out project.
    Building something and managing it is different.
    But the cherry is always at the building stage. Make all the profit upfront, eg thru contract sum at the initial stage and let the Rakyat to carry the shits later part. This has been our norms most time.
    Kenny, tell your client be transparent lah, then we can support, otherwise susah.

  114. So well said Angeline! I couldn’t have said it better myself!
    I never even once flew with AirAsia mainly due to the complaints people keep hurling about LCCT, I think this (KLIA East airport) is a good idea and we ought to be positive and supportive about it, coz you know what? WE are the ultimate beneficiaries

  115. I am totally argee with G because Mas company is really wasting our money . For example. i read once on the newspaper before,showing them spend Rm20k for drawings and painting on the wall. All thie are just for the sake of the decoration. This happen in Mas Airport Sabah. KK. and btw, Mas is losing profit and goverment is giving them money to hold them together. Just like what the BN did for Proton.
    No competition, No improvement.
    No AirAsia, No cheap fares.
    we all have to aiming because at some point we might need to get an urgent cheap fast ticket.
    I guess the 1st thing in mind is Air Asia

  116. if AirAsia is out of LCCT, then there’ll be places for other budget airlines to land as well… in that case, more competitions, lower fares.. yeah.. i think

  117. I’m still quite skeptical about this project because nowadays whenever someone tries to be a hero or impose themselves as a generous as Tony is doing right now, there’s always something hidden up their sleeves.
    Analogically speaking he has to be bare naked so I can see there’s no tricks up his sleeves. I can spend 10 hours just listening to his explanation no prob. And I might need a cavity check team so I know he couldnt hide his tricks in him, figuratively speaking.

  118. Very well said, kenny. I wonder how many people actaully bother to read Tony’s research and explaination before saying it’s all wrong and stuff. The FAQ there already answered all my doubts after I read them. And I think a lot of people missed the line that “NO PUBLIC FUNDS WILL BE USED”
    Honestly, the current LCCT sux! Look at how hard is it to get there. Have you people notice that the signboard to LCCT are relatively quite small and not that visible (not to mentioned limited)? And if I’m correct, the highway to LCCT could’ve been shorter. Even though it’s part of KLIA, people still have to go one whole round to get there. I really think that Malaysia Airports or some asshole up there just wanna make life hard for AirAsia and consumers who used them just to keep MAS alive.
    As for Dr.M’s criticism on this project: well, as much as I respect him for what he’s done to make the country today, I do not like his doing/not doing that brought the country to where it is today, which is probably 30 years behind where we could have been if people’s money and things are really managed properly.
    Just accept this old man is someone who MUST leave a legacy. And when any of his legacy (regardless how useless and wasteful they are) somehow face a chance of becoming a white elephant project and would affect his name, he will be very pissed and will strike back at full force. A good example of this would be what the old man did to Pak Lah when he can’t control him… If he’s serious about caring for people, Malaysia would have been really far ahead of where it is today.

  119. Doesn’t that mean more deforestation (land clearing), logging, run-offs and also affecting the life of both endangered species and domestic species? 🙁
    This can all be done, but i hope there’s some Environmental Effort Planning put some involvement in this project…
    eg, send the proposal for EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) its basically an interdisciplinary process where both quantifiable costs and benefits but also unquantifiable externalities are considered and presented to the public in a formal statement. This way both we all win 🙂
    Malaysia Boleh!!

  120. Hi all,
    This is Kenny’s blog, he doesn’t need to explain to you whether this is paid or not.
    I think this blog is well-said and make sense. Please use you mind to think about the items written instead of criticizing at whether Kenny is getting paid :S

  121. All of them need to learn to play nicely. Everyone win win situation. When they don’t play nicely, ppl play somewhere else lor, fair or not? Just because ppl play somewhere else, you don’t go jealous lor. All big boys already mah.
    Also whether the funding is private, from ppl money’s or not; in the end, if they do use your money, what do you get in return? Could it be INTEREST? Otherwise EPF wouldn’t have dividend to pay you yearly. Later complain again why dividend low…sigh.

  122. I wonder why you even bother spending your time reading this blog? And then spend time writing comments. Nothing to do meh? Go and find a gf ok. 🙂

  123. Kenny, my warmest regards to you and your article create a stream of interesting debate, which i find it’s good and healthy. get paid or not, it’s another stories all together, i still support your constructive feedback and personal opinion as you use LCCT so regularly.malaysian in general must learn to accept good feedback and stop pointing finger so soon without knowing the truth.Accept feedback and if one’s think it not to your liking, give your own point of view. Why kill the idea and personal opinion?
    I would like to see more open debate from various party before the project is kicking in. that will surely sound more mature and allign to “malaysia boleh” slogan which every tom, dick, harry and sometimes politician shouted.
    just my 2 cents.

  124. 1. Yes, LCCT super hyper incredible pack, must change this situation.
    can hardly breath there…
    2. Since KLIA very big and LCCT very small…how about this…who got more flights and passengers use the bigger one…

  125. Either move in to KLIA to fill the emptiness or move out to new Airport with sky bridge. KLIA looks like a “GHOST TOWN” compare to airport in Spore, HK, Ozzy and etc…. you name it.
    Just make sure Tax Payer $$ are well spent and not flush into the “Pockets”

  126. My sentiments exactly! That is why I said we’re beating up the good guys. Not all government-linked companies are run by evil people out to suck blood for government cronies, but people always think of them as such.
    I’m pretty sure LCCT is gonna be converted back to the cargo warehouse it is originally intended for. As for the other airlines residing there, I’m sure by then they can choose whether to land at KLIA or KLIA East. I think lah!

  127. KLIA east is waste of money lah especially in these bad times…too near LCCT.What is the purpose of opening it so close to LCCT?
    Just upgrade LCCT to a bigger and better terminal.
    I know LCCT sucks but what u pay is what u get.You want cheap,you sacrifice on others.
    If not just go fly MAS lah,then you get to enjoy the super clean n nice KLIA.

  128. i think it’s actually a conspiracy by certain people who scared when they are compared with this big project without costing rakyat even a penny & yet stands out to b the far more better one.
    it sure will have certain degree of effects on malaysia & rakyat’s thinking as well.
    what hv bakun dam benifited us rather than wasting money?
    Rakyat, plz open ur mind!

  129. Guess who owns a sizeable portion of sime darby. Follow the money trail. Despite shortcomings of LCCT, it is still cheaper to expand i than to built a new one.
    Private funding comes from somewhere. Where is it coming from?

  130. Another point im most disturbed. Many are having trouble with the issue that Tony is paying Kenny. See it even rhymes! Let me iriterate again by asking. Your point is??
    You see, it doesnt matter if Tony pays Kenny or not. I’m sure by now you’re saying it does and that im being one-sided. It doesnt matter because the point Kenny made is still legitimate. what i’m saying is, you ppl who are suspicious are missing the point of it all, the point that he made is still a point nonetheless.
    Put in 2 scenarios.
    If Tony did pay Kenny but Kenny denied, reality is, the point he made in his post is still legitimate and logic.
    If Tony did not pay Kenny, the point is still legitimate and logic.
    Whatever your point you make between the relationship of those 2, do not miss the fact that the case for the airport made from a person’s perspective is still…….legitimate and logic.
    Another simpler analogy. The earth is round. That’s a fact. No matter how much you believe the earth is flat, reality is the earth will always be round. You can make the entire world believe it’s flat but it doesnt change much of reality.
    Same thing here. Kenny can blackmail Tony just to write this and it doesnt change the reality of the post he wrote. So wake up ppl, see a picture from a further distance, don stare at one corner and say it doesnt look like anything.

  131. yeappp, agreed.this is HIS blog and kenny sia is able to write whatever he wants and to share his opinion but therefore u guys are suspecting him!

  132. I’ll help explain too why AirAsia does not want to use KLIA. KLIA is an international airport, by that title itself, its charges are quite high. Air Asia on the other hand is a budget airline or what you call, low cost carrier. Even at KLIA, it tried hard to cut cost by
    – making crew multitasks (check-in counter and boarding gate)
    – make ppl walk instead of paying for aerobridge
    – low turn-around time instead of parking on tarmac for a long time.
    KLIA charges too much for Air Asia to operate within the break-even zone. Beyond this zone, it starts to lose money.

  133. why Airasia doesn’t want to use the main terminal building in KLIA now? because it says it’s expensive.
    so how much is expensive and what is expensive? Only the extra charges for the aerobridges, that means 50 sen extra for each passenger.

  134. first of all, the National Airport Masterplan ( is useless if Air Asia aint using it. Most people are using Air Asia. if most people aint going KLIA for that, then wat’s the use of luxury KLIA or the “masterplan”.
    So okay, KLIA is overcharged or wateva, MAB should seriously lower the cost for Air Asia to operate there. People who are against the Labu airport are trying to protect their own investment cuz Air Asia is like a huge competitor. If MAB want the KLIA to be utilized for the sake of the “Rakyat”, make it utilizable for the operating airline company.
    “AirAsia’s aggressive chief executive Tony Fernandes predicts that the airline will handle 60 million passengers in four years’ time and have a fleet of 184 aircraft.” (
    “By 2014 it will handle 26 million passengers. Present terminal at KLIA is handling about 25 million passengers.” “By 2014 Air Asia will have 77 aircrafts”.(
    See… comparison…Dr. M underestimated the number neh..
    I myself still have doubts about how the management will be done in a private airport and izzit really safe to have 2 airports so close to each other?
    I don’t care about Sime Darby. Sime Darby is probably making a joint investment with Air Asia and maybe they get a cake of some of the profit?
    I’m just a stupid student and I’m not even a business student. I don’t fly on planes and probably my opinion don’t matter. But I still wanna say smth.

  135. I’ll help explain too why AirAsia does not want to use KLIA. KLIA is an international airport, by that title itself, its charges are quite high. Air Asia on the other hand is a budget airline or what you call, low cost carrier. Even at KLIA, it tried hard to cut cost by
    – making crew multitasks (check-in counter and boarding gate)
    – make ppl walk instead of paying for aerobridge
    – low turn-around time instead of parking on tarmac for a long time.
    KLIA charges too much for Air Asia to operate within the break-even zone. Beyond this zone, it starts to lose money.

  136. I agree on builing the new KLIA EAST and I hope Air Asia improve along with the new airport.
    Im a stewardess and recently chat up with an American couple honeymooning in Bangkok.. We were talking about different airline companies and the name Air Asia came up. And they shook their heads telling me the bad airport conditon and how AA dint even give a ticket for them and they have to fight for a place in the plane.
    I have to explain to them its the budget airline’s tactic in making the extra income. :-/
    how sad for me to hear negative comments from someone who flew all the way across the globe and took Air Asia?

  137. how sure are you that the government are not paying a single cent?
    if so, why are do the people disagree about this project?
    well i’m really confused after reading mahathir’s post… @.@

  138. One mistake your trying to make…is that you think you know better than those who actually work the finances and operations of these things everyday. Ok let me expand it for you then since you say 50 cent is the charge. I hardly doub tthats the charge anyway but nvm.
    50 cents per passenger.
    150 passenger per flight = RM75
    Current records say Air Asia handles about 30 million passengers per annum.
    RM 75 x 30 million = RM 2,250,000,000
    Thats only roughly. It could be more or less than that, but the point is, its a frill Air Asia can afford to lose. Imagine how much they can save. so 50 cent my friend, is still $$$. Clearly, your not very good at saving are you.

  139. lets imagine its the future and klia east is completed
    airasia has managed to maintain low fares for its passengers by not moving to the expensive klia and privately funding the new terminal..
    and competition is good for us consumers rite as it keeps ticket prices low..
    then as lcct collapses cos not enough flights and all the other budget airlines have to move to air asia-owned klia east…
    hrmmm…suddenly other low cost airlines depend on air asia’s goodwill
    air asia controls its competitors..
    no more competition..air asia wins..
    ticket prices start to inflate..
    hello again, mas..

  140. its 30 million passengers,
    not 30 million flight..
    and its RM0.50 x 30million..
    which is 15million..
    well its still alot though…

  141. Kenny,
    You said it correctly. You’re just a 26-year old who doesn’t know anything about politics and the industry. So stick to what you’ve always written. This is something beyond your comprehension.
    I’m fine with Air Asia and its cheap fares. I am not fine, however, when they cheat the government and the Rakyat by going thru backdoor tactics on numerous occasions, by meeting Zaki Zahid at special luncheons at Shangri La Putrajaya and the likes.
    If they really want to have a level playing field, start from the beginning, and not claim that they have been unfairly treated. There’s more to this than you’ll ever know.
    So stick to your original blog concept. Don’t write about things you don’t understand!

  142. Have you actually taken KTM Komuter b4? Do you know how it sucks? In Malaysia only the ERL has the best track record in terms of punctuality and comfort. Even the LRTs are nowhere close.

  143. What guarantees do we have that KLIAEast@Labu will be a better LCCT than the current one in Sepang? After all, remember that AirAsia always complains that the charges at KLIA is too expensive. Money has to come from somewhere…. if it’s from Sime Darby, it’s a GLC, which is indeed the people’s money.

  144. Not having an allocated seat number is just AirAsia’s lousiness, nothing to do with which airport. If Tiger Air from Singapore which is also a budget airlines could allow customers to choose their seats during booking, why can’t AirAsia? Don’t say stupid things like trying to keep costs low, because we know that is bollocks…it should be basic feature in any transportation booking system.

  145. I believe the “late” here means the AirAsia flight either going or returning is somehow always delayed with the notification received via SMS, isn’t that so? So much so that AirAsia acknowledges this problem and introduced the RM200 voucher for delays exceeding 3 hrs, but usually the delays are about 1 hr or so… smart huh?

  146. hi kenny!
    ok, i’m still a student, and might nt b a citizen that follow what the gov is doin all e time, but one thing i realise and accept is that THE GOV URBAN PLANING SUX! i mean seriously. look at NPE located at old klang road in PJS1, it was nt suppose to cut into old klang road, yet a tol is build there. it was suppose to link to puchong, yet low cost flats are builded on the road. as far as i can remember frm my primary skul kajian tempatan, we do hav a dam in sarawak rite? is e project resumed or e rakyat money is inside someone’s pocket d? no offence to ppl tt stay in penang, but e last time i visit there, the trafic is horrible. back in kl city, all the new highways are builded without proper planing, and it does not solve the jam problem!
    urban planning is reali essential to a contry’s development, yet it is shity here in m’sia. i’ve been living in singapore for the past 6 years, and to b honest their urban planning is well crafted wit foresight. compare to KL? nah, i don’t think anything will b achieve by 2020.
    building a new airport? why not? consumers have more options, two airport attracts different consumer groups, consumer welfare is being taken care off, i dun see anything wrong about the plan! we as consumer has more chioce instead of taking more expensive means of traveling. it injects competition into the market and MA will work their ass off to remain competetive. only when there is competition, our industries will grow, and nt reliant on the gov to progress. KLIA, just accept that life for u guys wont b tt easy when the new airport is complete, and be more innovative and creative in doing business!
    cut all the crap on wasting rakyat money, since when our money is well spend? name me one place where our money is well spend and i can name 3 where our money is wasted. stop winin arnd and work towards WAWASAN2020 if u love your country, or u claim to love your country.

  147. I agree with the construction of KLIA East @ Labu. so far, only Perlis & Negeri Sembilan don’t have their own airports. moreover, no space to expand LCCT anymore. What for using Subang Airport, MAS’s Fireflyz services there. i ever been to LCCT 3 years ago, the services are kinda as slow as a snail. huh, have to wait 1 hour for the baggage services, not worth itLAH! AirAsia has good Airbus A320, yet slow services, still no good & no match for S’pore’s JetStar, Silk & Tiger. Whoa, spoiling Amber Chia’s photo by stretching it into runway size? that’s so funny. thank you also for displaying old AirAsia plane. about short talk, PAS Youth done nothing but stupid. I’m a Muslim, so it’s not wrong to attend concert but plz let it under control. What if PAS Youth wants to ban Fahrenheit’s concert? All CPOP fans will be angry. Say YES to KPOP, JPOP, CPOP concerts in M’sia.

  148. I really think that AirAsia is doing a great job in outsourcing on ways to develop further in expanding their business. And I totally agree that AirAsia is doing a great favour towards customers in fulfilling its conveniences. However, I know that Subang Airport is small, but is there any way that maybe AirAsia could propose to Malaysia Airport in extending or building extra terminal on Subang Airport in order to accommodate AirAsia’s business? Well I wish AirAsia the very best!

  149. I don’t think Kenny is paid by Airasia.
    Any mature person would see through the mess and said Labu is a good idea.
    There’s nothing wrong with it.
    As far as I know, there’s nothing wrong with the “Scenic Bridge” to Singapore.
    Both of them are just victim of circumstances.
    They just announce it at a bad time and with little details. So, MAS and Malaysia Airports took offense and tried to kill the plan by using Malaysians.

  150. Sime-Darby indeed is a GLC. But a GLC is not a government department like JPJ or a government agency like the MACC. A GLC is not there to spend taxpayer’s money and expect nothing in return. A GLC is a company owned in part or in full by the government to ensure investments made with taxpayers money generate good returns, so that these (in theory) can be channeled back to the rakyat in the form of development and infrastructure.
    A GLC’s money is NOT the same as tax payer’s money. We cannot say KLIA East is built with tax-payer’s money because the money did not come from the Ministry of Transport, but from Sime-Darby.
    Yes. Theoretically, it is cheaper to expand an airport but to build a new one. In practice though, theory hardly ever follows. 😉 Especially if the soil is too soft, if the ERL track gets in the way and the airport operator takes too long to respond.
    Once all these costs are added to the bill, it may be cheaper to build a new airport than to expand an existing one.

  151. Base on your same logic, why don’t you say something about the highways? How much our government paid to those companies? Those are really our money.

  152. I thought it’s high time somebody got to reasoning out matters pertaining to the problems among our fellow flight producers, and here you are doing the public a huge favour by compiling facts and knowledge without the rest of us lame men having to research anything (of course, it’s better if we do research ourselves rather than to believe yours outrightly, which is what these critics you have here should do before making any kind of accusations)
    Knowing full well of the consequences this is one of the rare times I have to applaud you for your efforts. I would have done this myself but I know the effort needed and controversy gained would not be worth it, so kudos for being the dark hero in our midst. Hopefully we won’t see MAS nor Fireflyz being as immature as those who ridicule your efforts (efforts, mind you, it would seem that they’re targeting you instead of the real issue presented here lol) and treat this as another challenge, for hope of more improvement in the flight industry in Malaysia!

  153. Actually no, all the budget airlines DON’T have to move to AirAsia-operated KLIA East. They can move there, but they don’t have to. They can move to Malaysia Airports-operated KLIA Main Terminal, or Malaysia Airports-operated Subang Airport… whichever suits their objectives better.
    And that my friend, is the beauty of competition. 😉

  154. How sure are you that what’s posted on that website is 110% true?
    How sure are you that tony won’t use public funds?
    Don’t trust things on the net 100%.

  155. Air Asia has shown great business sense in the past, and have a resourceful business leader in Tony Fernandes who have really made it possible for Everyone to Fly. The question is, do Malaysians trust this man and the new business plan enough? I, for one, am all for it. Build the airport. It is a vision of Malaysia’s future that CAN work. Enuf’ said.

  156. gryp,
    both Air Asia and Sime Darby are public listed company. if you need those transparency info, then you should consider to buy their shares and wait for their annual report.
    it wld be excellent if u can perhaps buy enough of it to hv voting rights as u hate this proposal so much u can slam it to tony’s or ahmad zubir’s face.
    now back to reality, at least this is a private project JV by two listed companies who has their obigations to show their annual reports to their respective share holders, and this project is a guaranteed success due to both companies are profit oriented, we could just hope that Air Asia doesnt forget their roots that they are here for us to ease our burden in flying and a promised to us as a budget airlines.
    failing to do so, we can ask the next PM to appoint a new airlines to fly airasia routes and make them a bankrupt. dont play play.. anything can happen in Malaysia.

  157. To all the people saying:
    “Why not Airasia just cooperate with MAS and use LCCT”
    “Why not everybody(Airasia, MAS, Simedarby, Malaysian Gov) just hug and kiss and make babies together in the LCCT/KLIA”
    I would add:
    “Why not the Israelis and Palestinians shake hands and stop fighting”
    “Why not our local universities accept students purely based on meritocracy”
    “Why as a student in my own country I don’t deserve any scholarship but somehow Singapore finds me good enough to offer me a scholarship to study in their best university”
    “Why is Singapore so far ahead of us economically when it has no natural resources and we have abundance”
    Let’s say this together:
    Airasia cannot use KLIA because it would be held hostage to the governments protectionist policies in favour of MAS.In concrete examples: It will be charged too much for use of subpar facilities of the LCCT. It’s needs will not be met in a timely fashion.
    If you are a hamster, would you stay in the same house as a wolf?

  158. i think this post is way too bias. Seriously do u know why there are so many critics who go against the new airport plan?
    From the way u support it seems that u dont know the true story behind all this. It sounds extremely fishy when great plan like this (superficially) get so much backlash from the citizen and politician alike. Please do more research about this

  159. Just by reading about this whole issue,
    my observation on this matter is not all about the waste of funds and resources to build this airport at Labu. Think of it, Air Asia is a private corporation and MAS is owned by government. Being in the same industry, both companies have the same interest which is generating the most profit possible. Correct me if I’m wrong, I believe MAS is owned by the government and they have been very comfortable in their operations until Air Asia came along. To compete with a government owned business, Air Asia has to be very competitive to earn that bit of market share too. Hence, Tony Fernandes has very good reasons to build his own airport for his airline. Not only he will have total control of management and operations, the airport will be able to meet the consumer demands in a more efficient way. The current LCCT obviously is not providing a competitive edge for Air Asia to grow as a lot of the consumers complained of the lack of space and poor service. In businesses nowadays, not only price is a factor for purchasing a service, customer relationship and experience management is vital to keep the business profitable. In this case,who do we point fingers at when it comes to customer disatisfaction with LCCT? Air Asia is obviously receiving all the bad publicity because of LCCT and realising that this may be major problem in the future, why not build their own airport and manage it themselves instead of letting MAHB controlling it. With this way, Air Asia will be able to personalize and cater their services to suit their consumer demands in a more effective manner.
    And the best part is, Tony Fernandes is not using tax payer’s money for this construction! So why are still people against it? Looking at the bigger picture, this airport will create more development in Labu. In an economic sense, this airport will not only provide jobs for people around that area, it will lead to more development in the future.

  160. Not many of us, the usual bargain-hunting consumers, are frequent flyers like you, kenny sia. I myself only rode Airasia once and i do agree with you that, LCCT sucks big time. in fact air asia sucks as well and many will say the same that if MAS fare is not much more expensive, they’ll opt for MAS. For me, I’d not even prefer to ride MAS if given the chance – my company flies us on MAS and I hated it many times more – my previous job that flies me on Cathay or even Eva provided me enough experience of comparison.
    This whole thing is sad – sad for Malaysian. Our airports sucks, our airlines sucks, and we the residents are the biggest victims of these sucker punchers no matter what situation we’re put into.
    Point in note: Recent Cathay promotion of round-trip ticket from KL to HK cost only RM560. The seats are plenty and rest assure you’ll get the superb service and facilities on the flight. Compare this to the never-really-zero-and-mostly-will-cost-more-for-ur-flight-dates AirAsia route to Macau/HK/Shenzhen, how will one choose? I just booked one such fare for HK, so are my friends who know abt the promotion.
    We are not really arguing abt the KLIA-East, KLIA-North or KLIA whatever. We’re simply fed up with the whole government and the favoritism perceived (truth or not). We just want a Changi-grade airport and a SIA-equivalent national carrier. As Malaysians, I for one just feel tired and mad.

  161. In my opinion it is a good idea that AirAsia is to move into a bigger airport. Look at the amt of destinations that they have grew to serve. I doubt LCCT can hold much longer. I was there a couple of time when I was still living in Malaysia and boy I can tell u. IT SUCKED TO THE MAX. People sitting on the floor everywhere, old people standing and not given a seat and there is lack of ventilation in the building. Although we are paying much less than we would to get on a MAS flight, I do not think that it would make such a huge difference in proving the bare necessity.
    Besides think about this, a new airport project would mean the spur of growth which in turn means more people get jobs. If AirAsia is capable, why not run both the terminals ? Just like Washington DC or NY which has at least 3 airports serving domestic flights. I am all out for Tony Fernandes because without him, a lot of current employers of AirAsia would still be in the Unemployed position and we would still suffer from paying MAS’ expensive tickets.

  162. People are against this because they think its just another project to fill up someone’s pocket.
    Obviously some are going to profit from all this. Who ever opened a shop just to give out free mee ?
    What most of us don’t realize yet is that the customer is also well inline to benefit greatly from KLIA East.
    MAHB is a dinosaur and abides by double standards. Subang was not supposed to be used for commercial aviation, but look at Fireflyz and Berjaya Air. MAHB cannot even provide proper wifi in KLIA as the nation’s “hub”.

  163. Kenny, stick to what you are good at. Another one of these bloody boring “topical” posts and i aint coming back.
    Malaysia is a mutha fuken corrupt place. But who gives a fuk.
    Get back to blogging about hot chicks and food.

  164. That is so below the belt leonard!!Fine if you wanna f*** Kenny over shoe polishing and what not…but dun drag personal life into it!You’re the SOR HAM!!!What a w*****..

  165. I’m just gonna share my experience as a customer. While booking my flight back to Melbourne, I considered the two airlines, MAS and AirAsia. While some find it hard to decide, all it came down to on my part really was this:- From various sources (online,newspapers,friends), check-in time for LCCT = 2hours plus. End result – I chose MAS 🙂
    To Tony Fernandes :-
    Pretty sure as one of the FEW successfull businessmen in Malaysia, you’ve got your principles founded and scathing but unfounded words of laymen like us don’t really bother you. My friend keep up what you have been doing and continuously reach for the stars, for to many, even the clouds are out of reach 😉

  166. Remember how Kenny apple polish TF before in the past? Just another crony in the making.
    Yea, go ahead and scam us all while the rakyat suffers a few of these connected ppl will laugh all the way to the bank!
    and yes , Gong SEEE Fak Chai!

  167. Kenny,
    You are only dabbling at the surface if things. Things that u may not know. TF wont reveal such things to you or the public. Sime will be the one developing it. And what not other cronies lining up to suck us dry.
    Not to mention abt the very fact that Labu is too close for comfort to KLIA.
    Before you put ur foot in the mouth it is better to gv both sides of the facts and remain a fence sitter.
    We know how u would like to apple polish TF’s arse but hey dont sell ur soul la!

  168. See who the other main benificiaries of this project will be.
    Yes, users of LCCT / Airasia would love to have cheaper fares and rates but at whose expense?
    Let me tell u of another ANALogy. Yes, screw us while u r at it folks! Users will thank AA / Sime like god. And the rest of the msian will stand to lose $$$ as their money will be used. Contracts will again be lopsided and shrouded in secrecy.

  169. Wow…this has got to be one of the most actively debated issue ever in’s history. More, more, more!
    Gong Xi Fa Cai to everyone! Meow meow…

  170. oh yea…i realised my mistake! so sorry….must have been calculating it while watching tv…thanks for the highlight…

  171. Every year I would go back and visit malaysia and I have to use the KTM, obviously it hasn’t changed after 4 years, it’s still slow, it never comes on time and there aren’t enough seats…meh

  172. I believe I have already given both sides of the story by providing links to Dr M, Jeff Ooi, Rocky, Wee Choo Keong and MAB’s websites.
    What are “the things I may not know” that you speak of? Why don’t you tell me these things I may not know”? And how come you know “the things I may not know” but never tell me what exactly they are?
    Please enlighten, with facts of course.

  173. The three airports in the New York City area are barely 30-40 km from each other. Don’t see them having any problems. And Newark and JFK airports are million times busier than any airport in Malaysia.

  174. Please think with your Business Sense. Sime Darby has many other investments, and if its investment generates profitable income, the dividends will be distributed to its shareholders as well, of which EPF is one of them, and you are ONE of them benefitting from it. With Tony Fernandes great business acumen, I am confident that this will be another great success by AirAsia!

  175. Those who are in favor of Labu are those who are frequent users and would wnat a better facility. Not wrong though but for goodness sake, think for the rest of the Msians. You want the govt to screw us over and over again with dubious projects so that they can again suck some more money from us?
    TF has his reasons and they are valid no doubt but has he exhausted all avenues?

  176. Only 2 things i want to say’
    1) KLIA East will not be built. Its just TF arm twisting attempt to get better rates at KLIA. Its as simple as that.
    2) Its obvious this post is to curry favour with TF. Its KS attempt to be appointed Airasia face/spokeperson/columnist in the future, if the contract’s not already in the bag
    KS, its your blog, disallow this comment should you choose too. You know better.

  177. The summary:
    The problem is not AA or Tony.. He is just trying to get a solution for his growing company and to meet the growing needs of the people.
    The problem is KLIA and MAB which makes operating cost expensive for AA in KLIA.
    LCCT knot expand.AA estimate an increase in planes and passengers in the future, LCCT knot allocate..
    If Labu airport is built, even if it is privately funded, the people’s money will be wasted because KLIA and LCCT was build and nobody will be using it.
    If you are against the Labu airport, give the cheapest solution to Tony Fernandes to operate in KLIA at budget cost with full excess and no restriction. But of course, MAB will never be so NICE!! That is why the only way he can increase his business is by operating in his own airport and his budget fancy toys. And we as the people go there to use it cuz it’s cheap.

  178. Mr. Milk Road Side (Nairobi),
    You can choose not to pose this comment instead of asking ppl to disallowed your comment.
    People like you guys cant live in peace cause …you thinking are so negative and suspicious.
    I personally think that this new airport will benefit the whole Malaysian citizens.
    Somemore, wheather ppl get a contract or wat, it doesnt matter you rite? You don earn and loss a single cent in your pocket.
    Maybe you should go back to the street to sell your milk. Have a nice day

  179. The fact is current LCCT cannot cope to cater huge no of Airasia passengers. Thats the fact! You know it if you r a passenger.
    The only problem is TF association with SD. After IJN episode, nobody is going to believe that SD has Rakyat interest in their mind!
    It is really suspicious when in short span of time SD seems to be in all major deals in this land!

  180. Yes, I have used KTM Komuter before. That’s why I suggested the express service. (See below comments) A 20 minute wait for that train isn’t that bad. KLIA Transit comes every 30 minutes mind you.

  181. Somehow my comment didnt go through. Let me repost it.
    My view on why Labu shouldn’t go through:
    First, it is environmentally very damaging to build an airport, what more a runway together with more airplanes flying above. Acquiring land would destroy the ecological balance and so on which would not be great at all.
    Secondly, KLIA has a land bank of 25,000 acres as for future expansion and buffer around the area. LCCT has 5,000 acres. If you say that Labu is built by private institutions and it does not involve public funds you are wrong. The public would be wasting alot since the money used to acquired amounting to 30,000 acres have been spent.
    Apart from that, Malaysian Airports Holdings Berhad are getting rent of million from LCCT and imagine when we, the public have given in millions to build LCCT at start and then abandoning it after a few years. Just imagine the losses we’d suffer in that way.
    What the government can do to accommodate Airasia is perhaps upgrade the LCCT in stages, put in an additional runway to assist more planes coming in, better logistics etc. Look at Subang Airport today, the moment MAS stopped using it, it is abandoned and that would be totally the same as LCCT if it were to be abandoned.
    Hence, building a new airport isnt just about money or whos paying the money. It is about a balance, the environment, the money spent and the money that would be spent on building a new one.
    My verdict is a no to this airport. KLIA is being underutilised and LCCT can be upgraded (provided the government would do something quick about it, which I highly doubt)

  182. “And the rest of the msian will stand to lose $$$ as their money will be used.”
    – care to explain how would the rest of the malaysian stand to lose more money compared to the current LCCT?

  183. I support u Kenny Sia!! Just build the damn airport now!!! I want it now!!! Those do not support the new airport is an idi@t!

  184. Milk Shaker… I LOVE your comments 🙂
    I don’t understand… If `you people’ have so much comments on… then why view it??… and why STILL view it every time he update his blog?? just look at the things that you wanna see and ignore the `reality’ then…
    neway… I personally think we need a new airport for air asia asap… whatmore it only benefits us (rakyat)

  185. For me, LCCT is so suck…it’s a shame that every tourist come over to msia by airasia landed in that small, crowed, cheap-looking terminal…
    Whatever it is, whether a new terminal to be built, LCCT to be upgraded, KLIA East, KLIA North…etc. DO it faSt

  186. LOL. I don’t actually believe this. The replies over here, though some are enlightening and others being entertaining. It is still difficult to believe the level of understanding people in Malaysia have on the general understanding of things happening. Do you guys even know from which viewpoint are you all arguing from? Arguing as an environmentalist due to natural resources being used up for construction? Arguing from a consumer stand for worries that you will have to pay more? Arguing for the sake of debating and trying to understand more on the issue? or rather just arguing for the sake of showing off whatever “knowledge” you have?
    It is a fact to say that there are always opinions to something new and both pros and cons will definitely exists. (TELL ME SOMETHING THAT IS CERTAIN OTHER THAN DEATH AND TAXES, I WILL DEFINTELY GIVE THE RESPECT YOU SO WISH FOR).
    This airport might indeed cost money which are linked to GLCs but get the picture and understanding right. SIME is the contractor. They will not run the airport. AirAsia will not be the owner of the airport as well, as the current consideration is for a private equity investor to own it and lease it to AirAsia. So if you are arguing both taxpayers money coming into play, please enlighten me at which point should it come in at? If you have been arguing regarding prices, do you really think AA would want to incraese prices and force you to bear more? Don’t forget that AA is not the only low budget carrier around but certainly they are the leading one.
    So looking back at the other avenues (apart from staying in current LCCT), waiting for MAHB to come up with KLIA North, the time delay will indeed cause AA to have problems. AA is taking delivery of planes every year and parking spaces (for airplanes) are needed as their planes are always returned back here to Malaysia everyday. Currently it is already lacking of 3 spots and there are 5-9 planes due for in this year. As for number of passenger, last year figures show 19m passengers compared to 1m in 2002 when they just started (work the maths and see how much the increase is) and try to even forecast how many more will be coming in within the next few years. That will give you an understanding why the desperate need for a new airport.
    Actually there’s too much to even put into this comment, but rather I think that no matter how this matter ends up. It will still benefit AA if they get KLIA-East or a faster expansion of LCCT, KLIA North. Dont really see where they lose out.
    So please stop critising or giving views without having clear thoughts or rather rational ones. This blog is mostly read and commented by Malaysian, and this is the kinda of debate quality we can get here? Funny when in actual fact, Malaysia’s debate team is quite strong on the national front and the rest of Malaysians being ignorant.

  187. lol, your posts are very long but all are crap. So u think other people’s arguments are crap, but i now think yours are crap too.

  188. if u take SD out of the picture, then maybe TF will gain some support from his detractors.
    We don support British imperialism

  189. Come on people. Whether or not Kenny Sia gets money or not from this is none of your business. Why is this causing so much controversy? The newly built airport will only bring us more advantages than disadvantages. You people are always complaining how bad MAS is. Airasia came around offering BETTER fares, but yet you people still go around insulting people’s hardwork. Malaysia people are only good in one thing – complain.
    Have you ever thought about WHY is this step taken by Mr Tony F? He is one brilliant business man and his job is to look for better alternatives to offer better solutions for consumers..
    True, it might seem like a waste to open another airport there when we already have LCCT. But LCCT seriously sucked big time. Would you rather go to LCCT or the newly built Labu airport when both offers the same rate fares and you know Labu airport would offer better services and facilities? It does not take a genius to answer that.

  190. Support Tony!
    Why are people being so ungrateful?
    Tony isnt wasting our tax money and there is criticism; people keep quiet with government spending shitloads just because it involves government.
    ..the fuck is wrong with the people..?

  191. Kenny Sia is just voicing his views on the issue… We have our own ability to judge and understand, so…
    What’s with all the negative and insulting comments?
    This post is most likely not paid for, and even if it is funded, so what? He is expressing an opinion, and as rational individuals we can evaluate things ourselves and there’s no need to act like children fighting with each other…
    Come on, it’s very irritating to see hate/childish/rude posts every single time readers browse through the comment section…

  192. To me this situation i.e. building a new airport does not benefit anyone except for Mr. Tony’s ego.
    But I do need to say something – Tony Fernandez does know how to manage his board – not many CEO’s in this world are capable of scaring / cajoling / bribing the board into building a new airport without getting a knock on his head, on top of asking for a business case.
    I don’t think the “cost-savings” passed on to consumers by building a new airport is sustainable – unless, Tony Fernandez presents a convincing cost-benefit analysis which proves otherwise, which I don’t think him or any GLC is Malaysia is capable of…

  193. I second your thoughts. Besides, personally I am in the travel retail industry. Do you know how airport retailers will be affected if Labu airport does realize? Our shop rental is high and if the crowd gets diluted, so will the business. KLIA is definitely underutilised. The flights are only coming in either morning or late evening. In the afternoon it is literally ‘killing mosquitoes’. So I think Labu should not be approved. Tq.

  194. Kenny Sia, I support you!
    It is an obvious fact that MAHB & KLIA are charging Air Asia too much. A discriminatory policy.
    It is also a fact that the government (Khazanah) is showing different preferences towards Air Asia, MAHB & KLIA, MAS. “Dirty” Politics are in work here.
    In short, all these bullshits will eventually make Malaysians more tulan against “you know who”.
    I believe what the rakyat want is very clear & simple… why can’t those people up there see the point? Damn~

  195. Tony has a knack for doing business, that’s all. He knows MAB is run by people who will slow him down and he is trying to break away. In any competitive business, it must grow profusely to catch up with employees salary increment, loan interests and inflation to say a few. That’s why Air Asia can’t sit back and goyang kaki. MAB and MAS can loose money and still relax – AirAsia can’t.
    His only fault is involving Sime Darby, which everyone perceives will flush good public money down the drain. Perhaps he could find other partners or even self-fund LCCT Labu. That would take the monkey off his back. But then again, which company in Msia has such a deep pocket to work with Air Asia. CIMB has been mentioned but again it’s a conflict of interest bcoz Najib little bro is there. Now, if Air Asia gets funding from outside Msia, I am pretty sure there’ll be another protest brewing and the new LCCT will be chided “foreign owned”.
    To be objective, as traveler I want LCCT to be upgraded in any way to serve better. As tax payer, I hope Sime Darby’s involvement is not politically motivated. Unlike IJN which is making money when Sime propose to take over, LCCT Labu is neutral. It can make or loose money, which is what business is about. With AirAsia backing it, it has a much higher chance to do well. Honestly, ask any Bangla, Indon, Pinoy, hordes of budget holidaymakers or citizen in SE Asia “which plane you fly?” It would most certainly be AirAsia, although MH is fast catching up. Given enough “wings”, our airlines will whip Spore’s airlines many times over. The only difference is, our people are naysayers, negative masters. In Spore, it’s kiasu go go go and don’t look back.

  196. A lot projects do not benefit the people & rakyat actually. They are just all talks… but the multiplying effect & wealth creation effect does not actually take place.
    Special contracts, APs, licenses, were given out to the “local entrepreneurs” contractors nowadays to create successful Usahawan *********.
    Now, Air Asia & Mr Tony are doing some good around here. Let us call it, CSR, corporate social responsibility. Good for people. (building an airport through their own funding.)
    How many private companies or GLC actually give something back to people?
    *When was the last time you do some good charity?

  197. Hey people…give Kenny a break lah. So what’s the big deal if Kenny gets paid by Tony F. I think both of them got their two cents worth on why AirAsia should operate their own airport. I’m all for it if doesn’t waste a single bit of taxpayers money. I don’t think there would any issue of hidden charges in the future, this bullshit and that crap…cause in the past AirAsia have proven people wrong by making great leaps in a short matter of time and constantly improving their services. MAHB and MAS are just worried that their slice of cake would be taken away by AirAsia. With this sort of competition, we expect MAHB and MAS to follow suit in improving their ways.

    “The government had a look at the proposal and subsequently approved it, but almost immediately a huge uproar from the public resulted.”
    “While most corporations would’ve kept quiet and carried on with their business (after all they have already got the proposal approved ), AirAsia decided to respond to their critics, sceptics and haters by launching a micro-site on KLIA East.”
    The government has yet to decide on low-cost carrier AirAsia’s proposal to shift KL International Airport’s (KLIA) low- cost carrier terminal (LCCT) to Labu in Negeri Sembilan, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said today.
    “We are looking at it but have yet to make any decision. I cannot pre-empt the decision by making an announcement,” he said.

  199. I think LCCT still can be upgraded and it is being upgraded. What is so difficult in building extra ticketing counters or align queing system/gates/waiting rooms/roads/parking bays/luggage space/luggage movers??? Just utilised all the available space. I might be wrong if there are no more space available. What the travellers needed is seats/trolleys/efficient ticketing counters/immigrations/efficient queing system. I doubt they needed the extra runways??? he he for parking aeroplane???. And easy connections to LCCT is the priority.
    AirAsia is for “so everyone can fly”. Do you think when they have their own airport, they will not dictate terms like MAB is doing now?? Do you think by that time everyone can fly???
    AirAsia have growth by leap and bounce, and they have earn enough reputation and money to dictate certain directions. Perhaps initially they have to use LCCT, perhaps the initial planning was not there, or they fail to see the future or are avoiding the risk. Non Planning should not be reason, because Ryanair had gone through it before.
    So AirAsia as a business entity needed LCCT in the first place. So they do not need LCCT now. It is a business decision. What does AirAsia care apart from incorporating what is necessary by the law of country. It is a business decision – money ching-ching ching

  200. kenny leong is a sore loser trying to get some pity fame here…
    i’m sad if i’m your papa….
    poor kenny leong.. MAS paid you to sabo ar ?

  201. So I guess you will be handling the negotiation talks then? Good luck. Hope to hear some positive news from you in 20 years or later? Oh wait that’s too late =(

  202. I support Air Asia’s plan to build KLIA East. MAHB is a poorly-run GLC. In 2003, I heard that that maintainance at KLIA alone cost RM200 million per year. Airlines have taken off KL from their lists of destinations thanks to the expensive landing fees. In fact, I don’t understand why Malaysian UMNO-linked GLC’s are slow to react to price demands. Also, KLIA’s monopolistic taxi service is depriving the drivers. Ask any KLIA cab drivers and ask them how much they have to pay the taxi rental per day.
    Competition is good. AirAsia has given MAS a run for its money after its privatisation and mishandling by Tajuddin Ramli & Co, forcing itself to pick a real capable CEO without the usual ties to the corrupt UMNO machinery.
    Let the airport competition begin!

  203. I just wanted to say that I find the reasoning for AirAsia to go to budget terminal because KLIA is expensive is faulty.
    Two of their biggest destinations, Phuket and Singapore have budget airports, yet AirAsia uses the MAIN terminal.
    This may be a gambit to force Malaysia Airports to lower their ground handling operations charges to Air Asia.
    All I want to say is that the players are all using the public as pawns as the go/no-go decision will come from public opinion.

  204. My dear kenny.
    Respect your opinion on the matter. Everyone has it’s own rights to opinions.
    Still.. prefer that you stick to less serious stuff…. why?
    Writing a serious article (without jeopardizing ppl’s perception on ur IQ and all) is not an easy thing… enuf info digging is needed to give a good “neutral” outlook to the matter.. (wait a sec.. that’s wasn’t ur intention at the first place also??)
    but then again, who are we… or in this case you… to be able to dig out the absolute truth? it’s a human thing… conspiracies and deception is at all levels… (chinese saying: if there’s benefit, father also will con) will always be a place i will log in to read light materials or even source of information.
    For the “other” stuff… we have jeff ooi or malaysiakini, malaysia today.. etc. ;D
    keep it light, information and not too strong opinions.. ;D
    Happy CNY Kenny.

  205. I think healthy competiton is good for the nation. AirAsia’s RM1.6bn Labu airport has resulted in Airport’s revisiting its initial cost projection for KLIA North. Surely KLIA North can’t cost more than KLIA East since most facilities are already in place. But at the end of the day, land has already been reserved at KLIA to handle 125m passengers. Situating the new LCCT closer to KLIA grounds makes the most sense in terms of maximizing current resources. IATA has expressed concern over air traffic management with the close proximity of both KLIA and Labu. I don’t know about you, but I find this extremely disturbing. Runways within such close proximity should be controled by one control tower and not two. One small error and hundreds of lives could be at stake. KLIA was also built on mushy soil, which used to be palm oil plantation land. Labu airport will also be built on plantation land. Will the soil composition be any different? Airports have given AirAsia lots of incentives which enables AirAsia to offer us low fares. Will we still be able to enjoy this when AirAsia moves to Labu? Lastly, approval has been granted to build the Labu airport. Why hasn’t AirAsia started building the airport yet when they say they need a bigger capacity by 2011?

  206. With a government we have, it it possible?
    The most obvious way to go is kick Fireflyz to LCCT and sell Subang to AA. That why Fireflyz and Mas as a same entity with same interest can live in harmony and AA can do whatever they want with Subang.
    Then again, MAS would never give TF the advantage. That’s how it goes in Business.
    If the ariport is going to cut costs and give better options for travellers, go for it. It’s a shame for KLIA to go to waste, then again I’ve been there often and it’s a sad sight compared to the bustling of Changi. Underutilized and overhyped, it’s going to be a White Elephant even without AA.

  207. Whether paid or not paid, it is not ur business. it wont affect you too. Go back and shut up your mouth and be a Bayi. Or you can suck some cock to keep ur mouth shut.

  208. AirAsia is not cheap at all man! Whenever I want to go home from Melbourne,the fares are so expensive:(
    Here come my 3rd CNY in Melbourne. But I do agree that without AirAsia, MAS monopoly the whole market which will be even worse. I hope that by end of this year, I manage to get cheap airfares from AirAsia so that I can go hone without that much hestitation. It been two years I don’t go home. Hopefully I can go home end of this year 🙂

  209. Kenny, this is a good and positive step you’ve taken to highlight key issues to the public. Do not be affected by personal comments or derogatory terms thrown at you. These people are probably exercising their limited logic.
    Anti-labu, it doesn’t matter what kind of tactics they use isn’t it? Because thats not the central issue. The central problems are: 1)expensive operating costs in KLIA and the 2)LCCT not being able to contain the booming Airasia business. So when a business faces such problems, it comes up with solutions to solve it and tries to implement it the way it can. If the solution is bad, then the business will suffer. Its simple from Airasia’s point of view because it is THEIR BUSINESS. They do whatever they want with it. fail, fail la.
    It starts to become OUR problem when it incurs costs on our end, like aforementioned reasons by other readers eg. maintenance of roads and highways, rise of insurance premiums, tolls, etc. Once it starts to affect us with extra costs then i think the problem starts. alot of the problems have been tackled above so i shall not repeat. But if the problems are taken care of, and no extra costs are placed on consumers, whats the big problem? Further, if it bugs u, don’t buy airasia! its a business proposition for crying out loud.

  210. good one kenny, Crony can’t even support his own argument with facts. Hey u noe what, i dont even think he knows what a fact is. ahah =)

  211. “lol, your posts are very long but all are crap. So u think other people’s arguments are crap, but i now think yours are crap too.”
    Same here… kenny, we like you… please stick to the light stuff, dont let Tony use you (especially if FOC) afterall you did admit you are still green compared to TDM, WeeCK etc etc.

  212. Owee, you can always checkout AA’s competitors ie tiger and jetstar. I find it a hassle to travel with Tiger given the fact they don’t fly direct from Melbourne to Sg or KLIA. I had pretty good flying experience with Tiger though.
    I have to support KLIA-East cos the Gomen sucks. Why so slow to react? All want to jaga their own interests?

  213. Kenny,
    I respect Tony as a brilliant entrepreneur. He gave Malaysian so much for so few. But there is a few reasons why i say NO to this another airport.
    1) I find the sub site at Air Asia web page is very deceiving. Check the similar airport layout reason. Its not similar at all.
    2)London has 4 airports, yes, but are they 8-10 KM away from each other? The one that they showed is 13-14 KM away and the current LCCT airport was created before the current DFW airports and only handled 275K passengers per year. Less passengers meant less traffics. How many passengers Air Asia intended to handle again?
    3) MAHB has come out a statement stating that they can build the new LCCT as fast as the one they proposed. So which side we should listen too?
    4) They said the ERL line will make the new LCCT terminal at KLIA impossible. Well the new terminal have an unobstructed access to the 2nd runaway, i don’t see any problem? how many do they need? 100?
    5) The current LCCT is catering not only to Air Asia. If im not mistaken Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways using that terminal as well, if they build the new LCCT, MAHB still have to maintain the current LCCT to accommodate other airlines since its the new LCCT airport is “exclusively” owned by Air Asia.
    6) Financially, i believe they can manage it if they settle their amount of debt of RM 200 millions to MAHB first. They said why should we pay when the charge is excessive, so if u don’t agree with the charges u dont have the pay, but still have the luxury of using the facilities. Wahhh, i hope i can do that with my electricity bills, dont pay but still can use the service.
    7) What if the venture unsuccessful? i know, they will force the government to intervene as what they did with FAX, remember?
    Thats my view and correct me if im wrong
    Azhan Jihadi

  214. So? with all the reason, another airport. If this doesn’t work, another airport? C’mone, root caused known, iron it out! Is already laughable by foreigner on how mature is the government and people in malaysia.
    Recession times will be hard and I think graduates surely can get job in all these airports. =)

  215. It’s not exactly redundant. If the Labu airport materialises…wouldn’t we be paying for both the LCCT/KLIA and the Labu airport’s maintenance? Which means more tax money consumed.

  216. Well done, Kenny.I certainly agree with you on this.I have always admire Tony entrepreneurial skills and the man is a real worker and he makes business sense.
    I have flown with Air Asia a few times and there is nothing wrong with the airline, you get what you pay for.
    I put the blame on Malaysia Airports.Like all GLCs managed by bumis they are run with bureaucratic civil servant mentality.They sit on their arses and do nothing when there are problems.
    I can tell you there are many who are envious of Tony Fernandez and will try their very best to bring him and Air Asia down.
    I see absolutely no reason for the people to object to the airport.These are small minds and I think they should be ignored.

  217. years ago, the nation used to like using the prefix ‘my-‘, like, mykad, myfm, myblablablabla…
    now it seems everyone likes to prefer the term ‘rakyat-‘..
    everything rakyat up rakyat down..
    why ha?

  218. The reason for certain people to object, I believe is fear of MAS become irrelevant.
    There are risks that Sime Darby and Air Asia has to consider carefully such as:
    1. How the economy crisis will affect Air Asia business?
    2. Competetion from other airlines or countries.
    3. Fluctuation oil price.
    4. Air Asia finance and debt.
    5. Government policy.
    If all risks are accounted for and acceptable for the investors, there is no reason why the airport is not to be built.

  219. charging too much?haha…i thought that TF don’t want to pay any single cents to all.why?remember his debt to mahb?how much?RM200k?

  220. “Then again, who am I?
    I am not a politician. I am not a businessman. I am just a 26-year-old guy with a naive understanding of the world. ”
    you are just a fucking AirAsia ass kisser.
    dont you even realise how biased the entire entry seems?

  221. Kenny as I said above. Other countries have budget airlines and full service carriers in the SAME airport. Why must we always be the ones spending the most money????

  222. dear kenny,
    airasia is a spoilt brat… “bagi betis nak peha” – “bagi sikit nak banyak” – bila tak dapat nak tunjuk terror – their service is getting worse and their fare is full of hidden charges… tony fernandes is one ass kisser and now you have become one with him !!!!

  223. Malaysia is a country with no hope. As Chinese, we will always be treated as nomadic mongrels. So it’s better to be treated as a nomadic mongrel in a first world country than in a 3rd world one.Ta

  224. the next time when u take a flight from Labu, and u need to pay more for the services, transport, connecting to KLIA, foods etc. (which is more than 50 sen), u will start to wonder who is not making the money sense here.
    can u stop looking from a commercial point of view and start think like a passenger instead of an AirAsian?

  225. LCCT is such an eye sore to the locals, what more to say for foreigners??? The bus service is crap and rude! The taxi service is crap and rude! The ground staff are hopeless and pathetic! I think all these talk about building better airports are useless and fruitless unless we upgrade the services around it. the transport, the taxi, the bus services, the civic minded ness of the ppl. Is it just me or does it feel like a war zone once you are in LCCT?? PPl hounding you..”BOSS BOSS TAXI KAH?? PERGI MANA BOSS?? LENG CHAI LENG CHAI, HOU PIN?”
    The malaysian community is such a disgrace. Corrupted politicians are worse of its kind.

  226. Haha, now my main concern is to renew my passport because I have to catch a flight to go to Canberra just to renew my passport. Previously, it can be done through mail but now I can’t. So I have to purposely take a day off to take 1 hour flight to another state to renew my passport yet the people in the embassy are so rude whenever I call them. I wonder whether Malaysia really boleh or not?!
    I wonder how my country will look like by the next time I go to the place I called home.

  227. Well clara, this the thing.
    Air Asia’s business model was built on:
    1. Offering the lowest fares (a noble idea)
    2. Getting the government to build them a temporary LCCT for free (another noble idea).
    3. Cheating MAB of the airport tax due to them, which was already collected earlier from the passenger (very noble indeed).
    4. Cheating MAS on the Sabah / Sarawak rural air services despite getting the subsidies to run them, and then returning crap aircraft back to MAS (very noble).
    5. Using PMO fourth floor people like Zaki to get PM to do his bidding! (what else can I say?)
    Now to the common people, Tony may look like a hero. To the people in the aviation industry, he is the biggest con-job there is.
    Look, I like this blog, but as I have said earlier, it should stick to what it normally does.
    Don’t write about things you don’t understand. Or can’t comprehend.
    And take it from me, I’m an old hand in this business.
    And you clara, you must work with Air Asia eh? (of course not, but then again, who knows?)

  228. consider this:
    With 30 mn passengers paying RM20 per head, the revenue of the airport will be RM600 mn, even before shop rental, car park, landing fees, taxi commission etc.
    This airport is going to be ridiculously profitable and will pay itself back in 3 yrs. If this goes ahead, make sure you watch out for the cronies who will be making this profit.
    This construction is no different from a tolled expressway, except that it costs a lot less to build.

  229. Well, i guess this is another ‘wonderfool’ issue in MY.
    First of all, in my point of view (POV), as a frequent user of AirAsia, LCCT doesn’t provide the class as an airport, is more like a huge warehouse with bit of commercial interior… Nowadays, the environment of it (esp during peak season) where terrible and too crowded… So, a better airport should be built for the benefit of us and the images of our country as well as the company (one of the international renowned company).
    Second, Malaysian (esp those ‘in-charge’) were ‘slow-react’ dudes… They will only respond to this issue when our honored Tony F. announced the KLIA-East plan, with a ‘fiction’ plan so-called KLIA-North project… Then what’s the point of enlarge the current LCCT and caused a ‘fire’ recently? Is this another ‘smart’ plan of MAHB to use our $$? Well, no offense, i think there is no point for that since you have a plan insight and execute a temporary and less effective solution for this problem…
    Finally, regardless of who’s the owner of the new airport, i put my support on the KLIA-East airport (KLIA-North/south/west or whatever… even better, the best if they attached to KLIA)… I think AirAsia should need it’s icon…

  230. What a waste Kenny! You said post this comment as a normal post so that others don’t miss it!
    I remember there was a time I flew back from ShangHai, a westerner shouted: wtf I need to buy the ticket at the counter and queue for the damned taxi! Even a taxi business need to be protected by the government! Shame!
    Left me no words.
    Malaysian never is a free market! Never allow free competition!

  231. Maybe we should ask KennySia if he could interview the person behind MAHB, AirAsia, Karzanah and Sime Darling.
    (If possible, interview Dr.Mahathir to share a bit blogging issues as well)
    Yes, Just like what KennySia did to those poor politicians last time. At least gava us a better view.

  232. I’m not against building KLIA-East but
    the best solution would still be to expand KLIA. IMO, KLIA-EAST is just too far from KLIA to be a viable solution. Although you can solve the problem by building more highways and a connecting train station, it just makes more sense to develop KLIA-North instead. Some issues I wish to highlight:
    – The highways to KLIA-East and connecting to KLIA can be done by PLUS which means they get to charge more
    – A train station connecting the 2 airports can be built but who bears the cost of maintenance and is AA going to build that as well? Are they willing to run the operation? If so, will it be free or will they charge for upkeep and running cost? These questions aside, convenience would be another issue for International travellers.
    – If a train station is not viable, then does it mean passengers who are on transit have to take taxis / buses to KLIA? Not very convenient now is that?
    – LCCT has been in operation for a number of years now. Yet, there’s still no train service to the airport, if KLIA-East happens – it brings us back to the point highlighted above
    – The new airport will need maintenance, does that mean the rakyat pay for it with taxpayers money or is this being paid through in the form of airport taxes? If it’s the latter, doesn’t that mean ticket prices will increase?
    – On the issue of customs clearance. When and if KLIA-North does indeed open, you’re going to need to hire more people, no way around this.
    – Someone also mentioned LCCT will be another waste of money when it’s abandoned. No it won’t – it could easily be converted into another customs warehouse extention or an aircraft maintenance depot. If this happens, you still have 2 airports in KL either way.
    – As far as environmental issues are concerned, this easily solved by planting lots more trees to compensate for the destruction of mother nature. Tough luck – pests, animals and whatever.
    – One solution is AA buying over the rights or whatever the correct term to develop KLIA-North. If MAHB can agree to that, then problem solved. But for many reasons, I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

  233. totally hands up for klia-east
    we shouldn’t pay twice for the klia north, who knows there may be corruptions in the klia north project, as u know politicians, they say what they want and we cannot question, so why dont we support klia east, they bulid their airport, they do whatever they want, even they bankrupt, its their money!! we dont want another AGUSTA, we want a good company!! DATUK TONY, all for you!!

  234. Well, people. stop arguing anymore. Stop all these debates. Not to say that you people cant make any difference, you can. We can and everyone can. But hey, just don’t voice your opinions here. Go straight to the PR or HR department of AirAsia or MAS. Go voice your complain to the MCA or MIC. Go find the person in charge of this project. Go find the government. Action speak louder than words. Why shouting here and there in this comment box while you can’t even make an effort to prove your words?!
    Chinese New Year coming. Let us enjoy and have fun. You seriously wanna start this year in such a note? Relax. Crave for the ang pau, great food, alcohol, new clothes, BlackJack, and of course fireworks. This is what most of the Chinese would be looking forward at. Even people of other races would enjoy this break. We need these to live a happy life! Not an aircraft!! Not AirAsia or MAS!
    Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!
    PS : Stay cool like me.

  235. “If a train station is not viable, then does it mean passengers who are on transit have to take taxis / buses to KLIA? Not very convenient now is that?
    LCCT has been in operation for a number of years now. Yet, there’s still no train service to the airport, if KLIA-East happens – it brings us back to the point highlighted above.”
    Erm, no matter how, you cannot transit between LCCT and the main terminal. Simply because KLIA Ekspres is not an inter-terminal people mover. Unless KLIA is willing to extend the current Aerotrain to LCCT and KLIA East @ Labu (which doesn’t make sense), you can’t have an integrated transit area.

  236. Yo,
    If the project goes through, Sime Darby will benefit so much as they own most of the land and plantation near that area.
    Hence, airport complete, Land value goes up.
    Its just all part of the plan.

  237. I’m going out on a limb here, but i personally think that most loyal Kenny Sia readers are too ready to blindly follow what Kenny says. I would even bet that most of you would have supported him if he were to support KLIA anyway. So here’s my take:
    This issue has been blown out of proportion, much to the credit of Tun Dr Mahathir and the ‘bad rep’ that Sime Darby has gained from their previous failed IJN takeover. In my opinion, MAHB and Air Asia, along with the government, should really sit down and talk things through on getting the KLIA expanded rather than building another airport that will impose dificulties for travelers on connecting flights. Sime Darby has a pecundiary motive in this as the site gazetted for the new airport is in one of their plantations, so I’m quite hesitant on their intentions. In fact, the new airport WILL NOT BE all privately funded as the government will still need to supply them with the customs, police personnel and such. What does this translate to? A duplication of duties and an even more waste of public funding.
    They should really talk to each other in detail rather than hurling accusations in the media for all I care. So, this way everybody’s happy. As ‘hard’ as it is for this feat to be accomplished, hey, we’re all Malaysians, dammit! Talk to each other!!

  238. Try this interesting or boring subject If you dare lol. Almost fifty years ago there was a forced marriage. Now children are all grown up, may be it is time to think about parting ways since visions differ.

  239. I personally think Tony has paid this dude. Judging from his swears and his words plus this blog thread is in AIRASIA website(, i cant think anything else..Dont tell me people in AIRASIA is reading every other blogs regarding them and post it on their web.
    Well, in first place, the so called TERMINAL RAKYAT will be owned by AIRASIA fully. Sime Darby is merely the land owner and their are going to sell the land for the construction. It is AIRASIA who is going to BUY, RUN, MAINTAIN and PROMOTE the terminal plus the runway(s). That gonna cost A LOT of money and their passengers goin to pay, definately!!
    Secondly, we can never beat CHANGI or HK. They have everything under one airport. The latest Terminal in Changi is still in CHANGI. The one in HEATROW is still in HEATROW. We on the other side, wanna have more airports. KLIA EAst will kill KLIA and Malaysia will never be a regional airhub. How u expect an international passenger, let say from Abu Dhabi or Paris to KUL and wanna continue his journey on AIRASIA ticket to Borneo to go about his travel. Why dont we have it all in KLIA?? The forever corrupted politicians and their cronies already strike golds in all the major projects, why we wanna feed them more? Eventhough KLIA EAst will be privately funded, where do you think they will loan the money from? How about the roads,tolls, rail tracks and infrastructures such as CIQ complex? Who going to build them? Whos money? How about extra Air tRaffic controllers, airport fire personnel, immigration, custom, police officers,etc. Is AirAsia going to have all these privately own? i salute u Tony if so…. well OUR MONEY again. Malaysian Tax payer money! Looks like Tony may buy back all the AIRASIA shares and de-list it from BURSA MALAYSIA, so he do not need to make public all his financial performance. So the rakyat will not know what the figures like for this East project.
    Why cant we just have one KLIA and lets expand it. Plenty of land surrounding the airport. By the way, the distance between KLIA and newly suggested KLIA EAst is merely 5 nautical miles apart. Even Paris Charles De Gaulle and Le Bourget not that close. Not even La Guardia and JFk in New York. Bear in mind, our air traffic controllers and their automations not on par compare to these people.
    Lets have everything under ONE roof la. MAS sucks, AIRASIA sucks, MALAYSIA GOVERNMENT sucks…right hand donno what the left is doin..
    happy business kenny

  240. 2 years later lets hope this posting is still here so that when KLIA east dint turn out well we can slap your face with it

  241. They shouldn’t build LCCT in the first place, there are 1 of a kind cheapskate airport ala Pudu Raya airway facility really sucks, sucks indeed, I am totally support on new construction in Labu east rather than tussle with MAS domination and received numerous criticism from angry peoples. It’s a waste sh!t, man.

  242. I am Singaporean and I can safely say on behalf of many Singaporeans that we DO NOT want to invade and conquer Malaysia….. coz if we suceed, your problems become our problems….
    we are 75% chinese and people here have equal rights…. does not make sense to conquer Malaysia to become a minority race…
    in short the cons of conquering Malaysia far outweighs the benefits… not worth it even if we can pull it off…
    we are happy with our Changi airport, we don’t really don’t need 3 more airports…. thank you very much

  243. I flew back from Bangkok few weeks ago. Its true, LCCT doesn’t reflect an airport, more to a warehouse or worst than the Subang airport that used to be in the 90s.
    However, the new airport will cost RM 1.6 billion.
    Air Asia claimed it will not bear by the consumers. Then, who bear? Air Asia? Sime Darby? Who wants to make a non profitable business at the worst time like this?
    Air Asia got the $$$? Read this.
    Air Asia loss RM 215 million for 3rd quarter last year. So we assume Sime Darby will pay RM1.6 billion. Do you think Sime Darby will built it for free? Think again.
    Well, if you ask me if TF paid KS for this post, I don’t really care, GOD knows.
    If you ask me, if Air Asia deserve a new airport, I said its subjective. Yes, LCCT might be a run down, but it can be renovated or expanded.
    No point bashing KLIA or anyone else, we don’t really know the story behind it.
    Just think sensible, would you use RM 1.6 billion to built an airport for free?
    What IF this whole saga just to speculate to make Air Asia and Sime Darby stocks up?

  244. there are so many things wrong about the scenic bridge.
    have you seen the artist impression of the bridge? Its “S” shape….
    tell me…. does it make ANY sense to spend twice as much resource to build a bridge almost twice as long so I can burn twice as much petrol and spend twice as much time getting to the other side!!???
    totally got no logic and no benefits for commuters…
    scenic bridge…. got nice scenery meh?
    i am fine with you guys wasting your tax money but pls dun waste mine…

  245. As ridiculous as it may sound, I believe Sime Darby is happy to pay for the airport. If I have as much money as Sime Darby, personally I’d be more than happy to pay for the airport as well.
    Look at it this way. According to Wikipedia, only 35% of an airport’s revenue is earned through airport tax. 65% of an airport’s revenue is earned through retail space rented out to F&B and boutique outlets. On top of that Sime Darby is also planning to develop the areas surrounding the Labu airport into a lively township. The partnership between AirAsia and Sime Darby is synergistic. So eventhough an airport may cost RM 1.6 billion to build, it is not a non-profitable business. It is an investment that will reap amazing returns – if executed correctly.
    AirAsia brings in the traffic, Sime Darby develops services to cater towards the traffic. I think it is a smart business idea.

  246. Ah…ur getting there. So if Sime Darby is paying, Where is the money coming from? Don’t tell me that Sime Darby so smart using their own money from their own account to fund this?
    They have to use someone’s else money to fund it. And guess who going to cough up the $$$? And especially who is going to guarantee the loan.

  247. Dude, I already said that AirAsia did not pay me a single sen to write this entry. What more you want me to say?
    I wrote this entry because I personally am very interested with the aviation industry in Malaysia. I find the competition between MAS and AirAsia very fascinating. I think Tony Fernandes and Idris Jala are bothh geniuses who know how to make great business decisions, and that all aspiring businessmen should learn from them. I do not want to see AirAsia die. I do not want to see MAS die. I want to see healthy competition between the two so that we as consumers can reap the rewards.
    Yes, I believe people in AirAsia’s communications team ARE indeed reading all the blogs and forums on the internet about them. If you are a company, aren’t you interested to know what other people are saying about you? I would.
    Yes, I gave permission for AirAsia to republish my blog entry on their microsite. AirAsia’s microsite previously published Lim Kit Siang’s blog entry as well. Are you saying that AirAsia paid Lim Kit Siang as well?
    Can you be more optimistic and less pessimistic and less suspicious as if everybody around you trying to rip you off?
    If you manage to come back and read this comment, please say one thing NICE for a change. Anything.

  248. Caught you contradicting yourself a couple of times. *sigh* Ppl, watch the thread and how Kenny replies. Of course dun feed the troll yet, just trawl.
    Kenny, if you feel KLIA is too expensive/extravagant, what do you call building another airport and letting the existing one rot? Again, I sincerely think the LCCT shortcomings can be fixed.
    At the end of the day, this deal goes thru, it just gonna make some rich geezers stinking rich. Too bad it aint me. And guess who are the losers? Millions of RM goes to waste. Our country waste too much $$$. Of course its fun to see DrM trying to stop something that he once a part of though. Insaf kot.

  249. What if Sime Darby has cash reserve? What if Sime Darby is indeed paying the airport with money from their own account?
    Where is the money coming from? Well, why don’t you look it up? 😉
    I looked up Wikipedia and it seems like Sime Darby is already pretty successful in several ventures in the palm oil industry, real estate (they built Ara Damansara), and motoring (they own Auto Bavaria). I’m pretty sure all these businesses have generated enough profit for them over the years to build up a substantial cash reserve. It is with these cash reserve that they can invest in new projects, like the proposed Labu Airport.
    I can’t speak on behalf of Sime Darby of course. But looking at it form a business perspective, I am pretty sure that is the case.
    Any businessmen out there care to offer any alternative explanation?

  250. How am I contradicting myself?
    Why would KLIA rot if Labu is built? Malaysia Airlines did not die when AirAsia was set up, right? Using my limousine and budget taxi example, both takes you from A to B but servicing different segments of society.
    If this deal goes through, it is going to make someone rich and I say that someone deserves to be rich. As long as they’re not exploiting people, smart people deserves to be rich. Would you rather smart people be rich or stupid people be rich?
    But let’s look at it from another perspective.
    Let’s say this deal do not go through. Can you imagine the scenario?
    AirAsia stays in LCCT. AirAsia stops expanding. MAB continues to collect rental fee from MAS, AirAsia and all other airlines. MAB still has monopoly over all three airports in Kuala Lumpur and continues to rape taxpayer’s money by continuing to provide subpar services and extorting charges. It is still gonna make some geezer stinking rich and it is still not gonna be you.
    Again I ask ya, would you rather smart people be rich or stupid people be rich?

  251. hahaha….no need to care so much la…malaysian, talk talk nia la. which airline cheaper they fly which one lo. obviously AirAsia is cheaper ma. so even their mouth say wasting $$$ but in the end still fly with AirAsia and end up landing on the klia@east runway also….wahahaha

  252. AH, screw the government. I’m sick and tired of all this government protection rubbish.
    I bet Mahathir is trying to protect his source of income from the airports. Since when did that crony-spawning, white-elephant Circus Master ever had any actual concern for the prudent of money? His legacy shall always been known as the waste of it.)
    Our private sector has always been one of our strongest points in our economy, but of course its progress and potential has always been throttled with idiotic government control.
    I say, take the fight to the government. Let AirAsia compete their balls off. Let the government controlled airport lose money. Force them to shape up, or ship out.
    Inefficient government control needs to be weakened in Malaysia!
    And screw all you cynics and unbelievers. If someone says they haven’t been paid, then trust him. Trust is an integral pillar of society, like it or not.

  253. When you take a stand paid or no paid you have to be prepared to be hit hard or soft. Goodwill, is future payment. Publicity is getting payment in one form or any other. So go Bananas.

  254. GOD
    If someone decided to build a new house on the street down from your house, what’s it to you?
    You don’t pay for anything, you don’t needa do jack shit.
    Everyone has NO RIGHT to tell airasia where to build their airport.
    If the government has approved it, YOU ALL CAN JUST SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.
    (unless of course you live in Labu and they’re threatening to clear your house for the land, in which case bad luck life is unfair sucks to be you)

  255. well well….hopefully this new airport is able to cater for few thousand growth in future…..Let’s hope there will be no more hassle of moving to a new airport again in future. lol.

  256. I disagree with you kenny..I think LCCT should not be build in the 1st place and the gov and airasia should compromise each other. You know why airsia got booted out from klia?is because gov was jealous with airasia that there are making money at that time and MAS was not making profit.
    THis is all politics…corruptions are the main factor in all this. Why just not invite airasia back to klia?I bet klia is a ghost town now…so make full use of klia rather than wasting building another airport…let say if labu airport is build, what happen to lcct?will be vacant?…is a waste of money man..

  257. Kenny, i cannot thank you enough to let us have an insight on this issue. Seriously I had no idea that this proposal is facing so much a problem! Anyway, I couldnt agree more with you. Ever since I saw the ad on the new airport, believe me, I was among the first to rejoice over such a brilliant plan! And yes, the current lcct is BAAAAAD. You should show more: passengers wait while sitting on the FLOOR, others are sitting OUTSIDE facing the hot sun for transport to arrive. And so true, if the fare is almost the same as MAS, i would rather head to KLIA without having to squeeeze like sardines in a can, even though MAS’s planes to kch from kl are smaller. You NAILED IT RIGHT,KENNY!

  258. Malaysia can have the biggest, nastiest, most kick-ass infrastructure in the whole wide world….
    but its just never ever gonna be as efficient and productive as our counterparts, let alone the world.
    too much bureaucracy, too much red-tape, too many greedy inmoral politicians to feed.

  259. I BET WHOEVER OBJECTS HAS NEVER EVER USED AIR ASIA BEFORE. NEVER. Just try for a day especially in rainy weather using lcct and you tell me.

  260. Here’s the FACTS:
    1. AirAsia has NO choice but to build their own airport. As a private airline, they receive little or NO support from government since Day 1 of opperation.
    2. Cost of operation IN BUSINESS longterm is much cheaper if you don’t pay any rental.
    Furthermore, KLIA Labu does not cost you a single cent. Why oppose? Why bother?
    3. Yes, KennySia is shoe-polishing, so what? He has to right to do so. It has nothing to do with you (Leonard). If you do, you are probably JEALOUS.
    Alfred K

  261. I for one think that air asia should just stick to operating in klia. No point in constructing klia east if we are to realise the aspirations of making KUL a world-class ‘hub’. This will never be realised without air asia’s presence in a centralised HUB. Most of the other airlines including MAS do not generate enough traffic to turn KUL into a world-class hub. Come on .. most travellers would swap KL for singapore or bangkok at the blink of an eye.
    I know this makes me look like some air asia hater here and yes i’ve never flown the Tony Fernandes AK yet. However I’ve flown through the LCCT many times before on other airlines operating there. SO i must agree with everyone out there who thinks that the LCC ‘terminal’ sucks. It does after all look like a humongous makeshift metal shed. Cargo apron turned airport terminal which gives the most horrible impression of malaysia ever to travellers. As if the inside doesn’t look horrible enough, the outside is even worse.
    This is the part where we can start blaming the ineficient MAHB. For all these years, we have been hearing all talk but no action over the purported expansion of KLIA. MAHB should have started off with the construction of KLIA North which it is suggestin now. Even a non-traveller realises the exponential growth of air asia over the years. They’re even flying to europe in a few months time. What has taken MAHB so long to build a new terminal for LCC’s. There are other LCC’s as i stated that also utilise the LCCT for their flights.
    The current LCCT does not have the capacity to cater to air asia’s growth that’s for sure especially with the no. of airbuses ordered. That happens to be my only point for supporting KLIA East.
    I may seem like i’m contradicting myself but I just think that MAHB and AK or even the govt. should look for an amicable solution out of this. Perhaps KLIA East is Tony Fernandes on way of hastening MAHB’s pace for KLIA’s expansion. Hands down i think that Air asia should continue operating from KLIA. We are no London to have 4 airports or 2 in our case sorrounding us. Phew .. i could just go on about this but that would be considered spamming! Nice pictures of the old air asia and suvarnabhumi you have kenny!

  262. Dear All Readers,
    The issue in this entry is about Tony Fernandes proposing a new airport for Air Asia to meet its business operation demand & overcome the bureaucracy & incompetence MAHB.
    It is not fair for any of you (regardless how smart or stupid your comments were) to criticise Kenny. He has not done anything wrong. He is not spending your tax money to build the airport.
    Should Sime Darby & Air Asia have to resort to building the new airport through their own means of funding, and resulting in wastage in money… then you guys should actually do the right thing when the next general or by election come.
    If our beloved Malaysia & its government would be competent enough to plan it all well, execute the plan well, optimising the complementary roles of its GLCs & agency to support businesses operation, then We could have save alot of wastage & redundancy.
    Why can’t MAHB accomodate Air Asia?
    Why can’t they build an international standard LCCT in KLIA?
    Why must they embarass Air Asia & Malaysians to visiting foreigners with the sore condition of LCCT?
    Why the goverment not taking this issue seriously, as it is leaving Air Asia got bullied by MAHB & letting MAS enjoying unfair competition & privilege?
    Why don;t the government insist the parties involved to meet up & have a thorough discussion & come up with a win-win-win solution?
    Why must the government let this silly issue of its own GLC incompetence getting out of control?
    *It’s all because of conflicting interest (RM)… So, next time, make sure we all vote them out!

  263. I know when it comes to money… People tend to get alittle emotional. Alot of you out there would take the easy way & bash Sime Darby & Air Asia for wanting to spend another big sum of money (probably because many of us could never earn 1.6 billion in our lives).
    1.6 billion or 10 billion or whatever the figure can be… is always high. It is just a figure. A manipulative figure.
    When we “spend” & there is “return”, it is called “investing”. An investment of 1.6 billion may actually generate a multi billion return for MAlaysia, through multiplying effect.
    Building an airport is an investment. Though we are spending 1.6 billion, if the airport can bring in the traffic of XXX number of visiting travelers & foreigners, create jobs to XXX number of people, generate economic activities around the area, add up worth more than 1.6 billion a year, then it is worth every single cent!
    People’s earning, welfare & lives could have been improved!

  264. Leonard the f*cked up economist,
    Population does not equal to demand.
    If there is a big population… but they don’t have $$$, then they would not have BUYING POWER. Without buying power, there could not be demand.
    We all know there are big population in the northern states, no doubt. I’m not suggesting northern folks don’t have $$$ & buying power. No offence to anyone also.
    But the people who has the $$$ & buying power are travelling in
    & out through central states. People DEMANDED to use their $$$ & buying power in central states.
    Therefore, demands create need. And NEED is answered with SUPPLY. Airports are built in central zones to meet the DEMAND.
    Thus, this is actually how the demand & supply actually works.
    Luckily, USA opted for Bernanke, instead of appointing you as federal reserve chairman in order to save the world economies.

  265. I detest FATBOYSIA because he acts like a hotshot and thinks he’s all that when in actual fact:
    1. He’s well…fat.
    2. He’s ugly.
    3. He’s short….and fat.
    4. He tries to speak with a fake accent that’s neither British nor Australian and has the audacity to critique other people’s command in English.
    5. He’s well… kinda FAT.
    6. He documents his 6 hour plus WALK as “running a marathon”. ;p
    7. He thinks he’s a bodybuilder and wears tops and shorts that are 2 sizes too small when in fact he’s well… fat. He has a social obligation to conceal the disgusting amount of lard he carries around him, especially when he’s out walking (he claims he runs) about Kuching city. My God, does he have a mirror?
    8. He thinks he’s some hotshot business-savvy investor/player when in actual fact he’s just the youngest son of a upper-middle class family who doesn’t do or know shit. The elder brother does all the work, he just mopes around trying to act cool and get laid.
    9. He’s fat.
    10. Did I mention he’s fat?
    I’m gonna post this on his website and see how fast fatso deletes this list.

  266. I’m all for transparency. I’m waiting with suspense for them to announce how this “private” funding works. If they can or dare to tell how they go about this so called “private” funding.
    Again, i highly doubt they will dip to their own reserve with Sime’s current performance and current economic climate. I guess its up to AirAsia/Sime Darby to reveal otherwise so i can put my foot in my own mouth.
    I’m all for the airport if they can prove/show us how this “private” funding will not come from the public’s money at all.
    Irregardless MAHB problems, these are human / relations / bureaucracy issues that can be resolved by Govt intervention without having to build another airport. A RM 10 billion airport not fully utilised is an utter waste.

  267. took me a while to understand why “air asia might land on amber chia’s chest”. now i understand. hahaha…

  268. kenny sia has written a very rational and just post on klia-east at labu. not only will the project benefit the rakyat of malaysia, think of the development it will bring to labu, seremban. before klia and F1 was built on sepang, like who the hell has ever heard of sepang? anyway kenny sia, dont pay heed to the flamers. this is YOUR blog, your OPINIONS, for goodness sake as long as you are not violating any humanitarian laws or compromising ethics, you can post a picture of your own toilet dump if you want to. all for airasia, all for kenny sia.

  269. I don’t think Air Asia’s mode of approach in dealing with the issue is wrong. Yes, i admit its unconventional but thats how the society go…new, fresh and creative direction and still ethical and clean. So wad if Tony is being different? Doesnt mean he’s stupid. And kenny is also among the not-so-conventional. The way he writes is simple so that it is easier to be understood..doesnt mean he’s stupid. In fact its brilliant! and btw…DONT YOU EVER USE AIR ASIA AND LCCT?

  270. Kenny, do you REALLY support the project or are you saying that you do because you’re being paid?
    Nothing wrong with that, it’s your blog. Please just declare it if you have been paid to support the project.

  271. Let me just say that I’ll never trust Air Asia to make any kind of business commitment that isn’t purely profit driven. Who do you think is going to bear the cost for the construction? How much do you think you’ll be paying for airport admin fees each time you fly when you use Labu? From my experience and from friends’ comments, Air Asia is an arrogant company and they are quite happy to take risks with passengers lives if it means making more money. Here’s a personal example.
    I just came back from a trip to Bali and I used Air Asia. Our return flight (scheduled for 7:05pm) was delayed due to “technical issues” with the incoming flight so we were bumped to the next flight which was scheduled to leave 1 hour 35 mins after our original flight at 8:40pm.
    As you may know, Air Asia has an On-Time-Guarantee thing that presents you with a RM200 e-voucher if the flight is delayed by 2 hours or more.
    The flight we were bumped to landed at 8:45pm so they were already running late. Basically, they needed to take off before 9:05 pm to avoid paying out OTG vouchers. To avoid paying this out, they rushed all the passengers on board without checking our ticket stubs at all. And they didn’t have time to replenish the food on board so about 90% of the passengers couldn’t buy a meal. I don’t have details on procedures for refueling and other checks but I’m sure they did a thorough job in the 15 mins between flight landing and takeoff.
    Obviously they missed the 2 hour timeframe and took off at 9:10pm and obviously our emails requesting the OTG has been met with silence.
    On another note, we met a European couple who were bumped 3 flights. They were scheduled for a 3+pm flight which got canceled and were rescheduled for 5+pm, which was canceled, and then the 7pm flight which was also canceled. Maybe they were told it was due to technical problems too but what does it say about an airline that cancels 3 flights in a row? A lot of faulty planes? Or just maximising profits by squeezing everyone onto 1 flight?
    While we’re on the subject of the OTG, try surfing the Air Asia website and try to apply for a claim. Good luck finding the right page for it.
    Please note that I’m not criticizing Air Asia just because they didn’t give us our OTG (even though they should have). We’ve had other unpleasant experiences with their staff many times and this has nothing to do with MAHB at all since it’s Air Asia staff we were dealing with.
    Before I sign off, to be fair, MAS has it’s share of shenanigans too. I tried booking a flight to Kuching from KL for CNY and was excited to hear that they had removed the fuel surcharge for domestic flights. Checking the prices prior to this news, the fare was around RM882 return.
    AFTER the announcement, I checked the fare and it was …. RM882. A few days later I checked and it’s RM1000.

  272. Hey man we are taliking about airport here. Who care if he is fat or not..Emmmmm..Are u too skinny and jelous that he can get fat?

  273. 1. Last time MAS arrogant. Cannot lower the air fare.
    2. When Air Asia struck success offering lower fare MAS also follow with Firefly.
    3. Last time Air Asia want to use Subang airport, government don’t let. Now they let Firefly use Subang. Not fair.
    4. They just want to give Air Asia a hard time.
    5. MAS vs Air Asia is just like proton vs perodua.
    Personally, I am also a Air Asia supporter, I think Tony F. is very inspirational.
    I don’t think building another airport is a good idea. I agree with “nix” and “wicked” in their comments. Air Asia should either go back to KLIA or expand the LCCT.
    Dear Mr. Tony F. I hope you are “killing the chicken to let the bull see” You didn’t really want to build another new airport. I hope this incident will force the government to stop giving AA a hard time. Let AA use KLIA and Malaysia Airport charging AA a descent fees.
    Just my two cents.

  274. 1. Did anyone take into consideration of the Environmental Aspect of building another airport?. The airport required huge piece of LAND…something we no longer create and limited.
    2. KLIA is a waste now with low figures & no way can KTM support the transfer of passenger from Labu to KL Sentral. It is not mean for that purpose technically.
    3. I still don’t get it why we a 20mil plus population in Malaysia require 4 airports in KL. If no tax payer money involve… but the people’s land should take into consideration. The environmental impact is not reversible.
    4. GLC is not using tax payer money to invest but it uses tax payer month and EPF to ‘rescue’ their business when something go wrong or poor investment…. that also create ‘chain reaction’.
    5. Why can’t AirAsia, SIME plus MAHB try to build the new facility in KLIA to utilize the existing infras. Since Airasia and Sime willing to folk up half the amount to build the Labu Airport and the remaining being paid by MAHB???

  275. I respect Kenny’s reasons why AirAsia should go ahead with Labu. btw I think Amber Chia’s runaway will be quite smooth lah…
    On a serious note, we need to draw a line here.
    If AirAsia moved to Labu, then what would KLIA be? A ghost town? KLIA will be half-abandoned in no time and this would lead to another domestic crisis. In statistics, imagine from a 25mil passenger airport dropped to less than 15mil (minusing 10mil from LCCT)?
    In this case, national interest in growing KLIA to be a busier airport is much more important than to satisfy the interests of AirAsia or Sime Darby. Then what about other budget carriers that may not have the same view as AirAsia? Looking at the facts that AirAsia is paying for everything in Labu, I also doubt the fees passed onto the customers will be significantly cheaper than today’s. The most important factor to pricing is the fuel.
    Safety is another issue. It will also be a hassle for long haul travellers on normal carriers wanting to transfer to AirAsia flights immediately. Just imagine their baggage hassles. And not forgetting the confusion amongst foreigners with both called “KLIA”.
    And I also can’t name any prominent low cost carrier in Europe that manages its own terminal, even though these carriers are much bigger than AirAsia. The point is no one airline should monopolized a terminal for themselves, for example if Labu is for AirAsia and KLIA for MAS. They have to compete with each other under one roof, while sharing the exsting facilities, and not duplicating them again in Labu. As such duplication of not one facility but a host of them are a waste of resources, and I don’t know why Dato Tony called it “cost-effective”.
    Having said all the above, it is most important that the new LCCT is build near to KLIA main terminal and linked with the present Aerotrain rather than only ERL. In fact I had earlier suggested to build a NEW, permanent, huge cost-effective main terminal catering to all domestic and regional routes for AirAsia, MAS domestic and Firefly, etc; and then retaining the current main terminal for all international routes. Australia and other nations does this. Since MAS Domestic are now as cheap as AirAsia (sometimes), so why seggregate LCCT and High Class Terminal when we’re only one of the few coutries doing it?
    In my opinion, there should only be international and domestic/regional terminals at KLIA. Smaller planes should parked together. Firefly should operate out of KLIA and this will stop AirAsia using it as a bargaining chip for operating from Subang. Improve the bus/rail/taxi services within/to KLIA is more important than building new links to Labu.
    The inadequate land space in KLIA, soil problems and ERL tracks given by AirAsia are just lame excuses. All these can be easily tackled with the expertise today. And mind you KLIA has the largest landbank zoned for airport in the world. The only problem is the willingness of MAHB and AirAsia to jointly do something for the betterment of both parties. We should have learnt from our lessons of having two different LRTs in KL last time.

  276. My goodness!
    Did you actually read my entry or are you deliberately saying this to get on my nerves?
    I have said already that “NO”, I was not paid to write this entry. Please, read my entry first before making a completely random statement like that.

  277. ehh babi! if u have issues with ur own country, go fuck off to singapore. why would u want singapore to invade malaysia? are u that stupid on wanting to repeat the history of invasions? if everyone is in ur shoes then it’s fine but it’s just u… ur one ungrateful fucktard! why don’t u just fuck out from the country and leave everyone in peace?..

  278. May be Tony and his friendly parties should consider buying a sizeable stake in MAB and have few board seats, better still buy into MAS, and put both of them in his pocket, so Tony can do whatever he wants to do under the Malaysia sky! I am not sure whether our government are prepared even to sell off the “one golden share” which allows the government overturn any decisions made by the Board which does not favour public interest!
    I think it will cost a lot less than building a new airport for Tony and the Gang!

  279. Any new facility built Will be paid for by the Public, airports need Enormous Support Svcs from Govt. It is always worth a look-see at proposed location, WHO owns surrounding area, and land transactions in last decade. These projects mean Life or Death to dependent Small-Businesses and Major BOOM to Speculators.
    If existing facility can be Upgraded, it should be. Jist of pro & con debate mostly centres on Inefficiency in current System and need for Facelift. One indisputable FACT is No Accidents.

  280. I’m not sure if anyone has pointed this out earlier, but Kenny, I like the new layout. It’s discussion-friendly, and this particular post has generated a lot of healthy responses.
    There are a few unhealthy ones, but hey, it’s a free world right?

  281. Come on, Sime Darby had already attempted to get the IJN. This clearly shows that they have the financial capability to take on such ambitious projects

  282. They are just jealous that AirAsia will make big bucks.
    LCCT sucks and who’s providing you the cheaper fare? AirAsia or MAS?
    Happy Chinese New Year Tony Fernandez may you and your company get richer and hopefully once I graduate I’ll join you hahaha

  283. Yea, nice. Kenny, you’re sucking up to Tony Fernan, means that you’re sucking up to Khairy Jamaluddin as well. I bet they paid you nicely for the post.
    What a bastard. Who the fuck are you to criticize Tun Mahathir. You know fucking nothing about Malaysian politics, so just shut the fuck up.

  284. My Father owns 15% of the Air Asia Shares,15% of hilton’s share, 15% of Genting’s Share, 15 % of Kuching City, 15% of the Malaysian Land and 15% of the people’s republic of China’s Yuen. And I can assure you, we did not pay Kenny Sia a cent to blog. What do you think we are? Nuffnang? We fly jet planes, do you seriously think we are so free to read blog all the time. Duck you.

  285. i use AirAsia all the time and I totally support the KLIA east@Labu Airport in this case.for any of you who use Airasia as often as I do,u’ll know that we just have to move away from the current LCCT!just damn crowded!and hard to get seats to sit around waiting for the planes to arrive!so,for those of you who say kenny get paid ka,what ka,who cares?it’s his blog and like he said,he use airasia often,so for some people who talk about moving to labu bad plan bla bla bla,try experience Lcct first before say anything.

  286. kesian TF.
    try to improve Malaysia
    but not getting the support he should be getting
    Malaysia boleh?yeah right.
    i support u Tony Fernandes!

  287. I heard Tony’s part of his story, i heard the grumbling passengers part of the story.
    But is this really a good way? Is this the ONLY way? Can Tony be trustworthy?
    Sime Darby? I heard alot of rats from this company, from top to under the tables.

  288. You are wrong… a government should NOT think about business or run like a business
    A proper government should think about the needs of its people and take care of them. A government becomes screwed up and corrupt when its politicians start to behave like businessmen and look out for their own personal gains..

  289. that is such a low blow…. some pple hide behind the veil of internet and make all kinds of personal attacks… ur post tells a lot about your character and integrity…. i bet you have no guts to tell that to Kenny face to face…

  290. well both sides have their good points
    but at the end when i saw sime darby was involved ….. i would have to disagree with the new airport lol

  291. FYI, the current LCCT is going to cater most domestic AirAsia flights while the rest of AirAsia and AirAsia X planes will land on the new KLIA East.
    I personally don’t really care where the new airport is going to be built but in terms of AirAsa moving out, yes, I totally support that. Reason being:
    1) Current LCCT is worse than my local central bus station.
    2) Due to all the MTB and LCCT sharing the same runway, AirAsia’s flights are always delayed as they are overtaken by other so-called ‘non-budget’ airlines. This is Bullying.
    It’s good when a topic generates both positive and negative feedbacks that means we care. 😉

  292. It could be used for other low-fare airlines.
    This all makes perfect sense. AirAsia and MAS are both businesses. AirAsia are no longer content with providing sub-standard service with sub-standard facilities–they want to fly international, from a world-class airport.
    However, MAS runs the KL airports, and Air Asia pose a real threat to them. So they get to impose certain restrictions on Air Asia’s usage of the LCCT facilities. Hence the plans for a new airport. This being another threat, MAS are giving Air Asia trouble by probing into exactly how the new airport will be funded etc.
    Sime Darby is as good as any organisation to collaborate with on this project. They might have links to govt organisations, but look up their resume. There are loads of reasons why Air Asia picked them.
    It’s not a ‘For the Rakyat’ or ‘Ripping off the Rakyat’ thing. It involves strategic-thinking businessmen protecting their empires.
    Now the question is what does Tony want to achieve? Our approval? Then be transparent about the funding, show us how he plans to take care of the transportation, and prove to us that it will be a safe idea. Answer us honestly about the possibilities of hidden costs that might go towards the construction of this thing.
    Our tax money has been spent on more expensive, less useful projects before, and this one actually sounds useful. But if they want to do it, they better do it well.

  293. Taken from Lim Kit Siang’s thought on the matter.
    “Let AirAsia build its terminal at KLIA. Kennedy Airport in New York has different airlines operating different terminals but using common airside facilities.”
    I also have cause to question Airasia’s liquidity and the long period of non-payment. Bear in mind, the amount involved does not include interest.
    I’m not against the Labu airport per se. But what I am sick of is the mindless wasting of OUR money just to feather someone else’s nest. If the project can benefit US, then good.
    However, with all the info coming from respectable people who, esp. LKS, have dedicated their entire life to fighting the good fight, it is natural that we have our doubts.
    I say to Airasia and Mr. Fernandes, if you want it so badly, prove me wrong. Pay back MAHB, submit a proposal to locate your terminal on the existing and approved expansion land at KLIA. If the govt are being hard hats and refuse to negotiate reasonably than go ahead with Labu, BUT let US see how the land, building and maintenance is going to be funded with YOUR money.

  294. oh. my. f**king. god. now that is an educated comment. you’re a smart guy, and what you say is very true about malaysia practicing double standards and Isreal/Palestine ‘playing’ with each other. The world comes in triplets, not pairs. Eg: there are people who object AA’s new airport, there are also people who support AA’s new airport, last but not least, the 3rd party would be the people who could not care at all about AA’s new project.

  295. some people just don’t read do they? why do they keep asking if kenny sia is getting paid to write this? i don’t know whether if that certain habit exists among the online community but i have the feeling that there are people who actually skip everything in the post and goes to the comment section right after reading the title.

  296. Hey Kenny,
    Sometimes when I read posts/comments about how Malaysia’s officials are corrupt blah blah, I can’t help but compare it to the Philippines. Hahaha I love my country and all, but damn the public officials here are really the suck-your-money-dry-type, so much that they do it to your face.
    Anyway, what I can’t understand is this bunch of people telling you what to post and what not to post. Sure I love reading your light entries, but I also love reading your serious entries, and your personal entries (which shed light to who you are) are amazing too… This is a personal blog man, if you have a problem with it, why not create your own blog????
    AirAsia has helped me so much, just so you know. Because of AirAsia, my parents and I were able to go back to the Philippines every year instead of every two years back when I was still living in Brunei. Because of AirAsia, my dad and my mom were able to go back to the Philippines immediately when my grandmother died. Because of AirAsia, now that I’m studying in the Philippines, I am able to see my family every year.
    AirAsia has my support because of all the things we were able to do because of AirAsia.
    -A Student From the Philippines

  297. No matter what the spin, it will be criminal to go ahead with the Labu LCCT. It makes no economic or financial sense whatsoever.
    And the wastages at Bakun and new CIQ cannot be repeated. Two wrongs do not make a right.
    It is up to the Govt to mediate between AirAsia and MAB; MAB must be made to come to reasonable terms with its biggest and best paying customer or just sack the gaji buta management at MAB and replace it with those who are more commercial and business minded and not clouded by false patriotism to protect MAS and put a spanner in AA’s works!
    And oh, yeah, there no need for Tony F to suck up to Maha Firaun or explain anything to a man who is now irrelevant in post March 08 M’sia and who should just be put out to pasture in Langkawi or Japan!!

  298. u r so pathetic.
    seriously, u r not fit in any country in the world if u even condemn ur own country,regardless of how mediocre it is compare to the other so-called first world countries.

  299. Hoolala!!! Guys!! If KENNY SIA is a FUCKED UP MONEY SUCKER who gets paid for blogging, then what happen to Chedet’s advertising space? Sooner or later, perhaps we should also doubt the truth in chedet. Due to financial issues, chedet had to put up advertorial spaces too!! LOL!!!
    It’s not whether a person gets paid or not to blog, it is using your own common sense to judge. I may support Air Asia but I do not point a gun in your head just because you are against KLIA East.
    For goodness sake, Kenny Sia may be an authority in humour sense but he had no authority in political agenda/view. So stop pointing that he lost his credibility on such a personal point of view.

  300. Whether we agree with this project or not, Kenny Sia has actually pointed out Air Asia’s remarkable PR approach in responding to heavy critics and even vicious insults.
    Instead of simply pointing fingers to others and playing blame game, Air Asia has been actively engaged in public debate on the necessity to build a new low cost carrier terminal.
    It even set up a Website and sends out email to its customers as an effort to reach out larger base of stakeholders.
    Neither I am a supporter of Air Asia nor I have endorsed the idea to build a new LCCT in Labu, however, I am truly impressed with the fact that this is probably for the 1st time ever in Malaysia, a large local corporate giant tries to counter back the critics from dissidents with facts and figures and takes initiative to engage in public debate.

  301. Have Kenny Sia ever read Malaysian Airports Berhad statement over this issue?
    LCCT sucks because of AirAsia itself. FOr the sake of “low cost”, it want no aerobridges, small airport etc. LCCT is made based on AirAsia’s business projection. Now as AirAsia’s growth exceeds expectation, it starts bitting MAB.
    ANyway, I wonder if is it true that the KLIA-East is half the price of LCCT that MAB want to build. Moreover, MAB says their airport will complete on 2012, while AirAsia airport will complete on March 2011. MAB also says they have enough cash to build the LCCT without government money.
    So why Kenny Sia says “But due to problems with the soil and the train tracks, it will take twice as long to build and cost twice as much. As consumers, are you prepared to pay extra for that? Do you all want to pay more for your air tickets?”
    Your argument that KLIA-East will cost no tax payer money is far from truth, as government will have to station security personnels, custom and immigration officers and other agencies staffs. If MAB build its LCCT instead, the new terminal can pool the resources with adjacent KLIA.

  302. 30,000,000 passengers/yr @ 200 pax/flight
    = 150,000 flights/yr
    = 410 flights/day
    = 22 flights/hr of 18 hours operations in a day
    = 2 flights/minutes

  303. You guys did not ask Kenny the right question. By merely asking “Was Kenny paid direclt or indirectly by Air Asia? is not a good question. Any lawyers in town will easily advise you how the answer to the question can circumvent the real subject raised.
    May I suggest a more comprehensive question:-
    “Have Kenny Sia, persons connected (as defined under Companies Act, 1965) or close friends/business associates to him has/have any interest or gain or promise to gain interest (financially or othewise), either directly or indirectly from Tony and or Air Asia or any person connected or close friends/business associates to Tony and Asia from this spinning?”
    Tony or Air Asia or friends would not be so stupid to directly issue a cheque to Kenny for this spin, right?:):):)
    Something are more valueable than merely cash, for eg, if Tony can introduce Kenny to the corridors of power, that can be more lucrative.
    The market talk for arrangememt to meet some top guns can cost you arms and legs.
    And you already know how connected Tony is?

  304. omg now THAT is one hell of an asinine comment. wtf.
    HELLO of course you build it as close to kl as possible!!!!! penang WTF. got airport already la you think penang very big issit =.=

  305. bingo. i live 15 minutes from LaGuardia and 25 minutes from JFK. nope… no air collisons. just us airways plane landing in the hudson wtf.

  306. dude. sometimes it’s better to start from scratch than try to fix problems that were there from day 1. if the foundations were not laid properly to begin with (metaphorically speaking), you can do as many renovations as you want and it still will be problematic.

  307. you gotta be kidding me. when was the last time you flew air asia? as of late, i have encountered more delays on MAS than air asia.
    the “air asia is always late” argument is TOTALLY old. =.= get with the times!

  308. Kenny is welcome to his opinion – well thought out or not. Its his site so he can say what we wants – so please lets stop the personal attacks.
    My view is that the public or rakyat are sick and tired of projects such as this being suddenly approved without proper public cosnultation – such as a clear EIA report and a economic report.
    Malaysia has a national aviation masterplan which KLIA is the centrepiece. KLIA is underutilised and has a large land bank for development. This nonsense about soil and ERL in the way can be overcome easily with new construction techniques.
    Of course there is an issue about the management of MAHB – and the government needs to step in to ensure there is strong progressive management team that can help Air Asia grow at KLIA. It just requires political will.
    The idea of Labu Airport just adds to the numerous numbers of sudden proejcts willfilly announced by this government without due process.
    On another point – the current LCCT is a mess. But as with other airports the issues there can be resolved in the short term by proper management of the facility such as proper human and vehicle traffic flow and proper enforcement.
    Firstly only allow passengers into the building – as most airports globally are doing that now. Police and MAHB security need to stop screwing around and actually enforce and manage traffic in and around the LCCT.
    Air Asia should have more manned desks – too often I see unmanned desks. Assigned seating will also help stop the people jumping qeueu and rushing the exit ramps.
    As for KLIA – there should be a clear plan for the LCCT with inputs from all Low cost carriers. And the LCCT should have a proper free link with the Main Terminal Building.
    Its time to focus on our enegry on building KLIA as the national hub and manage its growth professionally.
    Duplication of resources during these tough economic times is a waste and just plain nonsense.
    As for Labu – being 100% financed by private funds – I just don’t buy it. Of course TNB, Water, Police and so many other public services are involved. Thus tax money will be going into the project in many various forms.

  309. I fully support the Air asia new airport.Without AA the airfare within malaysia from Mas is a bomb those days and yet they are crying and complaining about loosing money flying locally.
    Only after AA appear they start to compete and know how to start online booking.
    This country don’t look at facts and figures to approve a project.The criteria are skin colour, are you a umno members?, who is the high profile behind you etc.
    They are not proud if the project is achieved by a non malay malaysian.Their mentality never change and please dont believe them.
    After the KT lesson they are still snorbish and narrow minded.
    Look at the LCC sign when driving to the LCCT. If you are not careful and sharp you will miss the turn and head straight to KLIA terminal.
    Why must they treat AA like a penumpang co.They are contributing so much to the comsumers and tourist industries.The spin off is fantastic and far reaching.
    Dont tell me the govt did not realised it. Dung head.!!
    Real pitiful. Very soon it will be ‘NOW YOU SEE NOW YOU DON’T’ for this govt.
    Hurray change is coming…!!!!!!!

  310. In life, no individual will do any thing for others without an agenda. Good or bad intentions, there will always be an agenda. We do not know kenny’s agenda. But what he said does make some sense. However, as a consumer, I do not really care if airline companies build a huge airport with bells and whistles, or a small airport with nothing but a vending machine. As long as It’s value for money, I will go for it.

  311. to those who try to link Kenny’s piece on KLIA East with his previous hate-love-idolization of Tony.F, you are sick with hate and jealousy, and incapable of logic thinking.
    let me point out why.
    first, even if he idolizes the man, or in someway receives perks from AirAsia, or about to be called up by Tony with lucrative offerings, tell me… ENLIGHTEN ME, just what pisses you off so much? I can’t help but smell jealousy, judgement passed with so much hate, blindly ignoring the points he put forward in defense of KLIA East. Imagine yourself being called up by Tony. How will you gloat about it? Well, reality is, you don’t have that ability and is not that attractive.
    second, i read waste and redundancy. Apart from blind support for whatever that comes out from Mahathir, just what have you haters out there have reasoned out to counter Kenny’s points? Talk about waste and redundancy? How about first asking the government how millions of tax payers money spent on construction of buildings that collapses before opening ceremony? That’s not waste? Or how about the people’s money used in bailing out incompetent GLCs?
    How about TimeDotCom, being a proven failure, was awarded a 3G license only to be used to squeeze money out from DiGi? DiGi, on the other hand, being a fully private company that has played a role in bringing about competition that benefits end users, was being punished because it refuses to submit to the demands of the leeches to surrender their success to the NEP leeches.
    You just have to look at DiGi to understand what the UMNO leeches are trying to do with AirAsia. MAS is just another Telekom Malaysia, an incompetent conglomerate that survives not on its own merit & ability, but by monopoly rights handed out on silver platter by Government. Try to visit a TM customer service center and you will wonder why on earth we have ONLY ONE horrible fixed line/isp operator.
    KLIA East is not going to be built using tax money. So what waste? Whose money wasted? What Mahathir and the looting thieves are worried is AirAsia’s success and their inability to control it. This is the real reason that scares the sh*t out of these UMNO leeches – because they have absolutely no idea how to ‘rob’ them. More frightening than that is AA or Sime’s success means the demise of one of their existing looting machine, MAS and MAHB. They have been trying to shoot down AirAsia for its success over the incompetent MAS (thus Firefly and route monopoly). Yes. To be successful in Malaysia is a SIN if you do not give control of your success (and your life) to the UMNO/Mahathir leeches.
    third, on allegations that Sime is related to Badawi. if this is true, then it explains the ferocity of Mahathir’s attacks. but if we look at the bigger picture, isn’t Mahathir controlling all businesses in GLCs via Khazanah too? MAHB is owned by Khazanah. In essence, this is just another proxy battle of Mahathir vs Badawi using Khazanah vs Sime. AirAsia is only wanting to expand and it knows the strangulation put on its neck by MAS and MAHB. As Kenny points out, end user benefits. So where is your logic, Mahathir lovers?
    fourth, have you been using LCCT? Have you experienced the horror of the incompetency that is running rampant there? The delays, the increasingly packed terminals, the state of inefficient and unfriendly customer service, all that you can get from KLIA minus the luxury interiors, and worse.
    fifth, Tony and AirAsia have made a name for Malaysia abroad more than all our Mahathir’s men combined (Proton, MAS, World Records, Angkasawan and the likes). Tony’s success has been much revered and is comparable with that of Richard Branson’s. In any case, he is the perfect example of the Malaysian Dream, the BOLEH factor. His only sin, (just as that of Everest climber – no proper recognition and in addition, denied family burial) is he is an Indian and he refuses to submit to the demands of Mahathir’s gang of leeches.

  312. What is wrong with u people.Why cant we say anything that pleasure or displeasure us. I know this is Kenny’s blog, he can say whatever he want but why having blog in 1st place if we cant say our opinion. Be it nice or not, this is not main stream media..Im disagree, so i voice it out, no censoring!!. I smell fishy, i utter it out. Jealousy?? Then all of you just keep quiet la when politicians are cashing in money (ya tax money etc) to not be jealous. Come on,we share our thoughts here, agree or disagree..say ya share la.
    I agree with “ah bern”, no body thought about the irreversible effects on the environment. During this hastily done construction, can anyone bet no flood, no landslide, no other problems surroundng the area? Come one AirASia, MAB promise to construct LCCT expansion by 2012, u said u cant wait and your KLIA East will be ready in 2011. Just 1 year!!! Do you how much resources and energy have to be compromised just to justify 1 year early??? Oh my GOD..
    I agree with “shaz” too. Previously, AK wanted their own ground, they asked MAB help to have their own terminal which suits their model and their expansion projection. Dont want aerobridges, dont want this, dont want that, as long we are somewhere else and no other airline “kacau” us. And now after years of operation and getting cramppy and no more comfy, bitting on MAB back and telling them “u r no good,thank you for help. im moving out”..
    So it will be privately fund??so? This is airport we r talking about. Not a corporate building. Airport for public use. Public fund and public interest have to be used in a way or another.
    SOmeone was talking about other airline bullying AK and cutting the line for departures and arrival,thats why AK flights are always delayed. Where u all learn this ah?? Do you know how traffic flow at airports? Departure aircrafts will be put in Q according to who requested flight and push back clearances first. But even if u r supposedly no 2 for takeoff but u arrived very much early at the takeoff runway, ATC will normally ask permission from No 1 aircraft to let u go 1st. One more thing, most of the time runway in use for takeoff is runway 32R, which the most closest to LCCT terminal. So what bullying and delay are we talking about. AK flight delays because of their own doing. They plan it as such the airplane should turnaround in 25minutes. CRAZY man. Dont know whether the brakes may be sufficiently cooled or not. If the aircraft was delayed on the 1st leg of the flight, then next leg flight will be definately delayed. This is called SNOWBALLING EFFECT!.
    I totally disagree with KLIA East@LAbu, expand KLIA instead. Period.

  313. Firstly – has this project been approved or not?
    Sime Darby and Air Asia said cabinet had approved it. Then the DPM Najib suddenly announces this week that they are undecided and are looking at it.
    WTF? Someone is lying – either Sime and AA or the government. Knowing the way things are done – probably both are lying.
    Would it not have been far more sensible for there have been a debate before a decision is made – the the rakyat would probably have giver Tony some slack. As it is the whole thing smells so fishy it rots.
    The fact of the matter any project like this will involve public funds – particularly with the need for public facilities such as police, security, water, roads etc etc…
    Public funds will be needed to sort out DCA and flight rules and so on.
    As for the current LCCT – my own view is that the chaos can be managed if both MAHB and Air Asia put proper resources into its management. Extra manpower is needed for all check in counters. Too often I see half the desks empty at peak time with only one desk per aircraft. This is Air Asia’s responsibilty. Also the traffic outside is awful because no body at MAHB or the Police enforce the rules.
    Simple things like that can make a difference.
    so MAHB and Air Asia – please grow up and get cracking on the problems. And it would help if Air Asia paid its bills to MAHB – then MAHB would be more cooperative. Hell – none of us work for free do we?

  314. To me, Airasia (AK) shud concentrate on making the airline as one of the best low cost airlines in the world. I travelled a lot and I cud see, AK flights are delayed most of the time.In flight services SUCKS.
    We are willing to pay for the inflight services but most late flights are served with instant noodles.And sometimes, instant noodles are also out of stock.
    I am not going to talk about the technical part of airport operation bcoz not everybody will understand.But remember, SAFETY in the air is crucial. When you fly a plane, you are concerned about flight safety, the traffic dispersal in the air and separation whether vertically or laterally are important between airplanes.This is the job of our ATC guys ( I was up there for 13 years). The present runway utilization at KLIA is 60 movement (land/take-off) per hour.We are yet to achieve this.If we have another airport in the vicinity (KLIA East) there will be more delays to both airports and due to traffic, both airports are not contributing to the requirement. There will be more delays and AIR SAFETY may be compromised. So, please forget about building KLIA East. Air safety is important and I am sure, KLIA East will not be able to get the certification from DCA/ICAO due to its close proximity with the current KLIA and the high grounds to the eastern region which will restrict airplanes orbitting.
    Present KLIA is still under-utilized and the claims by AK that the charges imposed by Mahb is high is mere nonsence. In fact. AK has been enjoying a lot of incentives to the extend that their debts to MAHB was paid with a huge discount. And yet,AK is still asking for more and biting the hands of the agency who are very accomodative to AK requirements.AK also belittled MAHB who has given full cooperations to AK all these while and trying to accomodate all request by AK.Other airlines have not received such special and caring attention of MAHB as compared to what have been enjoyed by AK.Please visit website before we all speculate things.
    I wonder, why AK can use aerobridge at other Indonesian and Thailand airport but not KLIA. The charge is very small and can be passed down to the paxs. That was the reason why LCCT was built.Just to cater for AK’s requirements.Other low cost carriers have no problem in using the main KLIA Terminal.
    To me, AK and especially Tony Fernandes, please stop belittling MAHB. Be grateful to others who helped you through the years.
    God is GREAT and God will not help those who are not grateful.

  315. To Shariff above.
    The opening of more check-in counters by AK at LCCT is the job of Airasia.But, they are not taking the advice given by MAHB.Maybe, this is just another trick to make the LCCT unbearable.
    Do you know that the same staff are used to guide paxs from AK flights as well as ushering paxs to the flights?.Their staff are so minimum.That is what we expect of low cost carrier.Making use of the staff to the maximum by compromising quality.
    Hope that they do not use the same approach is making use of their planes (skip the mandatory technical inspection).Otherwise, we will start seeing their A320s start falling one by one from the skies above.

  316. To Shariff above.
    The opening of more check-in counters by AK at LCCT is the job of Airasia.But, they are not taking the advice given by MAHB.Maybe, this is just another trick to make the LCCT unbearable.
    Do you know that the same staff are used to guide paxs from AK flights as well as ushering paxs to the flights?.Their staff are so minimum.That is what we expect of low cost carrier.Making use of the staff to the maximum by compromising quality.
    Hope that they do not use the same approach is making use of their planes (skip the mandatory technical inspection).Otherwise, we will start seeing their A320s start falling one by one from the skies above.

  317. Yea, I agree about the environmental impact. Poor Earth.
    And also all the un-green energy & materials to be used, & wastes to be produced. *sigh*

  318. To observant – I can see that is the case. A bit like their call centre – run with bare minimum of staff – thats why tough to get through.
    As their focus is on using minimum resources to the max – i can’t see how a new airport will improve things?
    A new airport requires far more poeple to run it and will be costly to maintain.
    With the debts they have for their new fleet I am wondering how they are going to pay for a new airport plus all the other services required? The low end budget for such an aiport they say is RM 2.6 bn – but that does not include cost of land or the roads and services required.

  319. I wish Air Asia has direct flights 2 NZ…cuz d only reason y most students in NZ still use MAS to fly to & from NZ/M’sia even though its cheaper to fly to Aussie & get an Air Asia ticket from Aussie 2 M’sia is because of the hassle of transferring luggage & the luggage limit etc..

  320. I have always been in support of Tony building the KLIA East @ Labu! Thanks Kenny for the lenghty justifications. I was so lazy to write about it :p
    As long as the rate stays competitive, you have my support Tony 🙂

  321. Guys, stop the slandering. Everyone is entitled to their respective opinions Whether it is in Labu or KLIA North, I suppose customers will remain satisfied as long as the fares can be kept at the minimum and service quality is not compromised. Nevertheless, if MAHB is able to provide a facility which can accomodate AirAsia’s present costs structure, I do not see why AirAsia should go against KLIA North. However, if its true that it’ll affect AirAsia’s costs structure, then AirAsia has a right to do what it feels is neccessary. And, for the records, both Sime and MAHB are government-linked. Therefore, should one fail, the other will gain. Therefore, either way, the present administration will gain.

  322. Well explained and researched, Kenny Sia! Airasia has given me the possibility of overseas travel very regularly, with its cheap tickets. After them, the other airlines suddenly decided to copy them and compete in cheaper airfares. I admire Tony Fernandez for his ideas and leadership flair that has brought Airasia so far and even further. So, stop throwing bricks at him!
    It is a fact that the LCCT is not suitable now, to accomodate the present volume of passengers, and we, the loyal diehard fans of Airasia do want to fly Airasia. So despite the fact that the proposed new airport is far, I am prepared to sacrifice the inconvenience and time.Besides, it is not costing the public a cent, so why the bitching? It smells fishy, of jealousy from competitors, eh?

  323. 1. “I can see that AirAsia’s intentions are noble. ”
    As noble when it wanted to operate the RAS for the benefit of the ‘people’.
    2.”Do you all want to pay more for your air tickets? ”
    You mean for the 80% of Malaysians that do not fly or the once who fly alot and result in externalities to the other 80%
    3.”Building KLIA North apparently will involve a significant portion of taxpayer’s money.”
    As opposed to negatively draining the returns for the already invested taxpayers money in KLIA

  324. I personally don’t live in Malaysia, have never travelled on Air Asia or used the current LCCT. I have left Malaysia over a decade ago and I have used KLIA countless times and travelled to more than 120 cities (not airports) in the world and I still visit Malaysia 3 to 4 times a year. I have however visited LCCT twice when picking up a friend. I must say that it is the right thing for Air Asia to do.
    1. Though Malaysia has developed over the years, the infrastructure may have improved but unfortunately the mentality and behavior of most Malaysians are still very much that of a third world.
    2. Surely the government will take advantage of this project to pocket some money with the construction of infrastructure to and from KLIA East, including projects that will be built around KLIA East. For whatever reasons, Air Asia has done more good than harm to the Malaysian citizens.
    3. Air Asia has given every Malaysian the opportunity to travel the world at an affordable fare. But this is really not the true benefit. The true benefit of it is that it has given every Malaysian the opportunity to see the world and gain exposure at an affordable fare. Let’s give the opportunity to more Malaysians to move out from being the “katak di bawah tempurung”.
    4. Don’t be blinded by the 1st world infrastructure comments about Malaysia. It is not sustainable with 3rd world mentality. Besides, what good is 1st world infrastructure unless Malaysians are proud today ranking in between South American and South African countries in terms of Gross National Income at Purchasing-Power. That is a documented fact.
    5. Malaysia is however changing for the better but there is a danger of stagnation. Malaysia is need of brain power as well as economic power to progress and maintain competitive edge. Malaysia will need to do more to keep up with the ever growing and developing 3rd world as well as 1st world countries.
    6. Let’s give Air Asia an opportunity to teach and show the Malaysian government the way to transform Malaysia and progress in a positive way.

  325. It’s not a matter of whether Malaysia Airports can build a LCCT in KLIA within 3 years. It’s 2009 and KLIA is only planning to build this after Air Asia initiated their dreams. If KLIA has the vision and plans to do so, it would be ready now or even 2010. I can only see that Air Asia cannot rely on incompetent operators such as Malaysia Airports to grow and do business. Tony should probably start plan B and set up a new company to expand his own terminal to accomodate the other carriers too before they all start moving their operations to Singapore’s terminal.

  326. Me…air traffic controller
    from safety point of view
    not safe…even subang and klia created a lot of traffic problems…plus another airport hrmm…invitation to disaster…so you want comfort or safety?

  327. Another typically WTF project…
    Firstly there is no EIA report; then no public consultation; then goes against the whole National aviation masterplan. Only Tony seems to be promoting the project. Not a peep from the government except Najib saying he has not approved it. Even the Minister of Transport is backing away saying it has nothing to do with him.
    So although I am a fan of Tony’s entrepreneurial spirit – this whole project smells rotten to the core because of the way it was announced and ‘approved’ or ‘not approved’.
    The explanation is also very full of holes due to the lack of transparency by all parties.
    So I really think its time to go back to the drawing board and get MAHB and Air Asia in a room to sort it out.

  328. Ben,
    Correction. Budget Terminal in Chagi doesn’t share the same building as T1, T2 and T3 in Changi. They are separate building using the same runway like LLCT and KLIA.

  329. Why do you think AirAsia reported loss? It is their first loss since they start their business. Anyway, AirAsia reported loss coz of contracts tied to fuel hedging and trades held by Lehman Brothers which went into insolvency in 3rd quarter of 2008 la…

  330. bravo kenny. 445 comments so far.
    i have been flying AK since 2004 mainly local. Latest trip to bali with 30+ officemates June lasy yr. (definitely not possible if flying MH). fee – 100% satisfactory. service – good! some flights were awesome! arrived b4 eta!
    clearance & left airport within 30 mins upon touchdown. wow! even if i run at KLIA, still have 2 wait 4 my luggage to arrive laterrrrrrrr. AK still value for money and give enormous opportunity for me (my families) to fly and see other world (improve life quality huh!)
    new airport 2 service customer better? definitely. as long as low/middle income earners can still get the opportunity to fly (with at least half the price offer by other airlines).
    next. 2K vs. 5K to London. Yes! crowded airport/longer check-in/waiting time vs. less longer check-in (@ new airport)…definitely + pts. But it doesnt matter really, as long as we can fly SAFELY at discounted rate. 🙂
    waiting in anticipation….

  331. Haha… AirAsia is a private company isn’t it? How will it affect us if they use their own money to build their airport? Then shdn’t we restrict rich ppl buying new car??? Weird… *sweats*
    Develope my hometown please.. It’s growing.. Making larger… Hehehe… More jobs available… Recession ends earlier…. =D

  332. No one can really knows what is happening on both sides. Air Asia could really be doing this for the benefit of the public but we will never know if there is an agenda behind it (Personally I don’t think so). After all its a business, businesses act according to self interest. I can’t vouch for Tony either, he is a public figure and they tend to try to make their image as clean as possible. What everybody sees is only what they allow you to see. It could just all be for some hidden agenda.
    Kenny of course will be lobbying for this as it benefits him. Like I say people only support things that are directly or indirectly beneficial to them. If you ask me I support the airport only if there are no hidden agendas that will cause more problem for the country later on. Yes no doubt AirAsia has bring flying possible for alot of average and lower income groups but that doesn’t mean this investment is a wise one. I am no expert in all these so I will leave it to the “real experts” to deal with, unlike so many self proclaim experts here. Maybe they will find dirt maybe they won’t. We will decide then.
    Weather you are paid or not we do not know or will never know. People can claim many things but people also lie all the time. You are no saint. Don’t you think this post is a little bias? Given your relation with Tony its hard for people not to question.
    All businessman puts self interest as priority. Same goes for Tony and for you.

  333. Yes! we need a new airport to create competition between these airports. The three cannot be be solely owned by MAB only lar… that’s monopoly, bad for the consumers :).
    New airport or extention? Depends on the economics and how transparent the fundings come about. End of the day, business is business, there are always good and bad sides of it and there will always be those critisicing and supporting the various decisions…(many times their decisions are influenced) plus those who loves to curse when they don’t understand the topic brought up. hehehe I love these MOFOS.
    Anyway, I just wanna say soemthing to Air Asia, TONY FERNANDES, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT IN MORE EFFORT TO ENSURE FLIGHTS BETWEEN KL-KCH IS ON TIME. They are normally delayed ( a few hours) in the evenings lar… I am surprise why Kenny never complain or experienced this…
    Kenny, you have special golden lounge room in LCCT kah? Just kidding chubby 🙂

  334. Kenny great post. Bias or not it provide an additional perspective and serve as education for the people.
    I believe even through the comment lots of people learn new stuff and gain better understanding on how things really works.
    I am of the opinion that the project by Air Asia is business friendly and will provide better competition which will benefit the people.
    From what I see, it is akin to renting a house and the constant fear of rental raise, maintenance ownership issues (u wont want to spend lots of money to renovate someones house right), and potential being kick out. As such it makes perfect sense to buy own house with the freedom to do what is best and transfer the benefits to the guests who visit the house.
    Please do more of such posts to enlighten the rakyat

  335. by the way , this will generate additional jobs opportunities as well which is much needed during such economic conditions.

  336. Hah! From most of the comments i had read here, i guess Malaysians are pessimistic most of the time. Oh, and rejective too!
    I suddenly recalled the tune: “Malaysian~~~, Truly A-nti-Sia~~~” Got it? (it has least to do with this post though…)
    I guess shifting form LCCT to either KLIA-east-or-north would be a good idea, in terms of solving current LCCT problems.
    Problems at LCCT:-
    1. DAMN FAR!!! (from either KLIA or KL)
    2. Bus? no thx. ERL? doesn’t reach…
    3. too crowded…
    4. check in process… slow “reach”……!!! (use either mandarin or cantonese pls)
    5. parking….(speechless)…..
    6. passenger need to walk from/to plane esp. for arrivals…damn far! provide shuttle bus doesn’t hurt!
    7. even the security system look loosely guarded…
    I applaud AirAsia for giving such an affordable flight for citizens travelling within SEA. But, can they actually promise low cost for all? Can they promise no extra charges after shifting? NO-in-the-heck-BODY for god’s sakes will do something without profit… Neither AirAsia nor SimeDarby.
    One thing i understand from low cost stuff are “cheap things no good things”. Honestly AirAsia only have price advantage on flight fee over MAS. Their service is still far from MAS. what the heck though, Malaysian do like cheap stuffs (due to living standards SHAPED by the government, which is another topic).
    Despite all that, i think we can give it a try, providing they truly leave tax payers untouched…(nah…too farfetched…)
    I solely object to let government have the construction done. I might be cliche, but facts proves corruption always happens in 3rd world country.
    Just some doubts if the project ever established:-
    1. It is good for Malaysian to travel around SEA, but is it good for Foreigner to do a transit in Malaysia locally in terms of travelling 20km from KLIA?
    2. would they claim new charges for new facilities, without providing options?
    If AirAsia or SimeDarby read this, please let critics better your plannings. Customer APPROACH!!! I look forward cheaper flights!!! (on final total flight cost of course!)
    Some other thoughts:-
    1. Pointing Fingers are just a gimmick… I just don’t care.
    2. Kenny Sia recieving benefits or not is none of my business… nor any readers out there.
    “Make sense doesn’t meant you have to agree with it” – Billy Anonymous
    *this article is written badly… Paise!!!

  337. Hello…. do you live in Penang Island or Seberang Perai? If your answer is yes… I believe you do not drive at all…
    Current Penang bridge is OVERLOADED leh!!! Even Non-peak hours still have heavy traffic!!!
    Second bridge is essential, but not under previous budget, which is ridiculously over-estimated!
    Think again pls!

  338. OH man finally! i dont give a sh*t bout kenny getting paid or Tony Fernados trying to be greedy but let me tell you LCCT suck AS$.Hope that KLIA east wont suck

  339. “No such big head don’t wear such a big hat” – cantonese idiom.
    Measure yourself before you do/spend something!!!
    It’s always the glamorous thing that government want’s, KLCC, NorthPole, Everest, KLIA, Bakun, Space…… did all these bring any changes to middle class population? Did it bring more jobs to them? More salary maybe? HECK-THEY-DIDN’T!!!
    All these only elevates the rich to get richer! (both directly or “indirectly”…) I don’t see many real richie with good philanthropy records that BENEFITS to the poor!
    Support “Finding Angels” and “Edisi Siasat” @ ntv7!!!

  340. Wah… Old uncle/aunty doesn’t means they know everything ok… world is always revolving!
    With those stubborn thoughts won’t bring Malaysia anywhere. Yes, Tony might not as noble as we all thought, but what he did to AirAsia is a lesson to be learned by all entrepreneurs.
    That is BUSINESS!!! DUDE!!! Business is full of tactics… You’d put the matter too negative and misleading. I guess you are absolutely not an employee of AirAsia, but you are SO NOT an entrepreneur as well.
    Thx for discouraging everyone.

  341. wah… i can’t believe i’m being titled as “cowardly anonymous chicken”…. I just forgot to put my name!!!!

  342. It’s very good for you to be environmentally conscious, but those comments don’t serve the big picture of our country.
    Do you think these kind of big project doesn’t get attention from environmentalists? If it’s essential to conserve the land, they already did protest. (but sadly, most Malaysians don’t even pay attention on these kind of issue). If you state this is your 1st arguement, read your national geograhpic magazine on Palm Industry 1st…
    Wasting money you said? Malaysian as a whole had lost a lot in other itsy-bitsy project. People are just too focused on big project cost… but ignored accumulation of all other small’s.
    Yes, it is a waste that we left Subang and LCCT if Labu or North is realised. But can’t you see there’s lots of other abandoned building all over malaysia? Recycle that!
    Think again.

  343. 1.6 billion, honestly, for a company like Sime Darby. it’s like 1-5% of its revenue only… Maybe even less than 1%…
    1.6 billion is small amount ok! don’t compare it with your salary! Compare it with other huge project!

  344. it depends actually. on the spending power and development in that area. lets say if we were to compare KL and Kuala Terengganu, although KT clearly has a bigger population than one city of KL, clearly the people i

  345. it depends actually. on the spending power and development in that area. lets say if we were to compare KL and Kuala Terengganu, although KT clearly has a bigger population than one city of KL, clearly the people i

  346. Dear Kenny,
    People are always with different of opinion. There is nothing wrong at all for you to express how you think and what you think on issue you are interested with. Whatever written here in your blog by others is purely personal views on different perspective. It really give an insight about this project to all of us now, i strongly believe it. Personally i think it create awareness among us towards this project and you blog did a fantastic job creating it. I get to know so much how airports works now in your blog, not in Wikipedia or any internet source!!!! I will surely observe the progress of this project now in Malaysia if ever Airasia will build its own airport. I think you rocksss…big time…and you have your own principle of sharing things with us in your blog…Dont get down by some minority “Bo Tak Che” people comments…is really not worth it…I like reading your blog, whether is paid or unpaid is not the issue, is about you blogging it that i like…Gong Xi to you and stay healthy…hope can meet you one day in one of those SC Marathon!!!

  347. guess what… i thought that comment was a bit harsh on Amber… but damn funny!!!
    “Fei Ji Chang”…. ahahahahahahaha

  348. To those who leave such kind of comment should leave a contact detail, such as URL or email. Please do not simply drop a bomb in others blog, k?

  349. Someone is ‘caring’ enough to think of orang orang gomen who will be deprived or losing out on all kickbacks if project is handled privately…stop kidding old M!

  350. I like Air Asia but I am all against the Sime Darby Airport. And please, don’t ever call that ‘thing’ as KLIA-East. It was never meant to be an extension of KLIA.
    And please, the most disgusting part is naming it as Rakyat Terminal. Which rakyat endorsed that? I am a rakyat too.
    And Kenny, since you are all for the KLIA-East. Tell your buddy Tony, please change the poll he put up at the micro website. The question should be asked are whether we (rakyat) want the Sime Darby airport or not. The question on LCCT are irrelevant to the cause of existent of the website.

  351. Finally and luckily God save us from greedy people!!! Hoorah!!!!
    KLIA East called off
    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 30 — It is confirmed. The controversial KLIA East project is off, stillborn at the drawing board because it had become too costly politically for the administration.
    But it was not all bad news for Air Asia, the region’s largest budget carrier and the promoter of the idea to build the RM1.6 billion airport in Labu. The carrier managed to extract some concessions from the government, namely that Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad (MAHB) build a new terminal by 2011 and consult Air Asia on the design and other issues pertaining to the operations of the facility.
    Several government officials told The Malaysian Insider that MAHB was told to lower charges for the budget carrier, complete the construction on time and make the new terminal an energy efficient complex.
    Today’s meeting was chaired by Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and attended by Air Asia’s Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes, officials from the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning Unit and MAHB.
    When contacted, Fernandes said: “It was a positive meeting and we got a good hearing from everyone.’’ He declined to go into the specifics of the meeting.
    Najib called for today’s meeting as a result of the firestorm of criticisms which followed an announcement last month that the government had approved a plan by Air Asia to build a new LCCT in Labu. Critics assailed the government saying that this decision would hurt KLIA’s ambitions of becoming a regional hub. They also argued that if a new facility had to be built, it should be built within KLIA.
    Air Asia countered by saying that MAHB was unable to build a new LCCT by 2011 to cater for its growth. It pointed out that MAHB was only able to build a new LCCT by 2014.
    The government fearing a political backlash and unwilling to test its popularity in this more challenging political climate began sending out feelers a couple of weeks ago that it was looking for a compromise solution.
    It received a helping hand from Sime Darby Berhad, the government-linked company which informed the government that it was only willing to sell a tract of land in Labu to Air Asia and was not providing any financing for the project.
    This move threw into doubt whether Air Asia could raise the financing for the RM1.6 billion terminal and the RM700 million connectivity infrastructure.
    Government officials, who were briefed about today’s meeting, said that MAHB and Air Asia will have to come back in two weeks with firm plans for the new LCCT.
    “The DPM played the role of an honest broker. He did not take sides but wanted to make sure that national interest was served. This could only happen if the new LCCT was built in KLIA but Air Asia’s legitimate interests and concerns were addressed,” a government official told The Malaysian Insider.
    It may have been a happy ending for all parties but this episode certainly raised some serious questions over decision-making in the government.
    And begs the question on why MAHB and Air Asia could not be forced to the negotiating table earlier

  352. CNY tickets at that price for me already consider really cheap. For me I flew to Sibu from KL, and from Miri to KL during CNY times, it costs more than 1000 bucks, and that’s the price quoted to me several months ago.
    Even in the coming Hari Raya holidays (in september this year), they have already jacked them all up, at least double the amount. But not for MAS.
    They’re just trying to get more and more profits.

  353. The bottom line is, LCCT sucks. I am going to overnight there AGAIN (3RD TIME) this Sunday. It’s going to be terrible.
    Hope the new LCCT will be fantastic and let me have some more trust towards Airasia.
    Maybe you will all flame me, but for now, if I can take MAS, I just take MAS.

  354. Dude, I think what Kenny said is entirely true. Definitely, there will be money laundered here and there but in the end, it comes down to the fact that we’re actually receiving a gift from A santa clause by the name of Tony Fernandes. I don’t give a damn if Kenny was paid but what he is trying to say here is true. It not only helps us as consumers but indirectly helping the country to gain a bit in its economy. So cheers to those who agree with KLIA east.

  355. I don’t agree with KS. Luckily it was called off. I do not see the need for another airport within KL/Selangor area. It’s a waste of fund especially during the current financial crisis. For those who have shown their support, please look at the project from the financial perspective. Global economy is getting worse, M’sia will not be left out. These monies shld be spent wisely especially to save jobs instead of building another white elephant…shame to be a malaysian

  356. According to MAB’s website;
    “It needs to be emphasised that the landing and parking charges in Malaysia have not been increased for the last 27 years. Therefore, the issue of high aeronautical charges does not arise.”
    I think the fare will remain more or less the same. But again, I think what Tony want is for the airport tax to be “Zero”. Cause, if he runs it, the consumers will finance the airport tax – by having extra other hidden charges, like going to toilet RM1; tissue – RM1.20, etc.. You got the idea?
    I think it is plain stupid to have 2 airports when the existing 1 has the capacities to expand.
    Many of the figures given by AirAsia are ‘doubtful’ to me. Don’t forget, Tony has the big ego problem as well.
    I still have great respect for Tony for what he had done for the country. Even with all this controversies, I still believe that we are having an aviation industry that we all Malaysians should be proud of.

  357. kenny, just ignore these self ignorant people.they’re just too dumb and attack you for no reason.they’re jealous.they wont wanna see success in you.heck.they’re just like those in the government, trying to prohibit you from voicing out your voice and opinion attached with excuses and attacks.its malaysia =)it’s either you speak up or shut up =) nah give you a hug and kiss XOXO and hope u’ll smile =)

  358. Let them build it la. Why so tension. Be like me. Sit on the fence and adopt a wait-and-see approach.
    Like you all AGAINST it, later if it becomes a success, PLEASE DONT FUCKING LET ME SEE YOUR FACES IN THE AIRPORT.
    🙂 So much tension over nothing.

  359. Kenny,
    After reading this article, I felt that you have a shallow understanding of what is actually transpiring behind all this ruckus.
    The simple fact defeats the entire purpose.. Aviation guidelines do not call for 2 AIRPORTS to be within 40 km, what more when Labu is just 8-10km off from KLIA..
    Expanding Air Asia is good for everyone but not when Sime Darby is involved.. If you can just support Sime Darby in this, you might as well support them in IJN’s bid much earlier before.
    So, as a 26 year old, pls grow up to see the forest. I leave you with this piece
    “..All those hubs have as many as five airports. But are they eight kilometres from each other? Heathrow is 40km from Gatwick, Stanstead, Croydon and Luton. All the airports are at least 40km from each other. Labu would be seven kilometres from KLIA. Even Subang is more than eight kilometres from KLIA…”

  360. We are now talking about LOW COST CARRIER TERMINAL, it’s only for budget airlines, KLIA has a different stand in the market, so there is no argument of duplication.
    Correct me if I’m wrong, current LCCT is a temporary terminal right from the beginning, it can be used as cargo terminal which I think it’s the initial purpose of having that building.
    MAHB’s plan for the new LCCT is twice the cost of KLIA EAST, and twice the time required. It’s neither practical nor economical. From consumer point of view, I will support KLIA EAST@LABU

  361. i am no one just another consumer.
    any business that is gov link i think the cost will be double of any other can offer.
    same as any gov linked company.
    Air Asia need an airport is an abuse pushing the airline to LCCT.
    is great for driver too.
    we can take the elite hi-way straight to labu airport but not going thro the cheapo MAS kargo motorway.

  362. I guess the problem when bloggers start accepting money to write about something is that the readers will always doubt the credibility of the writer whenever he makes a stand on an important issue. It is somehow different when you make money out of advertisements although there may be still some doubts, avid readers will recognize if the views of the writer has been skewed towards the interest of the advertiser. Given the tendency of Kenny Sia to write paid advertorials, it is not really a surprise that people doubt his stand on this issue.
    Personally, I think this write up is not paid for. I guess Air Asia, with all its marketing and PR savvy, will not disparage the breasts of a Malaysian personality or create inappropriate parallelisms on redundancy to make its point. Then again, people could argue that this makes Kenny Sia the perfect foil for this write up as he always writes as he does no matter if paid or not. And so the credibility debate rages on…

  363. oh well, air asia should just concentrate on getting more aircrafts rather than adding more n more routes, causing delays to its flights!

  364. Expand the LCCT. Come one.. with all the engineer around, All the issue pertaining to KLIA deficiency can be overcome.Read Dr M statement at . He has very good reason.

  365. I support KLIA East @ Labu too.
    As a consumer for Air Asia flight & visitor… (drop off & sending off friends & family members)…
    I visit LCCT very often. Might be more often that I see my dad’s face…
    Driving to LCCT via the normal toll way is not my preferred choice or to naik an 1 hour ride bus. (not very comfortable too). Yes, there’s a tolless way to LCCT and it’s even shorter distance… 😉
    Please do built KLIA East !!!
    You have my fullest support!!!
    Air Asia had made my dreams of holiday out of Malaysia a dream-come-true!!!
    Happy Chinese New Year to all … !~~~

  366. Truly you are naive in understanding of the world.
    Tony is a proxy to some big shots.
    Well if we approve air-asia to own its airport, it is like helping it to build its kingdom. If we started such a precedent, next time more budget airlines come into operation, if everyone wants to build its airport, then Malaysia will be known as “a country of airports”.

  367. I don’t understand what is the issue in the first place. Malaysian need to learn how to shut up. Clearly MA sucks up big time and Tony is here to lead a new league of competition after the history he made by selling affordable air ticket that enable “everybody can fly”.

  368. Clearly this topic is about.. In Supporting the East-Labu Terminal
    Im not really good in doing some research about political stuff like some commenters who really have a rich knowledge about ‘theres something behind this project’ or so on.. (which is really skillful in doing their ‘csi’ kinda stuff)
    Its a good idea to move from the LCCT airport. For those who never been to LCCT.. obviously wont be able to get an actual ‘picture’ in the Minds. For those who been there, but never had a chance to be ‘in’ there.. (just fetching a cousin or uncle and so on..) perhaps.. you might experience a ‘little pressured’ on how jammed it was. For those who really flew with Airasia.. i bet, theres thousand of things that you think you might want to shout at.
    LCCT is like my 2nd house.. i dont see any political agenda.. or money.. the government.. (is way far from my thinking about that ‘subject’ everytime when reached the LCCT) All i can see.. is people or ‘soon to be’ our Guests queuing for some question, to buy their air fare.. checking-in.. sitting on the floor (some even taking a nap on the floor!) Yes, MAHB could provide even millions of chair.. but do we have enough space? not to mention the restaurant.. the MCdonalds.. the guests all sitting side by side very near to each other, and the funny part was.. they dont even know who is sitting beside them. All they wanted to do is just finished their food and board on time.
    Inside the Departure Hall itself.. Walking towards the gate heading to the aircraft, i almost step a little boy’s head! while the parents was in their deep-reading who sat down on the floor as well followed by numbers of our Guests.
    Boarding time.. Guests will have to queue and walk such a distance towards the aircraft. For those guests who are fortunate.. the walkway is covered with walls and roofs.. for those who are less fortunate.. they have to walk the walkway without walls neither roof (imagine if its a rainy day!) And guess what.. We, the Airasian.. felt how they (the Guests) felt too.. we walk! if they get wet.. we gets the wet too.. but we accept it, take it.
    Onboard the aircraft.. i always wish to see our Guests happy and proud to be onboard.. but all i can see, its not about ‘being not happy’.. but they look pale and tired. Upon reaching the aircraft.. onboard, they just wanna sit and sleep (after went through the whole process!!) The Aunties.. Uncles.. kids.. the youngsters knows what is ‘tired’ too.. trust me, i saw this everyday!
    We, the Airasian.. gone through 10x harder. From where we started (staff parking that crazy far and exposed to SUN! RAINS and HURRICANE!!) up until our terminating of flights! and this was not 1 time event or 2-3 times event.. this is what Airasian have to face everyday, like i said.. we take it.
    If theres any Idea to end this routine.. why not and lets go for it! The people and the Guests is the most priority! without Them.. we are nothing and we have no salary. By seeing our ‘source of salary’ sitting on the floor while all the chair is occupied, line up in a long que, walk such a distance ended-up appears like asking an O2 bottle hey thats not what YOU deserve man..
    This ‘inconvenient process’ is already exist back years ago, what more can we hold until what?? 2014?? if thats the case.. i wont be surprise to see our guests sitting on LCCT roof.. the grass or any available tree just because they have no space. I must admit that i have witness the rapid growth! the expanding of this airline.. and now, Airasia is controlled by its business’s momentum, its like an auto-pilot! no one can stop the customer like ‘hey you.. go back home!! no place for you!! eh.. you! ok, you can go in and hoi you yeah you! no chair for you at the departure hall!!.. go back go back!
    And of course.. i do not wish to see one day, kenny sitting on the floor waiting for his departure.. shouting like a girl! because someone (female crew with a nice high-heel) accidently ‘place her HEEL’ on kenny’s belly!!!
    We cant blame the rakyat who come out some bad opinion.. silly opinion or good opinion.. after all, these are all OPINION. For as long as this KLIA-East still remain a ‘dream’.. there will always be an opinion. When this ‘dream’ become a Thing, we wont see anymore ‘opinion’.. instead, all of us will harvest its satisfaction! about erl? transportation?.. im not worry.. i believe TIME and efforts will all perfectly fix by itself.
    I guess… some may shoot ‘so go back to KLIA laa’, it wont work that easy as we thought.. who dont want it? i certainly want it and i will be the first to submit my parking application-form! and so does Tony and all of our guests as well. But he did his best to the maximum! and we believe there must be a reason why we still end up.. ‘shifting outside’. We, the small soldiers always believe the General know what is he doing.
    So Kenny.. although we both have a different sight and reason, at least we both have the same ‘Lets Move to KLIA-East’ -Now everyone can fly- indeed everyone! Lets Go Holiday

  369. who would have thought reading your blog actually let me find out that i screwed up on my flight tickets, my pleasure reading had almost turned into a panic attack. maybe someone can tell me what is the travel time by taxi from KLIA to LCCT so i can decide if i have to buy another ticket.

  370. My sister bookmarked this world wide web website for me and We have been examining by it for that past couple hours. It is seriously going to benefit me and my friends for our class project. By the way, I such as the way you write.

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