Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2006

I woke up at 3:30am that day.
A part of me wanted to give up already since I’m not used to waking up so early. With merely 4 hours of sleep and 2 weeks of training, I was desperately underprepared.

The free shuttle bus was already outside the Mandarin Court Hotel waiting to take me to Dataran Merdeka. It was dark, but I can literally feel the electricity in the air.
The Sultan Abdul Samad building was beautifully lit up. Hundreds of participants were already there. Some stretching, others rubbing generous amount of petroleum jelly onto their bodies.

Completing a marathon is a feat that require an almost superhuman effort. And I was there to represent the Average Joes.
Some people were there to win the cash prize. For the majority of us, we were there not for the money, but to push our bodies above and beyond the human limits.

It’s very easy for me to feel out-of-place in this pool of people. Everyone there is so slim and well-built, and there I was standing there with a spare tyre around my waist.
It’s even easier to separate the seasoned marathoners away from the noobs. The experienced ones all have that intimidating bad-ass look about them.
Like this trio of Mainland Chinese girls that look like boys that look like girls.

They finished at 3hr06min, 2hr53min and 2hr57min respectively.

We’re all gathered at the starting point. My mind was all cleared up. Adrenaline pumping high.

Drummers on standby.

I hung around the place quietly observing other people, drinking more water and munching on PowerBar till about 5am.
And then it’s game time.


The timing chip set off a beep as I crossed the starting mat. Everyone was quickly passing through me at this point.

I didn’t want to catch up with them. My aim was to go slow and steady, keeping at a pace I’m comfortable with.

Within ten minutes, the marathon claimed its first victim.

The tarmac on KL roads were rough and lack the “bounce” I’m used to on proper running tracks, but I was still doing OK.
It didn’t take long for me to reach the 5km checkpoint. 40 minutes. That’s 10 minutes longer than what I aimed for. I had to pick up my pace.

I downed two cups of 100 Plus. Usually I don’t drink those stuff (I prefer Gatorade), but at that point in time it was the best tasting drink ever.

At 7.5km I arrived the first sponging station.
These ice-cold sponges are God-sent. I squeezed them over my sweaty head and felt instantly rejuvenated.

Click here for a clearer view of the course map.

I passed the 10km point in 1hr17mins. That was still the easy part.
My feet were just starting to hurt. The seasoned runners were all running far ahead of me and it was pretty clear that I was among the last few.

It was 7:03am when I witnessed daybreak. The KL commuters were jamming up the freeway and the CO2 emission were not doing any good to my lungs.
Still had time to camwhore though.

At this point, I overtook a female runner – a first since I started the race. For a moment, I was thinking of doing something stupid like flirting with her and asking for her phone number. Alas, I was too shy to do that so I just smiled at her cheekily instead.

The girl caught up with me a short while later and quipped “Excuse me. Are you Kenny Sia?!”
OMG SHE RECOGNISED ME! The embarrassment! San San is a reader of kennysia.com and she later finished at 5hr59min. We made some small talks before I let her continue on with the race.

Man peeing by the roadside in broad daylight.

Without a doubt, I met a lot of interesting people during the marathon, but nothing could me prepare for the shock I had when I met Mr Yap. This is one man I DEFINITELY did not expect to see in a race like this is.

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is Mr Yap.
He is 73 years old, old enough to be my grandpa and yet still running a 42km marathon. Despite being three times my age, he still managed to finish the race at 5hr06min.
Now how’s THAT for determination?

In case any of you KL people were stuck in a traffic jam last Sunday morning, that was me trying to cross the road.

To keep my mind occupied, I attempted to high-five the traffic policemen everytime I passed one of them. Not all of them are cooperative though. KL policemen are so boring.
Or maybe I’m just too boh liao.

Definition of a heaven

3 hours into the race, I crossed the 21km halfway mark. Already I had broken my personal record for longest time spent running.
Lactic acid was building. My legs up till my knees were completely sore and numb. I wished I was doing the half marathon instead.

The course was taking us through Jalan Bukit Bintang in downtown KL when suddenly terror struck.
Cramps had attacked my calves. I stopped running and grimaced in pain. It was the most dreadful feeling I had to endure. For the first time ever since the race started, I had to completely stop and wait for the cramps to subside.
One minute seems like forever, and it was pure Hell.

A stranger passed by and handed me a tube of analgesic cream. Thanks! I probably wouldn’t even be able to finish the race without it.
We passed through some motivational placards sponsored by Nike. “There Is No Finishing Line”, “Punch Through”, “Push Myself”, “Just Do It”.
That was all I needed to mentally go ahead. The pain on my ankles, my feet, my legs were excruciating. But absolutely NOTHING could stop me from finishing the race.

I reached the 30km point in 4hr18mins. 30km is the human threshold. From this point onwards, it’s do or die.
Aches from my feet went up to my lower back. It was punishing. The pain was absolutely unbearable. I’m practically LIMPING my way though. I couldn’t run anymore or I’ll get cramps.
All I could only rely on was willpower and sheer willpower alone to get me through this.

I gritted my teeth and continued pushing myself.
I started to hallucinate.
I thought about life. I thought about my career. I thought about going to Phuket next month. I even imagined the finishing line to be at Phuket where I could just jump into the sea and relax.

For some reason, I became Hulk Hogan and began talking to myself in the Hulkster’s voice. “Watcha gonna doooo…! Watcha gonna dooo….! When Hulkamania runs wild on yoooooo….!”
Trust me, beyond 30km you think all sorts of crazy things.

The last few kilometres seem to go on forever. The sun was shining bright at this point. My legs felt as if they’ve been run through by an 18-wheeler.
It’s a torture. Pure brutal torture. Every step is like a steel pipe going through my legs. My digicam is like a brick. My shoes weigh a ton. I thought I walked 5 km but in actual fact I only walked one.

When I reached the 40th kilometre, I knew I had already missed the 6 hour qualifying time.
What made it even worse is that the drinking station that was supposed to be there had disappeared. Stupid DBKL don’t care about the last remaining competitors. ๐Ÿ™

As if that wasn’t bad enough, my iPod ran out of juice. That was by far my biggest mental support and now it’s gone! I’m all alone.

KL International Marathon claims another casualty.

I was almost ready to give up when the DBKL van passed me and asked if I wanted to hop on. OF COURSE NOT DAMMIT! Tempting, but I rejected their kind offer and continued limping towards the finishing line.
I would NEVER forgive myself if I’ve come THIS far and not complete the marathon.
A roundabout later, I saw it.

The finishing line in sight! Isn’t that the most beautiful thing in the world? It was so near yet so far.
I was limping, literally DRAGGING myself as I inched closer and closer to the finishing line.
“Let me finish this race. JUST let me finish this race.” I prayed. I looked up just in time to see my finishing time on the timeboard…

… and the mat goes “BEEP!”

It was my first ever marathon, and I crossed the finishing line after 6hrs33mins.
A HUGE sense of relief came all over me. It was unbelievable. Euphoric. Jubilant. I could not believe myself.
THIS is what I call a natural high.
ME!? Conquering the 42km KL International Marathon!? You gotta be joking!
Nonetheless, I was very upset at myself for not making it under 6 hours. I sat under the shade, still in awe of what had just happened.
What an amazing experience.

The greatest relief in the world is when you take off your shoes after a 42km run.

Here I am, an overweight man attempting what myself and many other people thought was the impossible.
It wasn’t easy, but I pushed myself. In the end, I persevered and went on to reach my goal.
Completing this race must be right up there as one of the biggest accomplishments in my life.

Click ‘Play’ button to watch video [10 mins].

I’m not sure if I’m going to do this again. What I’m sure of is that everyone should attempt a marathon at least once in their lives.
You haven’t lived until you physically experienced the pain and sweat running 42km. That feeling you get when you crossed the finishing line – indescribable.

Impossible is nothing and nothing is impossible.
The following day I returned to Kuching a brand new person, with a renewed confidence, ready to take on the world – as soon as my legs are healed of course.

If I could do it, there’s no reason why you couldn’t do too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had to take two days off work. The marathon must have sapped up all my energy. My body immunity was running low.

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  1. wow. hey, good to hear fr u bout the marathon. one day when i hav kids i m gonna show this page to them for inspiration. woot!

  2. hey great job there Kenny! though i have ran a couple of half marathons, i never tried a full marathon. You inspired me to want to attempt one. congrats on completing it. think it doesn’t matter if you completed it over 6 hours, but the fact that you’ve completed it shd already be a great achievement. cheers and you get to lose a couple of pounds too….

  3. Kenny.. u da man.. congrat man..
    i was waiting for your post.. cant believe that u update it at 3 something.. that medal looks cool..

  4. Really happy for you Kenny! =) Congratulations and well done! Now you’re $50 richer as well right? (from that friend who challenged you?) Hopefully this is enough to inspire me for my exam tmrw! Ugh. Take care and hope you recover soon from the marathon.

  5. yo kenny! I voted for “Of course he will, He’s KENNY SIA! You’ve proven to be one hell of a determined guy. GG dude, great run. You earn a deeep salute ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Kenny… you’re my new hero!! I’m definitely adding the marathon to my lifetime to do list now… what an inspiration to the unfit average joes/janes out there… Respect….

  7. you have really achieved yet another great target in life, not just marathon, but challenging your own limits. We all would admire your determination!

    Well written as well. It is almost as if we were there and in pain with you, and fighting with all the will-power one could possibly harness to the last turn.
    Mine is actually coming up in July, and that should be fun.

  9. Oh dear.. U made it!! U made it!! So Inspiring!! This is certainly one post that worth a long wait.. Bravo!! So proud of you! Congratulations, Kenny for accomplising a great life achievement!! and Ahem.. I gonna enrol myself in the next upcoming marathon too!! and what’s next for you??

  10. Well done Kenny!! Am seriously proud of you!! me feelings rite now is also undescribe-able!!
    I think we do learn a big lesson from you, – Determination!
    In everything of our lifes,if we do not try and have lack of determination, no one is going far, wut more about going beyond.. innit?!
    Good job!! ;>

  11. lots of inspiration would come for you if i were to run a marathon kenny. congrats to u and hope your legs heal well and quick.

  12. Wahey…everyone’s so inspired to join a race now. To think they call Jeff Ooi the M.I.B. *tuts*
    p/s congratulations!

  13. kenny, u do 5 km in 40 minutes…i can do 3000m in 15-16 minutes but i frickin’ cannot run for 42 km!! i’ve tried half-marathon & i gave up at 15 km… damn i better stop than collapsing, hit my head on the road & slip into a coma…
    anyway Kenny, u are the man!~ u should be proud that not everyone have the guts to spend 6 frickin hours running… Congrats Dude!~

  14. CONGRATS, ol’ chap! U’ve injected new hopw into all f…, I mean, horizontally-challenged people!!! BTW, wud have been easier to be 1 of those drums!! That drummer in ur pix could have just beaten his tummy!! And the fat-assed lady on the motorbike should have inspired u to run on…run on…!!! Next year, let’s see the SKINNY people try something like this! Come on, 6th Seal? jeremyc??? 3 cheers 4 kennysia!

  15. E and I were at Casino when the good news came. Good job! Now you know the feeling of accomplish something seems impossible.

  16. Kenny, good job. This is by far the best post in your blog I’ve read. You almost made me want to put on my own shoes and go running for 42km… almost, but thank goodness no.
    Hope you manage to claim on the bets that have been made AGAINST you, there should be plenty of dosh owed to you!

  17. E and I were at Casino when the good news came. Good job! Now you know the feeling of accomplish something seems impossible but with will and determination, it’s possible.

  18. Hey Kenny,
    I cheer on your courage and determination to finish the 42km marathon! Nevermind the winning, at least you have proven the cynics and critics wrong.
    I too was encouraged by Ed to take on a marathon. Hopefully to start with PJ Half Marathon first:)
    Again, congrats!

  19. Great job! Welcome to the ectasy of finishing the Marathon. And you will do more…it is addictive to achieve….and the by-product? We will see a slimer, fitter Kenny ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Congratulations, Kenny. This is really a great achievement. Well done ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe you could made it, and you have proven me correct. A big salute from me in Sydney (^_^)

  21. 3:35am……?? god.. i waited till 3am for a new post.. and you posted 35 mins later?? how could you~! anyways congrats on finishing~! up for another marathon? =P

  22. Bravo Kenny! Thanks for proving a doubter like me wrong. ๐Ÿ˜€ And you’ve provided something like inspiration for me to finish off my own struggles.

  23. wooohoo…good job dude…. i am not as fat as you but have a tummy too… you inspire to me run 2.4 km ๐Ÿ˜€

  24. walaueh, i’ve to eat back my words….and such a motivating post…bey siong sin!! and the time aint that bad either! congrats kenny!!! :))

  25. Well Done Kenny! Damm! Am extremely impressed by your will and preserverance. This is certainly a milestone for you, kennysia.com and for us to remember.
    Now that you proved ur detractors wrong and finished the race,…is/has Eddie banked that USD50 into ur paypal account? =P
    Rest well…all the best.

  26. man, this was the best entry i’d read from your blog & my 1st time write a comment in here.
    Congratulations!!!! u should be proud of yourself!!!!
    S’wak CM should land you a ‘Datuk’ title for your achievement….

  27. Bravo, Bravo!!!
    Waaaahhhhhhhhh! Kenny, u rawk la…
    With my slim body, i dun even dare to think of going for a marathon! But u really impressed me! Maybe i should take part in a marathon too…
    Kenny, can u take me as ur adopted sister, pleeease…..? lol.
    From today onwards, i’ll call u Brother Kenny!!! Yay…!

  28. Hey hey kenny. you seem to have look fitter & more good looking after the jog~! Time to go wooing girls now~! =D
    Well..aniwae am glad you finally made it~! Am definitely proud of you~! =)

  29. hey this is a truly inspirational entry! It actually made me teared a little. Your immense perseverance is really commendable, and I am actually inspired by you to join the next Singapore marathon too! Like you, running 2.4km for the physical fitness test in school was already a torture for me, I can never imagine myself to do a marathon. However, your determination has certainly put my cowardly self to shame, and I believe that if you can do it, I can do it too. ANYONE ELSE CAN DO IT TOO! Thanks Kenny for giving me such willpower. From now onwards, I will go and train myself. I will inform you when I complete the very first marathon in my life.I will make everyone proud of me! =)

  30. eh I run half marathon (penang bridge) oso do 4 month preparation baru dare to go, everyday run 9km. u 2 weeks and go for marathon, salute.
    how much weight drop after the race? better than diet ;P

  31. CONGRATS!!
    Eventhough u din make it in 6hr as u have hope so.. but u complete the marathon!! I know you sure can do it kenny.. =)Hope you recover all your energy soon.. Take care..

  32. kenny, u have completed a race which i have been dreaming of participating. well done! u r da man for the ordinary joe on the street la dude!

  33. I like your pictorial journey through 42 unimaginable kilometers man. At the 30 km mark picture MY legs already felt numb liao. Anyway, you gave me semangat to tackle a marathon. So, with all subsequent readers as witness, hahaha…I will do one full marathon before I die!!! Wooohoo!! I just hope i don’t die doing it so I can document my version of the run..hahaha.. Oh yeah..one suggestion, put the “chariots of fire” theme song leh…i tell u…surely damn feel wan. I am imagining myself saying no to the DBKL-van-for-the-slow when they come up beside me man..THEN i can play the chariots of fire song. Hopefully my chariots don’t become one great big ball of fire and go up in smoke lah.

  34. Congrats Kenny…at least you’ve done something to make yourself proud other than becoming a nude blogger. Omedeto!!

  35. you are great. I have run three marathons and did lots of training before each run. you only ran two weeks and able to finish the marathon. Wow. big congratulations. you are an inspiration to every one.

  36. Kenny you did awesoomee man.
    Seriously dude, i don’t think i would have finished 42km even if i was walking.
    It’s always good to see a Kuchingnite (is that how you spell it even?) delivering the goods man and you do it everytime.
    Great post.
    I actually, no.. i hear the song ‘chariots of fire’ already.

  37. Okie Dude, u DID it! I’m proud of you! Kuching-boleh!
    Now are you ready for Mt. Everest next month? kekeke
    Sorry kenny but I just couldn’t resist that!

  38. Congratulation for completing the marathon.. I confess i was one of those who voted that you couldn’t finisht the race… I’m glad to be proven wrong..

  39. Well Kenny, I understand your feelings upon completion. I had the same experience when I was going up Mt. Kinabalu.. an overweight.
    That experience pushed me to conquer her two more times, the only difference was that I was prepared.
    Would you like to join me on my next trip? Should be fun.

  40. SIMPLY AWESOME! i feel like i went through a marathon just by reading this post!!
    You are such an inspiration. a true supa star!
    well done.

  41. Hi Kenny,
    Congrats on ur completion on the marathon. It takes alot of determination to strive on esp during the last 10-12KM. The feeling must be horrendous at that time, yet your willpower was strong enough to overcome. U’re da bomb! ^___^

  42. Sterling performance, Kenny. Next, Ironman 2007! There, the 42km marathon is just 1/3 of the race. Finish this, and your Coconuts will level up 1000 to Supreme Mega Nova Crusher Chancellor Coconuts. You have a whole year to prep for this one, go for it! I’ll be right behind you, in the spectator stand.

  43. congrats kenny!!!for the past two days, i’ve officially become an avid reader of your blog…you give a new lease of life to blogging!!inspiring, entertaining and…provided a room for healthy discussion.i truly admire your willpower!!!

  44. Congratulation! you make it, It doesn’t matter you may not make it in expected time but more significant is the spirit and high determination to achieve the destination. Congratulation once more and good luck.

  45. you’re a bullshit artist…considering the time it took you, you must have WALKED the entire journey, not RUN.

  46. I voted for you to complete the race, in a realistic mindset.Completing a whole 30km race is definitely a great achievement. Congratulations!

  47. see i knew you could do it! i was right in the poll.. u will finish it eventually! wohoo!! Kenny the Marathon Finisher. Should start calling u that or smtg.

  48. Kenny, im impressed. Seriously, if u can do it, there is no reason why any other fat basterd lying arnd at home cant do what you did. Im so proud of you, time for me to get my ass off doing something like what you did. I have new found respect for da man, kenny sia!

  49. Hi Kenny, im impressed. You’ve proven that we can push our bodies to the limit and that there is no reason for any fat basterd lying arnd at home to not do what you did. If you can do it, damn, we all can do it. I have new found respect for da man, kenny sia.

  50. Hi Kenny, im impressed. You’ve proven that we can push our bodies to the limit and that there is no reason for any fat basterd lying arnd at home to not do what you did. If you can do it, damn, we all can do it. I have new found respect for da man, kenny sia.

  51. Congrats! I kinda knew you would do it. Maybe it was the blog that kinda pushed you tru. You want to show the readers you can do it but you’re amazing..

  52. I am a silent reader of yours for quite some time and I am leaving a comment now only because this is truly an inspiring event. I think some people might take your constant showing off of your coconut sized balls as a joke but this time you really proved that your balls are big enough to take a real challenge like this. Kudos

  53. hi kenny, just want to say thanks for this post. i dont really surf blogs despite recently starting one myself(do visit it if you can find the time…thanks kenny)..but anyways, hey thank you again for this post. it is indeed very inspiring and i know how much words of encouragement can mean..so hope you take pride (lots of it!) in what you’ve acomplished..your will and mindpower has already put the great Master Yoda to shame..even his force, i doubt will be able to bring him as far as 42km… ๐Ÿ˜‰
    it is indeed all in the mind..if you want something bad enough..you will eventually own it… awesome kenny

  54. U the man !!! I’m very proud of you. Well Done!!
    This shows that never underestimate the power of ur mind.

  55. Bravo Kenny, you did very well! Although you miss the 6 hrs target but you crossed the finishing line yourself…i understand how it feel during running….i did 2.4 in 12.39mins, i almost died during the run..its is a far cry from you’ve did …you’ve won the challenge in you… Congrats!!
    Whatca you gonna do next?? enroll in another one?

  56. Hey dude,Just walked in back from a 13 mile run and I watched the video…damned, the beeps at the starting line get me all pumped up ready to go again. As I watch, I actually grunt for you at 30 km.. and clapped as you cross the finishing line, mother was wondering WTF?
    Hey how about L.A. Marathon 2007, a real organized marathon where people and the whole city of L.A. cheer for you all 26.2 miles, 20, 000 runners, voulneteers along the route at every water station. Save up vacation time now, you got a place to stay and after the run you can visit California in pain.

  57. Kenny,
    You arr…! the worker actually wants to cabut early also cannot, have to wait for you to close finish line…

  58. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You look so CUTE in that last picture!!! I definitely wanna participate in one but i cant even RUN! Im amazed by your willpower!

  59. you never fail to amaze me kenny.
    you are one hell of a amazing guy.
    despite the world passing by below your feet, you found time to smell the flowers.
    loved the way you kept spirits up by Hi-5ing every police and even garnered the energy to learn about your fellow runners, documenting it in your video.
    i’m so happy for you that you accomplished this personal feat and pushed your boundaries, knowing that you are capable of much greater things.
    just watching the video and reading your words, i can feel the exhilaration, so much that i almost teared!!
    and of course, hearing you pant on your blairwitch video was orgasmic.

  60. first of all,congrats!!I’m really happy for u.You made me realised that nothing is impossible as long as you have the determination to do it!Thanks!!!

  61. Bravo man.
    Give yourself a pat on the back. It’s well-earned.
    And the medal, you should carry it wherever you go for a while. It’s really something to be proud of.

  62. Kenny fat boy,
    Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!
    Though not as fat as u, I just don’t have the balls to even contemplate taking part.
    Well done.

  63. Hie! I’ve been a silent reader all these while and i enjoyed reading your post.
    Completing this marathon is really SOMETHING!! Here’s the 152nd
    CONGRATS!! This is a really inspiring and motivational blog. especially the photos! It’s amazing that you can still take photos while running -_-” anyway, GREAT JOB!!

  64. congratulations!! finishing 30+ minutes after the intended 6 hour qualifying time is a job well done, considering the little training you had.. good on you ๐Ÿ˜€

  65. Somewhere from Bkt Bintang, my head a bit pening when watching the video. But it was a good and long run, Kenny. Really admire your perseverance. Congrats. ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. sniff….sniff….i’m SO proud of you Kenny Sia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that almost put tears in my eyes.
    this is my first time commenting, but i’ve read tons of your posts la…dont worry.

  67. Congrats Kenny! You my friend, deserve something more than just a participant’s medal.
    Now I’m thinking of doing something like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. yeah!! i won my bet with my friend saying that you’ll finish it but you’ll take more than 6 hours… i’ll try myself in the next marathon i can find!! and Ken, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  69. unbelievable that you actually finished the race.
    cant imagine myself finishing it, let alone having the sanity to sign up for it.
    well done.
    you’re an inspiration for your readers.

  70. hey kenny. glad that you persevered ๐Ÿ™‚
    “give me a five
    ah lousy cops’
    isn’t it very mafan to run and hold a camera?

  71. Yay!!! Proud of ya! Proud of ya! Proud of ya!! Thanks for sharing the video! And doc it all out. Wow! I almost felt my legs sore after watching the video!
    Hi 5!

  72. I’m out of words, Kenny. This is simply one of the most inspiring+motivational post that I had ever read. I’m just so impressed with your determination. Deepest respects to you. I’ve tried a 10km half-marathon before, and it was totally torturing(without any preparations, that is.)

  73. Congrats, kenny.
    For a person who had never completed her 2/4 within 20 minutes, you are inspiration.

  74. well after reading what you have achieved, i am going to start off by joining a short marathon event in my uni. i have three weeks to prepare myself for a 5km run :P. yeah i know it isn’t as much as your 42km but it’s a start ๐Ÿ˜€
    well done kenny !

  75. I feel so lousy after reading this post…. Because i was sneering at you for even thinking of attempting it. I have never got the guts to do the marathon although I’ve been an avid runner. Yet I was so quick to judge you. You made me feel ashame of myself. This is a truly inspiring post Kenny. Thanks for making me realise that i should not be too quick to judge.

  76. that was a moving post.
    because you had to shave your armpits you’re not only gonna feel sore and immobile, the ingrown hair would probably be a bitch as well o_O eeep..

  77. Glad & Bravo…Make a big round in KLCT…You are the first ever man who represented Sarawak to archive by visiting K.L in one whole day..

  78. first time commenting here.. just had to do it like many others. congrats and here’s to you for inspiring many others. cheers!

  79. kenny! hurraye for you!! if u can do it.. so can everyone else! i think you you are really damn boliao with the cops la! and man.. the marathon was sure damn inspiring!

  80. KENNY..KENNY!!!
    CONGRATS!! Good job man!!
    man,inspired me to run one too.. walking up hill in NZ is already killing me.. what more to say running 42 km??!!! WOW!!!

  81. Congratulations Kenny! How you managed to run and take pics at the same time, I won’t know. But yes, its the experience that you gained which is priceless.
    So has E banked in your USD50 yet?

  82. Kenny, congratulations…. you made it, you da man. I have been your reader for quite a while. My respects to you. 2 thumbs up!!!

  83. Wow, that’s simply amazing! I am totally inspired by what you did. I wanted to join the Singapore half marathon 2 years ago, but I chickened out. I should really try it out. Am truly inspired by your post.
    Congratulations, love your great attitude! Keep it up!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Congratulations Kenny!!! From the video can hear your Aussie accent a bit. I find that locals in Australia/ AngMohs in Australia will say “hey!??” when they can’t hear something or they want to say ” i beg your pardon”….:D
    Cheers and congrats!

  85. well here goes nothing. CONGRATULATIONS to you Kenny and may u have a speedy recovery and better late than never rite? don’t take it too hard of wat others said. Sometimes it’s hard to pls everyone. So as long as u satisfy with your achievement then do not let others pull u down.

  86. Yo Kenny.
    Congratulations to you! I believed you run with two legs and then 4 legs and your little brother touch the line! Phew! Real hard work!
    Put icecube to cold down your coconuts. Expert says too hot will reduce sperm count! I am serious! Once again thanks for being so brave over the 50 bucks

  87. whoa you are the man, man. I would have died at 5km…seriously. My legs were already shaking when i fisnished running only 3.6km…
    you are crazy but good crazy…
    good for you!! hope you lost some weight!
    great job man…great job.

  88. WOAH!!!! Congrats on finishing!!!! I am a teeny bit overweight and carrying excess fat. Going to do ‘Walk around the Tan’ for a few weeks as part of a work thing…. walk (or run) around a track and record your times.. forgot how they calculate it but my work has entered some walking and running teams which I’ll be joining. After doing ZERO exercise for about 2 years… I need all the luck I can get! So I’ll take a bit of inspiration from you eh ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  89. Hey Kenny! Well done! Great race report. I ran the KL Marathon too but barely made it due to a tummy upset. Click my blogs for pictures and write-up.

  90. CONGRATS!!!!!I salute your determination!!! Its hard to run a 42k run when you only have 2 weeks of serious training…But I respect you!!!
    I knew you will make it!!!!!!!!!

  91. FEi ZHAi…………….THANKS ALOT.. my friends lost 800 bucks on betting.. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA……………………………………………………
    MAn, u really inspired me haha

  92. This is uber cool! Congratulations! Are you going to come by again next year to complete the race under the time limit?

  93. Kenny, great job!!
    So impressed by you. Too bad I am having exam tomorrow, or else I would go for a run later.
    You make me seriously considering doing a marathon this year.
    Just wonder, how you still had energy to take pic after 6 hours of run…
    Get well soon!

  94. WOOHOO! U did it! High endurance level, strong determination, fierce will power! Good for U! Were ur coconuts fine?


  96. omg kenny u even won urself a medal??? now thats something to be proud of eh! hehehe…congratulations man!!!

  97. whooppppdeeedoooooooooooo!!!!
    tahniah kenny tahniah!! u’re officially da man,a force to be reckoned with!! come let’s have a toast ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. congratulations Kenny!!!! your entry tells us that a marathon is more than a purely physical experience. the sweet euphoria you felt when you crossed the finish line will stay with your far longer than the lactic-acid-tortured muscles will. cheers and keep up the good work!

  99. Good grief! I thought I was crazy signing up with one and a half months to prepare…
    Two weeks… You’re even crazier than I am.
    The bus driver wanted to pick me up, but I told him where to go… (even though my feet felt like kicking my teeth in for declining that ride)
    Well done! Ain’t it just the best feeling?

  100. Congrats Kenny, I agree with u we all have to experience a marathon at least once in our life, i did it last year and it was my first time and guess what I did another two in the same year, the feeling of accomplishing it couldn’t be described merely by words, it’s massive. Good on you Kenny.

  101. congrats. you are an inspiration. i dont think i could have done what you did, but if i ever come across a similiar situation, i will definately give it my all. thanks to you.

  102. Been visiting ur blog for some time,though this is my first time commenting.Just wanna say congratulations!:)

  103. hehe.. really great to know that you finished the marathon. As 42km run are over, you still have to endurance a week of feelings pains and cramps on your body parts and mucles. ;P

  104. Cheers Kenny!
    To all the people who said, “if u can do it.. so can everyone else!” or something along those lines, I beg to differ. It is precisely because so many of us lack the will power to do it (even if we are fitter than Kenny) that we give him his due respect and congrats…
    As for me, I’m inpired…

  105. Hats off to you Kenny, for your guts and determination! CONGRATS!
    Utterly impressed beyond words. Forget about the time, it’s your personal satisfaction that matters most, Kenny ๐Ÿ™‚
    That is one medal which I am sure you will treasure a lot ๐Ÿ˜‰

  106. I was sooOOOOOO inspired and impressed!! Feel so ashame compare to you cos i always wanna conquer Mt. Kinabalu and do a marathon running but didnt. Just like what you said, Kenny Sia can so can others! Yes I will just do that next time. Thanks for the inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚ Hhaha and have a gd 2 day rest at home!

  107. kenny is not fat! Fat is like bulging bulging here and there…Kenny in fact looks fit!
    Congrats kenny!

  108. You might’ve heard this before but all I’m gonna say is that,
    “Its the journey that counts…not the destination.”
    And you’ve had a HECK of a journey! Congrats!! *grinz*

  109. Hey Kenny, you rock man! I seriously can’t imagine you can run,video,snap and talk at the same time.RESPECT! Congrats on completing the race~

  110. Hey Kenny, you rock man! I seriously can’t imagine you can run,video,snap and talk at the same time.RESPECT! Congrats on completing the race~

  111. wow. you actually finished! =D congrtz!
    Btw, it’s funny to know that you held onto a digicam AND an iPod while running. burden man.
    never forget that the coconuts probly add more weight than both combined =p

  112. ” Dearest Kenny, I didn’t choose the wrong person to look up to. You’re amazing. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Posted by: desperate addict at 08 March 2006 10:38 AM”
    DAMN RIGHT !!!!!
    you’re really an inspiration and jaw-dropper for A LOT of us here, kenny!

  113. Congrats !!!! I was stuck in the jam near the klcc area… it took me 30mins to home for a 2mins distance. ahhahaha… it must be u who cross the road.

  114. grats to you man, i voted u will finish ๐Ÿ™‚ my gf voted u will finish but over 6 hours, so actually we were both right ๐Ÿ˜›

  115. 304 supporters…1 wet blanket who said u walked all the way!!! Next, Mt Kinabalu…? Forget it lah!!! You should stand in the coming state elections!!! All ur fans go to vote, sure win hands down!!!

  116. this is just ur training….. upcoming Saberkas Marathon in our very own Kuching City 26th March 2006… no need sponsor… no need air ticket…

  117. good job kenny! if it was me, after the cramp i prolly wont continue, or if DBKL trying to tempt me to hop on to their van, i would ve do so too!
    u came in last, but u completed it! 42K man!!! thats really something..

  118. wow.. anyway i think you would have completed it under 6 hours if u didn’t take so many stops for pictures and videos.. =)

  119. Wow, 300+ comments. You are one celebrated man for finishing last in a marathon… A Hundred congrats to you for finishing the whole 42 kays.

  120. Who can compare with you? Finished in 6++ hours and yet received so many salutations. Even the champions wont get so many supporters, ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  121. (: HEY KENNY! Congrats on finishing the marathon, that was certainly a wonderful feat. Wo zhen de pai ni wei shi. And.. I don’t know about you, but you look slimmer. Haha.

  122. Congrats Kenny!!! A pretty f***-ing amazing feat!
    My Daddy unfortunately was one of the casualties. He fainted near Jln Bukit Bintang and had to be carted away into the ambulance!! =S

  123. wei, y photoshop ur face till red red? looks very like ah kua. next time don photoshop til like tat ler..anyway, congrats.

  124. My first time, too, leaving a message here, seeing there’re already 333 posted comments =) Well done, Kenny, you’re so indescribable and you go!

  125. wei, y photoshop ur face till red red? looks very like ah kua. next time don photoshop til like tat ler..anyway, congrats.
    Posted by: aftodet at 09 March 2006 7:23 PM
    …er…he ran till face red, u go say ppl photoshop till red red? What the heck man! *puzzled*…its 42KM dude not 4KM!

  126. whoa WTF? 344 comments? my bro was in the marathon as well and asked me whether i’ve read your blog….I did a long time ago… hey! way to go kenny!!!!!

  127. Way 2 go Kenny!I can feel the energy bursting forth by just viewing the clip.
    U made it and that’s what matters most…

  128. Next up… a marathon in Singapore… We have the Sheares Bridge run, Real Run and also the vertical marathon, where you climb 72 flights of stairs…
    Let me know if you wanna take part..

  129. Yeap. He sure did and he banked in USD$10 extra as well for extra the effort shaving off my armpit and kukujiao hair.
    This is probably gonna be the only time in my entire life I’m paid to shave off my pubes.

  130. congrats! u did great! i ran my first half marathon on that day. it sure as hell felt damn good crossing the finishing line so i totally get what you mean. the organisers sucked big time though, they actually ran out of water at 3 stations in a row! what kind of marathon is it when it runs out of water!

  131. 360th comment:
    congrats,i believe u able to make it in 6hrs if u didnt bring ur T9 n concentrade running?but if u dont bring we might cant read this great post.

  132. COngrats Kenny! It was absolutely inspiring. Maybe next year I’ll try to sign up for the 7km run. Veteran’s, I think.

  133. Hey Kenny,
    Well done! The key thing is finishing the race, something you set out to do. Nothing is impossible. Hey… How about the Standard Chartered Marathon in Dec in Singapore? More than enough time to prep… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  134. Hey Kenny – I’ve got to congratulate you.
    Just wondering if you had any training schedule before the marathon?
    I myself did the 2005 10km Singapore marathon – with no training or regular exercise at all. That’s inspired me to do the triathlon this year in July.

  135. Impressive! It’s unbelievable that you actually managed to finish the 42km marathon against all odds. Truly inspiring! Thumbs up for the video recording with your voice. Its value? Priceless! It showed your determination, endurance and evidence that you’ve completed the race. I’m also surprised that you still sounded perky even to the finishing point. KENNY, you’re a phenomenon SIA!

  136. Haha! Congrats Kenny. I think i would’ve died at the 10th km. HAhaha. Good on ya. Damn i’m getting muscle cramps just looking at the video. ๐Ÿ˜›

  137. oh my word. kenny sia!!! can’t believe you actually finised the race! i couldn’t even run for 30 minutes…and i’m not even overweight. -_-” you honestly made me feel lazy and lousy and…fat. argh. your ipod rocks,man. hmph =(

  138. great job kenny!!
    really inspiring…everytime i run long distance i always have that quitters mentality..reading ur entry makes me wanna train harder..end of this yr there’s the standard chartered 42km run at sg..mebbe you can go try it…
    i’ll definately train up and go for tat one one day ๐Ÿ˜€ haha

  139. Technically I didn’t get last place lah! There are some who forfeited halfway and plenty who’re still crossing the finishing line after they packed up and left!

  140. Blimey mate, I was one of those who doubted so a big thumbs up to you. Have you recovered?
    I think since you have inspired so many people, you should tell them when you are next running a marathon so that they can run with you! They can all wear ‘I’m running with Kenny Sia’ T-shirts and have bets with their friends/family and give half/all of it to charity. Just a suggestion. And I think it depends on if your feet/knees/back can take it again!
    (300 comments – that’s a lot of people and I bet half of your readers doen’t even leave a comment!)

  141. Congrats la! Very impressive!
    Tell me is either of your knees giving you pain / problem, for running 42k with little training like you said?

  142. Congratulation….
    Have to admit that I’m one of those who doubted you & would have easily put up a reward too! only missed as I only read your blog sporadically.
    Well…. very much a new found respect for you, mate. Totally driven when you put your mind to something….. best example of mind over body….
    WELL DONE……….

  143. wow… nice post and an awesome run! wish i were there, too…
    you were *only* 33 minutes short of your goal! you’ll definitely do better next year!

  144. and to think i’m just about 30 minutes faster than you….i also a bit shy la…
    well done on your first marathon…and kudos for running with a camera! i would had done so too if not because i left it inside my bag!

  145. i remembered u join this marathon is partly becos someone dared u rite? and promised to bank in 50usd into ur paypal account rite? did u get it? haha
    i think i will join this marathon next year too… i would definately wanna try it out

  146. Hey Kenny,
    It is aspiring to know that with inspiration comes determination, and followed by achiving your goals.
    I’m encouraged by your writeup. Keep up the good work.

  147. Wah…what can I ay that hasn’t already been said…truly inspirational and all that effort for pics and video pulak, plus having to complete the 42!! you my herolah!

  148. “Running, one might say, is an absurd past time upon which to be exhausting ourselves. But if you can find meaning in the kind of running you have to do to stay on this team, chances are, you will be able to find the meaning in another absurd past time- LIFE…” Bill Bowerman in the movie “Without Limits” to his athletes.
    I hope you’ll find reason enough to continue on this journey.

  149. u did it man!! good job!!
    i try to run at least twice a week. at least
    2 miles every time. right now, i am trying to
    run at lunch time as well. my buddy took part
    in marathons a couple of times and he is
    trying to get me in. Yup, Marathons in
    San Diego California. well, it’s beautiful
    to run …..24/7.

  150. Hey Kenny!
    I saw you at the KLIM starting point, but I didn’t know you then. Well glad to know you made it, impressive from your short training sessions and great persistence in completing your run! There’s no shame to walking back to the finishing line and resisted the “ride” from the St John’s!
    My very first marathon was KLIM 05 and since then I’ve been running consistently. Participated in Phuket, Hong Kong and Kuching marathons. When you said you will not do marathons anymore, Kenny, train more often and you’ll be hooked! Keep up the good work, but do cut down on your carbo loading…do it the night before the run is sufficient, a week of that will just keep your weight up.
    All the best. Hope to spot you again in any future runs..

  151. your such a perpiration to everyone !
    congrats to you ! ! !
    you save us lonely joes face !

  152. well done.
    i know what it takes to complete a marathon.
    2 weeks of training, you are putting yourself at great risk. i took 2.5 years of continuous running, completing in a couple of 10km, 21.1km to get myself both physical and mentally prepared for the full.
    hope you just don’t stop here, keep running to stay healthy.

  153. Tahniah beb …. Orang Malaysia Boleh ….. Tahun ni 2007 saya akan cuba 21KM lepas tuuuu Full 42 KM ……….
    Anda boleh saya pun mesti boleh….

  154. You already have a list of good comments. A list almost as long as the distance you ran bro. That wont stop me from saying that you inspire me to graduate from the wimpy half marathon. Must do it too !!

  155. hello kenny i am from france have been many times to malaysia and love your country i also run every day and run the kl marathon in 2003 BUT I COULD NOT FINISH AND GAVE UP AT THE 30th km congratulations to you and if you want send me news about your country

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