I Found Fitness First In Kuching

The Fitness First in Perth.
FF Perth
Clean and hygenic. Coordinated yet flexible. Friendly and professional.
FF Perth
Its the only fitness centre I know that seems to get everything right, and more.

The Fitness First in Kuching.
GAH! Bloody rip-off.
*sigh* Guess I’m doomed to be forever fat.

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  1. hey bro, you don’t have to goto the gym, try joining some martial art, or have daily jog and cut down on some late night supper :p

  2. This is rubbish! No where near to our Fitness First in Australia with all the aromatheraphy rooms and spas! Rubbish!

  3. Hi Kenny…ya its a ripoff..looks gloomy…Ive never been to FF but herd tat d ones in KL quite alot of gay guys dun kno wic outlet…nice blog!! : )

  4. I like to travel & I’ve always wanna visit East Malaysia. & there you go introducing Kuching at times! Marvellous! & you write good & funny entries. *thumbs up*

  5. Hey Dude, the equiments of FF in Kuching looks flimsy, I bet a 12 year old in Kuching
    day5_goofing_of.html#comments) can break those
    cardio machines 🙂
    btw people, chicken place next to Fitness center is a perfect combo, a healthy lean and cut body needs quality protein intake, nothing better than chicken (minus the fat of course).

  6. hm… maybe I should go home and run a nice gym to benefit kuching people??? Kenny, try healthy diet(not one meal a day, six small meals a day, no koo loh mee ah), put in cardio workout, buy some equipment, set up a mini gym at home.

  7. KENNY!! You are sssooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. haha, ok seriously, i’m no fan exactly ( i think) of xiaxue, but i read her blog everyday coz it’s always so interesting and she has such interesting views and when i first clicked on her link to ur site… well, your blog is just as interesting =P, totally cool, so i’m reading it from the very 1st entry. don’t you ever dare stop writing:P, i need my daily dose of snorting laughter. yups…and I don’t see why more girls weren’t after you when you were younger but I’m so happy you found Nicole, it’s really sweet =P. well good luck and sweet & sour dayz =P

  9. Hey, nice to “spotted” you.. (*_^)
    Kenny in real person is cuter then most of his pic posted here.

  10. yellowant… err… don’t believe yellowant people! She’s half-drunk when she spotted me. HAHA!
    “you don’t have to goto the gym”, nah I want my muscles. 🙂
    Gambs, eh you sure or not. It was very rundown lah. Anyway I’ll check out Gateway tmw.
    Selina, their aromatherapy room is located inside Ayam Champion.
    flint, actually its a fitness equipment shop, not a gym.
    NSDS3 + vkc102, you got it wrong! Fitness First is a place where chicken work out. That’s why they became Ayam Champion! HAHAHA! Man I amuse myself.
    kimberlycun + peichyi, *grumbles* you west malaysians get everything!
    Naomi, SNORTING LAUGHTER? Beware everyone! kennysia.com induces snorting laughter!
    Blackwidow, the trouble with working out in mini-gym at home is (1) Too much distractions, eg. BLOG. and (2) Not enough girls (I mean, people) around to provide encouragement.
    ken, exercising with crappy equipments (like a stationary bike with crappy seats) is literally, a pain in the ass.
    e, yea I know. They look so cheap they look like they are built using coca cola bottles don’t they?
    Cyn, thanks. Though I must admit I hardly ever introduce Kuching’s good points.

  11. poor boy… haha i miss fitness first too. dammit. bloody adelaide doesnt have one yet. soon to be open in july. thank god!
    seriously? gym in kuching? dont think its worth the $.

  12. Someone should file a lawsuit =)
    And the FF in Perth is sooooo god damn expensive. Around $60!!! I wanted to join because Kenny recommended, but I don’t have that kind of $$$ lying around =(

  13. LOLz… i seriously thought you actually did find FF here…
    You can try Clark Hatch at Hilton… it’s not bad… got sauna and steam some more…

  14. haha, yellowant might be right:P, you’re prob. cuter in real life! =P. so sad though, i migrated from sg to perth myself… not many nice guys around, i mean ones who don’t drink or have sex all the time (or smoke). bleah. wish more guys like kenny are around =P

  15. fitness first in ur place seems too small, I probably already sweat before fitness, just by looking at the place :-S
    but the rip-off doesn’t only happen in your place, in this country, too. Also the tv programs, some of those programs copied UK

  16. Claris, that sounds like a fantastic idea! But eh hello miss! You think having sex is as easy as going to the supermarket and buy groceries one is it? First, you’d need a willing partner.
    chrissie, a good gym is addictive.
    Lyon, I know. I was using crappy Curtin gym for 2 years when I was a student. I was only able to afford Fitness First when I started working fulltime.
    babysalad, haha~
    TBG, I’ll be your first student as long as you don’t use me as target practice in your demonstrations. 😉
    annabella, I went to Clark Hatch once. Around RM600 joining fee then RM1,200 for a year for a slightly better environment than RM250 a year Gym Masyarakat. And the manager was grinning at me slyly when he pointed out where the massage room is. I think its too expensive. For that price I think I deserve Fitness First quality (Perth one, not the Kuching one).
    Naomi, gee I envy those who have sex all the time.
    echa, hahaha! If that’s the case they can probably charge a monthly membership fee for people to look at the place!

  17. Fitness First rocks! But the fees are kinda expensive….arghh…
    Hey, how come the exercise machines in the FF Kuching so disorganised one…hrmm…not good 😐

  18. Fitnes First Australia aint the holy mecca you seem to make it to be man, i got scabbed there, i joined under a 50 dollars a month deal but now it’s suddenly sky rocketted up to 79:85 AUSD per month. damn scabbers !! nice blog btw

  19. You think FF is excellent now, don’t you? Just wait till you have a medical emergency and have to freeze your account. They will give you all kinds of sorry ass lame excuses, even to the extent of insisting for your medical report, a formal written letter and you have to wait 2 months before your account can be frozen.
    That was my experience btw. Hopefully things have improved.

  20. FF?? they are a good gym the instructors are great but the admin sucks!!! when i quit the gym they want to know why i quit and blah blah blah i said that i cant afford it lah and they still want to sell me the membership for a cheaper price. BAH!! i told them that i am going home for good and they demanded to see my ticket.

  21. Dear Kenny,
    I think u are not fat, u just have a very square face, which probably looked fat in the picture.
    Well, keep on exercising for good health perhaps!?

  22. LOL you’re not fat! Try walking 10,000 steps a day then when you’re too lazy to do heavy exercise.

  23. HOw much they are charging ? …don get me wrong i just wanna know , im not interested of goin .. I just wanna be a fat ass sitting in front of tv eating my XXL pizza wif mountain of cheese..

  24. fitness first is too commercial making it too crowded. not enuf equipment for so many ppl. prefer some decent gym which is not trying to rip off my wallet.

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