No Says, Just Feeling

There’s something odd about the slogan of this box that I just can’t seem to pinpoint.

“No Says… Just FEELING.”
That’s some profound philosophical words right there. Like something straight out of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet.


No, I am not interested to sell your stupid MLM products. Quit bugging me.

60 Replies to “No Says, Just Feeling”

  1. by the way,since i’ve been reading your blog for quite a while. keep on going man! i’m learning from you …

  2. maybe it is Chinglish, you know, Chinese translated stright into English?
    because in Chinese, that means, “no need to talk, just feel” (Bu Yong Shuo Hua, Zhi Yong Gan Jue)…

  3. What’s the brand again for the “No says, just feeling”. It’s SongBird? Is that ‘Song’ the hokkien ‘song’ or the english ‘song’? SongBird for No says, just feeling? Hmmm… Indeed! haha…

  4. deep indeed. btw Shakespeare just called and said he wants his box back. it was his scratch paper for next poem. he wrote that when he having sex. he was like “fuck you i will, i’ll do all the job. no sound, no says, just feeling.”

  5. no born no demise no dirty no clean no increase no decrease… now it begins to sounds like a famous sutra.

  6. very interesting kenny… must be the cleverness of the slogan… or something
    you bought the product.
    no (need) say…. just feelings.

  7. Hy Dude, it’s Hakka translation “kong arn tho choy boy tu mo joong. hee “Feel” ghee jiew tee liaw”.

  8. halo!~
    interesting short talk. which mlm company has offended u? how abt elaborating more abt it in your next blog? =p

  9. Doesn’t a navigator talk? So in order for it to function, it needs to SAY something. Oh well I guess feelings can work too. EMO-schemo.
    Indeed dude, it’s damn deep. 😀

  10. masterkenzo, oi! If you think this is lame, you no says, just feeling ok?
    Ling, I think every single MLM company out there annoys the heck out of me. The day I meet an MLM company that is NOT annoying is the day I’ll shave off my leg hair and cook soup with it.

  11. wow, this is just pure spam that i opened on my own!!!
    it does make u wonder though how that person is making the ‘big bucks’ to write such crap or maybe that product is targeting a particular “cult”? must be, cause sure can’t decipher the meaning here.

  12. Hahaha… it caught your attention, didn’t it? Well, it ain’t that funny as compared to your previous blogs and my rating to you for this blog is only 3 out of 10 lor. Chill la, bro…

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