I Need A Massage

My back hurts.

I miss the Thai massages I had in Phuket. It’s difficult to find massages of similar quality and professionalism here in Kuching. Every other massage places here are either dodgy ones with half-baked skills, or ones that mistakenly employ masseuse training to become WWE wrestlers.
I reckon Osim should stop producing overpriced massage chairs and just pack a Thai masseuse in a box and sell it.

Confirm I’ll buy.

I just started playing Civilization IV.
Goodbye life.

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  1. wah! Kenny first time i am among the first 10 commenters ahhahah
    btw, stop playing civikization and come to “CIVILIZAtion”…I take you to good thai massage in Bangsar. The name sound very dodgy, but it is strictly no hanky-panky one (eh…like that you still want or not?) !

  2. WOW Civilization IV… oh yeah, u can practically say goodbye to the real civilisation for a couple of weeks. You’ll probably need a real good massage after playing the game result of sitting and facing the PC all day and night. Anyway have fun!! ^_^

  3. Confirm I’ll buy as well! I’ve tried the OSIM chair at a priviledged friend’s house, and though it’s pretty good, it lacks the thing called the human touch 😛

  4. Hear! Hear! Couldn’t agree more! At over RM10,000 per massage chair, might as well get a live one from Indonesia…or China! Can open massage shop…and earn money some more! Get her to massage others when she’s not massaging u! (Gee! Foochows -I’m one!- are SO enterprising!)

  5. Hi Kenny,
    1) Has Osim reply you?
    2) You brought “ORIGINAL” game? =P. We can play online bash you UP!

  6. let me tell you my tragic life story of how i was once sold as an osim product.
    I worked for long hours, kneading and prodding sore muscles when my owner returned home from work. Tho instruction manual states specifically that i was not to be used for other purposes, due to warranty or defects, i was still made to do “extra”. Like washing his clothes, cleaning the rooms. I had to get out of such a parasitic relationship.
    What an apt name it was when Osim coined our kind “iSuffer”.
    With every purchase of “iSuffer”, complimentary gift of “uShiok”.
    And watch out for Osim’s latest products, the hair dryer “iBlow” and their vaccum cleaner, “uSuck”.

  7. It depends on their training. Besides, you might want to try ocupuncture as well… They might work just as well as a thai massage.

  8. wow, i just blogged about my very first thai massage experience in JB. hurts like crap man. totally agree about the WWE wrestler metaphor. 🙁

  9. only one time i’ve been in a massage chair… it was wierd… and my feet were wet and there was a strange cambodian woman rubbing my feet in minty stuff… then she cut my nails and filed them and scrubbed my feet… and massaged my ankles and calves and my knee(?!) all the while talking on her cellphone. I’m not too sure but i think i was having a pedicure… sure didn’t feel like one.
    my partner is playing Civilasation IV. I haven’t properly spoken to him in over a week…….

  10. If u happen to be in Sunway Pyramid, there are THAI massage in there, business run by a local chinese man & he purely hired those masseur from Thailand.
    I’ve tried that; I would say not bad for relaxing. Try out yourself.

  11. U ppl r so stupid la…he just trying to tell u indirectly that he’s been ‘working’ and wants to get massage…u ppl missed the whole point…still like wanna encourage him to write more abt his suck ass life….and what civilization game lah? what goodbye life? i thought u didnt have one….

  12. Kuching…. go for BLIND CENTRE massage!
    or go look for one of those Chinese traditional masseuse… the ones at home… 😀

  13. JustAnotherTragedy, because I know you wouldn’want me for a massage.
    mia, I’m glad when you were in that relationship, eventually uQuit. Otherwise, iDunno what will happen to you.
    Matthew, what are you talking about? OF COURSE it is original? I even got a box!
    rachz, I’d like to think myself only, but I’d hope for both. 😉
    Anonymous, nope. Where’s the Centennial Tower?

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