Newspaper Headlines

“Hopefully, the media can also give fair and balance coverage to all candidates and parties taking part in the elections this time.” — Election Commission Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid in Bernama.

The front page headlines and photos in Sarawak’s only English newspaper in the days leading up to the State Elections all have one thing in common. Can you spot what it is?

3rd May

4th May

5th May

6th May

7th May

8th May

9th May

10th May

11th May

12th May

14th May
(Hey I wanted that birthday gift too!)

15th May

16th May
Yep, that’s about as fair and balanced as a fat elephant walking on a tight rope. Drunk.
At least it’s better than the state’s only English tabloid’s full page tribute.

You know, maybe one day I could become so famous that instead of publishing my blog on the lousy Internet, I will publish my daily life on the front pages of the state’s largest newspaper, and have them delivered to people every single day.

If you’re in KL, can you check out Wanton Me! (starring Singapore’s Selena Tan and Hossan Leong) and tell me if it’s good?

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  1. that’s politics for ya.
    sorrie ah.. but who’s that old man who appears in nearly all the photos?

  2. readers are reminded if anyone here tries to defame any religion, race, political party or person in this box, your comment will be swiftly deleted.
    Oh and I will also delete your comment if it’s “OMG 1ST!!!!! 2ND!!!! THIRDDDDDD!!!!” etc πŸ˜‰

  3. Instead of us calling him white hair, which i think is a disgrace to those elderly, we should be calling him white ant (termites) coz he swollow anything he can see.

  4. this is so typical. didn’t we also haf something similar happening not too long ago..?
    fair.. my a**.

  5. honestly, that is unfair. i am reading that newspaper too everyday. the opposition party’s candidates only get a small corner everyday. and guess what, they only publish like 25% of the things they said. well, EC, please make your statement VALID.

  6. Ida:that old man you’re refering too,is actually a goat who is starving because he couldn’t find anymore grass to eat.who ask him to use up the land in the name of ‘development’.All bullshit.

  7. wah.. sarawak really got nothing else but the white hair old dude? its all over the paper! cant imagine how he’s like if he got hold the internet. creepy

  8. now den u noe… i wont read the front page or any abt the elections when da days come bcoz da big party owns u every single day, ya noe?

  9. yes, finally someone brought this out, its really irritating, my office subscribe to ET, n everyday have to see tat tulan face. N now so many ministers frm the other part of msia step feet for the very 1st time to sarawak to join in the fun.
    *Hey, kenny, can crop the small caption of tranvestives welcoming anwar ka…he.h.e. that’s n intersting piece of news

  10. nice one kenny…
    gugu… MR ORSM is so pathetic… dont even noe how to spell simple words XD what a joke, still ask people shut up….

  11. Missy, neither do you.
    “nice one kenny…
    gugu… MR ORSM is so pathetic… dont even noe how to spell simple words XD what a joke, still ask people shut up…. ”

  12. Oh man politics is boring. It’s not funny at all lah! Yah u might be on the papers one day bro but the heading might be ‘lawsuit against flamers on political leaders’.. hahaha

  13. I know nuts about politics, but I’m just damn curious about the “Transvestites welcome Anwar” sub-heading in the last pic, heh.
    Vote wisely! Don’t your Idol get eliminated!

  14. you should have seen what singapore’s straits times look like during the period leading to the election… it was not just the front page, it was half the newspaper splashed with the ruling party’s ideology

  15. “u vote, i vote. use this chance wisely. it’s our right to choose our leader.”
    how i wish i’m 21. hehe.. cant vote yet.. still young.. πŸ˜›
    “mari lah mari, kita mengundi” s**t tat song stuck in my head!!!

  16. What to do? *Shrugs* Freedom of press only exists in another realm. The day we get a balanced account is the day we all see a better Malaysia.

  17. This is as much democracy u will ever have. Pure democracy is already dead and maybe has never even existed since the birth of it. United states to the world over, we practice half of it and kinda wipe off the other half~

  18. Dude!! always skip the first page.. beside that, have u ever noticed the grin? i bet he made some plastic surgery to have that stupid grin plasted on his face 24/7..
    masa marah pun, still have that grin showing that aging tooth.. it become weary after sumtime..
    Kenny, if sumday u wanna be a polishitocian, better get that grin implanted first!

  19. it’s a well know fact majority of newspapers in malaysia is owned by UMNO. (BN) so its understandable if there’s pro-ruling party propaganda.

  20. i stop reading the newspaper a few days ago… always the same news…this that la, those that la…u know i know…. i will start reading after this saturday…

  21. i dun know why..
    but how come e cover page always ve e same ah pek (old man)???
    tat wld make it not a very balanced coverage bah…
    Singapore seems to ve tis problem also…

  22. good that u brought this up cos my mom everyday also complain why always HIS face? hahahaha dah la almost every single day before this election thing

  23. The funny thing about Sarawakians is they know, they talk and yet this particular man is still there for ages. Wake up fellows,itÒ€ℒs time for the change !

  24. Ida, that’s our state chief minister. Been there since before I was born, and I’m like 24 this year.
    anon, I’m what you call a swinging voter. I vote for a Swingers Party.
    Hui, I know but you know… Bernama printed it that way so I copy that way loh. πŸ˜€
    Skyler, just drag the bf along. hehe
    OL, why are you complaining that my blog is dull! πŸ™ I never complained that your comments are boring.
    Mr ORSM, you suck! you know i donch knew anithink aboot poloticks so you betta shut yor ears!
    kennysia, hey we share the same name!
    eediot, in Peninsular Malaysia you read the first few pages of the paper and chuck away the rest. In Sarawak, you chuck away the first few pages of the paper and start reading from the center.
    Hijackqueen, what is there to be scared about? I didn’t do anything wrong leh.
    GOV, and what will happen to my blog and me if the CM sees this?
    funny blogs, it’s a tabloid. It’s obviously there to discredit Anwar.
    Anonymous at 10:36am, WHY YOU ALWAYS FAIL ME! πŸ™ Waliew. Generous a bit mah!
    jeff, I have little problems with political parties owning newspapers so long as they present fair and balanced viewpoints. But 14 DAY STRAIGHT with the same face and the same propaganda as the headlines? Come on.
    EVERYDAY it’s the incumbent slamming the opposition. EVERYDAY it’s “only BN can bring development in Sarawak”
    At least the Borneo Post is a little better compared to the Sarawak Tribue/Eastern Times in that respect, but they still a long way to go. The Star is also owned by BN as well and it’s still able to present a (relatively) more factual and balanced news on this state election when compared to the Borneo Post.
    Where is the love?

    BN for BARISAN ????
    anymore folks, they just disgust me…

  26. hmmm…which explains why i only read the sports section anyways. local newspapers/tabloids don’t have anough credibility in their reporting – all kiss-ass bullcrap…

  27. yealor,always wana chak sieh shame.if the goverment want to be fair and is true abt the “lousy” oppositions,they should give allocations to the opposition who won a seat and see how he develops that constituency.If the opposition does not bring development then its true.The gov is what they say abt the oppositions :parrots lead by the goat.

  28. I wonder where the white ant will choose to be voted for a seat this year. Every election he keeps changing to a new place(which people don’t know about him) cause he knows that every previous place that he was voted, he did a shit enough job so people in that place won’t support him and vote for him again.
    Perhaps this 14 days straight in the paper thing is his plan to confuse and brain wash people’s mind so that he can get support again? Hope the people are well educated enough to vote for the right one. That big fish has gotta go down…S’wak can do better without him eating up all the food for the people.

  29. Kenny,
    Thanks for highlighting this very obvious issue man.
    It’s so ironic how the scale symbol is suppose to be equal, yet the ‘leading’ Sarawak English daily is so lopsided.
    If you read the back publications and read the ‘very favourable’ articles, you will find that they don’t print out the writer’s name.
    I found that awfully dodgy.
    Saturday will be an interesting event. But i am not registered to vote so i will be missing out on the fun. Otherwise i wouldn’t mind playing with fireworks πŸ˜‰
    Choose wisely fellow Sarawakians.

  30. the newspaper dont dare to offend the BN, tats y they din reali publish wad the other parties say bout the government. kenny mayb u shud go listen to DAP’s talk, u get to know a lot of things.

  31. Yepp, that is democracy for you, asian style. Those headings look like a recycle of the ones that the PAP used here in Singapore during the “election”.
    Another thing; when you asked what the front pages have in common I thought the answer was that there are no chinese in those pictures. Hard to see that 40% of the malay population is actually not malay.

  32. kenny, OL has a boring life too. Otherwise, why he bother to read your blog expecting hilarious post to kill his boring time. OL is shaming himself by his comment.

  33. Yes Frank, DAP talks a lot and does very little. They are considered as the ‘TALK VERY CHEAP’ kind. Many DAP candidates are just weird people who can talk a lot of crap. When they lose in one DAP election, then they move to another political party. That proves those candidates are useless.
    DAP talks a lot of useless things such as “oil prices went up because of BN“. But if that’s true, that means BN controls the world’s oil prices. IDIOT DAP SLOGAN.
    Another would be “BN has been in the seats for decades, and Chinese Independant schools lack money“. That doesn’t have anything to do with anything. If DAP can talk so much, why not keep all that saliva and money to donate to the schools instead of posting them on papers and making banners. BAKA DAP.
    Well, I wouldn’t say that BN is good either, since no one is perfect, at least BN did quite a lot of constructive deeds and things towards our society.

  34. OMG… it looks like the local papers have just turned into a personal photo-album & journal of Mr. white hair… Reading the paper’s so depressing nowadays…
    Haiz. so much for fairness & equality to all parties…
    Btw, the stands of both parties?… Man, they’re just plain pathetic.
    Lily Wong:”You stick, i rip”
    You rip, they stick again
    DAP:”Oil prices increase with every BN elected”
    So you’re saying that if all elected are DAPs, we get free petrol from now on?
    Politics. Idiots.

  35. sarawakians, please vote for our future.
    i regret that i didnt register for voting.
    rocket is just like “auditor”, checking our “accountant”‘s works.
    so, please….

  36. talking about overexpose… BN is the present government, it’s their DUTY to develop the state, the country.. so the must DO things.. of course DAP cant do anything except talking when they dont have the power.. damn i hate the phrase ‘UNDILAH UNTUK PEMBANGUNAN’ ‘Vote for continuity’ ‘be grateful to the government’ shit.. the gov should be grateful to the people for making them the gov

  37. ahahaha… seems like “pek mo”‘s face is in every front page of the newspaper… sad lah.. ehh.. i tot he’s resigning? he’s too old ledy la.. give chance to the younger ones.. so greedy

  38. hi kenny, re: your Short Talk (gosh everyone loves politics here!! πŸ˜‰
    I watched Wanton Me! on its opening night and i certainly enjoyed it – Selina and Hossan were good – can talk plus sing! (hossan is great with piano too) Well, lots of raunchy jokes and innuendos and i particularly like the way they could really make fun of Spore and Sporeans! basically, laughters all the way.. hmm.. are u planning to catch it?

  39. Now you see it with your own eyes!
    There has never been a better time to start making the change.
    All Sarawakians: Iban, Dayak, Bidayuk, Chinese, Indian, it is never too late. Together we are the majorirty, just do the math.
    And it’s possible to reverse the tide, for you and me and for our future.

  40. Yeah, that’s few pics of me for 14 days straight.. can ya feel da love? Pimpin aint easy.

  41. BN has been around for too many years. They have been around since 1957, or 49 years. Look around you, what they have achieved?
    Look at the economic development alone. When i was tiny, my sch teacher used to tell me Malaysia is number 1 in South east Asia. As i grow up, i learnt that Malaysia is actually number 2 behind Singapore, clearly. And recent years, i noticed that Thailand had overtaken us. Who knows, in another 5 years, Indonesia too?
    Look at the government schools and the Islamic madrasah. Look how well those schools are funded. In contrast, look at most chinese school around you. You tell me what you see.
    Now that BN holds power. Look at the chinese community around us. Equality my foot. That “libra sign” should be taken off. Look at the quota issue, bumiputra issue.
    They (Malays)born in Malaysia and do we (the Chinese). They get cheaper houses and easier admission to local U while we don’t. The only difference here is that our great great great grandparents was born in China. What nonsense.
    Do you know Malaysia is declared “Islamic” Country in 2001? On what ground does the PM has the rights to do that? It’s not like we are Pakistan where 90% of the citizens are Islamic.
    We all are Malaysian. But for 49 years, on what grounds does the chinese deserved to be unfairly treated? It’s not like we are immigrants. I say the current government need a serious engine overhaul.
    No, not PAS. That would be worst. Not all DAP neither. But some DAP’s MPs are well known for their credibility in their jobs. Look at Bandar Melaka alone, i have been there and i can assure you it is much better than Johor Bahru (where i’m from). Not KL though, but close comparatively to others despite terribly under-funded.
    I don’t think there is any defamation in my words. I think it is facts.

  42. Hey Kenny,
    Just thought you might like to check out this movie review blog for your KLUE column.
    It’s quite unique and updates are very consistent. It’s an offshoot of a column that used to exist in the (old) Malay Mail.
    Check it out. Thanks!

  43. Vote BN or stay in the stone ages ppls… choice ? what choice ? give me 5 yrs n i will form n independent party for the ppl!!! he he he

  44. Kenny or anybody who noes,
    One question:if my dad is chinese and my mum is a considered chinese.What happened to my bumi status?Im half bumi also what.
    Im one of those who is a victim of the quota system in local uni’s.
    stupid system!!

  45. Kenny…feel free to comment on me..i do live a boring life that’s why i expect something superb from you as u did so well before! Never seen anyone having that same level of humour as yours up to today..u go guy~I said dull becuz it’s dull and i dont mean offending u that i dont like you ^_^ i still support u kenny..keep it up..u can do much better than this ^^

  46. DAP!!!!!! YEAH!!!! the more BN wins the more the price of oil will increase! BN’s unchecked development HURTS!

  47. hey guys…you can see the difference here.
    most BN’s candidates are govt servant has at least degree ( except for Lili Y )
    Most DAP’s candidates are LAWYERs. Chong, Voon, Violet are lawyers. Why they are in DAP? Cos they know what is wrong and what is right. That is what lawyer functions for.

  48. i am dissapointed with SUPP’s banner. They state this ” 12 DAPs in Parliment and they do NOTHING ”
    ok.. first, you know what is defamation? do you have the evidence to say so? if not, you can be sued for defamation, you know.
    second, they showed their kaisu-ness to the public. Hey, if you are powerful enough, dont use this stupid tactics. Be gentlement.
    third, they are not professionals. Professional have etchis, that is, not to defame others.
    fourth, why dont you say what have you done rather than saying what others havent.
    shame on us.

  49. i’m not sure if you’ll even get to read this, but i’d really really like to ask why you’ve banned me from tagging on your site Kenny.
    have i offended you in anyway?

  50. All I can say is an unfortunate journey for Sarawak since 1963, to prove this point just look at Brunei and Singapore. What has Malaysia done for Sarawak beside pumping dry the oil field? cutting down the forest? Introduce us a language that is 1/2 cooked with wording borrowed from UK? Introduce us a “religion”? Lie to us that Wawasan 2020, by that year we are shoulder to shoulder with Japan? Korea?

  51. BN and Me looking for you to join the influence team. @ curtin Violet will need you should she note get into DUN this time.

  52. I’ll agree with Ex-Sarawakian there. Seriously, they’ve just been taking the oil money for us. If I recall correctly, the oil money that are given back to us (by%) is even lower than the state in the east coast(if I’m not wrong, we’re only given back 5% while 7% back to the Terennganu). This is so unfair.
    And if you guys have visited putrajaya, look at how “beautiful” is that place. A few man-made lake(two if i recalled correctly), a few different desgined bridge(across the man-made lake), each road has differently designed road lights….all these unnecessary things that they used the money to built, just so that it would look good. I mean what the hell you go make a man-made lake and then built two or three differently designed bridges acorss it? It’s stupid right? Waste of money…and it’s not like a lot of ppl go there to see things. Even the park that was built for the public was closed for some reason(anyone can find the news link?)
    Really, they should have spent that money(instead of wasting it on shits) developing S’wak. If they did, probably there will already be a high way from Kuching to Limbang(or at least Miri) that goes through all division in S’wak, cutting short the travelling time among division. That would really be a much better use for the money IMO.
    But sadly, reality differs so much and we have too much politicians who care more about their power and money, instead of state leaders who really care about the development of state. πŸ™

  53. SUPP lost 4 sits out of 5 sits in Kuching…that is too stupid of most chinese in Kuching…those sits are won by DAP who are so called the chinese party..means that those chinese ppl thought that chinese ppl will have influence in DUN…what can those parti pembangkang do much for kch citizens if we don’t have the really influencing chinese party in BN, SUPP?, overall, chinese lost in kuching…and SUPP lost 8 out of 19 sits in sarawak while pbb of BN won much more…so ppl…just think about it?..will the so called chinese pembangkang party influence much in DUn rather than SUPP, the chinese party in BN?…goshhh..what will happen to kch in these 5 years..goshh

  54. BN 61, DAP 5. I don’t see the lights for a better Sarawak. All this West M’sia politics is sick to the bone, they are 3rd world and will remains for internity. What we see is a slow culture change taking place towards “Arabnisation”. The Wawasan2020 is just a BN ploy to stay in power. The DAP have no ideas to give you an alternative either. I am sorry for Sarawakians, we lost the whole forest and we are going to lost our oil field. The Malaysia education system is not even compareble to the pre-Malaysia era….sad, sad.

  55. And what exactly is it that the BN would like for Sarawak ???
    71 “yes men” to every single policy initiative and law, designed from the outset, to benefit only the elite Melanau, Malay, Dayak and Chinese???
    A elective dictatorship ???
    Personally, I feel those constituents who elected the DAP candidates made the correct decision. They held their previous representatives accountable, and when the BN couldn’t deliver, the Rockets landed.
    It’s probably better to reform this Government “root and branch” if ever, and play the elite at their own game. If money is all you want and no IQ or any other sentiment about nation building, then yes, by all means, vote for the BN Donkey. If you want continued discrimination, then the BN is your government and we have seen enough examples over the last 42 years to put us all to shame, let alone these shameless bastards who call themselves leaders.
    Let Lim Kit Siang be the terrier to this sad collection of BN clowns and ballcarriers.

  56. Whether the seats in Kuching is won by DAP or not it is nice to know that people in Kuching are not mindlessly pro-government. Remember that ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’. Hopefully the government will not squander the money for unnecessary project or so-called development without their schemes coming under close scrutiny!!. I think Taib has pockected enough money from different ‘development’ to last his family a few generation, time that he took less money!!!

  57. Zoomjack: I think it’s not right you refer the Chinese as stupid. I would rather have DAP winning than letting those SUPP guys grabbing those seats…remember, there are too many promises made by BN leaders and most of them tin kosong…

  58. I’m a student in Kuching, and i find it insulting when friends and family have to rely on The Star and The NST for the local election coverage. I was just reading the other day about an editorial in The Edge, about how political parties should focus less on single races to promote inter racial relations and the like. And then i went downstairs, opened the Borneo Post, and what do i see?
    ‘Dayaks should vote BN to show their gratefulness’ it screamed at me.

  59. Kenny, in 5 years time you should go for candidatecy. I’m sure you’ll be able to raise up more important issue. You’ll have my vote!

  60. DO we have a better tomorrow?
    or We we are leading the blinds?
    Pretty asure our batch, yound teenagers will not go for any BN votes in the coming days.
    A very mad blogger with lots of anger inside.

  61. Greetings,
    Im from Brunei, can u give us your contact no. for us to contact u, we want to advert vacancy in the Borneo Post Newspaper, pls email us soon.
    Farishah Wahabi
    Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah
    Brunei Darussalam
    Tel: 2234088,87,85
    Fax: 2234082

  62. Now i’m study in front office hotel at segi college sarawak, but i want found one job in this course not many, so can help me to found now in kuching, sarawak which hotel got vacancy in this job, and i can send my resume.Thank’s very much!!!

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