50 Replies to “No Concept”

  1. Good one!
    My husband’s family name is Looi. We say we must never name our child “Bo”. Can only name them “Ooo” or “Jin Juay”.

  2. Not everyday can write long long post. Even short post also at least it’s entertaining.
    Whoever don’t feel entertained then learn how to google and surf other sites as well.
    I also feel I’m not getting as much from Kenny as before but what can do, his blog is not our girlfriend. Can’t just say you wanna fuck then must fuck.
    … Although it would be nice if I could fuck it.

  3. Hey…Just bought a flat in London and wish I had the money to buy all my furniture from there! Outstandingly contemporary design…should give it some credit =)

  4. BoConcept is a premium furniture retail originated from Denmark….
    there is no terms in english or even hokkien…so please use up ur brain before put it up online….
    no hard feelings anyway

  5. “Bo” means “Living” in Danish. I find it hilarious that most Malaysians/Singaporeans are shallow minded 🙂

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