ADV: KDU College Open Day

A couple of weeks ago I was invited back to KDU College as part of their Open Day.

The college told me that I had to speak to a couple of Form 5 students about what to expect after high school.

I had no idea what to talk about. So I asked my Twitter followers what is the biggest thing that happened to them after high school.

One person said “losing his virginity”.

Well, I can’t possibly say THAT in front of parents and students!

Instead, I told them how instead of choosing something traditionally “safe” like medicine or engineering, it is more important to do something they like. When choosing a college course, it is vital to think of it as something they don’t mind doing for the rest of their lives.

Nowadays people can become “celebrities” in not just entertainment, but also in cooking, interior design and *cough* blogging. As long as they have the passion for it, success and money shall naturally follow.

“The moral of the story is. Choose something YOU want to do. Not something your parents want you to do.”

A couple of parents in the audience were giving me evil eyes after I said that.

But it’s true what! How many of us regretted engineering because our parents never told us how incredibly boring it is!

Obviously, if you get a kick out of problem-solving and looking at electrical wires, then this career option is for you.

But if you’re clumsy as a clown like me…

Then you might wanna go for something safer.

Anyway, it was nice to enter an engineering lab again after studying it for 5 years at university. It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten how to use a multimeter already.

This one doesn’t work. I think spoil already.

If engineering is not for you, you might wanna do other fun stuff.

Like mass communications.

Or even law.


At KDU College, the law lecture theatre is designed like a courtroom. The lecturer who showed us around is a hot chick lawyer who carries around an LV handbag.

Personally, I can never do law.

Some people are born to do law. Some people, like me, can only do this.

I dunno what I was doing but I’m pretty sure it’s against the law.

KDU College’s biggest strength is still in its School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts.

Previously, I only had the chance to discover a bit about what they have to offer. This time round I got to learn so much more.

The culinary arts course at KDU is still very popular and it’s not difficult to see why.

The college employs very experienced ex-chefs as lecturers.

Their culinary arts course is unique in the sense that it’s a marriage between cooking and science.

That’s why not just prospective students enrolled into the course, but also housewives who wanting to brush up on their cooking skills.

Of course, some of the stuff they did goes beyond what a normal household kitchen is capable of.

The KDU lecturer introduced me to this thing called “vacuum cooking”.

Normally, with stuff like meat, a lot of its juices and flavour are lost if you pan fry it. So what they do is vacuum pack the marinated meat first, then throw the whole thing into boiling water to cook it.

True enough, when these prawns are finally served, they are as juicy, tasty and succulent as… umm… Edward Cullen.

Not that I know what Edward Cullen taste like.

And I’m sure those prawns taste better than a vampire from the movie Twilight.

Anyway, there’s also this thing called “molecular cooking”.

This is actually an ice-cream
dessert the chef at KDU college prepared for me. In some expensive fine-dining restaurants, they would offer this as part of their dessert menu.

Once you order it, they will ask the chef to come in front of you.

Yes, the chef will literally take out a spoon and squirt out a bit of cream.

Whipped cream.

Next, he takes out a liquid nitrogen and freezes his cream right in front of you.

You take the frozen cream into your mouth.

It’s cold. You bite into it.

Next thing you know, your mouth explodes with ecstasy. You are high in delight and wonder, “Damn! How on earth can something like this feels so good. So pleasurable!”

You are satisfied. The chef is satisfied. Then he’d charge you RM50 for the experience.

This blog entry is sponsored by KDU College. If you’re a student fresh out of high school looking to further your studies, a working professional hoping to brush up on your skills, or even a simple guy who just wanna learn how to cook to impress your girlfriend this Valentine’s, head on to and check out their range of long and short courses on offer.

Hannah Tan did.

Hannah Tan graduated from KDU College, with a degree in Beauty and Brains.

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  1. Kenny, how come you still look quite “Fat” in the photos? I thought you own a fitness centre? You need to fully utilize your gym for your own fitness. Then, you can come out as your gym’s “Mobile-advertiser”.

  2. Looks professional on 1st photo…how can you manage to do so many things in so little time? and in all over places!!!…only 1 word from me to say with what you are doing…”RESPECT” man!!! keep it up…

  3. Who is Hannah Tan? Is she a Chinese (she doesn’t look like chinese in that photo though)? How old is she? Is she single? Is she famous?

    Rihanna wows on the red carpet during a 2010 Grammys party presided by
    Clive Davis, Sony Music’s chief creative officer, held at The Beverly
    Hilton Hotel on Saturday night (January 30) in Beverly Hills, Calif.The
    21-year-old singer wore an asymmetrical tulle dress fromViktor & Rolf,
    Christian Louboutin pumps, Loree Rodkin rings and Georgina Chapman for
    Garrard earrings. Amazing!

  5. You are absolutely right about “Choose something YOU want to do. Not something your parents want you to do.”
    Because you going to live for the rest of your life on your own.

  6. I agree with you Yih Yann. If Kenny wrote this post 4 years ago, I will not regret today. Honestly saying, I went into engineering because of family influence, I find it hard, boring and of course, not the perfect job for me.
    If I can choose again, I will choose the course I like instead. Sigh, life have to go on…

  7. that’s true, engineering is a boring course. furthermore, our education ministry restricted that, student must undergo the 12 weeks industrial training, f to the max

  8. Just for your info…
    Vacuum cooking is actually called “sous-vide”.
    And molecular cooking is a movement called “molecular gastronomy”
    The liquid nitrogen technique originated from one of the top restaurants in the world, El Bulli.
    I’m glad KDU is incorporating these ideas into their curriculum. Molecular gastronomy is quite avant garde and is more about a new experience than advancing culinary technique. Sous-vide on the other hand is a very standard way of cooking — it’s extremely easy to do if you have the right equipment (an immersion circulator and a vacuum packer)
    p.s. I am an engineer.

  9. Hey dude, my advise to the young readers, if creativity is not your forte, stay away from engineer. In academy, hard work, memorization..can get you through engineer school, but in working environment, only engineers with creative mind and imagination get to keep the job.

  10. All, stop talking about engineering here and there, lets focus on HANNAH TAN. WHO IS HANNAH TAN? HOW OLD IS SHE? IS SHE A CHINESE OR MIXED? IS SHE STILL AVAILABLE? DID SHE CAST IN ANY MOVIE?

  11. Totali agree with “Choose something YOU want to do. Not something your parents want you to do.”
    Hey Kenny, come UM to give a talk lah.. it will be totaligreat!

  12. The technique cooking in vacuum is called “sous-vide” pronounce ‘suveed’ in French.
    The style of cooking in which liquid nitrogen and other chemicals used to enhance flavour and texture is called molecular gastronomy.

  13. one informative post, well done Kenny! happy cny n may this new yr gives u more energy, wise time management etc..btw, ur hair so long dy..haha

  14. i totally agree with u. i’m taking an engineering course now and it really sucks to the max. engineering is far beyond maths and physics. i was a sacrifice for the “safe course” mindset.

  15. kenny,
    You should reduce your weight lah….you look fat. When you are slim, then a lot will join your fitness center

  16. i’m taking quantity surveying, influence by family too, they say can earn big, but with countless OT counting all those stuff. this course is starting to scaring me off. I love cooking, culinary arts for me, but i’m afraid is a bit late to say that coz is my final year.

  17. Law is FUN? Wow. *shocked* Anyways anyone has any opinion abt accounting? Accoutning, Law or hospitability, tourism and culinary etc..?

  18. how old is she?! is she available?! is she famous?! what next?!! you gonna ask for her measurements? 32-26-34? hey, perv. use google lah. hannah tan is out of your league anyway.

  19. not that famous? only way you can be more famous than her is if you post your sterile ballsack on the web, douche.
    sorry to be mean, but the internet allows no room for uneducated rambling without getting you flamed.

  20. Hahaha…finally, I managed to see some photos of Hannah Tan. Well, not that really pretty as I initially thought — ok LAR.

  21. Dear Kenny,
    It has occurred to me that you recently changed your Cbox color to pink. Is that supposed to be taken as a hint that you’re coming out of the closet ?
    Do please let me know if that’s the case. It would be great if an influential blogger such as yourself could contribute towards making the world a friendlier place towards homosexuals.
    As far as I know, homosexuality is still banned in Malaysia, where human rights laws are not heavily protected and enforced. But I believe that one day, that will change, just like America with it’s marriage laws.
    Kudos to you my friend, for helping the cause. It must have taken a lot of effort to do so, and I truly appreciate the gesture.
    Sincerely, thank you.

  22. Is this a joke or what. Who the hell is this so called “Homosexual Rights Activist”??? And, why is this joker posted his (her?) comments 4 times? Eh, encik homosexual, don’t ka-ka-cau-cau here at Kenny’s blog. This is not funny at all.

  23. Kenny, that’s so true! I wish you could’ve told my parents that and I wouldn’t be stuck in boring Accountancy! T-T
    Btw, have you lost weight? You look slimmer! 😀 And you’re wearing that LV belt lolx…^-^

  24. How could Kenny is a gay? No no no, cannot be cannot be. “Homosexual Rights Activist”, stop the insane comment.

  25. not that u or others r not interested.
    is that u CAN”T study engineering .
    i would like to know wat u studied howjun. but better tell us things we don’t know la.

  26. ahh.. but u should check out taylors lakeside campus.. huge.. furniture are awesome and their restaurants for the students to practiSe are like more than a 5 star restaurant…
    i wish i could study there.. Students are treated like kings and queens..:(
    so, im thinking a place like kdu feel threatened(cuz of their hospitality programme) and have to get famous people like kenny to be their spokes person..just to, u know show people,”whoo..kenny came to our campus:
    But, seriously, check taylors out..
    im not a student there or, no vested interest or anything:D

  27. D*mn, all your posts have been ADVs rcently but how brilliantly married and executed as a leisure blogpost they all are.
    And yeah, someone commented about that fitness centre you own, plus all the travelling and stress, you should be losing weight!

  28. Nice post there Kenny.Totally agree with you about the “choosing something you like”. What’s the point in doing something you don’t like for half your life(as in your working years). Kenny you miss out accounting as well!Theres tonnes of accounting students in universities all over the world nowadays.

  29. HOR, CONTEMPT OF COURT!!!!! @ picture of u posing on the court cubicle table….LMAO.
    actually at first i chose to do law cuz i liked it, but after 5 and a half years of studying it, I’m honestly pretty sick of it already T__T and its SUCH A STRESSFUL SUBJECT! /tears
    anyway hope ur level up business is doing good, hopefully i’ll be able to visit u in kuching soon! =)

  30. agree w you kenny! every1 want do traditional thing: engineering, medicine etc2. depend on interest also. nowsaday gt so many course, choices is gila! exmple like Inti college’s 1st to intro traditional chinese medicine course in MY. nowsaday study anyting you like. if wan go oversea they hv famous fr australia deg prog or america deg prog also. education can take you 2 place now. i also scratch head
    the best thing hapen 2 me after high skool is get license. i drive teh family car and crash it on one night. lucky my neighbour own ketuk shop fix for me cheap 😀 with my own pocket money ofcos. virginity no say

  31. how u manage to run the gym and do these ADVs also la kenny? split yourself? hows the marathon training for this year hahaha

  32. can kenny really be charged? that would make the news. kenny goes to jail. idea for a new blogpost dude! haha go visit a jail!

  33. yalarr kenny, with all the traveling and stress, u should have lost weight… unless u’re the type that eats alot when u’re stressed 😛

  34. i so long never come here already..u doing very good ah! one day i must come visit your gym when i go back
    i think malaysian colleges have come a long way. innovative colleges in my head are
    the one academy ( of the top in the country i feel, a lot of their grads go to good company like R&H), INTI(develop breakthrough course and partnerships like their Master in Business IT recently w/ IBM & 20+ industry leaders to fill gaps for IT n business understanding consultants), sunway (still maintain the extremely high (too high??!!) standard of accounting courses)
    hows the love life haha

  35. “Choose something YOU want to do. Not something your parents want you to do.”
    totally agree with u.
    also arh choosing the right college is very important… the whole reason of going to college is to make sure u get a job at the end of the day.
    so the college u choose must have a good reputation with employers lar… just bcoz kdu employs ex-chefs doesn’t mean the students will be highly sought after by employers… I think it’s kdu’s tactic to charge high tuition fees.
    summore arh in ur resume, u put which college u attended mar… not WHO was ur lecturer… so, so what if u had an ex-chef as a lecturer???? @@

  36. wat you say quite true. i’ve a few friends studied engineering in different college (malaysia) and those who did in Inti got hired quite immediately after they graduate, by big companies (ie Shell). but those from Help or MMU took longer time.
    My opinion maybe because Inti is quite famous for engineering kua

  37. for every person who knows hannah tan, there are probably a hundred in the world who doesn’t. different people will have different ideas of what equates to famous – have to agree that she isn’t that famous.

  38. Go to a school where the education is reliable and respectable. Speak from your own experience Kenny. That’s the best. Don’t try and be ‘the one’ that gives all the sagely advice. As someone in a position where students may admire and respect your voice, you need to be responsible and mature in the advice you give. I think you should consider the parents as much as the students – especially in Asia, where parental, family and friends often have a larger influence in a student’s course of choice. Bottom line should be a student can’t go wrong with what they’re studying as long as they make a valuable contribution to the world and give their best.
    Good luck with your business and website.

  39. i never made claims that she was extremely famous. i only suggested that Gymer’s comments insinuating that HT isn’t famous is preposterous, and i did so in dramatic fashion no doubt. but whatever, read properly.
    there is clearly no quarrel here, sir/madam. good day.

  40. hahaha kenny. you should have told the students to get themselves into entreprenuership. open up a new fitness centre in kuching to compete with your business. then it would be interesting. LOL! just jk anyway.XD

  41. In study life – study what you like. Being forced to study something isn’t worth it, or being forced to study something because your friends studying it, or because it sounds cool, isn’t going to help either.
    Nowadays, there is a funny little trend – people wanting to be doctors, just because they watched episodes of Gray’s Anatomy, and think that all the doctors have a good life, bonin’ hot chicks (not me – I don’t know how to do that), and a lot of cash. What they didn’t know is being a doctor isn’t an easy task at all. Well, can’t entirely blame the TV shows, or can’t entirely (as well) blame the people as well because it takes a few things like that to start a problem.
    Medicine is a very tough field of study and I believe that there is no room for mistakes, and “lack of interest” is not acceptable at all. It’s people’s life we are dealing about, not just machines. Even in medical devices, electrical isolation and careful software/firmware development must be perfected, and fine-tuned. You don’t want a nasty bug inside the ECG system, or you don’t want to get electrocuted by a faulty machine.
    Engineering, on the other hand, has its own difficulties too. Not much memorizations are there, unless it’s Biomedical (pretty multidiciplinary). I enjoyed studying the field, and being an engineering student allows me to branch into many different levels of studies. I never get bored doing microcontrollers, and I never get bored solving numerical equations and on free times, I did read up a lot on Digital Signal Processing and Finite Element theory. I’m not sure whether being an engineer gives you the good pay, but I’m happy to be one.
    The passion is the thing to be considered if you are furthering studies.
    (Besides that, my college contains 90% of men inside the engineering faculty. Which means, I pretty enjoyed the(ir) company as well!)

  42. I made the same mistake after my form five. After form five, I took my A-Levels which consisted of Law, Business Studies and British government and Politics. Initially, I thought that being a lawyer would suit me well since my English language both written and spoken are sound and fluent. But it is not as easy as that. I passed my law paper but did not get throught my Business Studies and British Law and Politics.
    After years of failing and repeating, I finally got into university in the year 2006 where I majored in journalism. I graduated in year 2009, which was the happiest day of my life. Now, I am 25 years old and currently job hunting and trying to be a blogger liked you, earning lots of moolah and revenue.
    How I wish, I have researched more when I was younger. When I was 17 years old, me being a Malaccan had never had the courage to study in Kl. I was still afraid, timid, paranoid and had lots of worry in my mind.
    But I am a change person right now, not complacent and lazy as before. All these mistakes from the past remind me of never making the same mistake again. With determination, sheer persistance, hard work and lots of belief in myself, I managed to go through whatever obstacles and crap that I have to go in these few years. I am now hoping to land a job from news agency such as The Star, The New Straits Times…etc. Went to several interview, but haven’t got any reply yet. So far, I am keeping my fingers crossed.
    If I have enough money, in year’s time I plan to take my Master’s Degree at Columbia University in New York City, the finest journalism school for graduate students. Now, I only pray that god will give me the chances, the help and good blessing that I deserved.

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