Chung Hua Middle School No.1

Chung Hua Middle School No.1 was the secondary school I used to go.

It wasn’t meant to be that way actually.
When I was about to finish primary school, my parents thought it’d be a good idea to send me off to Lodge School. Lodge is a private English school where all the elites, expats and other atas people send their kids to. If that were to happen, I’d probably have classmates whose parents are Datuks and Tan Sris and the like.

I come from a humble family that emphasises heavily on the value of thrift.
After I got through the Lodge School admission test, my mother told me before I start at my new school not to be envious of my classmates. I didn’t know why she said that to me then. She knew we aren’t as well-off compared to my future classmates, and materialism is something my parents try their best to provide, not something they could afford continuously.

Alas, with my father’s deep-rooted Confucian beliefs, he feared that I would turn into an English-speaking only ‘banana’ and ordered me a humble Chinese school instead at the last minute.
And this is where I spent three short but memorable years of my life.

This is where I used to sit in class

Chung Hua Middle School No.1 (CHMS No.1 for short) is every parent’s dream and every student’s worst nightmare.
In short, this school is like a giant pressure cooker spreaded over 18 acres of land. Come to think of it, I had more pressure studying here than I had for 5 years studying at University.

In an environment where academic performance is of upmost importance and everything else takes second place, I was under a lot of scrutiny to do my very best. The teachers here (or at least the ones I had) seem to derive some sort sadistic pleasure forcing students to memorise and rote learn huge amount of information, then expecting them to regurgitate it all out during tests and exams.
Fun factor = zero.

This was the last classroom I was in

The syllabus was very unforgiving. Once, I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown because I was faced with two final exam papers on the same day: History and Science. The Science paper is Physics, Chemistry and Biology 3-in-1. So that’s four books I gotta memorise within just ONE day before the exam.
For a 14 year old then, it was pure torture. I remember studying till 6am, sleeping just an hour and bombed both papers big time the next day. That’s how bad it was.

Discpline was even more harsh. Being taught discpline at school was like being subjected to drill officers at an army camp. One discipline teacher I had was nicknamed ‘The Great White Shark’, and she was notorious for speaking in one volume only : EXTRA LOUD.
No explanation needed as to why the photos of our discipline heads in the year book were always tampered with.

An example of how rigid the discipline system at school happened when I was in Form 2. I knew a girl who got into trouble with the discipline teacher because she was seen putting her hand on a boy’s shoulder while talking to him.
Even until today, I still don’t understand what’s there to be upset over that incident. Hello? She was just putting her hand on his shoulder, not giving him a live strip show in the middle of the hallway.

Kids these days so lucky use fancy plastic chairs. In our days, our asses have to kiss the cold hard wooden chairs instead.

The school rules sound like something the Taliban would implement. No mobile phones. No liquid paper. No girly accessories. No boys and girls canoodling in the classroom alone.
Apart from the usual, students are not allowed to have coloured hair, permed hair, coloured shoes or socks, long hair for boys, short skirts for girls, etc. Girls with long hair must tie them up, or face the consequences during the dreaded weekly Hair and Fingernail Inspection.

CHMS NO.1 being a Chinese school, 99% of students there are Chinese. It’s bad in a way, but because I don’t remember having a non-Chinese friend until after I left school. The teachers here have the arrogant tendency to look down on Chinese who can’t speak Chinese, such as those grew up in government-sponsored Malay schools.

We’re constantly reminded of how great our school is compared to others. In return we Chinese school students were often stereotyped by Malay and English school students as close-minded recluse who are hardcore in Maths and Science, but hopeless when stringing together a proper English sentence.

This was… me

Sadly, I left Kuching after Form 3. When I returned 8 years later, my personal philosophy and take on education changed so much I was unable to accept the way things work in this school.
Studying at CHMS No.1 was the very definition of “Tough Love” no doubt about that. As much as I hated the academic pressure and the school’s close-minded philosophy, I do believe I turned out a better person in the end. And that’s something I am grateful for.

During my time in secondary school, I did cross path with a young Kuching boy whose face is now on almost every single teenage magazine you could think of.

Before he became the international superstar and Malaysia’s hottest Chinese music artist that he is right now, Nicholas Teo was actually my schoolmate. Till today, I still could not believe how big he’s made it. Looking at the yearbook, it’s amazing to see the transformation he’s gone through.

But I shouldn’t really laugh at people. I myself looked much worse when I was young.

OMG I look like a priest!

I’ve got a nagging feeling I’m attracting the wrong kind. I’m perfectly straight but I’ve got more gay guys hitting on me this past few weeks than I ever had in my entire lifetime. What’s wrong with me?
Maybe I just look gay. πŸ™

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  1. u’ve made some mistake in this post..
    After I got through the Lodge School admission test, my told me before I start at my new school not to be envious of my classmates.
    ill-intention: zero

  2. i was in a chinese primary school where we had to lug at least 2 huge dictionaries above the usual load of books to school everyday. the work load was terrible which is why 90% of my class resulted to cheating as in u do this homework, i do that then we’d exchange. hahaa good old days..

  3. Oohhh… you said you looked worse when you were younger ? Damn you STILL look the same, in other words, STILL as HORRIBLE !
    Wahahahaha !
    (sounds familiar?)
    Oops, I shouldn’t laugh at other people but at least I can because i’m beautiful, unlike u.
    Wahahahahaha !

  4. actually… you look older in your younger days.
    and nicholas teo looks more ‘man-ly’ in his younger days… maybe it’s his hairstyle lor

  5. yeah yeah,now so many people become his fans
    your school makes alot of famous chai ming liang the big big film director
    but i dislike chung hwa last time,they look down on chinese students who study in malay school.but i have no money to pay your school fee mah,malay school doesnt need me to spend school fee

  6. nice entry, i too was from am chinese ed…till today i still remember the scars and smiles my school has brought me.

  7. I admire Kenny for making serious things sound so lightly. I know you love your school but by the time I read to the end, it seems like you care about your look. That’s sheer talent!

  8. i came from a very fun school, but with the craziest rules. Daily spot check for nails, and petticoats (yar, we actually had to wear those bloody things).
    Nothing but flesh coloured bras – WHY? We were in an all girls school, entice siapa? Each other? Not entirely a bad idea, actually. Of course, we had to wear the rest of the uniforms with the bras πŸ˜›

  9. OMG!
    the young nicholas tae was so ahbeng!!!
    U look like the typical chinese school boy whose hair was cut by his mama. πŸ˜›

  10. hahahaha very funny…u really look like a priest. wow, i am impressed. you study until 6 am in the morning? Mine the latest 2 am le. I am wondering one thing. u purposely go to your old skool and take photos? They must thought you are weird taking photos around the skool.

  11. you look priestly but after that penis post theres no way he can be a priest.
    botak chin to teenage heart throb…THERE IS HOPE FOR THE REST OF US!!!!!!!!

  12. wah liu! you really look like a priest lah! if you don’t mention still won’t realise it!! hahahahha!!!!
    eh, got one HUGE mistake in your blog lah. where got handphones one 8 years ago??? got lah, tai-ko-tai. =p

  13. hey chms1 wasnt really that un fun,
    i reckon i had lotsa fun while i was there.
    you get more time to hang out with your friends, and do many other crazy things together. and thats the fun part. πŸ™‚

  14. HI Kenny. The picture of Zhang Dong Liang in his younger days sort of make me feel for his music more. Why? Don’t understand.

  15. i feel your pain, brother. i went to kuen cheng. kindergarten all the way up til high school. there is no limit to the amount of emotional scarring that school has awarded me. they lose your spm cert, and blame it on you. where got such thing wan??? what i hated most was how they made you feel like such an imbecile if you’re a “banana”, and they would ostricize you if you had a different mindset than they did. no such thing as “fighting for your rights as a student.” coz you have none. eek.
    needless to say, i HATED chinese school.

  16. Hey.. Didnt know Kenny was a chung hua school product like me. His English is very good. Suppose all that education in Perth helped ne? πŸ™‚ A very good and insightful post. Kenny has managed to give a balance on this subject.
    Yeah, I kinda miss those days where disipline was tough. But chung hua graduates, espically with UEC graduates, man, I cant work with them. I suppose the chung hua style of teaching was GOOD for students in primary and lower secondary, since it builds up disipline, but its not a good thing in higher secondary, where they cant think and express them selfs. Sure, there good in memorising, but ask most UCE graduates on their opinion on anything, and they fail.
    Pro and cons to everything..

  17. Wow…Your Secondary school is so old school…
    This reminds me of my primary school in KL, it has been there since 1911 before WW1&2 and there are always rumors saying that our school was hospital last time or graveyard for the soldiers or armies and many people died during the war. So our school is haunted or so especially the toilet.That is why girls are very afraid to go to the toilet alone.

  18. Pardon me for saying this but the pictures of you and your classmate look like pictures to be put on a hearse….:)

  19. I almost choked what I saw the picture of you with the mike stand. Some of my cousins went through Chinese education. The last one who was put into a chinese school could not take the pressure and fell sick. She’s now very happy in a private school.

  20. Ya….your post reminded me that my sweet first love during secondary study…..but, your looks is really funny..

  21. wow… guys can hav long hair in ur skool… which is a good thing… usually chinese skools especially hav rules tht guy students mus hav their hair 2cm long… more like prisoners of a cell… wth

  22. “Chung Hua Middle School No.1 (CHMS No.1 for short) is every parent’s dream and every student’s worst nightmare.”
    — tat wuz ur time.. now where got so scary laa kenny….. no pressure at all one…

  23. No offense kenny, but you look really weird on stage and in the picture.In the picture,yeah,you really look like a priest.But today, not much difference.

  24. I studied at a Chinese Secondary School for 5 years and I think chinese schools are a threat to national unity. Burn down all chinese schools!! Seriously. Most chinese have a superiority complex there. Swear your allegiance to Malaysia you Cinapeks!! I’m Chinese btw.

  25. kenny! you didnt look like a priest. I thought you looked cute. (: anyway, why is my IP address banned from tagging? πŸ™

  26. Not all Lodgians are ‘bananas’ (though sad to say, I am pretty much one), plenty of students speak tons of Mandarin.
    Not all Lodgians are as well of as we seem too. We’re not all sons and daughters of Datuks and Tan Sris and the like. lol Reading this post made me laugh. Not everyone’s that materialistic too, just a majority. =P
    Haha, if you went to Lodge, I’d have a famous blogger for a senior! XD
    Btw, you looked exactly the same way back then

  27. That brought back bittersweet memories Kenny. I don’t remember being under that much pressure but I guess I gave up after Form 1. What with my mandarin being the worse in our year, that kinda ruined every other subject.
    I must say “Big White Shark” was a good teacher (mean but good), I loved her history lessons but not so good when I failed (mandarin bad what) and kena caned.
    sigh…. Ah the good old days of speech competitions. Haha…. bet u it helped when you got to Perth though? It certainly helped me in Christchurch.
    They actually let you in there to take photos? Wah, got landscaping somemore? Plastic chairs again! I actually miss those days, I still have my old name badge. Anyways, CHMS No. 1 has gone to shit now (from our old classmates who stayed back). Still the same school but no discipline.
    Zhang Dong Liang was the same in high school, just less stylish, always was skinny as and a tad snobbish.
    Sorry long comment… stop now.

  28. eeek…nicholas teo looked like one of the spoiled schoolboys back then!
    hey you share surname with nicholas tse!!! lol.

  29. I’m from KK,Sabah, studied in an Independent Chinese School too and I have to say our schools have a lot in common. I was in AI class once, and we have all the things u mentioned, no long nails, short hair, white socks and white shoes etc. We have prefects who do surprise inspection during classes and everybody has to line up outside the class room while they do inspection table by table, bags by bags, hoping to discover “illegal” goods such as mobile phones, cds, cd player, gambling items, magazines and novels. I remember they even jot your name and ID number down if you have long nails, long fringe, and short skirts, you are expected to return to the disciplinary office with a new you the week after, short nails, shorter fringe, and longer skirts. aaa… the good times.

  30. IN India we ahd similar rules and it was great. Children are unruly obnoxious monsters sometimes and its important to teach them discipline and respect for others as well as for money. Give them an appreciation of merit and equality and how hard life can be. Dont tell me you didnt have fun either! The pressure will always remain!

  31. Sadly I did not enjoy my secondary school. the ppl in my class sucks to the core. Well Kenny it is nice to look back but I am not looking back into mine. I think this is a post teacher’s day entry? haha

  32. i think i remember seeing you on that stage XD
    aNd hearing the name of “Da Bai Sha” really brings back a lot of memories XD

  33. Same school. Same class. Just a couple of years younger than you. Gosh..I haven’t been back since I graduated 6 years ago. It’s been so long and yet it feels like yesterday. Everything looks spanking new! I heard that the cafeteria has aircon and music now.Even the ‘zhou lang’ is landscaped and curvy, must be all the increased school fees.
    How come I don’t remember studying that hard in Yi Zhong? It’s probably because u were a super good student lah… Hmm..we had pretty much the same cycle, a brush with Lodge, then Yi Zhong, then Perth. Now all I need to do is return to Kuching.
    Thanks for bringing back warm memories!

  34. wah kenny.. very sweeping statements la wei. There are alot of atas people in Chung Hua as well and there are also average class people who study at Lodge la. It’s true, i can’t read or write in chinese but i speak mandarin, hokkien and foochow efficiently.
    But sadly, the stereotype is there and alot of people choose to go with the flow and diss lodge as a ‘rich school’ *sigh. What to do.
    Great Post though. Chung Hua ought to be proud.

  35. Note to self: Man, i haven’t been here for a helluva long time.
    “No mobile phones. No liquid paper. No girly accessories. No boys and girls canoodling in the classroom alone.
    Apart from the usual, students are not allowed to have coloured hair, permed hair, coloured shoes or socks, long hair for boys, short skirts for girls, etc. Girls with long hair must tie them up, or face the consequences…”
    Eh kenny, awak tak tahu ke, in Singapore, the same rules apply you know… especially in secondary school. Mine was particularly strict, and was known around the north area as being one of the stricter school, with equally nerdy and law abiding strict students (-__-) *ahems*
    I think, mine was worse than yours: NO ANKLE SOCKS! They banned ankle socks and colored bras (yes, BRAS) as if ankle socks and black bras had the ability to strangle people when in close proximity with other human beings. Dangerous, apparently. Pfft.
    But now, in poly, i feel so renewed, so free~ i can wear as many ankle socks i want- on my feet, hands and wherever. LONG LIVE ANKLE SOCKS!


  37. and, omg, i DO NOT want to imagine kenny sia in super short and TIGHT shorts.
    euw euw euw.
    *runs to the toilet

  38. nope i can’t remember chsm1 being that strict as well.
    and i was there for the full term – 6 years.
    chsm1 in fact are less strict than some of the du zhong i’d heard from west pennisular.
    haha and i also know dung liang from my scouting days. i can remember him singing now and again and in the macho world of scouting….i did wonder whether he’s…but in fact he’s just musical. he’ll always be the boy scout in shorts to me. can’t see him as a big star.
    one thing i’ll say about du zhong and any other schools, they can only give guidance. as the life experience you get out of being there, it’s up to the individual. different students take away different experience. I’m happy to say that most students from chsm1 have fond memories of being there.
    my time in du zhong gives me the identity and confidence in myself to face the world.
    and bl**dy h*ll got me graduating from a london U at the bl**dy age of 21 cause we didn’t have to spent another 2 years doing A levels. probably save my family money in the long run.

  39. Oh my gosh…erm..Kenny..when u crop pictures should crop properly come u include yr classmate’s pic next to u also..and guess what…she has changed a lot..real pretty girl nowadays oh~ =p

  40. The pictures of the Disciplinary Masters look like something out of ‘The Ring’. Creepy. Time for you to go into action Father Sia of Opus Dei.

  41. Gayyyyyy.. Heh.
    The yearbook photo hairline reminds me of Chin Han in the 70s – yeah. But aren’t army-style crewcuts the norm? Would that make you a quasi-rebel?

  42. i like chms1 soooo much…i had no reason not to love it!!!i dunno why someone will feel pressure in tat sch!!i feel so relax….study with fun and more more more… before the day exam is own fault!!!cannot blame others…it seems selfish, selfish and selfish again….stupid foolish guy!!the things tat u wrote got 99% is ur own opinions….everyone got different opinions so dont juz wrote at your own view….CHMS1 IS THE BEST SCHOOL I HAD BEEN!!i had transfered so many to so many secondary schools…but at last i choose to stay at chmsno1 coz it is the best!!
    *you are not superstar,you are supershit!like that wrote your own school!betrayer!!

  43. ANOTHER POST AGAIN HINTING ON AUSSIE. YEAH WE GET IT, YOU USED TO STAY IN AUSSIE. YOU LEFT MALAYSIA FOR SOME YEARS.big deal. it’s not just me man, its your posts, look at the past archieves you have so many aussie ladden post, it irks me. like its always..”when i was in perth….”, “or my nice or nephew in aussie…” or “my office in aussie……” or “how i missed old aussie” and this latest one ” I left Malasia for a coupla years”. Like move on already. Urgh.

  44. Mm…quite impressed by this entry. I was a student from a Chinese independent school and too shared the same school days as wat u mentioned. Tough days indeed…I read up ur entry got things lik this: 3 subjects in science…isnt this like the Junior Middle UEC exam? and actually i stil wonder Chung Hwa No.1 is an independent school? I used to met some ppl from there in recent yrs…

  45. some people are just so mean…if u don’t lik this blog just don’t come and read ok? no one is forcing you to read this blog…kenny u rock! your blog is so funny and i really enjoy reading the entries…all the best to you!

  46. Kuek + kampungboycitygal , I know. πŸ˜› there’s a reason why I use my English all throughout my life. Haha!
    KillaRabbit, go ask my favourite hairstylist. Swee Mei!
    F*%$ing Mean + mingsy , diu!!!
    Lainie, the flesh-coloured bra rule is the stupidest one I’ve heard. I mean, what are they gonna do about it? Confiscate your bra?
    Qian, sad to hear that. I like my CHMS No.1
    Skyler, your dad’s from Kuching?
    ninghua, I agree with what you said. Education in Chinese school is more memorising, less understanding; whereas in an English school the focus is more on understanding. That said, I think coming from a Chinese school background gives me a better advantage compared to my peers. I fit it very well with Perth’s education system and I think it’s largely to do with how CHMS No.1 brought me up.
    CrimsonBlaze, guys CANNOT have long hair lah!
    addict, huh? I’m thinking of going back to my old hairstyle… πŸ˜›
    Jim, kids these days. πŸ™‚
    howlingcow, burn down all Chinese school? Are you kidding me? Instead of burning down Chinese schools I think more ppl from other races should try to embrace Chinese education.
    Annachuu, yeah and I’ll be in the same class as the bunch!
    Jing Yi, hey you! πŸ™‚ My favourite memory was when our Malay teacher has a preference of making us SING when we did something wrong eg. forgetting to bring our textbooks. And I ALWAYS forget to bring my text book. Nabeh. 😐
    aranyi, well I had fun. But the pressure scarred me for life. hehe.
    Cheryl, nah. Just feel like sharing that part of my life.
    Ex-lodgian, sorry I have to make sweeping statements in my blog. πŸ™‚ It makes writing a blog easier.
    jam, yea they banned ankle socks as well. And I don’t understand why. See, we Chinese school students are not allowed to question our superiors you know?
    Anonymous at 5:18pm, and I have hairy legs.
    YSC, yea I know! I skipped 2 years of education compared to my peers in Malay schools because I chose to study at CHMS No.1 By the time I get to Year 12 (STPM equivalent), my classmates were all 3 years older than I am.
    OL, you know her too? I bumped into her once. Yea, she’s hot.
    connie, what are you talking about? It’s my blog of course I write about my opinion. If you want “fair and balanced” reporting, go read the Borneo Post. πŸ˜› My point it, my time in CHMS No.1 was torturous but I’m very glad I’m a product of Chinese education. That’s a fact.
    irked, my time in Perth moulded me into the person I am today. I’m proud of Perth just like I’m proud to be a Malaysian, and I will ALWAYS make references to Perth whether you like it or not. Don’t ask me to stop making references to Perth. If I tell you to change your name because I hate it, will you do it? Geez. If you don’t like it, too bad lah! What to do? That’s the way I am. Stop reading my blog loh.

  47. ah, u share the same surname as me. and your post reminds me of my own sec sch days. hmm, gotta reminisice a bit.

  48. heyy kenny!
    this is my first time posting a comment so hehe. anyway, after reading your post, i never realised life in your school was worse than my old one. i live in perth now, but was born in singapore. i loved my old school, but i thought it was too strict. now that i know yours.. *shudders* mine’s peanuts to it.
    but the school in perth that i’m in now.. wow.. it’s waaaaaaay off. girls come to school with pink/blue hair or any other sort of colours you can think of. they wear slippers and thongs instead of shoes with socks. they even add accessories like waistband, long, dangling earrings, rings, tonnes and tonnnnessss of makeup, it actually sickens me to see what they do with their gorgeous faces. guys, at my school the guys have dreadlocks, and long long hair that went to their shoulders!
    that’s why there’s such a big difference between asian education and caucasian education. it’s absolutely terrible even though i’m only 13 years old. now i do appreciate the school life in singapore. *sigh* the good ‘ol days.
    gwen πŸ™‚

  49. hey kenny.
    yes they confiscate coloured bras and the girls have to walk around BRALESS as punishment until they go home. Just recently got into the papers cos parents complained.
    Some schools, you can buy the bra at the school bookshop.

  50. Hey Kenny,
    This post reminded me of my own secondary school experience. I think it is great that you were in a strict education system before heading off to Perth. Maybe there is a balance between the methods of teaching between the East and the West. Makes you appreciate the pros and cons of both sides right?

  51. Chinese school = bad memories.
    Chinese language teachers and headmaster was always finding fault with me for I’m half a ‘banana’ who aced English but barely passed Chinese.

  52. Hehe, reading this makes me feel nostalgic about my high school days too…
    My school uniform was embarassingly bare; it was sleeveless, body-clingy and light blue, looking almost like a traditional convent uniform but excluding the white shirt inside. Embarassing, because young girls sweat and the damp parts turn dark blue. Imagine the armpit area of the uniform on v hot days…
    I was in the same year as Dawn Yeo too… let’s just say, a picture spells a thousand words, esp in the form of a yearbook. 😑

  53. Wah Lao~
    everywhere also got CHMS ahh….
    we do have Chung Hwa Middle School(located in the Capital City) and Chung Hua Middle School(located in Belait District) in Brunei and like what you said i felt kinda stress studying in Chung Hwa and the school rules were… >.

  54. Hi Kenny, SELENA TAN in WANTON MEE was great this evening, just came back from the 5pm performance in Bangsar. For all of you who haven’t already been, and are in the neighbourhood, MUST SEE MUST SEE! It is on for another week … cheers, Julian

  55. a balance between da western n asian education systems wud be GREAT!! perth’s education system is kinda goin down da drain. in two years’ time there will be no more TEE. a new system called OBE will take over TEE. doesnt affect me since i already finished yr 12. so was zhang dong liang a good student last time??? :):)

  56. btw… i reckon gay guys hitting on u is probably one of the best things that can ever happen to a guy. i dun mind a lesbian hitting on me :>

  57. (to cakie):my god. they CONFISCATED the coloured bras? my school doesnt allow them either, but we’ve never been made to go around braless, thank god. ankle socks are banned as well. and in my school, we cannot wear ear studs. only can wear transparent ear sticks. i think that school rules are lame sometimes. i doubt that coloured bras, ankle socks and ear studs can be harmful to society. and you know what’s my school reason? because its a convent school and the motto is, “SIMPLE IN VIRTUE, STEADFAST IN DUTY.”
    rubbish! what they want are NUNS, not students.

  58. ahhh.. that reminds me when i was in Choong Hwa high School for form 1.. its like another China in KL. and i got spanked there, not the dirty way, but cez of cant memorize history.

  59. Amazing Kenny… Never thought that u were in CHMS no.1 previously. I also got the year book with Dong Liang kiddy face inside…
    By the way, How do u feel When you first went back there where everything were changed dramatically ? They done all this renovation thingy just after my graduation… wad da… =.=lll
    P/s: Great white shark is our school’s legend of discipline teacher man~! Phiew…. :p

  60. Haha. School life’s always tough. Every school has the up’s and down’s. But either way, eventually, we’ll be shaped into better and more disciplined individuals because of school πŸ™‚

  61. News flash : Malaysian government schools aren’t any different you know. =___________________=
    Don’t even get me started on how stupid our A-oriented education system is. We’re all dying here.
    Heck, this girl got busted once because she wrote fiction about this guy from our school accidentally walking into a girl’s changing room (it was purely meant as a joke, no harm done).

  62. i was a banana in a government chinese High school, Catholic High in PJ. i personally didnt face any discrimination by the teachers or peers. in fact i had a great time there. maybe its just those chinese independant high schools that are pressure cookers.

  63. I was from chmsno1 too.. I agree with you kenny, that it’s really a tough and strict school…but the 6 years i spent there became the most memorable 6 years of my life….i graduated in 2002..

  64. did Nic Teo get a nose job and brow job?!?!
    i came from an all girls school with similar dictatorian rules n regulations. no ankle socks, skirt below knees, no necklaces, no rings, no bracelets, hair must be tied up, no earrings, no liquid paper, no hps, no long sleeved white shirts ( must be elbow length ), no colored hair of cos, can’t walk too fast or too noisily *rolls eyes*… once they found sth ‘illegal’ (liquid paper? or some sht, singer’s pic?? love letters?? i forget) in the student’s bra …WTF!? duno how the hell they found tat out!! crazi school. maybe that’s why some of the students turned gay.

  65. Brother Kenny,
    U still look the same as before!!! Stil the same rounded face, and same hairstyle… hehee.
    Nic Teo looks much much better with long hair.

  66. zhang dong liang’s kinda cute in secondary school…he looks quite ‘girly’ now πŸ˜›
    nice entry about your days in school..brings back memeories of my days in school too πŸ™‚

  67. yeah man, i didn’t know u r from chmsno1 after all the while i have been reading ur blogs..
    it was the best 6 yrs of my life … great memories… graduate in 2003.. cheers mate

  68. Heylo, xue ge! Haha.. I’m still studying in that hellhole, but it’s still bittersweet love. xD Alot of things have changed since the “golden years”, you can see a few golden-haired “hotties” walking around school, with loosened neck ties and/or untucked shirts. They try to be strict, with new rules and all, but it doesn’t work, because they don’t reinforce them. Things aren’t how they used to be, but let me tell you what haven’t changed: Nothing. πŸ˜‰

    u’r a joke man.
    with a capital J.

  70. Can’t say u r a joke, irked. U r a huge splat of rotten sour grapes that smells like a vineger soaked asshole! The way u gonna response is going to further proof yourself to be such.

  71. HEy, ur high school pic looks doctored.. U look much older than a 15 year old. Am i the only one to notice that?

  72. Kenny was once my senior and I always remember him until today by his HAIRY LEGS. Muahahahah!!
    I don’t think he still remember me although we knew each other before when he was in Junior 3…:(
    And I do feel proud of Zhang Dong Liang when I see that he do really changed a lot compare to last time when I knew him in school. But his image during his school-time still ‘stuck’ in my mind until now. Seems that can’t believe myself for he had turned out to be a superstar.
    A lot of famous and successful people are from CHMSNO1 too. I don’t want to name them here. And this is my first comment here as I am always a silence-reader of
    However, since this is the first time kennysia mention that he is one of the ex-chmsno1-ian, and I am also one of them, that’s why I just want to stand out and say : I am proud of CHMSNO1. Thanks for the “Great Shark” and “Discipline Department” for giving me great memories….*HaHa*
    Keep-up, Tze Foo!

  73. nice walk down memory lane πŸ™‚
    yeah, CHMS No. 1 (or i-zhung as we all call it in kch) is famous for producing good singers. in fact, 3 out of 4 alumni of your alma mater can sing really well.
    btw, nick teo’s sister was my ex-colleague – she can sing pretty well too!

  74. irked, well I got three words for you.
    I’ll continue to make references to Australia just to irk you, so mehhh… deal with it. πŸ˜‰

  75. I think stricter schools are actually doing something good to the students… eg. compare the teenage pregnancy rate in US/UK/Australia where they have all the freedom to do all they want, not that it’s unheard of in malaysia but it’s definitely lower!
    I think it’s great that kenny has lived overseas and has absorbed a different culture. so why is it wrong to talk about it?
    and what a silly statement to make, what, u want him to have a lobotomy and erase the memories?
    or perhaps u r the one who’s had one.

  76. hey..aren’t u ashamed of yourself ??.. u all shouldn’t say these bad things bout CHMS1…i know this is your blog but…BUT…chms1 is not the worst nightmare of every students!!! we dun have all those pressure u’re stating….if u work hard usually, u do not need to study till 6am in the morning just bcoz of exams larh…studying till 6am is a stupid thing to the time when u sit for the exam, u’ll be very tired and cannot think of a thing….u’ll just want to have a long sleep..besides, chms1 is not as scary as u mentioned…it’s like other ordinary secondary schools’s not torturing…we have lots of fun there..we don’t look down on people who cant speak good chinese ok, the teachers will try their best to all enjoy studying at chms1..u said plastic chairs now and wooden chairs before..every school is like tat lah…and students dun even carry mobile phones back to your time..and chms1 has produced a lot of potential students..u should be proud of ur ex-school and not say bad things bout it…i’m proud to be one of it…sorry if u’re not happy bout this but i think that you should accept this comment open-mindedly as u had mentioned in other posts…oh ya…some1 did mentioned that if we dun like this blog then dun come n read it…but do u think it’s fair if u’re all being sarcastic n say all these bad things behind other ppl??? wake up man

  77. About the rules, no mobiles, accessories n stuff (I cant copy n paste! Bah!) aiyah, memang one mah. supposed to be like that no? If all colour n stuff like ang moh school edi right. Discipline dude. its wat proud of :p
    but the bra thing was erm.. ok lah i get tat u shudnt have blue n pink bras shining thru ur white shirt! but confiscate n walk around bra-less instead?! lagi entice ppl loh! haha. (in my sch girls sch so the teachers say entice the male teachers! Wtf! so sick…)
    SARA – wat convent school u from?! We have the same moto! haha cud it be the same sch?! or most convents share tat.. -_-”

  78. you were in Γ₯ˆÀ¸‰çˆ±ï¼Ÿi was in Γ©Β«ΛœΓ€ΒΈβ‚¬Γ§Λ†Β±Γ―ΒΌΕ’Γ©Β«ΛœΓ€ΒΊΕ’Γ§Λ†Β±& Γ©Β«ΛœΓ€ΒΈβ€°Γ§Λ†Β± during my senior middle classes…haha

  79. currently im still in skool.. n u know wart? we hav a weird rule dat all students (gals) wif long hairs must 2 tie their hair wif a ribbon.. no i cant figure out either y r we forced 2 do dis. caught without it den itz penalty points for us (u collect dem 2 a certain amount if u wanna get expelled from skool). i heard in convent bukit nenas is far worse. d rule requires certain length of ribbon wif oni 2 colours alowed. wart is worst is dat everytime u bring a gift(obviously, wrapped) u need 2 write a letter. so imagine if a class is planing a bd party 4 a classmate…. rules r juz getting more rediculous

  80. Some schools in Singapore forbid coloured bras. And some schools even cofiscate the bras and refuse to return them. Imagine the humiliation the girls have to face, I mean, the school may have male teachers and male students. Also, it’s very embarassing when they have to go home without bras. Guess the pervert principal wants to keep them for himself.

  81. This school is controled by that dog. He made a good thing by helping his dad LOSE. HAHAHA… that’s just great!

  82. Oh yes, I had forgotten about the Malay teacher. Hehe… I think I had to do it once or twice, forgot to bring book. Heavy wat. (actually a lot more but she only caught me once or twice) U remember our english teacher. She was funny (the one in form 3). U were their pet student anyways cos of speech competition. And our chinese teacher, who taught us how to swear, and then told us not to tell anyone, I think that was in form 1 or 2. I have since forgotten all their names. Still have photos though.

  83. CHMSno1 the suckiest school faculty ever in the world. Crap school and very kiasu too. Hmm… the only good thing is its damn high up on the hill. Jeez

  84. lolz.. nice comment on chms1 , but tat great white shark oredi gone for years n years.. no more torturing discipline teacher.. tat face which tampered is correct one.. LOL =X

  85. Im still a student of CHMS1..
    Actually..i love CHMS1..XD
    Loving still..(vomiting..)
    But,it bcomes worse now..feeling so sad..
    I agree some of wat u wrote but oso disagree some..
    Anyway,i juz wan to say tat CHMS1 isn’t so bad as many other ppl thought..
    It is a nice sch..
    I hope it really is..

  86. aha!! oh man u really do look like a priest! wow i can’t believe how much zhang dong liang changed either..

  87. Ha….you know nicholas teo ah….ur classmate ah??? he so leng chai now hor…last time look like sami in shao lin shi…do surgery also nvm lah…as long as looks better…like korean leng chai…why wanna judge leh?? very leng chai..good wat…we all can enjoy…

  88. kenny, mayb u can try doing some plastic surgery on ur nose…and also some liposuction…we are looking forward for your transformation..

  89. Hi Kenny,
    like this blog particularly, as from the photos recalled all my memories while i was in High school, i graduated 1992….
    and i didnt visit Kuching for the past more than 3 yrs, since then i was very busy at work in KL… but i always get the latest information from your blog. thanks a lot. and it’s really fun and relexing reading them.
    Take care and keep the blogs coming.

  90. Kenny, I was slightly lucky! I was there for a year and that time “Cow Head” was the principal! When he signed my Leaving Cert, he threatened me that once I stepped out of this school gate I could never come back again!! Guess what? I told him “Good horse doesn’t eat the grass behind her back!!!” at the aged of 13..urmh! *cough* not bad!
    To tell you the truth, I had never regretted to leave that stupid school with some very low EQ teachers (not all I must say) and principal teaching for UK. I think you have made the right choice too! Well done!

  91. i`m a pure lodgian (& i still m)! pity me πŸ™‚ lodge rox actually! hehe damn how i wish u studied in lodge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw…since zhang dong liang`s ur school mate do u by any chance now some1 by the name of ah leak? πŸ™‚
    u look SO ah beng!!

  92. OMG.. I havent had such a erm..night full with LAUGHTERS (reading ur blog) alone infront of my laptop! The nicholas teo looks sooooooooooooooooooooo different! of couz, u too.. wuahahahahhaha

  93. Dude.. good blog! I left after Junior year at CHMS1 ages ago.. counting back, that was 14 years ago! Teaching methods and Believes at CHMS1 seems abit old fashion, however it does have its good side of it. When I came over to Melbourne, MAN! my maths was like 2 years ahead of the class! THAT ROCKS (Given that I wasn’t so bright back in the days of CHMS!!!hahahaha…)

  94. Hey kenny, i have no idea chmsno1 was a funless school to you.I bet you didn’t join any club or the sports team or least not very active..mayb you were that kind of guy who only studies all day wonder school’s boring and so stressed.
    well,to me, it’s not as stressful as everyone says it is.and it’s REALLY fun.mayb back in those days, teachers were way too intimidating and students dunno how to have fun? i have no idea.i just know that i love chmsno1.

  95. Wow…. it’s been 10 years i left that school. I can definitely remember that fish pond where i used to sit and have my breakfast every morning, especially during my last year in S3SA. The pond is just next to the class room. I had my bestest time there and thankz man, for the great pictures.
    Some great people are from the school also… the famous Jeffrey/Jessie Chung in 90, The Malaysian Amazing Race Philip Poh in 91, Chen Jia Chang in 92….. Nicholas Teo…. and all. Proud to be an ex-CHMS No.1.

  96. haha Zhang Dong Liang certainly looked like a sami due to his hair in old days..i dont think he hv some surgery on his nose becoz the recent pic was taken abit face down, so the nose would look for the brow..its definetely Darker and more visible πŸ™‚ it could be that they draw his eyebrow…
    proud of Zhang Dong Liang ~

  97. so i should be proud of my current school!! =)
    i’m junior 3 this year,facing lots of examinations..
    so i can understand ur feeeling when u’re having two papers in a day..
    that’s reallly horrible
    but try to look in a good way,that’s a goood memory for u in ur secondary school life,not alll students experience wat u experienced.

  98. wow ur such a nice person.. u even made a joke abt urself.. lol.. not really like a priest.. but look like a really honest guy.. (u get what i mean? lol)
    wow again.. its so cool tht zhang dong liang used to be ur schlmate.. yeah, he looks much better now.. but what i love most from him is his voice..very clear n pure.. dunnoe how to describe le.. lol.. he’s a very good singer, shall say =)

  99. tell you the truth, nicholas teo was my neighbour, he used to stay somewherein taman riverview, historically known as the chinese fisherman village or somethin to that effect. I used to hang around with the chinese boys – in fact half of my childhood life and he used to join the games we played.

  100. Memories in CHMSNO1 is coming back .
    I miss my sch and my friends
    Chmsno1 is really a nice sch as long as u noe how to “enjoy” the pressure πŸ˜›
    Infact we have “6 years of friendship” compared to the “SPM 5 years friendship”
    but UEC …………
    I hate Malaysia education System

  101. Hey workfool, Nicholas Teo live everywhere la.. in damansara also got lei. In Bukit aman also got lei. He used to play football at the Kamunting Detention camp with the Blue testicle cell mates team. Almost won the match with the Royal Malaysian Police Team. Damn, those were the good ol days.

  102. haha.. at least you’re being honest and fair to zhang dong liang here.. cos u also show ur pic on ur ugly days.. cant believe that all (ok maybe not all, most) of us look so “innocent” and plain during our sch days, no exception for a famous blogger and celebrity.. can’t believe the two of you grown to be much much more good looking now.. yay!! =D

  103. You know what..i’m you’re xue mei…
    i’m still at yi zhong and i love my school a lot despite the pressure and the “grumpy” looking teachers.
    Yi zhong is still my school. It is very different with many other schools but the difference actually makes me feel special in a way..
    Last time, yi zhong “was” the so-called nice and good school for parents to put thier children into… but now.. i don think so..
    A lot of bad rumours about yi zhong and of their “heads” are causing a big caos in the school. Children these days cannot think so old fashionly like the old teachers and the old system. It’s putting the students to more crazy and wild ideas than controlling them..
    It’s lucky you have “da bai sa”
    The legend of yizhong.. she was great..
    I actually wish that our discipline teacher is her.. today..
    we only have a “pan” running around the school telling students to wear their name tags and tuck their shirts..
    Oooh… I hate him..
    Actually chmsno.1’s failure is not anyones fault..
    Malaysia law don accept the UEC we’re taking. And it actually causes a lot of students to get scared being jobless in the future.. A lot of the ex-student of yizhong can’t find jobs..And someone i know actually couldn’t find a job for a year till she became a teacher at lodge..She was a talented and highly graduated teacher who is a major or something in maths..
    way clever..she even got super good grades in her UEC..
    Haiz.. only the ppl who values her is lucky..
    Lodge was my school before.. but my feelings for it….BLUR!!!!!!!!… hahahahahaha…
    I was extra young!!!!

  104. hey kenny
    what we have now in chinese schools are alot better than those you had last time.
    but still, it is alot stricter than school rules of SMK schools.
    just as a reminder, the way our teacher trained us, cultivated us, have actually made chinese school graduates tip top achievers in todays society, many of them, although not most.
    academically, i dont think australian highschool students can do better than local chinese school students. seriously. they’re not trained using rough ways, and of course, they’re more open minded compared to us malaysians.

  105. wtf, nicholas look like some wanted criminal :S, haha kenny still look alike d same if dun compare with the photo he wore short ..haha!!

  106. This is a strict disciplined school with nothing but study nerds and yet… their students turn out to be Asia’s Entertainers… How ironic !

  107. Hey HEy HEYYYY … who’s that chick next to your photo in your yearbook.
    Still in touch with her ? care to hook me up ?

  108. Nah,kenny,my school is government aided school,u know,all-girls Convent school. So we are kinda poor,we cannot afford plastic chairs for every class. There are still classes with wooden chairs,such as my class…
    Nicholas Teo didnt change ya,SO DO U!

  109. I m aLwayZ pRounD tO bE wHo i M as I wAs onC3 paRt oF CHMSNo.1 too~~ 6 y3aRs oF meMori3s wiTh a miNtuR3 oF sw33t n biTter whIcH i wiLL n3v3r foRgeT~

  110. ‘Yi Chung’ dosn’t full of study pressure. I am also ‘Yi Chungnese’ way back 1977-1979, my live there is full of sweet memories, I met so much wonderful chinese friends and I am the only Malay (don’t play play, I am top 5 in the Science class, fuiyoo!), the hardest subject for me is Chinese… I only can score 55-70 mark throughout my 3 years senior school there… very very SUSAH….the rest no problem..and the current Head Master (Mr.Yap) is my classmath and he is a crazy student because his average from Senior 1 to 3 never go below 90% and the highest is 97% (you imagine that his subject all score 95-100%)…. he deserve to be the Head Master. I am proud to be part of ‘Yi Chungnese’… God Bless!

  111. Until now I kept wondering why the form 1-3 kids at CHMS 1 have to wear shorts while the Form 4-5 wears trousers… Wouldn’t it be nicer if every forms have long trousers instead? o.o

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