My ‘Secret’ Project

So this is what I have been working very hard on over the past several months.

It’s still not 100% completed, and I’m losing a lot of sleep over it because we’re supposed to open in exactly two weeks from now and there still seems like a lot to be done.

In any case, if you are in Kuching right now, then please head over to my roadshow at The Spring from today till this Sunday.

I’m also planning a special preview session for Kuching bloggers on Sunday next week, so if you wanna take a sneak peak of my place before it officially opens to the public, just drop me a mail at and I’ll add ya to my invite list.


Pardon the short blog entry.

One of these days, I’m gonna tell the story about how a comment from a blog reader eventually led me on a crusade to create from scratch – the largest fitness centre in Kuching city.

Meanwhile, I gotta hit the sack to catch 2 hours of nap before I turn up to my own roadshow a complete zombie.

I asked Stephanie Chai of to emcee the Grand Opening of Level Up Fitness on the 30th October. I said to her, “It’s exactly like a wedding. But without a bride."

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  1. Hey kenny,
    1st time dropping a comment, well is a great secret project and I do wish you all the best in your new venture. I got no doubts it will be a success…
    kind regards,

  2. Kenny,
    Congrats and all the very best. It looks great. Will definitely check out your place when I go back. Will you have group exercise classes like RPM & bodypump? Cheers!

  3. I saw u recently in the Borneo Marathon. U have put on quite a bit of weight. U yourself will be great role model to lose your body weight and tone up your muscles.
    Anyway, all the best in your new undertakings.

  4. congratulations and all the best. next up, blog about the package and offers ur secret project will be giving out to future members 😀

  5. I think it will be a success. maybe you should add more seats on opening day. cheers!
    would like to meet stephanie chai too!she’s d bride.
    Btw,got yoga lessons or not? hahaha

  6. wow Kenny. Congrats. Altho I hvn’t commented in a while on ur blog I still pay homage to it. Hope your venture will b a successful one and not end up like all the others now plaguing our town. Look forward to see u branching out in KL … 😉

  7. you put me into awe again, I’m a frequent gym user, I know u been setting up a very good gym there I can see, the equipments are all good one, completed with big LCD screen, kuching residents are really lucky to have it.
    The cost of setting up a gym is humongous, easily surpass 1 or 2 million, or it might be more, the equipment u have there one can buy a new Myvi already if it’s a good one.
    I’m Impressed u got the resource to do all that, and also the gut to do it. Because malaysian are not so health conscious, to recoup ur setting up cost, it might take years, depending on ur size. or it might be a huge success n u can recoup ur setting up cost in manner of months theoretically, but practically people are not so ready to crunch their muscle and experience pain or torment.
    I Wish u r successful wiht ur gym =)

  8. hey kenny. great job on level up. hope it proves to be a hit back home in kch. currently in oz but when i get back,i’ll definitely drop by.Thanks for giving kch a good ftiness centre. Wanted to do it myself too! (if i won ToTo lah)

  9. Awesome! If you manage to pull this off (which i’m sure you will) We really need one in Miri! Whenever I go back I keep wishing that we have a well equipped and awesome fitness center! you lucky ppl.
    CONGRATULATIONS kuching boy!

  10. now you have both money and fame, there is only one thing you lack before i called you a successful man. thats a woman. without a woman you are nowhere near successful despite how much you earn.

  11. Wow. how many of these things are you gonna come up with after this in malaysia? I can see it clearly now- Kenny Sia, most eligible millionaire bachelor in malaysia, everybody’s favourite friend 😛

  12. if u offer yoga lessons also, sure it would b a hit in kch! hope it is a success.. next time can open franchise in sibu&miri also =)

  13. Kenny,
    It’s been a while since I last comment on your blog. I’m so impressed. I better get my ass on getting the personal training certification and may I guest teach boxing class when I visit Kuching in future?

  14. Dude… i’m happy for you and all, but the stage in your studio is wayyy too small. That has got to be the smallest stage in Malaysia!
    It’ll work for yoga and BodyPump, but aerobics and BodyCombat? Will be very difficult to show any traveling movement.
    I would say minimum stage size to be 10ft x 6ft. Do consider expanding it… otherwise you’ll find aerobics/BC instructors not using it at all!
    Everything else there looks peachy tho! Good luck!!

  15. Ooooo.. Didn’t know that I’ve just signed up with the largest fitness centre in Kuching city 😀 Only realised when I read this entry 😀
    Can’t wait to start going there 😀

  16. I’ve always been impressed by what you do….although I do think it’s not easy in M’sia to maintain a gym.

    I’m from Kuching myself, but I don’t live there. The next trip I make back to my hometown, I’ll be sure to check out your gym =D
    Best of luck (Y) =D

  18. Woah! Great job on the secret project, Kenny! If I were a Kuching-ite, I’d definitely try out your gym. And if the price is right, I’ll even sign up immediately! Well, I hope that you’ll spearhead into greater success in this line of business. Looking forward to see a branch in parts of K.L. and Selangor in the future!

  19. Hi Kenny,
    Been following your blog since I was living in SG (now in the USA) and am very happy for you with your new venture. Running a business is hard work but hopefully hard work will reap in rewards that you are looking for. Sybas for taking such a brave leap and wishing you all the best in your new venture.

  20. a very congratulations to your newly opened business. may your business prosper and rake in millions ^__^
    but remember to take good care of your health at the same time, don’t give way to sickness ya..

  21. I’ve always been impressed at everything at you do – particularly because I am from Kuching as well, and just looking at someone from Kuching to be so successful, it’s inspiring. You know how people has always been very skeptical over the capabilities of a Sarawakian and how we are damn ulu, YET we are always the one to achieve something. And to see all that in you, is amazing! I’ve heard people giving negative comments about you but what i usually tell them is “I don’t know him, I’ve never met him so I can’t tell”. One thing I really wanted to thank you was how you “cultivated” my interest in sports and made me believe fat people can run too. Running has been the best therapy for me thus far!
    Followed your twitter and have been waiting for you to launch your “not-so-secret-project” and it’s nice to see and finally read it on your blog. I’ve always thought that Kuching badly need a good gym and now we really have one! Man, my comment is getting lengthy and I think I should have mail you instead? Haha. I’ll be back in Kuching next week till the end of October so if you are opening it before I am back in my uni, I’ll definitely drop by 🙂
    Oh, all the best!

  22. wah, Uncle Kenny is really inspiring. Im so amazed with how he spends his abundance money onto that. Yeap, less heart problem, diabetes and obese human being! P/s: hoho, what I like most is later there will be more handsome guy with 6 packs walking down the street. Hihi

  23. For some reason, I had a hunch that your secret project might be opening your very own fitness centre, having read how dissatisfied you have been with your previous gym memberships or visits to other places. And I gotta hand it to you, the new place looks frigging awesome.
    Any chance you might be offering boxing classes? Put a boxing ring and hang some sandbags, pretty please? I’ll be sure to bring customers!! 😀

  24. Wow new look for ur blog 🙂
    Congrats and all the best to ur new place. Can’t wait to see u opening new branches over here in the peninsular 🙂

  25. hey congrats 🙂 ur family must be so proud of u!! think it’s a great idea to open ur own gym.~ i tot opening my own gym with a health bar in it 🙂 oh well, i’ll just have to wait for another few more years to make my dream a reality lol. u’re such an inspiration :)cheers!!:)

  26. Congrats Kenny on your latest business venture. My gym has those life fitness treadmills and they are really durable, you made the right choice in buying those; and so are those cybexes, Sutera Harbour had those since the day it opened and they are still functioning great!

  27. Kenny,
    First of all, congratulations.
    A friendly note, look at the second picture, treadmills and stationery bicycles. The wires and plug head are all exposed, someone is going to trip on it and fall down and get hurt real bad.
    Fix it. =)
    Best Regards
    Yew Wei

  28. Smart idea to open before Xmas, people will sign up for Xmas Presents or to lose the Xmas weight they gained…then never return to your gym again, but at least you got their cash!
    Whatever you do, keep contracts long and don’t return money…

  29. Looks great Kenny. It will be awesome if you also have plan for short term membership (or day passes) who plan to go for 1 week to 2 months short term, like us who balik kampung but don’t want to miss our regular workout routine when travelling. 🙂

  30. Kenny you move Kuching up a few notches. I trust you can keep the standard up. Last month I saw some workers at Kuching Airport starting to “destroy” the airport by making tacky small improvement here and there,. One such “improvement”
    was darkening part of the waiting area window with window film. They did not apply it professionally with right tools and properly cleaned the glass first. Yuk. In a few months more month the new airport will be trashed.

  31. Lifefitness indeed a very good brand of fitness equipment, but expensive as well. It must has cost millions to set up this business. Anyway i have a feeling that this level up fitness in going to be a success.
    Congratulation Kenny. Since i’m not from Kuching, as a Malaysian, i’m so proud of your achievement to date.
    If you happen to have any plan to open a branch in Selangor, please consider to open it in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. Not just because i live there, Bandar Mahkota Cheras has 30K resident + about 100k neibouring resident (from Cheras Perdana, Bandar Tun Hussien Onn, Bandar Sungai Long,….). The shoplot rental rate is relatively cheap and no gym or fitness center in there.

  32. Omigosh.. the place looks really big and awesome!! I’ve been looking for a gym to start taking charge of my fitness level.. everybody’s got to start somewhere right? I’d really like to give it a try.. problem is, it has to be on 12 month contract right..? can it be on a monthly basis instead?

  33. hmm the weight training floor better not carpet..else with the sweats dripping on it, bacteria gonna start breeding fast!

  34. Congrats Kenny. Btw, wud love to hear ur story abt how a comment got you started AND how you got around getting the investment!
    Would want to tweet that & FB it!

  35. Saw the advertisement in newspaper… hhmm, i’m interested with the class … not the gym .. but RM99 per mth only for classes… i think very expensive for me

  36. To open a gym is not an easy job, and to maintain it at the good standard is a lot of hard work! Good luck and all the best Kenny! Trust that you can do it!

  37. Hey Kenny, can I request for a kicking bag? I noticed many gyms do not have a kicking bag and a speed bag for boxers like us to workout. It is comparatively not expensive if compared to those weights and treadmills… anyway, congratulations on your “Not So Secret Anymore Project”

  38. Maybe u can think of a branch in Bintulu… hundreds of people wishing for one here + still a lot of newly completed shoplots here

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