I Accept

Whoever it was that nominated me for the Asia-Pacific Blog Awards, thank you!

kennysia.com was accepted as one of the finalists for the prestigious awards to be held in two weeks time in Singapore.

With that, this blog now joins such luminaries as Budiey (MY), BeautifulNara (MY), CowboyCaleb (SG) and Girl With A Satchel (AU) in the running for Best Entertainment Blog; together with BeautifulNara (again), Down To Earth (AU), Jehzeel Laurente (PH) and Xiaxue (SG) for Most Influential Blog.

The casting of votes officially closed yesterday, so actually, it’s a bit too late to ask you to vote for kennysia.com. I didn’t mean to post this late deliberately. By right, this entry should have been up many weeks ago.

But it was not.

By right, I probably should also have been more pro-active in campaigning, as many other nominees had, hanging my face on the wall, going around pushing people to vote for me and stuff.

But I did not.

By right, I also should have titled this post “Krrunching My Away To Uniquely Singapore”, as a way to appease the two sponsors for the event, Pringles potato chips and the Singapore Tourism Board, without which this awards would never have happened.

But I shall not.


Was it because I don’t care about the awards? No, of course I do.

Anyone can smack together some HTML code and call it a “so-and-so” awards show. But it takes an agency like Nuffnang with 5 branches in 4 countries to be able to organize one that has some level of pedigree associated with it.


Was it because I do not want to win? Heck no, of course I would love to. Throughout my 5 years blogging, kennysia.com had never won any blog awards, except for one.

It was 5 years ago when Project Petaling Street was the de facto blogging community of Malaysia. kennysia.com won the Blog of the Year after some nomination and voting by peers. That was the only time PPS held an award before it was taken over by some religious nutcase.

My “trophy” was a T-shirt, which I never worn, but instead kept in my cupboard till this day.

So yes, I am over the top over being selected as a finalist. However, I did not campaign, nor did I do anything to appease the sponsors.

Instead I decided to do away with the glitz, the glamour and even the hint of commercialism that’s associated with the blog awards, so that I can write this entry, straight up from the heart.

And I want to say with all sincerity – thank you.

I know my nomination, in particular, for the Most Influential Blog was frowned upon by some other bloggers. Some figured since I have enjoyed my share of the limelight, the lesser-known blogs were not given a chance to shine.

The fact of the matter is – I never claim myself to be the “top blogger” nor the “most influential blogger” in Malaysia, let alone Asia Pacific.

The “top blogger” in Malaysia is ex-Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir. The “most influential blogger” in Malaysia is perhaps ex-ISA detainee Raja Petra. Kenny Sia is nothing close to being as influential as those two.


Of course, those are controversial socio-political bloggers. In the category of personal or lifestyle blog, yeah, while I do enjoy some success both in terms of popularity and commercially, it does not mean that I do not help propell relatively unknown blogs into prominence.

That was one of the reasons I created “Short Talk”. That’s the small subsection of text you see above before my normal blog entry. The reason behind its creation is so that I can promote other bloggers in my “Blog Plug of the Day”, or charities in my “Karma Point Collection” or just link to anything I find interesting on the web.


For the sake of creating a healthy blogging community, I think it’s important that we keep linking to each other.

It’s important that bloggers with high traffic do their part in promoting good-quality lesser-known bloggers, even when they are not obligated to. Popular bloggers become popular only because they were supported by others in the blogging community back in their heydays. Now that they have enjoyed success, I reckon it is only right to give back to the community.

In any case, while the top-most influential blogger ain’t me, I’d like to think that at least I have played my part in promoting a healthy blogging community and a positive blogging culture within Malaysia.

As I spend less time on blogging and more time concentrating on running my new business, that’s the kinda impact I hope I had left in the Malaysian blogging community. 🙂


Because I’ve been too busy to blog a proper entry, I’m gonna leave you with two more of my episodes from Jojo Struys’s Project Alpha.

This episode, I shared with Jojo about the people that inspire me.

I spoke about my so-called love life (or rather, the lack thereof).

Everyone, meet Ericka.

AD: I went to pick you up today, at our usual spot – the supermarket. But my lady, I can’t help but to, notice you, noticing me (just like that Akon song).

Somehow, you looked a little bit different. First of all, why is there a cow on your face? My dear Dutch Lady, you look prettier now, and one thing I’m glad of, is that after so many years, you still taste the same.

71 Replies to “I Accept”

  1. Very inspiring and influential indeed =).
    You really deserve to win!
    Great blogging tips too!
    And wassup with having to move on from blogging and all?
    Cannot move on larhhh!!!!
    I won’t know what to do when I come online besides FB then!!! -.-
    Alas, Thanks for the entertainment you have given to us all =)

  2. to tell the truth, i think the title most-influential-blog should change to most-influential-to-the-youth-blog which by no doubts kennysia.com is one of the most influential blog among the youth community…everyone wanted to be just like u!! haha

  3. i do think that your blog deserved to be nominated in the most influential award category because i really love reading your blog which always led me to think about current issues as well as your way of living life do inspires me (no seriously, i always take advices from your blog).
    so congrats on being nominated and i had already voted for you. just don’t mind those little pesky people that say you don’t deserve it, because in hundreds of thousands of minds, you definitely are the winner. ^__^

  4. WOI !!!
    Apa ni !! Dutch lady brand got melamine before wor !! CTRL-F search dutch lady and u will see this
    Even more serious I don’t see a “rBGH free” label ! Just so u know european countries completely ban american milk for a damn good reason.
    If you don’t wanna die young, I suggest you wake the fuck up. Don’t take the safety of things you eat for granted.

  5. Good Blog, Good Future…You are the man!
    Btw, you look like a Kuching guy, but how come Ericka doesn’t?
    I didn’t know that Kuching is so happening. To me, Kuching is only about food, family and a good hideout.

  6. Liked what u said in yur post. So, “please promote good-quality lesser-known bloggers” like me. Haha. I’m the guy that helped arranged Project Alpha as the location sponsor. Gd luck at the Awards. 🙂

  7. Hi Kenny. I am Rhonda from Down to Earth, I am also nominated for Most Influential and haven’t promoted myself much. But I wanted to say I agree with you about the blogs with a lot of traffic supporting and encouraging those who don’t. We all started out with nothing.
    I wish you the best in the voting and congratulations on your wonderful blog.

  8. KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13 — Mike Gascoyne, the technical director for Lotus F1 Racing will be in town tomorrow to meet up with candidates who could potentially be filling the vacancies in the fledgling Formula One team.
    Gascoyne, who has previously served in a similar capacity at Force India, Toyota, Renault and Jordan, is scheduled to conduct interviews with some of the candidates from 12.30pm to 2 pm at the Sepang International Circuit.
    The team will rapidly integrate a Malaysian technical and pit crew totalling some 200 people, and has already recruited a core team of international experts with proven track records in the many and various engineering, design and manufacturing disciplines.

  9. Hi Kennysia,
    First of all, thanks for the mention and for the link love. 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to meet you in the awards night. I’m really excited to see someone influential like you.
    You are influential even if you deny it. And it was an honor to be nominated with you in the same category.
    I hope I can have a picture with you in the event. yay! teehee…. ^__~
    PS: Btw, ur armpit pic was awesome! hahaha! I love it! 😀

  10. Just wanna say thanks for being a great source of inspiration and motivation for all of us less-known bloggers out there! (And thanks again for your blogging tips =D)

  11. Kenny,i think you should win the 1st one. why? I always laugh at your site. not just that, sometimes u made me cry.LOL!
    The rest blogs I havent explore yet.
    my votes:
    Best Entertaiment – KennySia.
    Most Influential RPK correctx3.
    Good luck!

  12. If there is reason for you to be selected, it was because of your honesty. I am one of your blog reader.
    It was fun most of the time reading your blog. You do not try to be someone else, but be yourself.
    That is the strongest element that you have as compared to any other blogger.
    God bless your efforts, although I am not a Christ.

  13. My main concern was actually recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), not melamine.
    Some american dairy milk companies nowadays are slowly shifting towards adopting a “rBGH FREE” approach to milk production.
    Why ?
    Because rBGH has been associated with cancer and a shitload of other problems. It’s not a coincidence that countries with relatively high cancer rates are also huge consumers of dairy products.
    Hey, don’t listen to me. Go google rBGH for yourself and you’ll see that I am rightfully concerned with the possible dangers of everyday milk products.

  14. mana boleh compare yrself with Dr Mahathir or Raja Petra?! they are politicians & won’t kena nominated for NN awards one… so U are our Msian Top Blogger *dont care dont care!* >.

  15. Yo Kenny, congratulations for going the finale. I sincerely hope you’re gonna win that two categories. You deserved the title! Btw, I voted for you, you know what to do. Ha!

  16. you always comment with your link written… and I DID click into your blog after reading kennysia.com(and all the comments) for YEARS k… conclusion is he IS influential hahahaha *smiles*

  17. Congrats Kenny, perhaps one day i can compete to be on that most influential blogger pedestal nominee but i think I’m on my way there or at least, i hope i am.
    So since you said you like promoting lesser blogs, i decided to take the opportunity to promote mine, shamelessly i might add because well, i don’t like to hide behind the modest pretense that i don’t want my blog to gain a few (a million) fans, owh shit…i think I’m egoistic and histrionic. Hey we got something in common…joking. Anyway here is a link i hope people would take time to read.
    Thanks! here’s a :)… the 3 dots are saliva..wait, nevermind. I’m getting banned aren’t i?

  18. hey kenny, i like to read your blog..
    but this time your armpit photo is really disgusting!! I am not amused at all….you really look low class!

  19. I’m so hooked on these Alpha project videos. Makes me feel like I’m back home, been away for almost 2 years now. Hope your gym project goes well!

  20. dude, your blog’s cool and it thoroughly deserves to be a nominee. good to know that you realised that you’ve made it as a blogger and have heart to give a leg up to the smaller but high quality blogs out there. live life with an attitude of gratitude and never stop giving. keep at it.

  21. I’ve been following your blog since forever. I think you’re doing an amazing job blogging and thoroughly enjoyed your episodes on Project Alpha, too.
    Keep up the good work!!!
    PS> I would’ve voted for you had I known earlier.

  22. It’s because of you linking to my blog, my readership has increased, allowing me to have a chance to shine in the blogosphere. Thank you, Kenny. All the best to you. 🙂
    And your gym looks great!!! Josiah and I will want to make a visit there one day – do you offer one-day passes? 🙂

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