Maybe I Can Burn Some Calories Like This

Hmmm. I don’t think…


… this is the proper way to use a treadmill!

Music of the Week: Through My Window by… actually I have no clue who the singer is. Heard it on this morning and thought it sounded like the band The Killers, but it was not.

69 Replies to “Maybe I Can Burn Some Calories Like This”

  1. Kenny, you must provide them a proper place to sleep, after all you’re the one who ask them to work hard non stop for you…..
    Kesian lah kat mereka Mr Kenny Sia

  2. You know the 24 Hour Sambal store at Padungan Kuching ? Those workers sleep on the restaurant bench at night. It is totally unprofessional and turn off. You must not let your worker snooze off like that.

  3. Your gym probably needs a better view by the looks of it.. Maybe do something with the area next to the treadmills like clear the bushes or sth

  4. Dunno how the rubber threadmill can be more comfortable than the soft carpet floor.
    I hope you startled them by taking this picture. If not, I would personally sneak up to the machine and turn the threadmill on. Heheheheh.
    But if they’re just resting during their break, I guess it’s OK.
    PS. Congrats on the gym!!!

  5. Sometimes people are tired after work, or when working. You’re a good man to provide them rest and shelter. Bagus!
    Maybe next time have buffet available as well!!!

  6. damn. the people here who think that those people should be fired or whatever are just too effing dumb.
    have you never considered the possibility that this was a) a moment of jest b) it may actually be tiring when you work round the clock to set something up in time so taking a quick shuteye is not a problem c) lifting things can actually be tiring?
    seriously, people. use some of your brain.

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