Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 Grand Finale

And then there were three.

Seems like only yesterday these three walked into the Malaysian Dreamgirl audition room as ordinary-looking girls looking for their big break into the modelling industry.

They got through the auditions, we locked them in a house. Twelve weeks later, we transformed them into these.

Dawn Lim, the confident 23-year-old economics graduate from KL, best remembered as this season’s bubbly perfect all-rounder who stayed out of trouble throughout the entire competition.

Pinky Liew, the feisty 20-year-old make-up artist from KL who surprised everyone with her versatility when she stripped herself of that stereotypical Chinese girl image.

Juanita Francis, the hard-headed 21-year-old accounting student from Johor who happens to be the most inexperienced yet most determined of the lot. Also the only contestant who was never once in the bottom three throughout this entire season.



I think all three finalists are really talented. What made this season’s finale even more interesting is that artistically, these three models are so distinct from one another, yet they command almost an equal number of fans and supporters.

If you want elegance, Dawn will razzle and dazzle you with her sparkle.

If you want casual, count on Pinky to flash her most vibrant smile.

If you want aggression, Juanita can give you the biggest ass-kicking you’ll ever see.

But not in this photo though. Here she looks like some grandma who forgot to button up her pyjamas before she walked out and screamed, “OI! KEEP QUIET LAH! OLD PEOPLE TRYING TO SLEEP LAH!”

Different girls with their different appeal to different demographics.

The final photoshoot was broadcasted online at Needless to say, it was their WILDEST to date.


I thought it was bizarre initially why Svenson was sponsoring this photoshoot. And then I remembered that the snake has no hair. “Svenson… hair growth for snakes.”

As much as I like the positioning and colours of this piece, Dawn’s face was kinda blank. It’s like… she was not using the snake as a prop. The snake was using HER as a prop.

Dawn scores 8 out of 10.


Exotic and seductive. If I didn’t watch any of the online episodes, I would have thought Pinky was handling it like a seasoned pro.

After watching them, I’m pretty sure she had already frozen to death. I won’t be surprised if she remained in that exact same position, 3 hours after they removed the snake from her.

I rate her 9 out of 10


This photo shoot is tailor-made for Juanita. Even her hair and attire seemed to suggest like she just came back from the African safari and decided to pick up a snake to use as scarf. Look at her so confidently staring in your eyes saying, “Don’t mess with me, BITCH.”

I love it. As much as I think that Juanita lacks versatility to do anything else apart from those “act garang” photos, for this one, I am gonna give her something unprecedented – 10 out of 10!


Everybody is welcome to attend the Malaysian Dreamgirl Grand Finale 7pm this Friday, 15th May at The Curve, KL.

Who will be the last girl standing?

Blog Plug of the Day: Some people have said that the girls in MDG look nothing special. Well, this is what happens when Suet Li tried to copy their looks, but FAIL.

64 Replies to “Malaysian Dreamgirl Season 2 Grand Finale”

  1. I agree with your rating 100%. I always think that Juanita has all the qualities that need to be a model. I’m so glad that you have the same view as mine.

  2. I agree that Juanita actually look scare.. her hair and the hand does look simply confident and natural.. as if it was made for her.. But you can see fear in her eyes, brows and lips! it just couldnt show much confident…

  3. at least from this show, we learn about which hair saloon we SHOULDN’T go to.
    they fucked up the hair so badly.
    omg lah.

  4. I think the most professional of the lot seems to be Juanita. She didn’t even flinch when the snake was draped on her. She might not be the most versatile in terms of her expressions, but i’m sure any agent would prefer a professional model over a diva-like model. And models always have a signature look, walk, etc. Maybe the garang expression seems to be Juanita’s signature look. However a close contender would be Dawn. With a crap haircut like that, she took it in her stride and manages to pull it off most of the time.

  5. although i don’t watch mdg, but i always gets update from you and sweatli and was everytime fascinated by those gals. i love dawn though as she have a this really down-to-earth look and she has a versatile look. but, i do think that whoever wins the prize, they are good enough for this industry.

  6. I am amazed at how a comment by Timmak on the MDG blog and Kenny Sia’s words about linking Juanita and Africa.
    Timmak was immediately called racist. I would like to see what would happen here. Maybe nothing will happen since most of Juanita fans are all typing away their money to the MDG organisers.
    Im here just to make a small little insignificant point.

  7. to be honest, Juanita’s picture with the snake is not as great as Pinky one, look at her lips…I would say 10 out of 10 doe Pinky and maybe 5 out of 10 for Juanita, I just don’t understand whatever you saw in her, hot? totally not. Also, look at what the V-shape vest exposed of her body…ewww!!!
    Pinky should be the winner, she surprises all of us, she is perfect in this picture

  8. like i said b4, juanita is better natasha and.. TADAA!! out u go natasha, grats2juanita for bein d top3, ur the malaysian version of eva longoria!!

  9. Juanita’s pic is so salah for the theme. There’s seems like a bald patch at her scalp (gasp!!)

  10. You and KBF have been present for the sake of promoting the show, the tittle MDG judge is so wrong. Every blogger who blogs about the show and judge the girls, there is little difference between you and the rest of us, for we are all not proffesional judges. I am aware the producers need people like you to promote the show in the early years.

  11. I am a photographer for fun.
    But when i need something that really stands out from a cover mag, i would like either Pinky or Juanita.
    Different composition and theme can really shows their character though…
    But i choose Pinky!!! >_

  12. WHAT FAIL!!! you lah fail wtf
    bleh didn’t like juanita’s pic at all, seemed badly photographed! like it was taken with a digital camera with flash

  13. yaloh, same here, i read quite afew blog, such as suet li, audrey, xiaxue, rinG n so on, kennysia’s blog load the slowest!! last time kenny’s blog is not as slow as now one

  14. I think i will choose Dawn.. Juanita not bad but definitely not in this shoot, i don like it, has to agree with sweat, it’s badly photographed… Altho i don reli like Pinky as a model, but i think she did a good job despite her fear.
    Juanita is boring sometimes, she kept on giving the garang face expression or either focusing or posing with her shoulder… That makes her look goods at the beginning but it cannot be repeated in every shoots..
    among all contestants, i think MING is good in photoshooting but its so sad she just cant make it to finals.

  15. pinky did a really good job!
    she was so terrified at first, but i feel that her picture turned out the best…
    juanita`s just okay la.

  16. agree with your review. 3 of them definately have 3 style. like the photoshot for Svenson and the last 3 pictures in your posting.
    may the best 1 win~

  17. to be honest, juanita’s photo looks plain WEIRD. i think it’s the angling. angling aside, she looks perfect for this theme, but juanita doesnt have the vesatility which pinky has. she (j) only knows how to look garang.
    as for dawn, same issue. looks bubbly, girl-next-door all the time. if i were to choose someone who can carry off different looks, it would be PINKY.

  18. hmmmm juanita won huh. i guess in order to be successfull you gotta be the most cunning one. never did like her tho.

  19. PINKY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pinky 😛

  20. Why is Kenny Sia’s review on the MDG so unoriginal?? like everything i read here, i have READ it somewhere else commented by somebody else. He’s just copying other ppl simply because he has no mind of his own. (remeber plagiarism?)THis really get to me. As i read along, i somehow expected what he would say. Anyway, he’s just an IT guy. what does he know about modelling, poses, fashion, expression. He knows nothing. Why him as a judge. So stupid.

  21. The hair cuts, photography and styling are absolutely terrible, especially the hair cuts. Short crop does not automatically equal chic.

  22. they got him to be a judge last season for publicity and advertising. not for any other reason. or maybe one other reason, you always need a horny single male on the panel.

  23. Juanita last picture, the one with snake… I think the make-up artist suck big time…
    Her face is pale… slightly white than her original skin tone…

  24. with juanita as the malaysian dream girl.. my gawd what a let down! I have been following this shows from overseas and all my ang moh friends think dawn and pinky were really hot! but juanita?!? What were Malaysian’s thinkingg!?

  25. yes.. juanita is just cunning.. she plays her cards and manipulates ppl. Why did ppl even vote for her? can someone clarify?

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