My LASIK Surgery

14 December 2009 was the last day I’ve worn my glasses.


It was the day I’m finally going to receive my laser eye surgery, and be free from the constraints of contact lens and prescription glasses forever.

I happened to be in KL for another engagement, so I requested Optimax to pen me down for my laser eye surgery at their headquarters at Wisma AHP, T.T.D.I.

My surgeon was Dr Stephen Chung. Dr Chung is one of the pioneering laser eye surgeon not just at Optimax, but in the whole of Malaysia. When opting for a procedure to be performed on something as vital as my pair of eyes, obviously I wanted the best of the best.

With Dr Chung, I knew I was in good hands.


I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.

The truth is – I was a complete nervous wreck!


I was so scared I didn’t even sleep a wink the night before. All night long I was tossing and turning in my bed while a million thoughts went through my head.

What if something went wrong? What if I couldn’t hold still during the surgery? What if the doctor made a blunder? What if I go blind and never get to see again?


The morning of the surgery, JacJac was nice enough to take time off her extremely busy schedule (doing absolutely nothing) to accompany me to Optimax.

I wouldn’t be able to see properly afterwards – just so I don’t have to spend the night sleeping on the streets of TTDI, I thought it’s a good idea to bribe a friend to become my personal driver + tongkat for the day.

That’s me wearing a sweater to Optimax.

One thing I was afraid the MOST is if I suddenly sneezed while the laser surgery is still in progress.

Later I end up with laser burn marks all over my face, how?

Anyway, the nurses at Optimax are experts at calming people down. Obviously, they dealt with patients a lot more nervous than I was.


No, they did not tie me up in a straight-jacket. But they did try their best to tell me in advance what to expect, and how to take care of my eyes later on.

I was given this gift pack which includes detailed instructions of do’s and don’ts, as well as a collection of anti-biotics, painkillers and heaps of eye drops for post-surgery care.

The centre also booked me in for a series of eye check-ups 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 6 months after the surgery, all free of charge.

(I mean, it’s gotta be free of charge after you paid so much money for surgery, right?)


After some last minute eye check-ups, I was led to the waiting room.

This was when they put me inside this blue-coloured protective suit.


And a white-coloured cap over my head.

I think essentially, they tried to convert me into a smurf.

I handed my glasses to JacJac after that. It was the last time I ever had to put them on.

Dr Chung came out to meet me shortly afterwards. He was also dressed in his smurf outfit.

From this point onwards I was not allowed to take photos, so I’ll try my best to use words to describe what happened.

Dr Chung led me onto a machine and did a final round of checks on my eyes. After that, he dropped some anaesthetics to numb my eyes. Then it’s time to enter the operating theatre.


I was asked to lie down on the operating bed that looks like this.

I was still very nervous. My eyes were open and I was conscious at all times. To make sure that I do not blink, Dr Chung taped my eyelids open then use a “cup” to secure my eyeball. It was weird seeing a foreign object coming down to my eyeball. It was an uncomfortable yet bearable sensation. I could somewhat feel the cup gripping into my eyeball but I couldn’t feel much pain because my eyes were numb.

Moments later, Dr Chung pl
aced a LASIK machine over my head. This time, I was told to focus on a ring of white light and that I should not move my eyeballs under any circumstances.

I did as I was told.

When the ring of white light appeared over my eye, I suddenly felt a sensation of vacuum suction in my eye. I could hear Dr Chung talking and buzzing noises in the background. Gradually, the ring of white light comes closer and closer towards my eyeball, until all I can see was total darkness. For 30 seconds, I could see absolutely nothing while the LASIK machine did its wonders. At times, my eyeballs flinched slightly, but it wasn’t that bad.

He did my other eye. Before I knew it, it was all over. As Dr Chung lifted the machine away from my head, all I could see was blurry images of the surroundings. Dr Chung said the first step was a success, and I was led to an adjacent operating theatre nearby.

The first step was to create a flap in my eye. The second step was to re-shape the cornea. The procedure was similar to the first one – extremely fast and virtually painless.

Dr Chung said I might smell something burning at this point of the surgery. I guess I was too relaxed to smell anything.

I was so relaxed that if someone passed gas in the operating theatre, I still wouldn’t be able to smell it.

20 minutes after I entered the surgery, it was all done.


As I slowly made my way out to the waiting room, I saw a blurred vision of JacJac in the corner. I asked for my sunglasses because the lights were glaring.

I also heard the nervous voice of a patient talking to me.

Kenny: Not really. On the scale of 1 to 10, probably only 1.
Patient: REALLY AH?
Kenny: Yeah. I’ve sat through dentists a lot more painful than that.

The truth of the matter is, I was all smiles. It was done! I don’t have to wear my glasses or contact lens ever again!

My vision at this point after the surgery was blurry. It’s like wearing a fogged up glasses when you exited from an air-conditioned car into the hot weather. I could still see, but only the vague shape of things.

JacJac dropped me back to my place, and I had the longest sleep ever.


When I finally woke up after 6 hours, I instinctively reached for my glasses. That’s when I realised… NO, I DO NOT NEED MY GLASSES. Because I could see my room so clearly without the need for glasses!

I was ecstatic. Alone in my bed, I screamed for joy like a little boy. I was excited because finally, after 15 long years of wearing glasses – Dr Stephen Chung cured my eyes!

The moment I opened my eyes and saw the surroundings of my room so clearly was definitely one of the most magical, miracle experiences in my life.


It has been 2 months since my LASIK surgery at Optimax. My vision is now officially 20/20.

Aside from the usual dryness during the first couple of weeks, I was doing great. The periodic check-up at the Optimax branch in Kuching reassured me that I was recovering fine.

I’m enjoying my new lease of life.

Life is so much easier without glasses or contact lenses. Nowadays I can wake up without the ritual of putting on contacts in the morning; don’t have to carry along a bottle of solution all the time; can do sports without glasses and swim without worrying about the water washing away my contacts.

I had absolutely no regrets. Going for LASIK was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made in my entire life.

And it’s all thanks to this man.


Thank you Papa Smurf.

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  2. congrats on your eye surgery! one question, i heard that the perception of colour of your vision would be less contrasting after the surgery, is it true?
    is there any difference at all before and after the surgery? : )

  3. How much the total cost of this whole operation Ken. If you don’t mind I’m asking. I’ve been longing for so long to do this lasik operation.

  4. OMFG! the procedure sounds scary. I was considering LASIK also but one thing that I most worried about was STILL able to see DURING the surgery, having to see the needle or whatever shit that comes near to my eyes. NOW MY FEAR IS CONFIRMED! very scared la.. how to go like that! T.T

  5. Dr Stephen did my eyes in mid 1990’s only at that time there was no LASIK yet. It was called Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK).
    PRK was scary. Healing was long and can only do one eyes at a time. The other eye at least another 4 months after healing.
    Nearly 15 years I am still ok and no more glasses/contact for me.
    LASIK is a walk in a park. I am envious of those who did LASIK compared to what I have to endure years ago.
    For those thinking about LASIK, go do it. It will be the best decision you will ever make.

  6. Now that you your ophthalmologist has done a great job to get rid of your glasses, why don’t you visit the orthodontist. You have such a pleasant smile, why don’t make it even more beautiful?

  7. glad your operation was success. I had mine done with Optimax as well about 4 years ago and until today still perfect vision. Sometimes do get some dry eyes but apart from that, best decision ever made!!!

  8. Congratz on the successful surgery =)
    May I know how much it cost ya? Collecting information.
    Pls don’t tell me it is sponsored =S

  9. i wear contact lenses everytime i go swimming (in the pool, not beaches etc), they never get washed away. somehow it just doesnt feel satisfying without hving contacts on
    much more satisfying if i hv a perfect vision,hmm.

  10. Thanks for telling us your story!
    I am not more sure than ever that I too should get Lasik done or at least seriously consider it and talk to some professional about it.

  11. Hey, i did my lasik a year ago and the thing that convinced me to get it done was that i could see throughout the entire procedure. haha. i mean this pretty much guarantees you won’t end up blind. so yea, for me if i can’t see during the procedure would be much more scary as i would not have any idea how the procedure went till it was done.

  12. with this story, i would be planning to do my lasik in jb liao.
    but since i already have 500+++ vision which are uneven on both sides.
    The fact remains, i cant see without my glasses.
    Vision treatment would definitely help
    as for the cost, well…
    every time i change specs, it already costs me rm500 per spec since my power already so high
    looking forward to it
    thanks kenny
    i wanna be like u
    but i 28 liao..hehe..

  13. Congrats, Kenny! You looks great without glasses or contact lenses! I wonder approximately how much this whole surgery will most likely cost? Or might as well just say out the range of price? I would appreciate it! 😉

  14. Cheesie, yalor, yalor, agree with you, the picture look weird, like a hyper fat old man, should be deleted from this posting.

  15. hey kenny, is there an age limit for lasik, and how much did it cost you yeah? i’m only 17 this year and my power is already 1000, wearing contacts and specs for 11 years now. really wana do lasik too so i really hope you can give us more info about it 🙂 thanks!

  16. Thanks for the information..Its really help…I think im going for this one too…By the way u look great without glasses..As for me i have been using glasses for 11 years…I did some stupid thing when i was young.I SEE STRAIGHT TO THE SUN for a few seconds.Not doing it for one time but few time.Other than that i spend more time on PC than OUTDOOR activity…Anyway Kenny..GONG XI FA CAI to you…

  17. my bro done tat!!!! i ve no courage for it!i really scare that anything bad will happen 🙁 anyway! yala! u really look handsome without glasses! n….i tot u slim down a lot?:p happy belated cny~:p

  18. nice to see your changes 🙂 I hope in future the technology can be so advanced whereby can make me grow taller. I just standing at 166cm and really feel no confident at all.

  19. I had my Lasik done also one year ago… under Dr. Fung’s prodigy…. Dr. Chuah… and it is the best investment i ever done on myself…
    i recommend to all people who felt the agony of wearing specs esp when we run and sport lots…
    Good work on the writing…

  20. Hey. It is good that you do it in Kuching so the money stay in Kuching. I think all Kuching people should spent money within Sarawak as KL or Singapore really don’t need our support .

  21. man the outcome is really great!!! but the procedure still sounds scary for me…such like the part the you being told to not to move your eyeballs, sounds like impossible for me -.-” what will happen if you move it ???

  22. My BF & I are planning to do eye surgery too~! But scared of risk and also saving money now..
    Is it hard for the first few weeks after surgery? no bright lights, no long hours of watching tv or computer screens, no direct sun & such?
    I hope mine will go as smoothly as yours
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  23. My BF & I are planning to do eye surgery too~! But scared of risk and also saving money now..
    Is it hard for the first few weeks after surgery? no bright lights, no long hours of watching tv or computer screens, no direct sun & such?
    I hope mine will go as smoothly as yours
    Happy Chinese New Year!

  24. You are a brave man!!!
    I scare to do Lasik…
    When i see your post, I’m fearless to do it.
    Thanks a lot Kenny.

  25. Yeah, you will enjoy it when you swimming. Better do it now, because i hear 1 of Optimax staff say that they will increase the price.

  26. congrats! had mine done by Dr. Chung about 3 years back and eyes still going 20/20. Know exactly how u felt when u opened ur eyes and could SEE w/o glasses. Welcome to the other side 🙂

  27. Haha!! I went to Optimax for the exact same thing about two months ago too =) Dr Stephen is a VERY nice man. and you’re right. the pain is only 1 out of 10!

  28. Their logo a little bit looks like what would happen if you sneezed when the laser was on.
    Too close to be a coincidence…maybe someone earlier had an unfortunate accident they decided to re-appropriate!

  29. Glad all’s well with you. Scheduled for my lasik this week and yes, I’m also scared s***less.
    Like your imaginative sneeze, I’m now having a slight cough and all kinds of horrific scenarios are whizzing through my brain on the consequences.
    Not as lucky as you. Have the onset of reading problems (ugh).
    Wish me luck 🙂

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  31. I had mine done at Optimax as well in 2008 Dec. My left eye ended up with bit of long sightedness though, but then I went for the enhancement treatment and I’ve got 15/15 vision now w00ts!

  32. Thanks for sharing each and every stage of your surgery process.It is very clear and show it in a very realistic way.I have my LASIK surgery in the next week and now i am not nervous for whats goona happen!! Thanks a lot for your contribution.

  33. Hi Kenny, may i know your treatment lasik is custom ? Coz latest promotion only have 3 type. 1) lasik 2) all laser lasik and 3) is custom lasik.
    hope can hear from you soon

  34. kenny,something to ask,since you do LASIK Surgery until now got any side effect?listen 1 of my friend said eyes easy dry and pain,izit?cause i plan to do also..survey now.. 🙂

  35. Hi Jenny, I did mine about 2 yrs back at Optimax also. So far my vision is excellent! *happy*
    Not really experience side effect, only eyes a bit dryness during 1st few weeks…last time using contact lens was even worst(whole day felt very very dry)!

  36. Hi, I am interested to do for LASIK also. Can you let me know the price range. Cos I am still college a student.

  37. Congrats to you Kenny !
    May i know what is your short-sightedness degree before your lasik and what is the total cost incurred ?
    i am thinking of doing lasik also.

  38. hi kenny…glad ive read your blog. im gonna have my surgery this month end by dr. stephen at optimax in kuching. do u know whether it will costs less if i would do it in kl instead? now they are charging 3.5k/eye.

  39. Hi kenny,
    Hor r u doing now…u know after reading ur blog bout the lasik surgery i was soo confident and excited to have 1.. Like u said its very leceh to wear contatc and spec .. Very annoying… Fyi i had my lasik surgery last thursday.. It was exectly how u wrote about it… And im soo glad i have done it… Today is my fourth day of recovering abit blurry and doc said it is fine… Heheh thanx to u ..

  40. hi,
    I am looking for contact person of Optimax, to be our company biz partner. Do u have any contact?

  41. Hi Kenny, thanks for putting it in words and pictures step-by-step. I’m a nervous wreck especially with respect to my eyes, cause you can’t close your eyes and make it go away. Since you survived, I might consider it too!

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