For Sale: Pair Of Prescription Glasses

Selling because owner no longer needs wearing glasses.


Suits anyone with –5.50 myopia / –0.75 astigmatism on the left eye and –5.50 myopia / –1.25 astigmatism on the right.

100 BUCKS!

I lived in Perth for eight years but my biggest regret is not visiting the great continent thoroughly when I had the chance. But now, Tourism Australia is giving the chance for a Malaysian to embark on a RM10,000 Ultimate Aussie Roadtrip!

Only 3 days left to register yourself at!

51 Replies to “For Sale: Pair Of Prescription Glasses”

  1. U bo sienx one ar? Seems like Lasik gave you quite a lot of $$$ to advertise hor …. nowadays everything is about money to write blog..

  2. Better make an auction and the money donate to charity..Who know, the 1st edition of superman comic is cost 3.4million maybe your spek can go for 500, for charity..

  3. It seems like there are a few haters out here. C’mon, if you were paid a huge sum to simply post on your e-dairy, wouldn’t you do it?
    Besides, I found the post pretty entertaining and effective. I am atleast enlightened at the fact that laser surgery actually works.

  4. migods Kenny – you’re a successful business owner and blogger. You can easily donate them to a church or charity in Kuching who could put them to good use for the needy! 🙂
    Methinks that’s a better blogpost than to hawk them online!

  5. Damn these haters are real big-time losers.
    Kenny,you can fucking sell your dick if you want to, as this is your blog aight?
    p/s: Specs or no specs, some things remain the same.Ugliness is inherent,no?

  6. Hhmmm….. Kenny, your short sighted and astig for both eyes are EXACTLY the same as mine. A spot on dude.
    I’m more interested in the contact though. And your timing of posting this post is also off by a day. I was in Kuching till 1 Mar 2010.

  7. yeah, i think kenny meant it as a joke. of course that rm100 is nothing to him, not even to me. what la u all

  8. Donate it thru’ Lion’s Club…It is for the third world country people whom can’t even afford a pair of glasses..Make a difference!

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