How I Inspired A TV Commercial

Not many people can claimed that they inspired a TV Commercial.

But by some bizarre twist of fate, I did.

Friend of mine Alwyn is a film director who recently secured a deal to produce the TV commercial for Dahfa Fish Snack. The director was very much tickled by the fact that Iā€™m a big guy, yet I compete in 42km marathon races around the country regularly. Based on that, he conceptualised the TV commercial and invited me to play the lead role in it.

Next thing I know, Iā€™m on a TV commercial for the second time round.

All I had to do was munch on a packet of Dahfa fish snack while running.

Perhaps, being round and jolly is a good thing after all.

64 Replies to “How I Inspired A TV Commercial”

  1. What was that all about!? Is this an offline? The proposition was not clear and it was badly executed not to mention a lousy cast!

  2. At first I saw the guy on the left running + smiling. Looks like the 15 sec adv change his face expression drastically.
    As for Kenny, you looks Level-ed Up in this ads. Just my opinion ;p

  3. Yeah, I saw you guys filming the commercial while I was driving my way back home at the Bulatan Kampung Pandan. I only got to see a production team filming a group of runners but I couldn’t see you in it though. Too bad or I would’ve hollered! LOL!

  4. I used to love Dahfa fish snack. It all ended when one day my half eaten Dafta fish snack was attacked by ants. I didn’t realise the ants were there until I put them in my mouth. FML

  5. HAHAHA priceless. i dont know what to feel, should i be jealous that u get to be on tv or should i feel embarrassed because its a commercial for fish strands. or am i only hating cuz im jealous?

  6. I must say your fren Alwyn is not the only one inspired by you. After reading your posts about running marathons,I figured if a big guy like you could run a marathon, I must be able to do it too and in fact I actually did. So thanks man for the inspiration. Keep it up. =)

  7. Now the commercial’s gimmick is try to make the commercial looks as funny as possible. So, shouldn’t harp on “running so slow”….it’s for humorous purposes!!

  8. Aiyaaaaa, don’t endorse unhealthy snacks ler.
    choi choi choi. ;-P
    Aside from that, coowl yea. šŸ˜‰ Your life exp really inspired a whole lot of us.

  9. hahahahahahaaa… must be for taiwan market.
    i watched it 5 times ald! canot get enuf of the gelek2 u did at the end

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