My Heritage

There’s this pretty nifty application online called
What it does is that you upload your photo, and they match it against the celebrities in their database. It’s quite fun. Plenty of people have tried it already, so I figured why not post up my results on
At first I just used a normal tulan photo of myself.

And I got this.

WAH! I am 54% like Jay Chou. “Mai ko ah neh pa wa ma ma!” Man, I’m starting to like this thing already. I decided to something uglier.
Here’s a photo I’ve taken of my exhausted self in the midst of my 42km race.

50 CENT!
“Waddup all mah niggaz in da hood?! Dis iz fiddy callin’ up all mah homeboyz from K-to-da-U-ching! Ya dig?”
I’m 50 Cent , which is still not bad, other than the fact that I don’t have his “bling”, or his money, or his throngs of girls in bikinis. 🙁
While I’m at it, might as well upload a rare photo of myself. This photo of me looking like a chipmunk was taken some years ago. My face was all swelled up because it was the day after I extracted all four of my wisdom teeth.

And I become Chairman Mao!
Then I decided to try something different.

Yea, that’s me putting on a facial mask.
I was half-expecting my match to turn out like this.

Unexcitingly, I received no match to the database. What a let down.

But you see, I very the smart. If there’s one thing I know about face recognition engines, it’s that they analyse the eyes of the person to determine a match.
I didn’t have my eyes showing in that pic. That’s why there’s no match.
So I did this.

Guess who’s my match?

Which part of me look like bootylicious Beyonce?
At least I didn’t have it as bad as this guy.

Which celebrity do you look like?

Sometimes it’s like this.
You woke up, you turned up to a TMnet meeting you didn’t plan to go on behalf of your colleague, during which a “TMnet Sarawak User Group” was formed, and before you know it, you were elected as chairman of the group.
Kenny Sia, Chairman of the TMnet Sarawak User Group. Yeah, that’s got a nice ring to it. 😉

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  1. Wah, I as man also want to try, put in to ball at chest and show it obviously, see what the match! Dolly Parton! Yip Chee May! Pamela Anderson! Errrrrr,……. New Zealand Milk Cow!

  2. Wah, I as man also want to try, put up two big basket ball at chest and show it obviously, see what the match! Dolly Parton! Yip Chee May! Pamela Anderson! Errrrrr,……. New Zealand Milk Cow!

  3. fuiyoh… Kenny now become the “che-meh” of the TMNet Sarawak User Group. What does the group do anyway?

  4. Nice one mate….
    The Beyonce and Dave Schwimmer just topped it off.. But i do remember you doing a similar post like this before tho…
    Still funny non the less

  5. I’m a lil disappointed that it didn’t give Hulk for your face mask. I’m not sure where the resemblance is but i think it’s your nostrils. Or maybe the extra layers on your face.

  6. Waha~! This is totally horrifying as I scroll down your entry..and I don’t mean the pics of the celebrities..I mean those of yours that you have used.. -_-”

  7. Whoa thats pretty cool! I wanted to try it.. but in the end I didn’t because I had to register and create a new account. It’s like.. I usually I don’t like to use services that require registration~
    Maybe one day when I really have absolutely nothing better to do.. I’ll try this thing out. =)

  8. hahaha… Kenny you are really so funny and creative. If you’re my age I will really be falling hopelessly in love with you!! You’re really my cup of tea~ just too bad… too bad…. hahahaha…


  10. Hi Kenny, I am a common reader from Kuching. Just a short note that your hilarious post made my day as I am now in a small rural area in New South Wales due to work and life here is dull! Keep it up!

  11. Where do you dig these sites up from man?
    That was one funny entry and I needed it after attempting to mark 40 badly written English essays!

  12. Eeh.. tried it wit tons of pic -_-‘ It’s more like matching your pose with the similiar poses of the celeb -_-‘ who’s margaret cho?

  13. the photo u edited with eyes is frigging scary! but the rest r super farnie. esp the one which ur face was swollen. XD! hahahahaha…

  14. this post soooo brighten my day! thanks!
    i actually tried it too.. in one pic i look like kajol and so happen i was wearing a lengga.
    the next pic i look like some blonde ditzy chick.. maybe i cause i was kinda tipsy in that pic.
    in another pic i look like some russian chick. hahahaha.

  15. Ohmygosh…Kenny this has to be your funniest entry yet!
    Sigh…all that laughing made my day (or rather night), especially since I haven’t been having good days for a while now.
    Thank you. =)

  16. OMFG…you’re just killing me wit tis post. This is one of the post that I missed out. F@rkin funny. I tried it out and shiet ….I got YOU. NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

  17. OMG! Found tiz blog when i’m using google 4 searching “Heritage” and OMG (again)… I think i’m fallin in love with you hahahahaha….
    I really cant stop laffing… You are freaking hilarious & funny!
    *am still laffing now when i see the “beyonce” mask and the “schwimmer” monkey man*

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