How To Improve Your Communication Skills

A certain telco company in Malaysia is holding a beauty pageant type contest, aptly named – and don’t get me started on this – the ‘Leng Lui Hall of Fame’.
Each month, customers can vote for their favourite ‘leng lui’ (earning the telco money). Customers can even download wallpapers and video clips of the girls (earning the telco money and maybe freaking the girl out in the process).
Not bad a revenue-generating strategy I say.
Anyway, I was looking through this month’s contestants when this particular leng lui’s profile almost made me puke my coffee out onto my keyboard.

Waliew! Poor girl.
I think I know what she meant lah, but mannnnn… I can imagine her dinner date to go on forever like this.

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  1. Kakaka – wa lang kong ah beng ei english

    Hehehe.. Funny, found out this from Kenny Sia’s blog, which is really cool… da Benglish translator..
    If the below line in Benglish, what would it be….
    kanneh, Max, lu khi hor lang kan… danny lu ho ke leng nga chak ka chui&#82…

  2. Of course we girls have to talk a lot – that’s becos most guys are uncommunicative! So we talk to find out what’s happening in his life, what he is feeling and because we care 🙂

  3. heehee. i was just thinking it was funnier you actually have category called understanding women. it would be more to the point if you did a infinity/0. undefined. bwahahaha!
    of course, that said, i do notice that women talk an inordinate amount. and usually over topics that aren’t related to the one they just changed from 2 seconds ago.

  4. Sometimes, chicks who go for PR or MassComm courses/jobs say the same thing. They kinda imagine that business involves a lot of talking when its actually a lot of listening.
    I’m sure your honey there is very effing intelligent.

  5. Wow, hear that! All we women have to do is become therapists, and we’ll have a self generating mega-corporate empire of crezy mens!!

  6. hahahaha.
    what a ditz.
    but is she hot?
    if she’s hot then i guess its okay if she likes to communicate alotta to improve her talking.

  7. hey i bla bla bla alot too! =.= XD well, the reason why i bla bla bla is becuz…I LURVE 2 BLA BLA BLA!….tell me…would u like a dinner with your galfriend just quiet like….. – – – – – – dat? sure have 2 talk something wat……. =.=

  8. Have anyone counted how many Bla’z are there? O_o;
    My guess is 143 ^^; and yes..i’m damn bo liao to count!
    Boring? funny stuffs are boring =P that’s why this blog always make me laugh and made my whole working day seems kachang ^^

  9. Wow… I didn’t know you can bla bla bla bla bla. Do you really bla bla bla bla bla? That’s totally bla bla bla bla bla bla! Why don’t we bla bla bla bla bla one day? It’s actually bla bla bla bla bla!

  10. haha…good one…
    try viewing the other candidates…it’s by celcom
    see who wants to vote based on their ENGLISH…

  11. Girls or women in general can easily, will, like, and are capable of talking about any subject in the known universe that is given to them at any given time and any place at the snap of a finger or a blow of a whistle or at gunshot or at a discreet signal.
    Enuf said 😀

  12. I had a bf at one time that would never shut up….never. I could (and did) put the phone down as he was in his great trance of “fishing stategies”, and would come back 2 1/2 minutes later… still goin’ like the Ever Ready bunny. A guy that talks that much is rare though, I must admit. Me…well at least I know when to shut up…….
    But first, let me tell you another story when…….blah-blah, blah-bloop-blah-fa-la-la

  13. hey, i don’t get it?
    not funny at all!
    waste of good cyberspace too,xiaxue rubbing off on you??? haaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaa

  14. LOL…that was a yet another fun post. Once again the MALAYSIA BOLEH spirit!! I miss MALAYSIA! Hahahaha
    I was wondering why didn’t the ‘telco’ company had someone at the very least proof-read their entry before posting on the web for the world to see?
    No wonder some people still think we Malaysians live on trees. (=.=)
    Cheers to all. ^_^

  15. Er..
    Do you really think that “he”, in the picture, on a bed, would be thinking about airoplane??? I THink it’s more like HOMEMADE APPLE PIE!!!!

  16. Haha..that’s funny..
    Wonder how she looks..
    But one thing the way she describes herself is like a little girl describing childish… =S

  17. Haha. well kenny you are undoubtedly one of the most hilarious bloggers on the blogosphere.
    but i think that perhaps i should point this out to you.
    “..girls love to talk, talking improves your communication skills..”
    If you look at it from a serious point of view, I think what she means by talking more expressively, it can actually improve your communication skills. Expressive, I don’t think she means ‘excessive.’
    I like to talk, but not talk non-stop. Fruitful discussions can really help improve communication skills.
    But hey, there’s no harm in having a laugh once in a while 😉 Haha. Yeah. ‘talk a lot’. Go kenny!

  18. once my mum ask me. why do you tink women talk alot. then i say dunno. guess what she told me. sae said that its becos women have 2 holes. the mouth and you know what. bloody hell. im only 15 can. im 15 and i know why women talk alot.

  19. The gyneacologist once said, if the miniskirt got any shorter, girls will have more lips to colour, more cheecks to puff and a little more hair to comb

  20. hey how come so quit life was like this buddy
    all the best to you
    more blog when you are free
    god bless just me jeremiah here

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